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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  May 21, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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this has been the theme for monday. not a lot ovarian but clouds around. thunder storm -- not a lot of clouds around but thunderstorm will bubble up later. 66 degrees, regan national. humidity 90%. way up there. winds shifting out of the east. moisture off the ocean and your pressure hoeding steady. here is your -- holding steady. here is your temperature, a lot of clouds, a few scattered showers maybe a thunderstorm this afternoon. more details on the forecast, try to take an early look at your holiday weekend. back to you. we are following a developing story a missing 6- year-old boy has been found. >> fox 5s melanie alnwick is live in northwest dc she has been covering the story since early this morning. good morning melanie. >> reporter: good morning tony. it is a pleasure to have good news here at the top of the hour.
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dc police saying 6-year-old jayvon brown has been found. family members leaving the apartment here on columbia road told us they were first told he was at the 5th district police station. he was found along with this woman quail that we have been tell you guys about, that she had been called a person of interest, she is 5'11", mohawk hair police believe she was with jayvon and the two of them were found together. they were found over on monroe street, northeast, so, quite a few blocks away from here police say jayvon disappeared yesterday morning 9:00 a.m., he was outside playing, and his mother lost track of where he was and who he was with, and it wassurveillance video from the apartment complex yesterday morning that spotted call and jayvon together. here is what his aunt had to say when they were on their way to reunite with him. >> he is in good hands now.
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he went to children's hospital. so we are going there. we are going to pray, and this is a wake up call for the mother, any mother the keep her eye out. >> dc police tell us, the investigation here is continuing, there is still a lot of questions about you know where was the mother, who was this quail person, how did she get jayvon what was her intent. gain, they are still working on trying to figure out how this 6- year-old disappeared and was off on another quad rent of the city with this woman, quail. the good news columbia road, jayvon brown has been found and he is in good hands back to you guys. all right thank you very much. that is indeed good news. in other news the two teens accused in friday's shooting outside the rockville metro station will be in court for a bond review today. 16-year-old kevin win and 17-
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year-old harris are both charged as adults, two other teens were hit, police believe a 16-year-old victim was the intended target after an ongoing dispute. and 18-year-old by stander was grazed by a bullet. both are expected to be okay. >> montgomery county police are investigating an apparent murder suicide in silver springs. police arrived at an apartment to investigate a missing person report. inside they found a 49-year-old man and his 39-year-old wife dead. police say there was a suicide note in the apartment but they have not revealed the content of that note. the mother of trayvon martin got a rousing ovation at a baltimore church this weekend. she spoke at empowerment temple church the founder wanted her to speak to his congregation as because her bravery is a powerful example how to stand
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up to injustice. she said she has received overwhelming support from people in baltimore >> we had to knowledge, no clue about how many people were supporting us and how many people had felt this same way that we felt. so it is just overwhelming to see how many people this effected. >> martin's shooting death in february sparked national out cry, neighbourhood watch volunteer george zimmerman seen there, is charged with 2nd degree murder and released right now on bond. in other headlines more bomb arrests in chicago, police charged two more men for planning violence at the nato summit after three others appeared in court on charges of making fire bombs. it is not clear if cases are related. >> >> meantime dozens of protestors were arrested after clashing with police.
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for more on the nato summit, sarah simmons is back in studio. police in chicago are braces for more violent protests today. the second day of the summit in chicago. world leaders are focussing on afghanistan but the war is testing nato's ties. with protests raging outside on the streets of chicago there is internal division inside the nato conference. will the nato led mission in afghanistan come apart at the seams well ahead of combat withdrawal. president obama was up beat. >> we continue to provide support for afghan national security forces that have made excellent progress, over the last several years. and also, painting a vision post 2014, in which, we have ended our combat role. >> but that vision has been clouded in recent weeks especially after the election
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of socialist french president, hollande he now intends to with draw french forces from afghanistan this year, earlier than expected and there are fears nato, that other countries wracked by debt and fueled by public discontent may follow suit. tension with pakistan is adding to the drama. nato supply convoys into neighboring afghanistan have been held up for months after a nato air strike killed pakistani soldiers,. >> i can't tell you when that will occur obviously sooner is better than later. >> now the plan is to have afghan forces start to take charge this year, to smooth the transition, but there are still serious questions about whether they will be able and up to the task. that is the latest now in the nato summit back to you. thanks sarah. new this yemen a massacre. the death toll from an attack on a military parade, is now up
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to 70. but one report says 96 died. a suicide bomber targeted the military parade in the capital this morning. it is one of the deadliest attacks in months there. also in yemen al qaeda militants shot at a car with three u.s. coast guard trainers wounding one of them. former libyan intelligence officer convicted of bombing pan am flight 103 in 1988 is dead. he died from prostate cancer yesterday. he was found guilty of killing 270 people in the attack, most victims american. he was released from scottish prison after being diagnosed with cancer three years ago. >> a blind chinese activist is settling into life in new york city. he arrived in the u.s. saturday after a nearly month long diplomatic battle. the self-taught lawyer will attend new york university. he was beaten and tortured by
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chinese authorities for his work advocating against the country's one birth policy and forced abortions his story has been virtually ignored in china. naacp will speak out about its significant endorsement of same-sex marriage. over the weekend the civil rights group passed a resolution that said marriage equality deserves protection under the law. the naacp president said civil marriage is a civil right. their policy is deeply rooted in the 14th amendment of the u.s. constitution and equal protection of all people. health problem prompts dc councilman marian barry to make amends. he said he is taking blood thinners after a blood clot formed while he was waiting on a plane over the weekend. he used the opportunity to correct his statement about asian nurses. he tweeted, quote, i also thank
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outstanding medical staff including kind, professional filipino staff i stand corrected i truly didn't mean to hurt or offend. last month he was criticized for saying we should quote grow our own nurses instead of hiring from elsewhere. allison today a former rutgers student convicted of hate crimes for using a web cam to spy on his roommate will learn his fate. his sentencing hearing started a few minutes ago. as you may recall fall 2010 he secretly videotaped tiler will clemente kissing another man. days later he committed suicide jumping off new york's george washington bridge. he faces 10 years in prison and could be deported to his native india. new data shows over the past 23 years, more than 2,000 people convicted of serious crimes have been cleared. dna evidence lead to exoneration in nearly one third of homicides including 100 death sentences.
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43% involved mistaken eyewitnesses and 24% involved faulty forensic evidence. defendants on average spent more than 11 years in prison each. coming up the music world and rest of us have been hit hard by the loss of another music star. what killed robin gib ahead. and life after reality tv. dc housewives aired for one season only, so what happened after the cameras were turned off. after the break, will thomas sits down with cat, to find out what we've all been waiting to know. we will be right back 
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music fans are mourning the death of robin gib one of the founding members of the bee gees, passed away yesterday after a long battle with cancer and intestinal problems. the bee gees were renowned for their wide ranging song writing
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and producing harmonies they had dozens upon dozens of hitprobably best known for the saturday night fever sound track. robin gib was only 62 years old. i know they are not pigeon holed in that winner are but when they are walking down that street in new york city, strong is young you got to love it. >> they had many great songs. >> yes. >> and wrote a lot for others too. >> one of the most successful reality tv franchises in americafocuses on the lives of colorful housewives, new york, atlanta beverly hills just to name a few. >> real housewives of dc featuring the salahys was on the air for just one season. what really happened and what is life like after reality tv. will is here with one of the dc housewives. good morning. >> reporter: good morning allison and tony. we will get the inside scoop this morning. you may know her best as the out spoken hots wife of dc who didn't really care -- housewife
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of dc who didn't really care for the salahys for much before you meet cat let's see her in action on the show >> i know you are american but let's have some manners. >> love is better than being bleep towards everybody. >> i can't fake it. >> ew. >> bring back memories cat? >> good times. >> good to have you here. cat in the fox 5 studios. let's get right to the real dirt why was the show cancelled? the ratings were quite good. >> well, obviously with the alleged gate crashing incident that tarnished the show in a major way. also, they are launchling beverly hillmiami at the same time so ours was definitely on the cutting board the minute -- >> did you ever get a straight answer from the executives this is why we are axing the show?
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the show is no stranger to drama. >> no, our ratings were sect highest of any housewife show but -- second highest of any housewife somehow but you can't do what they did and keep that reputation, in dc. >> so perhaps they high jacked the show a bit. >> yes. >> at the time of filming four of the five women including yourself were married, the marriages played out on television. all four of you are either divorced or separated now, and the fifth housewife who was in a relationship which also played out on the show is also single now. what is going on? >> the fifth one being linda. >> correct. >> well, i don't think anyone can blame any tv show for their marriage collapsing if your marriage is strong enough it can go through anything. >> a lot of pressures you perhaps were not prepared for. >> yes, the fact we were filming five months instead of three was hard core. when you are juggling kids and
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work and you are given an hours notice you have to go to an event, you are cooking dinner for your kids in your sweat pants is hard core. >> the women were portrayed as quite wealthy not really the case for most of you did you make a lot of money >> i don't think any of us made any money because the little we got paid went on child care, parking, petrol, you know thank god there is some good consignment shops in dc because we didn't have enough clothes to wear >> may have cost you money. >> probably. >> what about now you didn't make money but you can go everywhere and people know you was the fame worth it? >> good for cue jumping or line jumping as you call it but, yeah, and it is great for my book because a lot of people bought my book that is why i did the show, but also, all the
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amazing people i met. that was worth being -- >> you were an author you wrote a book on amazon right now called inbox full a bridget jones diary. >> sex in the city. >> you are working on a second book. >> it starts from when i get to america, living in chevy chase, perfect dream husband and being fast tracked into housewives dc and what happened behind the scenes with the other housewives. bumper to bumper action. >> two quick questions one where do you live now. >> beautiful island of malloca -- mallorca off the coast of spain, with my boyfriend he is
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a porsche drying manager. >> when i heard salahy was running for governor, i thought what a joke. whatever. i mean they are just they cease to amaze me. >> do you think she was a victim mikhail. >> no, they with both as guilty as each other but i am pleased she is happy and got away from him. she didn't even go back for her clothes. >> cat thanks for joining us good to catch up with you. >> good to see you. >> life ap reality there you go. >> -- after really there you go. >> thanks will. >> how the winner of this year's preakness is making history. >> a babe ruth jersey sells for a record price. >> first holly. >> okay good morning to you tony and allison. we are just days away from when you can officially wear white. memorial day of course. white shoes, white pants you
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name it and you might even want to have your first white party when it comes to memorial day weekened. we brought in zoe she will teach us how to make white cocktails live from blt steak later fox 5 morning news. both of them are wearing white >> i'm wearing white. >> all right >> here is today's trivia question what highly paid super model was valedictorian of her high school class and winner of a full scholarship to study chemical engineering. the answer coming up later if you want to take a guess now head to our facebook page.  [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable
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i'll have another in a dramatic preakness. here he comes. here is the winner, i'll have another. to win the preakness. >> that is a good horse race. with that i'll have another is on his way to the third race of the triple crown he won by a neck if he wins belmont in three weeks i'll have another will be the first triple crown winner since 1978. that is -- >> i'll have another come on. the bats came alive in the battle of the belt ways, third winning, nats down 3-0. orioles, bryce harper, one to right, nick, he can't hold on to the ball. i can't say his name. 2 run score.
9:25 am
steven strausberg, allows 3 runs hit his first career home run and nats go on to beat the os 9-3. strausberg notched his fourth win of the season. look at that. the crowd is out in force too. jersey once worn by babe ruth gets more than $4 million at auction. yep, it is a record price for any item of sports memorbilia, there it is. the jersey was sold in california yesterday, this new york yankees uniform is from around 1920, that makes it the earliest known jersey worn by babe ruth of course known as the bambino it was on display at the babe ruth museum the baltimore. >> wow. >> 4 million. looks clean doesn't it? >> yeah. >> very cool. $4.4 million. coming audio tape day of fun and history -- coming up, a day of fun and history in williams burg. next. >> plus how president obama is lending a hand to the city of
9:26 am
joplin missouri. one year after that deadly tornado. we will be back with that and more stay with us 
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>> residents in italy on edge after after shocks continue to hit the area around bologna following yesterday's deadly earthquake. 7 people were killed thousands homeless. it was the strongest earthquake to hit in hundreds of years, several centuries old buildings were destroyed. >> closer to home, dramatic pictures of a tornado caught on camera in kansas. storm chasers captured this video of the twister touching down west of kingman over the weekend. the storm toppled trees and produced hail so far no word on any injuries. president obama is delivering a commencement speech this morning at a missouri high school destroyed in the worst tornado in the u.s. in 60 years. the president will speak at a temporary school that was set
9:30 am
up after the destruction of that high school. that tornado hit the city of joplin one ago tomorrow. 161 people died including 2 high school students, many are expected to participate in a walk of unity along the storm's path tomorrow's anniversary. they are still -- i mean, a year later they are still -- there is a lot that has to be done in joplin. >> 161 people. that is a huge death toll. very sad news but looks like they are coming back. >> yeah, they are coming back. generally so far this spring we have been fairly lucky. we had one outbreak but since then quiet. >> talking tropical storm today. >> we are. this is the kind we all like because >> it will stay out there. >> yeah not a big one >> just satellite and tiny. >> don't mock it. i will show it to you. >> we can make fun of this one. >> no, don't make fun of any of
9:31 am
them. >> teeny tiny alberto. rain north and west of the city, the rest of us fog and mist, drizzle in a few spots, here we go. more impressive an hour ago, light showers north and west of reston and gaithersburg. this is moving north and west, west virginia, winchester, front royal, moving in your direction from the east as our flow shifted gears off the ocean. winds out of the east, east and northeast, watching the moisture come off the ocean. here in washington generally quiet at the moment, but see later the day, a few more showers maybe a thunderstorm will pop up. satellite picture and first let's talk about alberto that is why we are making fun of him. he is tiny very little storm to the east of jacksonville. cruising out to the east, not expected to intensify a whole lot and quickly move north and east, not expected to impact land areas, that is good news and a littlely. hurricane season doesn't -- a littlely.
9:32 am
hurricane season doesn't start until june 1st. it is throwing that most your back at us off the -- moisture at us back off the ocean. that area of low pressure hanging out, the forecast will be a slow one to change. plenty of clouds in the forecast, possibility of scattered showers and storms much of your day won't see much of anything, but occasionally we will see showers and thunderstorms pop up during the course of the day. the moisture is currently east. temperatures cooler than yesterday. yesterday we got to 81, i think we will enjoy highs mid-70s later today. currently 67 washington. 66 frederick and quantico, 72 degrees. cooler day than yesterday, clouds and showers around. future cast, let's put it in motion. shower activity we go to 11 showers hanging around later this afternoon by 5, 6, just a few showers maybe a break or two of sunshine later today, and then we will do it all over
9:33 am
again tonight and tomorrow. 4:00 a.m., a lot of clouds and showers. area of low pressure in no hurry to get out of here. cut off from the jet stream. 75 today, mostly cloudy skies scattered showers could be a thunderstorm as well. earlier today we had a thunderstorm winds east, 5 to 10. clouds hangs around chances for showers 63 the overnight low winds out of the east 5 to 10 your 5 day forecast, 78 tomorrow showers, thunderstorms stick around much of the week, good news, get it out of here in time for holiday weekend warmer temperatures on the way. 84 friday, close to 90 by the end of memorial day weekend by sunday and monday. all right that is weather, allison, tony back to the desk. >> thank you. one of my favorite places we are talking about right now if we are looking for spring and summer events try heading south >> that's right. fox 5 and visit williams burg are helping you learn more about this area. paul took a road trip south to the newest restoration in
9:34 am
colonial williams burg. >> reporter: we are at the ander son blacksmith shop, historical colonial williams berg joining me is ken schwartz master blacksmith just talk about the armoury. >> it is a reconstruction of james anderson's public armoury and blacksmith shop that operated during the revolutionary war. it was built at state expense to repair weapons opened by the government to keep the troops armed out the in field and do other iron work for the state. at the moment we are making nails. >> reporter: take me through the process >> as you make the nail, you point the end of the bar, work it on the corner of the anvil and that defines the length of the nail, and then that will be cut from the bar, and finally held up right, while the head is fashioned. >> reporter: and talk to me --
9:35 am
you use the nails you make here, in the armoury to build stuff >> yeah, during the revolutionary war the shop employed 8 boys to make nails they produced 25,000 a week, for use by the state, today we make nails that are used within colonial williams burg, the building we are standing in was built with nails that we made, along with hinges latches and locks,. >> reporter: you are still using it today >> nails we are making now will be used to construct a shed in the yard. >> reporter: you take it and use it on a structure like this talk about that. >> we are building a structure here to house some vehicles on the property, we will bring in wagons and carts, horse drawn vehicles that are part of the revolutionary city programming. the framework of the building goes up with mortar and joinery but everything attached to the frame gets nailed on the roof will require a thousand nails. >> reporter: that is a lot of founding. thanks a lot. for more on colonial williams burg go to
9:36 am
all right paul's segment was sponsored by the williams burg area, destination marketing committee. >> if you can't get down to williams burg but would like to follow along you still can. we will link you to their blog once his report is posted on our website look under the morning tab. all right coming up we will show you what you don't want to do, if you ever meet will smith. i saw this over the weekend. >> can we recreate it for the people. >> no. >> it is down to final two on american idol hear from phil phillipjessica sanchez as they prepare to battle out for the title in the buzz bin. today's trivia question, what highly paid super model was valedictorian of her high school class and winner of a full scholarship to study chemical engineering, pgh >> the answer coming up later but if you want to guess right
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now, head to our facebook page fox 5 morning news will be back after the break here is more bee gees >> shall we sing along. >> let's not [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to get great prices on things you need. we know you look around for the best deals. that's why we give you real big club card deals each week.
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>> all right lips off will smith. yeah. that is what the guy gets. a russian reporter tried to plant a kiss on the super star, on his lips. smith responded with a slap to the cheek and said what's wrong with you man and went on his way. this went down at the russian premier of men in black three. >> what was that about. >> i think he was being a smart aleck >> trying to be funny. >> look at this guy. >> what's your problem man. >> i wonder if he is a jokey
9:41 am
joke reporter. >> maybe one of those guys,. >> yeah. >> all right. season 11 of american idol is winding down already. we are now down to the last two contestants. >> this is a show down between two very different artists 21- year-old phil phillips stayed true to his rock and roll roots all season, his competition, 16- year-old jessica sanchez has those booming vocals. >> i am shocked excited, nervous, scared, happy, and just a bunch of feelings right now. >> i am not a pop star. i am never going to be a pop star. i love playing music that's real you know to me that has meaning to it. would you consider dave mathews a pop star. >> no. >> phil and jessica will go head to head tomorrow night the winner will be crowned wednesday night. i ask because he just -- he is like dave mathews so much. >> yeah. >> and i don't know i don't
9:42 am
consider dave mathews rock. >> no, i don't thing so. >> somewhere in the middle. >> i think so. >> coming up, memorial day weekend is on the way. >> holly morris is live at blt steak where she is going to show us how to make a white cocktail. >> wonderful. >> annie yu is in studio with adorable dogs looking for a home meet them after the break. we will be right back does your phone give you all day battery life ? droid does. and does it launch apps by voice while learning your voice ? launch cab4me. droid does. keep left at the fork. does it do turn-by-turn navigation ? droid does. with verizon, america's largest 4glte network
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and motorola, whatever you want to do... droid does.
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chef. >> it is not always easy finding the right pet for you and your family >> there are so many adoptive animals hopefully we can help bringing the animals to you. >> fox 5s annie yu is in studio with a local shelter.
9:46 am
>> thank you this week we deliver with cuties and also have a new shelter onboard rescue i should say, i love the name, so clever, and we have the founder and president of mutts manor rescue. thank your for coming in. let's get started with trevor, tell us about him. >> he is between 6 and 7 years old, rescued out of a high kill shell inner the south. a great dog, calm, -- shelter in the south, a great dog he is calm, make a great companion we had to shave him down he was matted badly so he came from a high kill shelter and. >> he is house broken and very low shed. i think it is the shitzu that makes him that way. good for people with kids >> good with kids other dogs, calm seems to be house trained so far. he would be a great companion.
9:47 am
>> kathy who do you have. >> this is my other foster dog, chewie he is some sort of pug terrier mix fairly young like a year or two old very playful i could see him having like a little brother or sister, he loves the play fetch and snuggle in bed. >> we should mention i love this, his name is chewie he says i am as cute as could be and have a great under bite. >> he does >> is that where the name comes from. >> he sounds a little like chewbaka he came from a shelter in maryland. found running at large as a stray and taken into the shelter and his time was up. >> so tell us about mutts manor you have been open since 2010 but have been able to place over 700 animals. >> correct. we got our 501 c 3 in 2010 and
9:48 am
started rescuing november 2009. we have placed 700 dogs to date. high kill shelter, cruelty cases, impoverished areas or unsafe living environment >> it must be so rewarding and fostering is a rescue. how does the process work. what is the level of commitment? >> um, well, fostering is important because you know, it gets the dog out of the shelter, makes room for another dog. living in a home with a family important it gets them ready to go to their forever home. i guess, this will be like my 10th or 11th foster dog, and it just depends on the dog how long you have them. i have had a dog as little as two weeks or it could be a couple of months just depends. >> you might get attached who knows you might become the new mom >> the second dog i fostered was a foster failure >> so it can be short term or long term like in your case and
9:49 am
give them a forever home these two guys might be featured in an adoption event next saturday. >> sunday we have our first event in virginia, northern virginia, pet max in arlington that is from 12 to 2 sunday and then we have adoption events the first saturday and third saturday of every month at bark, a holistic food store in montgomery county. >> great we will link this to our website and link your rescue, to our website as well back to you. they are cute. >> while there is a chance for rain next few days, it should clear up in time for memorial day weekend. >> this morning holly morris is helping us get ready for our holiday cook out with white cocktails she is live at blt steak in northwest. >> we are doing the white cocktail i don't know about you allison or maybe you tony maybe you have some white shoes you like to pull out but i don't wear mine until after memorial day i am old school that way.
9:50 am
>> right but i have my white pants on but not shoes i am like that too. >> yeah, i save my crisp white until after memorial day and put it away labor day. a lot of people like white parties memorial day weekend or throughout the summer we thought it would be fun to come here and learn to do some white cocktails and all dressed in her white, we are allowing since you are previewing this segment, zoe a mixologist here. good morning. >> good morning holly >> so you are going to teach us how to do white cocktails the number one reason. >> i will wear my white dress depending how the weekend gets i don't want to spill anything on myself this seemed safer. >> very good. same concept why you don't serve red wine at parties some times. >> this is called all in white we will start with our alcohol base, vodka and ounce and a
9:51 am
half of belove deer. >> just because all these liquids are clear does not mean it lacks flavour. >> no, this will have vanilla and other baking spices but also when you are talking about vodka, the quality most people are interested in is in the shootness. >> okay >> so smooth vodka -- smoothness. >> okay so smooth vodka. >> and half an ounce of cream decacao, it has chocolate and vanilla there is dark plus the clear. it is similar to a chocolate liquor but doesn't have that syrupy texture known as sweet so absolutely fantastic for our purposes >> got it. next up. >> we are going to do a full ounce of white cranberry juice. >> is white cranberry juice like red wine, you know, the liquid from the grape is actual hi clear but the skins -- actually clear but the skins. >> right, how long the skin has
9:52 am
been macerated into the liquid. this gives it a hugh but not too much. we will put in a quarter ounce of lime juice we have double strained it through a cheese cloth twice, to make sure we get all the pulp out and get some of the tartness out. >> you put that in there. >> a quarter ounce. >> what is the name of this. >> all in white. >> appropriate. >> we will just add in our ice shake it up and serve it over crushed ice. >> does it make a difference whether you use crushed ice >> i think you actually duluth the cocktail a little bit. just -- duluth the cocktail a little bit it is a nice touch. >> attention to detail i just want to go on record i think you have one of the prettiest shakes in terms of the drink you have a nice flair when you do it >> thank you. style is most important >> absolutely. >> never discount it. there is your crushed ice and then you are going to pour it over that. >> exactly.
9:53 am
>> so pretty labor intensive drink. >> just crushing the ice maybe does it but then you can calm down with a nice stiff cocktail. >> i am telling you that looks like a glass of water. >> well, great for playing poker then. >> this you go. that could be the line of the morning. >> we have a minutes time, so oh, look at that pretty -- >> we will garnish quickly with a hibiscus flower and shaven white chocolate. >> nice >> white shock late you guys here like to put chocolate in your drinks a lot. >> it is a girl's best friend. >> i hear you. >> there you are. >> that is a very pretty drink if i do say so myself. can you make us another quickly. >> of course this is a twist on a gimlet except we are going to use our lemon and thyme simple syrup. so quickly, we will use an ounce and a half of vodka, then
9:54 am
equal almost equal parts, two parts lime juice, one part simple >> as you continue to make this drink how ready are you for summer. >> so ready for summer. >> as a mixologist do you find people order different drinks when it comes to seasons. >> certainly all our cocktails, hot chocolates, hot toddies go away after everyone is done being sick and then we just move on straight to our fun bely anies and gimlets. >> well, we absolutely love the fact you allowed us to belly up to the bar here this morning and inspire us. thank you so much is our website, we have a link to blt steak if you want to find out more. we loved our time here and perhaps, that is why, mrs. obama celebrated her birthday here. just a little tidbit i picked up this morning. more after the break fox 5 morning news, stay with us pgh >> there she is with the shake i love it 
9:55 am
9:56 am
9:57 am
9:58 am
good morning now to our facebook fan of the day, sue moon buoy. >> any way, good morning to you sue moon. she says that we shouldn't pick on our man tucker, washington's weather is so whacky her daughter likes to wear two light jackets in spring and fall and that way she can subtractor add layers as needed basically she is saying. >> she is referring to last week when tucker slipped and said you might want to have two jackets and i jumped on him >> we hear you sue. >> nothing but love and add ration. please don't ever get it mixed up >> a very very wise woman. >> of course.
9:59 am
>> great observation too. i do feel like. >> oh, please. >> certain people pick on me a lot >> for a chance to be tomorrow's fan of the day search fox 5 morning news and post a comment. do we do trivia first. yes. answer today's trivia question. >> this is my favorite bee gee song. fanny. >> the album this is from, main course, it has this, jive talking, nights on broadway of course we lost robin gib this weekend. today's trivia question. today we asked what highly paid super model was valedictorian. cindy crawford >> smart and beautiful. >> receive add full scholarship to northwestern university but dropped out after one semester to pursue a career in modeling. >> i bet her parents were happy then but look at you now >> yes >> is it


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