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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  May 25, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> he said superheroes don't wear blue ears. in his mother's quest to keep his hearing aid in, she he mailed marvel comics. they sent her this come he can. >> reporter: this was this one showcasing blue ear wearing a hearing aid that really gave appearthony power. that encouraginged anthony to not only keep his hearing aid in but use it to do great things just like a real superhero. >> help people. >> that is why when you have this kind of thing that suddenly makes him want to wear the hearing aid to feel good about it, it is amazing. good morning. straight up 5:00 on this friday, may 25th and then to your memorial day weekend, you will notice it feels like a
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typical memorial day weekend. kind of hot and sticky out there already this morning. temperature in the 70s. good morning, everyone. i'm sarah simmons i'm allison seymour. welcome to fox 5 morning news at 5:00. >> i can't believe you're here. >> it is nice to see you so early. >> i think that's you, right? >> yes. >> good morning, everyone. >> you look great. good morning. >> good morning. >> love the green. >> shades of green. >> what does that look like? >> i've heard all about it. things are hot in here. things will be hot outside later today as we are expecting warmer temperatures than even yesterday. we'll be in the mid- to upper 80s. there is sentinel radar. you can see we have one or two leftover showers north and east of baltimore. just sort of a warm and hazy start to your day. a little fog in spots. so be ready for that. but otherwise, generally a dry
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start to the day. so just an isolated risk for a late day storm. temperatures, there you go. that is what you call warm at 5:00 a.m. 72 at reagan national. forecast for today, more sunshine than clouds. just an isolated storm, maybe a 10 or 20% chance and high temperatures should be in the mid- to upper 80s so 86 in washington. >> what? >> yes, get ready for 90s. >> field like that already in the studio. >> a little warm. >> a little muggy too. >> so it is hot, that means julie wright is off somewhere enjoying some water, some beach. lauren demarco is in this morning. good for see you, lauren. >> you got it. you know how it works. nice weather, julie is off. in gainesville, route 15 between 29 lee highway and 66, 15 blocks in both directions because of a fallen tree. you do want to find an
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alternate route until they get that cleared out of the way. i-95, seeing some volume heading past 7100 through newington. your lanes are open. 395 looks good from the beltway autopsy cross the 14th street bridge. inbound 66, right here, we had some activity off to the left side of the roadway. still got some of the construction cones up there. looks like you are getting by with your lanes open at this point. route 50, take a look from another camera we have. there we go. this is route other hiding towards the bay bridge. nice light volume here across the bridge to kent narrows. i do want to talk about something else. good news on memorial day weekend is making head loon this morning. if you are planning a road trip, it won't cost you as much
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to get to your destination. gas prices have dropped but cheaper gas price could mean more people are going to head out of town. aaa predicts about 35 million travelers are planning to drive 50-mile or more. that is up about 1% from last year. over to you. >> thank you. the search is for two young men would d.c. police say stabbed a cab driver after robbing him. this happened around 1:00 this morning. it is up clear where they were picked up by the cab but it ended up at fisk and kennedy streets northwest. the cab driver is at medstar and is expected to live. d.c. police are also looking into a different robbery and stabbing. this one on seventh street northwest. a man was stab there had around 2:00 this morning. prince george's county council passed a $2.7 billion spending plan that increase
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money for schools and public safety and does include a one- time bonus for most of the county's 6,000 workers. they've endured pay freezes for several years now. a guilty verdict in the trial of a woman charged with hitting and killing a cyclist with her car. christy little fore's defense was that she thought she hit a deer and that is why she left the scene and left natasha pettigrew to die. pettigrew was running for a seat in the u.s. senate and training for a triathlon. littleford is now facing 10 years and two months in prison when she is sentenced in august. a pennsylvania family prepares for bury three of their own, a father and his two teenaged sons. they died after falling into a manure pit on a dairy farm in maryland's eastern shore. they apparently drowned in the pit sometime wednesday. their bodies pulled out overnight into yesterday morning. the father and his sons were mennonites who traveled each day to the kept county farm.
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a second member of mayor vincent gray's campaign staff is coming clean. howard brooks, who was as you finance consultant during the 2010 race, pleaded guilty in federal court yesterday. brooks admitted he lied to federal investigators about payments made to another mayoral candidate. brooks' attorney says he regrets what he did. >> he realized that it was time to accept responsibility for what he had done. he realized he had made a very serious mistake in the way he had gone about handling this initially. he wanted to get it back on the right track. >> reporter: if convicted, brooks could get a maximum of six months in prison and probation. a big break in the case of a missing child in new york. etan patz disappeared 33 years ago today when he was just six years old. now, police have arrested a man they say confessed to killing that child. police say pedro hernandez admitted to luring the boy from his bus stop in 1979 and choking him to death in a
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basement. hernandez says he put the boy's body in some trash. the body was never found. >> in the years following etan's disappearance, hernandez had told a family member and others that he had, quote, done a bad thing and killed a child in new york. >> etan's disappearance helped lead the nation's missing children's movement and made him the first abducted child to be pictured on a milk carton. >> chuck brown died last week at the age of 75. d.c. mayor convince the graw and brown's family have aunnod plans for an all-did i public viewing at the howard theater next tuesday actually public memorial will be held at noon on thursday at the washington convention venge center. the radio world has lost a pioneer who broke down racial barriers. >> and he got his start right here in washington.
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we remember hal jackson coming up scene of the accident. wrongfully accused of rape as a tamer, a young man destined be a football star is finally cleared. we'll share that story with you. -- wrongly accused of rape as a teenager, a young man destined to be a football star is finally cleared. 
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the private spas craft dragon will attempt to dock with the international space station. yes, the dragon capsule, which is operated by the private firm, spacex, made a series of tests and maneuvers designed to see whether it was ready for today's planned docking. it is supposed to happen at 11:30 this morning. he has waited for this day for 10 years actually california man convicted of kidnapping and sexually salting a classmate when he was just 17 years old had his case overturned yesterday. an emotional scene in the courtroom as the judge dismissed the conviction against brian banks. after his accuser recanted her story. banks was a promising high school football star when he was accused of rape. at the time, his lawyer urged him to plead no contest. banks followed the advice and served more than five years behind bars. authorities have now removed a tracking device he had worn
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since getting out of prison almost five years ago. pop star elton john is reportedly recovering from a serious respiratory infection. tmz reports john was admitted to a los angeles hospital wednesday and released yesterday. he was supposed to perform four concerts in las vegas this weekend but he had to cancel. he apologized to his fans on his web site. the 65-year-old plans to make up the concert date in october. the world of radio endures a monumental loss. hal jackson, who broke major racial barriers in his more than 70 years on the air has died. jackson grew up here in d.c. and first got his start on the air in the 1930s by secretly buying air time after a station manager told him there was no way he would put him on. went to have a nightly roe show here called the bronze review including first lady eleanor roosevelt. he went on to new york in the
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1950s and by all accounts still had a weekly radio show on the station where he own -- that the once owned. he was also the first african- american inducted into the radio hall of fame. hal jackson was 96 years old. >> isn't that interesting to hear how he got on air. he bought the air time and got his way on. up next, it is called rush plus. it means thousands of maps and signed are getting a whole new look. >> we are checking your holiday weather and traffic. stay with us. 
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it is that time of year again. mosquito season fillly under way in maryland. but experts say despite the warm winter and early spring, mosquitos aren't expected to be in any worse than in recent years. state crews will be out in spray trucks from dawn until dusk applying insecticide by air baned ground. >> i have aseep -- by air and by ground. >> i have seen the trucks and they come out and spray your yard. my yard is almost unusable because of so many mosquitos. >> find the sources of water, turn it over. >> i know it is. but if you get standing watter in your yard. i can't even live on my patio in the summer. >> we're getting mosquito busters or whatever the name of the company is. we'll see how it works out. >> couldn't be worse than at my
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house. there were like clouds of mosquitos. we'll start with start with the beach forecast. your beach forecast. headed down to cape hatteras, could be an isolated thunderstorm risk. virginia beach, big shout out to our friends in virginia beach. you know who you are. ocean city, mid-70s, another just a beautiful looking weekend here. both ocean city and rehoboth, bethany too. we'll warm up into the 80s. you will get a nice breeze here. water temperature still in the mid-60s. that will hole temperatures down just a little bit as we get into the weekend. bethany, cape may look just fine, isolated storm later today. we are starting off the day on the warm side. 72 in washington. check out quantico. that is not what you call cool overnight. 76degrees. 70 in manassas.
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leonardtown is currently 68. 70 in stevensville and 70 in cambridge this morning. looking at a drier pattern, still the risk of an isolated storm as i showed you in the beach forecast. most of your day should feature sunshine with just a few clouds moving through from time to time. got some storminess off the southeast coast. but high pressure will try build in here over the next 24 to 48 hours. as it does so, our temperatures are really going to start to surge. today, our highs will be in the mid-80s. tomorrow, about 90 or so and look out, hopefully your pool is open or you got access to water. we'll be well into the 90s around here by sunday and monday. partly sunny, warm and humid. isolated storm back in the forecast. 86 your daytime high. partly cloudy. warm and huge you had overnight. 729 overnight low. so not much relief here from the heat. this is going to be, yep, the begunking of summer unofficially. 92 on memorial day.
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a for you storms on tuesday. cooler weather by the middle of next week. that is weather. let's do traffic. lauren demarco has your latest. >> i think it is perfect. i love the warm weather. we can wear white after memorial day. it is perfect. it is all starting to happen. we are following a couple of things on the roads inform gainesville traveling route 15 between 29 and 66, you are blocked in both direction because of a fallen tree. you want to found appear alternate route. let's take a live look from chaskaland. 66 itself starting to see the volume build there out of manassas past the rest area. watch for tea lays off and o some unusual traffic patterns with a lot of folk heading out of town as well as those of us who are heading into work. 95 northbound, we've got volume in the main lanes and hovs. your lanes are open. no incidents or accidents to report. 395 looking good at this point. beltway running well as you head towards the wilson bridge. no problems on the beltway in maryland. quick heads up for metro riders.
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crews will be working on the green and red line over the weekend. buses will replace green line trains. some red lean train will -- red line trains will be single tracking. metro is getting ready for a major change. in just three weeks, rush plus starts. >> that means different routes along the orange, yellow, green and blue lines and thousands of maps and signs have to be changed. scherryly is monitoring metro for us this morning. -- sherry ly is monitoring metro for us this morning. >> reporter: maps and signs be different shapes, different sizes are being churned out for the start of rush plus to make sure metrorail passengers are headed the right direction. >> waive full schedule set up between now and into june to remove old sign and install new signs. >> reporter: trains on the orange and yellow lines will have multiple destinations
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overlapping with current blue and green line routes but only during rush hour. >> we are telling people to pay attention to which train they are getting on, in the only the color of line like they do today but swat destination is. >> reporter: sound confusing? >> it may cause some confusion at first. >> reporter: in all, 6341 signs will be replaced, most of them maps on trains. every map has 13 colors. some of them in multiple shades. and to keep them all straight, they've given them names such as service times icons and text and d.c. border. >> as you can see, we have at least lee or four other colors that have been run through previously. every color uses a separate screen. so if we have 13 colors, 13 screens. >> reporter: some signs have to be cut, printed and mounted for walls and pylons. the final step to hang them.
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>> we have a very strong double sided tape that holds it in place. >> who knew that was stuck on by double sided tape. >> i would defy you to take it off. >> reporter: some signs have already been placed in stations. there is just no way to do it all in one weekend. sherry ly, fox 5 news. coming up aclassic steal with a dramatic new twist next on fox 5 morning news. ning new -- a classic tale with a dramatic new twist. >> that is not like the snow white i remember. but snow white and the huntsman hits theaters next week. chris hemsworth sits down with kevin mccarthy.
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is the a new movie out next week takes an exfrequently dark view of the classic snow white story. the eve queen sends a huntsman out to get the fair maiden. chris hemsworth talk to kevin mccarthy. >> i love the fact that the evil queen is just unstoppable. now, i was thinking how cool would it be if you could accepted an avenger into n. to kill the evil queen, who would be best choice in. >> who would be best choice. i think it would be -- some hand to hand -- i don't you
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have this great line in the film where you say i've had worse jobs in my life. want to know, as an actor, what was the worst job you ever had before becoming an actor. >> oh, god, i had plenty. worked for this horticultural library oirg company an each week i would be contracted to different job sites that were behind schedule. ill come up being weed the garden or dig holes or cut firewood on a farm. it was from job to job. it was all the jobs that no one else wanted to do because you had to clean up stuff. it was in the middle of winter when i was right in the thick of t i was freezing on my own doing this dined of dirty -- but i was outside. it was fun but for the most part, it was mind numbing. >> when you have a bad day and you have to go on set and act a certain scene out, how do you take the emotion out of your perm life and get into the
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character. >> sort of prep and ready and clean. there was an anxiety there. the days i came in and a didn't force anything, something was far mother organic and just kind of happened. you are not as focused on the result. you don't care anymore. you don't want to walk on set and not care but there is something to be said for just letting it go. >> times you just get distracted by the accent. >> i was just looking at him. pretty words coming out of his mouth. >> tucker is like keep it going, girls. >> so much hate. >> coming up next we'll have kevin interview with charlize theron who plays the evil queen. >> reporter: i would imagine some of the vehicles heading across the bay bridge right now
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are getting an early start on the holiday weekend. right now, traffic is moving but expect some memorial day gridlock later today. we'll have everything you need to know coming up. 
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look at that out there. we can barely see the washington monument. >> i know. i can see that it is friday. >> i can too, may 25th. temperature in the 70s.
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nice and warm and humid outside if that is wait you like it. >> good morning. >> more humidity to come in. >> now, i got kc and the sunshine band in my head for the rest of the day. >> which one? >> that's the way i like it. thank you, sarah. we are at 72 degrees in washington. we're off if a warm start. going to be a hot weekend. get ready. lots of sunshine and generally nice. >> i'm excited about it. >> that is the way it should be, right? ## i think so. >> i can hear rolling thunder now coming over thill. let's do it now. >> i think so. >> maybe a leftover -- no, it's doneen a leftover shower earlier in northeast maryland but it is done. we are quiet to start your day. we picked up plenty of rain the last couple of days in spots. that water will be in the atmosphere today so it won't be a perfectly dry day but at least more sunshine than we've had for most the week.
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72 in washington. humidity, way on up, 87%. currently your wind as we shift gears to the next map, the wind are out of the south an east at three miles per hour. there is your pressure. it is rising a the bit, 30.11 inches. we should have high pressure as you get into the weekend. that means we'll keep a cap on things. we shouldn't see too much thunderstorm activity. could be an isolated storm today. get ready for 90s. >> it is going to be a hot one. >> going to feel right for this time year. lauren demarco has the latest on the roadways. >> we are still dealing with that issue in gainesville, route 15 shut down between 29 and 66 because of a fallen tree. working to clear that out of the way and reopen it for you. you do want to use an alternate route for now. let's take a live look at the cameras as you travel 66 itself. we'll start with 270. no delays to report. no problems for you all the way in towards the split in bethesda. traveling the beltway, you will
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find your lanes are running well both in maryland and virginia. 66, here we are heading out of manassas. we did have a little bit of volume there. no issues right now. route other fair oak in towards the beltway. 95 and 359 also running incident and accident-free in virginia. let's take a look at something that you want to to as you head into this weekend. it is called waze. ate smart phone app and we'll tart to use this here on fox 5. julie wright will be using this to give you your daily traffic reports. you want ton stall this app and join the fox 5wazers group. you can help contribute to the traffic report. -- you want to install this app. this could help you out if you are heading to the beach. definitely look into it. back to you guys at the desk. >> thank you. the holiday weekend is upon us and that is ouring about story this morning.
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>> for many of you, memorial day weekend gives you a chance to spend time with your family and maybe even take a trip. fox 5's sherry ly is live in kent island, maryland with travel details for those of you heading out of town. >> it is pretty early so the roads don't look so bad but everybody knows, if you are heading out to any of the maryland beaches or out to delaware, this is the route you have to go and the most notorious choke point is the bay bridge right here. you can see things are moving along just fine right now. but later today, this is going to be gridlock as cars head out to the beaches in maryland and delaware. about 875,000 people are expected to travel from the washington area more than other -- 50 miles this memorial day weekend. the gas prices continue to drop for seven weeks in a row. here are the prices right now. we are looking at $3.77 in
5:35 am
tease. $3.61 in maryland and even hoer in you are over in virginia. $3.59. fuel up there. we are talking to lon anderson from aaa as well. big drop in gas prices, lon. how is that affecting travel? >> i think that is going to have a big impact on travel. when you add the fact that we've got the forecasters saying hot, humid, summer weekend, i think we'll see a lot of people, probably some who indicated they weren't going any, and they will say with this kind of weather, we'll do memorial day. >> reporter: we are not seeing just a big drop in the last seven weeks, this is a big drop from last year. >> it is. we are over 20 cents a gallon below where we were last year. we have he had such a concentrated discussion on high gas prices, you remember just a couple of months ago, are they going to go to $4, $5, guess what in they have been falling hike a rock. and right now, i filled up in
5:36 am
harrisonburg, virginia a week ago, $3.25. can you say it out loud? $3.25. hallelujah. >> you will need that gas in you are stuck in a lot of this traffic. what are the tips for people trying to get away today to try to avoid that traffic. >> traffic is moving really good right now. if you haven't left yet, that's all right. get if your car now and go. the later in the day it gets i think the heavier it will be and if you are really worried about avoiding heavy traffic, than avoid the peak periods. early this afternoon should be okay. but late this afternoon is going to be terrible. later tonight would be better. very early tomorrow morning again, better. but, again, if you are traveling in the -- peak periods, it will be very crowded. >> reporter: and there is amagic number. at what point do you say it is too late to leave and than at what point is it better to go ahead and leave later on this
5:37 am
evening. when do you get cleared? >> i would say that leaving 8:00 or 9:00 would probably be it. you just know that it is going to be very, very crowded through the traditional rush hour. so i would tech a guess and say it will be very, very crowded. if but if you were to leave after that, by 9:00 or 10:00, you probably got free flow. please be rested when you go. drowsy driving continues to be a big issue over holiday weekend. >> reporter: by noon would you have to be out to avoid the traffic in the daytime? >> i think we'll see early afternoon. it will probably be very crowded. i think a lot of people are blowing work today. >> not us. >> it is beach time, baby! >> reporter: beach time, baby. all right. thank you. lon anderson from aaa. don't forget to bring your cash for the bay bridge. the prices went up in november. it is $4 if you are head out
5:38 am
this way. >> lon is excited about the memorial day weekend. >> he is. >> he always is. d.c. councilman mar marion barry trying to diffuse the fallout from some controversial comments up next on fox 5 morning news. >> i apologized profusely for any hurt or any harm i did with anyone. but afoulings are not enough for you are going to continue to do it. to do it. -- but apologies are not enough for you are going to continue to do it. >> but just minutes after that apology, another slip-up. stay with us.  [ creaking ] [ male announcer ] trophies and awards lift you up. but they can also hold you back. unless you ask, what's next? [ zapping ] [ clang ] this is the next level of performance. the next level of innovation. the next rx.
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the all-new f sport. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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d.c. councilman marion barry continues to make headlines to making insensitive remarks. >> the latest comments came at a meeting barry held to apologize for the asian american community. as barry spoke yesterday regard
5:42 am
august statement he made last month about asian shop owners, he let this slip. >> italians caught hell. irish caught hell. the jew caught hell. the polacks caught hell. chinese caught hell. >> barry was refusing to people of polish heritage in that comment. as far as his relationship with the asian community be barry and the community leaders pledged to keep talking. a warning for parents about your laundry detergent. those laundry detergent pods can pose a danger to your kids. >> we'll explain, coming up. plus, waive look at your memorial day weekend weather and traffic coming up. stay with us, everyone, as we take a live look at the bay bridge. ♪
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it is early but it is already warm outside the perfect weather for a day at the pool. today, mayor vince gray and a mystery guest will kick off the season taking the first flung into one of the city's 19 public pools. that is happening this morning at the new rosedale community center in northeast. in addition to those 19 pools, d.c. has 11 spray parks and five children's pools. >> something to do if you are staying around here. also, if you are staying in
5:46 am
town for the memorial day weekend, plenty going on. the rolling thunder motorcycle rally is sunday and thousands of bikers will leave from the pentagon at noon and head to the lincoln memorial. sunday at 8:00 p.m., there will be a free concert on the west lawn of the u.s. capitol and the national parade is monday. it is 2:00 p.m. along constitution avenue. by the way, can you catch the parade right here on fox 5. actor gary sinise and miss america 2012 will join the parade route along constitution avenue. you can watch it live starting at 2:00 p.m. >> get a little madonna going on this memorial day weekend. & celebrate &&. >> all right. >> that was a long time ago. >> yeah, it was. >> lots of traditions. we do rolling thunder, memorial day parade. >> nothing like stirring up the patriotic spirit. >> we do heat and humidity too.
5:47 am
>> we do that. >> sure enough, it is back. so after temperatures being in the 70s and even low 80s last couple of days, we'll be in the 90s for the weekend. here we go. summertime heat on the way. starting off our day, warm and humid, 72 in washington. quantico, i'm going to go down and personally check your thermometer. you're a little bit warmer than everyone else. winchester, 63 degrees. a little bit of relief here in the mountains to the north and west. you can see lots of 70s to start your morning. satellite-radar, here is the good news. quieter day than what we've had the last several days. generally should be quiet with more sunshine today. just going to be sort of warm out there with warmer temperatures than yesterday. we should be in the mid- to upper 80s. a few showers off the lower eastern shore but high pressure is trying to build in here. as it does so over the next 24 hours, the trend will be to try out the atmosphere a little bit. still going to be humid but at least the possibility of the big rolling thunderstorms around here the last couple of
5:48 am
days. i think generally out of the question today. generally, we'll be much quieter and drier than wave about for most of the week. jet stream now is rushing to the north. that will allow a ridge of high pressure to build in. we have plenty of heat out to the west. we are setting up for one of the classic weekends. hazy, hot and humid conditions for the weekend. 90s as we get into zipped a nd -- sunday and your holiday on monday. i would say about a 10 to 20% chance of a storm today. partly cloudy, warm and humid. 27 your overnight low. here we go. turn on the sprinkler. 90degrees tomorrow with an isolated storm. i threw a storm into saturday and monday but most of the weekend should be dry. i just think in the summertime heat, we times get astorm late in the day. we could do do it this weekend.
5:49 am
lets he do the traffic with lauren demarco. >> we are following a situation in gainesville, route 150 shut down between 29 and 66 because of a tree that fell down across the road. that has been cleared out so you are in good shape there. things are actually looking pretty good. we do have volume building in some areas. let's take a live look from trafficland, particularly on 66 as you leave manassas. we do have ale bit of heavy traffic there heading towards centreville but the pace does improve once you get towards centreville. 95, no real issues for you other than this brief volume from newington heading into springfield. 395 gets the all-clear. beltway looks good. 50 itself, no issues at this point but as we've been reporting, you want to head out early to avoid the delays for the bay bridge this afternoon. raffic. check of your fox 5
5:50 am
a warning for parents about those colorful laundry detergent pods. poise op control centers say many kids are mistaking them for candy and becoming violently ill. fox's matt alvarez with story now. >> reporter: a 15-month-old and a 17-month-old had to be rush toyed hospital and put on a vent laster after eating what look like just like a piece of candy but unstead were packs of laundry detergent. packets like this and others from a wide range of brands arrived on the market earlier this year. but a warning from poison control officials. keep these products out of the reach of children. >> lock them up. put them up high. put them up out of the way but that is not enough. they got to be locked away high. >> something i don't want my kid getting into. >> the family has a 6-year-old son named brandon and and 18- month-old baby named thomas. we asked the dad to ask thomas if he wanted candy. in one hand, the detergent, in
5:51 am
the other, actual candy. >> no, that's not candy. that is determent. >> oh. >> that's candy. good job. >> so what do you think of that right there? he went right for the detergent. >> that is something that parents are obviously going to have to take care of. that is very dangerous for a child. >> at i message being shared around the country. do effect you can to keep this product out of reach. many manufacturers say they will change the packaging to make it more childproof in the coming weeks. over the past 20 days, poison control centers around the current are you have received # 41 phone calls about this issue. -- 241 phone calls about this issue. it ganz as a traffic stop and ended with a special delivery. a relate rush for this police officer. >> he helped deliver a baby. there were some scary moments. we'll hear from him next. 
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welcome back. an officer in arlington handling a lot more than seat belt enforcement. >> corporal steven troyano says that he was an etch mt in college 0 years ago but he is not quite sure his training really came into play. he says his focus was all about keeping everyone calm. it was here on columbia pike in the middle of rush hour traffic that a baby girl was born wednesday night. corporal steven troyano had pulled over a driver would wasn't wearing a seat belt when another driver ran up frantically asking for help saying her sister was in labor and they weren't going to make it to the hospital. >> she was giving birth. the top of the head was already crowning. i called for paramedics but it was pretty clear that they weren't going to make it in time. so i did what i could, got the mother positioned as
5:56 am
comfortably as possible. tried to keep everything stable. had the sister grab some towels and tried to keep everybody calm and direct the mother the best i could and out came the baby. >> reporter: as traffic flew by, the 6-pound, three ant baby girl was delivered at 6:41 p.m. the cord was wrapped around her neck causing a scare but corporal freeway on an owe said he got the cord unwrapped and she started breathing anden was relieved. >> there wasn't a lot of time to think about t part of a day's work. just an unusual day. >> wow! the family wants to keep their privacy but they did share that the baby girl's middle name is stephanie, after steven troyano. >> i like that. >> what a day at work he had. we still have plenty ahead. first, a big good morning to our facebook fan of the day,
5:57 am
sabrina millet. her profile pic shows her granddaughter. she wants to be the first princess president of the united states. she was asking her family to submit her photo for the my first five photo but she is sick. >> hopefully, this will still wok. stay with us. 
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