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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  May 21, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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requires employers to offer birth control in health insurance policies and that is designed to improve healthcare for women and the catholic church said that is in direct conflict with the teachings of the church. individual churches are exempt and some charities and schools are not and rchbishop of washington thursday is about the constitution. >> and this is not about contraception but freedom of religion and this is imbedded in the health and human services mandate is a radically new definition of what good this ministry is. we never had this before. >> reporter: a spokeswoman for the department of health and human services said the department won't comment on pending litigation and that there have been discussions between church leaders and the white house but the church said that the lawsuits are a last resort. >> and. a man wrongfully convicted of killing a d.c. cab driver.
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it's -- about that on deal. he maintained his innocence and had an alibi. he heard about a hair found at the scene of the crime. paul wagner joins us with this exclusive story. paul? >> reporter: he was convicted of murder after an fbi agent testified his hair almost certainly matched the hair found at the scene of the crime. all of the characteristics were the same, he told the jury, but the agent and the science were wrong. dna has proven the hair found at the scene could not have come from tribble. in his first introduce, he talks about his case and the toll it's take own his life. >> reporter: he was 17 years old when he was arrested for the murder of cabby mccormack. he told the police he didn't do it and had an alibi. no one believed him. >> it was crazy. what happened, there were six
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charges when they broke it down. and on the first four counts, they found me not guilty. and that is when i knew it was supposed to happen. when the guilty verdict was read, i was just -- it threw me. >> reporter: prosecutors relied heavily on the hair found at the scene of the crime to convict tribble, putting an fbi agent on the strand who told the jury the hair that aligned with tribble matched in all microscopic characteristics. and they were the same. >> and i couldn't understand. prior to, that i never knew the hair could be matched and i got so paranoid and i was thinking they must have switched the hair. i know that is not my hair. >> reporter: as the years ticked by and he did his time, he tried to think of ways to prove his innocence. nothing worked until tribble saw the case of donald gates, another man sent to prison for
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a murder on the same kind of faulty evidence and he picked up the phone and asked the attorney for help. can they find the hair that support him to prison and have it testd? >> that concerned me a great deal speaking with different people, you know, people i could talk to about my case and that is when they kept saying what is the possibility of them being able to find a strand of hair for 37 years, and i was grateful it was able to be recovered and tested. >> reporter: he's struggled since his release from prison in 2003. his parole was revoked at one time and he spent another five years locked up. new, free again, he is still trying to find study work, having to tell potential employers of his conviction until last week, when a judge overturned it. >> that was one of the greatest times that i can recall, as far
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as dealing with this since it started. like the nightmare finally ended and one of the things i asked my attorney, do i have to report to them anymore? it was a great feeling. >> reporter: two years ago, the public defender's office began calling for a sweeping investigation into the use of hair and fiber analysis at trial and documents show the u.s. attorney's office resisted until they raised hair of analysis in their case n. march, the u.s. attorney announced his office would conduct an extensive review, going back as far as the records and evidence would take them. a new stud fret university of michigan in northwestern law school show 2,000 people falsely convicted of serious crimes were exonerated in the u.s. the past 23 years and out of that number, more than 100 were death sentences. the combined total years equals
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more than 10,000. a major development surrounding the investigation into the mayoral campaign and one of the top campaign aids and assistant treasurer since has been charged with one felony and three dismisdemeanors. >> reporter: the charges against gore have to do with passing money orders from the gray campaign to another mayoral campaign and the most serious charge surrounding an allegation that gore obstructed justice by trying to shred financial records and you will remember brown said the gray campaign paid him and offered him a job in exchange for verbally attacking the former mayor fenty. at the same time, brown was making these accusations and prosecutors claim gore shredded a notebook that contained records of pages made to a candidate b. the council member mary chay led an investigation into allegations against the mayor and called brown to
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testify. in the last half hour, show spoke to us about the latest charges against thomas gore. >> and this is certainly an ominous event because it means that he is interring into a plea with an arrangement to provide information on others and that is meaning this is one shoe dropping and this is bad news, in essence. >> and karen gray houston will have more from the council member's introduce tonight at 10 and mayor gray is in las vegas today on district business. the spokesperson declined comment on this and referred us to the mayor's attorney, bob bennett. bob bennett couldn't comment because the investigation is still underway and mean mile -- meanwhile, thomas gear will be in court tomorrow. >> and. traffic is reopened after an empty school bus caught fire this morning. the bus was towed out when it
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caught fire and the drivers scrambled to safety. >> and that is bad. >> i saw the police officer and did not see fire trucks. when i saw the flames and i made a judgement call. get out and get out of the tunnel and that is what is exploding, the bus, and no telling about the integrity of the tunnel. >> d.c. police say no drivers were hurt and that three capitol hill officers are being treated for smoke inhalation. ranking the best public high schools in america. a virginia school gets the honor for being the best in our area. and why some say the presidential ads are going too far. and we have been on a row with two beautiful weekends in a row and what's soggy morn we have had. and that won't be tomorrow. i know you have gotten wet on the golf course. >> the one time of the year we get to play congressional and you had rain. i know it was not your fault
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and we still got to see tiger woods who came to town and put on a clipping. a chipping clinic against contestants and that is the world's most famous golfer, what he had to say about coming back to congressional is coming up. >>. and i if you have a story idea, call the tipline at 2028953000 or send an e-mail to 
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hi, good to see you. start with an actual written offer when selling your car, no strings attached. carmax. start here. . an alexandrea high school claims a top spot on the list of the 1,000 best schools and that is put out my news week. thomas jefferson school in fairfax county came in at number 10 and more than two dozen area schools ranking in the top 1,000 out of 2300 schools nationwide. students at george washington university are moving out and paying it forward. as students pack up to leave for the summer, they participated in green moveout day by donating instead ofs
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tooing, anything from clothes, books, household items and donated to local charities. >> and thatrying to move this stuff back home. and they're cog something good for the community and getting rid of the stuff and do not feel bad. >> and more than 80,000 pounds of victims were correct -- items were collected. a well-known obama supporter getting a lot of attention, criticizing the president's campaign tactics. the virginia team and the efforts, all for not. she asked justin bieber to the senior prom and didn't she up. instead, katie imer got a video surprise from the singer ask inviting her and her sister to had been his date. she must be good luck and he took home the award for top social artist.  we love gardening...
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♪ [ dad ] we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru. ♪ . a well-known obama supporter making news for criticizing campaign tactics used by the president's re- election team. jennifer davis has more from the trail. >> it's nauseating to the american public. >> reporter: the democratic mayor of newark raises eyebrows over the weekend. criticizing campaign tactics on both sides and calling attention to the tactics of the president's team of mitt romney's firm bane capital. >> you look at the cap tam -- bane capital reader, they have done a lot to support businesses and grow businesses. i am uncomfortable. >> reporter: after a firestorm of reaction, he went on youtube backing off his initial remarks. >> it's reasonable, and, in fact, i encourage it for the obama campaign to examine that
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record and to discuss it. i have no comment with that. >> reporter: romney's team responded with a new web video, highlighting what the campaign calls a backlash to the president's attack on free en-- free enterprise. >> people don't look at mitt romney and say, look, this guy is in business to line his pockets but to make money for his investors. >> reporter: the obama campaign not backing off its claims, though, released a nearly six- minutevo claiming he was a job killer in his corporate role. >> and they do not care about us as workers. they were looking at the mighty dollar. >> reporter: obama supporters say they matter and that is neigh underkid the -- undercut the reins. >> the obama campaign said it's not attacking private equity or romney's ability to run a company but questioning how his economic philosophy would translate to the oval office n. washington, jennifer davis, fox
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news. months after having a heart transplant, dick cheney is staying active, hosting a fundraiser for mitt romney this summer. they will welcome him to their waywy home on july 12th, good news for the romney team, looking to catch up with president obama's fund raising. i saw a river running down the street. >> and -- they did get wet and tomorrow morning is not as wet but we're dodging showers and a couple of thunderstorms the next few days. i think we can take it out of here by the weekend and that make take that to get the pattern. kind of unsettled and there is some times where it's sunny and we're seeing around the region now, sometimes, though, what that does in this atmosphere is it cooks up a few more showers and thunderstorms and i think that will be the case tomorrow afternoon. we'll get a brightening of the sky and some showers and
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storms. kind of settling down a bit and that is after earlier rounds of showers and crow picked up .03 of an inch of rain and that is some boundaries here and this is growing and in just the last 30 minutes or so and that is spotty, hit o'miss and there is no doubt about it. where you're getting them, a descent soaking that is hard to drive under that, too and meanwhile, there is going to be some mist, drizzle, and probably some fog to the south around the fredericksburg area around 95 and between aquaia and fredericksburg and some more showers popping up and they either moving slowly south to north or from east to west and that is coming from from the ocean and can you see putting it in motion, kind of the pattern and we have another big plume to philadelphia and hopefully farther east to get
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the ball game in, right? and to the east of 95, a brightening in the sky and this tries to work inland and perhaps we're catching more showers and seeing that in the higher elevations. the wider picture and that is some more to come and this is a slow one and out of gas and that is looking like it's running out of gas and this is an early season tropical storm, and that is alberto, and hurricane season doesn't start june 1st. alberto probably is not going to have much effect on the east coast and this is it in the satellite picture. kind of two distinct blobs getting smaller. a compact storm and that is a tropical storm at the 5:00 update and still had wins of 40 miles an hour and this is going to move off the of coast and east at 8 miles per hour, that is going to stay far enough offshore and what we're getting is unrelated to alberto, a
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couple of different disturbances that are floating in from the ocean andy that going to impact the area a few days and with 75 in the district, annapolis, 74 and that is not going to be cold and some clouds and showers, drizzle and a touch of fog and 66 degrees with the east wind and keeping the humidity around and that is back again tomorrow. sunshine in the afternoon and some thunderstorms, temperature of 79 degrees and to 8 in the morning earthquake few showers around and that is nice to wake up to the sound of rain. by noon, showers and a storm at 75 and a few more at 5:00 and that temperature is 78 degrees and looking tonight at 6:00 and can you see how one disturbance moves away and alberto will do
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the same. seven in the morning, more clouds and showers and there are a few out there and that bubbles up more in the afternoon and we go into wednesday and kind of repeated it. and that is not too wet in the morning and in the afternoon, it gets wet again and don't look if you don't want to see this and that is doing the same thing on thursday and we home to wind this pattern down -- hope to wind this pattern down and this is memorial day weekend and this is looking like our temperature was is up to 78 degrees and some rain every day without it being an all-day downpour or anything like that and we hope it's gone by the could. -- weekend. >> and download the fox 5 weather app, and go to that market and search for desweather and that is on our website. and the redskins kick off
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organized team practices. not without a scare. and first, imagine paying $1 million for a parking space? that is the price tag for this one spot in new york city and that 276-square-foot parking space is the first million dollar spot on the market. if do you the math, that is like paying a $50 parking ticket in d.c. every day for 55 years. years.
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. good evening, the world's most famous golfer was in town. tiger woods was at congressional country club for the official media day for his at&t national, held june 26th to july 1st and the last two years it's been in philly while congo prepared and hosted the u.s. open. tiger held a chipping contest with lucky lottery winners and some contestants had unique strokes like this lady in the
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purple who did not hit it great and then told the ball to fly, fly. woods won the contest like in fifteen and i got a chance to catch up -- in 2009, and i got a chance to catch up with tiger one-on-one. >> hosting a tournament is different than playing. is it a distraction at all? you're trying to win and you have responsibilities. >> i do. i do and that is something we have learned over the years what, i can and couldn't handle. >> you have to say no sometimes? >> there is a point in time in my career i did and we learned a lot at the world challenge and i made patience. and i still have to practice and prepare and that is an obligatory thing i need to do and there is that point in time where i did do too much. >> tiger woods asked when he would get back to the old form and he said i won this year. i am back. today, the redskins start of organized team activities overshadowed by not a player
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but the head coach and mike shanahan was injured when he was hit by the wide receiver poe air garsont and shanahan was laying on his back knocked down and woozy. he didn't speak to reporters but afterwards, his players did. >> it was pretty bad looking, obviously concerned about his safety. he was not able to brace himself for the collision either. he headed back to the place and that is definitely a scary feeling. >> it's scary to see that and see the guys smack-dab into your coach. glad he got up and he was fine and hopefully he's fine tomorrow. usually hits like that don't kick in until the next day. and this morning, 90 workers and vets taking the practice field and the indoor
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facility and number 71, and back with the team after serving the four-game suspension at the end of the last season and number 88, the wide receiver coming from the colts and expected to be a downhill threat and rookie robert griffin the 3rd back from the west coast after an appearance from on "the tonight show" and the first time in organized practice. he was asked the difference between rookie minicamp two weeks ago and today. >> and with rookie minicamp, you're there to say hey, you drafted me and with the vets, it's like i can help the team win and to show them why coach has so much confidence in you. >> and there is so much evidence he's a tremendous athlete and his ability will be to understand what he's doing offensively and to build the trust around the guys now. >> good to see chris cooly,
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can't chaos who is -- can't chaos who is feeling better. the nats begin a three-game series on the road against the phillies and the lefty is doing well. geo gonzalez with the start and that is good news for the nationals. i'm dave feldman. that is your sports and back to you. >> and we didn't get to talk about the battle of the beltways. >> and your orioles took two of three. >> i knew you knew that. >> and get it out there. >> thank you, dave. >> okay. thank you for staying up with us. back here at 10. thage in lip and hope you will be, too. see you. ♪
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