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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  May 29, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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republicans have been unrelenting in their attacks on the district of columbia. >> reporter: the main focus seems to be on arizona representative trent franks. the people who elected him if far from d.c. franks introduced a law that would strip certain abortion funding in d.c. >> we can not allow trent franks to use d.c. as a test site for his radical antiwoman agenda, and we will not stand for anymore extreme aspect choice attacks on the district or the rights of women here and across the nation. >> reporter: there is a major effort underway to tell franks' constituents back home how interested he seems to be in district affairs. last week, many d.c. residents decided to take all of their local problems to him, even called him mayor. all of this to prompt media coverage in arizona. >> i'm a d.c. resident and i'm here to ask mayor franks about
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the cockroach and rat problem inpe worth. >> reporter: will the latest tactic work? the mayor getting arrested last year didn't do much good or this outburst by norton. >> and this is time the district of columbia told the congress to go straight to hell. >> i said we're going to fight from where they live. >> and this is coming to a head now because the budget appropriation process should begin soon and remember, d.c. had a balanced budget and a $1.1 billion saving account, better than many other states do. >> and matt ackland tonight. turn our attention to the weather. the storms on the radar and get to it. sue palka is watching in the weather center now. what are you seeing? >> reporter: that is because the activity is to the west. >> not only do we have severe thunderstorm warnings for a number of counties but we're getting flash flood warnings
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and that is -- and in theiely, the severe thunderstorm warnings for western frederick county, central washington. also includes jefferson, berkley and a portion of loudoun and they're going to go until 6:15 or so and light give it a quick motion and some half rain dropping. some of the areas got hit with heavy rain the other day and we're watching in this region in frederick, washington county, portions of morgan, jefferson and berkeley until 7:45, and we're getting reports of flooding in those regions. can you see the updrafts with the storm and that is giving us an idea they have some gusty and damaging winds and up to 60 miles an hour and transporting some hail inside those and, again, still a distance from our region and they might be getting closer to the metro area as the hours go on and
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this is that line closely and there is the potential and that is in motion and the bulk to the north and west and that is going until 10 and 91 degrees and there is some fool. some of the croaks flooding are quite -- creeks flood yank quite dangerous and we're hearing that the water is coming out of that creek and be supercareful. >> see you in a bit. a remindder, check the weather any time. download the fox 5 weather app, the android market and search d.c. weather and that is on our website. a metro rail worker seriously hurt. after being hit by a train and he was at the shady grove rail yard when the accident happened. the federal safety investigators are called in and sherri ly is live with more. >> reporter: investigators have
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been here throughout the afternoon and look over the accident scene. this happened at the rail yard here by the shady grove metro rail station and this is a four- car train that hit that worker. these trains can weigh up to 8,000 pounds and that worker was inside when he was hit by a train and this happened before 1:00 this afternoon. the building where the worker was hit is known as the train wash. according to emergency officials, the train was going into that building when it hit the worker and took an hour for fire and rescue to get him out. these are doctors and nursees to perform surgical procedures like an amputation if needed and that is not done here. the worker was medevaced with serious and potentially life- threatening injuries and during the entire time, that man was conscious and rescuers were
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doing what they could to keep him calm. >> other than extricate the patient, we make sure they keep the patient calm and let them know we're doing everything possible to get them out of. there. >> reporter: metro said that worker has been on the job with the transit agency for more than 25 years. his name has not been released. in the meantime, metro said that the rail yard here is on what is called a safety standdown and that is where they provide councilling for the workers here who need it and review some safety procedures and that is still ongoing. one of the things they will look at is to see if all of the proper safety procedures were followed and that is the latest in gaithersburg. back to you. the crowd stretched down the block and around the corner and that is for friends and fans and they brought the go-go sound and upbeat vibe to the
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area and karen gray houston has more. >> reporter: you know you made a mark in your life when tens of thousands of people will say goodbye to and you have been here since early this morning and that forge formal viewing started at 11:00 and that is's huge public block party and fans going into the theatre and saw the chuck brown they have grown to love and his familiar wide bridged hat and looking like he's ready to perform on stage and that line continues and that is picking up around the time people were getting off from work and this is that special d.c. tribute. and it was bigger in d.c. and he was a local legend who found real fame late in life and nominated for and received his first grammy in 2010 for best r&b performance for love, which
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he recorded with jill scott. his fans know that they love him and remember. >> he had great music and had us rocking all night long. many, many nights. they do what he did and share it with his audience and how much he loved his audience in d.c. >> what i remember most about the go goes is that everybody came together to have fun. to listen, to go go, whether it was chuck brown, bu, prophecy, you know, it was natural fun. you know, late night hanging out and just having fun and dancing. >> chuck was a good friend of mine, and he did so much for so many and it's nice to see the people are coming back now to say thank you, chuck, for what you did to the city. >> and he had a couple of favorites, chuck brown phones and he tried to sing a few bars while out here today. take a listen to this.
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>> busting loose. it don't mean a thing if it ain't got the go go thing. >> i like chuck brown's version better and this is going to end at 10:00 and they're trying to create a special archive. if you have old pictures and old newspapers, they want to you donate them. and back to you, brian. governor mcdonald threw his support on police drones flying over the state and speaking on wtop ask the governor this morning, mcdonald, a retired u.s. army colonel said he thinks the use of drones would make a better use of police resources. >> and that is a great way to make technology and to make law enforcement more productive. you thes do -- cuts down on manpower and more safe.
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that is why we use it on the battle field and having it used for a variety of reasons is a good idea. >> and in virginia i recently endorsed the use of drones. the state department is telling the top syrian diplomat to the united states he has to leave. the move comes as several governments also expelled their syrian ambassadors and that is in response to a massacre of syrian villagers by the president of assad. and tom, how long does he have to get out? >> reporter: not long. he said that he has 72 hours to leave the united states. this comes as governments earn the world have been reacting strongly to the u.n. and qualifying as the execution's of 108 people of the syrian government's crackdown against protestors. damascus and the united nation's invy met with serious
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president and told him if the government doesn't cease the attack, it would force into action. the white house today, officials say at this point, all options are on the table, the military action is not the first choice. >> we don't believe that militarization, the situation in syria at this point is the right course of action and we believe that it would lead to greater chaos and carpage. >> and that is at this -- at this point, and they don't want it to be a future of blood shed and issue and yet they continue. >> and there is no sign of the syrian top diplomat. the expulsion order, so far, does not include the syrian staffers inside the complex; however, the state department said today, brian, that could change as it continues to unfold. >> tom fitzgerald tonight. still ahead on the edge, the war over gay marriage in
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maryland continues. the opponents rally for a vote. i'm dave feldman in the newsroom. the nats are playing good and may get help. the best slugger in spring training and warming up and on the comeback trail and a stadium near you. the particulars of the news edge at 6 continues. 
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. the edge on maryland. activists say the petition against the state's new same- sex marriage law is ahead of schedule. the maryland marriage alliance turned in more than 113,000 signatures from voters to qualify for a referendum on the ballot and same-sex marriage supporters said let's keep in mind what the referendum is about and protecting every child under maryland law and holding marriage provides legal protections to children. and next time you head outside for crabs, check for a new label. the state is certifying
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restaurants with the new true blue program and that is given at eateries that serve homegrown maryland crabs and crabmeats and highlighting the quality. you feeling lucky? you'll be able to scratch the gambling itch in anne arundel county. coming up, a first look at the casino. we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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. the countdown is on. over a week, one of the country's biggest casinos is here. and that is near arundel mills mall and followed by 500 million construction project. as fox 5ser shows us, we get a sneak peek. >> reporter: the sparks are flying and hot is just what gamblers will be hoping for. >> unbelievable. >> reporter: that is joe
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wineberg giving the tour at arundel mills. >> we're going to look through here? >> reporter: we works for the company headquartered in baltimore. >> and to open one of the largest facilities in the country in our backyard and that is tremendously exciting. >> reporter: when complete, there will be 4,750 gaming machines. >> the bobby flay restaurant is here and cheesecake factory is on the other side. >> reporter: families can control into the restaurants without being on a floor and much of the facility opens june 6th. >> and this is that center stage and the music venue, under construction and this will open in july. the total facility is over three football fields long. >> and this is in maryland are electronic. the flip of the security guard what you will see and there is no dealer. >> and our black jack tables are the identical became and anywheres. >> reporter: 2500 people worked
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on construction and there are 1500 permanent employees. >> and i'm a slot sun visor here and i am from las vegas. >> reporter: to work for a megaresort casino in the country and i couldn't have asked for a better place. >> reporter: many are in training learning now job and those who never come here will see a big payout. >> we will keep the largest taxpayer in maryland, $400 million a year to the education trust fund and to make over $30 million a year in local impact brands to anne arundel county. >> reporter: outside, workers are scrambling for the 10:00 p.m. opening inside the polishing continues when the dice are already dancing. fox 5 news. the radar is dancing after a break for a couple of days. >> and that is and some of the areas that are getting hit
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tonight got hit hard over the weekend. >> hmm. >> and had some heavy rain over the weekend and starting with radar and and frederick and washington county and you're the only one with the severe thunderstorm warning and that is scaled back and can you see here the counties we're talking about and we'll see what is going on in these areas. the heavy rain from frederick to urbana and some lightning, too, and lessened up a bit. leesburg, looks like you're just south and east and in green here, you see the counties that have some flash flood warnings until 7:45 and that is meaning the flooding is occurring and coming out of the banks and here we see what is going on in to leesburg and that is looking like some of the heavier rain is -- and the
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hail potential as well and still capable of gusty winds and some lightning and this is moving across to 270 now and showing you the 3d vow and everything we're watching is far north or west of the city and that is slowly moving in this direction and these are the updrafts and show us where the strongest storms are, the ones capable of producing damage. the wind and hail and drop a very huge amount of rain and we'll watch that, yes, lightning and mostly confined north and west. keep your eyes to the sky with a late practice and we also wanted to show you the rain that has been falling in addition to the rain and that is close to it and estimated here, 2 1/2 here and long the line and closer to frederick county, northern frederick and .7 of an inch and that is why
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we're watching the area and that is some warnings until 7ive from and hagers hard is hit hard and moving to the northeast at 20 to 25 miles an hour and that is getting closer to the petro -- metro area and keeping your plans for later tonight, a severe thunderstorm watch is going to go until 10:00 and that include the district and got expanded here very recently and into prince georges county and charles county. we have some storms to watch and that is for sure and that is going to affect temperatures, check out hagerstown. rain cooled and sometimes the storm is worth it, down to 70 and with some 88 degrees in the district. factor in humidity and falls like 91 here and getting relief to our north and west. we want to you see the future cast for tonight and that is looks like we have more storms out of here tomorrow morning and this is what is left of beryl, the tropical depression which may potentially turn back into a tropical storm and that is off of the coast and not
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going to affect us. heading to virginia beach, you're going to feel that effect tomorrow afternoon and on to thursday and speaking of thursday, gorgeous and tomorrow is not bad either and temperatures are going settle down and some are to dodge on saturday and friday and that is a big improvement over the humid 90s, aren't they? >> for sure. and back with sports. graduate, now that your journey begins, you're going to need a powerful connection ! felicidaaaadeeeees ! with this droid 4 by motorola on verizon 4g lte,
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. last season, mike morris hit 31 home runs and that is&cleanup for the nationals and with that, adam laroche settled into the cleanup spot and he may not want to get too copfy and yesterday, finished up extended spring training in florida and tonight, began the rehab assignment in woodbridge, video virginia and could be there by the offday in time for the six-game home stand against the braves and mets and the plan would be to begin playing left field again by june 6th, if not sooner.
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this has been a longtime coming. >> very anxious. i wish was playing months ago and i have gone this far and i don't need setbacks now. i'm red and that is it. 100%, i feel great and they're playing great and sounds like a good combination to me. >> and last night, angels hoping -- hosting the bottom of the fourth, tied 4-4 and sending one to center field and with that chase. they collide and crash into the wall and tumbles into 3rd base and they were able to switch it off and swisher nearly made the catch and to the bottom of the 9th, taking corey wade to deep left field and that is staying inside the foul poll and walk off the game-wing home run and angels edge the yankees 9-8 for the seventh straight win. and the spurs look to make
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it 20 straight wins and 10-0 this season, making it against the eastern conference finals. the celtics and heat, off of the miss and dwayne wade with a full-length pass to lebron james and he is five footed 5. -- 5'5". puts it inside to joel anthony for the dunk and the heat pulling away by foreign and -- by 15 and on offense and off of the glass, over kevin garnett and saved the best for late. stop and go move and hangs in for a left-handed lay-in. wade with 22 and they down the celtics, 93-79 in game one. and french open today and facing 111th-ranked rosano and the third set, serena in the far cort, her back hand goes long. the eighth match point and circles the mark. it's confirmed. triggering a rosano celebration. and falls in three sets, the
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first time in her career she is lost in the first round of a grand slam tournament. so, surprising loss for serena williams and a remindder tomorrow morning i will join dave ross on the morning show. i will get up early and talk to ross on the morning of my final show. >> and drs, you have to do it, right? >> he's trying to bump out sue palka. i don't thank is going have it. >> and he'll try as hard. i know him. and we'll see you tomorrow morning and see you back here at 10.
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