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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  May 25, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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this is knew. he's accused of killing his girl friend in front of her children. tonight his own mother is speaking out begging her son to turn himself in. >> plus rolling thunder rides again, the who l day tradition sell -- the holiday tradition celebrating a milestone. >> but first kicking off the
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weekend with a moving moment. >> we'll begin tonight with your holiday weekend outlook. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm brian bolter. >> i'm maureen umeh in for shawn. taking a live look outside at the georgetown waterfront. the crowds are out enjoying this beautiful friday night. gary mcgrady is looking ahead to the rest of the holiday weekend. >> i stepped out, there is nothing to explain about, so good. it was a hot day, though. 86 degrees the official high temperature today for national. now it was slightly cooler for dulles, the temperature there 85 and bwi marshall temperature was 83 degrees. we'll add some to this tomorrow. it looks like it will stay right around 90 degrees give or take for the weekend. the reason why is we've got had area of high pressure building in, gorgeous temperatures tonight, 76, not too terribly human at all, still pleasant --
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humid at all, still pleasant, manassas and culpeper high 70s. i had stormy down south for a second. it looks like any time now, probably perhaps overnight, maybe even by tomorrow morning we could have a new named tropical system just offshore of the carolinas. that will not affect us, though. it's trapped to the south and it will head south. here we'll be under this developing big ridge of high pressure. hot air is sneaking in underneath and will build up to right around 90 or so for the next few days. if you're headed out to the shore, it will be a little cooler there, but it will be gorgeous by the water, temperatures middle 70s or so tomorrow and through the weekend they'll be warming to the upper 70s and lower 80s, still a little chilly for the water, though, 66 degrees, but if you don't get in, the water helps keep you a little cooler if you're out by the water. it should be a real nice holiday weekend pretty much wherever you go around here.
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>> you can stay on top of the forecast with the fox 5 weather app. download it on your droid, iphone or ipad. you can also find it on warm weather and a holiday weekend not surprising the roads were packed with people making the great get-away. this is a look at the bay bridge tonight. traffic is heavy, but you can see it flowing along pretty well and despite the high gas prices it seems vacationers are willing to spend to enjoy their memorial day weekend. all packed up and hitting the road for the memorial day weekend, traffic already bumper to bumper on the bay bridge as folks head out of town for the start of the summer travel season. >> price of gas is better right now, so it's okay. >> reporter: gas prices are high but apparently not too high for many like kurt levindorfer and his family. his in laws are in from san diego. they've got a full weekend planned on the road and on the water. >> price of gas isn't slowing us down. we're going boating on sunday. that uses a lot more gas than
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the car. >> reporter: aaa predicts around 38 million americans will venture 48 miles away from home, up slightly 1.2% from last year. many planned ahead for vacation and are cutting costs elsewhere like staying closer to home and spending less on entertainment. jason grinbaum and his girl friend from new york are planning a low key weekend in the d.c. area. >> enjoy the pool, have a good time, going to do alexandria. >> reporter: one expert says people can save with a few common steps. >> the first is inflate your tires properly. tune your engine properly. take any unneeded junk out of the trunk and finally drive sensibly. if you do all those things, you'll save a significant amount of fuel. >> reporter: savings that make for more summer fun. from the road to the rails we are monitoring metro this holiday weekend, more track repairs will take place. right now part of the green line from greenbelt to fort totten is closed and will remain shut through monday.
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shuttle buses will be provided on the red line single tracking in effect between forest glen and takoma. if you're headed to the mall sunday night for the memorial day concert, get off at union station. before you head out be sure to check we have all the details on metro delays plus an interactive traffic map of the d.c. region, gas prices and a lot more. just click on traffic at the top of our homepage. another big story tonight, he's been on the run from d.c. police for three months accused of killing his estranged girl friend in front of their children. tonight the mother of reynard cook is pleading with her son to turn himself in before he gets hurt, fox 5's paul wagner with more. >> reporter: selena cook sat in the living room of her northeast home this morning worrying about her son and the grandkids he's left behind, three little ones who are being protected until he turns himself in or is caught by police. >> say reynard, you know the
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lord. i taught you about who jesus was. you always prayed with the kids. kids you know the right thing to do. you know jesus. do what jesus would do. >> reporter: selena cook says she's worried about her son's life on the run wondering how he's surviving. >> trust jesus and come on in because i don't want you to get hurt. just turn yourself in so this can be resolved, whatever is going to go on. you need to turn yourself in. >> reporter: cook says she wants to see her grandkids and that won't happen until her son is in custody. >> i love the kids no matter what goes on. i'm still going to love him and i'm going to love the kids. the kids are the most important thing right now and i'm not going to do nothing to hurt them. >> reporter: d.c. police say reynard cook shot yolanda stone multiple times as they arrived to pick up her son on alden place northeast. she survived several weeks until last sunday when she passed away. reynard cook is a long time d.c. resident who also goes by
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the aliases of reyvon stone, don fitzgerald hancock and demarko brown. there is a $25,000 reward for information that leads to his arrest and conviction. for now the children are in hiding protected by yolanda stone's sister. friends and family are holding a candlelight vigil for stone saturday night outside springarn high school. a funeral is set for monday morning. selena cook says she will not be able to see her grandkids and they will not come out of hiding until her son is caught or turns himself in. if you know where reynard cook is tonight, you're asked to call d.c. police at 202-727-9099. in the fox 5 newsroom i'm paul wagner. 10 years ago today a 15- year-old boy was shot and killed as he left the go go in prince george's county. ricky luke was riding in a car with several friends when another car pulled alongside and opened fire near the intersection of silver hill road and swan road. investigators believe the
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shooting has ties to a fight inside the new hot cafe, but the case remains unsolved. >> until someone comes forward and i get some closure it's going to be a bitter place for me. >> prince george's county police are hoping the 10th anniversary will finally spur someone to come forward with information about lucas' murder. this prince william county woman is accused of trying to kidnap a baby from its mother's arms on board a bus in dumfries. terri diane asked if she could hold the baby and the mother refused. she grabbed the baby seat and ride to take the child. the bus driver stopped the bus. she was later arrested. he is now the accused killer in the notorious etan patz case, the new details that came from his arraignment hearing coming up. >> but first two apologies in two days, why marion barry had to offer another today. >> and it's prom night after a gutsy proposal, a rockville high school student landed the
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date of her dreams. we follow her as she gets ready for the big night. >> coming up later on the news edge a tug of war between nations with the u.s. and pakistan fighting over the future of the doctor who helped the cia track down osama bin laden. 
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the head of jpmorgan chase says he'll answer congress' questions about the bank's recent loss of $2 billion. jamie dimon has been asked to appear before them next month. the securities and exchange commission is reviewing what the bank told investors about its finances and the risks it took before the loss. d.c. councilman marion barry said he misspoke when he referred to the polish community with a disparaging term. barry made the remark while meeting with asian community leaders yesterday. that meeting was set up after barry made two offensive statement last month about
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asians. he later apologies. now the polish american association is asking him to apologize. d.c. mayor vincent gray got the summer started today by opening d.c. pools. he took a turn in the chair overlooking the water. there are 19 outdoor pools, 11 spray parks and five children's pools. kids couldn't wait to jump in and enjoy the slides. >> this weekend they will be open from 12 noon until 6:00 saturday, sunday and monday. we will also be hiring 240 people to work in our pools. >> the mayor cut the ribbon for the new rosedale community center. along with the new pool the center had a brand-new gym, activity rooms and artificial turf field. and lifeguards were busy getting neighborhood pools ready for tomorrow's big opening. fox 5's bob barnard got a sneak peek. >> reporter: welcome to the potomac swim and tennis club. >> today is such a crazy day.
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we're trying to get everything put back in shape so the pool looks its best for our members coming in tomorrow. >> reporter: elizabeth gutterman and josh holstein getting the pool ready for 300 families. >> i absolutely love summer. >> reporter: elizabeth will be a senior at university of texas. >> i always wanted to be a lifeguard, so i'm really happy to be working here this summer again. >> reporter: josh is a 19-year- old johns hopkins neuroscience student power washing all the outdoor furniture. >> the chairs are still really dirty from the winter, but we're making progress. >> reporter: he still has several hours to go. >> love working at the pool, great atmosphere, very relaxing, great people. >> reporter: with the sun blaring and high temps expected to reach near 90 degrees this weekend the timing seems just right for pool season. elizabeth is checking the ph and chlorine levels. it looks like a 7.4 and 2.0 which is just about perfect.
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>> reporter: perfect for a nice dip. how is it? >> water is a little cool, but we've got our heaters running, so it should be good by tomorrow. >> reporter: the pool opens at 10 a.m. >> i'm really excited. there's a lot to be done, but it's all really manageable. we're looking pretty close to being able to open right now. >> reporter: see you in the morning. in potomac, bob barnard, fox 5 news. a dream come true for students at rockville high school, prom night in baltimore. for chloe thomas it almost didn't happen until she took matters in her own hands and went out and found her own prince charming at least for one night. fox 5's audrey barnes has the story. >> reporter: this cinderella story started in a tiny salon bustling with excitement. >> it's going to be cool. >> reporter: chloe thomas is getting all dolled up for her senior prom. >> this is going to make the whole night magic. >> reporter: a fairytale day that almost didn't happen until she took a bold step to get a
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prom date, asking him on the morning announcements at rockville high school. >> i've been thinking about it and i think i'll take you because you're just cool and everything. >> so what are you going to say, joseph? >> chloe, thank you very much for inviting me to prom and i would love to go with you. >> reporter: a man of his word sophomore joseph bresard with his girl friend's blessing showed up to take chloe to the prom. >> hi, chloe. >> hi. >> reporter: chloe has overcome a lot of challenges in her life and getting to this milestone is a true testament of what she's made of. >> you're going to dance the night away. >> yup. >> that is awesome, guys. >> reporter: and then they were off to board a bus to take them to the prom on board the spirit of baltimore dinner cruise ship. were you nervous all day? >> no. >> reporter: you weren't nervous? >> no. >> reporter: what are you looking forward to about tonight? >> just to have fun. that's it. >> now that we're around everybody and we're mixed into
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the groups i think it's kind of relaxing. i know it's going to be a great time. >> reporter: chloe's parents con help but get a little emotional about it -- couldn't help but get a little emotional about it all. >> she's growing up, going through the process doing all the things kids do as come of age, so very proud of what she's done. >> reporter: perhaps mom laura said it best. >> this is the stuff dreams are made of, you know. she'sen ever going to forget this -- she's not ever going to forget this last month for her entire life. >> chloe was nominated for prom queen. still kind of waiting to hear whether or not she won, but i think she's already a winner. >> she is a winner. >> we know joseph is a winner. >> what a great guy. >> she looked beautiful. i understand the services were donated for her hair and makeup. >> didn't they do a fabulous job? one little hiccup. joseph forgot the prom tickets. after he picked her up, they had to run back to his house. >> oh, please, like they haven't seen it on tv all week,
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weren't expecting them. great story. i'm sure they had a great time. coming up get ready for another huge construction project in one of the busiest parts of northwest, the major makeover next. 
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from iphones and ipads to high dollar math books apple makes some of the most popular products on the market. the company's ceo was set to cash in on that popularity with a $75 million dividend, but he's walking away from that money voluntarily. fox's tracy byrnes shows us why. >> reporter: he's head of the most valuable company of the world and now he's giving up the chance to collect $75 million. apple reports ceo tim cook is passing up on his chance to collect $75 million in dividend payments he of scheduled to receive over the -- he was
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scheduled to receive over the next decade. today's announcement comes after apple announced dividends of $2.65 a share after march. while other employees are eligible to cash in, cook asked apple to be excluded from the program. cook was given 1 million restricted shares last year that will vest over the next 10 years. so why is he giving up the money? maybe because those shares are already worth more than $550 million even without the dividend. as for the company itself, apple has been wildly successful. the stock while off its lows is still above $550 even with paying a quarterly dividend the company still has about $100 billion in cash reserves and investors expect profit to continue. apple is expected to release its redesigned iphone later this year. it's a product analysts expect to be very successful. watch your speed in the district, d.c. putting out 27 more cameras to catch speeders
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in action. tickets with fines will be started june 6th. go to for a list of all the locations. if you drive through the district, you'll likely see big changes to major streets. the district calls them streetscape projects, whatever. get ready for another huge one. >> reporter: the u street corridor is busy around the clock from popular places to eat to a vibrant nightlife, but like other places in the city, u street needs a little sprucing up. soon u street will look like 18th street does now in adams morgan and before that eighth street in northeast, a huge renovation project that will likely tie up traffic and for a while look a mess. there will be improvements to the road itself, sidewalks, street lights and overall appearance. >> it's just an amazing community. >> reporter: lou august says
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the eighth street improvements helped transform the neighborhood. >> the biggest impact are the businesses coming in, lots of i think unique businesses. so it's not your typical suburban sprawl type of businesses. >> reporter: although some businesses suffered while the streets are under construction, the finished product seems to be paying off. >> this is the best. >> reporter: as all those improvements take place, the district is also in the process of trying to bring major businesses here. for example, here in northeast at dakota crossing costco is expected to be built in the lot behind me and we are learning just today that lowe's is close to signing a deal as well. >> i think people are very excited about coming to the district of columbia. >> reporter: back to u street, the first phase of construction will take place from ninth street to 14th street. phase two will connect u street from 14th to the other streetscape project along 18th. in the district matt ackland, fox 5 news. news.
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is john edwards flirting with a juror during his own trial? the bizarre story next. >> plus new details in a notorious missing child case, what we're learning about the accused killer in the etan patz case after the break. >> if you see a story we should look into, let us know. call 202-895-3000 or send your news tips to fox5tips at we'll be right back.
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. 33 years to the day the 6- year-old etan patz disappeared while walking to the school bus in new york city, a suspect has been formally charged with his murder. 51-year-old pedro hernandez confessed to killing the little boy in 1979. he was arraigned today from a hospital bed where he is on suicide watch. meanwhile we're learning more details about the confession.
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>> reporter: pedro hernandez now 51 worked at a bodega on west broadway and prince street on may 25th , 1979. it's an eye glass store now. detectives are there trying to find forensic evidence to back up the one thing they have. >> we have a quinn signed confession. he spoke -- written signed confession. he spoke for 3 1/2 hours on videotaped statements. so obviously we believe there's probable cause to go forward with this arrest. >> reporter: according to police, hernandez says he lured little etan into his store with a cold so he dark then brought him to the basement -- soda, then brought him to the basement and strangled him. to this day he gives no reason why. commissioner kelly says hernandez did not sexually assault etan. hernandez said he put the boy's body in a plastic garbage bag in a box and dropped off the trash a couple blocks away.
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>> what is the likelihood that the body or remains could be found at this time? >> it's unlikely, very unlikely '. >> reporter: within a month of may, 1979 hernandez moved to new jersey, but the publicity surrounding the unsuccessful dig last month for etan's body let a relative to turn hernandez in. hernandez allegedly said to the relative i did a terrible thing in new york. i killed a child. hernandez's wife and daughter avoided comment when they left their home to come to court today. etan's parents who never moved hoping their son would come home arrived today to see the face of the man who may have murdered their child. >> we can only hope that these developments bring some measure of peace to the family. >> hernandez did not speak during his arraignment tonight, but his lawyer told the judge his client has a history of mental illness and hallucinations. a judge ordered hernandez held without bond and authorized a psychological examination to see if he is fit to stand
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trial. the charity at the center of penn state sex abuse scandal is closing. jerry sandusky founded the second mile to help disadvantaged children in 1977. he's now charged with molesting 15 boys over a 10 year period. it's been reported he met the boys through the charity. sandusky pleaded not guilty. tonight we're hearing from a once prompting football star whose rape conviction was overturned in california yesterday. in 2002 a fellow high school student accused brian banks of kidnapping and raping her. banks who was 17 at the time said the sex was consensual, but his lawyer advised him to plead no contest rather than risk a 41 year sentence. banks spent five years in prison before the woman recanted. >> i didn't choose to plead guilty or no contest. i was forced into it. it was a decision that i was proposed with and i had 10 minutes to makuta decision without even being able to
10:32 pm
consult my parents. -- make that decision wi even being able to consult my parents. it's impossible to do with anger and bitterness. you have to forgive and move on. >> banks who is 26 says he's training for what he hopes will be a future chance at a football career. a for instance, i experts today linked roger clemens -- a forensics experts today linked roger clemens to items used for steroids saying two cotton balls and a syringe needle degrees pod for dna. his -- tested positive for dna. the scientist admitted the dna on the needle could match that of hundreds of thousands of men and it could have contaminated the evidence on the cotton ball. clemens is accused of lying to congress when he denied using performance enhancing drugs. a former federal prosecutor surprised by the behavior of the jury in the john edwards trial. the former federal prosecutor pointed out thursday all four alternates seemed to have color coordinated their clothes with bright yellow shirts. today the alternates plus two jurors all wore red.
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he also mentioned one juror, a young woman, frequently exchanged smiles with edwards and nodded enthusiastically during closing arguments when lawyers urged them to find him guilty. today the judge said she was dealing with an issue with a juror. they have deliberated six days now. president obama has been attacking mitt romney's time as a venture capitalist while the presumptive republican nominee criticizing what he calls the president's failed politics. >> i know governor romney came to des moines last week worried about a deficit. >> reporter: in a state that's coined the phrase iowa nice, attacks between mitt romney and president obama are anything but. in des moines one week after mitt romney mr. obama used some descriptive words to reference his gop challenger. >> his speech was more like a cow pie distortion. >> reporter: president obama attacked bain capital saying it
10:34 pm
shows mitt romney knows how to help investors but not create jobs. >> it explains why the last time he visited these very same fairgrounds he famously declared that corporations are people. >> reporter: the president also told supporters since he took office federal spending has increased at the slowest pace of any president in almost 60 years. his critics say now mr. obama is distorting the truth. >> when he was on his own in 2009, 2010 average increase of 10% a year. >> reporter: romney stuck to an education theme in recent days and says it seems the president's attacks are less against him and aimed more at free enterprise. >> there's no question but that he's attacking capitalism in part i think because he doesn't understand how the free economy works. he's never had a job in the free economy. >> reporter: next week could be a significant one for romney. texas primary voters go to the polls and they're expected to provide the last remaining delegates he needs to clinch his party's nomination. in washington jennifer davis, fox news. up next scary moments
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aboard an airplane after a passenger rushed the cockpit. we'll hear from a man who helped take him down. >> plus the spacex dragon makes history 250 miles above earth. but first here's fox business network's eric willing. >> the summer travel season officially revving up now, some 35 million americans expected to pack up the car and hit the road this memorial day weekend and they'll be spending less to do it. the national average for a gallon of regular gas $3.67, 14 cents dropped from last year. cheaper gas may mean more cash in your pocket, but it doesn't mean you're spending it, just 39% of holiday travelers say they're planning to splurge on a hotel this weekend. before everyone digs in this weekend get ready to shell out food inflation biting you at the grocery store. prices for chicken and ground beef, even desserts headed higher. chew on this, the most
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expensive burger in the world for 295 bucks. this fancy burger can be yours made of wagu beef and comes with an diamond encrusted toothpick. that's business. i'm eric bolling.   >> this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by your lexus dealer. live life here royicly. -- heroically.
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a scare in the air as an unruly passenger on a flight to miami got everyone worked up. 24-year-old ryan snyder was arrested as he rushed the flight on the plane. the pilot landed safely thanks to passengers who subdued the
10:40 pm
man until authorities arrived. >> i actually extended my hand to kind of like i of going to shake his hand and from that -- i was going to shake his hand and from that point i maneuvered and flipped him and he got in this kind of position and you're locked and one arm is up. the more it goes up, the more pinning and more pressure. >> authorities say the incident doesn't appear to be terrorism related. snyder likely faces federal charges for interference with a flight crew. the private company spacex made history today with the docking of its dragon capsule to the international space station. the unmanned capsule was pulled in by the space station's long robotic arm. the spacecraft is transporting about 1,000 pounds of cargo to the iss including food, water and clothing for the astronauts. this is the first time a business enterprise has ever delivered supplies to the space station. tonight on the news edge the rolling thunder is in the district marking its 25th
10:41 pm
anniversary. the group started off with a moving moment at the vietnam memorial. >> plus a man says he's battled the same flesh eating bacteria that's threatened the lives of several people in the south not once, but twice, his story on the news edge. [ mechanical l humming ]
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[ male announcer ] we began with the rx. ♪ then we turned the page, creating the rx hybrid. ♪ now we've turned the page again with the all-new rx f sport. ♪ this is the next chapter for the rx. this is the next chapter for lexus. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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thousands of people are visiting the vietnam veterans memorial this memorial day weekend and today about three dozen members of a marine company that saw heavy action in vietnam came to visit the wall as a group. fox 5's john henrehan has their story. >> reporter: the members of charlie battery, first battalion 11th marine division are older, grayer, balder, many of them wider than when they served in the war in vietnam more than four decades ago. at that time they faced some very tough circumstances on the battlefield. >> we were involved in a very intense battle. one of our operations utah and 66, first time the marines
10:45 pm
encountered the north vietnamese. we lost 98 marines in two days. >> reporter: two years ago these former marines held their first ever reunion in branson, missouri. this time they came to washington d.c. to visit and personally experience the memorial to veterans of the vietnam war, more than 58,000 names on the wall at the memorial. >> alan french and robert king, robert king, they're both on this panel. >> mike hamilton is here, too. mike was with headquarters. >> reporter: 65-year-old karl huckabee in the wheelchair was severely wounded by a landmine in vietnam. he remembers being verbally attacked for being a war veteran when he was finally well enough to get out in the world. >> first thing they asked me, they said how many people you kill? >> reporter: how do you answer that? >> well, i don't know. i don't know if i killed anybody or what because i done my job. >> reporter: for many in the group this was their first ever
10:46 pm
visit to the vietnam veterans memorial. rex ratliff says the wall makes him realize the vietnam war was largely a mistake. >> there's 56,000 people there that didn't need to die. >> reporter: ron burg was another first time visitor to the wall. >> i wouldn't say i'm an anti- war person. i think we have a reason to go to war at times, but i think that our country needs to be very careful and selective in terms of where we use our military and our military power. >> reporter: john henrehan, fox 5 news. if you visit some of the war memorials this weekend, you will notice red roses. earlier today volunteers with the memorial day foundation were placing nearly 3,000 roses at the memorials. the tradition of placing flowers dates back to 1868 when general john logan established decoration day to honor the country's war dead by decorating their graves with flowers.
10:47 pm
>> cruising into that weekend and finally after all the rain that we had monday, tuesday, wednesday be thursday just enjoy the heat, pretty good trade, though. >> you take all that rain, nice weekend. at least we're forecasting a nice weekend. >> it's going to be hot, though. >> a little muggy and hot? >> i'm not complaining. let me stop. i like it. >> tell us how you feel. we have time. >> do you? >> no, we don't. keep it to yourself, maureen. >> i like the heat. >> a great day turned into a great night out there. temperatures are in the 70s pretty much areawide. here's what will be taking place the next several days hot, humid, isolated thunderstorm here or there but not enough to cause problems. look at today's numbers, 86 reagan national, a little cooler dulles, 85, bwi 83. at times today the heat index was running 2, 3 degrees warmer than the actual temperature. i think that's pretty much what we can expect this weekend,
10:48 pm
maybe a little more humid on memorial day. 76 now, quantico still holding up around 80 degrees, manassas 72, gorgeous, though, for the suburbs, culpeper, dulles, 77 for hagerstown, around the water a little cooler, eastern shore lower 70s, leonardtown 70 degrees. it does look like the holiday weekend is definitely -- they call it the unofficial start of summer. it's going to feel much like summer around here, mild lows and very hot days, humidity a little bit high, not too terribly bad. i definitely would not call it oppressive levels. i think again memorial day will probably be the next humid of the next three to four days. heat index will be up in the 90s. just take precautions if you're going outside. saturday, sunday temperatures generally right around 89 degrees or so. we'll be pushing 90 in some places. a little warmer for memorial
10:49 pm
day where i think temperatures actually make it to the lower 90s. saturday, sunday kind of muggy, a storm or two, no more than that, memorial day day still hot. we'll keep in mind keep a chance for these isolated one or two thunderstorms popping up here or there. we didn't get in on this side of the bay today. we had a little bit on the other side drifting over towards delaware. basically we've stayed dry. this is what is being watched now by the hurricane center. we've already had one named tropical storm. this could be a tropical storm or a subtropical storm probably by tomorrow morning. the hurricane center is saying they are 100% sure or almost 100% sure that this will be named, probably if not overnight tonight by tomorrow morning. it looks like it's not a big system. it's just about got a closed circulation here. most of the impact of this storm will stay offshore, but it will push some high surf out
10:50 pm
towards the carolinas. it will be pushed south over the next couple days, big area of high pressure keeping it from coming up here. that's nothing we need to worry about. only a few clouds overnight. suburbs will be in 60s, lower 70s in town. loads of sunshine tomorrow. we'll have 85 by lunchtime, high temperature tomorrow maxes out around 88 degrees, specifically for your memorial day here hot, humid, temperatures in the upper 80s to lower 90s and again just an isolated thunderstorm. next five days, we know the next three look hot, humid, tuesday a better chance of some thunderstorms with a temperature right around 90 again. the middle part of next week temperatures stay in the 80s. we turned into summer just like that, didn't we? still a little unsettled next wednesday with some showers and thunderstorms popping up. perhaps by next weekend we may be a little cooler. let's get through this one. this is a pretty nice way to go
10:51 pm
into the memorial day weekend, all the pools opening. it's nice and hot. >> that's the official start right there. >> i think so. thanks, gary. the economy certainly going to be a central issue in the presidential campaign. on that issue now mitt romney has a double digit lead in the polls. meanwhile the obama campaign seems to be stepping up attacks on romney's business background in the role of bain capital. earlier today i asked chris wallace if he thinks the president will stick with that line of attack. >> i think he has to stick with it. he may try other things, but i don't think he can let that go and he shows no signs of letting it go. the big problem, of course, his message being involved with private equity doesn't qualify you to be president because it's all about profit, not jobs but undercut by some democrats, ed rendell, new york mayor cory booker, but more than a dozen of them. so that got as much attention, if not more, than the actual attack by president obama.
10:52 pm
he's got to try to chip away. at this point with romney having such a big lead on the preeminent issue, the economy, he's got to somehow find a way to chip away at romney's credentials and the idea that he understands the economy better than obama does. >> another line of attack against the obama administration, at least its central legislation the healthcare reform act, the archdiocese of washington joined in a lawsuit against that particular law. you have archbishop donald wuerl from here in d.c. on your show this weekend. >> indeed. this is a big deal because catholic voters are one, very important and two, they tend almost without exception to go with the winner. how the catholic vote goes coincidence or not is how the country ends up going. not all catholic voters are going to side with the catholic leaders like cardinal wuerl, but there obviously is a lot of concern on the part of the church hierarchy that this
10:53 pm
mandate, even though the obama administration has tried to have an accommodation, the mandate that catholic institutions, not churches, but schools and charities and hospitals, that they have to have insurance coverage that includes contraception goes against the first amendment religious freedom. so it's a big issue. it will be a big political issue and a big legal issue. >> what else you talking about this weekend? >> obviously it is memorial day weekend. we'll talk about the threats this country faces and frankly, the fact that tens of thousands of american troops are still in harm's way. we'll be talking to senator john mccain about the foreign policy challenges and then our power play of the week and all i can say is it is an extraordinary story of one family's devotion to country and the sacrifices they had to make to defend this country, bring your handkerchiefs. it's a great story. >> chris wallace, host of fox news sunday 9 a.m. on fox 5 sunday morning. see you then. have a great weekend.
10:54 pm
>> thanks, brian. same to you. coming up next britney spears hit the road for the x- factor auditions. >> next at 11:00 hundreds of kids have eaten laundry detergent pods thinking they were candy. find out what's being done to prevent future poisoning cases on the news edge. 
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former adult film star jenna jameson has been arrested in california suspected of driving under the influence after hitting a light pole with her vehicle. it happened early this morning in westminster. she had minor injuries but refused medical treatment. a field sobriety test was conducted and there were signs of intoxication. lady gaga's big show in indonesia next month sold out, but muslim protestors are telling the star to stay away. demonstrators outside the u.s.
10:58 pm
embassy in jakarta sega gay will corrupt kids with her sexy outfits -- say gaga will corrupt kids with her sexy outfits and costumes. she say she may go on with the show if she tones herself down. many hope they have what it takes to be music's next big thing on the x-factor. others just want a glimpse of the new judge pop star britney spears. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: with a crowd of screaming fans there to greet her, britney spears arrived at the irwin center thursday afternoon for the first taping of auditions for season two of the x-factor. >> we have loved britney since we were little girls. >> reporter: she stopped to sign a few autographs and pose for the cameras. this season's other new judge demi lovato did the same. returning judges simon cowell and l.a. reid also arrived to a very
10:59 pm
excited crowd. line of fans wrapped around the center waiting to get inside to see the audition. >> i'm really excited because a lot of people know them. it's going to be cool to be able to see them. i want to hear what they have to say in person. >> you see them on tv. i want to see them in person. >> reporter: this is their chan to get a glisten of the -- chance to get a glimpse of the highly anticipated second season. >> i used to watch the uk one. now at america we're really excited and knowing it came to austin is so exciting. so we had to come. >> reporter: what do you think about the judges? >> it's really exciting. they all look like they're going to be really good. >> the second season of x- factor kick off this fall. -- kicks off this fall. the news keeps coming. brian bolter now with the news edge at 11:00. we begin with a memorial day tradition, rolling thunder in town for the annual ride


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