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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  May 27, 2012 10:30pm-11:30pm EDT

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checking the points, the championship points for sprint. one-third of the way through the season. 12 races. greg biffle actually added a little bit to his points lead over matt kenseth. tony stewart, defending champ and nascar fell back a couple spots. >> michael: he struggled tonight for sure. you know, chris, when you leave charlotte, eight of the top ten i goes in points -- top ten guys in points make the chase. you have to feel good if you're in the top points for being in the championship. >> chris: kasey kahne's tonight's winner 15th. and gained 16 positions in the last six races. he has been the hot driver. so summing up the drivers in the top ten, guys like dale earnhardt jr. have yet to win. jeff gordon certainly looked like for a moment tonight he might struggle. >> michael: he can, he can, he can focus on brad keselowski. because keselowski was 24th in the points when he came to charlotte last year, went on a roll and made the chase. jeff gordon needs something like that to happen. tonight might be the catalyst for that. good finish, solid night. we'll go down the road and
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hopefully he can get wins and get in the chase. he can't miss the chase, he? >> chris: he can't. kasey kahne or jimmie johnson, jeff gordon has had problems but it seems like they hit their stride. >> michae johnson and i talked to kasey kahne the other night after the all-star race and i said kasey, you drove the most amazing race in the all-star. he was sideways, going as hard as he could. he said, "mike, i love the cars and i want to win so bad for this organization." he pulled it off tonight. >> chris: he had to wait a while to get to hendrick motorsports and finally gets the win for hendrick. next on pocket, continuing the memorial day weekend, the late local news. checklistings in your area. next saturday night, we continue baseball tonight in america. yankees-tigers, some see the cubs-giants. note the start time. 7:00 eastern, 4:00 pacific. next sunday, over in dover for nascar coverage. we hope you join us. 12:30 eastern time from the monster mile. matt kenseth put on a good
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finish there last year. next on speed, victory lane for continuing coverage from charlotte. tune in to victory len on speed and everything nascar. kasey kahne wins the coke 600, capping the triple-header. dario franchitti for car owner chip ganassi wins the indy 500. mark webber of australia the monaco grand prix. for our entire crew, i'm chris myers. thank you for being part of nascar on fox. at the start of the broadcast this evening, we honored members of the armed forces, who made the ultimate sacrifice. 600 miles and victory lane late we complete our broadcast, but in the days, weeks and months ahead, we will never forget those who gave so much for the united states of america. we thank you for watching, for being part of our program. and hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend. captioned by closed captioning services, inc
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. rolling thunder and rolling storms in the district this memorial day weekend as we honor our nation's servicemen and women. >> one family never expected they'd be mourning this memorial day as police continue
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to investigate the death of a marine in ft. meade. >> and a vicious attack on innocent animals. police in fairfax county are investigating a second crime on animals within the past month. welcome to the news at 10:00. i'm maureen umeh. >> up until tonight mother nature provided us a hot and sunny memorial day weekend, but now comes the rain. tonight's memorial day concert on capitol hill was cut short forcing hundreds of guests to evacuate. lets turn things over to gwen tolbart in the weather center with an update. >> we had a line of rain and storms that moved through. some were fairly strong. we had a couple of severe thunderstorm warnings that were in effect and those storms pushed their way down to across the d.c. metro area into the area down so un. so i could see why they definitely -- downtown. so i could see why they definitely took some precautions. let's take a look at radar. i had a lot of lightning earlier. now there's mainly rainfall with pockets of heavier
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rainfall where you see the darker green, president it's gradually moving through, not -- but it's gradually moving through, not a whole lot happening. here's a closer look. you can see some of the areas currently affected. temperatures are still above seasonal and it's still very mild outside. we'll have a look at all that important information for tomorrow for everyone planning outdoor events. back to you. defense secretary leon panetta is hosting a ceremony for vietnam veterans tomorrow taking place in front of the wall that lists names of more than 58,000 americans who were killed or remain missing in action in southeast asia. fox news military analyst oliver north is in d.c. for the ceremony with a man he credits for saving his life in vietnam, dr. john jack fowler. >> i see the kind of commitment that was built on the battlefields of vietnam where guys who like those on this
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wall behind us were hit and hurt and died as a consequence and i see a remarkable commitment that was made by this man and others like him to continue service to our country. it's powerful. >> president obama will also mark the 50th anniversary commemoration of the vietnam war tomorrow at the wall. a life size sculpture of that famous kiss from times square is making its way around the area for the memorial day weekend. you know the image, a sailor kissing a nurse at the end of world war ii. as fox 5's john henrehan explains, the group organizing the sculpture's tour is called the spirit of '45. >> reporter: the statue of a sailor kissing a young woman sat in the bed of a pickup truck on upper wisconsin avenue several hours before moving to other locations in the d.c. area. it drew stares but not everyone quite got the context. geraldine sueldo grew up in argentina. does the image look familiar?
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>> actually not for me. >> reporter: that's because you're so young i think. >> maybe. >> reporter: this was part of a photograph captured in times square when world war ii came to an end. >> oh, wow, very nice. i'm glad to know that. >> reporter: life magazine was covering the huge celebration after the surrender of japan and photographer alfred eisenstaedt snapped this iconic image. one of the life size copies was being shown around the d.c. area where people stopped briefly to admire it. why were you taking a picture? >> because my husband is in the marine corps and i really love seeing things that make people remember that we have so many families that are part of the military community. >> reporter: anita singh did not quite get the world war ii connection, but many older passers-by did nail the context. >> i believe it was a kiss that was in times square on v,
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victory day. >> reporter: vj day. >> can't remember who took the for the ocean but i believe that's what that is. >> reporter: the group -- photo, but i believe that's what that is. >> reporter: the group is trying to get people to remember the group that stopped fascism and rebuilt and democratized japan. the sculpture will be part of d.c.'s memorial day parade monday and children will carry 400 photographs representing the roughly 400,000 americans in uniform who died during world war ii. in washington john henrehan, fox 5 news. >> a programming note, you can catch the national memorial day parade on fox 5 monday. actor gary sinise and miss america 2012 will join the parade route along constitution avenue. you can watch it live starting at 2 p.m.
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a developing story at ft. meade where a marine was found dead last week. private anthony romanocaruso was found dead in his barracks wednesday. now his family is preparing for a funeral and a memorial day they hoped to never have to observe this way. fox 5's audrey barnes talked with them today. >> sergeant justin how. >> norm ann t. hatch, retired major. >> i'm about to return to my sixth tour of duty. i fight because this country has given my family everything. >> reporter: this memorial day tribute was shot by a combat cameraman. that's exactly the job private anthony romano caruso was training for at ft. meade, a mission he'll never complete. the 19-year-old marine was found dead in his barracks wednesday. we spoke with his father by phone in north carolina. >> he was loving the marines is all i know. he was having a good time. i've heard of no trouble. he was in good health as fares i know.
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it's just a big shock. >> reporter: investigators haven't yet said how the young marine died, but his family says they haven't ruled anything out including foul play. the inquiry is expected to wrap up soon. >> it's hard to describe. you don't know what to feel. you don't know what to think, say, do. the waiting is the hardest part. >> reporter: this memorial day will be tough for the romano romano caruso family. they have all served in the service. >> none of them have died in war or active duty. i don't know. i don't want to think about it. >> reporter: but he already knows memorial day will never be quite the same again. audrey barnes, fox 5 news. news alert from fair fact county where police are investigating another bizarre -- fairfax county where police
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are investigating another bizarre animal attack at the prying pan park in herndon two goats, a calf and chicken were found cut or stabbed. the animals will be okay. you can see stitches on the injured goat's head. this happened last month at a barn next-door, but so far police aren't sure if there is a connection. >> anybody driving by or walking in the area may have heard or seen something, we want to hear from those people. >> i don't know who can do that. i mean particularly the -- why would you do that to animals? >> police say the calf and one of the goats stand were both under a year old. we will have more on this story later on the news edge. a 60-year-old man allegedly drove off after hitting someone in prince george's county last night, but he came back this morning to talk to police. the man is accused of hitting a pedestrian leaving him in critical condition. police say he returned to the scene eight hours later and is now cooperating.
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he hasn't been charged yet pending the police investigation. a close call for a howard county family. their rv caught fire in the driveway, but firefighters put it out before it reached the home. the fire started this morning on y avenue in jessup. the home has some fire and smoke damage, but no one was hurt. there were no working smoke detectors in the rv. firefighters say this is a good reminder to check all smoke detector batteries. public pools are just beginning to open in our area and already there has been a near drowning. yesterday a 3-year-old fell into a pool on hewlett avenue in aspen hill. the lifeguard saw it happen and pulled the child out of the water. the child was taken to the hospital and is expected to be fine. the presidential race goes negative with early attack ads to private equity. the catholic church slaps the obama administration with a lawsuit and strong words on what the u.s. administration hasn't done in syria.
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fox 5's melanie alnwick has roundup. >> reporter: this is the ad that's raised a few hackles calling mitt romney's bain capital a job killer, not a job creator and while some democrats distanced themselves from it, on face the nation presidential advisor robert gibbs did not back down. >> this has nothing to do with being anti-business. this is a good criticism quite honestly of mitt romney's only thesis for being president of the united states that, he's some kind of economic savior. he's very good at making money for his partners. he's not so good at creating jobs '. >> reporter: ed gillespie, a romney campaign advisor, shot back. >> there is a correlation, bob, between making money and growing a company and job creation. that's what president obama doesn't understand because he's never been in the private sector, doesn't really understand how it works. >> reporter: the obama/romney proxy debate continued on meet the press with newt gingrich taken on maryland governor martin o'malley who many on a 2016
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presidential bid. democrats say the bain ads are meant to show romney doesn't have the experience to be president. >> i think it's more of a qualm fick issue. there's nothing that governor roll -- qualification issue. there's nothing that governor romney did in the private or public sector that distinguished himself as a job creator. there's a tremendous amount of balance required to be president of the united states, especially to bring our country back from the disastrous after effects of the bush recession, the bush job losses. >> this is an administration which went from yes, we can to why we couldn't and george w. bush was why the we couldn't. this president has been at it for 3 1/2 years to fix it. this country is not fixed on gasoline, the economy, the deficit and romney at least has a reasonable shot at doing a better job than barack obama. >> reporter: the obama administration may have to defend itself in a new lawsuit filed by the catholic church. on fox news sunday cardinal
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donald wuerl said it goes way beyond mandates to provide birth control. >> this whole lawsuit isn't about contraception. it's about religious freedom. embedded in the mandate is a radically new definition of what constitutes a religious community, what constitutes religious ministry, brand-new, never before applied at the federal level. that's what we're arguing. >> reporter: after a violent weekend in syria which saw at least 60 adults and 30 children massacred senator john mccain has some strong words. >> horrible things are happening in syria. this administration has an effectless foreign policy. >> reporter: saying the united states here and in other hotspots has been weak and ineffective. >> it's really an abdication of everything america believes in and stands for and on memorial day we should be moved by this incredible inaction and failure
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to assert american leadership. >> reporter: though secretary of state hillary clinton condemned the syrian regime, mccain believes it is time to clearly say that military assistance is on the table. melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. just ahead a nationwide push to punish convicted drunk drivers by serving a lifetime of having to blow behind the wheel. >> plus a disturbing story out of south beach, a man dead after he was caught biting another man. fox 5 news at 10:00 returns in just minutes. [ mechanical humming ]
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police are out this holiday weekend looking for drunk drivers. in one state convicted drunk drives have to prove they're sober every -- drivers have to prove they're sober every time they drive and it may soon become a nationwide mandate. >> reporter: more than 10,000 people are killed and more than a million arrested each year
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for mixing alcohol and driving. now there's a renewed push to stop drunk drivers and save lives by using ignition interlock. >> the ignition interlock is a device that attaches to the vehicle, interfaces with its ignition system and requires a breath test to be passed before the vehicle is started. >> reporter: currently only 16 states require locks for anyone convicted of driving under the influence while other states are considering enacting it. a recent study bit insurance institute for highway safety -- by the insurance institute for highway safety found that having a mandatory interlock law and a high rate of lock installations significantly lowers the chance of repeat offenders. >> ignition interlock laws could go even further if they were publicized really broadly so that all drivers, not just people convicted of dui, know if they're caught, one of the penalties they'll receive is putting an interlock on their vehicle. >> reporter: the american beverage institute which represents some 8,000 restaurants disagrees with a so- called one size if it's all type of punishment arguing it
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shouldn't be up to states but judges and requiring ignition interlocks nationwide would cost more than $430 million to supervise offenders. >> our concern when it comes to the first offender mandate is you're throwing out judicial discretion when talking about dui offenders. you're also eliminating proportional response. so as an industry obviously we want to see that our laws work and so right now these first offender mandates, they don't work. they're too expensive. people aren't complying. >> reporter: congress is debating legislation that encourages states to enact interlock laws for first time offenders as well as research to put alcohol detection systems in all cars. in los angeles adam housley, fox news. a very disturbing story coming out of miami this weekend. an officer shot and killed a naked man who was biting the face of another man on a busy downtown street. witnesses say a woman saw two men fighting and flagged down an officer who saw a naked man
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mauling the other man. the officer ordered the man to back away, but he ignored the demands. >> that confrontation extended to the actual officer. now during this confrontation an officer did discharge his weapon striking one of the individuals and that individual has lost his life right now. >> the other man has been taken to the hospital with critical injuries to his face, no word why the men were fighting. two young americans are linked to a woman's death in tokyo after a nicky manoj concert. police arrested them after one of the exchange students was found unconscious in their hotel rooms. she had been strangled. the men who brought her back to the hotel have not been identified. the united nations security council voted unanimously today to condemn the government of syria after massacres leaving more than 100 people dead, almost half the victims children, but syrian officials are placing plame on another
10:56 pm
group. we have the latest. >> reporter: as the syrian government denies all involvement, the u nation security council is pointing the finger at bashar al assad's regime for the massacre of more than 100 villagers. after holding an emergency meeting one by one ambassadors denounced the bloodbath. >> defies imagination. it was beyond everything which has happened so far. >> there is a clear footprint of the government in this massacre. >> reporter: 108 people killed. among the dead were at least 49 children. after more examination the u.n. monitor is raising the death toll from friday's 18 hour siege of the people of the village. of the hundreds more hurt in the attack many have shrapnel wounds. on saturday the u.n. is mobbed by mourners, the men painfully showing off rows and rows of bodies. despite the risk to their lives syrians pouring into the
10:57 pm
streets yesterday rallying against the violence. syrian foreign ministry officials once again blaming these attacks on terrorists, their phrase for the opposition. a ceasefire was negotiated six weeks ago with president al al assad. >> there has been no evidence whatsoever that assad has been willing to do more than palin service. >> reporter: the syrian ambassador -- than lip service. >> reporter: the syrian ambassador calling it a tsunami of lies. still to come, the rolling thunder are roaring their way through the district. we'll have a firsthand look at the 25th anniversary of the memorial day ride. >> plus honoring the godfather of go go, local students making sure chuck brown is remembered for generations to come. 
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rolling thunder, thousands of bikers remembering the fallen, but it's not just those who were killed the annual ride
11:01 pm
remembers. rolling thunder focuses on those who never came home, prisoners of war and those missing in action still unacted for. we have their tribute. >> basically rolling thunder is really big on awareness about pows and mias, but they're also supportive of veterans from every war and making sure the public is aware of what is going on with veterans and people who place their lives on the lines every day for them. >> we've got to educate our kids. i get frustrated time i have to explain to an ed teen or 20- year-old when -- to an 18 or 20- year-old when i have to explain what p.o.w. or mia means. >> people don't know that there are p.o.w.s in a modern war. everybody is familiar with jessica lynch. outside of them we have bo birddahl who is currently a
11:02 pm
p.o.w. captured in 2009. >> it's what are wrenching and makes me feel sad there's not more i can do and not more we can could as people to get them back -- do as people to get them back. >> we're recognizing the fact we still have men and women held in foreign lands and countries from different conflicts and we're hear to bring attention to the fact that we need those people home. we don't want to see this happen again to our kids and our grandkids. >> he tries to bring this home to you so that you have to kind of deal with it and he's done it for over 25 years. >> really shows you how bad it was for them. this was happening less than 100 years ago, so a lot of people, they don't know about it, but it's important. >> i don't have anything against anyone having their barbecues this weekend and having a good time, but i think if they came to something like
11:03 pm
this, i think they'd see what memorial day really is and how it does affect veterans that are still alive and still here today and how we honor the people, the men that never made it home that are somewhat forgotten. >> that was photojournalist lance ink with a beautiful tribute. just ahead a new statistic about our nation's veterans showing they're suffering more than you might imagine. >> plus we'll introduce you to the kids behind this new mural.
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. this memorial day brings new information on just how difficult things are for veterans right now. after 10 years of war there's a new statistic that may surprise
11:07 pm
you. fox's steve centanni explains. >> reporter: veterans are filing for disability benefits at a historic rate, this according to a report by the associated press shedding light on the tolls of war of this generation. of the 1.6 million veterans from the conflicts in iraq and afghanistan so many suffered physical and internal injuries. >> before i used to get angry on every little thing. i used to be in the hospital bed and you would turn on the light light switch, i would just go off on you. >> reporter: some believe these newer veterans have more mental injuries. >> we don't look at it the same way we look at physical wounds. >> reporter: some other interesting highlight, more coming from the reserves than national guard. women are serving at a higher
11:08 pm
rate and men and women alike are suffering from ied attacks, improved emergency care in the battlefield pushing survival rate to more than 95%. more than 500,000 veterans have claims sitting in limbo for more than 125 days. the average wait time for processing? eight months. >> you're running us around in circles and you should be ashamed of yourself. >> reporter: one obvious cause of that lengthy claims backlog at the va, the sheer volume, the agency receiving 1.3 million disability claims in 2011. d.c. mayor vincent gray today saluted members of the armed forces who sacrificed their lives. he released a statement saying in part, "we also honor the brave men and women from the nation's capital currently on active and reserved duty. in saluting these hometown heros i remain determined to
11:09 pm
attain autonomy in representation and oversight for them and the families they leave behind." ceremonies in d.c. tomorrow will include one to thank and honor those from vietnam. the wall commemorates the 50th anniversary of the official start of american involvement there. one veteran says he's thinking of those who served in iraq and afghanistan who have suffered new and devastating injuries due to the kind of warfare they faced. >> and it's our job to put them together both body, mind and soul to get them moving forward in life again. the one thing we don't want to see them do is to sit back and reminisce and gloat over the war and feel bad about the war. we want to return them to life as quickly as possible so had he don't waste their next 20 -- so they don't waste their next 20, 30 or 40 years. >> president and mrs. obama and vice president and mrs. biden will be at the ceremony. the president is expected to speak. in memory of one of the city's most legendary i cons some d.c. kids are creating -- icons some d.c. kids are
11:10 pm
creating a masterpiece using chuck brown's art as their own to give something that will last for years to the city. >> that was ingenious there. >> there's a little neon green in there, too. >> we love you, chuck. we love you. >> the beat. i like the way his beat goes. >> when chuck brown died, we realized the impact he had on d.c. as a whole and we realized that there also weren't any murals of him. >> reporter: the kids at mcfarland middle school in pitt worth are changing that. they talk -- petworth are changing that. they talked to management at sweet mango. >> the answer wasn't yes. it was when are you going to get started? a lot of them want to be athletes and musicians and art is not always the coolest job field or career choice. i think it's my job to expose them to that and get them hooked. >> reporter: now even the paintbrushes are dancing. >> at my age 55 i can still get
11:11 pm
on the dance floor and do what i do with him because he used to bring happiness to whatever crowd he had. you could not sit still with him. >> good dude, good guy, love him. he was for the people and by the people. >> it's not going to be perfect, but it's about the idea and imagery. >> when i heard about it friday, i was like i should stop by. >> often they're here friday night till 10:30. >> we had to get the tall ladder to do the top. >> i feel after they do something like this there won't be anything that intimidates them as far as art is concerned. >> i see determination, a lot of knowledge. >> strong, positive. >> that's a good picture. i can't believe them young people did it. >> it looks good. i like the way like it's shaded and toned. >> got a lot of people honking and running past, taking pictures. >> honored. i feel like people know me. >> it looks really good. i'm excited and i'm proud of
11:12 pm
them. >> reporter: their work is based on a photo by darrell montgomery. >> this is good. i like this, real nice. >> it's amazing, ain't it? >> this is nice. >> wind it up. >> brown is like looking at you. >> chuck's watching you. >> reporter: on georgia avenue beth parker, fox 5 news. >> good job. there will be an all day public viewing of chuck brown tuesday and a public memorial thursday at noon at the convention center. memorial day weekend means the biggest races in sports, the indy 500 coca-cola 600, plus the nats defeat the braves in atlanta. lindsay murphyous deck with sports. >> we had some rain -- lindsay murphy is on deck with sports. >> we had some rain that moved through earlier. skies are cloudy, but just some widespread scattered showers here and there. i'll let you know what to expect as we head into the holiday weekend. the details will be a little later. stay with us.
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lindsay murphy on deck with sports. before the start of the season lots of talk on the nats about their pitching staff. have they lived up to the hype? >> surely. everyone talks about strasburg coming off tommy johns. gio gonzalez is who everybody should be talking about. he pitched one of his best games tonight. he stepped it up for the national games. the nationals are red hot and so is starter gio gonzalez. he is among the nl leaders with 69 strikeouts, third best with a 1.98 e.r.a. and is holding opponents to a major league low .167 batting average. tonight the lefty looked to become the nats first pitcher to win five straight starts since 2006. we'll start at the top of the 4th, nats trailing 2-1. here's gio gains at the dish with the bases loaded. he helps his own cause. deep shot to left, it's deep enough for ian desmond to score on the sack fly. nats tie it up 2-2. bottom 7
11:17 pm
it's 6-2. gio gets his 10th strikeout of the game going seven innings, allows one hit and two earned runs. top 8 bryce harper taking the former natalie van hernandez to depp right -- nat livan hernandez to deep right. the nats sweep the braves 7-2. they won. the orioles hosting bottom 5 tied 2-2 and jones with a drive to right field over the head of jeff francoeur. jones cruises into second with a double to extend his hitting streak to 18 games and makes that contract look pretty good. top of the 6th a 1-2 count and francoeur ripped it to left field, a solo shot which proved to be the game winner. orioles fall to the royals 4-2. kansas city takes two of three in that series. tonight's coca-cola 600 seen here on fox, 44 laps to go kasey kahne with a fresh set of
11:18 pm
tires after a pit stop would take the lead for good there. jimmie johnson's late pit stop not as successful. the fuel man goes for a tumble after the can gets stuck in the car. johnson would finish in 11th. kaine captured his third coca- cola 6 hub. denny hamlin fin -- 600. denny hamlin finishes second. it was the fastest race in history at the average speed over 155 miles an hour. today as he indy 500, dario franchitti head -- franchitti heading into turn no. 1 and conway crashes into the wall. franchitti captures his third indy 500 title, nobody enjoying it more than his wife actress ashley judd. tonight on sports xtra more from the baseball games and d.c. united not satisfied. won three in a row but not good
11:19 pm
enough. >> the quest for perfection. you can't blame them. >> that's what they get paid for. still to come wounded veterans proving they're more than their disability, the inspiring story of one soldier who is beating the odds and going extreme.
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the all-new f sport. this is the pursuit of perfection. the man you're about to meet may inspire you to reach your new heights. an injured veteran turned his life around and now his aspirations are sky high. fox's anna coyman reports. >> reporter: sam silla is defying thors by turning a debilitating war -- the odds by turning a debilitating war wound into going above the odds. he is now a 38-year-old father trying to set a good example for his kids.
11:23 pm
he joined the national guard shortly after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. after being hit by an ied outside the baghdad in 2005. he underwent more than 40 surgeries while at walter reed army medical center in washington d.c. ultimately losing his forearm and leaving him lost. >> i just assumed my identity was that i'm physical and i thought that was taken away from me. so spiraled into depression which led to addiction of pain medication. you know, a long turbulent road for two years which i lost i mean of my life and my family lost as well. >> reporter: but joining operation rebound, a part of the challenged athletes foundation, renewed his spirit. the program helps wounded vets and first responders get back on their feet and participate in activities that may otherwise be out of reach providing training, equipment and motivation for athletic competition. silla has competed in numerous triathlons, cycled the pacific coast highway and even finished
11:24 pm
the king of all competitions, the ironman in hawaii. while silla leaves tuesday for mount kilimanjaro, he doesn't intend to stop there planning to climb at least three of the highest peak on each continent over the next few years and even participate in the triathlon during the 2016 paraolympic games. in new york anna coyman, fox news. >> gwen, boy, the rain was really pounding at some points tonight. >> it was. there was a fair amount of lightning as well, heavy storms and a couple of severe thunderstorm warnings, but things have really improved sin then and calmed down quite -- since then and calmed down quite a bit. so that's good for our holiday people out there. let's look outside and see what's happening. a lot of clouds and some of you still seeing shower activity across the area but not a lot. things have really improved and most of the showers have kind of waned out and dissipated quite a bit. we are a far cry from earlier this evening with those severe thunderstorm warnings. holiday monday is looking good, but it will be hot and humid.
11:25 pm
early week we've got unsettled days to talk about and temperatures will continue to stay above the seasonal average. by the time we hit league week, we'll get a little cooldown. for those of you what prefer less humidity is what we've got in store for you. here's a look at our satellite and radar composite. we've got a few clouds that are gradually moving in but not a whole lot happening. this is pretty much what's been kicking up north of us. let's look at radar and show you exactly what's been happening here. you can see all the improvement. a little light shower activity from d.c. through to the north and we still have action over on the mountains and across the waters toward the bay, a little activity there as well, but this was all being hit with a fair amount of heavy rainfall and some pretty heavy downpours and a lot of lightning and storms a little earlier tonight. i'm happy to say the danger is out of the way wi thunderstorms that we did have. as we go back to our weather map and take another look at this radar composite, i'm going to show you this is sort of
11:26 pm
like historically how it did push its way down, but tonight we'll see at least some improvement in all that. temperatures 87 degrees today, 86 at dulles and 89 at bwi thurgood marshall, temperatures some 12 degrees above the seasonal average and it's still mild, 64 hagerstown, 66 martinsburg, baltimore 69 and e.4 annapolis. as we head up -- and 64 annapolis. as we head up to baltimore mild, also. from the mid eke is of the country to the mid--- section of the country to the mid- atlantic temperatures were where he hot today and -- very hot today and the frontal system currently out to the west. it will gradually make its way towards us and give us quite a change in our weather pattern. here's a look at futurecast.
11:27 pm
we want to see what's happening as we move through tomorrow. there's a very slight chance of a passing shower for tomorrow, maybe a rumble of thunder, can't quite rule it out. futurecast is showing by the time we hit 5:00 is when we tart to' a little precipitation. it moves through -- tart to' a little precipitation. it moves through -- start to see a little precipitation it moves through. into tuesday the approach of that frontal system will bring us more precipitation and guess what? that tropical storm to the south, beryl, the moisture to the north will interact with it. that's when we'll see a fair amount of wet weather tuesday through with improvement finally by wednesday. here's a look at that tropical storm. it will push its way off the coast, eventually become a remnant low as we head into about mid-week, but in the meantime it is expected to put quite an impact on florida as it starts to push its way closer in the coast. tomorrow we're talking about 90s. here's the frontal system.
11:28 pm
it will edge its way towards us by tuesday. ahead of it expect more wet weather, but for the beaches could see a chance of a rumble of thunder or two, a little shower in some of our beach locations but overall not too bad with sunshine and temperatures ball the 70s and 80s. tonight -- into the 70s and 80s. tonight mostly cloudy. i think the thunderstorms have kind of ended everywhere. 72 degrees and for memorial day it's going to be hot, sticky and humid, be prepared, 89 to 92 degrees. once again i can't rule out a slight chance of a passing storm or passing shower as we move later into the evening hours. here's a look at the five-day forecast, not too pad. temperatures continue to rise by -- bad. temperatures continue to rise by mid-week. metro is getting ready for a major change in three weeks. rush plus begins. that means different route as long the orange, yellow, green -- routes along the orange, yellow, green and blue lines
11:29 pm
and thousands of signs have to be changed. fox 5's sherri ly has the details. >> reporter: maps and signs, different shapes and sizes being churned out for the start of rush plus to make sure metrorail passengers are headed the right direction. >> we have a full schedule set up between now and into june to remove old signs and install new signs. >> reporter: trains on orange and yellow lines will have multiple destinations overlapping with current blue and green line routes but only during rush hour. >> we're telling people to pay attention to which train they're getting on, not only the color of the line like they do today but what the destination. is. >> reporter: sound confusing? >> it may cause some confusion at first, but eventually the people that ride the metro will get used to this. >> if you can read the map, you should be able to figure it out, right? >> reporter: in all 6,341 signs will be replaced, most of them maps on trains. every map has 13 colors, some


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