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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  May 28, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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this is fox 5 news. we or top of several big stories tonight, a deadly collision in the sky. witnesses describe what happened after two planes hit each other midair. >> a hot humid memorial day, most of the d.c. area spent the afternoon under a heat advisory. will it cool off any time soon? >> and president obama marks a milestone this memorial day as
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the nation paused to honor its fallen heros. we'll begin with the deadly midair collision of fauquier county, virginia. good evening. i'm brian bolter. >> i'm shawn yancy. two small planes cleided this afternoon over -- collided this afternoon over beallton. one pilot is dead and the other hospitalized as investigators try to figure out what went wrong. karen gray houston is here with the developing story. >> reporter: two crash sites. we are located halfway between where both those planes went down. there are parts of the plane and pieces of debris scattered between these two sites. it was a relatively quiet relaxing memorial day holiday for most people in this neighborhood until those two small planes smashed into each other around 4:08 this afternoon. this is the scene where the piper pa-28 went down. it's the plane whose pilot
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survived the crash. ntsb officials, the faa and state police are still investigating the cause of the accident. amazingly the pilot of the piper glided through a tree line and somehow managed to land. >> i jumped up and i said oh, my gosh, a plane is crashing in our field. >> reporter: beverly flanagan was sitting in her yard on the summer duck wood farm talking to a friend on the phone when the plane flopped down. she said she didn't hear a thing. >> my husband and grandson ran to the site. i dialed 911 immediately. >> reporter: james flanagan said the pilot was able to walk and conscious even though he was profusely bleeding from his left eyebrow and nose. flanagan says the pilot's main concern was to call the federal aviation administration. >> a very nice gentleman, but i think he was becoming delerious as time went by. >> reporter: officials combed
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the scene for clues. the flanagans can't get over the fact that the pilot who walked away from a plane crash still had a sense of humor. >> he did say i know i collided with something and i know it wasn't a bird. >> reporter: police say the piper was on its way to the warrenton-fauquier airport when it crashed. now state police have not identified the pilot who survived the plane crash. they are still trying to identify the pilot and passenger who died in the plane that went up in flames. live in beallton, virginia, karen gray houston, fox 5 news. a police officer trying to serve a misdemeanor warrant shot a mount vernon man this afternoon. the man opened the door of an apartment on olde mill court, confronted an officer with a knife and refused to drop the night. the officer shot the man in the cheats. he was taken to a local --
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chest. he was taken to a local hospital for treatment. >> another big story tonight, the heat. a live look outside, it's cooled off now but this afternoon some areas past the 90-degree mark. will the heat and humidity continue into the week? gary mcgrady now in the weather center. >> tomorrow will be hot and humid and some thunderstorms, too. high temperatures this afternoon managed to get up at least for a couple airports, reagan and dulles to 90 degrees. the 90-degree record tied at dulles, not so for bwi marshall who was 93. we had heat indexes in the middle 90s and in some cases the upper 90s. the heat advisory was issued. it may be issued tomorrow. we'll see. 83 now in the city, so it hasn't cooled off much, a little better phoria suburbs down to the south west -- for our suburbs down to the southwest, manassas 79,
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culpeper 75, quantico 85 and even this late into the evening you can still have a pretty substantial heat index depending on that temperature and the dew point. so most of the heat index values are ranging anywhere from the lower 80s to the mid- to upper 80s. there's one 90-degree there, the hotspot still continuing to be quantico. as i mentioned before, one more hot day. we do have some cooler weather coming in with a cold front tomorrow. that cold front will bring along some thunderstorms, too. we'll talk about that coming up. >> you can check the weather any time with the fox 5 weather app. download it on your droid, iphone or ipad. it's also on our website. the heat didn't keep people away from the national memorial day parade. thousands of people were there. as fox 5's maureen umeh shows us, they found ways to keep cool while saying thank you. >> reporter: looking for ways to stay cool on one of the hottest days of the year so far. >> just trying to think positive, think about the
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coolness. i'm not trying to think about the heat because hot. >> the heat has been my friend. >> reporter: richard lapatont has what many consider a treasure chest along the national memorial day parade route in d.c. he's selling bottles of ice cold water. you couldn't get enough of the stuff. everywhere you looked people were gulping water to stay cool. many sat under the shade of an umbrella or one of several trees that dot constitution avenue fanning themselves with whatever they could find. >> stay hydrated. >> we're just sitting in the shade eating ice cream. >> reporter: is it working? >> it is working so far. >> it's helping a little bit. it's so hot out here, but we're having a really great time. >> it feels like 120 degrees to me. >> reporter: it may not be 120 degrees, but it sure is hot. by the start of the parade our thermometer read 92 degrees. despite the heat many say they wouldn't miss the parade, a chance to show their gratitude to countless men and women who
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have bravely fought to keep the country safe and free who really know what it is to feel the heat and yet show tremendous cool and grace under pressure. maureen umeh, fox 5 news transforms sforms a solemn duty today for president obama and vice president joe biden paying tribute to the men and women who died for serving our country. meantime presumptive gop mitt romney, but with senator john mccain at his side. fox's ed henry reports. [ trumpet playing taps ] >> reporter: president obama honoring those who died defending america starting at arlington national cemetery's 600 acres of graves. >> for all of you who carry a special weight on your heart we can strive to be a nation worthy of your sacrifice. >> reporter: and ending at the wall where the president marked the 50th anniversary of the start of the vietnam war with some blunt words. >> you came home and sometimes were denigrated when you should have been celebrated.
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it was a national shame. it was a disgrace that should have never happened. that's why here today we resolve that it will not happen again. >> reporter: the president's likely challenger, presumptive republican nominee mitt romney was at san diego's veterans museum and memorial center. >> greatness in a people i believe is measured by the extent to which they will give themselves to something bigger than themself. >> reporter: a new gallup poll shows romney has a 24 point enamong those veterans while the president -- edge among those veterans while the president has just a four-point lead among nonveterans. today at arlington the president offered a not so subtle reminder about his record. >> for the first time in nine years americans are not fighting and dying in iraq. we are winding down the war in afghanistan and our troops will continue to come home. >> reporter: while today romney was even more direct in using memorial day to make his case. >> i wish i could tell you that the world is a safe place
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today. it's not. not. iran is rushing to become a nuclear nation as the national sponsor of terror around the world, the thought of material in the hands of hezbollah or hamas is unthink. >> reporter: the celebration of the vietnam war will continue until 2025 marking 50 years until the last american troops left. ed henry, fox news. veterans also honored at the national world war ii memorial this morning. secretary of the air force michael wynn presided over the ceremony there. he said there's a reason it's the most visited memorial in the u.s. >> though, it was not marked as the war to end all wars, no, it was marked with the more prosaic world war ii, that
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serves in its own way as a reminder to stay alert, stay ready to preserve the peace. >> the wreaths were placed at the freedom wall where 400,000 gold stars commemorate the lives given in world war ii. this is one of two wreath laying ceremonies of the navy in northwest. the navy memorial features the lone sailor statue representing everyone who served in the military at sea. the family of a ft. meade marine hopes to know tomorrow what led to his death last week. private anthony romanocaruso, ii of found in his barracks wednesday. he was 19 years old. we spoke to his father on the phone from north carolina. investigators have not said how he died. >> he was loving the marines is all i know. he was having a good time. i've heard of no trouble. he was in good health as far as i know. it's just a big shock. >> romanocaruso came from a
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long line of military service members. a disturbing case of animal cruelty in northern virginia. who is stabbing animals in a fairfax county farm? find out why police are having a tough time with this puzzling mystery next. >> coming up tonight on the news edge at 11:00 it was the day to honor our nation's heros, but some vietnam vets don't feel so honored. they were turned away from a ceremony they attend of year. find out -- every year. find out why. 
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fairfax county police are still looking for leads in a bizarre slashing of four barn animals. someone cut all of them with a sharp object late saturday or early sunday morning. the animals were inside a barn at frying pan farm farc. fox 5's paul wagner has the -- park. fox 5's pal wagner has the latest -- paul wagner has the latest. >> reporter: visitors at kidwell farm were curious to see how the animals were doing. they all had the same reaction. >> there's really no words for
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someone like that. there's got to be something wrong with your head. i can't imagine why anyone would do something wrong like that. i'm sure everyone feels the same way. it's pretty simple really. >> i think they need some kind of medical treatment because i don't think it's normal behavior. it's something that ordinary people won't do and disturbs a normal person. >> that's insane. i can't believe somebody would do that to poor defensive animals. it's just wrong. >> reporter: a park spokesperson says it's unclear how the attacker got in the barn but acknowledged it wouldn't be difficult. the calf and two goats who were wounded in the attack were back in their stalls today. the one chicken slashed was recuperating elsewhere. there is no admission charge. moms and dads can bring their children right up to the stalls where the animals oblige a little petting. a month ago at the spirit open equestrian program three horses were badly slashed near their
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hind quarters. all of them required painkillers, antibiotics and stitches. spirit open which is steps from the kidwell barn is a nonprofit providing riding opportunities for people with physical, emotional and cognitive disabilities and diseases. this case as well is still unsolved. although some people have volunteered to stay in the park throughout the night, a county spokesperson says officials are looking at other ways to keep the animals safe. paul wagner, fox 5 news. a lorton, virginia man is accused of driving drunk and killing a pedestrian in ocean city. police say i do growing owe facchini was -- diogo facchini was driving early this morning and hit a pedestrian and kept going. memorial day weekend turned deadly in the chesapeake bay after searching 87 miles in nine hours.
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also today crews found the body of a man thrown from a boat after he let a jetty in queen anne's county last night. police have not revealed his name. two other people on the boat were seriously hurt. tropical storm beryl has been downgraded to a rehit georgia and florida this morning heavy rain continues to bear down on the region. fox's chris shaw has the latest. >> reporter: beryl's big bang came to jekyll island mid- monday morning and it brought bucks of rain pretty much ending any hopes this marietta couple had of spending memorial day outside. >> we're here to be a storm chaser. we're on a vacation and said let's do a storm chasing vacation. >> reporter: as luck would have it, we brought the fox 5 storm chaser to the island. when we took it for a spin we found very little damage outside of a couple trees down. emergency officials were also expecting the worst from this storm. fire department here on jekyll island told me they brought on
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extra staff last night just in case things got bad, but as it turns out they only got two calls, one for a fire alarm and one for a downed power line. the biggest concern now is the rain and what effect that could have as tourists begin driving home. >> we knew the storm was coming, but we didn't think it was going to be as windy and rainy as it was. >> reporter: we met the walker family packing their suv to go home to south carolina. they couldn't stop talking about all the wind beryl brought in. >> it was a lot stronger than i thought it would be. >> it was very windy and did keep us awake. >> reporter: while the winds are expected to stay strong again the thing that has most people concerned right now is the rain, possible flooding and what it could do to the roadways. that's what emergency officials are going to be watching as this storm goes on. chris shaw, fox 5 news.
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coming up next a special opportunity for student interns on capitol hill. >> also later tonight a father watched in horror as his young daughter fell 18 feet off that rock climbing wall. we'll tell you what happened after that coming up. 
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take a look at this. a life size sculpture of that famous kiss between a sailor and the nurse at the end of world war ii making its rounds around these parts this memorial day weekend, the consumer tour part of the d.c. memorial day parade. the group organizing the sculpture tour is called the spirit of '45. >> spirit of '45 is a new national day that congress authorized for the second sunday in august every year to honor the memory of men and women of the world war ii
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generation. >> the group is trying to get americans to better remember the generation that stopped fascism. summer means it's internship time. one congressional program is providing opportunities to some very special students. fox 5's jennifer davis shows us. >> reporter: conrad winook takes his congressional internship very seriously. congressman steve scalise's office is one of two that this 24-year-old goes to of friday to staple, sort papers and on this day -- every friday to staple, sort papers and on this day put papers in pockets for constituents. later winook celebrates the last day of his internship program for individuals with intellectual disabilities.
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this program started in 2010 with spooks offices participating. sin then -- six offices participating. jessica does her internship in congressman pete session's office and became so beloved to staff they got her a going away gift. >> this is part of my dream. >> reporter: many ideas here on capitol hill originate in committees or hearing rooms, but this personship program started with one lawmaker who has a -- internship program started with one lawmaker who has a very special reason. >> you look at things you want to do to help families and those children. >> reporter: before coming to congress representative gregg harper had students from the special education department from a local high schoolwork at his law office. when he got to capitol hill, he was mazed to discover there was no similar -- amazed to
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discover there was not n similar program there, so he started there. >> having the blessing of a special needs child, this crossed my mind. we've live with this and seen what families go through. >> reporter: new york congressman elliott ingle has made sure his office has taken part in this program of semester since it began. >> most of these people can do work if you just give them a chance and i'm willing to. >> reporter: winook and the other interns say their goal is the same as any students, to use this experience to find a permanent job. >> i feel very lucky. i feel very blessed. i'm glad i got this opportunity. >> reporter: jennifer davis, fox news. coming up next the touching memorial day tribute in afghanistan, plus the holiday challenge many wounded veterans tackle today. >> if you see a story we should look into, give us a call 202- 895-3000, fox5tips at
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. of the many memorial day ceremonies here in our nation's capital this solemn holiday weekend the less official one honored women who served our country in time of war. fox 5's bob barnard takes us to arlington national cemetery for that special tribute. >> reporter: it's called the women in service to america memorial. in a sense it's hidden inside this stone facade at the west end of memorial drive in arlington, part of the original national cemetery built to honor the civil war dead. >> i didn't know this really existed. i came across this and said wow, this is really nice. so i thought if i'm going to give honor to the men, it's only fair to give honor to the women. >> reporter: which is the whole point of this memorial and today's ceremony. ♪gave proof through the night
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that our flag was still there ♪ >> reporter: moved indoors because of the oppressive heat outside. after presentation of the colors there were speeches from veterans of each of the military branches. >> i am here today to represent and remember all of the women and men of the marine corps who served this great nation so proudly and well. >> reporter: part of the memorial day tradition here, the placing of rose petals into a silver bowl honoring the war dead. >> indeed today we remember those who lost their lives for their country and we thank them and we hope they hear us. >> reporter: women served as nurses in the american revolution and the war in korea. our veterans of the wars vietnam and iraq and afghanistan. >> finally they've been recognized. finally their story of service is being told. that's what this memorial is about. >> reporter: wilma vott is a
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retired air force brigadier general and veteran of the vietnam war. >> as a career military person, i felt that i wanted to be a part and the war that was going on during my time in the service. >> reporter: this memorial to our women veterans is just 15 years old honoring the sacrifices of americans who have always served our country voluntarily. in the audience ruth ann weber, a native wac during world war ii turns 97 this week. >> when she comes for the memorial day program every year, she brings flowers to put at the pool. it means that much to her and not only did she come, what was she dressed in? she was dressed in her world war ii uniform. that tells you a lot. >> reporter: at arlington, bob barnard, fox 5 news. a long hot first day, but the ride to recovery riders are
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spending their first night in manassas. the five-day event started in arlington, will travel 325 miles down to virginia beach ending friday. >> wove got about 200 healed heros who are wounded and injured service members who have been wounded or injured in the war or in their service to this country as well as 100 support riders and one-day riders that are here to support the healing heros as they ride to manassas today. >> r to r enables the vets to participate no matter their disability. the riders use road bikes, hand bikes, recumbents and tandems. cycling provides new physical challenges and comradery. as memorial day celebrations took place nationwide the wishes of one fallen hero are granted. the letter from fallen marine sergeant william stacy was read at a service in kabul, afghanistan. >> reporter: as the traditional wreath laying was held today at arlington national cemetery, the sacrifices of the brave men and women who lost their lives in battle are remembered, troops
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stationed around the world marking this holiday with their own remembrances. the commander of u.s. forces in afghanistan marine general john allen speaking at a ceremony in kabul reading a letter written by fallen soldier 23-year-old william stacy killed earlier this year by a homemade bomb in southern afghanistan. >> today we remember his life and his words for they speak resoundingly and timelessly for our fallen brothers and sisters in arms. >> reporter: the letter written for stacy's family to be read in the event of his death. allen says the soldiers who have fallen did not die in vain. >> while our brothers and sisters fell in a place far from home, far from their families, the values for which they stood and for which they lived and for which they died occupy an enduring place in our
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hearts. >> reporter: more than 1,800 american troops have died in afghanistan since 2001. general jack keen says this memorial day we honor a new generation of fallen soldiers. >> i think we can pay tribute to the 9/11 generation who has fought the longest war this country has ever fought and i think they are the new greatest generation. >> reporter: three more members of the nato coalition were killed today. washington plans to transfer security responsibilities to afghan forces by the middle of next year and withdraw most of its combat troops by the end of 2014. in new york jamie colby, fox news. a military family from minnesota reunited just in time for memorial day. the surprise reunion happened at the twins game in minneapolis yesterday. 11-year-old annie, 8-year-old aleck thought they were on the field for a race before the game -- alex thought they were on the field for a race before
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the game, but as you can see, their father arrived instead. >> there are certain time in life where you can say there's a life changing moment or something they'll remember for life. thanks to the twins doing this with me this is a moment they're going to remember the rest of their life. >> hey guys. >> rush returned from afghanistan. it's the first time his children have seen their father since january. pop star justin bieber under police investigation tonight, the criminal charge he could face coming up. >> plus a woman battling a flesh eating disease takes a huge step in her recovery. but first fox business network's eric bolling. >> holiday road warriors catching a bit of a break on the way home. gas prices have been on the steady decline much of may and despite the summer travel season those prices could keep falling. that's because oil prices are heading oil, a barrel of black gold down 13% this month. worries over slightened demand especially in europe keeping costs down. to wall street investors taking the day off in honor of memorial day, but it's within a
10:36 pm
brutal may for stocks. all three major american indices in the red and looking at the week ahead some big numbers that will hopefully spark a rally. we'll get new housing numbers tuesday and friday the government will release its jobs report for may. right now the unemployment rate is just at over 8%. that's business. i'm eric bolling.
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another major improvement for the georgia woman battling a flesh eating bacteria. relatives say for the first time since being hospitalized amy copeland said her first words. her father says his other daughter told him amy said hello, whoa, wow, my mind is blown. she also started breathing on her own last week. doctors amputated most of her left leg, her hands and remaining foot to keep the disease from spreading. copeland contracted the rare infection after cutting her leg
10:40 pm
in a zip line accident and then fell into a river. a woman nine months pregnant survived after being kidnapped shot and set on fire she and her unborn baby are expected to recover. she was with the baby's father when a man with a gun kidnapped her, duct taped her hands, feet and mouth, drove her to a vacant lot, set her on fire. she was shot in the back. the woman played dead until the man left, got loose and called for help. police arrested the baby's father. they say he saw the kidnapping but didn't call 911. he went home and went to sleep. police are still searching for the kidnapper. caught on camera this frightening call from a rock climbing wall that happened outside marlins park in miami. this cell phone video shows 11- year-old emily davis climbing to the top. her safety harness snapped. she fell 20 feet to the ground. >> there was no tension, no nothing. it was just like she jumped off with nothing. how long does it take to fall, 18 feet? there's nothing anybody could do. >> emily is wearing a neck
10:41 pm
collar recovering in the hospital. she can now move her arms, legs and can speak. the rock climbing wall was immediately closed following the incident. the matter is under investigation. coming up on the news edge at 11:00 thousands showed up at the vietnam veterans memorial wall today to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country, but many vets were turned away this memorial day. find out why. >> saying good-bye to the godfather of go go, details on chuck brown's public viewing tomorrow. find out where and when to pay your respects to the legend. [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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this is the next chapter for the rx. this is the next chapter for lexus. this is the pursuit of perfection. teen idol justin bieber accused of assaulting a photographer in california. tmz reports the photographer tried to take bieber's picture with his girl friend salina gomez. some kind of confrontation ensued at a mall near malibu. the photographer went to a
10:45 pm
hospital complaining of pain in his torso. elvis, a former teen idol who became the king of rock and roll, still has extremely devoted fans decades after his death. one of them will probably bid on this auction, a chance to be laid to rest in the tomb he once occupied. the tomb is in a mausoleum at forest hill cemetery in memphis. elvis was buried next to his mother in 1977. they were then both moved to graceland two months later. if you're a jazz fanned, fan, alexandria was definitely the place to be today. our photojournalist nelson jones captured some of the celebration. >> we live in a country where we can celebrate today where men and women in the armed forces have given their lives for us to be able to enjoy a beautiful day like today.
10:46 pm
>> good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. we are the united states navy band commodores, is premier jazz ensemble of the united states navy. >> i love this kind of thing where military bands come out and we support them and they put on a great show on the holidays. they work the holidays. [ music ] ] >> to this day they're still giving their lives for us and doing this, this comfort of being safe and knowing that if anything happens they're there. >> cotton candy bubblegum. >> yum. is it melting too fast for you? >> no. it hasn't melted even once. [ music ] >> being a new yorker after 9/11 it was such a tragedy for everyone and it's a wonderful thing just to know that our military men and women are there every day for us keeping us safe.
10:47 pm
[ music ] [ applause ] >> looks like they're having fun. it was a hot day out there. >> staying hydrated, having some water out there, a little bit of shade. >> one more day like this and then it's going to cool off a little bit, all right? we'll have some thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow evening. that will signal the change and bring about instead of temperatures around 90 and heat indexes in the mid, upper 90s, we'll fall back to the lower 80s before it's all said and done this week. it's cooled off a little tonight, but it hasn't cooled off a lot. high temperatures today 90 degrees for reagan national, 90 degrees for dulles, a tie of the record high and bwi marshall was by far the winner i guess you'd say with a temperature of there 93 degrees. it's still warm in spots, 83 in
10:48 pm
town, quantico 85, hagerstown 81, a little cooler for culpeper and winchester. there is still a pretty decent heat index in some places. it feels like the upper 80s in the city. in quantico it feels like 90 degrees, not too bad about everywhere else. culpeper pretty much feels the same, gaithersburg temperatures feel like the lower 80s. it won't cool off a whole lot tonight it. looks like it's going to be kind of one of those mild muggy overnights for us. no thunderstorm activity this evening. remember yesterday, last night we had a line of thunderstorm moving down into pennsylvania, nothing like that today. high pressure has been building aloft and what that tends to do over time is it warms the upper levels of the atmosphere and it really suppresses most of the thunderstorm activity. we haven't seen that tonight. we will, however, be seeing it tomorrow late afternoon and tomorrow evening. down to the south we go.
10:49 pm
this is tropical depression beryl here, a lot of very, very heavy rain. a couple thing are happening. beryl was tracking down to the southeast, made its arrival here into jacksonville basically in the extreme southern sections of virginia and it's on moved into southern virginia -- and it's moved into southern virginia, northern florida and it's becoming stationary. this northwestern quadrant of florida picked up between 4 and 8 inches of rain. interstate 10 runs right there in jacksonville and interstate 75 comes out of georgia basically into tampa. right in that quadrant is where the heaviest rain has been. with beryl being fairly stationary it's going to move back up northeast. this area that's gotten so much rain already, they'll get more rain as it continues to move up north and northeast and eventually looks like it will be back into the atlantic before it's all said and done,
10:50 pm
but again right in here is where the heaviest rain has been. they've just had so much rain. this is satellite imagery. you can see where the bright clouds are. that's where the thunderstorm activity still is. and the current coordinates now have beryl right in here as we check out what it is now, tropical depression, the wind sustained at 30 miles per hour. we've had wind gusts down into florida 45 to 55 miles per hour. some of the measurement stations are reading the wind aloft have been pecking up wind about 60 miles per hour -- picking up winds about 60 miles per hour, not the strongest of storms, but a prolific rainmaker and some folks in northern sections of florida could get a foot out of this. technically moving to the northwest at 5 miles per hour, but look, it's going to eventually move back northeast, reemerge over the atlantic and briefly potentially become a tropical storm again right around cape hatteras and move over the gulfstream and
10:51 pm
strengthen more, but it will stay away from us. fairly warm overnight tonight, 60s in the suburbs, 73 in town, a muggy start tomorrow morning, 78 degrees. we'll be muggy again, 85 at noon, but it will feel more like the upper 80s and lower 90s for some and mid- to late afternoon we'll again to get showers and thunderstorms. we'll have scattered thunderstorms at 5:00, high temperature tomorrow 90 degrees, but once the thunderstorms start firing up and moving through that will definitely begin to cool things off a little bit. so you can see the thunderstorm developing. this is tomorrow evening at 10:00 on futurecast. a pretty face line there. some will have the potential -- nice line there. some will have the potential for being severe, maybe a couple of them. it's definitely something we'll have to keep an eye on tomorrow afternoon. thursday and friday and saturday temperatures lower 80s to upper 70s. so definitely a cooling trend coming our way.
10:52 pm
>> thanks, gary. maryland well represented in today's ncaa lacrosse final. the loyola greyhounds took on the unseeded maryland terrapins. >> for a school that has a storied history in the sport of lacrosse one would think winning national championships would be commonplace. well, one would be wrong because today the terps trying to get back in the winner's circle for the first time since 1975. old glory on display for this memorial day, a beautiful sight on any day. john tillman hoping his second final appearance in a row would result in a title for the terps. in the 2nd the game was tied at 2-2, joe cummings behind the net to kevin cooper. that's a laser, his 10th goal of the season, maryland 3-2, but the often would go on vick. they didn't score the rest of the game -- vacation. they didn't score the rest of the game. 4th quarter loyola took the game, three goals in a row,
10:53 pm
finished with four, tallied 17 goals in the tournament, a new record and loyola, the greyhounds, defeat maryland 9-3 to capture their first ever national championship and afterwards their emotional coach charlie toomey, he also played for the greyhounds way back when. >> so many people have gotten us to where we are today, so much support for our program, this are for them, our alumni, our university. our kids got what they deserved because they were great all year. >> congratulations to the greyhounds and maryland for another sensational season. >> coming up at 11:00 more for the nats as they stay on the road. they just swept the braves. they're trying to keep the winning track going in the national east. t. coming up an incredible success story. these twins have a bright future ahead and it comes after a tough decision their mom had to make.
10:54 pm
>> on the news edge in minutes facebook making a move that could lead to its own smartphone. we'll explain at 11:00.
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a set of 16-year-old florida twins are star athletes and students. their successes come after a very tough decision one of the boy's mother made when they were young. >> reporter: the twins love sports. >> i want to one day play in the nfl, go to the olympics. >> reporter: the griffin twins play football and run track for lakewood high school in st. petersburg florida. both excel in the triple jump. both are top a restauranters. shakim, though -- top sprinters. shakim does not have one hand. when he was 4 years old the condition became unbearable. do you remember when you were little and your hand hurt? >> yes. i used to wake up in the middle
10:58 pm
of the night with pain. one night i woke up crying and i really wanted to cut my fingers off i was going through so much pain and i couldn't take it no more. >> reporter: you went and got a knife to cut off your fingers? >> yes, ma'am. then the next day i was in the hospital getting my fingers removed. one day after surgery i was back playing football and happy, no pain, no nothing. >> i go to pick him up and he's running with the football, blood all on the band-aid and he's running with the football. he hasn't slowed down since. >> reporter: the twins proud mom latania griffin. >> i am so proud like any parent would be. things you would never even guess they would be at this point. i am so proud of them. it's like overwhelming. >> reporter: what makes you most proud of your brother? >> just him being able to accomplish everything that i have even though he has one hand and i have two. he's able to do anything that somebody else could do or even better. >> reporter: shakil runs
10:59 pm
faster but shakim holds the new school record on the triple jump. the twins came up with this drill called the griffin to help train all their teammates. who is the better football player? >> i'd say we're even. >> 50/50. >> reporter: who get better greats? >> right now i'm winning that, too got a 3.8 gpa. >> got a 3.7, but i'm coming up on them. >> reporter: the griffin twins plan to run, jump and play football at the neck level as a package deal -- next level as a package deal. they say they support each other and push each other. >> we grew up together. it just wouldn't feel right being somewhere else without him. >> i'd feel better if we were together and kept pushing each other. >> reporter: how big of a compliment is it when people say oh, you don't have a left hand? >> it's big because a lot of people, i hear a lot kids saying they can't do this, can't do that. stop making excuses and do your best. >> thanks so much for joining us


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