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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  May 26, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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. . a beautiful start to the memorial day weekend. tons of sun and tons of tourists packing the district. new questions surrounding the fate of pakistani doctor who helped bring osama bin laden to justice. and a fairy tail prom night has a magical ending. what happened when the clock struck 12:00. welcome to the news at 6:00. i'm maureen umeh. we begin with the unofficial start of summer memorial day weekend and the fantastic weather mother nature has provided. let's get right to it with tucker barnes in the weather center. is the hot, sunny weather going to stick around for the week? >> temperatures will be warmer than today and maybe low to mid-
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90s around here for our holiday on monday. warmer testimonies here to -- warmer temperatures here to stay. sorry, i -- here we are. let's get to the forecast. the temperature at reagan national currently 186 degrees. again we're off to a very pleasant afternoon with a lot of bright sunshine. saw some clouds move in late this afternoon and they'll be with us here through the evening hours. some thunderstorms off to the north. humidity 53%. there are the winds out of the south at 10. let's do the satellite radar together and back it up eight hours. started the day off nice. notice what's going on up north into pennsylvania. some thunderstorm activity and a cold front. you can see those picking up in the last couple of hours. some of the blowoff from the thunderstorms have reached the washington area. we'll be partly cloudy tonight. if you're -- if you're watching -- if you're north, you could see some light showers. upper 60s to about 70 in washington. more details on the forecast in just a minute. >> thank you, tucker.
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not only has the summer weather returned to d.c., how has the big time tourism. nearly 18 million visitors came to the nation's capital last year. as fox 5's john henrehan reports, it may cause headaches for some locals but it's bringing welcome revenue to the district. >> reporter: on memorial day weekend, many ever the tourists coming into d.c. are part of the rolling thunder gathering. but tourists here are a year round phenomenon, especially in the spring and summer when many sidewalks and streets are feared with them. their sheer numbers with be a bother to some locals. >> downtown washington, constitution avenue, pennsylvania avenue, it's just horrible. i don't like the traffic. >> sometimes when they're trying to drive around the tidal basin and look up at the monument it bothers me a little bit. >> reporter: what are they doing? >> because they're driving and looking up 550 feet up in the air. >> if only they would stand to the right.
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>> reporter: on the metro? >> on the metro. >> reporter: what brings the tourists to washington, d.c.? for some it's simply a very efficient place for touring. >> for one, there's so many things to do in one day. you get the biggest bang for your buck. >> reporter: for most of the tourists we spoke w the draw for d.c. is the fact that the government is here. >> i have two children that are 18 and just graduated high school and they're getting ready to be voters. and so i think it's important for them to see what this country is standing on. >> reporter: it turns out there are now more tourists than ever visiting washington. 17.9 million last year. that surpasses the 17.4 million tourists who visited way back in the year 2000 before the attacks of 9/11 put a damper on travel. domestic tourists were up 3.7%. foreign tourists to washington up 4.1%. these tourists are not only renting hotel rooms and buying meals, they're also taking home souvenirs. destination d.c., the agency that promotes local tourism,
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estimates that tourists spending accounts for more than half the city's annual take on sales taxes. so the next time you're irritated by the number of tourists, consider that without the tourist dollars, every household in d.c. would have to pitch in another $2400 a year to keep the city's tax revenues where they currently are. john henrehan, fox 5 news. we are watching metro. more track repairs will take place, part of the green line to greenbelt to fort totten is closed and will remain shut through monday. shuttle buses will be provided. on the red line single tracking is in effect between forest glen and takoma. if you're heading to the mall for the memorial day concert, metro suggests you get off at union station. throughout the weekend, be sure to check before you head out. we have all the details on metro delays.
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plus an interactive traffic map and gas prices. the unofficial beginning of summer means the official opening of swimming pools in the district. the department of parks and recreation opened 19 pools, 11 spay parks and five children's pools today. they're closing at 6:00 p.m. through monday but after that they will be open on the weekend only until school is closed in mid june. after that they'll be open six days a week and closed for one day for cleaning and maintenance. check with your community pool to find out which day that is. president obama used his weekly address to drive home the real message of memorial day. a day to honor those who gave their lives in military service and he talked about the responsibility all americans have to be grateful. >> no words could ever bring back a loved one who's been lost. no ceremony can do justice to their memory. no honor will ever fill their absence. but on memorial day, we come together as americans to let these families and veterans know they are not alone.
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>> republicans address came this week from kansas conwoman lynn jenkins. -- congresswoman lynn jenkins. most of her address focused on high prices and a lack of job creation. >> on memorial day as we consider the sacrifices our service members and their families have made, we are reminded to never squander the blessings of liberty. that is why helping to create jobs and grow our economy will continue to be republicans' focus in the weeks and months ahead. >> congresswoman jenkins says the nation owes its service members the promise of a strong and growing economy. d.c. police are looking for whoever stabbed a woman near the convention center late last night. the attack happened at about 11:15 near 7th and m streets near the mt. vernon square metro station. the woman was stabbed in the face near her jaw. they're looking for two other women in connection with the
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attack. d.c. police also looking for an armed robbery suspect who held up a 7-eleven convenience store on thursday. police have released these photos of the suspect accused of pulling a knife on a cashier. there you go right there and stealing more than 30 packs of cigarettes. the suspect is described as a black male around 50 years old and approximately 6 feet tall. anyone with information on this armed robbery suspect is asked to call d.c. police. we are following new developments surrounding serious questions over the fate of the pakistani doctor who helped bring osama bin laden to justice. he was sentenced this week to 33 years in prison for treason. some u.s. officials are calling it nothing more than a cheap shot at revenge. so what does this mean for already tense relations between pakistan and the u.s. >> reporter: the u.s. took steps to protect dr. shakil afridi before his arrest
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according to a senior official but we weren't able to. some in the intelligence agency say it will be hart to recruit foreign access in the future because no one wants to end up in a pakistani prison for 30 years. >> these guys are critical in the cold war and even more critical to get into these small networks in the war on terror. why would anybody want to cooperate with us if they think they may end up like this guy gie in some regard. >> reporter: the share of the senate select committee senator dianne feinstein has tweeted that pakistan's treatment of dr. afridi, the man who assisted the u.s. to find bin laden makes me wonder which side of this war pakistan is on. experts say it's hard to fathom why one of our allies is having such an outrageous reaction for us taking out the world's most wanted man. >> we're both fighting al qaeda. we're both fighting the taliban. had this happened with england,
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with france, israel, even with yemen, if we had an enemy terrorists in those territories and sended the drones, they wouldn't have reacted that way. >> reporter: even though the senate committee voted unanimously to with hold $33 million in aid from pakistan, a million for every year of dr. afridi's sentence till he's free, there's no indication they're considering letting him go. the white house is calling an attack in syria horrific. the new violence left more than 90 people dead including at least 32 children. it sparked outrage among leaders all over the world. the united nations denounced the attack which came a short time after demonstrations against the regime yesterday. a special memorial day homecoming for an injured marine. the hero's welcome he received after being released from walter reed. that's coming up next when the news at 6:00 returns.
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it was a heart warming homecoming for sean adams. the 19-year-old u.s. marine and purple heart recipient who was badly injured in the war in afghanistan has been recovering at walter reed medical center but was greeted to a hero's welcome at his home in georgia. >> reporter: with a traditional
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marine oorah, he came home to a hero's welcome. on the tarmac hundreds of well wishers swelled with pride and patriotism. military veterans, motorcycle groups, local citizens, family and friends. >> it's great to finally get home. my brothers over there deserve the same. >> reporter: the 19-year-old returned from walter reed medical center in maryland for the memorial day weekend, taking a break from rick rouse recovery after an improvised ec pleasive device in afghanistan left him without legs, a left thumb and right pinky. >> he'll stand before long. he can stand now as far as i'm concerned. he's ten foot tall. >> reporter: ten foot tall to those who waited in the hot sun for nearly three hours for his arrival. >> a hero who served this country above and beyond and we're just here to show him he's got support. >> reporter: support if those proud to call son adams a
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friend, a marine, a man who recently received the purple heart from the commander in chief president obama. >> he told me he thanked me for my service. as many injuries as i had, you know, he said it's a blessing i'm alive. >> reporter: alive to return home to spend memorial day weekend with those he loves and those who love him. >> i went to afghanistan and fought for myself, my family and my country and the corporation and now i'm -- corps and now i'm fighting for my life. still to come a behind-the- scenes look at this weekend's memorial day concert and a dream come true for one high school student. a look at her fairy tale prom when the news at 6:00 returns.
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it means the world. my dad is part of the military and so is my grandfather and he's going to be here. my dad unfortunately is in singapore right now doing some navy stuff but i'm excited. i feel like i'm a real part of this. it's an honor to be singing for everybody here today. >> american idol runner-up jessica sanchez rehearsing today for a star studded memorial day concert at the capitol. it's an event jessica says holds real meaning to her. you just heard her words. she was practicing singing the star spangled banner. other acts at the event include
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another former idol contestant chris daughtrey and actor gary sinise. a dream come true for students at rockville high school. prom night in baltimore for chloe thomas it almost didn't happen, though, until she took matters into her own hands and went out and found her prince charming, at least for one night. fox 5's audrey barnes has the story. >> reporter: this cinderella story started in a tiny salon bustling with excitement. >> it's going to be cool. >> reporter: chloe thomas is getting all dolled up for her senior prom. >> it's going to make the whole night magic. >> reporter: a fairy tale today that almost didn't happen until she took a bold step to get a prom date asking him on the morning announcements at rockville high school. >> i'd been thinking about it and i think i'll take you because you're just cool and everything. >> reporter: what are you going to say? >> chloe thank you very much
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for inviting me to prom and i would love to go with you. >> reporter: a manual of his words, -- a man of his words, with the blessing of his girlfriend he showed up to take chloe to the prom. >> hi. >> oh. >> reporter: chloe has overcome a lot of challenges in her life and getting to this milestone is a true testament of what she's made of. >> you going to dance the night away? >> yup. >> that's awesome, guys. >> reporter: then they were off to board a bus to take them to the prom on board the spirit of baltimore dinner cruise ship. were you nervous all day? >> no. >> reporter: you weren't nervous? >> no. >> reporter: what are you looking forward to about tonight? >> just to have fun. that's it. >> we're mixing into the group. i think it's kind of relaxing. i know it's going to be a great time. >> reporter: chloe's parents couldn't help get a little emotional about it all. >> it is a major milestone but it's g. she's growing up. she's going through the process and doing all the things that kids do as they come of age.
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i'm very proud of what she's done. >> reporter: perhaps mom laura said it best. >> this is the stuff dreams are made of. she's not ever going to forget this last month for her entire life. >> chloe was nominated for prom queen and we're happy to say she won the crown last night. didn't she look beautiful? >> they both looked sharply dressed. i love that story. >> the white suit is making a comeback. >> the white suit with the blue. old school tucker barnes. >> it came in and went out and now it's back. >> you're happy as a clam and we're happy as clams over this weather. it's a little warm. >> a little warm, a little humid. during the day temperatures got into the upper 80s and low 90s. here's a live shot. we have some clouds moving in from the north. i don't think we'll see much in the way of rain but the clouds kind of putting a little bit of a damper on our afternoon sunshine as we have storms off in central pennsylvania. >> are they coming this way?
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>> they're trying to move in our direction but i think they'll fall apart before they get here. the clouds are going to stick around for our evening hours. let's kick off the forecast and check out the high temperatures for today. reagan national right on the potomac, the temperature down just a little bit. 86. we thought we would get up close to 90. bw marshall got up to 89 degrees. parts of the area including frederick and fredricksburg got to 90 degrees. again, we're looking at temperatures tomorrow and monday right back into the upper 80s and low 90s. so the next couple of days, we're going to be in for our hottest weather here. let me mention real quick for tomorrow, we have a code orange air advisory as we get into the afternoon hours. all right. taking ta a loot at your current temperatures. 84 at reagan national. 88. 89 in fredericksburg. cooling off in baltimore with the cloud cover. 82 at the moment. i see one 7 0z on the map. -- 7 oz on the map. -- 70 on the ma'am. here's what it feels like.
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these are heat index temperatures. 86 is what it feels right now in wact. you can see lots of -- in washington. you can see lots of 90s. no not going to cool off a whole lot overnight. lows will be in the upper 60s and low 70s because of the humidity we've got out thrcht let's do the satellite and radar. i mentioned the storminess. we're going to lose it real quick but off to the north and to the west of us, we've got some storminess and some of that cloud cover is kind of pushing into the washington area. most of the thunderstorms should stay north here of the maryland-pennsylvania border n. is subtropical storm beryl. maximum winds just 45 miles per hour but an impressive circulation. it's moving to the west, southwest. it could bring very heavy rains over the next couple of days and track to the north and east. this will be a weather maker for the southeast over the next couple of days. if you're headed down to the beaches in portions of the carolinas the next couple of
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days, you're going to have cloud cover and the possibility of thunderstorms. not a terribly strong storm but the movement is going to be very slow the next couple of days and then it will get lifted to the north and north and east as we get into the middle of the week. so it could get fairly close to the washington area. i don't think it will be a terribly strong storm when it does so but maybe some shower and thunderstorm activity by the middle of the week. winds 45 miles per hour. gusts 60 miles per hour. forecast to become just a tropical storm over the next 24 hours. forecasts for tonight partly cloudy skies, warm and humid. there are your winds out of the south at 5 to 10. i mentioned the code orange air quality. the sensitive groups including children tomorrow, that's -- air quality is moderate. mostly sunny skies. hot, humid afternoon. 90 your daytime high and your five-day forecast next couple of days plenty of heat. 92 on memorial day. could be a thunderstorm or two by tuesday afternoon with a high temperature of 90. behind it the front on tuesday we get cooler and drier. highs by wednesday and thursday
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back in the #s on with less humidity -- 80s with less humidity. if you don't love the heat this early summer preview, hang in there. it will be cooler. >> we can't complain. we call it the unofficial start of summer and it's feeling like it so why not. >> good pool weather. >> you hearing people complain about this? >> not yet. >> give it a minute, right? >> a couple weeks. >> all right, thanks a lot. coming up, a big day locally in the world of sports. the nats continue their showdown series in atlanta. could they increase their lead in the national league east? lindsay murphy is back with the details. details.
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we've got baseball on tap. that's why we call it the dog days of summer. >> i think it's officially ended. >> take it away. >> everybody goes to baseball games. starting to grab a hot dog. it's too hot to have a hot dog. last night the nationals got it done big time. they beat the braves to take a two-game lead over atlanta in the nl east. so today an opportunity to create even more operation with steven strawsberg on the hill. -- strasburg on the hill. he was removed due to tightness in his bicep. it's okay today. in his tenth start this season already. first inning one man on. 6-3 double play. strasburg out of trouble in the
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1st. how about strasburg at the plate. his seventh hit of the season already. setting up runners and keeping the inning alive for danny espinoza. espinoza comes through big time. a three-run home run to left field. that is his fifth home run of the season. it leads to a 4-0 nats lead. look at the guy in the seats. he's on a first deat. so slick. gives it to his girl. . desmonds starts 56-3 double play. nats lead 6-4 in the 7th. camden yards, the red hot orioles hosting the royals. the orioles are on the board in the second inning 1-0 baltimore. this is actually pretty scary. the fly ball to left center here. dyson in center. alex gordon in left field for the royals. look at these issues. gordon makes the grab. his legs are taken out.
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these guys are going full speed which is really scary. dyson goes over to make sure he's okay, right? no. he's just really concerned about the baseball like did you make the catch or not. he did make the catch. it's an out. take another look. ironically it was gordon who stayed in the game. dyson had to be replaced. in the 3rd the power continues for the birds. did he get enough? oh, yeah. the tenth home run already this season. the birds lead the royals 3-2 in the 7th. yesterday the maryland women fell to northwestern 9-7 in the sell any finals of the ncaa lacrosse tournament. their male counterparts took on duke in their semifinal game. it's maryland and duke actually going at it right now. two schools that no matter what the sport, there is no love lost. the terps trying to advance to the national championship game on monday. they got off to a great start. look at the pass from kevin cooper to billy gribbi ni. that is -- gribbin.
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that is teamwork. from behind the duke net, it's the freshman kevin forcer with -- forster with the nifty turn. maryland leads in the second yachter 6-2. -- quarter 6-2. d.c. united getting ready for tonight's home match with the new england revolution. the black and red currently stand at 7-4-3 which is good enough for second place in the eastern conference. get out to rfk tonight because they won't play another whole match till june 30. needless to say they don't want to rest on their laurels. >> the one thing that we can't get now is complace sent. you know, yeah, okay, we won a couple of games. if we look at standings we're sitting pretty nice. but you don't get complace sent. this is just -- complacent. this is just the start of the season. in terms of the second half of the season, it really determines who is going to be the playoff teams and who's going into the playoffs hot. >> tucker, you were a soccer player.
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>> way back in. >> would you contribute to d.c. united if somebody went down and they were to throw you in? >> [ multiple voices ] >> it wouldn't be fast if i did. >> tucker, take the credit. >> so humble. that's it for us. we're back aft game tonight. hope you are, too. bye-bye.
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