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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  May 29, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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memorial day tragedy, two small planes collide in northern virginia, now investigators are trying to figure out what went wrong. mitt romney about to get a major boost from the lone star state. his focus will be hundreds of miles north of texas. he plans to meet with donald trump amid-fresh criticism over trochee's continued questions over president obama's citizenship. the latest from the campaign trail. good morning there is a live lookout side as folks return to work after the holiday. this is tuesday may 29th, 2012. good morning i am tony perkins. >> i am allison seymour. man was it hot yesterday. >> my goodness the whole weekend. tucker i joked with you yesterday, i hasn't turned my ac on of course that changed
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yesterday amid-much criticism my family. i am impressed you made it as long as you did. hot and hazy conditions overnight lows, falling back to mid-70s. we have relief on the way in the form of a cold front which could kick off showers and strong thunderstorms late today and during the evening hours. a live look at your radar. right now we are doing fine. as far as sunshine is concerned. we have storms off to the north and west they will move in later today and some of those could be on the strong side. lookout later this afternoon for the possibility of showers and storms. temperatures washington, 76 degrees, check out humidity 76%, winds out of the south and west at 9. more heat, more humidity in the forecast, high temperatures will top out 90 degrees in washington 92 fredericksburg and again cooler and dryer air on the way. details in just a minute. let's do some traffic julie good morning. >> all right. on the roads, crew in sky fox
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keeping an eye out on 95 as you work your way northbound not only do we find delays out of stafford, headed to quantico delays as you continue northbound coming across the occoquan, and then leaving newington headed out towards the belt way. stop and go traffic no incidents to report as you work north of springfield, 395, traffic on the belt way to king street. crossing over the inbound 14th street bridge. this is the new feature. wave invites you to participate with other commuters on the roads it gives you an idea what is ahead of you and you can commute with me directly. hopefully you will be able to download that on your blackberry, droid and iphone click on the group called fox 5, no problems to report as you leave falls road headed out towards the split. that is a check of your fox 5
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on type traffic. thank you. the first fans are beginning to line up outside dcs howard theatre where today the public viewing for music legend chuck brown will be held. >> throughout the day, thousands of fans are expected to come out and honor the god father of go go. melanie alnwick is live with details. >> good morning tony. street closures around the area are going to begin in two and a half hours once rush hour subsides, 9:30 a.m. we will start to see more and more of the streets here around the howard starting to get locked off and we will begin -- blocked off and we will he bin to see more fans -- begin to see more fans arrive. the family will arrive at 9:00 a.m. and going in a side door toward the back. around 10:00 a.m. members of chuck brown's band will also arrive. the casket carrying chuck brown
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and the hearse carrying that casket arrived 6:00 a.m. this morning. it was in a cream white hearse they came around to the side door. i was thinking about sort of like that is where chuck brown would have come when he was performing they are coming in through the side door. so sort of not exactly though the entrance that most people here would have wanted him to make as he arrived here at the howard theater fans getting ready to say their final goodbyes to him. a final performance here for chuck brown and i wanted to talk to linda boyd one of the very first people we saw show up this morning, we expect so many crowds why did you get up so early? >> because i wanted to be the second or first in line. chuck brown i miss him already and i brought my water, my chair so i can have a seat to see him for the last time. >> one thing i was thinking
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about was how this was a sold out show that was going to be here at the howard now all these fans coming and it will be very different, it will be still and quiet what do you thing about that? >> i would have had my ticket months and months ago because i've followed chuck brown and his daughter, i love him. i was there all wet, in the rain, but i love him. >> what do you think you will carry with you, from all of this. >> his go go spirit i love his go go spirit and i dj myself. >> you said there is something about him you respected very much. >> well, his go go and he didn't use profanity language in his go go so i can listen to it. and play it at a cook out, a wedding, a reception, i can
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play chuck any where,. >> i am sure you will continue to do so. >> linda thank you. >> thank you. >> again just one of those people expected to show up. we have two or three people in line so far again it is expected to be hot linda came prepared brought her water, brought a chair to sit in, which is a good idea as well, and a newspaper to read because we expect it will take some time for people to get inside. when they do get inside it is expected to be a quiet, somber, this is a public viewing, so it is an open casket, we understand people will be able to file past the casket, file past chuck brown's iconic hat, they will be able to see his guitar, you know, and i am sure there will be lots of people saying a guitar that has played so many times and maybe will never quite sound the same again. that is the latest here from outside the howard theatre. more updates for you as fox 5
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morning news continues. >> thank you very much. our look back on the life of chuck brown continues all morning here on fox 5. at 8:00 a.m. we will talk with eleanor, homes norton on the impact he had on the district and his image in the music world. >> d floyd will share his memories at 9. new this morning, police in belatens burg maryland home a witness comes forward to help a late night homicide. a passer by found a man lying in the street just after 11:00 p.m. last night it is unclear exactly how the man was killed. staying in prince georges county now, people there who have been convicted of gun crimes could soon be under a more watchful eye. washington post reports the county council will vote next month on a bill to establish a gun offenders registry. it will require gun crime
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convicts to regularly check in with police and submit to home visits from officers. >> police say speed played a role in this deadly two car crash in clinton maryland it happened 11:00 p.m. last night, near branch avenue and wood yard road. the driver of a monte carlo lost control, hit a toyota, then flipped and smashed into some trees. the 23-year-old jason patten of clinton died at the scene the woman driving the toyota was not seriously hurt. deadly mid-air collision caused two small planes to crash near homes, in virginia. the planes collided yesterday afternoon over bilton the pilot of a piper pa-28 was able to glide through a tree line and manage to land safely. several people in their yards saw the plane going down. amazingly no one within the ground was hurt -- no one on the ground was hurt >> i jumped up and said oh, my gosh a plane is crashing in our field. >> we heard a really loud
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gunshot and then it was like oh, my god i think that plane crashed >> i am glad it didn't hit no body's house and land and hurt more people. >> the pilot amazingly was able to walk away from the wreckage the other plane crashed a mile away and caught fire. that pilot and his passenger were both killed. we are following a developing story out of italy at least nine people died today after a strong earthquake hit the northern part of the country. italian news agencies report there are still people buried in the rubble of collapsed homes and factories. today's earthquake struck the same region where a larger tremor hit 9 days ago. that quake may 20th killed 7 people and collapsed several buildings. now to syria where the un says entire families were executed in a massacre saturday that claimed more than 100 lives. it happened in the city of
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hula. the majority were shot including 49 children and 34 women. syrian government is denying responsibility in the attacks meantime international community cob tin yous to -- continues to condemn syria. french and australia ordered syrian diplomats to leave nary countries, other nations are expected to follow suit. big step forward for mitt romney today he is expected to get delegates he needs to win his parties nomination. will thomas is back with more on the race to the finish line will. not exactly a nail biter on the republican side. we have all been calling mitt romney the presumptive nominee after today's tex it is a primary he is all -- texas primary he is all but certain to win the delegates they have to offer. 58 delegates all he needs to officially clinch the nomination. a long journey for mitt romney piling up one primary win after
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another. to get to this point, 1,144 delegates he needs, a threshold he should cross in tex it is a today. he was -- texas today, he was asked about it aboard his campaign plane. headed for colorado yesterday. >> i am thinking about memorial day all day, a big day tomorrow. looking forward to the good news. >> part of the good news, is the fact many republicans are rallying around him. he appeared at a memorial day event with 2008 nominee, mccain. former rivals are lining up, newt gingrich, rick santorum and donald trump. >> i really became friendly with mitt romney ... >> this morning obama campaign has a new web ad connecting the two and reminding voters of trochee's drive to obtain -- trochee's drive to obtain --
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trump's drive to obtain his birth certificate >> i am appreciative to have the help of a lot of good people. >> mored toker for the president's re-election campaign but surprised many going negative out of the gate. the romney trump fundraiser is tonight in las vegas. polling suggests it will be close ultimately divided by several swing states. tony and allison looks like after today we will be able to call mitt romney the nominee for the party. >> thank you sir. a special celebration at the white house today. >> president obama will honor 13 people with the medal of freedom, the nations highest is he villain honor among them mad line albrightbob dillon, author
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tony morrison and pat summit, are among those being honored. 13 minutes after 7:00 a.m., barrels bark turned out to be much worse than -- beryl's bark turned out to be much worse than its bite. plus capital hill internships are prestigious and can be difficult to come by. there is one program trying to give coveted position to students that many say don't get enough opportunities. ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> as we head to break a live lookout side. the latest weather and traffic, from tucker and julie. stay with us, fox 5 morning news will be right back i should be arrested d for cris against potted plant-kind.
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more rain expected following tropical storm beryl's visit to parts of florida and georgia monday. beryl made land fall with 70- mile per hour winds just shy of hurricane strength. forecasters say it could be nudged back to sea by a frontal system moving south from the north. it has since been down graded to a tropical depression and forced to do a u turn and head back out to sea. is that accurate tucker? >> pretty close. >> beryl is the second named storm in the past week and official atlantic hurricane season doesn't start until friday. >> amazing. >> i've got it on the radar. we will look at it in just a second. >> well, -- >> i feel like it is a lot. >> so early. >> yeah. >> yeah, i kind of feel like maybe this is an indication how the season will go. >> maybe you are right.
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>> that is selfish. >> she has vacation she is worried about. >> i will take care of you allison >> i've saved all year. >> exactly. >> go west. >> go west you won't have to worry about it. >> i don't want to go land locked. >> temperatures hazy, hot and humid, weather for another day. late they are afternoon 0 degrees. yesterday our -- 90 degrees. yesterday our daytime high, regan national 90. we tied a record at dulles, back to 1991, so, if you thing the heat arrived early, you are right. warm and muggy out there to start your morning, 75 ocean city, winchester 72. sunshine to start your day, hazy sunshine, a lot of humidity as well. that thunder storm activity, green and red on the map, that is a cold front. lots of cloud, lightning, moving in our direction later this afternoon and tonight, so i think after early sunshine we will see clouds and then eventually the possibility of
7:19 am
clouds and thunderstorms if you want to time it late this afternoon early evening hours that is the left overs with beryl. mostly a rain maker very heavy, 5 to 10 inches expected across coastal areas of northern florida and georgia. they will flooding issues there could be isolated spots 15 inches of rain over the next 24 hours or so. that will scoot out to sea tony that frontal system i showed you north and west will push out to sea. that won't impact us here in the washington area. here is your 5 day. hot again, 90 degrees, better tomorrow 86, much better by thursday, 81, lower humidity we cloud up a few showers around friday night, early saturday and more seasonal temperatures upper 70s to 80. >> all right it will equalize itself. >> get better. >> okay thanks tuck. >> to julie wright now. the latest on this mornings rush. hey, you guys, i know lauren has been talking about this in her smart phone features this is a new ap and
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we will be talking about this from now on. it is a good way for you to get in touch with us and other commuters and let them know what you are seeing on the road. a quick peek, this is the map these icons represent you out there on the roads we are hoping you will join our fox 5 group and you can do that tapping on your account with your android, blackberry and iphone. again it gives you an idea what you are see orange the roadways and again, this tells us this person here, this is lbnoler who said it is below speed here 270 rockville, a 6 minute commute as you try to work your way through. something to watch out for a good way for you to communicate with other people on the road. again another map another map for you, inbound commute for those making their way across the highway. ckc 6 clocked in it is a 25 minute ride as you work your
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way off the inner loop of the belt way. again, log on to your fox 5 waysers. free ap on your android, blackberry and iphone. all right thank you very much. it is 7:21 a.m. now coming up new study certain group of women are at higher risk for breast cancer next what their work schedule has to do with it. >> training for the future. that is the mission behind skills unlimited a gym that helps kids reach their highst potential and could lead to sports collar ships too. later -- scholarships too. later holly will show us how it will all work
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case one theory is sleep deprivation after a night shift leads to suppression of the immune system which might increase growth of cancer cells. unofficial start to summer is now under way and while many will spend their summers on vacation and at the pool for a lot of students summer means internship time. perhaps one of the most desirable types nationwide is those you find on capital hill. as jennifer davis reports one program, is providing opportunities to some very special students. >> reporter: conrad takes his congressional internship very seriously. the congressman's office is one of two the 24-year-old goes to every friday to staple, sort papers and on this day, stamp the lawmaker signature on pocket constitutions for constituents. >> it is important for disabled kids to have a job [ applause ] >> reporter: later he celebrates the last day of his semester program with the other
7:26 am
20 or so students taking part in the latest session of the congressional internship program for individuals with intellectual disabilities. this started in 2010 with 6 offices participating since then 52 house and senate offices have taken park. jessica spent part of her internship in texas congressman's office pete sessions office where she became so beloved to staff they got her a going away gift. >> this is part of my dream because i like working. >> reporter: many ideas here on capital hill remain in committees or hearing rooms in internship program started with one lawmaker who has a very personal connection to this issue. >> having a son, livingstone who is now 22 who has fragile x syndrome, grow up with special needs, makes you want to help those families and those children. >> reporter: greg harper had
7:27 am
students from the special ed program at a local high school work at his law office. he was amazed there wasn't a similar program at capital hill. >> had we not had the blessing of having special needs child, this would probably never have crossed my mind we would live with this and see what families go through. >> elliot i thinkle made sure his office has taken part, every semester since it began. >> most of these people can do work if they are just given a chance and i am going to give them a chance. >> the interns say they goal now is same as any student to use this experience to find a permanent job. >> i feel very lucky. i feel very blessed. i am glad i got this opportunity. >> on capital hill, jennifer davis, fox news. >> i bet they say the same thing about knowing him. >> mm-hmm. i was not aware of that program. that is great. 7:27 a.m., tuesday morning a short turn around for the nashles taking on the --
7:28 am
nationals taking on the marlins in miami. >> another sign the economy is slowly recovering, the number of workers quitting their jobs, is going up. impact this new trend is having on the job market. they are doing it because they want to. to find a better opportunity. right back with that and more  [ sneezes ] ♪
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in sports, maryland taking on loyola in the men's national lacrosse championship game. terrapins took the lead, but loyola dominated, for the 9-3 victory and their first ever ncaa lacrosse title. >> on the baseball diamond, nationals taking on the marlins in miami. jordan zimmerman starts things off, nats up, bottom of the 6th. nats rally back 2 run homer, 4 batters later another run to take the lead. nats lose 5-3. same two teams go at it again tonight. all right. >> yeah. >> good to have the title back in maryland. either way. >> that is what we said. >> you couldn't lose that one. >> we have the title? >> well, baltimore. >> maryland. state of maryland. it was maryland versus
7:32 am
maryland. >> you missed our conversation yesterday. we were excited. >> he was all relaxing. >> yes, sorry. all right. hot and humid here today, as we get into the the daytime hours, we never really cooled off overnight. overnight lows, fall back to mid-70s. dew point temperatures around 70, that is a combination for needing a lot of water. heat and humidity back again today highs expected to be 90, scattered storms back in the forecast later today, better chance than yesterday, yesterday we just had one or two pop up storms, pretty good area of convection, thunderstorms and cold front off to the west. cool weather on the way. it will arrive in stages, tomorrow cooler and notably cooler with less humidity by thursday. we just showed you beryl, now a depression. really a rain maker across the southeast coast. georgia, florida expecting 5 to 10 inches of rain with beryl. that will be another news maker. 76 washington, plenty of heat, humidity to start your
7:33 am
morning 76 annapolis just not cooling off overnight, a whole lot, quantico, 79 degrees, 75 fredericksburg you get the idea off to one of those steamy starts more typical of july than may. a lot of sunshine jump these temperatures into the upper 80s by noon hour. eventually topping off 90 degrees or so. all right, satellite radar, quiet to start your day, not a lot happening at the moment but eventually will see clouds billow up daytime heating and this frontal system will arrive late this afternoon and tonight. up ahead of it pretty good thunderstorms possibility of good drenching rains around here, cloud to ground lightning with thunderstorm activity late this afternoon and tonight. be ready for it. behind this front the cooler and dryer air will work in. a couple stages tomorrow better and by thursday high temperatures close to 80 with less humidity. today another hot one partly sunny skies, shower, storm in the forecast. late this afternoon most of your day dry, 90, and then
7:34 am
early showerstorms tonight cloudy overnight warm, humid, 71 your overnight low. tomorrow morning off to another warm, muggy start better by tomorrow afternoon mid-80s for daytime high, thursday looks great, 81 cloud up again friday and saturday more rain showers temperatures closer to where they should be upper 70s and low 80s for the start of the weekend. that is a look at your weather forecast. the latest on the waze craze. structure fire causing problems along eisenhower avenue at metro road. you will find a portion of eisenhower blocked off between south van dooren and eisenhower again eisenhower blocked metro road is open. grid locked traffic toward the parking lot that would allow you to make your way toward those metro stops. metro road is open, grid locked traffic headed toward the parking lot. travelling inbound route 50 no
7:35 am
problems reported below speed 410 out of river dale, stalled car inbound, on 4. stay to the left in order to get by. meanwhile other side of town you will find your lanes are open, inbound 66, heavy, slow and steady, making your way past 50. headed out towards 123, vienna, no problems at the belt way, delays on the inner loop, braddock road headed up toward gallows, outer loop of the belt way slowing, leaving 95, southbound 270 below speed out of german town. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. thanks julie. as the economy continues to improve it appears more workers are beginning to hand in their notice to pursue other career opportunities according to bureau of labor statistics 2 .1 million workers quit their jobs in march. josh howards is with the staffing firm, robert half international here in dc.
7:36 am
josh is actually the regional vice president with robert half international. nice to see you again. >> you as well. >> funny, crazy to talk about this, when a lot of folks are still looking for that first job still, but, the numbers don't like, people are making moves. >> yes, people have options especially in some professions out in the marketplace, and confidence in the market and number of jobs that are out there, is certainly very high. that is a great sign for all of us long term. >> what are these professions, is it just tech industry, who are these people? who are so lucky -- >> well, the general term is highly skilled position. that breaks down to a few areas, one is accounting and finance, folks with degrees in that area, and another is it professionals such as network administrators, data base developers, also in the legal field, position are hiring, very robust and then also in creative and marketing we are
7:37 am
seeing a big up tick. >> is there a reason? a couple reasons why people are doing it now? >> well, i just think the market is improving and companies are finding it increasingly difficult to identify individuals with these types of backgrounds when that happens there are more options for people and people are looking at their current scenario and say, is this the long term move for me or is there somewhere else that may >> those people with options employers are probably sad to see them go are you seeing any trends in what companies employ injuries are doing to keep these highly skilled groups. >> number one the, the most important thing to people time and again is offering competitive salary and benefits i would encourage all employers to look at their most valued staff and make sure they are paid competitively, flexible work schedules, being a company that promotes from within, so
7:38 am
employees can see a career path within the organization and offering some type of professional development opportunities are all ways the companies can retain staff. >> loosening up of this economy is making employ injuries treat employees -- employees how we should always be treated. if you are going to leave, you need to do this in a smart way don't burn any bridges ever. >> correct. >> so let's talk about some of those ways you say, always give proper notice don't just say i am done. having a moment i am feeling empowered i am out of here. >> for sure. another point make sure your boss is the first person to know, about your impending leave. you don't want your boss to hear about you leaving through the grapevine through another employee who maybe you confided with that type of thing. additionally, you want to put your best foot forward to the end. these individuals you are working with today could be a reference down the road, and
7:39 am
could help you in future career opportunities so you want to make sure you don't burn anyones and also, you need to make sure that you -- bridges and also you need to make sure you leave a good work plan for whoever might take your place. have detailed descriptions what you do day today. >> the other side of that be a good human being exchange your e-mail, tell people you can contact me for a reference or that kind of thing, don't burn bridges that way either. >> for sure. coworkers, supervisors, subordinates do a proper goodbye, exchange contact information those folks could be future contacts for you and you could be one for them. >> other advice, make sure that you get your house in order as far as not slacking off and take part in that exit interview make the company a little better in your absence. >> without a doubt. >> josh howard, regional vp of robert half international. >> thank you very much.
7:40 am
7:39 a.m., what metro is doing to try to speed up your rush hour commute, on the rails and space x continues to make history with a much needed delivery to the international space station. latest on its mission up next pgh >> before we head to break a reminder to download our fox 5 weather ap if you haven't already. live radar, hour by hour forecasts, also long range forecasts and a section where our weather team blogs about the latest conditions. >> a lot. >> yeah. find it in the ap store or in the android market. we will be right back it was like a red rash...
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making headline, still no verdict in the john edwards, campaign finance corruption trial. the jury is set to deliberate for a 7th day. sifting through notes from 17 days of testimony and 500 trial exhibits. no verdict reached so far speculation grows that jurors may be dead locked. another sign of last year's japan tsunami on the west coast of the u.s. blue fin tuna along the california coast turning up
7:44 am
with radiation levels 10 times higher than the usual amount but we are told that is still within the safe to eat limits. fish carry the radio active contamination 6,000 miles from waters near japan's crippled nuclear plant. it is the first time a huge migrating fish has been shown to carry radio activity that far. astronauts have started to unload cargo from the space x capsule. the first privately owned craft to dock at the iss. when the hatch closes tomorrow the space x capsule will be prepped to return to earth loaded with 1300 pounds of return cargo. dare we say mission almost accomplished. >> very good. interesting. >> tucker barnes is here with an update on today's weather. >> yes. >> what is going on on earth. >> more the same, hazy, hot and humid i just looked at a 5 day
7:45 am
forecast in miami and ours is early reminiscent. highs 90s,. >> no beach in our backyard. >> no sea breeze. more heat, humidity for the day and our 5 day looks improved cooler drier air moving in for the middle of the week, 76 washington, we just never cooled off overnight. 75 ocean city, fredericksburg, good morning 74 degrees for you. let's do the future cast together. a cold front that will come marching in a little later, early sunshine will give way to partial sunshine by mid- afternoon and then eventually the possibility of some scattered storms, there is future cast at 5:00 p.m., you can see that leading edge of that cold front starting to move in with it, showers and storms. we have those as a possibility, and late afternoon early evening forecast. we will linger into the night time hours and fall apart, as that front moves through overnight hours. you know, i guess bring along
7:46 am
an umbrella, i think most of the day should be sunny and dry until late afternoon your 5 day forecast later today, 90 degrees, with scattered afternoon showers and storms and again by tomorrow mid-80s by thursday, 80 degrees. >> bad thing about the heat and all that electricity every time the lights do a little thing i think the power is going out. >> it did that first day everybody probably turned their ac on the same time and it went out for a couple hours. >> did it go out yesterday. >> not yesterday, the day before just for a couple hours. >> all right i didn't know about that. let's go to julie wright with the latest on the rush hour traffic. >> that is why you always have a cooler full of nutty buddies on stand by >> good emergency food julie. >> that's right. tucker was talking about this earlier, the waze craze we have
7:47 am
that for you now. we want you to join our waze family our waze group i am not quite sure what happened there, i am not sure what that is we will get back to waze but what we want you to do is join with us and again it helps get you connected with other commuters out there on the roads and it helps get you connected with me so we can talk about what you are sighing on the highway -- seeing on the highway, how long your commute is taking you. join our fox 5 waze group from our android store and iphone ap. camera, 395, duke street, traffic will slow across the inbound 14th street bridge. gw parkway traffic congested as you leave the belt way past the cia spotty delays continuing towards the potomac crossing, southbound 270, lanes are open, no problems to report leaving german town. below speed, out towards rockville. lanes are open top stretch of the belt way, outer loop 450, stalled car cleared inbound, route 4. that moved over to the
7:48 am
shoulder that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. julie, with waze never mind. >> can you rent movies. >> good news for metro riders during the morning and afternoon rush starting next month, more trains will run between 6:30 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. then again from 3:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. week days, this will happen at 21 of the systems busiest stations metro says riders will need to pay extra attention to the destinations of their trains. good advice probably. >> absolutely. >> creating the total athlete is the goal of a local sports facility. >> holly is learning what it takes. >> hi good morning to you welcome back hope you had a good holiday weekend we are getting in a good work out as you guys are right. we are live at skills unlimited in waldorf and it is about creating the total athlete in hopes of getting that coveted college scholarship. how this place with give you athlete the edge live next on fox 5 morning news stay with us
7:49 am
time to say good morning to our fox 5 fan of the day kay wright and her husband are celebrating their first wedding anniversary. congratulations. kay has been watching fox 5 morning news for 15 years and she and her dad used to listen to tony perkins on the radio with donnie simpson. she met tony back in high school because he featured her choir on the show. thanks so much for watching this is a truly lovely photo happy anniversary. for a chance to be fan of the day head to facebook and post a comment under the lovely kay's photo 7:49 a.m. 
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7:52 am
for student athletes who
7:53 am
want to advance their career to college or professional level, training year round is probably a good idea. >> that is where skills unlimited comes into play. pun intended. holly live in waldorf maryland. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. let's all face it getting a scholarship to college would help any parent out. well, when you are talking about athletic scholarships, competition is fierce. some times it doesn't even always have to do with having the best talent it is about knowing the process, getting recruiters attention. skills unlimited knows how to do all that thanks to coach o who happens to be here. owe mar jackson good morning. >> how you doing holly. >> good. >> he is coaching as we speak. i want to talk about why you thought there was a feed for this. >> well, coming up in prince georges county, i am actually alumna of occidental high school and the recruiting process was strenuous,
7:54 am
stressful on parents, different elements of the ncaa clearing house and things of that nature the recruiting game is totally changed for these athletes now especially in sports like football off season attributes are kicking in like one day camps, a lot of major universities are doing one day camps they are requesting kids measurables the combine stats, 40-yard dash, 20-yard shuttle, broad jump, bench press things of that nature. >> hearing you talk, if this is your first kid, you are behind the learning curve if you don't know this. you already know the process part of it is knowing what you need to do and what you need to have to get attention. >> yeah, like gi joe said knowing is half the battle. once you are prepared and you know how to get from a to z, i mean it is pretty much you know, a walk in the park. not necessarily a walk in the park but the work has to be put in, but knowing which direction. >> at least you know what you need to do. you have different things going
7:55 am
on here we just happen to be talking about football so over here you said this is like a combine training. >> yep. >> so what we have going on here tray is working out for the 20-yard shuttle we have resistance band on him, the most important portion is to start, so we put resistance on him at the start to create an explosion, to give him resistance as he starts but we will take that band off shortly, and he will feel a lot -- without the resistance he will get a lot more boost in his take off. >> combine specific. over here this is position specific. >> cole he will be a sophomore quarterback at north point what working on is his footwork. cole is probably has some of the best footwork i've seen but comes from him working on it and when you get the attention of college recruiters they want to see an athlete is built from the ground up. >> now coach o, these kids are
7:56 am
not going to college any time soon. >> nope. >> but you got to start. >> yes, you do. the thing about the young guys is if you can get their work ethic created early, if you teach them to work hard starting now, it will become easier when they get older. >> let me show you video we took of coke because clearly it worked for him tell me about him. >> man, he is an outstanding kid, i mean, from the start, i mean we didn't even have a facility we would work out in parking lots you know didn't matter that kid, is probably one of the hungriest, self- motivated kids i have ever seen in my life. he works out twice a day with me, as you mentioned, he earned a full scholarship to nc state. >> wow. >> he will be reporting to you know, late summer, i can't say enough good things about the kid. >> well, i will say one more good thing about him he is not here now we had to shoot video
7:57 am
because he had to go to graduation practice rehearsal he had to be there at 7:30 a.m., our website we have a link to sports unlimited. we will tell you more coming up next hour we will move on to the hard core, do basketball specific training. more when we come back stay with us what about over here? sure. no problem. ♪
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
alright, what do lions eat? ♪ fans are going to pay tribute to chuck brown today. thousands are expected to gather for an all day public viewing. we are live on the story later on this hour, eleanor, holmes norton will join us to reflect on brown's life and legacy. with the warm weather and sunshine remember your skin. research shows melanoma is on the rise among young adults we will check with the fox medical team. teachers and other school personnel in virginia, are now able to receive training when it comes to bullying prevention. it is all thanks to new legislation what exactly does it entail. we will check with the virginia department of health, for
8:01 am
details. good morning i am tony perkins i was off for a few days. >> by some accounts you are still. i am allison seymour. back to the show we did miss you. tucker barnes, you should be fine you were here. >> yeah, i was here all weekend. >> yeah. >> it was fun. >> yeah you win tucker. >> it is air conditioned. >> well, yeah. hazy, hot, humid conditions, back in the 70s we only fall back to mid-70s in town. off to another sweltering afternoon, highs 90. something new to show you a cold front, in the form of showers and thunderer storms look at the flashing that is all cloud to ground lightning out into western ohio. that system, that cold front will start to march toward the washington area. we will start the day with sun, see clouds billowling up midday and by late -- billowing up midday, and by late afternoon,
8:02 am
some storms could be on the on the front. your forecast today, and then click on details for the rest of the week in a minute. lots of sunshine highs upper 80s to 90 could be a scattered storm later today and a better chance i would say early evening, between 6 and 10:00 p.m. tonight best chance for storms. >> 6 to 10:00 p.m. >> mm-hmm. >> very good. we will get to julie in just a little bit and tell you what is going on on the roads. >> thousands of fans are expected to gather, to say goodbye to a dc music legend. our chuck brown. >> brown's family is holding a public viewing at the howard theatre where melanie alnwick is live with details what to expect from the tribute. good morning. >> reporter: good morning tony. you know, i think this is the moment for fans and family of chuck brown, this all becomes real. we've got fans lined up outside
8:03 am
the howard theatre here. not to get inside for one of his legendary performances but to file past his casket, and say thanks for the good times. the hearse arrived 6:00 a.m. this morning, and just like a seasoned performer chuck brown's casket slipped in the side door before his final appearance on stage, brown was scheduled to play a sold out show at the howard on april 21st but fell ill days before that. fans have been leaving tokens of appreciation on chuck brown way, a street not far from here where he shined shoes as a kid. now fans will have the opportunity to pay quiet respect to the young man whose dreams actually came true. >> he was the face of a sound, of music, that you know took hold probably late 70s early 80s and prevalent for the last 30 something years and it has gone national, gone around the
8:04 am
world, it is the sound that most washingtonians you know, kind of walk their every day life to. so many different artists that have used the go go music, and their music, and he is a hometown hero. doors are going to hope at 11:30 a.m. this morning several thousand people are expected -- doors open at 11:00 a.m., several thousand people expected road closures will begin 9:30 a.m. this morning several streets around the howard theatre will be blocked off to traffic. now we know tony and allison, they do have contingency plans for the hot weather expected today they will have emergency crews and water stations out here but we are hearing from organizers they are a little concerned about perhaps severe weather that may pop up later this afternoon. they are working on contingency plans for that we hope to have information to bring views as soon as possible. back to you.
8:05 am
and new this morning police say speed played a role in a deadly two car crash in clinton it happened 11:00 p.m. last night, branch avenue and wood yard road the driver of a monte carlo lost control and hit a toyota, then flipped over and smashed into some trees. 23-year-old pat on the of clinton tied at the scene the com -- died at the scene the woman driving the toyota was not seriously hurt. >> two people were killed after two small planes collided mid- air over fauquier county. the pilot of a piper p-28 was able to glide through a tree line and land he walked away but a man who lives in the area said the pilot appeared to be in a state of shock. >> his primary concern coming off the field, pro fusely bleeding from the left abriele
8:06 am
and his nose which was kind of disfigured was to call the faa. >> the other plane crashed a mile away and caught fire. the pilot and his pass enier were both killed. -- passenger were both killed. allison overseas the death toll in an earthquake in italy is now up to 10 people. the 5 .8 tremor hit in the same northern region struck by a strong quake 9 days ago. italian news agencies report people are buried in the rubble of collapsed buildings people had already been living in tents after last week's quake and you can see in the video they definitely felt today's tremor. >> deadly fire at a shopping mall in qatar leaves 19 people dead and dozens injured. 13 of the victims killed were children. the fire broke out early yesterday morning in the capital city of doha some
8:07 am
people died as rescuers battled the flames trying to reach a child care center. four teachers two defense officials and triplets just 2 years old from new zealand were killed. international community takes action in the wake of a weekend massacre in syria, today, britain, france, australia, expelled syrian diplomats from their countries the move in protest of the killing of more than 100 people saturday. many of those people were women and children, meantime, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff tells fox news the u.s. is prepared to take military action against syria, if it is asked to do so. it is a big day for the presumptive republican presidential nominee mitt romney. texas is holding its primary. the state has 152 delegates he only needs 58 more to clench the nomination. romney's focus is not on texas but rather, in two swing states
8:08 am
today the gop hopeful is ready to court voters and donors in colorado and nevada. tonight he will attend a fundraiser in vegas, hosted by donald trump. >> white house hosting a big celebration, 13 people honored with the presidential medal of freedom among them former secretary of state, mad line albright, former supreme court associate justice, paul stevens. bob dillon, tony morrison, and pat summit also being honored the medal of freedom is the nations highest civilian honor. >> quite the group of people. >> sure is. >> all right, 8 minutes after 8:00 a.m. on tuesday morning a police stand off at one texas college, comes to a dramatic end, one point, the suspect was seen dangling from the top of a crane. the full story coming up next on fox 5. we will have your full
8:09 am
forecast. july will tell you how you are making out on the roads, 8:08 a.m. on tuesday morning. 
8:10 am
8:11 am
8:12 am
tropical storm beryl left little damage after making land fall on the florida coast sunday night. the storm packed winds of 70 miles per hour and brought heavy rains from northern florida to southern georgia. keep in mind virginia is holding its hurricane and emergency preparedness tax holiday. now, through thursday. you can get everything you need to prepare for a storm from batteries to bottled water to generators, tax free. for more go to our website look under web links. very good. 12 minutes after 8:00 a.m. now, and it is time for tucker barnes. >> he has something special for us. >> good morning allison, beef jerky. >> moviepopcorn. >> got to get down to business. >> sure. >> let's get now time for my
8:13 am
first 5 photo of the day. this is our cuteness factor. this is teddy from frederick. >> hey, sweet teddy. >> cute as can be. >> looks so happy. >> yes. >> hanging out. >> oh. >> how old is he. >> looks like he might not have his shirt on. almost 9 months old, this weekend was his first time at the pool, and he loved it. >> great. >> how cute. >> that's great. >> big smile on his face. to send your child's picture go to click on the morning tab and another nice cool day today, if you are headed back to the pool. >> you might not have any plans right? >> that's true. >> doesn't have to go to school. >> a little free time. >> man, no school no work. >> those were the >> teddy you can head back to the pool for the first half of the day. plenty of warm temperatures
8:14 am
70s. 76 washington. 73 this morning in baltimore, frederick you are not reporting but last look 72 degrees. nice and warm there as well and fredericksburg 74. all right our satellite radar, quiet now a lot of sunshine hazy sunshine to start the day. hazy, hot, humid, highs 90 and then out to the west. see green and yellow and red on the map, a cold front packing pretty good storms that will start to work its way in later this afternoon, late afternoon early evening i think our best chance, wildly scattered showers and storms and some of those storms could be slow movers dumping a lot of rain just be ready for it later this afternoon. here is a look at your forecast, and as we get into the next couple days temperatures will take a turn for the better 86 tomorrow humidity around thursday looks fantastic highs 80 then we cloud back up by friday and saturday, with more showers around by second half of friday into early saturday. that is a look at the weather
8:15 am
forecast. that will do it for me traffic now and julie has your latest. on the roads right now, it is not too bad travelling to and from the wilson bridge. we have delays continuing towards eisenhower avenue. we will tell you why because this earlier structure fire. metro road remains open, eisenhower remains shut down, between telegraph and south van dooren. extensive back ups, headed over toward your metro stop. as you travel through southeast washington, accident activity, left side of the roadway is blocked off because of that crash. kennel worth avenue, no problems to report, leaving 50 and inbound towards new york avenue. traffic slows as you work you way in. at the tunnel travelling south 270, german town headed past mva, lanes are open, 395th
8:16 am
stretch of traffic, that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. stories making headlines two american men held in connection to the death of an irish exchange student in japan. one of them is a dancer who has worked with music giants like jennifer lopez and the black eyed peas. 23-year-old jamari blackson and a 19-year-old friend invited the victim and her friend for drinks after attending a nicki minage concert they believe the victim was strangled to death during a sexual assault at the hotel. a man barricaded on a crane at southern methodist university died he dangles himself from the crane with only his hands just after 1:30 a.m. this morning and then fell 150 feet, this ends a 15 hour stand off with police officers. officers say the man threatened to jump and shoot anyone who approached him the man was
8:17 am
wanted for carjacking in dallas. racy romance trilogy, taking the nation by storm going back on library shelves at least in one florida county. brevard county library system pulled 19 copies of the book, 50 shades of grey because of public demand though, officials say they are reversing that decision, the best selling novel still banned in jurisdictions in other states. 8:17 a.m. as we head to summer months. straight ahead we will check in with the fox medical team to talk about melanoma and early detection. >> practice makes perfect. student athletes looking to advance their career to the college or professional level can get year round training at one local facility. 8:17 a.m. we will be right back 
8:18 am
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she's italian... and you can't cook. ♪ a health alert, new concerns about fish following the tsunami in japan last year. blue fin tuna along the california coast turning up with radiation levels ten times higher than the usual amount. researchers says the startling but still within the safe to
8:21 am
eat limits set by the u.s. and japanese governments. fish carry the radio active contamination, 6,000 miles from the waters near japan's crippled nuclear plant. it is the first time a large migrating fish has been shown to carry radio activity that far. all right. we are now going to take a look at the fox medical team and let's check with dr. mike. we are talking about melanoma and it is melanoma awareness month now this is scary tough dr. mike what do we need to know. >> here is the deal, it is the start of the summer, and people need to make sure they take care of themselves, you need to take care of your skin just like your heart and everything else. melanoma kills about 10,000 people a year, and it really is something that in many cases is
8:22 am
preventable doing some simple things, need to use sun screen to present uva and uvb radiation, stay out of the sun as much as possible, and get regular skin checks i brought something with me here, i hope you can see this, but if you have something that looks like that on your skin right there, it is an irregular boarder, different colors there, and it looks like it is changing, you have to see a dermatologist right away those are the telltale signs of melanoma. >> how big would that area be you are looking at there? the size of say what? a nickel. >> could be just a couple mill meters a half inch even smaller. i have been in practice 20 years basically, you can tell by looking at it, it has got kind of a gnarly ugly look nasty look, dark colors, light
8:23 am
colored areas, irregularly shaped not like a regular mole where it is nice and round you need to if you see that, and make sure, someone, your spouse, looks back at your back behind your neck to make sure those areas are looked at carefully, and you can catch this early even though we have good treatments now you don't want met static melanoma. can most cases be treated and cured? >> there have been tremendous break throughs in treatment of melanoma, but again, what i am here to talk about is prevention. there are all kinds of treatments that are coming out, immuno therapy, all kinds of wonderful things for people unfortunate to have met static melanoma. what i want people to listen to is hey, if you are going out in the sun use spf 30 sun screen, you want the limit exposure,
8:24 am
and make sure especially with kids, that you don't let them get sun burned those are the runs that are going to have problems later on in life. >> okay reapply. we can't say it enough because you can prevent this right? >> it is preventable and i want to show you because i put my money where my mouth is. i don't know if you can see my leg. that is pretty scary. looks like something died but what you need to do is have your skin look like that if you want at that healthy glow use sunless tanning cream don't go to a tanning salon if you are addicted to tanning salons get help don't do it. >> all right good advice. thanks so much. all right. also tony, environmental working group is out with its 2012, sun screen guide and the article sounds scary but worth readling, 9 surprising truths,
8:25 am
sun screen's exposed on, you know, arm yourself with this good knowledge. stay healthy. >> especially this time of year. >> this time of year. >> it is 8:25 a.m. on tuesday morning. the nats rookie phenom has one big fan. one girl's justin bieber shout out to bryce harper is making the rounds on the internet. teachers and students now able to receive training when it comes to bullying prevention. we will check with gin yeah department of health for details -- virginia, department of health for details stay with us on average 5,000 people a day switch from cascade to finish -
8:26 am
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over two million so far. with finish quantum you get incredibly clean, sparkling dishes without rinsing first. see for yourself why millions have switched. join the finish revolution.
8:28 am
topping sports news, maryland takes on loyola in the men's national lacrosse championship game. terrapins took the lead in the second quarter. that would be all for the teams offence. loyola dominated the rest of the game for the 9-3 victory
8:29 am
and their first ncaa lacrosse title. >> all right that is another fan parody, video that hits youtube this is an ode to bryce harper. this young woman used justin biebers boyfriend song to show her love for the nationals phenom, she used other lines like going to make you shine bright like you are the player of the year. that's cute they are probably about the same age. >> i bet he has a lot more of that in his future. >> i think he is setting himself up to be sort of like a rock star. >> yeah. >> with the hair. >> he is all right there. >> very cool. >> get used to it bryce harper. >> he only has 25 years left in his career. incredible. >> sure is. >> yes, all right. around here, heat and humidity, good baseball weather. >> yes.
8:30 am
25 years of fame in front of us -- >> yeah, and i got heat and humidity. >> that's enough. >> that is plenty. high temperatures today, 90 degrees, good baseball weather. >> that's right. >> if your kids have a baseball, softball game this afternoon, i have a lot of people asking, i think we will get it in but storms around later today. >> so hot my youngest has a field trip to the zoo and i am thinking you are going to burn. >> they have those coolers. >> that will be good. >> heat and temperatures, regan national, we are hot for 8:00 a.m. in the morning. 78 degrees. just didn't cool off, lows mid- 70s. dew point temperatures, that combination not terribly comfortable. 80 quantico, 87 leonard town. yesterday, 50s off to the north and west, today not the case, even early this morning, low
8:31 am
70s. 74 dulles, 75 martins burg. possibility of showers and storms, there is your front it will take several more hours to get here, much of your day hot and humid plenty of muggy air overhead and then as this front gets closer increase the clouds and eventually, at least the possibility of scattered showers and storms, a better chance than yesterday and if storms can kind of keep their act together, some sports could be on the strong side, plenty of heavy rain. the possibility of that later today, behind the front, cooler air will arrive in a couple stages. much more comfortable by thursday here is your future cast put it in motion for you, 5:00 p.m., you can see showers and storms breaking out to the north and west those will rule through during the overnight hours. by 3:00 a.m., generally done with it and cool out during the day. looks like sunshine partial sunshine by tomorrow afternoon. 5 day forecast, 90, hazy, hot and humid, scattered storm.
8:32 am
wednesday mid-80s. thursday 80, lower humidity and then cloud it back up by friday, saturday with more showers maybe a thunderstorm in the forecast, temperature close to normal. that will the for weather tony back to you. >> thank you very much. teacherother school personnel in virginia now able to receive training, when it comes to bullying prevention. the state department of health and the criminal justice services center for school safety, have come up with new programs and workshops. joining us now live from richmond she is the bullying and youth violence prevention coordinator for virginia department of health thank you very much for joining us it is good to have you on. first, tell me, if you don't mind, what kind of training is actually now going to be offered to teachers and other school personnel. >> right. so there is a number of different avenues in the state that have existed for a long time and new ones that are coming up every day for
8:33 am
teachers and other school personnel to receive training. at the health department we provide two different types of training one is embedded within formal bullying prevention programs, that address the whole school. so one of those programs that we work with is in the context of implementing that there is training for staff and other school personnel provided by certified trainers trained in this particular program. outside of those formal programs we also provide other training and workshop, from virginia department of health and now department of criminal justice services will also be providing bullying prevention and training and workshop and conferences across the state. >> now my understanding and correct me if i am wrong but my understanding the new law requires the department of criminal justice services, and the health department to provide this training, but it does not require the teachers
8:34 am
and the school systems to take the training. so do we have a sense of how many of these school districts will be opting to take this training. >> new legislation actually applies only to the department of criminal justice services, it does not apply to the health department although we do provide bullying prevention training, programs and that sort of thing. you are correct in that, new legislation does not require teacherschool personnel to go through training. in experience of the health department we have put out various programs, for bullying across the state there is a high level of interest it is definitely an issue, schools are trying to address and it is an important one to address because research shows, it effects students health and also academic performance something many school districts and schools are concerned about and trying to address, in
8:35 am
evidence based ways and using programs we know work >> i know we are talking a lot about bullying prevention, do any of these training programs also teach administrators and teachers and the like skills how to address bullying that is occurring? >> yeah, absolutely. so, it is called intervention so on the spot intervention when yak which you wily see bullying happen -- actually see bullying happening. how you address things when they are happening now impacts whether they will happen again in future. provide skills and strategies, and you know sample scripts so when teachers and staff witness something or hear a report of something they can address it in a way that will both take care of it as much as possible in the moment but also put in place the kind of responses that will prevent it from happening later.
8:36 am
>> we know it is a continuing problem in schools not just in virginia but across the country. we wish you the best of luck with your efforts to provide that training thanks for talking to us >> absolutely thank you. it is 8:35 a.m. now tuesday morning, and lookout, silicon valley, leaders in the big apple are planning to make new york the next global tech hub. plus an update on the space x dragon capsule. fox 5 morning news will be right back back ♪ ♪ ♪
8:37 am
♪ and we dream up ♪ all the best stuff ♪ and we can make it up ♪ cause we were made for each other ♪ ♪ for always ♪ oh oh ♪ for always
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8:39 am
>> astronauts on the international space station started to unload cargo from the space x dragon capsule. it is the first privately owned craft to dock with the iss. it arrived friday with a half tonne of food, clothing and scientific supplies when the hatch closes tomorrow the space x capsule will be prepped to return to earth loaded with 1300 pounds of return cargo. virginia governor mcdonald taking care of business in northern virginia. he will sign legislation favoured by the influential tech community it includes an extension of a tax credit to support tele work and expansion
8:40 am
of legislation exempting data centers from sales tax. the governor will cut the ribbon on a tech firm, which moved headquarters to fairfax county this year. meantime new york vying to become the next global high tech hub, the city is planning the build a high tech research complex on a roosevelt island in east river the idea to create an applied sciences university where engineers are trained as entrepreneurs from day one. the $2 billion, 10-acre campus is being called cornell, nyc tech. new york is already home to powerful global companies and currently exploring with techno logical start ups. exploding i should say. >> very good. okay. >> i know kind of cool. >> 8:40 a.m., on tuesday morning. remember, remembering a music legend. fans will pay tribute to chuck
8:41 am
brown today. >> straight ahead after the break. eleanor holmes norton will join us live. holly good morning. >> good morning to you. we are live this morning in waldorf at skills unlimited, where you can hear, basketball practice going on. while they may be working on shooting this morning, what they are really hoping to score, is a college scholarship, we will tell you how it workwhy it might just be what your kid needs, all live next fox 5 morning news stay with us from the w wildflower valleys of yellowstone
8:42 am
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today fans will pay tribute to chuck brown. thousands are expected to gather at the howard theatre for an all day public viewing on thursday a public memorial service will be held at the washington convention center. joining us live to talk more about the legacy and impact chuck brown had on this city, is dc delegate, eleanor holmes norton. >> good morning. >> first, why don't you just give me your thoughts about chuck brown.
8:45 am
>> you know, chuck had a dual impact on this city first his music, how much music has gone on for three decades, where the very young and very old both move to it, jump to it, this is music of the 70s it is just as alive today and then another impact this is the city that struggled for 200 years for its own identities, what about dc, chuck gave dc its own sound, its own music he freed us, freed dcs hometown, that is, so that it became a real hometown recognizable as such, and in a sense, you can say that because of chuck we busted loose. >> well put. one of the things that was very interesting about chuck to me was that, if you called him you
8:46 am
know, if someone called on him hey, we are doing this event we got this thing going on and especially if it was about dc and something positive about dc, he never hesitated he was always there. did you find that to be the case too >> my goodness yeah. he loved this city we loved him back. i will inner forget just a couple years ago remember n man died at -- this man died at 75. he died playing, just a couple years ago, in the heat of the summer, as hot as this, he played for a couple hours behind the capital in the hot sun, for a state hood for the district of columbia. he knew where he lived and knew what it needed. we loved this man. we loved him for his music and loved him because he was truly one of us. >> allison seymour mentioned earlier this morning, it is interesting he played so frequently around the city his name, right now, is still on some posters and the like for
8:47 am
what would have been an upcoming gig throughout the summer months. it will be strange to not have him around now. >> my goodness yeah, because he didn't play frequently enough for most of us. the crazy thing about chuck's music you could not stay still. the beat went on and on it did go on and on and he kept it going, if you were dancing you didn't want to sit down. what are you going to do without chuck. of course he left a legacy not only a wonderful family, he was a family man, sent his children to college but influenced music, the music of our time, many rap artists were specifically influenced by him. he was a virtue woe sew, a song writer, arrangers, guitarist his influence has been so great, that it will be as if he is still along us. >> that is a very good thought.
8:48 am
i want to turn attention to something else you are doing, a little late they are morning holding a press conference about protecting dc home rule can you give us a preview of that. >> yeah, we are fighting ahead of time not just fighting back. beginning last year, 100 organizations came to our defense, so that we were not alone fighting by ourselves when the republicans tried to put all kinds of attachments to our appropriation to keep us from spending our own local funds the way our own citizens say they should be spent. aggregation of democracy itself. well, these organizations, did something we can't do. working with us, they alerted their members in the districts, of the senate and house appropriate tores and had their members who vote for them,
8:49 am
these appropriate tores, hear from their own constituents and essentially their constituents said we are looking to see whether you are minding the business of this district, instead of interfering with another district, the district of colombia, and it had some -- columbia, and it had some success last year. we had some terrible, we hated it, attachment, but it was embedded in the appropriation it wasn't added because no body wanted to step forward to add the ban on abortion, for low income women and there were three or four others threatened they didn't come in. the same coalition recognizing its success is coming this morning, at 10:00 a.m. to announce just what it is going to do, representing americans throughout the country to have them contact their members to say we are watching you, just don't mess with the district of columbia. >> i am sure we will hear about that in days ahead and indeed
8:50 am
on our later newscast. delegate eleanor holmes norton thanks for spending time with us this morning we appreciate it >> always a pleasure. >> see you again. >> nice to hear that from the congress woman. student athletes looking to advance their career to college or professional level are getting a whole lot of practice at one local facility. >> holly is live skills unlimited, in waldorf maryland and she has the latest. hey, guys you know what, here is the deal, college scholarships don't just happen. we are in a day, and age, where you have the really focus on a certain sport and you have to know the process and have to start early. skills unlimited here in waldorf takes you through all that. we moved on over to the basketball court i am joined by the coach, william stuart, ball in hand, whistle around the net neck. >> ready to suit up >> ready to go. >> when you talk about going through the process, where do you really begin, do you come here in the beginning or have
8:51 am
to kind of already be at a certain place before you come to skills unlimited. >> we take anyone willing to work, come here and give it their best effort. we take them 6 years old, up to -- we have adults we train. >> is it also some they can i know you -- something i know you haven't been around long. once you get an athlete notice you get on the map. >> we establish relationships with college recruiters, the idea is to place our kids, whatever skill set they have we want these kids in college. >> you could come here and get a pretty honest assessment of your child's skills. >> absolutely. we are completely honest with the parent if the kid, we will work with them with any situation that arises but if the kid wants to work we are willing to work with them. >> is this usually during the off season or does it supplement end season training or both. >> we do both. we want to focus on the off
8:52 am
season training we have the habit of putting the basketball or baseball or football down when the season is over we want to teach them to work hard throughout the year when the time comes, while they are in shape everyone else is getting in shape. and they have the spot, they become starters. >> because it is easier to keep it than constantly having to bring it back >> right. >> so tell me about some of the kids we are watching around here. >> well, here we have, ray williams over here an 8th grader, he is -- >> 8th grade >> ray over here 8th grade. >> wow. >> nicklas, he is a 6'8", sophomore, up and coming bright scholar. >> what are their goals do they say i want to go to this school or in re's case i want to go to this high school. even getting recruited out of high school is big deal. >> ray is highly recruited he
8:53 am
has a couple private high schools looking to bring him over, same thing with nicklas, we are excited about their future. >> i want to see if can i talk to some of them nicklas come over here. hello there tall drink of water. so tell me, when you first came to skills unlimited what were your expectations. >> just wanted to get better. >> do you feel you have gotten better. >> yes. >> what makes the difference between this training than what you were doing before. >> work ethic here is great, get a lot of time in. and work hard. >> so, what would be your dream school. >> market university. >> that would be good. i wonder where nick gets his height from. oh, mom come over here. this is lisa, and she is standing behind watching her son practice. tell me, why you thought it was important for nick to go to the next level to come to a place like this. >> well, the one on one here is great, you know, we are looking to elevate his game, he is
8:54 am
getting you know attention on specifics here, he has been coming for 3 or 4 months we have seen his game just i mean he has -- so much better. >> with a would it mean for your family for him to get a scholarship. >> um, not being in debt for the next 20 years. yeah, that would be wonderful. great. that is our goal you know, that he can elevate his game and get a full scholarship. >> investing now will hopefully pay off later >> i am looking for you march madness he is playing marquette and they are showing mom. next hour, they do more than just football and basketball we will talk about all the sports they train for plus coach o does special things in the community we will talk about that as well. thanks holly. first lady is out with a new book could help spice up
8:55 am
your dinner table this summer and all year round. >> we will explain about that in our next hour. at 9, a local 6-year-old is about to step into the national spotlight and her quest to become a big bee as in spelling bee. >> got you. >> and we continue to remember chuck brown on this day his fans begin to say goodbye. we will talk with floyd who played with chuck many times. he will be in studio in a little bit. 8:55 a.m. ♪ [ male announcer ] it's one thing... to have created an icon and quite another to have done it generation after generation. to the long line of legendary mercedes-benz sl roadsters... ♪
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the 2013 sl.
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right now at 9, final goodbyes to late chuck brown thousands of fans expected to pass through howard theatre to pay tribute to the god father
8:59 am
of go go. our own melanie alnwick is live on the scene where fans have already started lining up. late they are hour we will speak with an artist who had a chance to share the stage with chuck brown many times. then a big day for mitt romney as he is expected to clinch the republican presidential nomination. will thomas back in studio with a look at today's big events. >> later wizards girls will be in studio with us they will talk about their upcoming auditionhow they are helping girls prepare for the team. we will chat with them at 9:45 a.m. >> looking forward to feeling out of shape and old standing next to them. >> oh, no, you won't. >> late inner the show. tucker good morning. >> allison good morning. hazy, hot, humid conditions here to stay for another day as we are already, warming up into the upper 70s to 80 degrees. and afternoon high temperatures right back near 90. one more steamy day and we will start to get relief as we get into


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