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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  May 28, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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here's brian with the news edge at 11:00. right off the top tonight a developing story in fauquier county where two planes collided in midair and crashed to the ground, two people killed and another injured accident fox 5's karen gray houston live at the scene tonight in beallton, virginia. what do you know? >> reporter: this was an especially sad memorial day for the families of the pilot and passenger who died in that midair collision. state police have not identified them. they are still trying to. they are not releasing the name of the pilot of the other plane who survived pending notification of relatives. now the plane that the pilot managed to land came down in a clearing along a tree line on the summer duck wood farm. officials from the faa and ntsb combed the area for clues to how that crash happened. the flanagan family who lives on the farm says the plane glided in gracefully and quietly after it hit the other
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plane, is i six seater. they say -- a six seater. they say the pilot was conscious, lucid and even put on reading glasses to look up phone numbers to make some calls. >> his primary concern coming across the field profusely bleeding from the left eyebrow and his nose, which was kind of disfigured, was to call the faa, the federal aviation administration, and let them know what was going on. >> after it went past the tree line we heard what sounded like a really loud gunshot. >> i'm glad that it didn't hit nobody's house and land and hurt more people. >> reporter: tara kauffman and her family were out in their yard next-door. they were out by the pool celebrating memorial day when they heard the crash. as for the flanagans, they say the pilot who lived cracked a
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few jokes. he said he had just had his plane remarched and he guessed he wasn't going to -- repaired and he guessed he wasn't going to be able to fly to alaska. meanwhile the investigation continues. karen gray houston, fox 5 news. a warm night to end the long holiday weekend. what you can expect for your return to work tomorrow, gary mcgrady in the weather forecast center now. >> a lot like tomorrow -- a lot like today will be tomorrow, brian. we'll have some thunderstorms in there. let me show you, today we've been dominated by high pressure. so in terms of thunderstorms we really didn't have anything. you can see all dry from here out towards the central plains. there are some big thunderstorms out there tonight in the midwest ahead of the frontal system which will be here tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow night. it's 81 in town, gaithersburg cooled to the 70s, heat index, feels a little warmer in town, still feels like 85 degrees, 83
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in fredericksburg. fairly warm overnight tonight. we are expecting to have some 60s in the suburbs but only getting down in the lower to mid-70s here in town, winds barely out of the southwest at 5 miles per hour. thunderstorms in the forecast for tomorrow. i'll tell you when it looks like the best chance for them to be blowing through here. president obama marked a milestone today speaking at the vietnam veterans memorial for the first time as commander in chief. the president was joined by the vice president and secretary of defense, but there were many vietnam veterans who say they could not get into the ceremony they've been attending for years. fox 5's tom fitzgerald has that story. >> reporter: the president arrived at the vietnam veterans memorial to the strains of hail to the chief. thousands gathered here as they do every year for one singular purpose. the president honored the 58,282 names on the wall who
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died in vietnam, thanked surviving vietnam veterans for reaching out to today's veterans. >> you cared for those that followed. you made it your mission to make sure today's troops get the respect and support that all too often you did not receive. >> reporter: 2012 marks important milestones for the vietnam war with the 30th anniversary of this memorial and the start of the war itself. >> we commemorate the 50th anniversary of the vietnam war, a war that occupies a central place in the american story. >> we all feel a common resolve on memorial day to pause if only for a moment and to remember. >> reporter: the president's appearance this year meant changes in security and access, changes many vietnam veterans tell us made it very difficult, if not impossible, for them to get into their own memorial. >> i don't remember this kind of debacle. >> reporter: many vietnam veterans said they were unaware
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of the ticketing and entry rules this year and were disappointed they could not see the president at the vietnam memorial. >> i came down to see the president and we can't even see him and that's why he's here. >> we can't get easy access. my other buddy got a bad knee. >> reporter: the memorial did open to the general public after the president left, but many vietnam veterans told us they felt kept apart from the place they feel is an important part of them. >> i'm a disabled veteran and i've gone to that service at 1:00 for 10 years and i've got a lot of friends on the wall and i wanted to pay my respects and i can't do that. >> reporter: tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. lee allen of the vietnam memorial fund contacted us late today and said officials are aware of complaints and they are disappointed not all the vets who wanted to attend today were able to. allen says they tried to get the word out to people in advance of today, but
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unfortunately not everyone was aware there was restricted access and tickets were required. gop presidential candidate mitt romney joined senator john mccain in california today to pay tribute to those who sacrificed their lives for freedom. they took part in a wreath laying ceremony in san diego at the veterans memorial center. >> today we honor those who served. we dedicate ourselves to strength and to preserve the freedom for which they gave their lives and walked in harm's way. as the greatest generation sees its light slowly fading, our duty is to take up the torch they carried so gallantly, so bravely with such great sacrifice. >> a little drama at the event. some protestors started yelling while senator mccain was speaking. they were escorted out by a soldier. senator mccain yelled jerk into the microphone and the crowd cheered. when the holiday is over,
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tomorrow the family of chuck brown will hold a public viewing at the howard theater. wisdom martin has more on how the fans will have say chance to say good-bye. ♪ when i first came to the city ♪ will be the last chance for fans to say good-bye to chuck brown at howard theater. >> to walk into the theater and see him in his hat, guitar. >> reporter: brown had been in the theater during the renovation. he was scheduled to perform here april 21st. >> i know chuck was very excited about getting back here at the howard. >> reporter: he would never get the chance to take the stage. he died earlier this morning at the age of 75. now his fans will meet at howard theater to pay their respects and honor his legacy. organizers are expecting thousands of people to be here and also expect it to be extremely hot. because of that emergency personnel will set up across
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the street at ellington plaza. >> the fire department, ems, police department, everyone will be outside. we have tons of water for the public as well. we'll have a nursings station. >> reporter: with more than 30,000 expected -- a nurses station. >> reporter: with more than 30,000 expected to show up, there will be street closures. metro is the best way to go. >> we are on the green and yellow line, shaw exit. p street will be closed. seventh street, certain components of that as well will be closed and also on the side of the theater. >> reporter: the public viewing is from 11 a.m. through midnight. >> we want everyone in the city who loved chuck to have an opportunity to see him. ♪i even had to sleep on the ground ♪ >> reporter: reporting at howard theater, wisdom martin, fox 5 news. still ahead on the news edge the spacex capsule continuing to make history as it takes a much needed delivery to the international space station.
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that story is next. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. 
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astronauts on the international space station have started unloading cargo from the spacex capsule. it arrived friday with a 1/2- ton of food, clothing and
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scientific supplies. fox's jamie colby takes a look at the process and the problems. >> official hatch opening time 4:53 central time. >> reporter: this new era of space shuttle handled by the private sector, spacex funded by the creator of paypal greeted at the international space station while handling their very first delivery but not without a few hiccups along the way. >> launch of the spacex falcon 9 rocket as nasa turns to the private sector to resupply the expert space station. >> reporter: last week's history making launch happening on the second attempt. a bad engine valve scrubbing the first try with a half second to spare. once in space the vessel docking last friday to cheers from earth. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: that docking didn't go as planned either. according to spacex's founder. >> dragon had these things called lasers. one of the lasers wasn't
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working well, so we had to recalibrate the laser and tighten the beam and then it did work and we're able to dock. >> reporter: it takes some 25 hours to unload more than 1,000 pounds of supplies including food, clothing and technology. it's not all work and no play up there. some new pictures from aboard the iss including these time lapse photos of the space station, earth and stars. we're told the astronaut took multiple 30 second exposures and blended the photos on his computer. when the hatch close says wednesday the spacex capsule -- closes wednesday the spacex capsule will be loaded to return to earth. jamie colby, fox news. shawn yancy has your fox 5 top five. >> we begin with the secret to getting your kids to eat their veggies. no. 5, serve water with meals and your kids may eat more vegetables. behavioral researchers found
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people correlate a glass of water with healthy food and sugary drinks with items that come from convenience stores and fast food restaurants and kids ate more veggies with water than soda. no. 4, work out or pay up, it's the incentive behind a new exercise app called jim pack. users commit to work -- gym pack. users commit to working out a specific time a week and agree to pay at least five bucks every time you miss a workout. no. 3, move over android and apple. facebook wants to create its own smartphone. according to the new york times, part of the top secret plan is to recruit experts who worked on the iphone and ipad, no word yet when an actual phone will come out. no. 2, more bad news for research in motion, the maker of blackberry with sales dropping to appear and android phones, 2,000 employees were fired last july and will reportedly lay off 2,000 more in the new future. no. 1, gas prices may be down, but
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there are still ways to save money. experts suggest driving more smoothly by using cruise control on longer trip. also don't accelerate to stop signs and think about combining your errands and also drive the speed limit. i know that's hard for some of you out there. that's a look at tonight's fox 5 top five. >> seems like mother nature had an incredible timing this year, just bam, summer started right at the unofficial start. >> it's only lasting apparently for the weekend, the holiday weekend. we have another hot steamy day tomorrow, but then it's going to get cooler as we progress through the week of watch out for -- week. watch out for those thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon and evening. tonight temperatures are still on the mild side, not as oppressive as this afternoon. temperatures today managed to get up there, though. reagan national was up to 90 degrees for a high temperature, so was dulles, both those airports coming in at 90 and the bwi marshall was coming in at 93 degrees and that was the
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warmest spot, but the dulles temperature was actually a tie for the record. here is the cold front that will change things for us. international falls 52, fargo behind the front 57, lincoln nebraska 66 degrees. a look ahead of the front, chicago was 84, st. louis 86, real hot and steamy for the midwest, big thunderstorms firing up tonight through the midwest in advance of that cold front. this is the way it looks for us tomorrow night. i do believe at least tomorrow afternoon and evening there will be a chance for some of those thunderstorms to become severe, if not severe, strong. we'll be watching for gusty wind and large hail tomorrow. big rumblings into texas, too, on this memorial day, big thunderstorms coming out of the central section of the state up into oklahoma. that's what we'll have to contend with tomorrow. hopefully it's not that bad, though. fairly warm overnight tonight. we will be down in the 60s for the suburbs, lower to mid-70s
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in town, winds out of the southwest at 5 miles per hour. there's the temperature in town, quantico 77, manassas 71, dulles 72 and fredericksburg overnight down to about 74 degrees. highs tomorrow a lot like today, a little bit cooler back out to the west because i think they'll be building some clouds with these thunderstorms arriving. right around i-95 we're talking 90 to lower 90s and fredericksburg sitting at 89 degrees. this is noon tomorrow on futurecast. we're all dry here, plenty of sunshine and heat and humidity. the temperatures will be heating up. this is 6:00. notice showers and thunderstorms moving into the west of us, cold front back out to the west. as we progress through the evening to 10:00 or 11:00, still showers and thunderstorms and again at least during the daylight hours tomorrow there will be a chance some of these thunderstorm are certainly going to be strong, maybe even severe. wednesday morning a few clouds left over here and wednesday we
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could have a couple spotty showers around, maybe even a thundershower late in the day. it doesn't look like much. as we get into thursday, thursday looks real nice and cooler, too temperatures on thursday only in the lower 80s and we'll have sunshine. so tomorrow one more hot sticky day, a little cooler wednesday with a couple spotty showers. right now thursday looks real nice, cooler, 82, some scattered showers and storms friday, 81 and it still looks like the possibility we may have some showers and thunderstorms on saturday, too, but to be honest with you, the weekend forecast is a little tricky now, a few more questions about that. we should be able to narrow ha down in the days ahead. i'm -- that down in the days ahead. i'm glad you enjoyed your memorial day holiday. dave ross is here with sports. >> thank you. hoping you all had a wonderful memorial day and the nats were back at work despite the
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holiday this time in miami for that dreaded day game after playing saturday night. the nats arrived in miami at 3 a.m., not a full night's rest before today's 1 p.m. start time. top of the 3rd no score. jordan zimmerman pulling noway we call a strasburg, the pitching helping his own cause by going deep, his first career home run. 1-0 nats. bottom of the 3rd omar infante the batter, who's got it? danny espinosa has it, great catch, nobody was harmed in the filming of that highlight. very nice. top of the 5th tied at 1-1, ryan zimmerman, two on the drive deep left center going off the base of the wall. steve lombardozzi comes around, 3-1 nats at that point. looking good. bottom of the 6th the marlins with a man on and stanton, look
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at this, a deep home run, ties the game at 3-3 and sets off this ridiculous fountain and fish thing. four batters later it's chris coughlin with one on and one out. and the nats fall to the marlins 5-3. tonight the orioles on the road against the jays, bottom of the 3rd tommy hunter had a rough day. edwin encarnacion, that is what we call a no doubter, two-run shot, 4-0 toronto. bottom of 4th kelly johnson teague off on hunter, straight- away center field -- teeing off on hunter, another straight- away center field. the birds fall to the jays and now have lost three in a row. the good news in today's ncaa men's lacrosse championships, someone from the state of maryland would be happy, but would they be smiling in college park or baltimore? maryland taking on loyola, terps head coach john tillman
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hoping for his second straight trip to the finals would result in a national championship it. looked good early had joe cummings finds kevin till dmentner, but the -- tillner, but the offense doesn't score again. greyhounds up two at the break 5-3, but in the 4th quarter it's eric lusby who took over the game with three straight goals and had 17 to set a record. loyola beat maryland 9-3 and wins their first ever national lacrosse title. don't go anywhere. the king on his court, could the heat take out boston in game one? stick around to find out.
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welcome back. you got to think lebron james is feeling the heat these days. if they win a title, they're supposed to. if he doesn't, the critics keep on chirping. tonight game 1 of the eastern conference finals in south
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beach against boston. 1st quarter mario chalmers and watch the king with the alley- oop. lebron had 32. heat up by as many as 11, but boston hung around. rajon rondo to paul pierce. watch dwayne wade, just going to abuse kevin garnett and this is poetry in motion, off the glass, two of his 22 cruise pas- 79 in game 1. game 2 back in south beach wednesday night. brian bolter back in a moment.   >> the verizon 4g lte sports desk brought to you by verizon 4g lte. droid does. and does it launch apps by voice while learning your voice ? launch cab4me. droid does. keep left at the fork. does it do turn-by-turn navigation ?
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droid does. with verizon, america's largest 4glte network and motorola, whatever you want to do... droid does.
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one more look at your five- day forecast. tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening we'll have some scattered showers and thunderstorms. some could be strong, high tomorrow 90. it will feel like 95. >> phenomenal memorial day weekend. thank so much for staying up late with us. see you back here tomorrow. >> fox 5 news isn't over. go to now for news, weather and entertainment update. fox 5 news is washington's best news on air and online at brought to you by verizon 4g lte.
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