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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  May 22, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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forecast. pretty much the bull's eye of the rain and this is last night through loudoun county, an inch to an inch and a half and this is doppler radar estimated. it's not perfect and gives us a good eye on a broad scale and pretty much what happened as we zoom in tight and this is central and northern section of prince william county. and approaching four inches in some places, in the yellow, you're talking 2, 2 1/2 and that goes from there and so definitely the hardest-hit part of the region last night. central and northern sections of prince william county and we'll have more thunderstorms this evening and not the same situation is what we had last night. for more on the situation, let's turn to fox 5s bob barnard. he's live in monasses. bob. >> reporter: brian, about three
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hours ago, we were standing under water. we're off of broad run here, piper lane here and on the southwest river. the plant life is horizontal and that is all under a raging river just a few hours ago and behind, you so there, the water levels receded and that is moving not like it was a short time ago. we can show you videotape new of lake jackson dam around 3:00 this afternoon and that is some water plowing through the dam. the water levels at the dam were six inches above normal, triggering a level 3 emergency plan which required the evacuation of two residences near the dam. as a result, a number of roads were closed or damaged in the area and most are passible now and there is not a lot of
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standing water but it was crazy earlier and they in the area of the monasses airport, bristol, noksville and as you mentioned earlier, the prince william county school district cancelled some of the bus routes so parents were forced to get the children at a number of schools in this area and there is nobody hurt and the levels are receding now. >> and thank you for that and check live doppler radar in your neighborhood with a fox 5app. and find it on our website, another big story, a guilty plea from an assistant campaign treasurer since for mayor vincent gray. thomas gore admits he and another person used money from gray's mayoral campaign donations to pay off the former candidate brown. gore claims the deal for brown to take money in exchange for verbal attacks on former mayor fenty. did candidate gray know about
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this at the time? and matt ackland has more. >> reporter: the mayor said over and over again he didn't know of any plan to pay or offer brown a job for attacks on fenty and thomas gore did. >> does the mayor know about this? >> reporter: no comment from thomas gore, a friend and longtime campaign worker for vincent gray earlier, he admitted to a federal judge he would take out mean orders and give them to another unnamed campaign worker who would then give them to brown. a total of $660 worth. when brown went to the media, gore said he shred a notebook with payment records. >> and i think mr. gore said in court today there was an agreement between he and, i
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think, it was person a and when person a did his part, mr. gore did his part. >> reporter: gore's attorney tells us his client is working with federal authorities as they continue the probe into gray's campaign. >> and asking questions and -- >> reporter: federal authorities are not done yet. >> i believe the government will charge additional impeachment. >> reporter: one might be who prosecutors referred to as person a. gore said that person a would actually deliver the payments to brown and also played a part in putting the names on the money orders, names of people who had no idea this illegal activity was going on and meanwhile, cook said this when asked if mayor gray knew what was going on. >> and no participation of mayor gray or anything. >> remember, brown told us here that he received pay offs from
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several people and that person a was never identified in court today. meanwhile, thomas gore could face time in prison and the judge did mention prosecutors could recommend a reduction and sentence if gore was to assist situation, laura. >> what is the mayor saying of this? >> reporter: the mayor is still in las vegas on city business and should be back some time tomorrow morning. we called gray's attorney bob bennett, but he can not comment on the matter. >> all right, matt ackland, thank you for bringing us up to date. >> uh-huh. seven illegal night clubs were shut down in prince georges county. state and local officials workd together to investigate the establishments. businesses indicted are puzzles event center and let's chat both in suitland. dulles swan event atrium in hyattsville, crossroads in bladensburg, plaza 23 and black
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amethyst and the state police believes it lost $700,000 in taxes from four of the businesses. >> and we're really especially excited about the indictments as we believe they signal our intolerance for any individual, be it private or businesses, who avoid paying taxes, especially at these critical times where the state of maryland is in dire need of all of our revenues and resources. >> and state and local official -- officials conducted surveillance. no bond for a man accused of killing a local rapper. dins mcabie is charged with the murder of frank digy. he was in a drug transaction with him and two other men in stewart lane in december. mcabie was arrested yesterday and is being held without bond until another review tomorrow. in the district, the police are offering a large reward for information on the whereabouts
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of a man named reynard cook who has been on the run since february after police say he shot yolanda stone in front of the couple's young children. she was in critical condition on sunday when she passed away. paul wagner has more. >> and d.c. police exhausted every lead and they're turning up the pressure, offering up to $25,000 for the arrest and that conviction of a man police say vertly assaulted -- viciously assaulted the mother of the three young children as he stood nearby and watched. this is cook. a longtime d.c. resident who goes by the alias of rayvaughn stone, don fitzgerald hancock and demarco brown v. you seen him? he can look like this, to and here are some other pictures of the man who had three children with yolanda stone before she broke off the relationship. >> and he took his kid's mother away from them. if you look at them, they don't
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have either pair nent their life and he don't know what his kids are going through and don't care. >> reporter: since the shooting, the children have been in hiding as their critically wounded mother was guarded around the clock by d.c. police. she said it's new time for that to end. >> and i fear for the kid's life every day. they can't live a normal life. i don't have them outside like that or they can't go to chuck e. cheese or the movies. you don't know who is there or what is going to happen. their life is on hold because of him. >> it's hard on us and the kids because they can't do anything and we have to stay with them 24/7. >> at this time, we can't say he's being protected. we have been to numerous locations and conducted numerous interviews. the case has been featured on "america's most wanted" the last few weeks. we followed up on many tips attempting to locate mr. cook and we are still attempting to locate him. we would very much like to take him into custody. >> reporter: desiree believes that she believes he shot her
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sister in a jealous range after stone ended the relationship. ross said that the children were traumatized by the attack with the little ones still asking for their mom. if you know where raynard cook s call d.c. price at (202)717- 9199. a candlelight vigile for yolanda stone will be held this saturday night at spring guard high school with a funeral to follow monday morning at the new hope freewill baptist church in southeast. brian? paul wagner tonight. jurors have reached the verdict of a person who went on a stabbing speaks including virginia. he is charged with the murder of arnold minor in 2012, and the attorney argues he should be found not get. he was not mentally ill, say prosecutors, at the time of the stabbing and is suspected in the string of attacks,
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including 14 stacks in the flynt area, three in virginia and one in ohio. the maryland man held as a suspect in the disappearance of a bethesda woman in aruba is facing indecent exposure charges. police found gary giordano and the woman naked in the back of an suv and in an annapolis parking garage. happened before 6:00 p.m. on friday. the two were laying on a mattress in the back of the vehicle with a blanket hanging from the left side of the suv and in an effort to shield their activity. giordano and bach were both arrested and charged. a third day and a north carolina jury still in deliberations on the fate of former presidential candidate john edwards. the jury ended the discussions yesterday after asking asking for a closer look. edwards is accused of using campaign funds to cover up his affair. and the secret service prostitution scandal. they're targeting drug enforcement agents. the maine senator suzanne collins said the new case is looking at two dea agents in
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colombia who may have hired prostitutes. the investigation began based on information provided by the secret service. eight secret service officers, including two supervisors, lost their jobs over involvement with prostitutes at a hotel in colombia. coming up, why doctors are being warned to stop offering a certain prostate cancer screening test to healthy men. >> i want to feel close to the godfather of go go? come here to georgia avenue. ia . and a commercial space craft is headed to the international space station. we'll tell what you this means for the future of space tourism.  we love gardening...
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and launch of the space x falcon nine rocket. a new age in space flight with this launch at kennedy space center. this is the first time a commercial spacecraft is headed for the international space station. a bottom air businessman built the ship that delivers supplies to the space station. michael lopez allegria is president of the commercial space flight federation and the former astronaut. thank you for coming in tonight. we're told this is a huge step towards what president obama hoped to be the privatization of space exploration. rich guys like this are going to keep delivering supplies to the space station, right? that is the first one you point out. the idea, first we're going to do this with cargo and crew members and eventually with the folks that don't necessarily want to go to the space station and have other destinations in
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line and that might be an american. >> and i wonder about this noble idea of the private industry sort of facilitating space exploration. are we seeing a creation of the wealthy a husbandment park where the rich and famous get to have a thrill? >> i think they can take this analogy back to the 20s and 30s when we first started carrying airmail on commercial aviation carriers, and that turned out to develop the commercial aviation industry. so you can argue that back in the very beginning of that, that was for the rich and wealthy patrons, but now, of course, it's opened to everybody. it's not going to happen overnight. we expect that to happen in commercial space flight as well. >> and what are we going gain as a nation out of sending wealthy people into space for fun. >> before we send wealthy people, we'll be sending astronauts. we're not necessarily wealthy people and need to do that
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sooner than later and and better than spending the money for less and on the left side and instead of sending it overseas and the good jobs and stimulates the microeconomy into the space centers where they launch from and that is an all good story to me. >> sounds good, the president of the commercial space flight federation, former astronaut as l. thank you for coming in. >> you're welcome. ordering the makers of pompom granite juice to stop making plans that it's good for the ads are deceptive. and it claims the ruling is a victor for them and the maker palm must submit evidence for rigorous trials. the evidence was enough. and in tonight's health alert, a government task force said doctors should no longer perform a certain blood test screening for prostate cancer
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on healthy men because it does more harm than good. the protein specific antigen, or psa test, measures a protein in the blood and can lead to unnecessary needle biopsies. the task force said the biopsies can diagnose very slow- growing cancers and lead to treatment that can cause impotence or incouldn'tence in. how do cancer advocacy groups feed this? karen peterson is the vice president of programs at prevent cancer foundation. thank you for being with us tonight. >> thank you for having us. >> what is your recommendation? >> our group has a simple suggestion for men and that is talk to your doctors. the best way to make one's way through a complicated issue is to have a conversation with your doctor and share the decision making, whether to scream or not. >> according to the u.s. preventative service task force, it's a panel of doctors who advice the government on cancer screenings and other ways to avoid the disease, even
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after studying 250,000 men for decades. researchers have never found the psa test to save lives. what other test is on the market that is safer and more effective than the psa? >> the psa is the test and what we need is a better test so that we can find cancer where it exists and we can distinguish between fast aggressive cancer that can be deadly and cancer that is so slow growing, it's not going to be a cause of death. so, we need better research, and we need more research on a better screening device. >> and, karen, do you know, does this recommendation apply to men of all ages? >> yes, all ages. >> and if they're diagnosed previously with prostate cancer, does that apply to them as well? >> that is a different issue and becomes a surveillance issue and this is a screening recommending a from the u.s. psps. >> and are all doctors on board
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new with this? i understand the psa is commonly mentiond when men go in for their office visit. >> it is, and there is clearly going be a kind of shaking out period and, i would say again n that shaking out period what, men need to do is to have a conversation with the center dr.s and be a part of the decision making about to screen or not. >> and important to be your own best advocate. >> absolutely. >> thank you for being with us tonight. >> thank you. back to the situation. a lot of serious rain and some spotty showers off and on throughout the day. nothing too bad. >> and generally a prettier day than yesterday and what are we looking out for this evening? >> and some more sunshine, laura, less rain in the day and we expect for some are showers and thunderstorms out there this evening and we're not seeing a great deal of that and just showed the tower cam and let's go to the radar and show
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you what is going on here in this city. nothing, we do expect some of the activity is going to pick up a bit, get closer to us and we'll dive to the southwest and this is a couple of showers, the thunderstorms around charlottesville and some to the west of culpeper and i have been seeing one or two go up earn the prince william county area where we have all of the rain and trying to keep the rain out there of and one thing with the storms again tonight, they're slow movers and that is a potential of heavy rain and if they get over the areas that saw the rain last night and we'll keep an eye on that and jumping to temperatures, 80 degrees and that is going toible about things up and that may insty gate and i want to show you the forecast this
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evening. a chance of showers and scattered storms into the evening and late evening hours los angeles and we talk about this quite a bit. and this is a fox 5 weather app here on the ipad. can you download it for free and that has a lot of different opportunities here for you to forecast the weather and keep up with the thunderstorms. i'll tell you what, we're going to put it up here and scoot down to the areas that i was showing you. can you do this at home real quick. we're on charlottesville right now and there is where the thunderstorms are now and let me show you what i'm watching to the west here. look at that line that is moving from western pennsylvania into west virginia and eventually into western virginia. and that is all getting closer to us around the front. can you click on any of the forecast if you click on the forecast, that gives you the hourlies and this takes you through the memorial day weekend. remember, can you go to the apple store and that is free. fox 5 weather app, you download it and it takes that long. i'm telling you, i had the kids out on a bit of a field trip with my eight-year-old, and hi
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that. they kept asking is it going to rain? and i popd it up and it was good to go. i kept saying no rain yet. >> and you mean you're not omnipotent here? -- i need my tools. >> got you. >> yeah. >> and can you put your finger there and say i know where it is. >> and i want to show the kids new technology as well. >> i like the old-fashioned way. >> either way works, right? >> thank you, gary. today marks one year since a deadly tornado ripped through joplin, missouri. residents remember that day with a special walk through and with some other events. the missouri governor will pay tribute to those who sacrificed their time to help during and after the tornado. coming up, paterno pension. the wife learns how much money she will receive from the state of pennsylvania. he was sent to jail for spying on a roommate who later committed suicide. new, the former rutgers student is revealing why he didn't apologize to the victim's family.
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. legendary penn state football coach joe paterno earned a $13 million state pension before leaving during a sex abuse scandal. the family announced today the widow will get a $10 million initial payment with the rest paid out over two years. paterno died in january three months after trustees forced him out as head coach. the judge criticizeed the former rutgers student for not apologizing during the trial to record his roommate kissing another man. the reason he didn't apologize is because he would have seemed in7 -- insincere. the judge sentenced him to 30 days in jail and he had faced decades in prison. she was acquitted and went into hiding. casey anthony is flushed out. and it's a high-profile case in california. an arrest is made after a teenager is snatched on the way to the bus stop. and when it comes to missing person's cases, do whites get more attention than
5:27 pm
blacks? how a new tv show aims to make sure that african-americans who vanish are not forgotten. ot fo 
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. casey anthony will be flushed out of hiding soon. the florida mom's been keeping a low profile since last july when she was acquitted in the murder of her daughter. she's facing a defamation lawsuit by a woman named zenada gonzalez. anthony told police a baby sitter by that same name took her and that the baby sitter didn't exist. today, one of anthony's lawyers accepted a subpoena that requiring anthony to appear at the defamation trial scheduled for january. an arrest in the suspected murder of a teenager snatched on the way to the bus stop. the 15-year-old vanished in march in morgan herald, california. the sheriff's office calls it the worst kind of crime. a child who fell victim to a
5:31 pm
random act of violence. they arrested torres at a store yesterday. dna evidence found inside a bag belonging to sierra linked garcia-itores to the crime. the family is pleading for information to find her. >> and we still need your support. we need to bring her home and still need to find her. >> volunteers and sheriff's officials have searched the feels, open spaces and reservoirs in the town since her disappearance. and it's been more than three years since pamela butler went missing and there is a new effort. >> we definitely passed the point of being angry. >> reporter: derek butler is talking about his sister's mission person's case. pamela butler was last seen
5:32 pm
before valentine's day 2009. and not many people know that. >> we understand being angry is not going to fix that but we wanted to be treated fair like everyone else. >> pamela was last seen entering her washington area home. the mother knew something was wrong when pamela and her boyfriend didn't she up ho take her out for dinner. worried relatives went to pamela's home where they watched the surveillance video and that it shows pamela entering and never exiting. local media picked up the story. for, that the family is grateful and the story never went national. for the butler family, there is that lingering question in their minds. what is the difference between her case and high-profile missing women's cases? derek butler said the answer may have to do with skin color. >> there are other people
5:33 pm
missing other than sandra levy, natalie holloway. >> the old stories you hear all of the time. people of color don't matter and that they marginalized. >> reporter: kelly mcbride said that there is some truth to this. >> it's hard to say the national media is racist, but there are some racial elements in their decision making. >> according to the fbi statistics, black americans are 13% of the u.s. population and account for 33% of the country's missing cases. >> they disproportionately talked about and they have an obligation to look at the stories that would be of interest to the audience and let them know how this fits into the national trend. >> reporter: new, a new the show is looking at just those types of stories.
5:34 pm
tv 1's find our missing series. >> we had a unique opportunity to talk to our audience that we know is going to be interested in what we're sighing. let me tell you a story about somebody that probably reminds you of someone you know. >> when the families are reporting their loved ones missing to law enforcement, as it relates to children, they're being classified as runaways and no one's looking for them and they not receiving the amber alert. >> reporter: this former virginia sheriff said she started the black-and-missing foundation with her sister-in- law because she got tired of hearing officers dismiss reports of missing blacks. the black-and-missing foundation was set up to help black families through the media and legal process. still, she said, the black community has a responsibility to serve and protect their own. >> what the community needs to do is rally together, take a stand. that no-snitching thing, that is one of the problems we have, too. we see something and don't say anything. >> reporter: experts say media attention and law enforcement
5:35 pm
efforts go hand-in-hand and that families say they need as much effort as possible, not just the black effort. he accepted his sister is likely dead and still needs to know what happened to her. he joined the board of the black-and-missing foundation hoping to keep his sister's case alive and to offer a guiding hand to other black families. allison seymour, fox 5 news. coming up on fox 5 news at 5, a man plunges 180 feet over niagara falls and lives to tell about it. and who thought this was a good idea? a prank in a laundromat goes wrong. we'll have details. have detail 
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. a man is in stable condition at a hospital in canada after plunging at least 180 feet over niagara falls and
5:39 pm
witnesses said they saw him climbing over the railing and jump and he made it to shore on its hone on his own. he was flown to the hospital with broken ribs and a collapsed lung, the third person known to have lived for going over the falls without a safety device. >> a 13-year-old saved himself moments before plunging over a 270-foot waterfall in washington state. and he was waiting in the water when he slipped on saturday and went over the waterfall and managed to pull himself up and waited for eight hours until rescuers could reach him. >> and that is rising and scared me a lot. >> and he sea smart kid. asked me if i had plans. >> the rescuer spent the night on the rock ledge with william. once the sun came up, a helicopter pulled them out. caught on camera, a
5:40 pm
senseless prank. that man in the plaid shirt thought it would be funny to put his young son into the washing machine. closed the door and this is the problem. the machine has an auto lock and kirks margin, they panicked once they realized they could not get him out and parents pulled on the door and helped him. eventually, the door was open and pulled out by the father. >> that is hard to watch. >> and that is rough. >> horrible. and is facebook fueling divorces? why a new study said a social media site is breaking couples a part. and remembering chuck brown. how local middle school students are honoring the godfather of go go. >> and more rain is on the way.
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. less than a week after the death of the godfather of go- go, d.c. kids are creating a
5:44 pm
masterpiece in chuck brown's honor and that is what might be seen for years to come. >> reporter: that is ingenious right there. >> and that is cool, too. >> yeah. >> and we love you, chuck. man. >> and i like the way his beat is. >> and when he died, we realized the impact he had on d.c. as a whole and we realized there were no murals of him. >> reporter: they're changing that and talked to the management at the sweet mango cafe. >> and we proposed the idea to him. the answer was not yet but when are you going to get started? >> a lot of them want to be athletes and musician and art is not the coolest job field or career choice. i think it's my job to expose them to that and get them hooked. >> reporter: even the paint breaks are dancing. >> at my age decide.
5:45 pm
he used to bring happiness to whatever crowd he had and you can not sit still with him. >> i love him, going to miss him. and good dude, good guy, love him. for the people and by the people. >> it's not going to be perfect but about the idea and imagery. >> when he heard about it on friday, i was like -- . >> and often we hear friday night until 10:30, when they could have been doing what they wanted to do yo and to -- . >> and i feel like after they do something like this that won't be anything to intimidate them. >> and i see determination, a lot of knowledge and strong. >> positive. >> and that is good. i can't believe they did it. >> and that is good. >> a lot of people honging and -- honking and running past and taking pictures. >> honored. >> and that he knows me. >> i'm good and excited and proud of them. >> reporter: the work is based
5:46 pm
on a photo. >> and this is good, i like him. >> and he is watching me. >> beth parker, fox 5 news. a d.c. area couple taking their love of the gogos to the next level here and playing at their own wedding reception and -- harlem and happened to be members of the bandia. great, a great way to celebrate. and today was beautiful. >> trying to get better, isn't it? >> yeah. >> and we'll have more showers and thunderstorms. >> okay. >> and that is not going to be like last night. prince william county, you have gotten buried. the sun is poking through and that is nicely on the tower cam
5:47 pm
and tomorrow is going to be like today and we call this a persistence forecast and this is where we are with this and there is a lot to the west that we can see and that is not so much around the metro area and there is a cold front back to the west and that is that blue line there and that is where we're getting some showers and thunderstorms popping up and the largest complex is south of charlottesville and has been growing in intensity and is growing in coverage here and this will not affection us and to show when you we get a few thunderstorms possibly firing up, there is some like this in the sense they will grow large and won't move much and there is not much to push it along. underneath the thunderstorms, we could get some heavy rain in spots tonight.
5:48 pm
a few more showers and thunderstorms and to i-81 and i suspect under the thunderstorms tonight, there is not only a lot of rain but you will get a lot of lightning and producing a lot of thunder and temperatures responding to the sunshine and we're up to 80 degrees. caught 82, 82; fredericksburg backed up and on to 82 and dulles, close to 80; frederick, close to 80 and to i-81, looks like they have more clouds there from the showers and thunderstorms to the west and cooler for columbus and pittsburgh, the temperature there is 76 degrees. on through the evening hours and not everyone is going to get rain and thunderstorms this evening and there is that chance, fairly widespread and who city -- we stay mild at 9,
5:49 pm
73 and to 70 around 11:00. the heaviest of the rain and is their is no doubt. this is the line of showers to the west of us and that is in pops to the cold front to the west and we're in a dry hold now and into the evening, it looks like the conditions might be better the next few hours or so and this is around the metro area to produce a couple of showers in the thunderstorms and the evening showers and storms and after midnight or so, the things will calm down patchy fog late and to about 65 degrees. a few showers around tomorrow morning and that is not a big deal and a few spotty showers around at noon and into that afternoon. breaking into some sunshine and jumping to 80 degrees or so and, like today, we'll have a couple of showers and thunderstorms and they're numerous tomorrow and some more
5:50 pm
widespread tomorrow afternoon and into the evening for us and tomorrow is a lot like today. showers and thunderstorms on thursday, warmer, 81, and look what happened. the temperature jumped and on friday, 86 and into the memorial day weekend, a good time to get hot and we're talking 90 plus and that might be conservative and we might be warmer than that and that weekend so far looks pretty nice and that is your forecast for now. over to laura. >> thank you, gary. and it's the moment of truth for the top two contestants on idol. and they will take the stage live tonight and give it their all as they try to win your votes. they will each sing three songs. >> you start saying the words too much and that is on's few times early in the week and
5:51 pm
then that is closer -- . >> and at this point, i'm bringing everything to the table and laying all of my cards out and whatever happens, happens. >> and philip and jessica will hit the stage tonight here on fox 5 at 8:00. the winner will be crowned tomorrow night. and sarah frazier will join us tonight. >> of course. >> and was going to ask you who was going to win. >> hold your prediction? >> hold your prediction. >> and first, hot topics and starting with a woman who was too hot and saw her yesterday. >> and what did you think in the new york area? >> clean said the owners and they religious and she said she was -- the asset. >> and that is that outfit she was wearing. >> yes. >> and at first, she had to duct tape them down, they were
5:52 pm
telling her. >> and wear a robe. >> and wear a robe. >> and then they said, okay, you need to go buy a full- length sweater and go back to work. when she left, they said yeah, there is no need to come back. she hired gloria allred and is suing and said that it was discrimination. >> it's a lingerie shop, for crying out loud. >> they want better sales? and i am -- yeah, she's thinking a lot of the customers were jealous of her and -- >> okay. >> yeah. >> and maybe too hot. >> yeah. >> it's not you but us. and also, the daughter-in- law of nike's cofounder in trouble of taking a kid to the prom? >> this is the picture of her. >> okay. >> she's a track coach in oregon and has been hired from the -- fired from the high school.
5:53 pm
>> okay. >> she said she's mentoring. the deal was if he improved his english grades, she would take him to the prom, which is what happened. the problem is that the two started engaging in a couple of slow dances and that is when other parents started complaining and saying this behavior is not appropriate. it was not like one slow dance. it was a couple. >> yeah. >> and -- . >> that is too close for comfort. >> yeah. after that, she's fired and the husband is considering leaving as well. >> leaving the school? >> yes. yes. >> or leaving her? >> no, leaving the school. >> and that can be next. >> okay. >> and she's defending herself saying, look, i helped the student and -- . >> okay. okay. >> i don't know. >> and this is a video called the best wedding dance ever. >> do you think this is cute? >> i haven't seen it yet. >> it's like a swing dance. >> oh,. >> at their wedding. >> the bride and groom? >> this is their first dance as
5:54 pm
bride and groom. >> i love it. >> and it's gone viral. >> did you know where it was? >> they're an australian couple. >> precious. >> i know. aren't they sweet? >> and my husband and i any our greek dance. it was nothing like this. >> they go on and do other flips. >> and that was cows cute? >> supercute. >> and choreographed dance is all of the rage, laura. when you renew your vows, we'll do something. >> that was what he did. >> i can see that. >> and do you want to show us your move? and seems like it's overplayed, right? >> yeah, yeah. >> that's cute. >> and have a bunk of cameras set up. their goal is to get on tv. >> yeah. >> and they. >> success. and new poll numbers are out showing president obama and mitt romney neck-in-neck and each pulling ahead on certain key issues. and a disturbing bullying story in virginia. four adults arrested for abuse after tieing a teenage girl to
5:55 pm
a tree and it gets worse and may not feel like it. but it's down. what about the economy?   still thinking of replacing the truck? i just don't know where to start. glad you made it. start by choosing from over 30,000 used cars and trucks. carmax. start here.
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. no recovery for facebook's brand-new public stock. facebook dropped a little more than $3 a share to end at $31. the stock has plunged after the ipo, which debuted at $38 a share. analysts say a rough week on the market, global financial insecurity and trading glitches at nasdaq on friday played a role in the facebook slide. and the facebook founder might be celebrating his new marriage but facebook is part of more splitups than ever. more than a third of divorce filings last year contained the word facebook. >> and facebook is a factor in divorce. spouses are trying to spy on the other one using computers. >> facebook is not the only social media implicated and the
5:59 pm
end of marriage. according to the american academy of matrimonial lawyers, 80% of divorce attorneys in the u.s. have seen a rise in cases of social networking in general. and thank you for joining us at 5. the news edge at 6 starts now. the edge begins on the campaign trail and where some new poll numbers could spell trouble for the obama campaign. when it comes to issues of the unemployment and economy. mitt romney is posting double- digit leads and tom fitzgerald is looking at the numbers and this is james carville's favorite saying about the presidential election. >> reporter: it's been almost 20 years since bill bell's strategist said is the economy stupid? if that the white house might be dumbfounded


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