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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  May 23, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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seeing now is just between tacoma park, college park, and hyattsville. and on the edge of the district and that is all inside the beltway. this is heavy rain, too and what we're seeing, rain rates up to two inches per hour and that can do some flash flooding. nothing severe so far and do not expect it, but we might have small hail from the storms. wind and very, very heavy rain. more details on the storms coming up. laura. >> we'll see you soon. track live doppler radar where you live with the fox 5 weather app. download it on your droid, iphone and ipad and find it on following a developing story in the district, another blow to d.c. mayor gray's campaign staff. a sec worker, howard brooks s charges with lying to the fbi. yesterday, the assistant
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campaign treasurer since thomas gore plead guilty to obstruction of justice. both are accused of using campaign money to attack another candidate mayor fenty. mayor gray spoke to reporters as he left the wilson building today. matt ackland has more. >> reporter: the mayor doesn't want to on didn't want to talk about this because it's a pending investigation. federal authorities say thomas gore and howard brooks worked together to pay former mayoral candidate brown to verbally attack then-mayor fenty. tonight, many still want ton if mayor gray had knowledge of this. vincent gray's campaign for mayor was a long time ago but questions about what went on behind the scenes won't go away. mayor gray refused to talk about two of his campaign workers charged this week. >> this is an ongoing pending investigation and there is nothing, really, i can comment on and this is obviously continuing to unfold. >> reporter: according to authorities, brown was not lying when he said members of
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gray's campaign paid him to stay in the race. brown has always said that the mayor knew about it. the mayor always denied it. >> i think i will stay with what i said before and there is that continuing investigation. it has been for months. >> reporter: wednesday, gray's campaign worker howard brooks was charged with making a false statement to the fbi when he said he never gave money to brown's campaign. we went to brooks' silver spring home seeking comments but no one answered the door. before he was charged this morning, council hab mary chay, who led an investigation into wrongdoing, talked about howard brooks. >> and that led us to allegations by mr. brown and we made a number of conclusions in that report that mean was paid by howard brooks, someone who took the 5th amendment and wouldn't testify about this. >> does the mayor know about this? >> reporter: source say like thomas gore who pleaded guilty
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yesterday, howard brooks is working with prosecutors as they dig deeper into the campaign investigating. and one mayor gray said won't keep him from focusing on his job. >> i will do the best job i can. >> reporter: we received an e- mail from brown and he said he's in full agreement with the u.s. attorney and continued his call for mayor gray to step down and meanwhile, a hearing for howard brooks will likely take place tomorrow in federal court, shawn. >> and thank you. fox 5 political analyst joins us now. clearly the mayor didn't want to talk today. as the layers keep coming off of the investigation, what, if any damage, has this done to his credibility and his ability to run the city? >> reporter: as the mayor said, he's going to continue to run the city and there is definitely a cloud and until he's not exonerated and not indicted, there is going to be that cloud. this is about the worse news can you get.
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brown is no vindicated. this very strange and eccentric person people thought, basically, was a kook has now been, the federal government said was telling the truth. >> and when brown first came out, he said howard brocks is one of the people that gave him money. who deals he accuse of also giving him money? >> that is a pertinent question. he said the first person was the chairperson of the gray campaign, lorraine green and he has not been charged and green admitted she had a close personal relationship with howard brooks. and people are wondering, brown said that howard brooks gave him money repeatedly and that lorraine green gave him money once at station. but we haven't heard anything about lorraine green. >> and how many layers to this? >> right now, the mayor not charged or indicted with
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anything and is clearly presumed innocent. >> a lot of people are asking who is next in line to run the city? >> well, stay with me. the chair of the city council is next in line and then there would have to be a special election, 114 days afterwards. of course, if the chair leaves for some reason and he's under investigation, then there is an election by the council and the election is limited to the council selecting one of four at large council members. >> mark, let me jump in quickly. we have 30 secs. you mention if the chair leaves, we're talking about brown, who is also under a political cloud or a cloud right now. >> and has not been charged with anything. >> that is right, he's presumed innocent and people are asking, you know, if they're going to do this and search charged, should he be charged first? >> people don't want to say it
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publicly but privately to me, if there is going to be a criminal indictment of the mayor or council chair, they would prefer very much that the council chair be charged if he's found to be worthy of being charged, rather than the mayor. you might have a scenario while the mayor is charged and the council chair is charged back- to-back and that would be a terrible, terrible predicament. >> and just a tip of the iceberg with this one. thank you for coming in. we appreciate it. >> another big story we're following tonight, new details out about the secret service prostitution scandal. the director of the agency said two of the 12 agents are trying to get their jobs back. the scandal was at the center of the senate hearing today, marking the first time the agency's director spoke publicly about the incident and tom fitzgerald followed this one. other incidents were revealed today as well? >> reporter: that is correct. mark sullivan's main stance with the senators was at the
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colombia incident and isolated. past scandals, some previously unknown, called several senators to openly doubt this is the first time the secret service employee his misbehaved. and during his testimony, the director sullivan revealed in 2002, five secret service agents were sent home from the 2002 salt lake center olympics after they were caught party negligence the the hotel with alcohol and underage females. the director said in past years, unconnected with the current scandals, three agents were disciplined with improper conduct with foreign female nationals and in 2008, an agent was fired for soliciting an undercover d.c. police officer in a prostitution sting. he said that all 12 personnel had their security clearances revoked and many removed from the agency, although some are appealing the decision. he said the president's security, though, was at no
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time jeopardized. >> and we confirmed none of the 12 individuals received a briefing regarding the protective assignment prior to the misconduct taking place. and we also confirm none of the 12 individual his security documents, firearms, radios or other security-related equipment in their hotel room. >> the facts so far lead me to conclude that while not at all representative of the majority of secret service personnel, this misconduct was almost certainly not an isolated incident. >> reporter: the chairman of the senate homeland committee, senator lieberman of connecticut, said today after the hearing that sullivan should not resign as the secret service director. the inspector general said his agency is conducting its own independent investigation and will issue the report on july
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2nd. >> thank you. president obama delivered the commencement address to air force academy grads in colorado and he told them ending one war is setting the foundation to a new america. >> ten years of military operation have stretched our forces and strained their families and going forward, you will face fewer deployments and you'll have more time to train and to stay ready. that means you will be better prepared for the full range of missions you face. >> the classic 2012 has the largest number of female graduates in air force academy history and that also has the largest number of students going directly to graduate school. during the president's trip out west, he will be adding more cash to the campaign fund and his edge over mitt romney is shrinking. the president is holding campaign events in denver and
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california through april. the democratic groups raised $450 million some republican groups generated 400 million. and mitt romney is one win away from his party's nomination andha that is all but official now and romney swept all of the delegates in the kentucky and arkansas primaries yesterday and needs $77 delegates to reach -- 77 delegates to reach 194. and today, romney unveiled a proposed system that could dramatically change public education. at the u.s. chamber of commerce meeting, he said he would allow low-income and disabled students to use federal money to attend public, private, or charter schools. romney said that millions of children are getting a third world education and his proposal is not expected to cause any new agony. john edwards is waiting to learn if he will go to prison. jurors have been deliberating
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for four days and they deciding if he knowingly and willfully used campaign cash to hide an affair. his lawyers said the hundreds of thousands of dollars he accepted were a personal gift and not a campaign contribution. coming up, d.c. residents saying congress some butt out of the district's business and took a laundry list of complaints to capitol hill. and remembering chuck brown. we're getting details about the godmother of go go's final farewell. and later, mother nature makes a surprise appearance at an unsuspecting couple's wedding. 
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. firefighters discovered a burning dumpster filled with personnel records from the fire and police department. the police say they're trying to find out how the records got there and firefighters responded to the call for burning trash on friday at the department's training academy. leaders at the police and fire unions called for an investigation. a special honor for a fallen maryland state trooper. the state highway administration unveiled new highway signs today. the signs will be placed along the beltway in honor of leslie brown. brown made a huge impact on the lives of the people who knew him and started a mentoring program called young men enlightening other men. >> and he said no matter what you want to do, can you accomplish it and have to see it for yourself. i never saw it until a few
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months ago. >> and brown started the group when he was 20 years old, the same year he became a maryland state trooper. [ singing ] funeral arrangements are starting to come together for d.c. music legend chuck brown. the godfather of go-go died at the age of 75 last week after battling pneumonia. "the washington post" reports that brown's daughter said plan glares place for an all-day public viewing at the howard theatre next tuesday and funeral services will be held next thursday. the venue has not been determined. dozens of d.c. residents went to capitol hill with a laundry list of complaints about the city. they didn't didn't go to eleanor holmes north an's office, but trent frank's office. john ren he -- john henrehan has more on the unusual protest. >> reporter: this was a tongue- and-cheek protest to make a
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serious point. frank said a bill that would ban most late-term abortions in d.c. and the local's message to congressman frank's, if you're so concerned about the city, how about fixing the potholes? more than three dozen d.c. residence lined the hallway in the rayburn office building in an effort to see arizona congressman trent franks, who is pushing legislation to largely ban late-term abortions in the city. >> gruesome late-term abortions who can feel pain is, in my opinion, the greatest human rights atrocity in the united states today. >> reporter: the congressman's attempted intervention on abortion interventioned prompted many city residents to call ironically for more constituents service. >> and i live in the district and i am glad that mr. franks is so into taking care of all of our urban problems. one thing he could do is to continue the federal funding
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for the metro. >> reporter: eugene kenlow brought a photo of a d.c. pothole. >> and going to be into our d.c. government, he might as well take care of the potholes, to. >> reporter: some came to get him to intervon on confusing parking regulations and many referred to the arizona republicanman as mayor franks. >> and one thing he could do is the anacostia river. it's dirty and needs to be cleaned. i brought the plunger along to bring to him to help plunge the river. >> reporter: and his d.c. office was closed for the day. the house is on recent, though other members' offices were staffed with workers and the protestors tried to leave their ironic suggestions on the door of the congressman's office but capitol police would not allow it. we tried to get a response from the congressman in arizona but we were not successful. the prospects for his bill passing the house, the bill would ban late-term abortions
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in d.c. are very good. the legislation currently has 196 co-sponsors. prospects in the senate, however, are much less certain. shawn. >> thank you, john. new tonight, just about everyone wants to look and feel young. right? and now, apparently, there is a new miracle pill claiming to do. that can it really reverse the effects of aging or is it another fad? and this is more on the science of the antiaging pill. >> reporter: i don't want to put your hopes down too soon. there is a d.c. doctor swear bike this new antiaging kill, called ta-65. and those taking it believe it runs miracles. and this is a practice in d.c., where two dozen patients use ta- 65. it's a dietary supplement that
5:19 pm
claims to work by stimulating an enzim in the body protecting us and keeping us young. the company that makes it said the studies show improvement in eyesight, skin, and the immune system, among other things and some scientists are not convinced. >> i am over 50, and this has worked ifer me as l. my body fat percentage went down, more energy. skin, hair, nails are better. >> many people are making great claims. there have been snake oil salesmen who want to take advantage of the people's desire to have something to treat them. >> this doesn't come cheap, running as much as $8,000 a year, depending on the dosage. coming up at 10, why the hype is making some people believers and what the science really says. laura in. >> very interested to see this one. thank you, sherry la jolla.
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it started off beautiful and got gray out there. >> yeah. and this just keeps going. >> i heard rumbles of thunder out there, too. >> and all through the evening. we'll have showers and thunderstorms and there is some -- they much more widespread and ended up with a good amount of showers and thunderstorms last night and looks like we're in for a good bit of rain before it's said and done and that is getting better tomorrow and have thunderstorms in the forecast. the heaviest of the storms are over d.c. right now and into some northern six. those are thunderstorms and they're producing very, very heavy rain and that potential is there as well for small hail and gusty winds and should have some lightning. this is north of monasses and
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they have gotten so much rain and that was a couple of days ago they got the flooding and they sitting, not moving much, and so underneath some of those thunderstorms with the very, very heavy rain, we could get some localized flooding. the bigger picture shows you we're under the broad drop of low pressure and that is bringing in moisture and deep moisture and we get the showers and thunderstorms with the potentially heavy rain each evening and the temperature cooled the last few minutes and we were 80 earlier, the temperatures this evening are in flux and you will have a chance of showers and thunderstorms and this is another opportunity. the app is a simple download, can you do it on your iphone and droid as well and look at the two storms over d.c. and
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that is what we were seeing on the live doppler radar and that is what we're showing on the ipad and the fox 5 weather app. it's simple and free and downloads in 10 seconds. you get all of the forecast information and let's see, this will take to you about 10 days and can you look and that is real clear in hd and a wonderful tool. i encourage you to do that and on the days when there are thunderstorms popping up everywhere. they might be outside, you hear a rumble of thunder and go to your ipad and iphone and pull up the ipad app and you will know where the rain is and where it's moving, few and that is all that simple. >> we love it. >> yeah, it's good. and we had a bunk of downloads last night after five and to 10. we hope folks will do that tonight. >> absolutely. and a new twist unfolding in a historically black college. why some band members claim the victim wanted to be hazed. and their testimony could play a key role in the trial
5:23 pm
against george zimmerman. why several ses are doing an about-face. 
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. new details in the trayvon martin case. according to the "orlando sentinel," four key witnesses changeed their stories about what they saw the night martin was killed. george zimmerman is charged with second-degree murder for shooting martin in sanford, florida, in february and claims it was self-defense. a woman who claimed show saw two men running and a fist fight, now said that she only saw one person running and couldn't distinguish much else because she didn't have her contacts in and another woman who saw the fight initially said she could not tell who was on top and believes it was zimmerman. we're learning more about the hazing death investigation of a florida a&m band member. the drum major robert champion died last november after enduring a hazing ritual by other gang members. according to documents released today, band members told detectives that he asked to go through the ritual, something the parents have a hard time
5:27 pm
believing. >> you have so many people saying different things and if you talk to people who know my son and his character, they know this is not something my son would agree to do and we have to consider the source of the information you're getting. >> 11 band members face third- degree felony hazing charges and two others face misdemeanor counts in his death. coming up, a woman contacts fox 5 after her smart phone is stole own a metro train. why a picture popping up on the facebook page could help police crack the case. and the facebook foeasco. congress gets involved after an assortment of issues with the company's ipo. and i longtime member of the fox 5 family is to make a big announcement. nouncement. we love gardening...
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. following some breaking weather news now, a flash flood warning is issued for parts of prince william county and gary, what are you seeing? >> and this is -- >> this is just issued. this was the area that got so much rain. three, four, five inches and some flooding there and we're looking at sentinel radar commotion you the area of concern and this is issued and this is over prince william and we'll zoom in. it's moving over 66 and what is happening is the boundary coming down from the south and some cooler air. this is running into the boundary and this is blossoming and promoting a lot of heavy rain and that is some localized warning we were talking about. and this warning is at 7:00 and i will be back with more and
5:32 pm
how long they're going to stick around. >> and thank you very much. we'll so you soon. what about the next story? and an hour after's metro rider lost her control fen to the theft, a strange picture appear on the facebook page. two young men were posing for a shot. jackie williams knew it came from the facebook app and didn't know why they were taunting her. paul wagner has more. >> reporter: williams had just returned home after filing a police report when she turned on her computer, logged on to facebook and found a photo making her head spin. one of the men looked familiar and as she looked closer and closer, she realized it had to have come from her stolen phone. jackie williams was riding home in a blue line train last friday night when a man suddenly grabbed the bag sitting on her lap and took off, running with two others through the station. >> i tried to run after him, he was too fast. i get back on to the train. >> reporter: she reported the
5:33 pm
theft and thought that would be the end of it until she got home and found this. >> i couldn't believe it. and was astounded. i can't believe they would be that stupid. >> reporter: the former prosecutor said the description she gave police closely matches the man on the left and can't be certain. it happens so fast. >> for the most part, this is the description. his face is what i remember his face to be. this is slightly blurry, but i remember the basic structure of his face. >> reporter: from using the facebook app, she knows there are steps you have to take before the photo can be upleaded from the phone and she's not sure if it was a mistake or not. >> i think that they were either accidentally uploading it to my face or they deliberately uploaded it to say ha, ha, i have your stuff. >> reporter: she got her bag back. it was found in a northeast alley but show lost an ipod, a bank card other and items. for the photo, it's unclear who they are or if they were
5:34 pm
involved in the crime and, at the very least, the two might be a very good lead for the police if they can be identified although she lost her phone. >> i was happy. i felt this is great evidence, you know, how often does it happen? >> reporter: do you know who they are? metro confirmed its detectives are investigating and they're in possession of the photo. at this hour, the two men have not been identified and jackie williams' hopes tonight's broadcast will do the trick, shawn? >> and let's hope so. thank you. facebook stock fizzled since the long awaited public offering. a senate panel is launching a review of the social networking site's ipo over allegations the bank handling it may have given select clients a negative assessment of the company. let's bring in michael young for more on this. thank you for being with us tonight. >> thank you for having me. >> facebook rebounded a little today, 3% and ending the day at $32 a share after two days of
5:35 pm
losses. what can is your reaction that morgan stanley may have misled investors? >> advisor shares is not sure anything illegal occurred. certainly the analysts, since they were the lead underwriter, may have overvalued the company for the ipo. long-term, we're not sure they did anything against the rules. we'll have to so how it plays out. >> a couple of groups have sued facebook and morgan stanley and what effect might the lawsuits have in. >> reporter: in the near-term, it might impact both stocks for morgan stanley and to facebook itself. long-term, hard to say. the lawsuit against the nasdaq who had some issues getting the ipo priced properly could impact them in a negative way as well and one rumor we heard was the new york stock exchange is courting facebook to perhaps list the facebook stock there and advisor shares lists all of
5:36 pm
our etfs and we have never had any issues during an ipo and that might be something facebook pursues. >> and i want to point out a response coming in from facebook and there is that brief statement coming from the spokesperson, we believe the lawsuit is without meritand we'll defend ourselves vigorously. because of all of the stuff that happened since the ipo, what do you think this says for the strength of facebook going forward? >> i don't know. long-term, i don't think anyone using facebook is going to walk away from it. that said, advisor shares doesn't own facebook in any of the portfolios and we'll wait to see where the real valuations lie in long-term. >> and thank you for being with us tonight. appreciate it. >> thank you very much. and all right, everybody. sue palka joins us and are the two of you getting married? >> that is a big ipo, i can
5:37 pm
tell you that. >> and that is not for lack of effort on my part. >> he's been try for example 12 years and -- . >> she keeps saying no. >> keep saying new no and you gave up and going back home. >> i had to leave. i had to leave. and no, i got a new job and i'm heading back home to california where he grew up, laura, you from, too, the bay area. >> san francisco. >> and that is's good opportunity. bittersweet, i have been here 12 years and you're my family. i have loved it here at fox. >> and you have done an amazing job. >> i have had a good run. >> yeah. >> a lot of good stuff. >> and you brought a lot of fun to our studio with your snowball fights. back in the day, halloween at my house. >> yeah. >> and that is huge. we're going to miss you. >> yeah. >> and we wanted to let people know. yo it's a good thing for you. >> and we're still in great
5:38 pm
shape with murphy and ross in the sports department and some figures coming up. the sad thing, rg3 is here, the caps are doing well. the a great time to be in d.c. >> i'm going to mess you and yoa treasure here. >> thank you, laura, shawn. >> we'll miss you. >> thank you, feldy. and it's the kickoff to the memorial day weekend in the big apple. coming up, ships from around the world invade new york harbor for float week. [ laughter ] that is a sweet fire truck. and tonight's viral video, a fire truck like no other. we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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. new york city's annual fleet week begins today. 17 tall ships and 10 warships arrived in the area. they'll be docked where people can take tours of the vessels. this year's, vents will include the bicentennial of the war of 1812, and the penning of the
5:42 pm
"star-spangled banner." more than 6,000 members of the navy, marine corps and coast guard will take part in the festivities. this is no joke. this could be the world's smallest fire truck. most of us are used to seeing the big massive trucks on the street and this is more golf cart than fire engine. the video was taken yesterday in ontario, canada. >> and that is kind of funny. >> it is. >> and that is not. coming up, mother nature crashes a couple's wedding and they have the pictures to prove it. excitement is building in downtown los angeles and that is where we're hours away now from finding out who will be the next "american idol." i'm anita vogel in los angeles and i'll have all of the details coming up. and too bad we don't have that weather. gary's back with the latest on the storms rolling through our area.
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. who will be the next "american idol"? phillip phillips, jessica sanchez? fox's anita vogel is live in hollywood where we will find out who the new idol is pretty soon. anita? >> reporter: hey, laura, here we are again. year after year, right? and we're on the red carpet. let me give you a look here and things are excited here n. an hour, the red carpet is going to be packd with big of the names in the business. of course, the votes are in now and the nation is waiting to find out who the next "american idol" will be and do fans prefer jessica or phillip. >> i can't run from myself and there is nowhere to hide. >> reporter: jessica sanchez and phillip phillips, facing off in their very last battle.
5:47 pm
>> and darling, darling stand by me. >> i thought we both had a lot of strengths tonight. there is nothing new or anything. it was all fun. >> i think we both won it in the end and tonight, we didn't just sing for the judges but america. >> reporter: but the 16-year- old california girl and a 21- year-old georgia native. each performing three songs, including their potential single. [ singing ] [ singing ] as we roll down. >> steven tyler saying it's a dead heat. >> i love her and i particularly love the risk and vulnerability that phillip phillips exudes. >> reporter: former "american idol" winner chris allen said no matter who wins, the future is bright for both finalists. >> whoever wince, they going to
5:48 pm
be great and whoever doesn't win is going to be fine,fo. >> reporter: we're a couple of hours away now from the big star-studded show and they'll be on the carpet first and on the stage tonight. some of the biggest names in music, like rihanna and reba mcentire. back to you. >> great stuff and great to see you every year for this. >> and appreciate it. have fun tonight. >> thank you. and weather time, we have had some storms. i want to start off and say we have an active flash flood warning until 7:00 and that is where we're focusing in o the northern sections of prince williams county and some storms to the west and the northern sections of prince william county, even parts of fairfax county as well and that is with this thunderstorm, lifting to the north-northwest and that is unusual for us and that is what is happening. these colors represent the rain
5:49 pm
rate and if this was to sit in one place in rain for an hour or so, there would be a potential of about two inches per hour and that is seeming like tonight, this is about the maximum rain rate we have been look at around the region and that is not expected to get higher and since this is over northern sections of prince william county and had the rain, some rain last night and on to monday night, they issued the flash flood warning. the good news, it's moving and that is to the north-northwest, and at centreville, this cleared you and as long as this is moving thanks is good and appears to be weakening and that is some good news and we'll pull back out. a lot of rain to the west and this is on to that boundary. a persistent storm is in the
5:50 pm
city. if this stays here for another hour or so, and i think it could, and we'll be worried about local otherwised flooding in arlington and this is that big area now, very, very heavy rain and this is to 66 into town and arlington and across the river and that is a huge area and zoom in titler to this large area here and this is not strengthening. this is expanding a little bit and that is what we're looking for and not only is it localized flooding, but there is some small hail in this and we were getting the returns on radar and there is some gusty wind potential as well and unusually so, the track is 10
5:51 pm
to 15 miles an hour and that is what is going on and we're watching the areas of heavy, heavy rain and under the flash flood warning for loudoun and fair fox and some northern six of prince william county and that is going until 7:00 and most all of this is in that beltway now and i want to show you what we can expect. localized flooding is possible. more storms for tomorrow and that shouldn't be quite as a bundant as what we were getting today, and into the weekend, that does look like it's going to get drier around here and the weekend looks hot and humid, too and i suspect this weekend we'll have temperatures with heat index values and that can be pushing mid- to upper 90s, warmer tomorrow with scattered thunderstorms and some on to friday, too, the temperatures wrap up and we did drier. and there is an isolated thunderstorm potential for this memorial day weekend and that
5:52 pm
is going to be hot on this unofficial start to summer and watching the storms again, a flash flood warning until 7:00 p.m. shawn? >> and we're in the web center now. have you heard about the tornado wedding? a gay superhero is getting married and lola is waiting for marriage. sarah frazier joins me for the scoop and this is interesting, a wedding them. >> yeah. >> and first viral pictures of a tornado trashing the wed something. >> are they real, photo shopped or outraged? and this is controversy for the kansas count i thought these were -- and i was like wow, oh, my gosh. now thanks to the internet, the photographer said we wanted to capture what it's like truly in kansas. >> this is video, oh, my goodness. >> and the couple said this encourages the storm chasers and that movement of people
5:53 pm
that stick around, so they got a lot of negative comments. >> wow. >> and on top of that, they're saying it looks photoshopped and if it was truly photoshopped, it would be more dramatic. >> and you wouldn't see the video with the twister in the background. that is scary, but to each its own and x-men superhero is getting hitched. he came out? >> we have gay comics. the big reveal, d.c. and marvel comics had secondary characters that have been in same-sex relationships and north star getting married. the big reveal is in june and one of the main characters is going to be revealed and going to come out and that is in june. there is a lot of speculation it's spider-man or batman and robin. >> really? i'm going go with batman and robin. >> really in. >> that is what they saying. >> my money's on spider-man.
5:54 pm
>> we'll see. >> and another athlete, lola jones is saving herself for marriage. >> she's a track star and is tote is potentially win olympic gold. it's harder to remain and save her virginity than to train for the olympics. let's take a listen. >> that is a challenge. i don't believe in it and i want to wait for marriage until i had sex. my mom and dad are not together anymore. i want that -- and that is a gift i want to give to my husband. >> son, are you watching? he has a major crush on him. she's perfect. there you go. >> put a ring on it. >> isn't that great? >> this is great for her. >> and that is brave, you know. that is and i admire her. she's sticking to it. we'll see. >> if you're watching, give me call. my son is in love with you.
5:55 pm
suthank you, sarah so much. >> you're welcome. >> and brian, back to you. >> learn a lot in 104 years of life. just ask a local woman who was raised on a farm before rising in the ranks to the military. the big honor she's receiving. and did the obama administration say too much? why some classified information may have made it to hollywood. and shocking new details about the secret service, the colombian prostitution scandal may not have been a one-time thing. 
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
. check out this incredible rescue in china. surveillance video shows a three-year-old boy riding his toy scooter against traffic during rush hour. >> and that, doesn't it make you sick? the police officer spotted the boy and returned him to the grandfather's house and he said he was not scared. the china state-owned television station provided that video. >> wow. >> can you imagine?
5:59 pm
>> and that is scary. >> he was not phased. >> i have no idea. >> and thank goodness for the police officer. yes. >> and thank you for joining us at 5. the news edge at 6 starts now. we're going to begin with a weather alert. the flash flood warnings for some of you tonight. the heavy rain continues to hit the area and to start things off with sue palka. >> and those thunderstorms are unleashing torrential rain, hard to drive and lots of road spray and ponding. we have some flash flood warnings to tell you about and that means flooding is occurring and this is that issue for prince william county and this goes until 7:00 and that is including loudoun and fairfax and over to radar, i want to you


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