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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  May 24, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. we're on top of several big stories tonight, another guilty plea from an aide to mayor vincent gray, the new details we've learned about the campaign scandal. >> more spring storms scattered across d.c. area tonight. will they clear out for your holiday weekend? >> and this 33-year-old cold
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case changed the way missing child investigations are handled nationwide. tonight an arrest in the case of etan patz. we'll begin with the scandal that has gripped d.c. mayor's vincent gray. good evening. i'm brian bolter. >> and i'm shawn yancy. another aide pled guilty today admitting lying to the feds. >> 56-year-old howard brooks said he was roped into the scheme and wasn't the architect, but for lying to federal investigators he's facing a felony charge as more layers of this campaign fiasco unfold. finance consultant howard brooks leaving federal court thursday av admitting he took thousands of dollars in -- after admitting he took thousands of dollars in campaign contributions and gave it to then mayoral candidate suleman brown. they say the plan was to pay brown to stay in the race and verbally attack then mayor adrian fenty.
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prosecutors say gore would take out money orders. then brooks would put false names on them and hand them over to sulaimon brown. the money orders had a total value of more than $2,000. brooks said he had been instructed to give the money to brown, but it's unclear who instructed him to do so. his attorney, former prince george's county state's attorney glenn ivey, says brooks regrets what he did. >> he realized it was time to accept responsibility for what he'd done. he realized he'd made a very serious mistake in the way he'd gone about handling this initially and he wanted to get it back on the right track. >> u.s. attorney ronald machen wouldn't say if anyone else is involved, only that the investigation continues and that it is important the truth come out. >> the underlying charges go to the very heart of our electoral system. we need to have a fair and honest system of elections and obviously mr. brooks along with others violated that sense of fairness when they engaged in
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this scheme. >> sulaimon brown said mayor gray knew about the payments. so far gray said he knows nothing about the scandal. >> i've already indicated that i have nothing to say about this investigation. it's ongoing and it's pending. >> brooks has been cooperating with federal officials. he faces up to six months in prison but could get far less time. >> fox 5 political analyst mark plotkin joins us now. thanks so much for being here. we know mayor gray has not been charged with any crime, but people are speculating he had to know what was going on. this is his campaign. what are your sources telling you? >> it really seems almost unbelievable to think that the mayor then candidate gray wouldn't know about this. i thought what was interesting is that the person, howard brooks, was directed, instructed, was actually the word used and only two people could have instructed him. >> let's talk about who do you
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think those two people would be? >> that would be lorraine green who was the chairperson of the campaign. she has not been charged with any crime, but sulaimon brown on howard brooks said he first met lorraine green at the union station and then lorraine green turned help over to get payments to -- from howard brooks and that's exactly what didn't happen. lorraine green has not been charged. we haven't heard from her but that was the allegation of sulaimon and then the mayor is a very detail oriented person and it would seem sort of unreasonable to think that this was being done without his knowledge, permission, complicity and the point is he has not been charged. the point is that that word instructed, that the people who have been charged, that is,
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thomas gore and howard brooks, everybody i talked with the top ranks of that campaign say they weren't freelancers. they weren't going to do something on their own. they didn't initiate this plan. they were instructed. now we're to the point who instructed them? >> that's the question everybody wants to know. let me ask you. you've covered politics many years in this town. d.c. has its share of scandals. can you remember anything else like this one? >> no. you have the city council chair who has not been charged but is under investigation. you have the mayor who is not recently professing innocence but just as you showed that clip saying it's an ongoing investigation. you're talking about the whole unraveling of the d.c. government at the highest ranks and even with all the barry hijinx, he actually went to jail having to do when he was, you know, after his term was over, this is in the midst of two high important people who
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are under this terrible cloud and one council member has already gone to jail. so this is a terrible and saddening situation. >> and the investigation continues. always great to have you, thank so much for coming in tonight. >> thank you. >> the fox 5 weather team tracking more spring storms tonight, taking a live look outside. unlike the last few nights there's no concerns over flash flooding, but the rain still coming down in a few neighborhoods. let's check in with sue palka to get the very latest. >> we're in much better shape now than we were the last several nights. you can see we definitely had our share of storms as we look at vipir behind me this. goes back from 6:00 to the current hour, northern virginia had some very slow moving heavy storms earlier tonight that dropped a lot of rain. now we're seeing everything really winding down pretty quickly. let's go to radar because only leftover showers still in the region and this is probably dying out around the leesburg
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area. you might pick up a few 1 hundredths of rain out of this -- a few hundredths of rain out of this. we'll put it into motion again everything moving south to north. it has deposited a lot of moisture over the region. over to sentinel radar, we'll show you some of the projected rain totals and these are estimates from doppler radar. this was pretty heavy again out to our west. we found some amounts that were pretty close to 1 1/2 to 2 inches in those estimates and those were from again the slow moving storms you see here that moved across prince william county, parts of fairfax, parts of fauquier and on up into western portions of montgomery. so the light rain is ending. we've got a foggy situation we may have to deal with later tonight with a temperature of 68 degrees. luckily for us, no water rescues tonight, no flash flood warnings at this hour. when we come back in a few minutes noaa released their hurricane prediction for 2012. we'll talk about that and whether or not there's going to be a new tropical storm this
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weekend off the southeast coast. i'll show you what things are starting to shape up like down there when you join me in the weather center. another big story we're following tonight, a father and his two teenage sons killed on a farm on maryland's eastern shore. a man and his sons apparently drowned yesterday in a pit manufacture newer, took rescue workers all night to re-- pit of manure, took rescue workers all night to recover their bodies. >> reporter: manure from the 200 dairy cows on this farm is stored in a 2 million-gallon manure pit which is adjacent to the main barn. you can see from these sky fox aerials, a concrete spillway leads from the barn to the pit full of manure and water. a mennonite father and his two teenage sons in peach bottom pennsylvania were working at the edge of the pit wednesday preparing to move the manure to tanker trucks for spreading on the cropland on the 200-acre farm. when they failed to return to their pennsylvania home around
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dinner time, family members called the maryland farm family. >> they went out to the area of the manure pit and found the father's pickup truck running as well as a tractor they had been seen working around between 2:00 and 2:30 yesterday afternoon also still running. so the immediate thought was that they may be in that manure pit. >> reporter: rescue personnel from several counties and neighboring farmers worked all night to pump the waste out of the manure pit. one by one the bodies of the farmworkers were recovered. state police identified the dead as 48-year-old glen nolt, his 18-year-old son kelvin and his 14-year-old son cleason. neighboring farmer brad miller wonders if wednesday's weather may have contributed to the accidental deaths. >> misting, raining on and off, so the ground was very slippery, grass, concrete, whatever you was working on or walking on. so i'm assuming that is probably how these guys, one of
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these three fell in. >> reporter: maryland state police say they see no evidence of foul play and they just don't know whether one family member may have slipped in first and the others perished in rescue efforts. the state medical examiner's office will autopsy all three bodies, but authorities may never know precisely what caused all three members of a mennonite harmhand family to perish in the manure pit on this dairy farm. in kent county, maryland, john henrehan, fox 5 news. new details about the funeral arrangements for d.c. music legend chuck brown. the godfather of go go died last week at the age of 75 after battling pneumonia. d.c. mayor vincent gray and brown's family announced today plans for an all day public viewing at the hour theater next tuesday. a public memorial service will be held at noon thursday at the washington convention center. also tonight a big break in the case of a missing child in new york. almost 33 years to the day etan
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patz disappeared and police arrested a man they say confessed to killing the child. fox's david lee miller has the latest. >> reporter: a man confessed he killed etan patz in 1979. pedro hernandez told investigators he suffocated the 6-year-old boy. >> the new york city police department is announcing the arrest of pedro hernandez, age 51 of maple shade new jersey for the murder of etan patz. hernandez confessed to choking etan 33 years ago tomorrow. >> reporter: hernandez worked at a store in the manhattan neighborhood where etan lived, was picked up in new jersey late wednesday. he was tied to the case in the past and investigators received a phone call with a new tip. if the story checks out, it could solve the 33-year-old mystery. >> in the years following etan's disappearance hernandez had told a family member and others that he had "done a bad thing and killed a child in new york." >> reporter: but dna and other
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physical evidence might not be available in this case. >> the investigation is continuing, but no physical evidence at this time. >> reporter: this comes one month after the fbi and new york city misconducted a four- day excavation of a basement in etan's neighborhood. no human remains were found. etan vanished while walking alone from a bus top 2 blocks from his home. his disappearance made him the first abducted child to be pictured on a milk carton. d.c. councilman marion barry is apologizing again to the asian community for controversial comments, but this time he slipped up about another group. we'll explain next. >> plus a traffic stop ends with a baby girl born in the back seat. you'll hear from this officer next. >> tonight on the news edge at 11:00 a verdict in the trial of a woman who hit and killed a bicyclist nearly two years ago and kept driving. she said she thought she hit a deer and that's why she kept going. did the jury buy her story? 
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it was the second stop on councilman marion barry's apology tour. he met with asian leaders today to try and defuse the fallout from racially charged comments he made, but barry slipped up again while talking about another group. fox 5's bob barnard explains. >> reporter: they met at a baptist church in southeast. d.c. councilman marion barry and members of the asian american community still reeling from controversial comments the ward 8 councilman made recently calling some asian american owned businesses in the city "dirty shops." >> plain and simple it's racism. racism has existed in this country for many, many years. it tends to pit people color communities against each other and i think that what would be really too bad here is if we continue to perpetuate that. >> reporter: the meeting itself was off limits to reporters. we could hear raised voices from the hallway. when this woman left, she said
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she was sympathetic to what mr. barry had said. >> these 30 stores inside and out, they are filthy. >> reporter: mr. barry says he's asked for more inspections of restaurants in the city, but after the closed door meeting was more conciliatory in tone. >> i apologize profusely for any hurt or any harm i did with anyone, but apologies aren't enough if you're going to continue to do it and so i pledge myself that i would be very, very careful about my words about any group of people. >> reporter: and yet moments later when talking about other immigrant groups that sometimes had trouble adjusting to american society, mr. barry let this slip. >> the italians caught hell, the irish caught hell, the jews caught hell, pollacks caught hell. >> reporter: yes, he's referring to emigrants of polish heritage. >> we can't just come together at these press conferences and go away as soon as an apology
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is made or we're satisfied by singing kumbaya together. >> reporter: councilman barry also apologized for insulting filipino nurses being branded as a leader in the filipino community. >> i think today is a day of moving forward for all of us. >> reporter: mr. barry says he agrees. >> we have deep differences and one day won't solve all those. >> reporter: that's why marion barry and those he met with today promised to meet on a regular basis to keep the dialogue going. jurors will resume deliberations in the john edwards campaign corruption trial. they ended their fifth day of talks without reaching a verdict. the jury examined 20 pieces of evidence. most involved financial transactions involving a wealthy campaign donor. edwards is accused of funneling money from two wealthy donors to hide his pregnant mistress during the 2008 campaign. police in virginia out in full force making sure drivers are wearing their seatbelts, but last night an officer in
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arlington handled a lot more. he ended up delivering a baby. fox 5's laura evans joins us now with the details. >> corporal steven troyano, an 11 1/2 year veteran with the arlington county police department said his job always involves something unexpected. this if it's the bill. troyano was an emt in college 20 years ago but he says he's not sure his training came into play here. his focus last night was about keeping everyone calm. it was here on columbia pike in the middle of rush hour traffic that a baby girl was born wednesday night. corporal steven troyano had pulled over a driver who wasn't wearing his seatbelt when another driver ran up frantically asking for help saying her sister was in labor and they weren't going to make it to the hospital. >> she was giving birth. the top of the head was already crowning, so i called for paramedics, but it was pretty clear they weren't going to make it in time.
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so we got the mother positioned as comfortably as possible, tried to keep everything stable, had the sister grab some towels and try to keep everybody calm and direct the mother best i could and out came the baby. >> reporter: as traffic flew by the 6-pound 3-ounce baby girl was delivered at 6:41 p.m. the cord was wrapped around her neck causing a scare, but corporal troyano said he got the cord unwrapped and she started breathing and everyone was relieved. >> there really wasn't a lot of time to think. it happened pretty fast and just glad it went well. part of a day's work, just an unusual day. >> an unusual day for sure. mom and baby are doing fine tonight. the family wants to keep their privacy, but they did share they gave her the middle name of stephanie after steven troyano, his first name steven. he called it a great honor. in case you're wondering, the driver who wasn't wearing a seatbelt got off with a
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warning. >> how wonderful they gave the baby the same name or named the baby after the officer. that's pretty cool. >> he says he's going to be talking about this one at his retirement. hurricane season hasn't begun yet, but we're already tracking some trouble in the tropics, comes as experts release their predictions for the season. sue is telling us what to expect this summer next.
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the official start of the hurricane season now just days away. the national hurricane center released its yearly pricks. i'm in the weather center with fox -- predictions. i'm in the weather center with fox 5 sue palka to tell us what to expect. a little bit of a parlor game. sometimes they verify. sometimes they don't. >> check behind you. there's the headline. we're expecting a near normal season this year, but what does that mean? it means nine to 15 named storms, four to eight of which
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could become hurricanes which would mean they have winds at or above 74 miles per hour, one to three major storms with winds of 111 miles per hour or greater and that would be a less active season than we have seen in recent years. you'll recall we've already had our first tropical storm. that was alberto last weekend. it formed right off the southeastern coast and then it kind of fell apart and went out to sea. guess what? something else is brewing almost in the same spot right off the coast of florida. the national hurricane center says this thing has a 60% chance of becoming a tropical storm. it would get the name beryl and it would happen this weekend. it's memorial day. where is it going to go? our model guidance is saying if this develops, it would be somewhere along the southeastern united states. it's got winds of about 30 miles an hour already mainly to the east of the center and this is the kind of thing if you're heading down to the beaches, you may want to keep an eye on
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it. mid-atlantic beaches, probably not so much. carolina beaches may have to watch it. let me show you the cloud pattern, there are a lot of clouds and they have that kind of symmetrical pattern we'll show you in a bit. you can take the weather forecast with you everywhere you go. we've got the ipad up to show you our fox 5 weather app. we've got it on radar now. you can see diminishing showers. heading down to florida this weekend? check the weather photograph down there. let's say heading down toward tampa, a couple thunderstorms down there. we can see what's going on off the coast of florida to figure out what we need to take with us and not only that, but you can get a 10-day forecast locally and check our twitter feed and see what's going on. we ask you to consider downloading this onto your ipad, your iphone, perhaps your droid. we've had a lot of people taking advantage of it and the best part is it won't cost you a penny. >> the apple app store or android marketplace.
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it's also on our website >> we've got a lot of good comments about it. especially this weekend, you want to keep track of the temperatures, thunderstorms and maybe tropical storm beryl if it comes to be. thousands upon thousands of headstones are at arlington national cemetery and every single one of them got a flag for memorial day today all within a couple of hours. >> also coming up. >> reporter: how many shades of gray go into a metro map? the daunting task of changing more than 6,000 signs. for just $89.99 a month guaranteed for two years with a two-year agreement. this is a limited time offer, so don't wait. get fios at this great low price. act now and you'll get $250 back. but hurry. this incredible offer ends june 2nd. call 1.888.get.fios.
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. metro raserring up for a major change. just three weeks rush plus begins. that means different routes along the lines and thousands of maps and signs have to be changed. fox 5's sherri ly is monitoring metro for us.
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>> reporter: maps and signs, different shape, different sizes, they're being churned out for the start of rush plus to make sure metro route passengers are headed the right direction. we have a full schedule between now and all the way into june to remove old signs and install new signs. >> reporter: trains on the orange and yellow lines will have multiple destinations overlapping with current blue and green line routes but only during rush hour. >> that's what we're doing is telling people to pay attention to which train they're getting on, not only the color of the line like today but what their destination. is. >> reporter: sound confusing? >> it may cause confusion at first, but eventually the people that ride the metro will get used to this. >> if you can read the map, you should be able to figure it out, right? >> reporter: in all 6,341 signs well be replaced, most of them maps on trains. every map has 13 colors, some of them in multiple shades and to keep them straight they've given them names such as service signs icons and text
10:32 pm
and d.c. border. >> 1,500 signs sitting here. as you can see, we have three or four other colors that have been run through previously. every color uses a separate screen. so if we have 13 colors, 13 screens. >> reporter: some signs have to be cut, printed and mounted for walls and pylons. the final step to hang them? >> we have a very strong double- sided tape that holds >> reporter: who knew all that stuck on by double-sided tape? >> i defy you to take it off. >> reporter: some signs have already been placed in stations. there's just no way to do it all in one weekend. sherri ly, fox 5 news. a homeless man in custody charged with stabbing another homeless man near the friendship heights metro station around 3 a.m. this morning am the victim has been identified as hoe -- morning. the victim has been identified as jose hernandez being treated for a collapsed lung at a local hospital. police found phillip enizi
10:33 pm
nearby and arrested him. new details about a story you first heard on fox 5, the threat of a -- theft of a metro rider smartphone. police say jackie williams has recovered the phone. police say williams logged onto our facebook page and found a photo posted by two people from her phone. williams said shortly after we aired her story last night police were contacted about the phone, but no word on any arrests. a time honored tradition taking place at arlington national cemetery. soldiers placed flags at the headstones ahead of memorial day, a tribute dating pack to 1948 to honor -- back to 1948 to honor those who sacrificed. fox 5's wisdom martin shows us. >> reporter: it's a mission like no other, the 3rd infantry regimen known as the old guard planting flags tombstone at arlington nation cemetery. colonel david anders is the commander of the regimen. >> each company is responsible
10:34 pm
for a section in arlington national cemetery. there's 70 sections. >> reporter: each flag strategically placed 12 inches from the headstone 3 to 4 inches into the ground and perfectly centered. you may wonder how long it takes to plant a flag at every single gravesite here in arlington national cemetery. well, with every single member of the regimen working, that's about 1,700 soldiers, the mission is completed in about four hours. this year they will place 256,000 flags at headstones. colonel michelle roberts was responsible for one of those flags. >> for me it was paying tribute to a dear friend and awesome warrior, a sister in arms '. >> reporter: colonel roberts and her friend major megan mcclume served together in iraq until she was killed in 2006. >> i have never been able to bring myself to come to her burial site. so today seemed like the right time to do it.
10:35 pm
as you walk around, you find all these individual stories of people that are visiting each of the different headstones, families, brothers, sisters, fiancees. >> we wanted to come and be part of it and to see our troops laying down the flags. >> reporter: the soldiers involved in putting out the flags, the visitors who came to pay respects, they say it's a perfect way to honor the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country. reporting at arlington national cemetery wisdom martin, fox 5 news. up next he was a promising football star sent to prison for rape. now after a decade his case has been overturned. we'll tell you why next. >> plus a new warning for parents, why you need to know about laundry detergent pods coming up. but first here's fox business network's eric bolling. >> cheap money to buy houses out there if you can get it. the 30 year fixed rate mortgage dropping again hitting a record
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low 3.78%. rates have been below 4% for all but one week this year. meanwhile companies are cutting back on spending, a key measure of business investment plans falling nearly 2% last month. demand for things like computers and heavy machinery dropping and general motors putting the brakes on some of its newer cars, the automaker recalling more than 4,000 its chevy malibu ecos. the problem? the air bag system which sometimes reportedly goes off during sharp turns even without impact. fewer shoppers are buying the bling at tiffany. the high end jewelry store with the iconic blue box is cutting its sales outlook the rest of the year. tiffany's sees a slowing luxury purchases in its stores in the u.s. and abroad. that's business. i'm eric bolling.   >> this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by
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he's waited for this kay for 10 years, a -- day for 10 year, a california man convicted for sexually assaulting a classmate had his case dismissed today. banks was a promising high school football player when he was accused of rape. at the time his lawyer urged him to plead no contest. banks followed his lawyer's advice, served more than five years in prison for a crime he did not commit. harvard university's alumni association is apologizing for allowing ted kaczynski to update his profile page. the man known as the unabomber graduated from harvard in 1952. the alumni association asked classmates to crop date their profiles. kaczynski -- to update their profiles. kaczynski did. under awards received he wrote eight life sentences.
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coming up tonight on the news edge at 11:00 a jury announced its verdict today in the trial of a woman who hit and killed a bicyclist and kept driving. she claimed she thought she hit a deer. >> the state department announces an al-qaeda tax in yemen. what did the u.s. do once it gained access to those sites? so, ah, your seat good? got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok? just stay off the freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. mmm-hmm. and just leave your phone in your purse. i don't want you texting, all right? daddy...ok!
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another positive sign for the georgia woman battling flesh eating bacteria. amy copeland sat upright in a chair more than five years and recently started breathing on her own. doctors amputated most of her left leg, hands and foot to keep the disease from spreading. she contracted the rare infection after she cut her line from a zip line accident and fell into a river. a warning tonight for parents. if you use those colorful laundry detergent pods, you may want to lock them away. poison control says kids have been mistaking them for candy
10:45 pm
and become violently ill. >> reporter: recently a 15- month-old and a 17-month-old had to be rushed to a hospital and put on a ventilator after eating what looks just like a piece of candy but instead were packs of laundry detergent. packets like this and others from a wide range of brands arrived on the market earlier this year, but tonight a warning from poison control officials. keep these products out of children's reach. >> lock them up. put them up high up out of the way, but that's not enough. they for the to be locked away high. >> something i don't want my kid getting into. >> reporter: this family has a 6-year-old son named brandon and an 18-month-old baby named thomas. we asked the dad to ask thomas if he wanted some candy, in one hand the detergent, in the other actual candy. >> no. no. that's not candy. that's detergent. yeah, that's right. that's candy. good job. >> reporter: what do you think of that right there? he went right for the
10:46 pm
detergent? >> that's something parents are obviously going to have to take care of. >> reporter: as you can can imagine, it's the message shared by poison control centers and product manufacturers from around the country. do everything you can to keep this product out of reach. manufacturers like proctor and gamble which produces tide say they'll change the packaging to make it more childproof in the coming weeks. over the past 20 days poison control centers from around the country received 241 phone calls about this issue. in newark, new jersey, matt alvarez, fox 5 news at 10:00. >> nearly 250 cases of kids eating detergent pods have been reported. symptoms such as nausea and breathing problems are more severe than typical detergent poisoning. no deaths have been reported. >> we started off steamy and sunny and the rain moved in. is it still hitting some areas? >> this is the best night we've had in four nights. we've had very heavy duty
10:47 pm
thunderstorms the last few nights, a lot of rain. tonight we're getting more of a clean sweep. the pattern is changing. it's going to heat up. before we talk more about the weather, i wanted to congratulate the winner of the national geographic bee today, was down there myself. it was wonderful. of course, the amazing alex trebek always hosts it. the winner was this young man on the left side of your screen, an 8th grader from texas. he won $25,000 an all expenses paid trip to the galapagos. if you are a middle school student, consider getting involved. here's the question he won. it was name the bavarian city located on the danube river that was the legislative seat of the holy roman empire from 1663 to 1806 and it was reagansburg and he knew it. there was an 8th grader from gaithersburg who also made the top 10. we're really proud of him. his name is adam riak and he
10:48 pm
goes to lakelands middle school. he was in that top 10. congratulations to you, adam. >> look at radar around the region, not very much showing up tonight. we expect that pattern to continue, but what we are going to see is fog developing a bit later. want to show you the high temperatures we hit today. we got up to 83 degrees, dulles and bwi 81. we are only going up from there, wanted you to see as we check out some of the other temperatures around the region, the highs that were hit, 86 raleigh, 92 st. louis, a lot of heat down here including dallas at 95 degrees. so some of this heat is moving in our direction. we have not hit 90 yet this year. i think we may do that over the memorial day weekend, maybe all three days. certainly saturday i think that's doable. our temperature now is 74, so very steamy out here, a lot of moisture around from the heavy rain we had coming by earlier today in northern virginia and so that's going to move over into the form of fog later tonight. we had a lot of fog in the
10:49 pm
overnight hours. it will be back tomorrow morning, should burn off by 10 in the morning. sentinel radar, we've been looking at this all week because it helps us estimate where the rain fell. tone once again this is what was estimated -- tonight once again this is what was estimated in fauquier county, the jackpot down there. these areas are saturated, not enough for flash flooding, but certainly enough to cause runoff, including 1.3 inches estimated and not too far from culpeper we picked up to 2.3. everybody else in the region that got rain it ranged from .2 to under an inch. we think the pattern is winding down. we are generally going to see more of a drying trend tomorrow, could still be some isolated showers and storms in the afternoon, but nothing as widespread or as heavy. this is a disturbance that moved off to the south florida coastful it's centered between the bahamas -- coast. it's centered between the bahamas and south florida. that may have a part in our
10:50 pm
weekend forecast, too, if it begins to develop. right now it's just an area of low pressure, but it shows potential to become a tropical storm. 68 degrees for us overnight. the light rain is over. fog will come. tomorrow is warm and humid with isolated storm in the afternoon, 86, no repeat of what we had today. 72 at 8 a.m. with some fog. by noon we're up to 82 and by 5:00 85 degrees. just very quickly show you here we really are heating up in a big way tomorrow with temperatures getting into the mid-and upper 80s in some cases. your five-day forecast going to the memorial day weekend, by the way, we'll spend more time on the weekend forecast and beach forecasts coming up on the news edge at 11:00. show you what futurecast is doing with that potential tropical system developing. now we say only isolated storms for our weekend and warm, memorial day about 92 degrees, but i would suggest we have to see what happens with that system. it just developed. maybe it starts to push a few more clouds this way. we'll have to see.
10:51 pm
>> i hope not. attorney general eric holder attended a graduation ceremony today where the honorees were saluted for staying clean and sober. they completed the strict conditions of drug court. fox 5's paul wagner shows us. >> reporter: it's quite likely most if not all the people walking into this courtroom once stood here in handcuffs and shackles strangled by drugs looking for any way out. >> drug court has been a blessing to me. when i first walked in drug court, i knew i had a problem and it was out of control. >> reporter: with the attorney general looking on, the graduates received diplomas and a gift they'd been promised from the start. >> your honor, with the court's permission the united states would like to nali the case of ivan carter. >> reporter: a latin term meaning will not prosecute. >> i am proud to report the results of this drug court and all of those around the country
10:52 pm
have been clear. 3/4 of graduates nationwide are able to avoid rearrests for at least two years after the program. studies suggest drug courts can reduce crime by as much as 45%, more than any other sentencing option, 45%. >> reporter: shamika o'brien got her diploma today. eight months ago she was strung out on pcp. >> i was in denial when i was on the street. so the light didn't come on. it was real dim. >> reporter: that is, until her arrest last september 11th. >> i need a sober and clean mind to further do what i want to do, especially for my kids, because i have teenagers and grown kids. so it was time to break that chain. >> reporter: here's the irony. as she accepted her diploma, shamika o'brien recited an anti- drug poem she wrote herself at the age of 13. >> why take drugs? does it make you hip just to put a joint between your lips? the pressure is heavy with all
10:53 pm
the drugs you face but not getting involved is one lonely place, a place where only you can go, a place that could have been avoided by simple no, but no, we had to get involved and had to do drugs. don't get involved with none of that. take my advice and try my way. earn your apple the honest way. >> reporter: paul wagner, fox 5 news. coming up next american idol winner phillip phillips opens up the day after taking the crown. find out what medical problem he dealt with during his incredible run. >> in minutes on the news edge more fallout from the scandal surrounding the free spending party loving gsa, details at 11:00. 
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elton john reported recovering from a serious respiratory infection. he was supposed to perform four concerts in vegas this weekend
10:57 pm
but had to cancel. john apologized to fans on his website. the 65-year-old plans to make up the concert dates in october. american idol phillip phillips is savoring his big win, his song poem already a big hit, no. 1 on itunes. phillips' album has skyrocketed. he has four songs in the top 20 on the itunes chart. overnight numbers show the finale generated an estimated 1 million social comments during the live show, more than any other broadcast or cable tv show this season. fox's ashley -- hey, brian. ashley devorkan has reaction now. >> reporter: meet your new american idol phillip phillips. after a record breaking 132 million votes, the 21-year-old georgia native took the top prize and the morning after the big show he was still letting it all sink in. >> it's so unreal, man.
10:58 pm
honestly, i just never thought this would happen, you know. hearing those words last night, i was just so shocked. it's crazy. >> reporter: runner-up jessica sanchez is happy with the outcome. she even predicted it. >> i told him you're going to win this whole competition. i'm so proud of him. he's really fought tough issues and he's fought harder than a lot of us, so i'm proud and i think he's the one that really deserves it. >> reporter: she's also proud of her swan song. >> i'm glad that was like one of my last numbers because i wanted to go out with a bang and i think i did. >> reporter: as they head out into the real world, phillip says he's going to do what he's known for and stay true to himself. >> i'm just going to try to take each day by day and try to take it all in and try to
10:59 pm
understand all what's happening. i'm more of a kind of want to get the jazz and kind of rock stuff and alternative feel, a little different. >> reporter: jessica is keeping her dream job in mind, too. >> i want to be more like an urban r and b mainstream kind of singer. >> reporter: before going their separate ways they'll head out on that american idol summer tour, both as stars of the show and fans themselves. >> everybody is going to have a great performance and i'm excited to watch it. >> reporter: the american idol live tour kicks off july 6th and for those looking to be part of next season's group, auditions start this summer. >> phillips' victory even more remarkable because of what he went through during the season. he was battling kidney stones, had eight separate surgeries to remove them. his dad says phillip is feeling about 50% but is getting better every day. thanks so much for joining us tonight at 10:00. here's brian now with the news


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