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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  May 25, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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disappearance of etan patz33 years ago. >> and that suspect now 51 years old is due in court today. what he told police happened to the boy that could close the books on this cold case. >> reporter: good news and bad news for beach goers this memorial day weekend. the tolls going up, and gas prices going down. we'll have the latest you need to know. there you are, a live look outside, we believe. yeah, you can barely see some of the towers there. have fog it looks like. tucker barnes will teleabout that in just a moment. but here's the good news, this is friday, may 25th, 2012. the start of a holiday weekend. good morning, everybody. i'm tony perkins. >> i'm alison seymour. i think that's a preview of the heat. all hazy looking. tucker barnes is joining us
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now, he's got a look at this day and the great weekend. >> tuck, can i ask you a question? >> absolutely. >> for this weekend can we use the triple hs, hazy, hot, humid? >> yeah, tony, it's back. >> thanks, tony. >> now i have to add something else to my maps. thanks, tony. hazy, hot, humid conditions expected for your friday and particularly for the weekend, back in the 90s. now 72 at reagan national. you saw in the live shot the haze. wind 5 miles per hour out of the southeast. generally quiet conditions. we have the low level moisture, and the fog to start your day. should have partly to mostly sunny skies today and isolated, a small risk of an afternoon thunderstorm across the region. most of the day and region should be dry, with temperatures little warmer than yesterday, back into the mid- 80s. get ready for a hot couple of days here across the d.c. area.
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86 today in washington. 88 fredericksburg. 90s starting tomorrow. details on that in just a minute, and the hazy, hot and humid signs up. let's get to traffic. >> nice holiday weekend. if you are traveling route 50 now, things look pretty good. no problems crossing the bay bridge. live look leaving the beltway on route 50, disabled vehicle, but no problems at this point. lane is open. everybody running well all the way across the bay bridge. that is good news. you'll want to head out early today if you're heading to the beach or wait until later this evening. sherri lyhave more on that coming up. trafficland, 66, delays through manassas. beltway, things improve. slow from duke street past seminary. headlights heading toward you. 395 across the 14th street bridge looks pretty good.
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no real problems heading into the district. 270 running well as is the beltway. virginia, wreck on the outer loop on the right side of the roadway. thank you. the holiday weekend is upon us. >> for many of you, memorial day gives you a chance to spend time with your family, maybe take a trip. sherri ly is live in kent island, maryland, with travel details for those of you heading out of town. sherri, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, allison. traffic is getting busier here by the minute. over on the bay bridge we can see traffic is moving along, but there's a lot more of it and in a few hours you can expect it to be gridlock, about 300,000 people expected to cross that bridge today headed to the maryland and delaware beaches. for us, lon anderson from aaa is with us. now is the time to go, isn't it? >> now is the time to go.
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the party is on, thanks to lower gas prices and summer temperatures. summer weather predicted this weekend. i think we're going to see perhaps even more than the 875,000 that we projected would be leaving washington. i think more might say, you know, this weather, these gas prices, let's hit it. >> reporter: we do it, anyway. we sit in frank, so we'll need a lot of gas. gas prices are going down. we just got the numbers in. let's take a look. averaging in d.c. $3.76 a gallon. maryland, $3.59. virginia, usually the cheapest is at $3.47. what impact is that going to have on things this year? >> i think that's really going to encourage people who are holding back. the last several weeks the discussion has been how ohio gas prices are going. now it's how low they're going. we're between 20 and 25 cents a gallon less than last memorial
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day. i bought gas for $3.25 a gallon in harrisonburg, virginia last week. can you believe it? >> reporter: halleluiah, i think that's what you said early. >> halleluiah! the party is on! >> reporter: we are expecting more people traveling this year than last year and over the last few years. what does that say about where we're at in the economy? >> i think people are, you know, they're gaining confidence in the economy. we're not completely back. i mean, go back to 2005, 9 million more people traveled nationwide than we're projecting this year. but we're still the highest we've had in five years, and you know, again, with all the indicators looking relatively good, it's been a slow recovery, but i think clearly our travel numbers up 2% this year nationwide, showing that people are ready to get out and travel. they have more confidence in the economy. >> reporter: thanks a lot, lon
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anderson from aaa. people looking for bargains this year to try and economize on their vacations. you need extra money going across the bay bridge this year. it's now $4. back to you. >> sherri ly, thank you. new this morning, a cabdriver is in the hospital after being stabbed police say by two of his fares. d.c. investigators say the two young men first robbed the cabbie, then stabbed him. it's unclear where they were picked up by the cab. it ended up at 5th and kennedy streets northwest. this happened around 1:00 a.m. the cabdriver is expected to survive. there was a strange pair of events overnight in fairfax county. police there say they were called to the courthouse around midnight where they found a man outside with a gunshot wound. then a short time later another man who had been stabbed showed up at fair oaks hospital. investigators are looking into whether the incidents are related to an altercation last
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night at a bar in chantilly. a guilty verdict in the trial of a woman charged with hitting and dragging a cyclist who later died. christy little ford's defense was she thought she hit a deer and that's why she left the scene. pettigrew was running for a seat in the u.s. senate and training for a triathlon. she was riding her bike on route 202 when she was hit. a pennsylvania family prepares to bury three of their own. a father and his two teenaged sons. they died after falling into a manure pit on a dairy farm in maryland's eastern shore. they apparently drowned in the pit some time wednesday. their bodies pulled out overnight and yesterday morning. the father and his sons traveled each day to the kent county farm. to the big story grabs headlines today, a major break
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in one of the nation's most famous missing child cases. >> a man has confessed to killing 6-year-old etan patz, who disappeared 32 years ago today. today that man goes to court. sarah? >> 51-year-old pedro hernandez will be arraigned today. police say he has given them a written confession. it happened on the morning patz was walking to the school bus by himself. he said he lured him with the promise of a soda. he took the boy back to the store where he worked and hernandez said he there killed the child, and put the body in a plastic bag before throwing it in the trash. this morning we have reaction from the community where hernandez lived. >> reporter: do you want to say anything at all? >> his wife and daughter left their home under a police
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escort thursday, refusing to answer questions from reporters. >> reporter: do you think he did this? >> ironically, he lived next door to a retired police officer, who served 23 years on the force. >> but i thought on a different note perhaps maybe witness protection program because every time he saw me, he would go in the house. >> if he did something like that, he's got to pay the piper. >> dan shared the same two apartment homes with hernandez. he could hardly believe it when he found out his next door neighbor may have been involved in the murder of patz 33 years ago in new york. >> maybe it was eating at him. >> the news about her neighbor had her worried. >> having my four and a half- year-old daughter, a little freaky. >> hernandez was taken from his
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home wednesday by the fbi, new york city detectives and prosecutors. he reportedly confessed to his role in the murder of patz. in the past, detectives said hernandez worked at the store near where the boy vanished. >> to find him after all these years. >> it's good to see they finally come up with closure at least. >> it's a heart breaking thing. i don't think it's something you ever get over. >> this week's confession is not the first time hernandez has been on the radar of police regarding this case. investigators say in the years since the disappearance, hernandez told a family member and others that he had, "done a bad thing and killed a child in new york." amazing all these years later that maybe this family will have closure. >> maybe so. thank you so much. so sad. this day, may 25th, was named national missing children's day in 1985 in honor of etan.
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later this morning we'll talk with jackie reid who is working with the group black and missing to raise awareness about missing persons cases. time now is 7:10. it's a friday morning. and hurricane bud continues to barrel towards mexico's pacific coast. coming up, the latest on his path. >> plus, in the trayvon martin case it appears the prosecution and defense do agree on one thing. next, what evidence both sides want sealed from the public. ♪ >> as we take you to the break, a live look outside. we'll get the latest weather and traffic from tucker and lauren next. ♪ holiday road ♪ ♪ holiday road ♪
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 making headlines today, we
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may have seen the last new evidence coming out of the trayvon martin case, at least until the trial. prosecutors and zimmerman's attorneys filed a motion asking the judge to keep the public from seeing statements zimmerman gave detectives of names and addresses of witnesses. the defense wants to keep private text messages, e-mails and journal entries zimmerman asked and martin's cell phone records not be released. zimmerman is charged with second degree murder in the shooting of the 17-year-old during a confrontation in february. zimmerman claims he shot martin in self-defense. off of mexico's pacific coast hurricane bud has weakened to a category 2 storm. but as it continues to turn towards beach resorts, authorities have canceled school and prepared emergency shelters. it comes as the official start of the atlantic hurricane season is days away. it starts june 1st. but yesterday the national hurricane center released its
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predictions. they predicted nine to 15 named storms, including four to eight hurricanes. so here we go. >> we could be looking at storm number two by the end of the weekend. >> very active. >> yeah, looks that way. around here, warm and humid. we're going to do a little travel forecast, too, and we'll be hot this weekend in washington. >> excellent. >> that's traditional. >> yeah. >> right now, reagan national 72. you can see all of the warm temperatures on the eastern seaboard. not typically 66 at 6:15 in the morning in chicago. there you go. st. louis 75 degrees. you can see all that warmth into texas. dallas currently 75. got to get north and west out towards oregon, portland 50. seattle 49, to find the cooler air. quiet, up and down the eastern seaboard. few thunderstorms into new jersey and new york and parts of southern new england. around here, generally looking
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at quiet conditions. few showers in the upper midwest. want to mention off the southeast coast of florida, down near miami, there's an area of low pressure and national hurricane center is becoming more and more convinced there will be a storm that will develop down there as we get into the next 24 to 48 hours. it's possible we could have a new tropical system, maybe a tropical storm off the florida coast this weekend. that's something to bear watching. will be tracking off to the north and east. second storm i think will be named burl. >> burl? as in burl ives? >> i like that name for a woman. >> i think it's a woman's name. the first was alberto. we alternate. >> he's forgetting everything you taught him about weather. >> 92 sunday. 92 for memorial day. enjoy hot temperatures this weekend. >> very good. thank you, sir. now let's find out what's happening with traffic.
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for that we go to lauren demarco who is in for julie wright. good morning. >> good morning. if you are heading out to the beach, leave early or wait until later tonight. recommending you leave before 10:00 a.m. or after 10:00 p.m. live look at the bay bridge at this early hour it's looking great. traveling route 50, no issues from the beltway out to the bridge and across it toward kent narrows. moving to trafficland, accident reported on the beltway on the outer loop near georgia avenue, right lane was blocked. extra volume there. to the right of the inner loop, you are moving well. other than that, no real problems around the beltway. 395 is jammed from before duke street past seminary, main lines heavy and slow. nice trip across the 14th street bridge. tony, back over to you. thank you, lauren. a second aide who worked on
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mayor gray's 2010 campaign has pleaded guilty. yesterday howard brooks admitted he lied to federal investigators about payments made to another mayoral candidate, brown. brooks says he was instructed to give the money to brown. mayor gray has denied the allegations. if convicted, brooks could get a maximum of six months in prison and probation. d.c. council member marion berry continues to make headlines for making insensitive remarks. the latest came at a meeting he held to apologize to the asian- american community. as he spoke yesterday regarding a statement he made last month about asian shop owners, he made this slip. [inaudible]
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>> he was referring to people of polish heritage. berry and community leaders pledged to keep talking. on the campaign trail now, president obama and mitt romney are starting to use the same strategy on the road. doug luzader has more. >> reporter: both of these guys are taking a page from the same play book, tackling their weak spots headon. the president may be addressing very friendly crowds as he hops from one political fundraiser to another. but he's taking on the issue where his popularity is seemingly at its worst, fun- away federal spending. >> federal spending since i took office has risen at the slowest pace of any president in almost 60 years. what happens is the republicans run up tand then we're sitting there and they've left the restaurant and then, why
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did you order all those steaks? >> reporter: it's a line that's getting great applause. but it's also driving conservatives crazy. they say the president is gaming the numbers. >> that's what makes it the whopper of the year. i mean, this is an unbelievable distortion of the truth. >> what grade are you in? third grade? >> reporter: romney, on the other hand, is going after what may be his most challenging demographic. yesterday he visited a predominantly black neighborhood to talk about education and try to sell himself to some of the most loyal obama supporters in the country. >> our failure to provide kids with the skills they need for the jobs of today and tomorrow is a crisis. >> reporter: for all the outreach, though, his forray in philly was greeted by protestors. to show the battle he is facing among black voters, a recent poll shows his support at just 5% to obama's 92%.
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in washington, doug luzader, fox news. 7:21 now. it's a friday morning. still ahead, a week after going public, facebook faces a number of lawsuits and congressional inquiries. >> that has not gone well. >> no. >> don't fry on friday. that's the message from health experts. we'll have more on their memorial day weekend warning after the break. >> in honor of asian pacific heritage month, the national museum of the american indian is celebrating hawaii. holly is going to tell us about this weekend's festival, and show us some of the really cool hands on activities it has to offer. 7:22. we'll be right back.    
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congress has just over a month to agree on a plan to keep interest rates on federal college loans from doubling. it's not looking good. yesterday the senate rejected democratic and republican plans to keep the rate the same. if no action is taken, over 7
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million students could be affected. the standoff means efforts to resolve the dispute will be delayed until next month. a week after one of the most anticipated market debuts, facebook's ipo is coming under more scrutiny. it's now the subject of two congressional inquiries and mounting lawsuits. some investors say the banks shared information about facebook's business prospects to select clients only. the plaintiffs who bought facebook stock on its first day of trading claim they were damaged in the process. >> all the plaintiffs need to show is that something was stated that was materially incorrect. there was a lie or an omission that was important to investors. >> so far, the two lawsuits filed seek class action status. facebook has said the lawsuits are without merit. morgan stanley has declined to comment. this friday before memorial day is don't fry day.
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it's shedding light on the dangers of sun exposure. it's important to wear sunscreen and reply it frequently. you don't have to spend a lot. some of the best sun blocks are store brands. you must also wear sunglasses because the sun's rays can damage your eyes as much as your sin. and you have to do the uva and uvb in the sunglasses. it has to say uva and uvb production. >> oh, both? >> that's the best kind. >> got you. 7:27 on this friday morning. after a failed attempt last weekend, a privately owned rocket blasted off tuesday. >> this morning it's set to dock with the international space station. a closer look with nasa after the break. ♪ >> there's another live look outside. we're going to get the latest weather and traffic from tucker and lauren coming up in just a little bit, as people start to
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get away. earth, wind and fire. we'll be back.        
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back now on fox 5 morning news, with a live look at route 50 out in ocean city, back in
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the '20s. no, that's a live look right now, actually. just a matter of hours those lanes -- what lanes? >> on the left-hand-side there. >> will be jammed with cars headed to the hotels and motels along the boardwalk. happening this weekend down at the ocean is the spring arts and crafts festival. also, a night time laser light show called beach lights spectacular will happen every sunday starting this sunday, where north division street meets the beach. >> can i tell you something? i love you guys. i would rather be at the beach now. >> i understand that. >> is that okay? don't take it the wrong way. >> to leave on a thursday. >> and to be there now. a little gem. so close, yet so far right now. anyway. i am here with you guys and it's a good thing. >> good weekend for the beach. >> great weekend for the beach. my apologies ahead of time, if
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i don't include your community. >> you can't do it all. >> yeah. i would love to answer everybody's questions. >> these are highlights. >> exactly. let's get to it, and ocean city -- here's the bottom line, most of the coastal communities from virginia beach up through ocean city and into new jersey should be just fine this weekend. lots of sunshine expected. it will be cooler at the beach than here in the immediate washington area. we'll be in the 90s tomorrow. ocean city very enjoyable. temperatures in the mid-70s. nice breeze tomorrow. lots of sunshine expected both saturday and sunday. bethany beach looks fantastic. too. might be an isolated storm north sunday afternoon. isolated, maybe 10, 20%. water temperatures, 65 degrees. that cooler water temperature keeping the coastal communities a little cooler this weekend. otherwise, good looking weekend at the beaches. temperature now, reagan national we are 72 degrees. here's what happened, we didn't
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cool off overnight with the fog and mist. you get the idea here, we're off to a warm start. should burn off the clouds and fog and partly to mostly sunny day today. a few thunderstorms developing this afternoon. much less of an opportunity, much less of a chance for storms today than the last couple of days. little bit of a thunderstorm complex here south and east of ocean city. that will slip out to sea. high pressure builds in, that will deliver a couple of nice days across the washington area. though hot around here, particularly by saturday and sunday. 86 today. you'll feel the warmth later. partly sunny, warm and humid. possibility of a late-day storm. ten, 20% chance. most of the day should be dry. later tonight, warm and humid overnight. partly cloudy, 72 the overnight low. here's your weekend forecast, and not bad for a holiday. it will be hot. lots of water this weekend. saturday, sunday, monday, high temperatures in the low to mid- 90s. heat index probably will get into the mid-90s by sunday afternoon. will be hot around here, but generally dry.
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maybe a thunderstorm monday. better chance on tuesday with a cold front. that's weather. let's do traffic, see if everybody is getting out of town. >> a lot of folks getting out of town, you can tell that by the roadways. i want to mention for folks staying here this weekend, metro, red and green lines, track work going on this weekend, so expect delays. check out some of the closures that will be in effect. let's take a live look at the roads, traveling the beltway, earlier crash in montgomery county, off georgia avenues. the left of your screen is the outer loop, university. everybody flowing pretty well. not much of an issue at this point. nothing to report on 270. nice trip out of frederick down through germantown. had an accident at norbeck road. georgia road shut down in that area. watch for that. if you are traveling for memorial day weekend, this would be a great time to download the ways app.
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this app is great. it's gps navigation turn by turn, and you connect with the traffic community so you are inputting information by you driving, you're relaying how fast you're going on the roads and you're also able to write in and say whether you see an accident, spot anything on the roads. it's interactive. we'll be using this to start delivering our traffic report. you can contact julie wright directly, so install this app, join the fox 5wazers group. you'll be hearing a lot about it in the weeks to come. >> you too can be a wazer. thank you, lauren. in a few hours a first for the international space station. a spacecraft launched earlier this week will dock with the station. for more on the mission, we talked to phil mcalister, special assistant for program analysis at nasa. he is joining us live. good morning, sir, how are you? >> good morning.
7:36 am
i'm fine. >> good. thank you for joining us. first of all, let me ask you, my understanding is the docking is supposed to take place around 11:30. at this point are all systems go? >> all systems are go at this point, yes. >> and so far has the mission gone as you all had expected it to go? are you pleased with how things are going? >> yes. this was a very ambitious mission, and so far it has been just like the simulations. whenever we have a mission prior to the mission we do a lot of simulations and this one has gone very, very smoothly. the actual mission, we have not seen a lot of anomalies. it's gone very smoothly and we're pleased with it so far. the majority of the test objectives have already been met. but the real difficult ones are still in front of us. the actual birthing, the grappling and birthing with the international space station will be the hardest one and that's scheduled for about three or four hours away. >> obviously a lot of attention is focused on the fact this is
7:37 am
a commercial space vehicle. but the company is working very closely with nasa and you all are very involved in this process. can you tell me a little bit about that? >> yeah, that's a great point. we consider this a partnership. we have been engaged with spacex for about the last six years. we signed an agreement with them in 2006 to help them develop the spacecraft dragon and the launch vehicle, the falcon 9, so they could eventually demonstrate the capability to deliver cargo to the international space station. we've been working closely with the company, providing financial help, as well as technical expertise and it's been a very successful partnership. these partnerships can be very difficult. it's estimated that well over half of partnerships fail. but this one has been very successful from both nasa's side and spacex's side. >> which is very good news, obviously. let me ask you this, we're
7:38 am
entering a new era now, and will see more of this commercial activity taking place as we try to reduce the cost of space exploration. is it a little bittersweet for nasa we've gone in this direction? >> you know, i think that's a great word for it. we just retired the space shuttle after a great run of 30 years. it's something every nasa employee took a lot of proud in. they were proud of that vehicle and program. but after 30 years it was time to move in a different direction. so we have retired the space shuttle, and now we're in transition, where we are moving sort of more routine operations off to the u.s. private sector for regular cargo delivery to the international space station. but nasa is still very much pushing the state of the art. that enables nasa with the cost savings from having the private sector do this, we can put the
7:39 am
savings back into nasa's program. we are developing a deep space capsule now. we're going to continue to push the state of and explore the solar system, and i think that's a good balance to have the private sector do the more routine activities and have nasa push the exploration. >> we hope things go well for the doing today, and all eyes -- docking today and all eyes will be on that. good to talk to you. we'll see you again. >> thank you. >> phil mcalister with nasa. >> exciting. >> yeah, it is. we'll see how things go. >> the new frontier is here. >> yes, it is. it is 7:39 now. still ahead, it is the end of an era in radio. next, we remember hal jackson, who was responsible for breaking a number of color barriers in his radio broadcasts. >> plus last saturday, i'll have another rally for a second
7:40 am
straight race to edge bodemeister. this morning his trainer is in hot water. we'll explain why, that's coming up next. 
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he has waited for this day for 10 years. california man convicted of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a classmate when he was just 17 years old had his case overturned yesterday. an emotional scene as you can imagine, as a judge dismissed the conviction after his accuser recanted her story. banks was a promising high school football player when he was accused of rape. at the time his lawyer urged him to plead no contest. he served more than five years behind bars. authorities have removed a tracking device he's worn since getting out of prison more than five years ago. the trainer of triple crown contender i'll have a another faces a 45-day suspension after one of his horses exceeded the limit for carbon dioxide levels. i don't know what that means. the punishment, however, will not begin until after the
7:44 am
belmont stakes june 9 th. that's when i'll have another will team to become just the 12th triple crown winner and the first in 34 years. just a huge loss in the radio world. hal jackson who broke major racial barriers in his more than 70 years on the air has died. jackson grew up here in d.c. and first got on the air in the '30s. he went to new york in the 1950s and had a weekly show on a radio station he once owned there. he was the first african- american inducted into the radio hall of fame. he was 96 years old. >> even recently still making the rounds on the radio conferences and all of that. >> right. >> an amazing man. >> i know from my deejay husband he inspired that whole group of people. he's lost there. life well lived. 96 years old. should we get to that age. >> that's up there, allison. >> well --
7:45 am
>> my grandmother is 96. >> we can hope. >> weather forecast, speaking of 90s, we'll be in the 90s here. >> okay. >> pretty smooth, huh? >> nice. >> 72 now in washington. hazy, hot and humid conditions back for the weekend. i'll show you a map in just a minute. 72 now in washington. 71 fredericksburg. ocean city, headed towards the beaches, your temperatures will be in the mid-70s for afternoon highs today. near 80 this weekend. 64 now in ocean city. here's your forecast, jet stream for the weekend. basically what's going to happen here is high pressure will build in. that will give us dry conditions. it will be, tony i want you to look, hazy, hot and humid. it's back. >> there you go. >> hazy, hot and humid. >> that's right. low 90 tomorrow. and then parts of the area could be in the mid-90s sunday and monday. we have heat on the way. that should say 86 today, not
7:46 am
81. then 90, 92. and 90s here to stay for early next week. >> it is, my goodness. hot, hot, hot. thanks, tuck. >> let's go to lauren demarco now, she's keeping her eyes on the roadways. >> if you are lucky enough to take advantage of this hot weather with the holiday weekend, if you have the day off, now is the time to head out, because we have nice light volume and of course we are expecting things to pick up as we head into the afternoon. let's take a live look at the bay bridge. route 50 heading from sandy point across the bridge, your lanes are wide open. you have the green light across towards kent narrows. no problems in from the beltway at this point. good time to head out. leave before 10:00 a.m. or after 10:00 p.m. expecting it to get busy throughout the day. trafficland, see what else is going on, traveling the beltway, good shape on the outer loop montgomery county, near georgia avenue. had an earlier wreck. other than that, free and clear. no problems crossing the american legion bridge. traveling in montgomery county, norbeck road shut down between
7:47 am
georgia avenue and layhill road because of an accident. things look okay here. you want to avoid that stretch. 395 northbound closed from duke to seminary, and again here across the 14th street bridge. that's a check of our fox 5 on- time traffic. a programming note to pass along, you can catch the national memorial day parade on fox 5 on monday, actor gary sinise and miss america 2012 will join the parade route. and you can watch it live starting at 2:00 p.m. here on fox 5. annual festival is bringing in the sights and sounds of hawaii to the nation's capital. >> holly is checking it out. >> reporter: i am indeed living the island life this morning, and i'm doing it at the smithsonian where they are gearing up for a two-day event. we'll give you an idea of the
7:48 am
activities you can find yourself involved in, live next on fox 5 morning news. stay with us. what happened to our hula music? >> good morning to our facebook fan of the day. sebrena. her profile pic shows her granddaughter. she wants to be the first princess president of the united states. let me tell you something, i love it. you have my vote. she was asking her family to submit her photo for our my first 5 segment, but she's six, so your highness, we would have bent the rules for you, but hopefully this will work for you. we think you are so cute. for a chance to be tomorrow's fan of the day, head to our facebook page and post a comment under sebrena's photo. stay with us. 
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♪ [ hawaiian music ]
7:52 am
>> so soothing. >> isn't it, though? >> what were you doing? >> i think i was breakdancing. holly is finding out more about the festival. how could it not be great when we're celebrating hawaii culture? >> reporter: i know. there's that music i was looking for. i'm just back from a walk on the beach. hawaii is wonderful this time of year. okay, there was something in my coffee. independence avenue is not quite the beach. when you come inside the museum you will be immersed in all the sights and sounds of hawaii, as they gear up for a huge festival. mandy foster joins me. aloha to you. >> aloha. >> reporter: it does feel a little bit like hawaii in here. >> it does. >> reporter: you have done a great job. let's talk about, first of all, some people might be going, okay, i don't get the connection between hawaii and the american indian museum. but there's a strong connection
7:53 am
there. >> actually there is, and there has been since the inception of the museum. we represent the cultures of north, central, and south america, including the hawaiian and carribean islands. >> reporter: this is a fun time for people to come out, because you have a lot of activities planned, and you have a new space, relatively new, for people to enjoy, and that's the children's act center. we popped up there this morning, got pictures. tell us about that. >> our new imaginations activity center opened in september, and we're still adding things. it's going to be a great place, a venue for families of children of all ages to come and really have an interactive experience in the museum. >> reporter: in fact, i heard some kids loved it so much they've become regulars. >> yeah. we're building our local audience, which is awesome. >> reporter: we love to hear the smithsonian has a local audience. let's talk about the activities
7:54 am
of what people can find themselves to involve in to feel like they're in hawaii. >> one thing we're doing is making leis using tea leaves. actually we're using about half of this tea leaf to make a lei. so i have one prepared already here. if you wouldn't mind helping me, that would be really great. >> reporter: when you say prepare, what did you do? >> basically all you have to do is split the leaf down the center. they tear easily. you can get two bracelets out of it. >> reporter: nice. >> if you could hold it in the middle, and i'll start the twist for you. you want to twist it the same direction basically. and then you just keep twisting and crossing. do you want to try it? >> reporter: i do. twist and cross. >> yep. that's exactly right. >> reporter: it looks so easy. this is fun, because obviously this is something that both boys and girls can wear and
7:55 am
take home with them. >> yes. the important thing with any lei is you never throw it away. you always want to give it back to the earth. you can put it in the garden or water. >> reporter: nice. when i get to the end? >> tie it in a knot. >> reporter: as i do that, i'll work on tying there in a knot and you tell me about the other activity you have. >> the other activity we have is called koppa stamping. koppa is paper made from the mulberry tree. you can participate this weekend as well. what we are going to do is decorate the koppa. this is a method called stamping. there are traditional stamps carved into bamboo. then there is pain that is applied use -- paint that is
7:56 am
applied using plant. you apply the paint on and you will stamp. we'll be making our own stamps and you can take a bookmark home with you. >> reporter: that's fun. you get to do a lot of things. >> yes. >> reporter: i'm not so sure, as you're talking about the stamping, i'm having a failed lei attempt here. then you put it on? >> yes. >> reporter: mine might be going back to the earth sooner rather than later. is our web site. and we have a link to the museum. there it is. very nice. i like it. the celebration for hawaii is going on this saturday and sunday here of course as always, the museums are free. so immerse yourself in hawaii. coming up in our next hour, we're moving on to surfing. we have someone here carving a traditional hawaiian surf board. surfing used to be for hawaii royalty. we're going to find out all about that. >> interesting. i did not know that.
7:57 am
looking forward to it. coming up at 8:00, the daughter of two civil rights pioneers joins us live. bernice king is here to fill us in on a book about her mother, coretta scott king. >> and a comedian from "saturday night live" will be here, and all the many people i stay with us. much more after the break.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
the summer travel season gets underway this week, and this morning we've got some good news if you plan to hit the road for memorial day. >> also ahead, another former campaign staffer pleads guilty in a scandal that grows larger. could it get all the way to the mayor's office? we'll get insight from a former prosecutor. >> he disappeared 33 years ago today walking to his school bus stop. police announce an arrest in a case that changed the way the world searches for missing children. good morning, everybody. i'm tony perkins. >> i'm alison seymour. another big story today is the hot weather that's on our way. tucker barnes joining us with
8:01 am
that. >> good morning. >> good morning, tuck. >> kind of a day of transition. mid-80s today. and right into the 90s by tomorrow. >> straight through the weekend? >> yeah. not upper 90s, but lower 90s. lots of water this weekend. do a live shot, and traffic is moving. also we're generally cloudy with a little fog to start your day. we should see that cloud cover and fog burn off shortly. i think it will be partly to mostly sunny day. not a bad looking friday. all fridays look good. this one looks particularly good. >> got that right. >> particularly with a three- day weekend. humidity up, 87%. winds out of the south and east at 7 miles per hour. looking at the rare, not a lot to show you. had plenty of action last evening. generally south and west of washington. that's where the heavy rain fell. that dissipated overnight. waking up with a mix of cloud cover, few peeks of sunshine. the trend should be more sunshine today. later this afternoon could be an isolated storm. but to be honest, i think most of the day should be dry for
8:02 am
you, and just warm and humid with highs in the mid- to upper 80s. 86 the afternoon high in washington. i'll show you the 90s in a minute. >> thank you so much. >> let's go to lauren demarco now, find out what's happening with traffic. hey, lauren. >> here i am here in the studio. if you're sticking around town today, think about metro. over the weekend there is going to be track work on the green and red lines, so plan for delays there. check out maybe stations closed as well. trafficland, see what we've got going on, 95 heading southbound we have reports of a disabled vehicle. far left there, things are a bit slow. to the right, main lanes heading northbound, and pretty good shape up towards springfield. 395 is heavy from duke street up past seminary. headlights heading towards you is the northbound main lane. 270 no real problems to report out of frederick to the beltway. we have the closure in montgomery county, norbeck
8:03 am
road, shut down between georgia avenue and layhill road. route 50, nice, easy trip now, if you are heading out towards the bay bridge. really no problems to report making the trip from the beltway towards sandy point. you see in the center of the screen, to the bottom, there is a little bit of activity. had a disabled vehicle. it's on the shoulder. not causing delay. head out early. recommending you leave before 10:00 a.m. if you're heading for the bay bridge today. also good news if you are planning to travel this weekend. it will cost you less to fill up your gas tank as prices continue to drop. cheaper gas could mean more traffic. aaa predicts about 35 million travelers planning to travel 55 miles or further, that's up 1% from last year. we'll have more later with sherri ly. back over to you, tony. lauren, thank you very much. now for a check of this
8:04 am
morning's top stories, 33 years after the disappearance of a 6- year-old new york city boy, a man is confessing to kidnapping and killing that child. etan patz was the first to appear on a milk carton. hernandez said he lured the boy from the bus stop, choked him to death and put his body in the trash. he is set to be arraigned today. violent night has kept police busy. first from the district, where the search is on for two young men police say stabbed a cabdriver after robbing him. this happened around 1:00 this morning near fifth and kennedy streets northwest. the cabdriver is expected to survive. meantime, a man was stabbed in a different incident on 7th street northwest around 2:00 a.m. he, too, is expected to be okay. now to northern virginia, where a man who had been shot showed up outside the fairfax county courthouse. that was around midnight.
8:05 am
then later, a man who had been stabbed walked into fair oaks hospital. police are trying to see whether the two were involved in a reported incident last night in a bar in chantilly. another big story that we have been following all week. the corruption scandal involving d.c. mayor gray's 2010 campaign. a sec former aide to the mayor pled guilty yesterday. officials say howard brooks and thomas gore were paying mayoral candidate suleman brown to stay in the race and verbally attack fenty. gray says he knew nothing about it. joining us is criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor a. scott bolden. thanks for being with us today. >> thank you for having me. >> this now second former aide to mayor gray has come forward, pleaded guilty. how serious is this? can you put this in the scope of what's happening in d.c. now? >> it's pretty serious, because
8:06 am
these campaign aides were significant people in the gray campaign and close to the finances as well as the operations. that's the first thing. secondly, their allegations and their pleas confirm the suleman brown allegations. there's no way around that. the other significant part about these pleas is these allegations or the pleas of these individuals were about them obstructs justice and lying, not about political dirty trigs. had they not lied, they wouldn't be in this position. the foundation for the prosecution has been laid and they'll use these agreements from both individuals to continue moving forward for other targets or subjects and interviewing other witnesses. >> what might be the outcome, and is there any strategy to both of these men saying, yes, we did it, we plead guilty. is there a strategy in that as far as possible sentencing, as far as leniency? >> there's a strategy for
8:07 am
keeping their liberty in place as opposed to incarceration. that being said, they are going to be an important part of the government's prosecution as they go up the chain. the pyramid prosecution scheme, you start at the base, you have the low level players, you turn them and you follow their cooperation agreements, their testimony, and other evidence until you go as far as the evidence will take you. that's exactly what's happening here. >> what might be the next shoe to fall in all this? how many more bricks in the pyramid? >> the lying and obstructions, if the other individuals involved have been interviewed and told the truth, then you're looking at political dirty tricks. ultimately, if the chair of the gray campaign or gray and other significant folks involved -- were involved in overt acts or part of a scheme to defraud the voters or misreporting on the campaign reports, those are serious allegations and the government seems to be going at
8:08 am
it from that angle. the money wasn't reported or you lied, or overt acts in regard to trying to defraud the voters and create an outcome that normally would not be there, if you didn't have these bad acts, then that's a problem and the government is going after that. >> i guess the $10 million question is, is the mayor -- the mayor says he didn't know about it. what happens now as far as implicating the mayor? >> the key will be whether the mayor has been interviewed or not. doesn't appear he's been interviewed. but the fact of the matter is, if he had knowledge while that's politically embarrassing, probably not enough towards charges to be brought against the mayor. at the same time, if he committed overt acts, if he participated in a scheme, if he was part of the overall strategy to keep brown in the race, as well as to suppress it or to hide it, then there could be some problems there. i think we're a long way from that, quite frankly, at least if you believe the media reports. the government knows a lot more than you and i, so we'll have
8:09 am
to watch. but expect more action moving forward. >> what might, and i hear your point there, let me ask you, though, what might the mayor face? what would it be there if he did stay back or if -- what might it be, the charges? >> it could be anything. i don't think it's fair to project or guest mate, if you will. if the government doesn't believe he's telling the truth, you have possible charges, whether it's obstruction. it's a felony to lie to the fbi or government official as part of an investigation. if there was fraud, failure to report money, if he was activitily involved and directed those actions, then that's very problematic. again, i don't think it's fair to guess at this point. i think right now the mayor has probably more political problems than criminal problems, but it's going to be interesting to watch and it will unfold as this thing continues to move forward.
8:10 am
>> i hear you loud and clear. big if. we'll wait on that. >> that's right. >> thanks for coming in, scott. >> thank you for having me. thank you very much. coming up on 8:10 now on this friday morning. still ahead, we're going live to the bay bridge for a look at the holiday get-away traffic this morning. >> first, hurricane season is almost here. we'll tell you how virginia residents can get ready and save a little money as well. stay with us. we'll be right back.    
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8:13 am
8:13. it's 72 degrees now. making headlines this morning, a senate panel pants to slash 3 # 3 # million in aide to pakistan, after a doctor who helped the u.s. track down osama bin laden was sentenced to prison for 33 years. off mexico's coast hurricane bud has weakened to a
8:14 am
category 2 storm. bud is expected to make land fall today. authorities in mexico have canceled school and prepared emergency shelters. just a reminder, starting today, virginia is offering tax breaks to anyone buying hurricane supplies. you won't have to pay sales tax on items like batteries, phone chargers, water and portable generators. the sales tax holiday lasts until may 31. break out the sunscreen and get the swim suits ready. pool season is here, everybody. today d.c. mayor gray will be at rosedale community center to officially get things started. it's one of 19 outdoor pools in the district that will open over the weekend. we are told a mystery guest will take the first plunge. it's happening at 11:30 this morning. cannot wait to see who the mystery guest is.
8:15 am
going to be you? >> it's not me. >> okay. >> i was wondering earlier if it's julie. >> okay. >> because she's off today. >> yeah. >> she loves getting in the pool. >> i don't think it's julie. >> no? we'll see. >> i'm just saying. >> let's go to tucker barnes. >> is it you? >> it's not me either, allison. >> very strange. >> we'll have to tune back in later today and find out. time for fox fox 5 first photo lvin junior. >> handsome man. >> he and his family start every morning right here with us at fox 5. we'll say thank you to you, calvin junior, and your family for watching. >> and there's more. >> oh. it's a big day. i did not realize that. happy birthday, calvin. i should have gotten a clue from the music. today calvin turns four years old. >> happy birthday. >> very happy for you. what a good day for a birthday,
8:16 am
too. >> if i had a son, i would hope he would look just like calvin, jr. >> adorable. >> to send your child's picture, go to and click on mornings. calvin, i hope you have a great day and weekend. you'll want those shorts all weekend. we're warm now at 72 at reagan national. a lot of humidity as well. 70 in baltimore. 63 winchester. 64 in ocean city. parts of the region in the 60s. all of us into the 80s today. mid-80s in washington this afternoon. warmer than yesterday. let's talk about the changing pattern of the jet stream and high pressure will build in. our chances for afternoon thunderstorms less and less over the next couple of days. isolated risk later today. as we get into the weekend, the triple hs are back, hazy, hot and humid conditions expected. immediate washington area, our temperatures in and around 90 this weekend. if you're going to the beaches,
8:17 am
70s for you. five-day forecast, 86 today. saturday, sunday, monday, even tuesday, highs around 90 degrees, with a heat index probably about 95. hot this weekend. that's a look at the forecast. let's do traffic and lauren demarco has got another look at your traffic. have a great weekend. >> thank you, you, too. nice memorial day for everyone out there. now things are looking pretty good. volume easing out at this early hour. we'll start to see things pick up as we head into the afternoon. if you are able to head out, now is the time. traveling the beltway, to the left of your screen is the outer loop. had reports of a disabled vehicle as you approach georgia avenue. looks like you're in good shape here. no issues to report on 270. we are still seeing police activity on norbeck road between georgia and layhill, so watch out for that. 395 northbound, dealing with the delays heading from duke towards seminary. other than that, we are in pretty good shape around town, particularly route 50. no real problems crossing the
8:18 am
bay bridge. if you are heading out for the holiday weekend, there is something that you should download to your smartphone. it's called waze. this is something we're going to start using here in our traffic reports. julie wright will be talking about it starting next week. it's an online traffic community, where you can contribute to traffic information for other users and we'll be using that here on fox 5, you can help us delivery our traffic reports. you want to join the fox 5wazers group. there's more information on it's a good idea to get it before you head out, so you can route your trip. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. thank you much. the holiday week is here. memorial day is a time to honor our soldiers, but it's also come to symbolize the unofficial start to summer. >> for many this means a long weekend and perhaps a trip to the beach. fox5's sherri ly is live in kent island, maryland, for what to expect.
8:19 am
good morning. >> reporter: good morning, allison. number one thing to expect, traffic congestion. we really are a gluten for punishment when it comes to the unofficial start to summer with memorial day weekend. we're at the bay bridge, which is a usual choke point for traffic as people head to the beaches in maryland and delaware. things are moving along pretty well. but the traffic picking up from earlier this morning, and it will get worse. but there is good news. gas prices have been dropping now for seven weeks in a row. right now the average price in the district is $3.76. in maryland it is $3.59. in virginia, the cheapest gas is $3.47. about 875,000 people according to aaa will be traveling for the holiday weekend. that's both by air, by car. most of those, nine out of 10 of those people will be hitting the road traveling more than 50
8:20 am
miles outside of the d.c. area. and this year we are also seeing a lot more people traveling. >> we had about 53% that said gas prices weren't going to impact us. but we had almost as many say, yeah, and we're going to be looking to economize, maybe less expensive restaurants, maybe won't stay in as nice a hotel as previously. so people are still holding onto their wallets to some extent. >> reporter: given the gas prices, aaa says it's possible we could see a lot of last minute travelers, people looking at the gas prices and saying, look, it's not so bad. let's head out to the beach. it's going to be a nice weekend. we're looking at temperatures, tucker was mentioning, in the 90s, sunshine. perfect beach weather. of course, that means everybody else is heading out to the beach as well. so you'll have a lot of company on the roads. get out early, like now, or if you can't get out early, they say wait until late this
8:21 am
evening. that's the latest here in kent island, back to you. >> thank you, sherri. it's 8:20 now. it's a friday morning. up next, long awaited raise is on the way for employees in one local county. >> and later, if you can't make it to the beach over the long holiday weekend, we'll bring it to you. holly is live at the national museum of the american indian with more on a unique celebration of hawaiian culture. we'll be right back.  
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8:24 am
metro fares are about to go up again. starting july 1, it will cost 25 more cents to park, and 5% fare increase depending on your destination. they've approved a $2.5 billion spending plan. the money will be used to operate and maintain trains and buses. the budget will go towards paying employees, hiring more police and preparing for the silver line opening. bonuses for county employees are now just one part of a new budget approved for prince george's county. the county council yesterday passed a $2.7 billion spending plan. it increases money for schools and public safety and does
8:25 am
include a one-time bonus for most of the 6,000 workers. they have endured pay freezes for several years. it is 8:24 now. it's a friday morning. coming up, the story behind a memoir on the life and legacy of her mother, coretta scott king. >> the hilarious jay pharoah is here. you recognize him of course from "saturday night live." he's going to join us after the break. he's performing live in town this weekend. we'll be right back. ♪ [ male announcer ] it's one thing... to have created an icon and quite another to have done it generation after generation. to the long line of legendary mercedes-benz sl roadsters...
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glad you made it. start by choosing from over 30,000 used cars and trucks. carmax. start here. here's a live look at space history. if you can make it out there. the private -- let's lose the banner at the bottom there. the private spacecraft dragon is attempting to dock with the international space station as we speak. this is earlier than we had
8:29 am
indications. yesterday the capsule operated by the private firm spacex made tests to see if it was ready and they all went well, and looks like they're attempting to dock momentarily. you know what, they left their blinker on, apparently. >> yeah. >> turn it off. >> got the right hand turn signal on. >> okay. history making, right? >> it's history making because this is the first time a private rocket has serviced the international space station. >> there's nobody on the private rocket, right? >> no, no, it's just carrying applies. >> my palm is itching. you know what that means? >> money? >> right. >> we're going to get some? >> i don't know what we're going to do, but we're going to get money. >> we were talking about space. >> and i was itching my palm. >> forecast looks better and better. lots of sunshine. hot this weekend. lots of water if you're doing
8:30 am
outdoor activities. in the 90s. yesterday, 83 at reagan national, and 81 at dulles. we'll be warmer today, with plenty of sunshine this afternoon. highs in the mid-80s. and off and running, back into the 90s the first time this year. by tomorrow near 90, and low 90s sunday and holiday monday. currently, warm and humid. 74, little fog, little mist across the region. 76 quantico this morning. not a comfortable start to the day. but i think it will turn better and better with sunshine this afternoon. better off to the west. winchester good morning, you're 66 degrees. down to the tropics, hurricane center curious about this part of the world. could see our second storm of the season. we'll have to watch that, because it would have a tendency to lift north and east. some indications it might get thrown back into the southeastern seaboard the end of the weekend.
8:31 am
not expected to be terribly strong, but any time we're talking tropical system, we have to look out. looking fine this morning. not picking up the fog and mist. low clouds. later this afternoon high pressure will start to nose in here. our forecast should get better and better. lots of sunshine today. isolated risk for a thunderstorm. and most of the weekend should be sunny and dry and hot around here. here's your five-day forecast, later today 86, isolated storm in the forecast. saturday, sunday, monday, generally sunshine. i threw a storm up tomorrow in case. low to mid-90s sunday and monday. heat index mid-90s. definitely hot for the holiday. that's a look at the weather. tony, over to you. tucker, thank you very much. he developed his comedy skills at a young age, and trained in local comedy clubs. now comedian jay pharoah is the hottest impressionist on "saturday night live." we're going to talk about this in just a moment. you can check him out this weekend at the arlington cinema and draft house tonight, tomorrow night, and sunday
8:32 am
night. he is here with us live this morning. jay-- oh, no, what, what? >> oh, my gosh, it's so beautiful. it's so beautiful. legacy. oh, my gosh. it's currently what i just did, and one of the first videos, it's emotional. >> let me ask you something, a lot of people now know you because of "saturday night live." just finished your second year on the show. and you're great on the show. >> thank you, man. >> you really, really are. some people knew you before from other appearances that you've made. but "saturday night live," have you been able to sense that, wow, there's a change now, now that i'm on this show? >> yeah, definitely changes. a change in my address. a change in who i still talk to. and it's going to be a change for america next year, yeah. it's happening. >> you got bigger plans? >> can i break it down?
8:33 am
>> break it down. >> i did a movie last summer, that's going to come out world wide. i know the camera. >> you do. >> i'm a professional. watch this. i got it coming out in july. and just did this movie called "get a job" playing a character, and that's going to come out spring 2013. and i got more projects happening. we about to take over. i'm doing it all, a mixed tape. >> a mixed tape? >> that's right. a comedy/rap. i got comedy coming, you know what i'm saying? i'm doing it, baby. >> here's what i love about you. you're so talented, you slip in and out of all the everything. how did you develop -- how did you know you could do impressions? will smith, denzel washington? >> because i didn't have friends when i was younger. so what happened -- don't aww
8:34 am
me. it's the truth. what i did, i made up these characters and i would have them talking in conversations and i talked to myself. so i loved me, and we all did. all a hundred of us. but no, my first voice was -- [inaudible] >> who? >> gilbert gottfried. i can't do it now because of puberty. i can't do justin bieber, because i've gone through the man stuff, you know. he's still, i mean, he getting there. but, you know, we all know justin bieber is a 14-year-old chick somewhere. we all know that. everybody knows that about justin bieber. i'm cool with him. that's my boy. before i met him, see -- >> we're trying to trip you up here. >> i love how when i met him, i thought he was a little chick. and you know, i was like, oh, you are a boy. because i didn't know. i was like, okay, he's cool. >> you thought he was --
8:35 am
>> i thought he was a woman. i thought he had estrogen. >> let me ask you this, we showed a little clip. this weekend -- now this is interesting, you did a sketch where you were stephen a. smith, from espn. it didn't make the broadcast, yet still, because of the dress rehearsals, it made it on the internet. this has been all the talk this week. and have you heard from smith himself? >> he's talked about it. he said, i really talk like that? is it really like that? it is what it is. you know. that's disgraceful! it's embarrassing. and i'm ticked off! look at that. they cut it for time. but they put it on the internet. and i didn't think it was going to go as well as it is. the hood watches it. everybody from white folks to puerto ricans, they see it
8:36 am
because it's on espn. >> i don't usually ask people to do impressions to do them. do you mind doing a little denzel washington? >> sure, man, why not? okay, all right, all right, okay, now i can't read that because i don't have my glasses on. what i can do is improvise. that's right, i am having a seizure. that's what i'm doing. that happened to denzel. >> we're running out of time. you're from virginia. >> yes, am. >> virginia beach area? >> born and raised. on the play grounds where i spend most of my day, chilling out, relaxing. >> mixed tape? >> started making trouble in my neighborhood. they going to say, this boy needs some ritalin. i do. >> you're great. >> thank you. me and kanye west, we can't stop -- >> got to keep moving. >> can't stop moving.
8:37 am
>> jay pharoah, "saturday night live," he is appearing this weekend. these are going to be big shows. arlington, tonight, tomorrow night and sunday night. check him out. >> yeah. >> we're very happy to have you here. >> let me tell you something, you come out to the show, okay, don't go to new york or nothing like that. don't go to vegas. come to the show, all right? it's going to be official. >> we'll be right back. >> thank you. [ dog barking ] mom!
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welcome back. it's 8:40. a scandal forces a government official out of his job. it's not clear at this point if jeff nealy resigned or if he was fired. nealy helped organize a 2010gsa conference in las vegas with an $823,000 tab. it included videos showing them mocking the habits. facebook's ipo is the subject of two congressional
8:41 am
inquires and mounting lawsuits. sources say morgan stanley, the lead investment bank and facebook's ipo may refund investors who overpaid. after the break, her father and mother were civil rights pioneers. and now bernice king is sharing a new look at her mother's life with the world. she'll join us live to talk more about the story behind "desert rose, the life and legacy of coretta scott king." >> and get ready to head to hawaii. no airfare required this time. holly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. but you do need your swim suit, because we're going surfing this morning, hawaiian style, as we are live at the smithsonian's national museum of the american indian, where they're gearing up for a huge festival going on this weekend. now they have an artist in residence, and yes, he is hand crafting a hawaiians traditional surf board and he's going to tell us all about his skills live next on fox 5 morning news. stay with us. ♪
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she is the daughter of two civil rights pioneers, and she
8:45 am
is in washington to honor both of them. bernice king is also traveling to promote a new book about her mother. coretta scott king grew up in alabama and traveled far north for college. one of her companions was her sister edith who wrote a memoir and titled it "desert rose." now coretta scott king's daughter is in town to promote the book again. elder benies king joins us in studio. welcome to washington. >> thank you. glad to be here. >> yes. before we start, because i want to concentrate on the book, the memorial to your father, what do you feel when you stand there and you look at that? >> well, i feel a sense of pride, but yet a sense of humility. and also a sense of responsibility, because whenever you have a parent with such world influence and impact, it's kind of continually a call to the
8:46 am
reality that you, too, must make a difference in this world. perhaps not at his level, but you must make a tremendous difference in this world. and i'm proud, you know, just to be one of three americans who can say my father has a monument, memorial in d.c. >> right. talking about the book, and we said it there, your mom is the other half of this, of this giant that we go and we honor down at the mall. and now it's time to talk about her life and when she went through. >> exactly. >> tell us about the book. >> well, you know, the book tells her story from alabama where she grew up, very rural area, and obviously during that time, jim crow south, she had to walk to school and faced a lot of discrimination. but she same from very strong family roots. her father was an entrepreneur, owned his own business at that
8:47 am
time. and was threatened constantly. he had such a determination and zeal to continue forward. so my mother received a lot of strength from that. she went to a school that prepared her to focus on changing the world and making a difference in the world. when she left the south she went to antioch college and she was an activist in that time with the peace movement. so i tell people this book talked about the woman, really, who was not prepared by martin luther king, jr., but who was prepared to walk with martin luther king, jr. and stood side by side with him. by the time they met, she had studied gandhi. he had studied gandhi. and so both of them were well equipped to lead that nonviolent social movement in the south that has impacted the world. >> right. >> and she helped to raise money, singing concerts. she was not just a wife and a mother, but she was very much
8:48 am
in the center of the movement, very involved. so when she continued his work, it was not like a grieving widow who said, now what can i do? it was a continuation of what she had already been a part of. so that's why she established the king center immediately thereafter to institutionalize my dad's legacy of nonviolent social change, and work toward institutionalizing further in society with a national holiday. so i conclude just by saying, hand in glove, you know. the martin luther king, jr. that everybody loves today, reveres today and honors, martin luther king was one of the most hated men in america when he was assassinated. but today he's one of the most loved world in the world and respected men in the world because of the work of coretta scott king. >> going back to even the title, desert rose, the title has great meaning and speaks to her life and what she was able to accomplish. >> my aunt started this book in
8:49 am
'66 at my mother's request. and she decided to title it desert rose to reflect the harsh withering restrictions of the jim crow south and how, to make the world a better place, mother had a determination through her education, through art, through faith and social activism to affect that change. so it's like this rose that grows up in a dry parched ground, but it bursts forth and blossoms into something beautiful. that's what happened with the life of coretta scott king. >> i cannot wait to read every page of this and i want to pass along some book signings that elder king will be at tomorrow. 11:00to 1:00, bernice king will be at the martin luther king, jr. national memorial, that's 11:00 to 1:00. and 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at the bus boys and poets at the shurlington location of course signing the book. i can't let this opportunity pass by without asking you,
8:50 am
what kind of mommy was coretta scott king? >> she was a devoted, loving mommy. she liked to laugh. the thing i like to tell people, she loved to create an atmosphere where everybody could just kind of let down. because we lived such a difficult life, fish bowl life so to speak. but she was very much, even though she couldn't be there as much as she wanted to be, she made sure we had everything that we needed. she sat down, ate dinner with us, talked to us about our father and everything. but she was a special mother. most people say that about their moms, of course. but she was a very special mother. we didn't get to do the daughter/mother things, because everywhere we would go, people recognized her. >> right. >> so we had to do things at
8:51 am
home. and certainly enjoyed every minute of it. >> please know that i'm going to accept her as a national matriarch. >> she was the disciplinarian. she did whip us a lot. >> look how you turned out. pleasure to meet you. thank you for coming to the studios. the book signings will be on our web site, tony, over to you. >> very special. thank you very much. fox 5's holly morris is at the national museum of the american indian today to preview their celebrate hawaii festival going on all weekend long. >> reporter: good morning. you go for one thing and you think you'll see something, and while there you discover there's another amazing thing, and that's what happened to us this morning. we're here to celebrate hawaii, which we're going to do and we're going to continue to talk about, but you have a
8:52 am
amazing exhibit. >> we do. we're opening up, it's called best in the world, native athletes in the olympics. >> reporter: in fact, we hopped upstairs to the second floor, got pictures of the medals. this is a limited time, but this is special. in fact, no one has ever done that again. >> never been achieved since then. and for the billy mills, he holds the american record. >> reporter: jim thorpe's sons will be here? >> his son bill will be here, as well as bully mills and -- billy mills. >> reporter: this is another example of how this museum continues to evolve. >> it's true. it's like who really thinks about natives being in the olympics? but it's actually been going on since 1908. we even have native olympians going to london this summer. >> reporter: the medals will be going to london as well? >> the two jim thorpe medals
8:53 am
will be going to london. >> reporter: you need to come now so you can see them. thank you for letting us get a sneak peek at that. you might as well come down this weekend and see the medals, because it's when the hawaiian festivals are going on. aloha to you. >> aloha to you. >> reporter: this is way cool. tell me about your surf board here. >> actually we're building two things. we're building a traditional hawaiian style surf board, which there were 10 different styles. >> reporter: really? >> yeah. in the old time. >> reporter: i was also reading when it comes to hawaiian surfing, way back in the day that it was usually just hawaiian royal that surfed? >> oh, no. that's a mythology. >> reporter: that's not true? >> no, it's not true. >> reporter: don't believe everything you read at the museum then. that's what it said. >> do you know who were the
8:54 am
famous surfers? females. women. >> reporter: that i believe. >> they were. yeah, it just depended on the time, because whenever the chiefs went surfing, the people couldn't come out and watch. >> reporter: i got you. and you're doing this sled here? >> yes. this is our version of tobaggan or luge. >> reporter: how many man hours are you putting into this? >> they got me here the next eight months. i'm kidding. we'll be done by sunday. will take us a full week to finish both. >> reporter: oh, to finish both. tell me about these tools here and how they work. looks like it's a fine process here. >> well, i mean, these are all just basic block planers. but this is one of my favorite
8:55 am
tools. this is a 1917 stanley. we found it in the desert in nevada, friends of mine. picked it up for ten cents. best tool. great steel. good american product. >> reporter: very good. we'll end it there. you can meet tom stone this weekend if you want at the festival. is our web site. we have a link to the museum of the american indian. you can't go to hawaii without surfing or doing the hula. >> right. which you're looking forward to doing. >> reporter: we're going to do it in our 9:00 hour. >> we are looking forward to that, too.
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we are starting off with a live look at the roads. look at that. that's not bad. not bad at all. people have begun their travels for this memorial day weekend. sherri ly is live with tips to make your commute smoother. >> then making history, the private spacecraft dragon is set to dock with the i.s.s., international space station, this morning. our sarah simmons is back with the latest on this mission. >> a tribute to wounded warriors. this weekend dozens of symphonies will become one to form an orchestra to play for our country's heros. we have a live preview at 9:30. >> a lot of dancing at 9:45. holly is learning how to hula, right? >> yeah. >> okay. and we have some dancing in the studio, preparing for an international battle today. a jam packed hour straight ahead. ♪ first, we


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