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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  May 21, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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this is fox 5 news. a twist to a scandal in d.c. city hall, an aide to mayor vincent gray faces federal charges, the accusations of what this means for the administration. >> plus panic in the third street tunnel. a school bus catches fire sending thick smoke into the
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air, drivers describe the chaotic moments that shut down the major thoroughfare for hours. >> a d.c. man spent decades behind bars for a crime he did not commit and is speaking out for the first time in a fox 5 exclusive. but we begin with the federal charges stemming from the investigation into mayor gray's campaign. good evening. >> fox 5's karen gray houston is following the investigation now. >> reporter: thomas gore is accused of making a contribution in the name of another person and destroying the evidence. the charges, three misdemeanors and a felony, are outlined in this court document which usually signals a defendant has worked out a deal with the prosecutors and is ready to make a plea. the news comes the city government a wash in political scandal, former council member harry thomas jr. just sent to prison and an investigation into others for possible wrongdoing on the council.
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it's frustrating for lawmakers trying to do their jobs. >> i'm really hopeful the u.s. attorney is getting to the end of these investigations. certainly the people of the district of columbia deserve to know what happened and if there are laws broken, people have to be held accountable. >> reporter: these are the charging documents. according to the u.s. attorney, thomas gore handled the day to day finances of the gray mayoral campaign. the first three charges are for making a contribution in the name of another person, three money orders totaling $535. the court documents say gore allegedly transferred the money from candidate a's campaign to candidate b or campaign b. the documents don't name the parties. >> i want my name cleared. >> reporter: former mayoral candidate sulaimon brown said from the beginning gray campaign aides slipped him cash and money orders in exchange for bashing former mayor adrian
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fenty in debates. brown took his case to the media when he was fired and had a restraining order against him. gore around that same time prosecutors say knowingly destroyed a spiral notebook containing a record of payments to candidate b. >> people don't usually enter into pleas under arrangement like this unless they're giving up information and usually it's information on somebody higher up than they are. >> reporter: mayor dre repeatedly denied any campaign mis-- gray repeatedly denied any campaign misbehavior. >> i can't even imagine engaging in self-reprehensible behavior and i know absolutely nothing about anyone in my campaign who did that. >> for now mayor gray is at a las vegas convention. his people are referring questions to his attorney bob bennett. bennett told me it would be inappropriate for him, the mayor or gray's office to comment during an ongoing investigation. the question everyone is asking is gore the first shoe to
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drop? >> indeed. fox 5 political analyst mark plotkin joins us now. do you think gore acted alone here? >> everybody i talked to and i spent the afternoon talking to people involved in the campaign at the highest level and they told me thomas gore even though he was the treasurer to former candidate gray in ward 7, council member and council chairman gray would not have acted on his own. it just isn't in his makeup. someone directed him to do these acts. >> of course, the question is who would have directed him to write those money orders? >> well, the inner circle at the very beginning was lorraine green who was a chairperson of the campaign, vernon hawkins who was ward 7 resident and a long time political operative and thomas gore. those were the three people. so it could have been those or two people in the inner circle or it could have been the payor himself. i talked to? -- mayor himself.
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i talked to somebody who said it's about as close as it's going to get to the mayor as you can envision. everybody hopes that isn't the case, but i was surprised when i talked to this particular individual who should know what's going on that they didn't say oh, the chairperson lorraine green did this or somebody else did it. they felt that the mayor is going to have to answer these questions again. >> and does it just go that far or is he going to answer those questions to prosecutors? >> well, as far as we know, he hasn't been called to a grand jury, but there are other people who are and have been called from the very beginning talked about the role of howard brooks who sulaimon brown said gave him money. there are a lot of players. what mary cheh, the former prosecutor said, is right is they get a small fish and try to trade up and say all right, we'll give you leniency or
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we'll soften the charges if you can tell us more about people higher up. so this is really about the worst possible thing you can say for the mayor and the mayor is going to have to address these questions and repeated same things which he repeated before. >> fox 5 political analyst mark plotkin, got a feeling we'll see you a lot here in the next couple days and weeks. d.c. councilman marion barry is out of the hospital tonight. he was admitted to a hospital in las vegas yesterday after developing a blood clot while he was flying to vegas. the 76-year-old tweeted this picture of himself and a nurse and another with his doctor. he is expected to make a full rove. barry, mayor vincent gray and -- recovery. bay, mayor vincent gray and several council members are in las vegas for a convention. shoo here at home a rainy start to the workweek, -- >> here at home a rainy start to the workweek, a few showers moving through right now. you'll still need your umbrella, but will you need it in the morning?
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>> i think i would keep that umbrella handy, maybe not so much in the morning. i don't think it will be as wet tomorrow morning as this morning. we could cook up another batch tomorrow afternoon and maybe some slow moving thunderstorms, too, if we get some sunny breaks in the afternoon. it's a bit of an unsettled pattern. we'll start with what's going on now because most of the area is dry. you see this line going through the middle of the radar. that's a stationary boundary that has pushed in and cutting off showers east of town. boy, they've been persistent from charlestown to leesburg down to manassas and dale city. now we are seeing a little lightning down here get in closer just south of haymarket east of warrenton. still producing heavy rain, some of these spots could get 1/4 itch or so. let's go over to sent -- 1/4- inch or so much let's go over to sentinel radar. if you look at this bigger pattern, the showers out there
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tonight will wind down. we may cook up a new batch. we have a frontal boundary off to our west. as it moves this direction, it looks like it will run out of gas. not to mention we still have tropical storm alberto off the carolina coast. we'll talk more about where that is going, but keep that umbrella handy. i'll let you know when we get some sunnier days, a look ahead this weekend into the forecast. another big story, a chaotic desperate scene inside d.c.'s third street tunnel this morning after a school bus caught fire. other motorists went scrambling after thick smoke filled the tunnel. fox 5's maureen umeh has that story. >> look at all that smoke. >> reporter: panic in d.c.'s third street tunnel. >> all i heard was a big boom. >> reporter: a school bus on fire, thick black smoke and flames billowing out. >> i was worried about choking to death. the smoke was real bad. >> reporter: threatening to trap dozens of drivers. >> i paced bad. they had to bring me out --
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panicked bad. they had to bring me out with the police and go to the fire truck, the ambulance. >> reporter: an unoccupied yellow school bus being towed out of the tunnel suddenly caught fire. >> we were sitting in our car and the smoke came. the police started running, so we started running. >> reporter: motorists describe a scene chaos around 10:30 monday morning as cars first came to a standstill and drivers trying to turn around. >> just chaos. >> reporter: police directed drivers out of the tunnel onto washington avenue southwest. the tunnel was shut down causing traffic tie-ups. motorists waited in the rain nearly an hour while the fire was put out and the smoke cleared from the tunnel. they were then allowed back into their cars. no drivers were hurt, but the experience left some badly shaken. >> just a little shook up. >> it was pretty scary.
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>> three capitol hill police officers were treated for smoke inhalation and are recovering. fire officials say the blaze appears to have been caused by a mechanical issue but are continuing to investigate. he spent decades in prison for a crime he didn't commit. now a d.c. man is speaking out for the first time about the case and science that mistakenly put him away, the story only seen on fox 5 next. >> plus president obama delivers an emotional commencement speech in a town devastated by deadly tornadoes. his heartfelt words are next. >> coming up on the news edge after weeks of talking and rang bling in public and private, catholic organizations are now taking legal action against the federal government. find out why they say it's not about birth control at 11:00. 
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he was wrongly convicted of killing a d.c. cab driver more than 33 years ago.
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tonight santae tribble is speaking out. he always maintained be in and even had an al -- maintained innocence and even had an alibi, but a jury sent him to prison after testimony about a hair. >> reporter: santae tribble was 17 years old when he was arrested for the murder of cabby onmccormick. he told the police he didn't do it -- john mccormick. he told the police he didn't do it, even had an alibi. >> it was crazy. what happened was there was six charges when they broke it all down and on the first four counts they found me not guilty and that's what i knew was supposed to happen. so when the guilty verdict was read, i was just -- it just threw me. >> reporter: prosecutors relied heavily on a hair found at the scene of the crime to convict tribble, putting an fbi agent on the stand who told the jury the hair that aligned with
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santae tribble matched in all microscopic characteristics. all characteristics were the same. >> i couldn't understand it. prior to that i never knew that a hair could be matched and i'd gotten so paranoid at that point i was kind of thinking well, they must have switched the hair because i know it's not my hair. >> reporter: as the years ticked by and tribble did his time he tried to think of ways to his innocence. nothing worked until tribble saw the case of donald gate, foreman sent to prison for -- another man sent to prison for a murder on the same kind of faulty evidence. he picked up the phone and asked his attorney for help. can they find the hair that sent him to prison and have it tested? >> that concerned me a great deal just speaking with different people, you know, people that i talked to about my case and that's one of the things they kept saying what's the possibility of them being able to find a string of hair
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after 30 some years and i was just grateful that it was able to be recovered and tested. >> reporter: santae tribble has struggled since his release from prison in 2003. his parole was revoked at one time and he spent another five years locked up. now free again he is still trying to find steady work having to tell potential employers of his conviction, that is, until last week when a judge overturned it. >> that was one of the greatest times that i can recall as far as dealing with this since it started. it was like the nightmare finally ended. one of the things i asked my attorney do i have to report to them anymore? so it was a great feeling. >> reporter: two years ago the public defender's service began calling for a sweeping investigation into the use of hair and fiber analysis at trial. documents now show the u.s. attorney's office actually pushed back until the cases of tribble and another man kirk odom came to light.
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in march u.s. attorney ron machen announced he would do that sweeping investigation and go as far back as the evidence and records would take them. paul wagner, fox 5 news. former imf chief dominic strauss hahn faces a new rape allegation. the french prosecutor opened up a preliminary investigation of allegations of rape in a washington hotel. the prosecutors office said they are looking into the allegations that strauss-kahn may have been involved in a rape during a sex party in the hotel while he was chief of the international monetary fund. the move follows a request by investigating judges earlier this month to broaden a suspected prostitution probe to examine the claims of rape in december of 2010. one year after one of the most devastating tornadoes in u.s. history ripped through missouri president obama returns to town. the president making remarks in joplin, missouri, on the eve of
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the anniversary of this tragedy, fox 5's wisdom martin following that now. >> tonight president obama arrived in joplin after wrapping up four days of international summits including the nato conference in chicago. the president gave the commencement speech to the joplin high school graduating class after 9 p.m. he touched on some stories of survival as well as what an inspiration joplin has become. it was one year ago on graduation night one of the deadliest tornadoes in 50 years devastated more than 1/3 of joplin, missouri, killing 161 people and injuring hundreds more. the ef5 rated tornado was more than 1 mile wide with winds of 200 miles per hour. everything in its path was reduced to rubble. back then president obama visited the devastation promising they would help rebuild the community and tonight the president talked about the effort of so many more people across country who pitched in to help this town recover. >> as others have mentioned, you've had to grow up quickly over the last year.
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you've learned at a younger ag than most of us that we can't always predict what life has in store. no matter how we might try to avoid it, life surely can bring some heartache. and life involves struggles. at some point life will bring loss. but here in joplin you've also learned that we have the power to grow from these experiences. we can define our lives not by what happens to us, but by how we respond. we can choose to carry on. we can choose to make a difference in the world. and in doing so we can make true what's written in
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scripture, the tribulation produces perseverance and perseverance, character and character, hope. >> joplin is still in recovery, more than 500 families still in federal housing. more than 60 billion in federal money has been given to the rebuilding effort. the insurance payout will be more than $2.2 billion making it one of the more costly tornadoes in u.s. history. >> before heading to missouri president obama wrapped up the nato summit in chicago. leaders discussed the global economy and whether greece should leave the euro behind. >> everybody who was involved in the g-8 summit indicated their desire to see greece stay in the euro zone in a way consistent with the commitments that have already been made and i think it's important for
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greece, which is a democracy, to work through their options, at a time of great difficulty. >> the talks included the future mission and exit strategy in afghanistan. additional punishment against a former commander of the mortuary at dover air force base after accusations remains were mishandled. the remains included u.s. service members killed in action. some remains were lost. others were cremated and dumped in a virginia landfill. air force colonel robert edmondson has been fined and reprimanded for retaliating against workers who reported the problems. his former civilian deputy was suspended 20 days without pay. the scandal came to light last november. edmondson had already been reprimanded and denied further command assignments. an injury scare at the redskins first practice today. it was head coach mike shanahan. we'll tell you how it happened and what some of the players had to say next.
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redskins fans are going to hear the term organized team activities or ota in the next few weeks a lot. sports director dave feldman is here to talk lore about that and explain what that means. >> -- more about that and explain what that means. >> these are practices before training camp start. i have 10 of them. today was the first. the next will be wednesday the 23rd and the new bubble came in handy today because of the rain. 90 players vets and rookies forced inside due to the constant rain in the ashburn area. tight end chris cooley who was limited to five games last year because of a bad knee back on the field. afterwards said he felt pretty good. no. 71 offensive tackle trent williams, no. 83 tight end fred davis returned for the first time since serving their four-game suspension that ended last season. two weeks ago robert griffin, iii participated in the rookie
10:26 pm
minicamp. today the first organized interaction with vets. there was some drama. head coach mike shanahan accidentally slammed to the turf by brandan thompson during the workout. the coach watched the rest of practice from the sideline. >> it was pretty bad looking just obviously concerned about his safety. he wasn't able to brace himself for the collision either. he had his back to the play, so definitely very scary feeling for a while out there. >> it was pretty scary to see two guys running full speed smack dab into your coach. we're glad he got up, glad he was fine and hopefully he's fine tomorrow because usually hits like that don't kick in till the next day. >> shanahan was down several minute. he didn't speak to reporters afterward because the team spokesman said he was in no condition to speak at the podium. >> how do you accidentally slam
10:27 pm
your coach on the back? >> in football it can happen a lot. a wide receiver was going out. a guy was covering him. they're sprinting. the coach was in the wrong -- his back is to the play and he just gets run over in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> how is rg3 looking? >> reviews have been very good one is very excited, very athletic, smart guy and getting it. they've had one ota, let's not go crazy, but so far everyone is excited and saying the right things and shanahan named him the starter which takes away drama of any john beck/rex grossman scenario. >> fans need to be excited about something. up next a new voice in the gay marriage debate, why an organization's announcement is sparking controversy among its supporters. >> plus judgment day for the rutgers student convicted of spying on his roommate, the courtroom drama next. >> if you see a story we should
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look into, send your news tips to fox5tips at or call us at 202-895-3000. we'll be back.
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because the more we help them, the more we help make opportunity possible.
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. the naacp is following president obama's lead in the gay marriage debate. the group announced today it's now supporting marriage equality and will fight for the rights of gay people who want to marry, but the announcement has touched off strong reaction, especially among some leaders in african american churches. fox 5's tom fitzgerald has the story. >> reporter: the president of the naacp says it is the most important civil rights issue today. >> i support the freedom to marry for all. >> reporter: naacp leaders say they hope their new resolution which supports same sex marriage will cause african americans to support marriage equality as a civil right. >> we want to be on record that the naacp now firmly opposes all efforts to restrict
10:32 pm
marriage equality. >> reporter: so far six states and the district of columbia have allowed same sex marriage while 31 states have banned it. in maryland a same sex marriage bill was signed into law, but opponents are trying to force a ballot vote in november. >> the naacp did not issue its support of marriage equality from a personal, moral or religious perspective. >> reporter: but as you might expect, one is pleased with the naacp's position. here in beltsville, maryland, the bishop of an african american church tells us the civil rights group is alienating a large portion of the people it says it represents. >> wow, it's this betrayal and confusion. >> reporter: bishop harry jackson of the hope christian church opposes saemisch marriage. he says the naacp -- same sex
10:33 pm
marriage. he says the naacp is simply falling in line behind president obama rather than listening to its suspecters. >> i think what you're saying is an old antiquated kind of machine kind of on its last legs and they're grasping for significance in this time. >> reporter: but with church leaders like bishop jackson the naacp on opposite sides, equality of opinions over same sex marriage appears to still be at odds. tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. the roger clemens perjury trial entered its sixth week today with a man testifying saw clemens at a pool party, but the former pitcher denies dannying. the denial is one of the -- attending, the denial is one of the false statements clemens is alleged to have made in 2008 to congress. prosecutors showed jurors a photo of the witness who was 11 years old at the time on the pool decks next to clemens
10:34 pm
standing in the shallow end of the water. still no verdict in the john edwards trial. the jury finished its second day of deliberations. edwards is facing 30 years in prison if convicted on six campaign finance corruption charges. prosecutors say edwards used nearly $1 million in secret payments to hide his pregnant mistress during his 2008 presidential bid. 30 days in jail, that's the sentence for the former rutgers university student who used a webcam to spy on his roommate having relations with another man, but as fox's david lee miller reports, the sentence is far shorter than what some hoped for. >> reporter: in a case that drew attention to cyber bullying across the nation darren ravi is sentenced to 30 days behind bars -- dahrun ravi is sentenced to 30 days behind bars. he could have faced 10 years in jail. using a stern tone the judge making clear he was not impressed with ravi's attempt
10:35 pm
to show remorse. >> i haven't heard you apologize once. in the letter you gave to the presentence people i'll call unimpressive. i know in that letter you apologize to tyler and his family, but you need to mention m.b. >> reporter: ravi will pay a $10,000 crime, do 300 hours of community service and attend sign are bullying classes and alternative life -- cyber bullying classes and alternative lifestyles. >> this individual was convicted of a bias crime, not a hate crime, and there's a difference. i say that because i do not believe he hated tyler clementi. he had no reason to. >> reporter: the family telling the judge their son did nothing to bring about such hate. his father saying ravi's actions were due to the fact his son was gay. >> tyler never did anything to mr. ravi to make his dislike him or cause him to retaliate
10:36 pm
for some wrongdoing. no. mr. ravi did these criminal acts because he saw my son not deserving basic human decency and respect and because my son was different than him, below him, and because he was gay. >> reporter: the prosecution vows to appeal the sentence. david lee miller, fox news. up next a woman takes her employer to court. she claims she was fired for being too sexy. her story is next. >> plus as if having diabetes isn't bad enough, now researchers say patients are at high risk for another horrible disease. but first here's fox business network's stuart varney. >> soup might be good food, about the it's getting more expensive, campbell hiking prices by 5% next month on its condensed soup, the latest example of consumers getting slammed at the grocery store. meanwhile lowe's feeling low, the home improvement chain cutting its financial outlook for the rest of the year, this company still feeling pain from the struggling housing market
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and market uncertainties, but it looks like americans are in a buying mood for guns, smith & wesson raising its quarterly sales outlook. the iconic gunmaker is seeing a boost in demand across its entire product line. they're singing hooray for hollywood in china because amc, the second largest movie chain theater in america, are being bought by a major chinese entertainment con from rate, want $.6 billion -- conglomerate, the $2.6 billion deal creating the largest movie maker in the world. >> this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by your lexus dealer, live life heroically.
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twins conceived by artificial insemination after their father's death are not entitled to his social security benefits. the twins are born 18 months
10:41 pm
after robert capoto's death from cancer. his wife used his sperm to get pregnant. her application was rejected by the social security administration. a woman suing her lingerie company from claiming she was fired for being too hot. she claims her supervisor told her she was too sexy for her own safety and said this is the outfit that she was wearing. she was told to wear a bathrobe at her desk. now her attorney gloria allred is filing suit with the equal employment and opportunity commission. >> she was told by a supervisor that if the you are just -- that "you are just too hot for this office." >> i was appalled and my supervisor suggested that i tape down my breasts and wear my boy friend's oversize t- shirt and sweat pants. >> the lingerie company has declined to comment on the case. coming up on the news edge at 11:00 the man who blew up
10:42 pm
pan am flight 103 now buried in libya. scotland says their investigation into that bombing is not oh yet. find out why. >> -- over yet. find out why. >> how much will you have to fork over for a memorial day road trip? not as much as you might think on the edge.
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a georgia family is overjoyed their daughter is now breathing on her own. just weeks ago they were told amy copeland would probably not survive a flesh eating bacteria infection. her father says amy copeland is breathing without a ventilator cracking jokes and displaying her usual early morning grumpiness. kaplan fell on a -- copeland fell on a zip line in georgia earlier this month, cut her leg and it got infected with bacteria. people with diabetes are at an increased risk for heart attack or stroke at an early age. there could also be a link between diabetes and alzheimer's. >> reporter: alzheimer's, a complicated disease with no
10:46 pm
cure, one that doesn't discriminate and robs people of some of the best memories that once made them feel whole. >> i feel like that i'm home when i visit austin, texas. >> reporter: the most recent victim legendary university of texas longhorn football coach darrell k. royal who built the national football college powerhouse, but now it's not dkr calling the shots. it's his wife and the new caregiver role is painful. >> every day since darrell's diagnosis of dementia i deal with the stress of managing everything without my best friend at my side helping me to make decisions. >> reporter: like martin mcgeary, he, too a powerhouse in his own right, a former executive vp of an oil company. he thought nothing would slow him down, but soon he, too, began a decline he never expected. >> that's the first thing i noticed going.
10:47 pm
i just couldn't remember things that just happened. i'd get on the phone and talk to somebody and then couldn't remember what i had said to them. >> several things i think. instead of using the computer for information he started using it to just play solitaire. he'd stop at a corner and say which way do we go and it was a place we had been often and that i knew he would know. >> reporter: marty event wally stopped taking his medicine correctly -- eventually stopped taking his medicine correctly. >> he got really sick all of a sudden and was in the hospital for several weeks. >> reporter: he's working hard since his alzheimer's diagnosis to keep his memory from slipping away. >> i play bridge of week. >> and you do crossword puzzles. >> reporter: martin's doctor says the sooner you catch it, the sooner you treat it, the longer you can delay it. >> if we can treat it early, you could do well for seven years without getting worse,
10:48 pm
but the problem is people are not coming in as early as they should because they believe well, they don't want to know they have alzheimer. >> reporter: and the doctor says only 3% of cases are genetic meaning for the rest much remains a mystery. what researchers say they do know is there are clear and defined risk factors. >> people who have high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, have a much higher stroke risk and they also have a higher risk of alzheimer's. >> reporter: marty has nearly all of them. >> he'd had a minor heart attack and he has what they call a fib which is common. he has diabetes. he was very overweight and he has lost over 1-pounds in the last couple years -- 100 pounds in the last couple years which has helped him a lot which could be related to the weight and the lack of exercise. >> reporter: researchers are taking a closer look at the possible connection, especially diabetes and alzheimer. >> it's not a coincidence.
10:49 pm
at least part of the risk for alzheimer's, increasing the incidence is due to increased prevalence of diabetic, but it's probably also related to increased incidence of obese tiff. >> reporter: dr. robert barber says it is a very big concern. >> late onset alzheimer's there's a number of different factors. most of those are tied to exercise and diet. >> reporter: the bottom line barber says, heart health and total health are directly tied to brain health. >> there's a very strong link between an alzheimer rusk and diabetes. >> reporter: barber -- alzheimer risk and diabetic. >> reporter: barber hopes this research will help change the course. >> doctors stress whether it's you or your parents and you notice some forgetfulness, tonight brush it off as a senior moment. -- don't brush it off as a senior moment. get it checked out. some medications could delay the disease for seven years.
10:50 pm
>> thank goodness the weekend was so nice. a lot of times we get this on the weekend and monday and tuesday are gorgeous. more of the same tomorrow. tomorrow morning i don't think will be as wet as today, but tomorrow afternoon showers and storms again, spottier in the morning. copy and paste that forecast. >> oh, boy. >> memorial day weekend is coming up, live look outside. while it's not raining in the district, actually not live, how about from earlier today because we had to get those umbrellas in use. that umbrella looks like mine. there's always something bent on it. it gets a workout. what can i say? this was lighter in the district. i'm not sure that we had more than about three .01s here and out to our west they've had about 1/3-inch and it's still raining. quite a bit today you could almost convince yourself it was a fall day. we have a boundary here on radar tonight moving in from the west. it has definitely found some energy in the suburbs,
10:51 pm
especially down around dale city and manassas area. we've got some slow moving storms,en severe, but they're -- not severe, but they're slowly moving south to north up towards 66. they'll continue on up toward the leesburg area where we also have another cluster of showers and storms. we'll get in closer on those. we've been seeing a little lightning around the leesburg area and these again moving toward the north. so pretty heavy rain there and we also have to say pretty beneficial rain, too much we've been running a deficit since the beginning -- too. we've been running a deficit since the beginning of the year about 4 1/2 inches. we do have more rounds of showers and storms to get through. this will diminish going through the night. over to satellite and radar, you can see while we aren't seeing much to our east and had clear skies in the eastern suburbs, we definitely fired this up where we've had that bit of energy. now we look at a wider picture. there is more to come. we have a boundary on the move.
10:52 pm
this is a very weak frontal system. it will get closer to us tomorrow. then it stalls out around the region in. addition, we did have our first tropical storm of the season. that was alberto and with the latest update it's moving farther and farther away and it's also getting weaker. so it was downgraded to a tropical depression a few minutes ago. so our first depression is going to kick on away. it's got winds of 35 miles per hour. as that frontal boundary get closer, it's going to race away. good news for the coastal area, it's going to stay offshore. our temperatures really mild, 72 degrees in the city, quantico 73, cooler to our north in west gaithersburg, 64 and that's the same for hagerstown. the clouds will be around. the showers and storms in the western suburbs will diminish. with the clouds perhaps not widespread fog, but a little could be around here and there, our temperature 66, but that
10:53 pm
east wind still hanging around tomorrow and that east wind load us up on the moisture. for the -- loads us up on the moisture. for the morning more clouds than showers. by the afternoon especially if we get a break or two of sun which could happen, we have a better chance of cooking up afternoon storms, our temperature about 79. again, a reminder, any of those storms could have some heavy rain. showers at 8 a.m., 69 degrees, by noon shower or storm possible and a better chance of showers and storm definitely in the afternoon and closer to 5:00 with a temperature of 78 degrees. so alberto will be out of here. the front is on the way, but on the five-day forecast we're going to keep kind of the same general pattern going through thursday where we start out cloudy in the morning and cook up some showers and storms in the afternoon, can't rule out a shower at any point during the day, but the next three days kind of on the wetter side and we are hoping we break out of this for our memorial day
10:54 pm
weekend unofficial start to summer. we think it's going to feel like it. right now this pattern should break by then and we just go straight into the hot stuff. >> oh, boy. >> maybe pushing 90 this weekend. >> enjoy the rain. >> yeah, really. coming up next who will be the next american idol? final two contestants open up about preparing for this week's finale. >> plus parents, what you need to know if your teenager has a weight problem tonight on the news edge at 11:00.
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10:57 pm
very dramatic ending to fox's medical drama house. it appeared that house died in an explosion. turns out the doctor faked his death to avoid prison and was able to be with his cancer stricken friend wilson during his last days.
10:58 pm
there's mixed feelings about the ending. the actors are sad to see it end but are happy to have been on the air this long. >> it is very, very sad, but at the same time we knew on the first day that this day would come. in fact, on the first day we imagined it would come on about the seventh day and the fact that we've lasted this long is an amazing thing, something that we're very, very proud of. >> house aired for eight seasons and won five emmys, four people's choice awards and two golden knobs. it's down to the final two on american idol. can a teenage singing sensation take back the crown from the men or will a southern crooner get all the votes? fox's anita vogel has the details from los angeles. >> reporter: it's come down to this, the final two episodes to american idol season 11 and as the top 2 battle it out, we learn today they also have a craving for something money can't buy.
10:59 pm
georgia's own phillip phillips has been singing his heart out and is ready for season 11's crown. >> this has been a long tough journey. it's hard work and it's tiresome and i'm ready to get my own career on the road. >> reporter: california girl jessica sanchez hitting all the high notes with fans. and as they sat down in hollywood today, we found out something surprising about these two. >> what's not to love about phillips? >> reporter: there's no diva behavior here. they get along swimmingly and they're making beautiful music together all the way to the finale. but the 16-year-old sanchez admits to feeling the pressure. >> i get like butterflies, not butterflies, maybe like bats. >> reporter: the finalists not focused just on winning, they're


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