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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  May 29, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

10:00 pm this is fox 5 news at 10:00. we begin tonight with a fox 5 weather alert. strong storms roll through the region packing quite a punch, torrential rains, whipping winds and flash flood warning. >> fox 5's sue palka monitoring the situation in the weather
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center. >> a few moments ago some of the local flash flood warnings got dropped, but we've had some torrential rain tonight. we'll start with radar. we still have a strong line that's pushed east of the city. you can see a lot of the lightning with that. let me put this in motion. it's been moving slowly ease northeast at 15 miles -- east, northeast at 15 miles an hour, the heaviest of it east of the city from chesapeake beach to the eastern shore, alexandria and upper marlboro still very close to very heavy rain as well as waldorf and la plata. behind it we continue to have month rain and this is not necessarily turned and lightning. you can see toward gaithersburg and leesburg we still have rain there. over to sentinel radar, we have some flash flood warnings. let me show you who is under the gun. we'll take you closer to frederick county and also be with wash county, berkeley --
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also washington county, berkeley. i understand streams and creeks have been rising very rapidly up there which will make driving very tough, a lot of road closures. you can see the strongest of the updrafts, still some strong storms moving across charles county. in the last two hours that line comes marching through the district and begins to slowly weaken but still dropping heavy rain. we'll keep showers in the forecast longer, last stop just want you to see tonight's rain alone produced .7-inch closer toking did up to 3 inchessed aning aers -- to d.c. up to 3 inches around hagerstown. we have some amazing pictures to show you of the flooding near hagerstown and we'll talk about a drier weather pattern coming up the rest of the week. >> you can check the weather any time with the fox 5 weather app. download it on your droid, iphone, ipad or find it on our
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website breaking news out of culpeper, virginia, a grand jury indicted a police officer for the shooting death of a woman. officer daniel harmon write shot patricia cook february 8th. the grand jury charged him with murder, malicious shooting and using the firearm in the commission of the felony. cook was in her jeep at the tomb and reportedly tried to drive away -- time and reportedly tried to drive away after being shot. the jury also indicted harmon- wright's mother for foreigning public documents. bethany sullivan is accused of trying to purge her son's record of what police call negative information. sullivan was secretary to the chief of police when her son was hired and left the department in 2010. we'll have much more on this story tonight on the news edge at 11:00. a metrorail worker seriously hurt after being hit by train. federal safety investigators are on the case tonight. fox 5's laura evans is covering the story. >> the accident happened this afternoon at the shady grove
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railyard. metro had been criticized for its lack of safety culture following the red line crash in 2009 but it had made improving safety a priority. how the accident happened today is unclear. the worker was inside what's known as the wash building at the rail yard just outside the shady grove station. according to emergency officials, the train was going into the building when it hit the worker pinning him beneath the wheel assembly. >> it was an extensive extrication which took approximately 60 minutes. >> reporter: getting him out was complicated. the trains can weigh up to 80,000 pounds and sometimes just lifting the train can cause other problems. >> if we lift the train in a certain way, is that going to cause an adverse reaction? there's many factors we have to look into. when we put our folks underneath the train, they evaluate that. it's kind of like a blink. it just happens one after another. >> reporter: a special team of doctors and nurses was brought in because of the severity of
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the injuries. the worker was medevaced to baltimore shock trauma with serious and potentially life threatening injuries. >> he remained conscious throughout the event working with our paramedics who were delivering advanced life support care at same time the extrication was ongoing. >> reporter: counseling is being offed to employees and safety procedure -- offered to employees and safety procedures are being reviewed. the worker has been with the metro transit agency more than 25 years. the pilot of a small plane that crashed in fauquier county yesterday in good condition at a fredericksburg hospital. he was flying a piper aircraft when it collided with another plane. the other plane caught fire and the two people inside died. they have not yet been identified. legion of fans turned out today to pay tribute to d.c. music legend chuck brown. they lined up by the thousands outside howard theater for a public viewing of the late
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father of go go. fox 5's karen gray houston was out there, also. this was like a celebration. >> it was a celebration of the man's life and it was a day long viewing. it was supposed to end at 10:00, but around 8:30 torrential rain and lightning and thunder forced d.c. police to close the doors. angry fans protested and the doors were reopened. the wake for the most part was more joyful than sad. many fans just wanted to see chuck brown one last time. the day had a somber beginning for the tens of thousands of loyal chuck brown fans who lined up outside howard theater for the chance to file by his casket. as flamboyant in death as he ever was in life, but nothing could stop some folks from turning a sober event into a happy occasion. the wake spilled over into a huge public block party. where go go was not just for
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older music lovers, but diehard fans have strong memories. >> his greatest legacy is how much he loved doing what he did and sharing it with his audience. >> what i remember most about the go go is that everybody came together to have fun. >> reporter: chuck brown got his start around the corner from the hour theater where he used to shine shoes of famous performers like louie armstrong, but he made his own fame creating go go. >> from the very beginning when he started performing, he and i just sort of hit it off as two individuals who had come up the hardway. chuck had been in prison. >> reporter: from prison where brown traded cigarettes for a guitar to the top of the r and b charts in 1979 with the hit busting loose. >> busting loose, but it don't mean a thing if it don't got the go go swing. >> reporter: the celebration of chuck brown's life went on
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all day. you could buy chuck brown t- shirts, pose for pictures and trade stories about go go parties where if you were lucky and chuck remembered your name he would shout it out. >> last time i saw him was about a year ago in ocean city and he called my name out 10 times. i loved it. i loved him and we all loved him and we miss him. >> there is more in the ongoing series of chuck brown good- byes. a memorial service is scheduled at the convention center from noon to 3:00 thursday. >> so many people are expected to attend that service at the washington convention center. the city is now urging people to take metro l street from seventh to ninth streets will be closed all day that day. prepare yourself as you head down for the service. stay with fox 5 as d.c. says good-bye to the godfather of go go. we'll have continuing coverage all week both on air and online
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at the entertainment world tonight also mourning the loss of another musician. folk guitarist doc watson died today at a north carolina hospital after recent abdominal surgery. watson recorded 60 albums in a century winning several grammys. he went blind at a young age, but his lightning fast guitar style influenced musicians worldwide. dock watson was 89. -- doc watson was 89. became official an hour ago, republican mitt romney clinching the nomination. >> plus for the second time in a week a deadly earthquake rocks northern italy. >> also ahead. >> reporter: it's the size of three football fields. i'm beth parker, coming up a peek inside maryland's new casino. >> coming up later in the news edge, congress and the district coming up, fight over the
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district and control tonight at 11:00. 
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activists who oppose maryland's gay marriage law say their efforts to reverse that law are going strong. the marriage alliance checked more than 13,000 signatures to put gay marriage on the ballots this november. they only needed half that number. meantime advocates for gay marriage say they never doubted the alliance would get the signatures but say their polling says most marylands would uphold the law if that vote were held today. it is official mitt romney has clinched the republican nomination for president. romney surpassed the magic number of 1,144 delegates needed to win the nomination. in a post victory statement romney said he's honored and humbled and is expressing confidence in his chances this fall. fox 5 political analyst mark plotkin joins us now. i want to stat with something timely today. -- start with something timely today, mitt romney on the stump with donald trump of all
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people. it seems like if he's going to pivot to the middle, he wouldn't go with a guy a hair shy of being crazy bringing up the birther thing again. >> yeah. i don't get this at all. this is a fundraiser in las vegases of all places. i -- in las vegas of all places. i don't think trump has much of a constituency and if he does at all, it's basically unfavorable and he's brought up the whole birther issue which former governor romney has said he doesn't think should be brought up. so i don't get it. it sounds like he's being pretty tone deaf. >> what about names being bandied about now that rahm has officially listened the -- mitt romney has officially clinched the nomination for vice president? >> the major name is rob portman, very good resume, senator from ohio, former trade negotiator, former omb head, speaks fluent spanish.
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he's from the state which republicans have never won the presidency without winning that state, ohio. it seems to me they talked about two boring white guys, but he would do no happen and there definitely wouldn't be a sarah palin. there are four governors mentioned, most prominent being chris christie of new jersey, but i think he's a little too volatile. bob mcdonnell of virginia is all but advertising for the job and he very much would like it. the fact that he's a veteran helps him. bobby bobby jindal very smart, governor of louisiana and bobby martinez and the other names are rick santorum and the long shots are paul ryan, the very wellen in now budget cutter congress -- well known now budget cutter from wisconsin and finally condoleezza rice. i think that gives you pretty much the roster. i sure hope that mitt romney,
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brian, doesn't pick somebody besides these eight people because then i won't be considered very smart. >> we all know based on previous close elections it really boils down to florida and about three counties in ohio, which one of those names helps there? >> i think portman. the democrats, too. john kennedy did not carry ohio, but of democrat since in the 60, if they won -- but every democrat since 1960 if they won that means they carried ohio. you're very insightful to talk about florida. those are 29 electoral votes and they're both running even there. >> fox 5 political analyst mark plotkin tonight. >> thank you. major developments tonight stepping from the turmoil in syria. -- stemming from the turmoil in syria. the u.s. and several other
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nations kicked syria out of its alliance after the gruesome attacks on civilians that killed more than 100 people on friday. >> what we're seeing is brutality and inhumane acts perpetrated by the assad regime. we've been very consistent in this got about calling a spade a spade and that's exactly what's happening on the ground in syria and it needs to stop. >> the pentagon says the focus is still on diplomatic and economic ways to stop al assad. the latist massacre was called a tipping -- latest massacre was called a tipping point. in italy still searching for survivors after a devastating earthquake. 16 people are dead and one is still missing. >> reporter: this is the moment a 5.8 magnitude earthquake hit northern italy, people forced to leave in this
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blue tents already displaced by an earthquake nine days ago shaken up again. a warehouse worker who rode out the quake tells his story of survival. translator: i was inside. thankfully we had tied the beams securely, but it was tremor. >> reporter: as cruise search the tremors continue. powerful aftershock still felt hours of quake hit. schools and public buildings have been evacuated. translator: the shock was stronger and longer than the previous 1 two weeks ago. >> reporter: that earthquake killed seven and displaced thousands. the prime minister was meeting with emergency officials in rome to discuss the impact of the earlier quake when today's struck. he's pledging immediate action for the region. translator: to guarantee the return to phenomenal life in this area that is so special -- the normal life in this area is in so special and so important for italy. >> reporter: geologists say the aftershocks will be felt
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several days and the economists are concerned as well. damage has totaled at least $251 million, too soon to say how much this new quake will cost. people -- too soon to say how much this new quake will cost. people living along the east coast concerned with flooding after tropical storm beryl that made landfall near jacksonville yesterday and was a tropical depression by today. the national hurricane center expects it to skim the coast of south carolina tomorrow and it could gather strength moving to the atlantic. one of the country's biggest casinos is about to open its doors. it's right here in our area, a sneak peek at the maryland live! casino in arundel mills next. 
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the countdown is on. in a little more than a week one of the country's biggest
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casinos opens up here in our area. it's in hanover maryland right near arundel mills mall. fox 5's beth parker takes us inside. >> reporter: the sparks are flying and hot is just what gamblers will be hoping for. >> unbelievable. >> reporter: that's joe weinberg giving the media a tour of maryland live! casino in arundel mills. weinberg works for the cordish company headquartered in baltimore. >> to open one of the largest facilities in the country in our backyard is tremendously exciting. >> reporter: when it's complete, there will be 4,750 gaming machines. >> the bobby flay restaurant is here and cheesecake factory is on the other side. >> reporter: families can enter the restaurants without stepping on a gaming floor. much of the facility opens june 6th. >> this is our center stage, music venue which is under construction. this facility opens in july.
10:24 pm
the total facility is over three football fields long. >> reporter: the table games in maryland are all electronic. so that slip of the card is what you will see. there's no dealer. >> our blackjack tables is the identical game to a dealer dealt game anywhere else. >> reporter: 2,500 people have worked on construction. there are 1 how five hundred permanent employees. -- there are one thousand five hundred permanent employees. >> i'm from las vegas. >> reporter: yes, las vegas, gaming management major at unlv. >> i came out to work at one of the most attractive casinos in the country. >> reporter: many employees are in training learning new jobs, but those in charge say even maryland residents who don't come here will see a big payout. >> we will send over $400 million a year to the education truss fund and make over $30 million a year in local impact grants to anne arundel county.
10:25 pm
>> reporter: outside workers are scrambling to get ready for next week's 10 p.m. opening. the polishing continues and the dice are already dancing. beth parker, fox 5 news. another case of flesh eating bacteria in the sought. a man came close to death -- south. main came close to death. >> -- a man came close to death. >> how about a gun registry? 1 county thinks they can crack down on crime. we'll explain how next. >> if you see a story we should look into, give us a call 202- 895-3000 or e-mail us at fox5tips at [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. another case of flesh eating bacteria in the south, a georgia man offering at home after spend -- recovering at home after spending three weeks in the hospital fighting with
10:29 pm
the disease. >> it hit me like that, you know. there wasn't no be up. it was quick the way it made me -- building up. it was quick the way it made me feel. >> reporter: aided by a walker bobby vaughn is back on his feet nearly four weeks after flesh eating bacteria ravaged his body. >> there's so many different ways i could have, but there's no way to know. no water, i didn't fall out of a tree and get cut or fall in day. and get cut by no branches. i obviously -- in a ditch and get cut by no branches. i obviously didn't fall off my lawn mower. i have no idea. >> reporter: the 33-year-old spent a grueling three weeks in the hospital. he became week and started vomiting while at work may 3rd. the next day he went to cartersville medical center in intense pain experiencing significant swelling in his groin area. doctors delivered the grim news. >> told me they needed to admit me.
10:30 pm
they said this is a lot worse than they expected. >> reporter: vaughn endured six surgeries. nearly 2 pounds of dead tissue was removed as they worked to keep the infection from spreading. as he works to reclaim his life, the young patients he left behind haunt vaughn. >> i had a chance to sit down with a lady that has tting in t that has about 70% burns to her body. >> reporter: the critical care children vaughn encountered moved him. >> when you hear a baby cry in pain, it does something to you. >> reporter: vaughn says his company alpha and omega landscaping is already involved in charitable works, but he wants to do more. in coming weeks vaughn will establish a charity for bartow county children who need a helping hand. witnessing the suffering of young patients during his time in the hospital he felt compelled to do more for his own community. >> this pain i felt has made me
10:31 pm
want to give everything i've got and that's what we're going to do. >> vaughn says he's still in a lot of pain, but he says his friends and co-workers have been incredibly supportive during his rove. miami police are trying -- recovery. miami police are still trying to sort out a bizarre attack. the victim, a 65-year-old homeless man was unrecognizable after an attack of his face being bitten. it's believed the suspect was in a drug induced psychosis. there is still no verdict in john edwards campaign finance trial. the jury has deliberated seven days. the judge says they will work an extra half hour tomorrow and thursday if necessary. the judge met privately with attorneys to talk about a problem with a juror. edwards is charged with using nearly a million dollars from wealthy donors to hide his
10:32 pm
pregnant mistress during his campaign. the judge in the federal perjury trial against baseball star roger clemens dismissed two charges. clemens still faces charges of perjury and making false statements and 13 other obstruction charges. prosecution rested their case yesterday. now it's the defense's turn. prince george's county police are on the verge of getting a new tool in the fight against crime, a gun registry for convicted offenders, a database to keep a close eye on felons previously caught carrying guns. >> reporter: some of the criminals who carry guns in prince george's county have little fear of the law. just ask the people who are paid to enforce them. >> in the state of maryland carrying a gun is a misdemeanor. a lot of places it's a felony. new york city it's mandyer to five years. here it's a mis-- a mandatory five years. here it's a misdemeanor. that he writically you could be caught several times with a gun
10:33 pm
-- here theoretically you could be caught several time with a gun and not go to jail. we need to put some parameters on their release or sentencing that when you get out of jail quarterly or twice a year you got to check in with the police department so if you change your address and don't tell us, we can violate your probation. >> reporter: meaning you will likely be locked up again and do backup time, the time left on your sentence before parole. karen toles is sponsoring the legislation. >> when i got in office, i said what do we need to do to put tools in place and policy in place to stop the criminals from wanting to commit crime over and over again? >> reporter: last year there were 180 shootings in the county. this year there have been 60. since 2007 a gun was used in 429 of the 573 homicides in the county. prosecutor rashid mahdi helped write the legislation. >> it's going to be a deterrent because you'll have regular
10:34 pm
visits from the police department. they are watching you and letting you know this. >> reporter: so far this year homicides are down 41.9% compared to the same time last year and overall crime is down in the county 6.5%. a public hearing on the bill will be held june 5 at 10 a.m. with the vote to follow. the gun registry will not be open to the public. it will be run by a small group of officers and detectives. chief magaw says it will be a seamless fit with the county's sex offender registry. the nra is against the database calling it a burden to taxpayers. i'm paul wagner from the fox 5 newsroom. music legend bob dylan, astronaut john glenn, just two president obama welcomed to the white house for a special honor today. >> also the animals are looking for relief in the summer heat. look at what one family found in their pool that. story is coming up.
10:35 pm
but first here's fox business network neil cavuto. >> shops not feeling so hot about the economy as the summer season kicks or, worries about a slowdown -- off, worries about a slowdown in hiring. new housing numbers probably not making folks feel much better either. a key u.s. index tracking price still stuck at its lowest level since the housing bubble burst. the market ending up helps more federal reserve stimulus to juice up the economy, but invests don't want to friend facebook, the stock falling 24% since going public. drivers shelling out less at the pump for gas, national average for regular now at $3.64 a gallon. that is still 11% higher than where prices began the year, but a lot lower than where they were just a few weeks ago. that's business. i'm neil cavuto. 
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 >> this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by your lexus dealer. live life heroically. [ creaking ] [ male announcer ] trophies and awards lift you up. but they can also hold you back. unless you ask, what's next? [ zapping ] [ clang ] this is the next level of performance. the next level of innovation. the next rx. the all-new f sport. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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a frightening discovery for fisheries along the california coast. bluefin tuna are coming up with a highly reactive metal with water. it's believed they picked it up from the japanese water following last year's fukushima nuclear disaster. aquariums say it's no surprise fish are becoming contaminated from the nuclear fallout. >> any time radioactivity is concerned whether we're immediately eating it or it's just staying in the ocean, my understanding is this type of radiation has a relatively short half life of two years. >> the levels of sezium found
10:40 pm
were below what's considered unsafe for humans. however, most of the bluefin caught were by sports fishermen not for human consumption. a family was surprised to come home and find a black bear splashing around in their pool. the afternoon swim did not last long. after a quick cooloff session the bear ran back into the wild. coming up in minutes on the news edge at 11:00 opponents of same sex marriage in maryland mark a milestone in their battle to get the issue on the ballot this november. about. >> and find out why canada's transportation safety board is taking over the invests of that plane crash in fauquier -- the investigation of the plane crash in fauquier county.
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13 people from a broad range of back grounds received a medal of freedom, the highest civilian honor in the nation. president obama delivered the
10:44 pm
medals today at the white house. respect president obama presenting the medal of freedom, 13 diverse political and cultural icons receiving the nation's highest civilian honor at a white house ceremony tuesday. >> what sets these men and women apart is the incredible impact they have had on so many people, not in short blinding bursts but steadily over the course of a lifetime. >> reporter: the medal of freedom is awarded to individuals who make extraordinary contributions to u.s. interests, help to improve world peace or make a significant cultural impact. the award was established in 1963 by president john f. kennedy. this year's recipients include former secretary of state madeleine albright, the first woman to serve as top u.s. diplomat and astronaut john glenn, first american to orbit the earth. basketball coach pat summit led the university of tennessee
10:45 pm
women's team to more ncaa final four appearances than any other team and rock legend bob dylan's vast catalog of songs include such classics as like a rolling stone. >> together the honorees on this stage and the ones who couldn't be here have moved us with their words, they have inspired us with their actions. they've enriched our lives and changed our lives for the better. >> reporter: other honorees included former supreme court justice john paul stevens and israeli president shimon peres. british officials increase security on the thames river so the queen can go for a sail. they're taking dogs along for some checks on ferries. queen e his bet is celebrating her 60th -- elizabeth is celebrating her 60th anniversary on the throne. a million people are expected to line the riverbanks to
10:46 pm
watch. >> i would love to see it. >> had some pretty crazy weather. >> you won't hear us talking about that rain deficit. we have had these torrential rainstorms and thunderstorms that dropped 2 to 3 inches of rain of night in some areas. all flash flood warnings are over. it's still raining in a lot of areas, but that will settle down, also. while we might have a spotty shower tomorrow, for the most part we won't be doing this again. we've had an amazing picture sent to us that i'll share in a moment, but wow, heavy rain especially hard hit hagerstown and up toward frederick. here's where we stand at this hour. most of this is now light rain or showers. it's going to probably dwindle out in another couple hours or so. east of the city around chesapeake beach we still have heavy rain, a little lightning. you might pick up a wind gust and heavy duty rain.
10:47 pm
we'll get in tighter here. you can see some of the communities east of dunkirk now. chesapeake beach is getting that up from huntington. heavy rain, you're almost on the back edge of it. just a few more minutes and you'll join the rest of us which is just left with lighter showers. on sentinel radar we'll start with a picture sent to us by a viewer in hagerstown, maryland. this is what the flooding looked like across washington county. two significant storms went through, both unloading 2 to 3 inches of rain. streams and creeks were coming out of their banks. flash flooding is over, but the waters are still high especially in washington county and frederick county. let's get very careful and give those waters a chance to reef seed. the last three hours of radar in -- recede. the last three hours of radar in motion, you can see these slow moving storms. just about everybody got a little rain tonight. see what's coming out of
10:48 pm
pennsylvania ahead of a cool front that's coming. this is the cool front sparking a few mauer showers and thunderstorms as it -- more showers and thunderstorms as it comes across western pennsylvania. i think for the most part it will stay right along the mason dixon line or up to our north. estimates of rainfall tonight, pretty significant all over the region. it looks like we had some real jackpot totals across the panhandle of west virginia 3 inches of rain, berkeley, jeff, got a lot of rain tonight. washington county into frederick county and loudoun county another 2.2 inches. you've had so much rain in these areas. tomorrow a chance to dry out and cooler, too. today's high was 91. we'll be down to about 84 degrees tone. a spotty shower is -- tomorrow. a spotty shower is still possible tomorrow. thursday looks like the best day of the week, 81 degrees accident comfortable, humidity
10:49 pm
-- degrees, comfortable, humidity drops as well. friday we could have a front coming that could touch off some afternoon thunderstorms friday. temperatures, pretty mile, don't think it's going to be a cool 1 and because of all the moisture around we could see fog forming a bit later. we have been watching something else we want to show you and that is what is tropical depression barrel expected to become a tropical storm again. first of all, 8 appear most of d.c. is dry. we've got some -- 8 a.m., most of d.c. is dry. we've got some clouds around. here comes the tropical moisture in addition to a little skinny band of showers for us around 5:00 tomorrow or isolated rumble, this will be tropical moisture passing across hampton roads year and out to see. that's going -- area and out to sea. that's going to be the worst of the wind. beryl is expected to strengthen to a tropical storm as soon as
10:50 pm
it gets off the coast. thursday looks glorious and rain friday. it looked like it would get in here sometime in the afternoon. we take you to the five-day forecast and yes, we'll look at beryl in more detail coming up on the news edge at 11:00 in just moments. your five-day forecast features a drying trend and a few more thunderstorms in the mix for us potentially friday and saturday but much more reasonable temperatures. two days at or above 90 i think just about wore everybody out. >> . you may have seen this picture earlier. this is our favorite rock star, chloe thomas from rockville high school. you may have seen her story. she's a special needs student who took a chance and a bowl step by asking the -- bold step by asking the boy to go to the prom with her. she went this friday and guess what? >> what? >> they nominate her prom queen. we are proud of you and
10:51 pm
grateful to joseph who was her date there on the left. chloe, you have a lot of fans at fox 5 and congratulations on being rockville high school's prom queen of 2012. >> yeah, chloe, and you look smashing, so beautiful. >> blue is her color, matches those gorgeous eyes. >> i got to talk to chloe tonight. she's in great spirits. >> that's a two for one special, very nice. >> we're so thankful they shared their story with us. >> absolutely. coming up next is madonna taking a shot at lady gay? the material girl's song that's -- lady gaga, the material girl's song that's gone viral. >> but first another that's my take, tonight the hot button social issue that could be decided for d.c. without any input from the city's one voice. >> and now that's my take with wttg vice president and general manager duffy dyer.
10:52 pm
>> back on may 7 tonight a hearing was held by the house jew dish -- 17th a hearing was held by the house judiciary subcommittee on a bill to ban abortions in the district of columbia after 20 weeks except to save the mother's life. regardless of where you live in the country, the issue of abortion rights can always be counted on to generate a deeply emotional outpouring of rhetoric, but if you live in the district of columbia, there is much more at stake. beyond the issue of women's reproductive rights there is the issue of congress' desire to dictate to the citizens of the district on social issues and to do so without consulting with any of the district's elected officials. delegate eleanor holmes norton was denied the opportunity to speak to the issue at this hearing even though past practice would have allowed it. she was not given permit to ask questions or comment on the witnesses. she declined. this is a deeply divisive
10:53 pm
social issue that won't allow the district's represent to address the panel rises to the height of hypocrisy. it just doesn't make sense. representative pranks said when people of the district of columbia make -- franks said when people of the d.c. make this the issue. it is a mistake. the elected officials must be allowed to speak. isn't that what democracy is all about? that's my take. let me know what you think. go to and click on that's my take or send me an e-mail at tmt at
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♪i'm on the right track baby
10:57 pm
is that madonna or is it lady gaga? people are saying madonna fanning the flames over lady gaga's hit sounds a lot like one of her own. during a rehearsal in israel madonna put one over the cover of express yourself and the tracks blended without any trouble. phillip phillips kidney procedure is postponed today because he has a sinus infection. the singer sufficients from chronic kidney problems causing him -- suffers from congress kidney problems causing him to undergo eight surgeries during the idol season. los angeles is the latest city to be invaded by dancers from so you think you can dance. fox's adam housley has more from hollywood. >> reporter: the cross-country soft shoe search continues on season nine of so you think you can dance this week stopping in
10:58 pm
los angeles as the grueling process of early auditions helps judges find america's next favorite dancers. >> you're either going to be horrific or terrific. extraordinary doesn't come too often. you may be sitting there two or three hours of middle of the roads and dip down a little bit and all of a sudden extraordinary hits and then when extraordinary walks in that door and with the charisma, the it factor, whatever you call it, you know almost from the second they take that first step onto the dance floor. these are long days sometimes, sometimes 19 hours. all of a sudden you see somebody that's walking up there with a real sense of purpose and it makes you sit up in your chair like oh, can't wait to see what they're going to do here right now. >> i have created my own style. it's called exorcist style. >> reporter: being able to master several types of dances and making it look easy is perhaps the biggest challenge
10:59 pm
while at the same time having fun. >> even the top 50 we get down to have a lot of the qualities that we could so welcome onto the show. it really gets down to as well personality because let's face it. we can have tremendous dancers, tremendous technical dancers, and we really have to find a person, too, that the audience is going to be interested in. >> just being able to get in front of an audience and show people what i can do and try to make them happy, that is happiness for me. >> that's all you got to do is smile, show your personality more than anything because the show is about who is america's favorite dancer. >> you really have to feel someone's joy, the joy running through their body and come right out through their eyes. when you don't feel something, that's when somebody really hasn't connected or given you an honest organic performance. >> the whole studio was shaking. >>


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