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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  May 21, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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the nato summit. what is happening behind closed doors. a closer look at fox 5 morning news at 7 starts right now a live lookout side, i know there is a little rain tucker has the latest on all that in just a moment. monday may 21st, 2012 good morning i am tony perkins. >> i am allison seymour. happy you are with us on this monday mornling. tucker barnes standing by, he has details tell me it is not all bad. >> right over here allison. all day. and much of the week. i don't have a choice about it you know that. >> you could have softened the blow a little bit. >> monday morning. >> okay. >> call it like it is. >> radar and shower activity, yep, there you go across the immediate washington area, activity east and west and north of the city a few flashes of lightning moments ago down
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towards manassas. all this lifting off to the north and west, in fact, as this area of low pressure will be a very slow mover, this weather pattern will stick around for much of the week with scattered showers and storms, in the forecast, each day. all right temperature now at regan national 66 degrees, humidity 90%, winds out of the not and east 12 and pressure starting to fall. lots of clouds around. not going to rain all day n. fact, many dry hours just overcast with scattered shower, kind of intermittent throughout the day 75 your daytime high. cooler than yesterday. more details on the forecast in just a minute. traffic and julie wright has your latest. good morning tucker. travelling around on the wet pavement give yourself a little heads up and extra time. busy 395, past duke street towards seminary road. remains heavy, slow and steady,
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no incidents to report. southbound, an incident pulled over to the shoulder, braddock to 66, southbound 270, heavy, slow and steady out towards the lane divide earlier crashes we had before you reached falls road cleared. ritchie marlboro around the 50 and 95 to georgia avenue. 295, crash in the left lane. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. all right thank you very much. a news alert for you this morning. >> district police searching for a missing 6-year-old boy. melanie alnwick is live in northwest with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning allison. we are here on columbia road in adams morgan. 1300 block here is where the boy, 6-year-old lives apparently with his mother. i talked with her briefly this morning she is very distraught, shaken up, and not really clear on details in terms of when her
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son actually disappeared. when he was last seen. we do know it was some time sunday morning, again, here in the 1300 block columbia road. somewhere near his residence, she says that she believes he must be with some body, she says he has never just sort of wandered out of the house on his own before. again we will give you his description, 6 years old, 3'4", 45 to 50 pounds, brown eyes black hair. medium complex and slim build. you can see with his little smile looks like he has a little gap between his front teeth. last seen wearing a green t- shirt, with a white t-shirt underneath it, blue jeans, with red and black shoes. he does have some other family members here a grandmother who was recently here and just left. the mom tells us she is under the impression, that her son should be coming home soon. there has been a lot of police activity here in the neighbourhood. several police cars back in the courtyard and the commanders
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police car, third district behind me here. this is the place where we believe he lives and the little playground over there. so, the best we can hope allison and tony is that this does have a good resolution, that is the way signs are pointing now but again in cases like this you just never know. we will be here scene and hopefully, we can bring you some good news later today. i am hoping that as well. thank you so much. some of our other top stories, two teens accused in friday's shooting outside of the rockville metro station will be in court for a bond review today. 16-year-old kevin win and 17- year-old harris are both charged with attempted first degree murder. two teens were hit. police believe a 16-year-old young man was the victim. the intended target. the victim was the intended target i should say and an 18- year-old bystander was grazed by a pull let. both are ex-- bullet.
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both are expected to be will recall the. investigation under way into a -- will be all right. investigation under way into a police involved shooting in springfield. police were called for a report of a wanted man hiding in a bedroom. when they got to the scene the man threatened them with a sword. police shot the suspect. authorities say the man had 7 outstanding warrants on child porn and sex warrants. he did later die at hospital. the mother of trayvon martin got a rousing ovation at a church over the weekened. empowerment temple churches founder wanted her to speak to the congregation because her bravery is a powerful example how to stand up to injustice. >> it is so easy for me to cry right now, it is so easy for me to cry every day but i can't, i have work to do [ applause ]
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>> amen. >> i never write a script i just speak from my heart but a lot of times you interview for a position because you want that position. you've thought about the position, prayed about the position but i was forced into this position. >> martin's shooting death in february sparked a national out cry of course. neighbourhood watch volunteer george zimmerman is charged with 2nd degree murder and released on bond. naacp will today speak out about its significant endorsement of same-sex marriage. over the weekend the civil rights group passed a resolution that said marriage equality deserves protection under the law. this morning, the organization will hold a news conference on the topic at its baltimore headquarters. naacp president said in a statement quote civil marriage is a civil right and a matter of civil law. naacp support for marriage equality is deeply rooted in the 14th amendment of the united states constitution and equal protection of all people.
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in our other big story the nato summit in chicago. more protests expected today when nato allies resume their two day summit. tensions inside are growing and as doug luzader reports talks are turning to afghanistan. >> reporter: world leaders are trying to forge a path forward in afghanistan but this is already testing nato's ties. with protests raging outside in the streets of chicago there is internal device inside the nato conference. division inside the nato conference. will the nato led mission in afghanistan come apart at the seems. president obama was up beat. >> we continue to provide support for the afghan national security forces, that have made excellent progress over the last several years. and also painting a vision post
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2014 in which we have ended our combat role. >> reporter: that has been clouded in recent weeks especially after the election of socialist french president hollande he now intends to with draw french forces from afghanistan this year, much earlier than expected. there are fears nato, that other countries wracked by debt and fueled by public discontent may follow suit, and adding to the drama, tension with pakistan. nato supply convoys into neighboring afghanistan have been held up for months after a nato air strike killed pakistani soldiers. >> i can't tell you when that will occur, obviously sooner is better than later. >> reporter: the plan is to have forces take charge this year, to smooth the transition but there are still serious questions about whether they will be up to the task. in washington doug luzader, fox news. more now on the anti war protests outside the summit.
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chicago police in riot gear used billy clubs on demonstrators. protestors grabbed a metal barricade fence. four officers were hospitalized one with a stab wound to the leg, 45 protestors arrested and more protests are planned today. away from the downtown clashes police also arrested two men one for making terror threats the other for trying to get pipe bombs to set off at the nato summit. three others were also accused of planning an attack on president obama's campaign headquarters as well as the home of the chicago mayor, rahm emanuel. >> hours after the nato summit ends, president obama heads to joplin missouri to deliver the graduation speech at the high school destroyed in a tornado that roared through exactly one year ago tomorrow. joplin twister killed 161 people, and left hundreds of buildings damaged. 9 minutes after 7:00 a.m. on monday morning. coming up, a tense couple hours
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at a mississippi prison after a riot turns deadly. >> pga tour set to make a return stop in the dc region. dave ross is live at congressional country club gearing up for a visit by tiger woods. we will check with him next member of one of the most beloved pop trios in history has died. we remember the life of robin gibbs after the break very sad. as we head to break, a live lookout side. tucker and julie, coming up. 10 after 7:00 a.m. 
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a deadly prison riot in mississippi is making head leans. it was finally brought under control last night at adams
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county correctional center but not before a guard was killed and five others hurt. a spokesman for the privately run federal facility said the up rising involved multiple inmateat least two dozen hostages held at one time. the prison holds illegal immigrants. new data shows that over the past 23 years, more than 2,000 people convicted to of serious crimes have been cleared. dna evidence led to exoneration in nearly one third of the homicides including 100 death sentences, 43% involved mistaken eyewitnesses, 24% faulty evidence. on average they spent 11 years in prison each. ♪ [ music ] bee gees fans are mourning the death of singer robin gib. he passed away yesterday after a long battle with colon and liver cancer the bee gees
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formed in 1960 and had dozens of hit songwrote more than a dozen hilts for others. they had several hits over decades including the ones from the mega hit, saturday night fever sound track. he was only 62 years old. i was trying to thing today, sadly we have seen so many deaths in the music world and i was trying to think of my favorite bee gees song because we were talking huge fan and i just couldn't thing of one. >> there are so many >> i can't think of one. >> they had so many hits i like all their incarnation, the mid- to late 60s and early 70s then the mid-70s to early 80s and then the late 80s into the 90s as well. and i feel so bad for barry gib, i mean all his brothers are gone now andy went early and maurice a few years ago and now robin. very very sad. i will try to think of it, narrow it down to my top five. >> it is hard for people to
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understand who are younger how big they were. >> late 70s they dominated the charts and it wasn't just them but they wrote and produced for other artists who had hits, yvonne element, kenny rogers, dolly parton, dion warwick, andy gib. >> sad. >> it is. >> but the music lives on. >> it does. >> we probably will sing many this morning >> i have been singing now for three hours. >> okay. >> not well. >> no worries. >> hey, you got the rain showers moving through as we speak. they will be with us on and off today. >> you will see we had a band of rain developing with thunderstorm activity north and west of washington roughly 95 i guess north and west of dc here and all of that slipping off to the north and west. we will put that east of ocean city, more rain shower activity more thunderstorms area of low
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pressure you can't see it but it is right there on the mouth of the chesapeake, sitting and spinning next couple days, the possibility of showers and storms in the forecast for the foreseeable future. next several days a risk of a shower, storm in the forecast. focus if you could, see jacksonville down there's of jacksonville that flair up of thunderstorm activity, believe it or not that is tropical storm alberto. >> what? >> yeah, first one to develop this season. maximum winds 40 miles an hour, weak won't impact us here but arrives a little early with the rain showers. forecast today, 66 washington and rain showers next couple days nice warm up with sunshine maybe near 90 by end of memorial day weekend. >> summer time. >> yep. >> thanks. >> julie wright now and find out what is happening with traffic for that we go to julie wright. on camera too. >> hi. allison inside and out love you
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inside and out. >> yeah,. >> i like that one of my favorites. traffic unfortunately while you are sitting here, bumper to bumper inbound 50, kennel worth avenue split, inbound new york avenue, north capital street again the right side of the roadblocked off here only the left lane is able to get by. coming in off the north capital street to make that right turn and head over to the third street tunnel. you will have to swing wide. traffic going from the brent wood parkway. only the left lane getting by. accident, 395, everybody pushed over to the left mainline as you work from the belt way headed up towards landmark. already slow going from springfield, southbound 270, no change, bumper to bumper out of german town. headed to the split. thank you julie. in sports the nats and orioles wrapped up the battle of the belt ways, bryce harper got nationals within a run with a 2
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run triple. strausberg went 5 innings allowing 3 runs, helped his own cause with his first career homer. nats avoid a 3 game sweep with the 9-3 win. one of the premier stops on the pga tour returns to the nations capital, at&t national. >> dave ross is standing by at congressional country club in bethesda where tiger woods will be later today. we should say where dave ross will be owl day today. >> reporter: good morning i appreciate that. yes, this is one of the crown jewels on the pga tour because it is congressional country club and the at&t national hosted by tiger woods he will be here later today is media day. if tucker barnes will allow the rain to stop a little bit we might get it in. we are supposed to tee off in an hour 8:30 a.m., we will see about that. one guy who knows everything about this tournament, greg lam tournament chair. you have managed to keep the nice suit and tie on through
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the rain drops. my playing partner failed but you have not. >> happy to be here. >> tell me about having this here. well, thank you you are right this is a big tournament for the dc area, great tradition of hosting big time tournaments such as the u.s. open and at&t national we are glad to have them back after a couple year hiatus. we do celebrate the military throughout the week including a big opening day ceremony wednesday of the tournament. tiger is very focused on the military and the big part of the tournament week. >> of course having it close to july 4th this year june 28th to july 1st. very important. i know that is a big deal for him. even though it has been away first couple years it was here it was well received. >> the dc area is very supportive of golf. we found that through all the years we have hosted the at&t
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national here we are looking for great ticket sales this year as well. >> to have it here at congressional what does this place mean this is one of the best tour stops you can have. >> the players are in for a real test as mike will attest to. but we have blanked in the course to just over 7600-yards and i think the players will have a true test of golf. >> speaking about the length of the course, mike is superintendent here at congressional. mike i know it has been raining all day is this good or bad for a grounds keeper. >> well, a little bit is fine but we don't want too much. >> not enough to keep us media hacks off the course. >> not yet. we will see how it goes. >> tell me about the changes to this course and what you have to do to keep it in tip top shape. >> changes made were really to lengthen the course as greg talked about earlier, but also, to tighten up some of the fair ways, we've narrowed all the fair ways to about an average of 25-yards from they are
7:22 am
roughly 33-yards wide. tighter target, bringing the rough into more play and bunker slid into come more into play. >> last year, the talk was rough was down this year that will not be an issue. >> no, this is a god send with the rain, that makes the rough grow no doubt about that but we don't have that heat we had last year. that was really the down side of that rough growing, we got so hot so quick and just shut everything down. and right now, we've got a great spring come out of winter really well, and we've had some rain but not overly wet. >> course looks beautiful. let me ask you this, any advice about keeping it out of the rough today. >> just hit it straight, and hit it long. >> hit it straight, hit it long i will try to do that. at&t media day here at
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congressional country club. hacks like me get to go out there and hopefully not tear up the course too badly. >> dave ross thanks. see you later. 7:22 a.m., still ahead a new study draws a connection between obese children and their risk for heart disease. we will fill you in after the break >> it may be raining but our eye on the memorial day weekened. holly is already firing up the grill this morning. we will check back with her later live from blt steak in dc. 7:23 a.m. 
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7:26 a.m., former libyan intelligence officer convicted of bombing pan am flight 103 in 1988 is dead. the lockerbie bomber died yesterday from prostate cancer. he was found guilty of killing 270 people in that attack most
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victims were american. he was released from scottish prison after being diagnosed nearly three years ago supposedly for humanitarian reasons. health alert about teenagers dealing with weight issues. a new federal study shows half of the countries over weight teens are at risk for future heart problems because they have unhealthy blood pressure, cholesterol or blood sugar levels researchers say that number is high inner obese teens. cdc looks at people aged 12 to 19. it is now 7:27 a.m., spectacular sight on both sides of the pacific. millions watched as a solar eclipse formed in the night sky. amazing video next. plus an intense first day at chicago's nato summit. world leaders make progress while protestors clash with riot police on streets outside. complete recap and look ahead after the break
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a live view kind of of the belt way, can't see a whole lot. we will find out what is going on as we head for break. we have weather and traffic from tucker and julie coming up in just a few moments. this is julie's favorite bee gees song. 
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millions of people across asia and the western united states watched as a rare ring of fire crossed their skies. this is the view from utah. the ring of fire is caused when the moon passes in front of the sun but too far from the earth to block it out completely it is still -- i always say this, astounding, that this lines up this way perfectly every now and then for us to see. we couldn't see it here on the east coast of course. the next ring of fire eclipse will be in the year 2023. wow. >> i feel like i need to do a little dance when i see that. >> just incredible. >> yeah >> our sky guy, remember we had the super moon, a couple weeks ago it was bigger, now it is two weeks later, and smaller. >> had it happened two weeks
7:32 am
ago it would have completely covered the sun. >> right? >> there you go. very cool. >> very cool. >> ring of fire >> if you ever, remember this for 2023, jot it down, don't look at it directly. >> right. >> you make a little box thing though. >> which i never understood but okay. >> a decade away. i will worry about it then. >> not going to worry about it at this moment. i will worry about the shower activity dave ross wants to play golf. scattered showers maybe a thunder storm in the forecast today. big changes from yesterday. >> sure. >> still putting me in a good mood. >> mission accomplished. >> sunshine this morning. >> otherwise, let's go to radar. >> don't sing anybody's songs. >> you are right. >> you can sing bee gees. >> that's right. >> tony. >> and temptations.
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>> shower activity kind of hit and miss generally south and east of the city i have had this band of rain thunder storm activity north and west but lifting to the north and west, ever so slowly, so i think, we will get this rain out of here but of course if you are coming in on 66th, out in louden county, montgomery county, you will see rain showers. for the rest of us, lots of cloud covers, mist, light rain, drizzle across the area as well. we will switch maps, watch the area, right about there, just off to the southeast coast here, of maryland and virginia. and sitting there spinning, and because of that, we are going to have this forecast kind of repeat itself over and over next couple days. a lot of moisture, big plume out to our east, we will see if that doesn't spin up later today. want to mention see that feature there, that is tropical storm alberto. maximum winds 40 miles an hour. a little early hurricane season doesn't officially start until june 1st. that will track north and east
7:34 am
and won't be impacting us here in washington area, but something to watch here as this area of low pressure is off to our east for the next couple days. temperatures are mild not going to warm up a lot today. 60s, 66 washington, 70 quantico, 64 manassas. highs mid-70s yesterday low 80s. mostly cloudy skies scattered showers and storms return. 57 your daytime high, again not raining all day today, periods of rain showers winds out of the east, 5 to 10 and later tonight showers stick around clouds do too. 63 overnight low, winds out of the east, 5 to 10 forecast, going to feel like groundhog day. saw the movie, next couple days rain showers, tuesday, wednesday, thursday then out of here just in time for the holiday weekend. right now, bar cue weather looks -- barbecue weather looks fantastic. approaching 90 by saturday and sunday next weekend. let's get some traffic that makes julie happy.
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well the rumour is the cook out is at your place >> i thought we were doing it at your place. >> i have the pool, i am bringing the cooler full of nutty buddies. >> tony has the pad. >> there you go. >> we just got to get him to invite us >> i just usually show up and then he calls the cops. new york avenue here north capital street, accident activity, in play, tieing up the left side of the roadway, coming inbound on the brakes from brent wood parkway, headed inbound through northeast washington travelling the outer loop, slow going leaving alan town road before route 4, john hanson highway earlier incident there, cleaned up and moved out of the roadway, a 25 minute commute on the outer loop, travelling through southeast washington no problems 11th street bridge earlier incident cleared down to 22 miles an hour as you travel northbound past south capital street. again delays travelling northbound on 395, leaving springfield headed out towards
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ed sell road accident activity pushing everyone to the left. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> thank you very much. nato summit in chicago continues today. sunday the war in afghanistan was high on the agenda it will be abegan today. -- again today. outside, the police in riot gear arrested dozens of protestors. the editor over seeing political coverage with cq roll call welcome back. >> nice to be with you. >> let's talk what are the big headlines out of both summits so far. >> greece and afghanistan kind of have dominated both headlines and the internal discussions. they are trying to figure out a way of handing off afghanistan by the end of 2014 and that has been complicated by the recent election in france of hollande who committed to pulling his more than 3,000 troops out a year earlier than his predecessor.
7:37 am
president obama and others are trying to keep the coalition together, have an orderly hand off and figure out a way to pay the $4 billion annual coast after 2014. >> can president obama and others influence france to delay that and stay in step with the rest of the leaders. >> i think there is some wiggle room but you are not going to hear any sort of change in policy, france faces a parliamentary election in coming weeks and hollande doesn't want to step on his election message contradict himself and create all sorts of internal political difficulties for himself. >> let's say france stays their course, and does pull out early, what kind of problems does that create for the administration which. >> well, -- >> and the nato alliance. >> well, there is a lot of question on the rolewhat is a pull out. if they hand off parts of afghanistan to forces and
7:38 am
taliban starts to come back in, can they return. financing is a major issue too. there is a lot of ts that have to be crossed and is dotted what you heard today was the beginning -- it is very important discussions, public declarations are bland and noncommittal. might other countries follow frances lead and say hey, we want out too? because you make a good point it is not only the war effort it is the money this is costing and everyone has problems right now. >> yeah, and it is a bitle public -- brittle public opinion. there is this anxiety, anti war sentiment all over the world and brings pressure to bear on the policy makers if one of the biggest participants pulls out you can see that encouraging others and making it harder if president obama and the u.s. coalition to keep things intact. in the g 8 you were mentioning greece was the focus of a lot of attention. there are tensions and problems
7:39 am
all across europe as far asmoney issues greece is having significant problems they bare watching today in terms of what may hanover there, correct? >> greece has arguably the sickest economy, elections coming up june 17th. if you believe the polls it is neck and neck to parties that have bought into the austerity agreement and others who feel it might be bet tore break away from the euro zone. this is significant because until recently talk of a nation pulling out of euro was almost taboo now if you see a run on greek banks because of uncertainty, leading up to this election it could hasten that. this is really quite a game changer. >> in some ways, if greece were to pull out, i would imagine some of the rest of europe would say we are fine with that. >> there is a feeling in some quarters you might be able to contain the worst and the rest of europe would go on. other people you talked to say
7:40 am
problems in spain and portugal and ireland and italy and these other countries with lagging economies dwarf greece. interconnectivity cannot be ruled out. >> thank you for coming in. we will continue to watch it in the coming weeks. thanks good to see you. >> thanks. >> allison. >> 7:40 a.m., 66 degrees on monday morning. new details into the prostitution ring investigation, surrounding former imf chief straws can what he is accused of doing in a -- straws can what he is accused of doing in a dc room. the latest on ter the break  so, ah, your seat good?
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got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok? just stay off the freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. mmm-hmm. and just leave your phone in your purse. i don't want you texting, all right? daddy...ok! ok, here you go. be careful. thanks dad. call me -- but not while you're driving. ♪ [ dad ] we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru. ♪
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>> making headlines, sentencing day for a former rutgers student convicted of hate crimes for using a web cam to spy on his roommate. fall 2010, he secretly videotaped tyler clemente
7:44 am
kissing another man. days later he committed suicide jumping off new york's george washington bridge. rob bee could face ten years in prison and deported back to native india. more trouble for former imf chief, dominique strauss-kahn. french police are looking into rape claims allegedly committed at the w hotel in the district, while he was head of the international monetary fund. two bell june prostitutes say he became violent and forced a sexual act despite their protest. he denies it and says whatever happened was consensual. another reminder that the hurricane season is just around the corner, tropical storm alberto spinning off the coast of florida this morning. he is expected to whip up high winds and heavy surf in georgia, south carolina too. but his forecast is to stay offshore. he is only the third tropical storm to form before the official june 1st start of the hurricane season in the past 31 years. of course that begs the
7:45 am
question, does this mean it will be an active year. >> not necessarily one way or another. >> we get the official this week they announce the national hurricane center's forecast. >> latest updates. i would say hurricane season started if we have our first storm. >> yes, but the official -- >> i would agree maybe they could push that. >> mother nature does not pay attention to the calendar. >> as we have seen around here. >> we had a nice weekend. >> great weekend. >> so if we got to get the rain showers monday is not a bad day for it. back in the forecast throughout the day, bring along an umbrella, not raining every minute but gloomy and will feel like rain for much of the day. >> better this monday than next monday. >> and that is true too. i noticed the area lawns and everything is looking better since we had the rain. there is your radar shower activity, very scattered here,
7:46 am
if you are in the immediate washington area and south and east. off to the north and west this band of rain lifting up towards lees burg, moving through reston in the past few yours. as we watch this area of low pressure, across the peninsula. future cast, you will see the scattered nature of the shower activity. i will put it in motion. at 9, showers around from time to time notice the cloud cover, thick throughout the day, later today, 6, 7:00 p.m., a few showers around. could be a pop up thunderstorm, and what is happening this area of low pressure just a very slow mover it is not -- in no hurry to get out of here. the forecast will remain the same, 2:00 a.m., a few showers around, then do it all over again, 75 today, warmer, tuesday and wednesday, still a scattered shower and thunderstorm in the forecast, by friday next weekend, area of high pressure building in and this could bring us the first real heat of the year.
7:47 am
we might be flirting with 90 by next sunday and memorial day. >> so. >> doesn't that feel great. >> just in time for summer time. >> continuing to say goodbye to one of the members of the bee gees this morning so we are taking requests. this is one of my -- not my favorite but the wonderful thing about it my daughters we sing bald headed woman instead of this so it is a fun moment we love this song. we know it is more than a woman. >> jest like you, more than a woman. >> this is a scene from the movie. >> right. between john travolta and the one he really wants in saturday night fever. >> i remember that >> it is hard for me to pick out my favorite bee gees song. >> i just wanted to hear it. >> it is a nice one. >> tony and i will do the tango after the show. >> wonderful.
7:48 am
i didn't know. >> all right. i would do it with tucker but then i would have another foot that is broken. >> poor tuck. >> on the roads right now, we will find major tie ups on the outer loop of the belt way alan town road, headed towards 50, john hanson highway. earlier this morning rather we had accident activity at 50, all that cleared but unfortunately delays are still with us. that is why the outer loop is slow as you work your way through land over. georgia avenue. slow traffic if you are travelling northbound, 295, south capital, 28 miles an hour headed for the inbound 11th street bridge. southbound, 270, still tied up grid locked now, german town headed out towards the split, earlier problems at 28 cleared wet pavement, combination of the volume not easy, inbound new york avenue, now the lanes are open, two left lanes as you work your way past north capital street. heavy volume coming from the brent wood parkway.
7:49 am
lanes are open, heavy, slow and steady on the west side of town. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. well, it may be raining today but we still have our eye on the unofficial kick off to summer fun memorial day weekend. >> holly is getting ready for it now. hey, holly. >> hey, guys, nothing says summer like good seasonal brews. we are live at blt steak where we indeed are getting ready for the big holiday weekend coming up and coming up first, we will talk about the best brews for summer and believe it or not what to do to make them better than they are just right out of the bottle. live next on fox 5 morning news stay with us 
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 we gotta sell the car. where would we even start? get the car. hi howard. get in. hi, good to see you. start with an actual written offer when selling your car, no strings attached. carmax. start here. unofficial start of summer is just a week away. why not start planning for the sun. >> love summer time.
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holly morris is doing just that. live at blt steak in northwest good morning. >> good morning. i love summer time and i love planning for a weekend on monday. listen, when it is going to be a big weekend, like unofficial start of summer you might be doing something a little extra special that requires planning. since we are coming off this amazing weekend we just had we are all inspired by the weather that brought us to blt steak it is raining outside but sunny in here as we thing about this upcoming weekend. nick is joining me behind the bar with capital eagle. >> good morning. >> i am guessing that i don't know if there is an off season when it comes to beer but summer season is big time beer season. >> it increases our beer sales a lot, with capital eagle memorial day sparks off a lot with the beer sales. traditionally, you see some fall out in between holidays but once summer kicks off
7:54 am
everybody gets in mode and starts getting summer special beers they enjoy >> they are thirst quenching and help us be a little carefree. tell us what is on tap for summer season when it comes to ales and beers and loggers. >> nothing kicks off a great american holiday than buds wider you always find it in my backyard for every picnic i throw. for people who want to go lighter side, bud lite but one of my favorites is a summer special beer, a cold german style traditional beer. from chicago, it has light fruit aroma, fruity acidity i enjoy it every year during the summer session. it is here at blt on tap as well, as in bottle as well. >> you feel people try to go for maybe lighter beers in summer. >> well, more special beers because in summer, during the summer times the hot, it is enjoyable beer during the hot
7:55 am
summer days and cool summer nights very light and crisp and refreshing. >> i don't know why i am drawn to this one but tell me about the blond. >> well, it is brewed in belgium it is a white ale also very light and crisp and refreshing, pairs great with mixed salads and citrus fish. actually why don't you have some. >> oh. >> it's okay you can have a little. >> i had the try and catch it >> it is important you have head with your beer it traps in the hops and the carbonation inside the beer as well. >> these look like lots of good options for anybody barbecuing or grilling out but it is hard to believe maybe you can make it better but here at blt steak, they can make it better that will happen with the help of adam sanders the gm good morning. >> good morning. >> so what are you doing with beer. >> we thought something fun to do would be to play with it in
7:56 am
dessert fashion we all know our old root beer floats we had as a kid we thought we would make a grown up float. to the that you make a simple twist of the classic, we make a great vanilla bean ice cream whichly use to develop some of our float. >> this would be fun to do over the weekend. something fun, different root beer for the kids and like you said adult floats for adults. so a little bit vanilla ice cream in there. >> and then once we fill it all the way to the top we are just simply going to take some of thecharacteristics and pour it over top. >> tell me what beer this is. >> we are using founders here. >> so it is a dark beer so if you are doing this at home you don't specifically have that one. >> any style, you can go with a porter, you can get pretty much any variety of darker beer, will work with the ice cream. so i finish it off with a little bit of chocolate. >> yeah, put the chocolate on there. as you do that let me tell you is our website. we have a link to blt steak
7:57 am
find out more about the different specials they will be having going on memorial day weekend or all through the summer. next hour, we are going to talk about pickling your summer vegetables how to make them last all summer long. chocolate ice cream and beer. this rainy day monday is looking up. back to you. >> curious to know how that tastes. >> all right thanks. all right she is tasting it. >> still drinking. >> we will find out in a little bit. >> ahead at 8, dr. oz joins us live he will take us -- give us a sneak peek at this week's dr. oz show. he will not tell us what is on ander son cooper. so he will come up. >> also some major cell phone companies putting the axe down on unlimited data plans. boo. what is in it for us. what about consumers. a closer look at that it is 3
7:58 am
minutes before top of the hour we will be right back
7:59 am
8:00 am
8:01 am
straight ahead at 8, a search for a missing boy in northwest dc. live on the story with the latest from police. big protests in chicago for the nato summit. what is happening inside the meetings between world leaders. details also coming up. verizon wireless making moves to phase out unlimited data plans. so, when it comes to mobile phones, which carrier offers the best service for you. we've got an expert in studio to take a look at different plans and break it all down for us. that is good it can be very confusing and complicated. >> before they change. >> exactly. >> good morning i am tony perkins >> i am allison seymour and that is my 2-cents. it was confusing and now add on top to have that you don't get the benefit of being grand fathered in. >> you have decisions to make now if you are with verizon wireless. >> we will talk about it. meantime, it is raining. >> yeah, rain shower, and where it is not raining we are
8:02 am
getting that light mist and grey skies not a great start to your day but we do have rain showers, we will get a little more rain, an and off throughout the day. there is your radar see the shower activity north and west of the city, heaviest rain, montgomery county, louden county, lees burg pretty good rain and a few more showers on the northeast side of the belt way, so, 95, there, college park pretty good rain too. this will be with us, as mentioned a storm system south and rain showers kind of with us on and off here for our monday. temperature now at regan national,. >> while i was yawning. >> we all got the yawns. 66 washington, 63 ocean city. forecast today, lots of clouds around a few showers, this afternoon, 75 daytime high. >> don't take it personally. >> yeah, it wasn't about your weather forecast
8:03 am
>> why was my mic open. let's find out traffic. julie. once again on the roads this morning wet pavement heavy volume because of the morning drive not an easy commute on the road for our friends inner loop of the belt way, bogged down with the latest from the springfield interchange headed out towards 66 all lanes are open earlier problems that we had on the belt way outer loop approaches 50, john hanson highway cleared, back up to route 5, inbound new york avenue, remains of the crash, north capital street, heavy volume from the brent wood parkway. we are following a developing story, dc needs your help -- dc police need your help finding a 6-year-old boy. >> he has been missing since yesterday. melanie alnwick is live in northwest. we are told you have new information now. >> reporter: that's right. dc police tell us he was spotted some time early this morning they didn't say exactly
8:04 am
what time, with a woman up on 14th street. he was here, on the 1300 block of columbia road. they say this woman is known in the neighbourhood as quail. she is 4'11", and she wears her hair in a mohawk. distraught family members are arriving here, to the apartment where he was staying, this morning his grandmother said she found out around 9:00 p.m. last night that her grandson was missing her daughter apparently not being able to fill in too many details about where and when he disappeared. tina brown says she has been spending the rest of the time driving around looking for her grandson. >> he was staying with his mother this weekend. i just know i got a call and said my grandson is missing. i just want my grandson to be home, where he at i don't know. please bring him home. he's not going to hurt anybody.
8:05 am
please don't hurt him. please don't hurt him. >> reporter: very very tough there to listen to and to talk to family members they say he is a sweet kid he has a good disposition they are not clear on what happened with him and why he might be with this woman named quail. dc police have been here all morning, many police cars coming in and out throughout the day talking to the mother interviewing witnesses earlier on the day, there was even a dog out here the grandmother says she was told that police actually spotted jayvon surveillance tape with that woman, we are still trying to get confirmation from dc police. again, his picture, he is 3'4", with brown eyes, black hair, described as having a medium complex and slim build last seen wearing a green t-shirt, with a white t-shirt underneath, jeans and red and
8:06 am
black shoes. very upset situation here, on columbia road, everybody hoping that at least with a lookout and someone who has seen jayvon, this will all turn out okay. back to you. >> all right we will certainly cross our fingers and let us know if you hear more thank you melanie. to other news now, the two teenagers accused in the shooting of two other teenagers outside the rockville metro station friday, will be in court for a bond review today, 16-year-old kevin win and 17- year-old harris, are being charged as adults. police believe a 16-year-old victim was the intended target. an 18-year-old by stander was grazed by a bullet. both are expected to be okay. big story topping national news today, more protests in chicago. anti war protests started peacefully yesterday, but quickly turned violent after police say protestors assaulted
8:07 am
officers. four police were hospitalized, one with a stab wound in the leg. 45 protestors were arrested. while those protests were going on president obama hosted nato allies with tight security. yesterday, secretary of state hillary clinton met with pakistan's president. pakistan and the u.s. are debating pakistan's decision to close key routes to afghanistan used by nato supply convoys. afghanistan is a central focus of the meetings as nato tries to determine the best way to put a withdrawal plan into action. this is the largest meeting of nato leaders in the alliances history. >> also making headlines naacp speaking out about its significant endorsement of same- sex marriage. over the weekend the civil rights group passed a resolution that said marriage equality deserves protection under the law.
8:08 am
naacp president, said in a statement, civil marriage is a civil right and a matter of civil law. naacps support for marriage equality is deeply rooted in the 14th amendment of the united states constitution and equal protection for all people. to north carolina jury deliberations resume. the jury got the case friday after almost 4 weeks of testimony, but, prosecutors had a high bar to reach, trying to prove the edwards campaign used campaign money as hush money to hide edwards mistress. and that former presidential candidate knew about it. neither edwards or the mistress took the stand during the trial. edwards faces 30 years in prison, if convicted. switching gears now, in topping sports headlines game 3 of the battle of the belt ways, 3rd inning nats down 3-0 orioles, harper, one right, nick can't hold on, 2 run
8:09 am
score. strausberg went 5 innings allowing 3 runs he even helped his own cause, with his first career home run followed by a homer by jesus flores. there it is. yeah, the nats avoid a 3 game sweep with a 9-3 win. i'll have another baring down on him. dramatic preakness. here he comes. there is the winner i'll have another. >> wow. >> peeked just when he had to another thrilling mystery for i'll have another he edged out to win the preakness just as the kentucky derby. this morn leg is at belmont park in new york where in 3 weeks he will attempt to become the first triple crown winner since 1978. that always makes belmont that much more exciting. >> do you feel like he could go
8:10 am
all the way? >> i would say at this point sure. >> okay >> i don't know the specifics about the track. >> that would be so exciting. 8:09 a.m., 8:10 a.m., the other big sports headline the pga tour comes to the dc region. >> dave ross live at congressional country club in bethesda what do you have coming up? >> i have a tee time at 8:30 a.m., they know where to be found just a little rain people not going to hurt anybody. stick around i am getting loose. fox morning news continues in a moment. a little bit right. ( telephone rings )
8:11 am
8:12 am
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wake up to the mountain grown aroma of folgers. ♪ ... is folgers in your cup! welcome back, 8:13 a.m. >> tucker barnes will tell us what is going on out there. it is messier than it was when i came in tucker before but you do that. >> sunshine for us please. >> time for my first 5 photo of
8:14 am
the day. 8 month old elijah everybody. >> my goodness. >> what is he talking about. >> he is a little man there. >> yes. >> his great grandmother, pat sent in the photo. and she reports he is a very very happy baby. >> i could have told you that. really from that picture. >> in addition a welcome bundle of joy into their family. >> adorable. >> so yummy. >> love that face. that's great. >> love the hat. >> little man shirt. my goodness he is too cute. >> sitting up right. if you would like to get your child involved send us your pictures to and click on mornings and maybe we can celebrate them tomorrow. >> yes. >> all right. let's do some weather and let you know right now, temperature at regan national is 66 degrees. there you go. lots of humidity, weather is not great and we have grey skies and if it is not raining at your house, foggy and misty
8:15 am
winds out of the east, 10 miles per hour shower activity, limited to the area just to the north and west of washington that is where the heaviest rain is. but you can see, we have lots of rain in the mid-atlantic, area of low pressure. we will keep the clouds, thunderstorm in the forecast, at least the possible more later this afternoon. jacksonville, rain showers in the atmosphere that is tropical storm alberto. maximum winds 40 miles an hour it won't impact us here in washington but, it arrives a little early as hurricane season doesn't get going until june 1st. mid-70s lots of clouds around, maybe a peak of sunshine showers and storms back in forecast, today, tomorrow, maybe wednesday and thursday but right now we will clear it ention an update to up for nextm
8:16 am
our friday my first 5 photo, yep, that is 18 month old twins charlie and erin they were there yesterday for our big run. >> like a family. >> yeah. >> you look like a family. >> wow, maybe this could be the future. >> tony,. >> yes >> i don't know what to say. and julie, at the school at potomac. the fourth annual 5 k give back raised $50,000 to give back fun event and we have a few seconds of video to show you as well. we have to look at that. >> that is me in the back. >> doing your own thing. >> we were warming up. >> don't laugh all right i know you can't do it either. >> well, i am really bad and willing to admit i am really bad. >> that's right. >> you are moving around. >> trying to get in the spirit
8:17 am
and by the way, i am not a lot worse than a lot of the kids out there. >> what are those two doing in the front. >> they are doing want. >> great big thank you to everyone there. they treated both me and julie great. we had a lot of fun. >> julie you want to add something to it. >> that was my contribution right there. i got to say, you guys were great and you know tucker mentioned it, just over the top, wonderful hosts to us we appreciate you guys inviting us out. tucker did an excellent job a little hot but not humid and i mean, what you ran 22 minutes tucker. >> wasn't quite but i did finish the race and they didn't tell me there were mountains i felt like i was running up hill the whole time. >> but you did an excellent job and a big shout out to lauren demarco she shot video for us and was able to take pictures and lauren also ran so again a big thank you to everyone who came out yesterday.
8:18 am
they raised $55,000 for their charities we hope they invite us back next year. that is the goal. at least the goal for us we hope to come back next year thank you again. >> tucker you did great with the zumba its impressed. >> it was sad. >> are you -- it was sad. >> are you working on those at home. >> ihand seen the video until now. accident activity, north capital street, tieing up the right side of the road causing delays, at the 3rd street tunnel. no problems inner loop of the belt way, bogged down with a delay from robinson terminal, towards 66 inbound gw parkway, leaving the cia headed back out toward it is key bridge. accident activity before 123, cleared over to the shoulder. outer loop of the belt way, below speed. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic.
8:19 am
pga tournament returns to dc with the at&t national. the tournament which is hosted by tiger woods will be held at congressional country club. >> before the pros tee off, dave ross will have his shot. he joins us now from congressional just a few minutes before he hit it is greens. dave what is going on do you have company? >> well, i have no company allison. i have been stood up by our fox 5 playing partners, feldman and bolter because of the rain you know what you do you just put on rain gloves get out here, and practice in the rain and tee off 8:30 a.m. that is what i am going to do as i hit these balls the course has been lengthened to 7600- yards, one of the longest tour stops this year. tiger woods would like it no other way he wants it difficult. this course as we all know can play very very difficult last year the u.s. open was held here, you heard of that tournament i think so. this year the at&t national it
8:20 am
is back, tiger will not stand us up he will be here later this afternoon to host his media day and his tournament. so with that, i pull that had one left i think i need more practice. back to studio for now i am teeing off in 15 minutes rain, wind, or shine. pretty much it will be rain and wind. >> tour sunshine though dave it's all right. 8:20 a.m., monday morning. another major loss in the music world this morning. we are remembering robin gibbs on the other side of the break. >> one of the founding members of the bee gees. >> later this hour, a taste of summer nothing better than seasonal veggies straight from the garden. holly will show us a simple way to make your favorite flavours last year round. we will be right back 8:20 a.m. people keep asking me if that lady in the viva commercial
8:21 am
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8:23 am
we are happy to pass on this news. we are happy to report that missing 6-year-old boy has been found, he is safe and sound, he had been missing since yesterday, he was last seen at his home on columbia road in northwest, in that area. we are still waiting on word about where he has been. and who found him. melanie alnwick has been on this story we will check with
8:24 am
her later. now to some of the other top stories making headlines. the former libyan intelligence officer found guilty of the 19 8 lockerbie -- 1988 lockerbie bombing is dead. he lost his battle with prostate cancer yesterday. nearly 3 years after his release from scottish prison. he was convicted of killing 243 passengers and 16 crew in the terrorist bombing of pan am flight 103. most people he killed in that mid-air attack over scotland were american. music fans are mourning the loss of robin gib one of the founding members of the bee gees died yesterday after a long battle with cancer and intestinal surgery. the bee gees had dozens of hits and songs over several becanadians they are best known for their -- decades they are best known for their songs on saturday night fiver. he was only 62 years old --
8:25 am
fever, he was only 62 years old. of the group only barry is with us. >> sad. i will be listening to a lot of bee gees. >> so will i. >> just a couple tickets from 8:25 a.m., a rare ring of fire eclipse seen in the skies over the weekend. we will take a closer look coming up next on fox 5. then if you were grand fathered into your verizon unlimited data plan, things could be changing. we have a tech grew rue in studio to -- guru in studio to talk about the different wireless plans. find out which is best for you other side of the break if you're one of those folks who gets heartburn
8:26 am
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8:29 am
and asia were treated to this. this is what it looked like over salt lake city. >> what did it look like. >> in some spots the eclipse lasted as long as 5 minutes. >> and we can see that clear without any retina damage. >> all right. >> on tv right. historic launch of a private rocket was aborted in the last half second over the weekend. space x was supposed to bring supplies to the international space station but it had trouble with a bad engine valve and is still stuck on the ground. engineers are replacing the faulty valve tomorrow is the earliest they can try again to send it to the space station. >> wow. >> slow start. once they get it started. >> they will work it out. >> are private rockets a good idea. >> sure. >> next frontier. >> all right. >> apparently they are working with nasa there.
8:30 am
>> oh. >> not just like anybody. >> if a private rocket came down on my house. >> who the -- i am mad at -- >> you could sue them if you survive it. >> yeah. kind of what i was thinking too. all right. let's go to radar. shower activity. >> no worries tuck. >> no worries at all. >> i have a very small house it will be hard to hit with a rocket. >> that will be just your luck. >> shower activity, generally, washington, north and west is where the heaviest of rain is and generally this is light rain. for the rest of us southern maryland, down into virginia, you got cloud cover and a little fog and mist out there. so it is not a great looking day for anybody and won't ever be a great looking day, maybe a peek of sunshine for one or two of us later today. mostly just a cloudy day, scattered showers maybe a thunderstorm this afternoon. another look at our storminess, not well organized there it is. low pressure right there, just
8:31 am
off ocean city and what has happened it cut off from the rest of the atmosphere, from the jet stream. not moving a whole lot next couple days each day it will regenerate shower and thunderstorm activity and give us thick clouds. trouble with alberto. 45-mile an hour winds it will stay south and east next couple days. temperature 66 in washington 70 quantico, cooler day than yesterday, our daytime highs, with the clouds only mid- 70s plenty of humidity too. there is your 5 day next few days showerclouds possibility each day, we will clear it out of here by the end of the week, hang in there if you like heat, it will be back. upper 80s near -9d 0s. -- 90s. okay let's look at weather allison. i want to know how to get the free phone plan. big changes may be coming to a cell phone near you. wireless carriers are getting ready to roll out a new data sharing plan, and new rules for
8:32 am
customers who sign long term contracts. so what is the motivation, and how can consumers make sure that they are making the best decisions, when they are offered new options joining us now, is pete eriksson founder of modeb. pete thanks welcome back. >> great to be here. >> now i said that money was the motivator for the carriers but is that indeed true with this change that is coming? >> it is important people understand there is a lot of forces at work here. last year the number of devices in the u.s. surpassed the population in the u.s. >> wow. >> so and the carriers have only so mump spectrum for which they can put all these devices and aps on to their network. there is limited supply carriers have to figure out how to best utilize that supply. that with is one of the biggest forces at work. >> so it is not just greed
8:33 am
then, they are trying to supply and demand here. >> no, there is supply is demand and then a change in the way people are using their devices with smart phones online there is a million aps available in the aps stores over 25 billion downloads of these aps that is a tonne of data and you know, if we thing about voice, we got very accustomed to the number of voice minutes we use. the same is starting to happen with regards today at that. i don't think many people know how much data they are consuming but that will be very common place to know how much you are using. >> in the meantime, that is the problem. i look at my cell phone bill i am like what is this? how did i go over this. because that is the problem then what is the best method of action, or plan of action for the consumer n these changing times when we will no longer have the sort of shield of unlimited data. >> right. well, first off unlimited data will still be available the difference is you will have to buy your own device. carriers traditionally will
8:34 am
supplement the cost of that device, very inexpensive but you will be on a plan for a certain period of time. you can remain on an unlimited data plan but buy your own device. that is one change. the other change is that families are going to have shared data, they are going to understand what their minutes are, what their data usage is on a month to month basis and that will drive the behaviour and i say the until burr one thing people need to look for -- the number one thing people need to look for does it work where i live, work and play. if you are working in the city, find the plan that works best where you work. >> these are questions you need to ask. more educated and consumers. >> that's right. we will become more educated consumers we all got very used to the idea of voice now we will get used to the idea of what data we consume and what carriers work best where we live. >> is this every single carrier will be forced to do this
8:35 am
because of how we are changing our habits. >> there is only so much spectrum to go around. until more spectrum is allowed for these carriers to utilize more network bandwidth these changes will take place. we all love our aps and consume a lot of dataove that and innovation, more spectrum will have to come online to satisfy all our needs. >> they are talking about this on the hill. >> absolutely this is a big issue on the hill >> man you have a lot of insight into this we will need it when we head to our stores trying to buy that phone or buy that plan. >> changing time. >> yes. >> we are used to that now. this is pete eriksson. guest of the show come back and see us. i will. >> thanks pete. good information there. >> sorry about that. 8:35 a.m., on this monday morning. a day after his big ipo another
8:36 am
huge moment for facebook founder mark zuckerburg. details coming up next after the break. >> touching tribute to whitney houston at the billboard awards, more on that and run down the night's big winners too pgh >> ahead at 9, life after reality tv. dc housewife cat -- you know her, she was known for taking on the salahys this morning she is in our studio dishing about a not so glamorous side of the show and its lasting impact on the cast. we will be back [ male announcer ] what can you do with plain white rice?
8:37 am
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8:39 am
the nasdaq is admitting problems with trading technology led to the bungling of the landmark listing of facebook shares. the social media giant went public friday at $38 a share and ended up only 23¢. nasdaq's chief executive says problems with order cancellations interfered with the ipo despite rigorous software testing leading up to the big day. fox business reports securityexchange commission will investigate what happened. status update for the founder of facebook. mark zuckerburg is no longerle
8:40 am
he mare -- single he married his long term girlfriend saturday. they have been dating since they started at harvard nine years ago. 100 guests were surprised at the wedding saturday they thought they were invited to a party celebrating chan's graduation from medical school. very good. now, the 2012 billboard music awards have been handed out. >> some of the biggest names in pop -- >> this is a rough morning. >> biggest names in pop were winners the show was held at mgm grand in vegas last night. justin bieber, katy perry, adele, taylor swift took top prizes as well. adele led the way with 12 awards but did not attend. steevie wonder received the icon award.
8:41 am
>> ♪ [ music ] >> one of the highlights on the billboard awards, your din sparks and john legend paying -- jordan sparks and john legend paying tribute to whitney houston. her daughter bobby christina was notably moved and went on stage and gave a speech, accepting the millennium award ♪ [ music ] >> there is aerosmith we have a quick reminder down to the final two on american idol this week the finale you will want to tune in, because you can have a chance to win a vip ticket package to see them in concert and jiffy lube live watch idol finale, may 23rd, wednesday night. >> yeah. >> to see aerosmith's live performance and log on the to see to answer a question about the performance to register to win the concert prize pack. >> of course you will want to
8:42 am
see how phillip and jessica did too. >> that's right. >> time now 8:41 a.m., monday morning, we mentioned friday a local family surprised by dr. oz and invited on to his show >> we will talk live with dr. oz about that and what he has coming up this week coming up next on fox 5. one of the things we love about summer all the fresh vegetables available but how do you keep them all summer long. we have the answer live from blt steak next fox 5 morning news stay with us ♪
8:43 am
[ male announcer ] it's one thing... to have created an icon and quite another to have done it generation after generation. to the long line of legendary mercedes-benz sl roadsters... ♪ the 2013 sl.
8:44 am
8:45 am
it was a big surprise for one local family. laurie of columbia maryland wrote into the dr. oz show because she is concerned about her family's eating habits. the show sent producers out to her home and the family was in the middle of filming a segment when dr. oz himself came strolling through their back door he brought along dc restaurant owner and chef, mike isabella. lauren demarco was behind the scenes after filming everyone stuck around for healthy
8:46 am
cooking 101. >> literally it is a step don't take things away from yourself. give yourself things. start walking anybody can walk after you start walking add in healthy foods, no body wants a triple cheese pizza after they have had a big cesar salad with the right kind of entree next to it. if you want more pizza, god bless you most people won't want it any more. >> after that vivid they headed to his studio. -- after that visit they headed to his studio. more on that and to talk about what is coming up this week. very interesting stuff about this week before we get to that good morning doctor tell us more about what happened friday they must have been shocked >> they were tony. i love that especially the kids their eyes were like saucers they were having tennis ball sized meat balls. they love each other and their food and it was a great pleasure to go with mike and surprise them and talk a little bit about smart swap outsment one concrete example, shrimp scampi, shrimp does not elevate
8:47 am
your cholesterol but normally you make it with butter that is the problem. instead of butter we can use white wine, low sodium chicken broth, as mike did, make a wonderful alternative that everyone will love any way and it happens to be good for you. >> changing portions changing what you cook with. >> good shows. first, tell me about today's show this sounds fascinating the long island medium. >> well, i had great trepidation as a physician i am uncomfortable with someone who says they can talk to the other world. but there was a recent study in a big journal that looked at mediums and argued some just don't have it but some seem to be able to predict things statistically improbable how would you ever have known these things i decided to have the long island podium on she comes across -- medium on she comes across formally. she stunned me with some insights i was startled when she was able to identify some
8:48 am
of these tips that apparently she had seen from the other world. it does challenge our belief systems and i think it is worth at least investigating what is going on. >> a week of unusual guests tomorrow you have paula abdul on the show. tell me about that. >> well, i wanted to talk to paula, i have for a long time because some of her behaviours you have all seen more on the web and television -- seen her on the web and television doing bizarre things. i wasn't sure what was going on with her. i asked her about drugs it turns out she has a diagnosis she has a medical issue. we will talk about it quite openly, quite a rare problem but one i never covered before on the show. it is worth people understanding what she has done to get her life back in shape again especially dealing with stresses like being pushed off x factor we speak openly how she got through those pains. >> you are right there has been open speculation she hasn't really addressed before. she just kind of let the
8:49 am
speculation run amok. >> she did and when we talked about her coming on i asked her, the only thing i ever do ask which is have people speak honestly about what is going on i don't want you to come on and try to sell something or spin something. talk to me honestly we went through her medical issues in quite detail i felt there was a service to viewers by understanding what she had gone through. there are a lot of people who do bizarre things you thing maybe because they are taking substances and in this case that is not what i think is happening but i want to have her tell openly in her own words what she believes is happening in her life. >> the long island medium today, thanks for joining us. >> we want to let you know you can catch new episodes of dr. oz week days 4:00 p.m., right here, on fox 5. can't wait to hear the
8:50 am
paula dull. >> when -- abdul. >> when it comes to food trends what is old is new. >> holly will show us how to pickle this morning. holly good morning. >> good morning. if you are like i don't have time to pickle before memorial day thing again. we will learn a short pick spotlight long pickle getting it all from the -- pickle, and long pickle we are getting it all from adam sanders. one of the great things about summer is the bounty of the produce that is available. you will teach us what we can do. >> unfortunately we are just finishing up ramp season if you have audio tapele you have already started you can enjoy those but we are moving into watermelon radish, thumb bely that carrots. here we go probably to dupont mostly. i have done for you, all this is already diced so we have
8:51 am
some cucumbers, callly flower, beats. >> maybe this is silly running through vegetables are there some vegetables better to pickle than others. >> some because some will get too soggy. how long do you pickle so you still have the pickle flavour but not the sogness. texture and crunch. we will do a quick pickle since memorial day is fast approaching. the original pickling is done as a brine with salt and takes 2 weeks but we will take vinegar and our sugar, 70/30 so 30% sugar, and going to take 70% vinegar, and once we combine the two we will bring it to a boil. again, we will do that with the magic of television. >> boiling if you will. >> once that is all finished it is simple once you have done all the prep work getting these vegetables you will combine them into the liquid you will need something to steep it down make sure they stay submerged
8:52 am
we recommend a glass or something weighted within that way it doesn't float above. again vegetables are your choice whatever you thing you and your guests will enjoy at your party. from there we keep it in a dark place for 7 days and we keep it nice and sealed. >> how long do you keep it submerged and boiling. >> boils then when the boil is done that is when you add vegetables and then keep it submerged for seven days. >> got you in a dark place. >> mm-hmm. >> now does it need to be in an airtight container. >> definitely. and a few other options in here. just traditional. >> that is your basic pickle. >> right. >> quick pickle. >> basic quick pickle done but if we want to do something special special. >> you want to spice it up, obviously you can literally take that for what it is and add things like peppers, thai chilly, a couple great things you want to make sure you are taking the seeds out. all of the measurement is based on mostly heat coming from the
8:53 am
seeds so go just skins, a little will add a lot of flavour. >> don't other do it >> -- over do it >> if think thing air on the softer side because if not you will have a lot of people drinking a lot of water. >> crying on memorial day. that is the kind of spice but you were talking about how to add flavours with herbs >> exactly if you go to super market and get a dill pickle, that is coming from fresh dill. so that is all that is. pickle marinade and adding dill to get that flavour into the cucumber. ukases fun things like --n use cilantro. a lot of things will just exfact the flavour right out as it sits. >> you are talking about getting the pickle vegetable done in time for memorial day but how long are they good for. >> depends how soggy. they will hold in the vinegar,
8:54 am
for plenty of weeks a couple weeks, maybe three to four at the most. >> three after you open them. >> after you open them as long as they are sealed and refrigerated. you will be fine into the end of the month. >> if you don't open them and keep them sealed can you open them later and they are good? >> yep >> like if you bought a sealed container. >> since they are done in vinegar it is preserving it. treat it the same way you would a can of pickles in your fridge. we all know those bread and butter ones in sandwiches sit there for awhile. >> they are in the back of the fridge, are they still good yeah, they are still good. that is the way we keep our summer vegetables all summer long. >> exactly. >> thank you so much. we appreciate it. our website we have a link to blt steak if you want to find out the special things they are doing for memorial day weekend. coming up next hour you know what the rule is memorial day
8:55 am
you can finally wear your white shoes and pants. in honor of all that we will learn how to make some white cocktails that you can add to your summer fun as well. back to you in studio. >> all right thank you very much. divorces, legal dramas, scandal, sounds like a good script for a tv show. >> sadly it is the real life fall out of the lady who is were the real housewives of dc. cat will join us to talk about the lasting and troubling impact of reality tv  [ female announcerer ] safeway presents
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>> good morning i am tony perkins. >> i am allison seymour. >> an update on the missing child story we have been following all morning. dc police have found the 6-year- old, jayvon brown.
8:59 am
chicago is bracing for the last day of protests as the nato summit wraps up with a focus on afghanistan. sarah similar monos is back with questions raised about the president's plan for the troops. she was the housewife who wasn't afraid to tell the salahys what was on her mind. cat is in studio. she will sit with will thomas and talk about life after reality tv. before we get to all that we have tucker barnes with a look at the weather. it has been a messy start causing problems. >> yeah, clouds moved in overnight light shower activity generally across the region. a little fog, a little mist. big changes after the gorgeous weekend. you can see shower activity inside the belt way, north and west now, still looking at showers, out, 66th out towards manassas. we had a thunderstorm earlier pushing out towards winchester, front royal, lees burg getting showers


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