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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  May 23, 2012 10:05pm-11:00pm EDT

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i'm thinking of asking carlina to have dinner at my place. she's italian... and you can't cook. ♪
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sure. no problem.ere? ♪ this is fox 5 news at 10:00. the winner of american idol season 11 is phillip phillips. [ cheering and applause ]
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>> we have a brand new american idol. phillip phillips took top honors. we are live on the red carpet in hollywood and also in the fox 5 web have with reaction. >> plus taunted on facebook, a woman robbed of her smartphone on metro, but what's really surprising is what happened next. >> the corruption scandal grows, another former campaign worker for d.c. mayor vincent gray is accused of lying to the fbi. >> we'll begin with a weather alert. more storms are thundering their way through d.c. tonight. good evening. i'm brian bolter. >> and i'm shawn yancy. >> sadly it's prince william county again with a flash flood warning means flooding is occurring until 10:45. we've had reports of a high water rescue in the gainesboro area. now can see most of that is shifting. i'll give you a closer vis
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the flash flood warning and most of the rain has moved over to fairfax county around vienna and mclean. we're getting rainfall rate much lighter there, but wait till you see some of the rain totals ininess william county and fauquier. we scoot up higher -- totals in prince william county and fauquier. we scoot up higher and have rain in prince william county. we'll spotlight the area with the flash flood warning. this is for the city of manassas in prince william until 10:45. right there in central prince william and they have been getting pounded for 48 hours. you'll recall two nights ago we had really pretty disastrous flooding in that region. now we are showing you a sentinel radar estimate of the last 12 hours of what has fallen. look at the bull's eye. this is not counting the rain they had two nights ago. tonight not too far from
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brentsville in gains gainesboro 3.4 inches of rain. even if it's not raining still in principal william county, these waters are still rising and -- prince williams county, these waters are still rising. it remains very warm and humid. i've got to tell you we have to do this again tomorrow. i know you are sick of this weather pattern. we see big changes in the weather pattern and we may even talk mini heatwave as we talk about memorial day weekend, more on that coming up with the full forecast. >> remember you can track the doppler radar with the fox 5 weather app 24/7. download it on your droid, iphone or ipad or you can find it on our website another big story, a local tae kwon do instructor is facing charges for allegedly having inappropriate contact with young girls. he's the owner of the fawn university of martial arts in burke, virginia. fox 5's audrey barnes is here now with the story. >> investigators say the first
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victim came forward in june of 2011 and while investigating her allegations detectives discovered a second victim. now 38-year-old quinn van san lee of alexandria faces four counts of indecent liberties with amish and three counts of child pornography -- a minor and three counts of child pornography. the door of the martial arts has been padlocked and cleared out. no one has seen much of the owners since investigators raided the place carting off computers and other items. paulocorvello who owns the restaurant two doors down says phan lee was not popular with the business owners here. some didn't like the way he treated the other business owners or treated the kids. >> we didn't talk much except when things became a bit confrontational. >> reporter: what do you mean? >> sometimes he ran his business in a way that we didn't think was appropriate. some of the things he did we didn't think was appropriate in
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term of conducting classes out here and making a lot of noise and things of that nature plus punishment of the kids. >> we're told often they would have to run barefoot in the snow if they did something he didn't like, just one of the allegations from business owners who sat next to his business for years. now phan lee is facing charges for a different kind of interaction with kids, having inappropriate contact with two girls under 18 at his karate studio and at his home. we talked to a neighbor of lee's alexandria community about those allegations and you'll hear what he has to say at 11:00. this woodbridge teacher accused of assaulting a student at kerrydale elementary school. 35-year-old cynthia farris hall is charged with assault and battery released on an unsecured bond. detectives from the physical abuse unit investigated the report claiming she assaulted a 10-year-old student who had minor injuries. developing details in a story you saw first on fox 5, someone stole a woman's cell
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phone while she was riding metro. an hour later a strange picture appeared on her facebook became. jackie williams knew it came from her stolen phone and now thanks to a story you're about to see, she has her phone back. fox 5's paul wagner reports. >> reporter: jackie williams was riding home on a blue line train last friday night when a man suddenly grabbed her bag on her lap and took off running with two others through the benning road station. >> i tried to run after him, but he's just too fast. so i get back onto the train. >> reporter: williams reported the theft and thought that was the end of it until she got home and found this. >> i couldn't believe it. i was just astounded. i couldn't believe they would be that stupid. >> reporter: williams, a former new york city prosecutor, says the description she gave police closely matches the man on the left, but she can't be absolutely certain. it happened so fast. >> for the most part, this guy if it's the description. his face is what i remember his face to be even though this is slightly blurry. i still remember the basic structure of his face.
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>> reporter: from using a facebook app williams know there's steps you have to take before the photo can be uploaded from the phone. she's not sure it was a mistake or not. >> i think that they were either accidentally uploading it onto my page or they deliberately uploaded it to say ha, ha, i've got your stuff. >> reporter: williams did get her bag back. it was found in a northeast alley, but she lost an ipod, bank card and other items. as for the photo, it's unclear who the men are or if they were involved in the crime. at the very least the two, if they can be identified, may be a very good lead for the police. although s-- >> again i was happy because i evidence. how often does this happen? >> reporter: paul wagner, fox 5 news. >> just a short time ago jackie williams let us know police found her phone. after paul's story aired police received multiple tips to helped police get the phone back, no word of any arrests. the investigation continues.
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♪no, you're not alone. ♪ i'm going to make this place your home ♪ >> the record breaking 132 million votes, phillip phillips crowned your next american idol. the finale was held at the nokia theater los angeles. fox's anita vogel was there from it all and joins us live from the red carpet with reaction. >> reporter: hey, brian, it's a party out here. come on down. >> i'd love to. >> reporter: what a great show. of year we see the biggest performers -- every year we see the biggest performers in the music industry take the stage and this year was not a disappointment. we saw so many big acts and the highlight with the new american idol crowned. i want to bring in real quick an old american idol winner, but we still love him. taylor hicks. >> how are you? >> reporter: we saw a nice close-up of you in the audience. what did you make of the whole night? >> i thought it was great.
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i thought it was a great season and congratulations to phillip and jessica for making a great finale. i wish them all the best. >> reporter: what are you doing these days? >> i'm going to be at las vegas at bally's this summer and watch the choice on fox. you'll get a laugh. >> reporter: a great night here in los angeles and i think we knew going in that phillip had the edge. he had never been in the bottom three the entire time, the entire season even though jessica has a lot of fans out there. we had that little clue phillip might be the next american idol. lots of excitement here in los angeles. back to you in washington. >> fun show and touching ending. thank you. our american idol coverage is far from over. coming up later hot 99.5 sarah fraser gathering more reaction from the finale. another campaign worker connected to d.c. mayor vincent gray accused of lying to the fbi, the growing scandal and reaction from the mayor next. >> also ahead a stray dog
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honored right alongside some of america's bravest warriors. we'll tell you why still ahead. >> later billed as the miracle pill that will keep you young. a d.c. doctor swears by it, but will it really work? >> ahead on the news edge more good news about gas prices. find out why you might spend even less than you thought this memorial day weekend at 11:00. 
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former first lady nancy reagan is recovering from a fall in her home back in march. she suffered several broken ribs. the injury forced her to miss a speech last night by paul ryan at the reagan library. mrs. reagan is 90 years old. her doctors recommend she not take too many appointments until she recovers. another hit to d.c. mayor vincent gray's campaign staff, a worker charged with lying to the fbi just one day after another campaign worker pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice. both are accused of using campaign money to pay another candidate to attack gray's main
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opponent then mayor adrian fenty. fox 5's matt ackland has the story. >> reporter: vincent gray's campaign for mayor was a long time ago, but questions about what went on behind the scenes won't go away. mayor gray refused to talk about two of his campaign workers charged this week. >> there's an ongoing pending investigation. so there's nothing really i can comment on this day because it is obviously continuing to unfold. >> reporter: according to federal authorities, sulaimon brown was not lying when he said members of gray's campaign paid him to stay in the race. brown has always said the mayor knew about it. the mayor has always denied it. >> i think i'll just stay with what i said before. there's obviously a continuing investigation and has been for months. i've said pretty much the same thing for months. >> reporter: wednesday gray's campaign worker howard brooks was charged with making a false statement to the fbi when he said he never gave money to sulaimon brown's campaign. we went to brooks' silver
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spring home seeking comment, but no one answered the door. before he was charged this morning council member mary cheh who led an investigation into wrongdoing talked about howard brooks. >> that led us to allegations by mr. brown and we made a conclusion, a number of conclusions in that report, that money was paid by howard brooks, someone who took the fifth amendment and wouldn't testify before us. >> reporter: sources believe just like thomas gore who pleaded guilty yesterday howard brooks is also working with prosecutors as they dig deeper into this campaign investigation, one mayor gray says won't keep him from doing his job. >> i'm focused on the city. i'm going to do the best job i possibly can. >> reporter: we did hear from sulaimon brown today. he sent us an e-mail and continues to ask for mayor gray to step down. also tomorrow howard brooks is expected to go before a federal judge. that's tomorrow afternoon. in the newsroom matt ackland, fox 5 news.
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taking a closer look at the details, payoff accusations, lying to the fbi, this investigation just seems to get worse and worse for the mayor. earlier tonight i talked to fox 5 political analyst mark plotkin to get his take. >> the mayor has got to be very concerned. these are people who were very active in his campaign and sulaimon brown who everybody thought was a little off the wall and doubted his veracity has now been validated by the federal government saying that he was telling the truth and that two people who he implicated, thomas gore, he didn't implicate him, but implicating howard brooks who said he repeatedly met with him have been definitely charged. there is one other person he said gave him money one time. that's lorraine green at union
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station. supposedly that took place. she denies it. he said it happened and then she turned him over to howard brooks. lorraine green has not been charged, but that is who people are watching for now. she's the chairperson of the campaign and she admitted to a close personal relationship with howard brooks. >> of course, all of this sets up a very tricky hypothetical inside the beltway type scenario here. we have to stress nobody has been charged, but the questions will be asked two people who are under investigation, but have not been charged mayor gray, council chairman kwame brown, what's the line of succession there? >> well, the chairman succeeds the mayor if the mayor would leave. the question could be asked and nobody has been charged, that if the chairman of the council, of this council or any council left, what's the line of succession? what happens is that there are four eligible candidates. those are the four at large
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council members and the entire 13-member council votes and the likelihood is that they would vote for a democrat. that would be either phil mendelsohn or vincent orange. >> fox 5 political analyst mark plotkin, thanks for coming in. >> thank you. the secret service prostitution scandal was center stage on capitol hill today. a congressional committee questioned the head of the agency about the scandal that erupted after a presidential trip to alcohol by ya last month. fox 5's ever -- colombia last month. fox 5's laura evans is following the story. >> details were revealed about the agents involved in the prostitution scandal. their secret service director mark sullivan's first public comments on the matter since the scandal erupted. senator susan collins not mincing words about her views on the secret service scandal allegedly involving raucous partying with prostitutes in colombia. >> this was not a one time
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event. rather the circumstances unfortunately suggest that different rules apply on the road. >> at a senate hearing collins said the behavior of several secret service employees including two long time supervisors wasn't just morally repugnant, but also reckless in advance of the president's arrival for a latin american summit. >> two of the primary means of entrapment, sexual lures and alcohol, were both present here in abundance. >> we want to know what reforms the secret service is implementing to make sure that what happened in cartagena never happens again. >> secret service director mark sullivan acknowledges the behavior was inappropriate but insists there were no security breaches. >> none of the 12 individuals had received a briefing regarding their protective assignment prior to the misconduct taking place. >> prostitution is legal in colombia, but the secret
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service changed its rules to say that agents are always subject to u.s. laws. >> this is not representative of these values or of the high ethical standards we demand from our nearly 7,000 employees. oyees. >> several employees are fighting their firings. they say they've been harshly punished for behavior that's long been allowed as long as it doesn't interfere with work. coming up another horrific case of flesh eating bacteria, how a restaurant owner came down with the disease. >> also ahead. >> reporter: the numbers of a new generation of wounded american warriors keeps growing. i'm bob barnard tonight in washington honoring those who inspire the rest. [ mechanical humming ]
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the number of u.s. servicemen and women wounded in the wars in iraq and afghanistan, more than 47,000 that number keeps growing. tonight a few of those wounded
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warriors were honored here in the nation's capital. fox 5's bob barnard was there. >> reporter: it's a fancy affair, this party in washington honoring the raw courage of men and women wounded in war. among tonight's honorees u.s. army captain larken o' hern, a triple amputee who walks around with just a cane. >> i've got a beautiful wife and that helps. we both believe that there is a god out there that's looking out for us that's got us this far that's going to keep taking us. >> reporter: the nonprofit hope for warriors is recognizing not just captain o' hern's sacrifice. he was blown up by a roadside bomb in afghanistan 17 months ago, but also the way he inspires his fellow soldiers. >> pretty much from the beginning i've known i wanted to stay in the army. that same kind of mission it gives me and i also wanted to be as independent as i can so
10:32 pm
that my wife can continue doing her thing. >> reporter: as memorial day approaches, organizers of tonight's gala remind us the needs of this new generation of wounded warriors will not end when our commitments in afghanistan are over. what the captain says he doesn't want is your pity. >> while i'm grateful and thankful for all the help that i've received, at the same time, you know, we're not victims. we went into this eyes open and knew that this could be an outcome. >> reporter: the got heart give hope gala organizers are also honoring this fellow named rufus, a stray dog whose barking broke up a suicide bomb attack in afghanistan. >> there's not a doubt in my mind that myself and several other guys definitely wouldn't be here today. >> reporter: chris duke was hurt, a fellow national guard sergeant seriously wounded that day years ago. so, too was rufus. >> you can see where he took pretty serious shrapnel wounds. >> reporter: but life has been pretty good since then.
10:33 pm
>> we got home and about six months later with help from the warriors we got him back home. now he's living in georgia with me. >> reporter: how is he doing? >> fantastic. >> reporter: now rufus, too, is in the nation's capital being recognized for what he did in the war. bob barnard, fox 5 news. almost everyone wants to turn back the clock, look and feel young. some people claim a new pill can reverse the effects of aging. just how effective is it? fox 5 investigates next.
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. another case of flesh eating bacteria in georgia. doctors believe they will have to amputate paul bale's leg below the knee. his family hopes that will be enough to stop the infection. the 67-year-old is usually a busy restaurant owner and grandfather. what began as a small cut on his leg didn't seem to be a big deal. >> he slipped on the boat ramp that goes into the water and
10:37 pm
cut his leg when he fell. >> reporter: how deep was the cut? >> very fall. as a matter of fact, he just bandaged it up and went and played golf the next couple days. >> his injury is similar to the one suffered by amy copeland. the young georgia woman lost a leg and both hands to flesh eating bacteria. she cut her leg on a zip line and fell into the river. the idea of living forever or a lot longer may not be that far off. a new anti aging pill called ta- 65 has those who use it claiming to feel younger and look younger, but does it really work? fox 5's sherri ly investigates. >> reporter: ever since ponce de leon went in search of the mythical fountain of youth people have been looking for a way to turn back the clock on aging. >> you cannot anti-age, but you can certainly manage the aging process and improve the quality of life well into your later years. >> reporter: dr. john rush at
10:38 pm
an age management clinic in d.c. believes a new pill is working miracles making people look and feel younger. >> i'm well over 50 and it has worked for me as well. my body fat percentage has gone down to 12. i have more energy. skin, hair, nail all look better. >> reporter: the pill called ta-65 is touted by some as a magic pill to fight the effects of aging, but at the same time raised concerns about safety. the dietary supplement claims to stimulate production of telamerase, an enzyme naturally found in the body that protects cells and in theory keeps cells alive longer. that dr. rush says holds tremendous promise. >> the goal is to get to 120 and still have the quality of life you have now. >> reporter: that's just not true according to dr. carol greider at johns hopkins university who won the nobel prize for her work identifying the enzyme behind ta-65.
10:39 pm
>> when we talk about aging, that people think this might actually change the lifespan of people, that actually is not the case. >> reporter: telemerase works by preserving a sort of protective cap on the end of our dna that gets shorter as cells divide and has been linked to age-related diseases. ta -6 5 claims to lengthen those caps helping eyesight, skin and immune systems according to its own double peer study. greider disputes it. >> just like in the past there have always been snake oil salesmen who want to take advantage of people's desire to have something to treat them. e >> reporter: but people are willing to pay a steep price for the anti-aging pill, 2,400 to $8,000 a year depending on the deceasage. dr. rush is sold on it and even got his -- the dosage dr. rush
10:40 pm
is sold on it and even got his wife to try it. the research on ta -6 5 is limited and no knowledge of what effects it could have on long term use. some questions have been raised on cancer because cancer cells thrive on the same enzyme behind ta-65. so could ta-65 accelerate the growth of cancers in somebody's body? >> that is a theoretical concern. >> reporter: ta scientists say any risk of unwanted cell growth is offset by the boost ta-65 gives to the immune system. last year a study in the journal aging cell showed the supplement did not cause cancer, but that same study did not find improvement in longevity either. greider says the claims are not backed by scientific research as the manufacturer claims. if there were, she'd give it to patients right now. >> there are people dying that
10:41 pm
are coming here to the hospital at johns hopkins and so we would have us and 'foremost in our mind to treat those patients first. >> reporter: patients like karla rush swear by ta-65 undeterred by the scientific evidence that seems to debunk its anti-aging claims. >> if i can live longer healthier and happier, i'm all for it. >> reporter: at 42 karla rush can now keep up with their four kids and she calls herself proof that this new miracle pill works. sherri ly, fox 5 news. night. ta-65 is sold as a dietary supplement and does not get the same rigorous review by the fda as prescription or over the counter drugs. the plans are coming together for the final farewell to d.c. music legend chuck brown, the details next. >> also ahead an incredible american idol finale. we have the highlights and sarah fraser from hot 99.5
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we are getting new details about the final farewell for d.c. music legend chuck brown. the godfather of go go died at the age of 75 last week after battling pneumonia. the washington post reports brown's daughter says plans are in place for an all day public viewing at the hour theater next tuesday and funeral services will be held next thursday. that venue has not been determined. bob dylan has a date at the white house next week to be honored with the medal of freedom for being one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century. the list also includes
10:46 pm
madeleine albright, shimon peres. ahead on the news edge at 11:00, this group took an you'ric approach to making their voices heard -- ironic approach to making their voices heard. >> plus new information tonight on the discovery of another case coming up on the edge.
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welcome back. we have a special announcement tonight. a member of the fox 5 family is going to be leaving us. >> dave feldman finally trending on twitter. took 12 years. >> took me leaving to do it. >> dave feldman is leaving the friendly confines of fox 5 headed back home. >> to the bay area, brian, a place you grew up, i grew up, laura evans, will thomas. got a chance to get a good job and go home, be closer to my family. >> hate to see you go. >> we're going to miss you, feldy. who is going to give me back
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jokes in the makeup room every day? >> and who's going to be passive aggressive with me calling it a franchise? >> i look at sue in the makeup room. >> every day and i say good joke, feldy. >> i told sue this and i've told brian and shawn. this is like home because i've been here 12 years, longer than i've ever been anywhere. that's a long run in tv and the people here have been unbelievable to me and accepted me right away, a guy from the west, and i love d.c. sports and all the coaches and everything. it's going to be hard to leave, but i'll be back. sue told me to book a trip back right away? we're going to book some trips out there. you'll be here another week. we're giving you head up because we know you don't like to see people disappear. you'll always be around. >> i'll be around in town the month of june. >> wonderful. take me out to dinner? >> i will. you take me out. >> continue to make him trend on twitter. he's our feldyman. >> we will miss you.
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>> we will not miss weather like this at least in some parts of >> i'd like to kick this to the curb. some areas have had no rain. this is the pattern we've been in. it is very localized and where it rains, it rains heavily, prince william county, fauquier county and loudoun, the rain has been stubborn in these areas and in the last 48 hours i think parts of prince william county may have had up to 8 inches. we've had some spot picking up 5 inches of rain -- spots picking up 5 inches of rain tonight. they did have a flash flood warning in prince william county replaced with a flood warning. the difference is the rate at which the flooding occurs. streams and creeks now until 4:45. you've got to watch this whole area there. have been a lot of roads closed in prince william county and some high water rescues, about a half dozen tonight. this goes till 4:45. check out tony and tucker in the morning.
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if your commute takes you through prince william county, you may need some extra time. wait, what is this coming from the south? a sneak attack, a little bit more energy. we're finding stronger thunderstorms, very heavy downpours once again across southern st. mary's county slowly moving to north. charles county may pick up an inch of rain out of some of those. they've got a lot of lightning with them, especially this one around st. mary's city. it might have some hail with it, too. you could pick up a gust of 30 or 40 with these. so it's not over yet, but it is winding down north of these regions. over to sentinel radar to see the estimates of what fell tonight, nothing for annapolis, baltimore, very little in prince george's county, but the jackpot is here in northern virginia again. this is prince william county. we're getting some estimates of almost 5 inches of rain tonight. other areas got 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 inches. we got a 3.8 up here. this is the kind of thing that
10:53 pm
can really cause problems with excessive runoff. that's what we've seen. we just had a convergence right over prince william county again winding down a bit. unfortunately the pattern is not done. we may have to do it tomorrow. we run you through the headlines. localized flooding still possible, more storms tomorrow. a drier pattern for the weekend, not completely dry. there could still be some thunderstorms and the weekend now is looking hot and humid. quick look at your forecast as we jump over to what we are expecting in our futurecast because we'll probably just have some clouds, maybe some breaks of sun in the morning. we again bubble this up in the afternoon. friday starts out dry and we're seeing a lot less coverage friday. so that's the good news. we slowly taper off out of this and we can't totally rule it out for saturday, but i think it would be more to our west. so a very quick look at your weekend forecast. are you ready for 90s? that's what we're looking for saturday and sunday, maybe some
10:54 pm
spotty storms. memorial day 93 degrees. are you kidding me? yes, it's going to be a hot 1 and so was last year's memorial day, got up to 96 degrees. here is your five-day forecast. i hope the five-day forecast is coming up. it is up on -- you see me sitting down. i see it up there on my weather map. you can see it, too. 82 tone, 86 friday. get ready for the -- tomorrow, 86 friday. get ready for the hot stuff. if it's hot enough it makes you want to go to beach, i'll have that forecast coming up on the news edge at 11:00. >> last year there was a lot of beach traffic. downstairs we go talking american idol. >> that's right. everybody talking about american idol. sarah fraser from hot 99.5 is here. phillip phillips crowned tonight. what were people talking about on the chats because i saw on facebook and twitter people were saying jessica sanchez got robbed. >> yes. our chatters that have been here all year were very pro jessica, so they were all
10:55 pm
shocked tonight to find out phillip phillips won, but i think generally overall we had an idea we were discussing in the newsroom yesterday after the performances that probably he was going to win. it came to that. he's been mazing. >> he's done a great job. >> here's what we're already seeing and hearing on twitter is the idols have an obligation to sign with the record label associated with idol, but tommy mattola has come forward and said he wants to work with jessica sanchez and wants her out of that contract because she has that voice like whitney and mariah. it could be a blessing for her. >> at 16 she's got a lot to look forward to. >> a female hasn't won since 2007. girl power next year hopefully. talk about former idols who showed up and got engaged. >> do we love it or hate it? ace young and also diana degarvo got engaged tonight.
10:56 pm
>> very interesting. >> mixed reviews about that, but it's an idol engagement. so they are madly in love and together. she said yes which that would have been very interesting if she said no. >> i was thinking like what if she says no. >> that would have been some ratings. >> phillip phillips, your new american idol. >> he takes it. rihanna and aerosmith performing, j-lo and a lot up in the air. we'll have lots to talk about. >> thanks, sarah. coming up on the news edge at 11:00 a major movie is in the works about the hunt for osama bin laden, how much classified information did the white house give hollywood? new details how the cia is responding next. [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable
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