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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  May 30, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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fox 5 following twoing about stories. >> what started as a by star shooting case is ending up with a police officer charged with murder. maryland's same-sex marriage debate. opponents say they have the support to take the issue to a public vote. fox 5 morning news continues right now. good morning. it is wednesday, may 30th. we are inching closery to aweekend. a live look outside right now. it looks like kansas and waiting for dorothy and toto.
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it sure looks ominous out there. tucker has been saying all morning long we might hike was in store for us for today and the rest of the heat. >> some strong storms rolled through parts of our area last night. up to 3 inches of rain fell in areas around hagerstown and up interstate 81. there are still a few power outages even this morning. keep that in mind. hopefully, they'll get their power back on toon. quite ate bit of rain that we were dealing with last night. a little bit wet out there on the roadways. we are still fighting the sun as we saw it a little bit earlier. >> not a lot of sun here early today. by later this afternoon, we'll be partly sunny and as you guys mentioned, less humidity. and cooler temperatures than yesterday. it is going to arrive in a couple of steps. today is step one. >> we'll take the baby steps as long as we're inching towards better weather. >> i saw a couple of power truck out on the roads when i
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was driving in. power outages back. it is summertime. let's get to the radar. you will see that the shower activity continues generally south and east of the city. still a few leftover showers out to the west. they're spotty in nature. south an east of the city, as we get into southern maryland, we've still got some shower activity. chesapeake beach down south of la plata, you are still dealing with shower activity. if you are across the bay out towards cambridge and easton and st. michael's, you will be looking at a few more showers. i think by mid-morning, we'll see i afew speaks of sunshine and the day will get progressively nicer as the afternoon wears on. temperatures right now, reagan national, 71 degrees. the 60s are back to the north and west. 63 in winchester. 65 out at dulles. forecast for today, afternoon sunshine. once we wind up the rain showers this morning and temperatures cooler than yesterday, 84.
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>> 84 is going to feel great after yesterday. >> yesterday was all about finding some ac. this is a welcome change. >> let's check in with julie wright and get the latest on traffic right now. >> and right now, southbound along 270, our focus this morning, we had accident activity as you work your way out of gaithersburg into rockville. all of that has cleared. the crew in sky fox with us once again checking out the drive southbound along 270. as you continue to work your way south of 124 leaving gaithersburg, the pace not so bad right now. the top stretch below speed approaching and passing 109. here is the drive northbound on 395 heaving duke street continuing up towards seminary road. 95, below speed as you travel north of quantico headed up towards dumfries. i have delays coming across the occoquan. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic. >> all right. thank you. a culpeper, virginia police officer is behind bars this
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morning. >> he is facing several charges including murder following a deadly shooting back in february. melanie alnwick is live in the newsroom. >> reporter: family members of patricia cook said her death didn't make sense. she was shot and killed by officer daniel harmon-wright during a traffic stop awent awry. initial reports said that officer harmon-wright fired his service weapon in self-defense discharging it into cook's jeep wrangler several times on the february morning when she rolled up her window on the officer's arm so the story went and then drove away while dragging him along. several shots were fired. cook's jeep crashed into a pole a few blocks away. she died on the scene. cook's family and friends disputed that account. they say her jeep didn't have power windows and that cook was never known to be violent. yesterday, jim fisher said he was not use the terms trapped and dragged to describe what happened to officer harmon- wright. the grand jury interviewed 45 witnesses and looked at more
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than 100 pieces of evidence before deciding to indict the officer. his mother, beverly sullivan, has also been charged with forging public records. investigators say they discovered that, when she worked as a secretary to the police chief a few years ago, she tried to remove negative information from her son's personnel file. >> thank you. another big story we are following. opponents of maryland's gay marriage law submitted 113,000 signatures yesterday. that is twice the number needed to bring the law to a referendum in november. governor mart uno'malley signed the bill legalizing gay marriage in maryland in march but it doesn't take effect until until next january. ate look at the morning's other top stories. a metro working is recovering from serious injuries after he was hit by a train. it happened just before 1:00 yesterday afternoon at the shady grove rail yard. the worker was trapped under the train for about an hour able to talk crews though as they tried to
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get them out. he was airlifted to the hospital. thousands of fans said their final good-byes to go-go legend chuck brown. his familiar hi held a public viewing at the howard theater yesterday where brown was scheduled to play his next gig before he died on may 16th. huge crowds turned out throughout the day to pay their respects to the d.c. musician. severe rain though forced officials to end the viewing earlier than scheduled. the fans got kind of angry so d.c. police reopened the door. we know of performers and speakers who ill be part of tomorrow's public memorial service tomorrow at the convention center. they include donnie similar ton, ladivi. big g. dougie fresh, mike epps and raheem devon and a special performance by the chuck brown band. today, kenyan mcduffie will be sworn into his ward five
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seat. he won a special election earlier this month to replace harry thomas, jr. thomas resigned the ward 5 seat back in january just days before he pleaded guilty to embezzling city funds for personal use. mcduffie will serve the remainder of thomas' term which runs through 2014. you've heard his name mentioned as a potential pick for mitt rome know's running mate. now, virginia governor bob mcdonnells talking about the rumors. more fallout from the massacre in syria.  (bell rings)
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the u.s. has ordered syria's diplomats to leave the country. it is one of more than 12 other nations forcing out syrian diplomats in the wake of a weekend massacre that claimed the lives of more than 100 people, mostly women and children. fifty years in prison is the sentence just handed down
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against the former liberian president charles taylor. he was convicted last month of supporting rebels in sierra leone that their campaign of sexual slavery, murder and ordering children to serve in the military. taylor is the first former head of state convicted of war crimes since world war ii. he is now 64 years old. his attorneys had ask identified sentence that could eventually allow him to be released. more trouble for facebook. shares fell to just under $29 yesterday. that is a 24% drop since its much touted public debut on the market earlier this month. we are talking more about this in just a few minutes with fox business network in new york. also making headlines this morning, a big moment on the campaign trail. >> mitt romney reaches an important number after yesterday's primary in texas making his job presidential nomination a lock. >> first, we are check in with tucker for your full forecast. a nice break from your heat and humidity. we just have to be patient. the skies are dark but
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hopefully things are changing soon. we continue right after this. 
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& let it rain a whole lot more ♪ ♪ i got the deep river blues &&. >> another legend lost in the music world. the grammy winning doc watson passed away in north carolina yesterday. his wide-ranging style influenced generations of musician. he was blind since he was a child and was no stranger to tragedy. doc watson was still performing up until the end with a show scheduled next month in north carolina. he was 89 years old. >> let's take a live look outside right now. it is 6:15 on this wednesday. you can see just a little bit of cloud cover sun maybe trying
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to come through. here is the thing. it will keep fighting waits through until probably later on today. >> it will get better and better from here. when you step outdoors, it will feel better than it did yesterday. remember yesterday, the warm humid -- >> as early as we come into work, it felt like you could cut through the humidity. today it was a nice change of pace. >> feeling better. gets better from here. some afternoon sun and the forecast for tomorrow looks fantastic. >> yes. >> i feel like a weight has been lifted. >> at least temporarily. >> hoping that extends into the weekend. >> we still have june, july and august to deal with. you can see most of the shower activity, we'll call it southern maryland here as you get in towards leonardtown, down towards st. mary's city, still dealing with the showers. for the rest of us, one or two showers. columbia might be getting a sprinkle. we're not done with the showers
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quite yet. you saw the live shot. we've still got some clouds out there. we'll seat clouds start to break up i think by late morning and we'll get some sun in here as well as a little less humidity later today. let's push on. there you go. it is a combination of a cold front that is trying to work through. the cooler and drier air is working to the northwest. the remnants of beryl, some very heavy rain across the carolinas. this system will scoot out to sea and stay far enough south and east of us that it won't directly impact us but some of the cloud cover and some of the humidity and moisture associated with beryl is trying to scream north. that will temporarily keep the clouds around here as well as keep our humidity up just a little bit today. as mentioned, eventually, we'll see things start to really improve as we get into the late afternoon and later tonight. it already feels better than it did yesterday. 70 at reagan national. 63 in culpeper. we have some 60s on the map.
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remember yesterday, the entire area was in the 70s. we'll put futurecast in motion for you. you can see most of the energy stays to the south. we have cloud cover with some sunshine working in from the north and west. i think we'll be mostly sunny here by late afternoon. beryl slips out to sea. today, early clouds, some afternoon sun. a little cooler, a little less humid than yesterday. 84 your daytime high. winds out of west at about five miles per hours. as we get into the west, 50s north and west of city. it should feel great later tonight. you can open the windows, turn off the air conditioner for a time. there is your five-day forecast. tomorrow is just about perfect. friday and saturday, could be another round of storms. right now, sunday look great. sunshine, 08 degrees. all right. that is a look at weather. let's do some traffic and julie
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wright has your latest. we are cooling down. i hope you can handle it. >> it gets too cool, we'll have to bring out the mittens and scarf once again. >> i know. >> the crew in sky fox hovering over an accident here. traffic is able to get by in the two right lanes us travel northbound on georgia avenue. southbound lanes are open, no problems to report there. southbound 29 at lockwood, we had reports of a stalled bus tying up the right side of road. this is a live shot of traffic going northbound. stay to the right in order to get by. updating your commute eastbound along 66, the volume continues to slow 50 headed inbound towards 123. no problems to report on the beltway traveling between annandale and merrifield. you will find traffic on 395 below speed here at duke street in the main line headed out towards seminary road. no problems to report coming across the anacostia bridges. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. mitt romney has reached an
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important number on the campaign trail. he has now topped the number of delegates needed to be the official gop presidential nominee. this comes following tuesday's primary in texas. romney says he is, quote, humbled by the nomination. >> virginia governor bob mcdonnell is laying rumors that he will be mitt rome know's room nate. he said he is not being vetted by the romney camp. there you go. put it to rest. as we go to break, we all know home price here in our area are sky high. guess what. if you are hook for a lower cost of living, you may want to head to these cities. the national association of home buyers and wells fargo have released a list of home price. coming in at number one, there
6:21 am
you go, indianapolis, indiana with a median home price of $102,000. number two, dayton, ohio where you can get with our own place for about $81,000. and lakelapped, florida with a median price of $85,000. in d.c., that will get you maybe a bathroom and a closet. >> exactly. >> exactly.
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facebook stock sunk to new lows yesterday. more on that in just a moment. first, markets started a short trading week on a strong. &. robert gray with fox business network is live this morning in new york. good morning. >> good morning. >> i think you would agree it is nice for i change we're table to talk about stocks up across the board yesterday. what is behind the move? >> it was all the news coming out of europe and asia as well. we heard news that greece
6:25 am
looked more likely to stay in the euro zone and china was going to step up moves basically to boost its economy though we are seeing the opposite today up fortunately. don't want to rain on the parade but after the big gain yesterday, we are seeing a little bit of give back. the futures pointing to a decline before 100 points on the dow as we are getting negative news flow out of europe, big concerns over italian debt and banks. so a little bit of give back again. if you are looking for a silver lining, crude is down below $09 a barrel. that means gasoline price should continue to fall. >> that is good as people are traveling for the summer. we've been talking about facebook stock taking a nosedive really, down about 4% we've been reporting this morning. some investors are calling this a failed ipo. what do you make of this? >> so far, it certainly appears that way. it has lost about a quarter of
6:26 am
its value. they did the unusual step of raising both the price range and the amount of shares offered. usually, you will see one of those happen for a successful ipo. rarely do you see both of those happen. there is so much stock out there and then there is the big legal overhang right now. investor are filing class action lawsuits as to whether or not all the information was reveal a bad slowing profit growth forecast and whether of his disseminated widely enough. yesterday was the first day to buy options on facebook stock. that is right to buy or sell the stock at a given price and time and basically, the biggest bets out there were that the stock will continue to fall. record day of trading by the way for i adebut in the options market. the biggest -- for a debut in the options market. >> maybe things, talking about a partnership with apple, possibly a smart phone, will change things around for facebook.
6:27 am
we'll see. robert gray in new york, thank you so much. >> have a good day. >> you too. a police officer charged with murder. details on the investigation that started with a shooting back in february. >> also ahead, more on the marriage debate in maryland. people who say they have the support necessary to take the issue to a public vote.
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just high brow conversations during the commercials here. >> let's not talk about that. >> check out the fox 5 weather app if you haven't already. live radar, hour by hour forecasts. also long-range forecasts and a sex where our weather team blogs about the latest conditions. you may have heard this. some strong storms rolled through parts of our area. saw that lightning and than
6:31 am
comes the rain. up to 3 inches of it fell in areas like hagerstown and up interstate 81. there are still a few power outages even this morning. we shown the folk get their power back on pretty soon. that doesn't look like it will be in the forecast for today at least. >> we have morning showers but at least we're not deal with the heavy rain. flash flooding up there. >> i imagine the power crews will be working all day to restore power. >> certainly, yeah, if you are without power, you want it back in a hurry. >> still just warm enough, some people might want that ac. >> a few of us might want to turn it back on. i think by tomorrow, windows open. temperatures in the 70s, lower humidity. really nice looking forecast as we get into our day tomorrow. today as a day of transition. we still have some left overrain showers, not heavy rain. not dealing with flooding potential here this morning but you can see a few leftover showers. look like we have a few showers redeveloping here south and west of the city.
6:32 am
we'll see if that doesn't move through shortly and a pretty god little band of rain there in southern maryland. some rain showers crossing the bay. we are not quite done with the rain showers. at least parts of the area aren't done with the rain showers. by afternoon, i think we'll see at least partly sunny conditions and cooler and less huge you had than yesterday. right now, 07 at reagan national. we are down to 70. winds still out of the north at five miles per hour. still plenty of humidity. it doesn't feel quite as bad as it did 24 hours ago. here is is your forecast. sunshine by afternoon. being optimistic. highs in the low to mid 1r0. >> 1r0 -- in the low to mid- 80s. >> i would say julie wright, you better ice down the apple juice. i love it when you like my material. >> unlike tucker, i think yours comes au
6:33 am
naturel but tucker, we have to write it down. >> you're funny, julie. >> the lanes are open. no problems to report, just volume delays to acome your commute along westbound 495. the accident on georgia avenue has now cleared. 395 at duke street, lanes are open. no problems to report working your way out towards seminary road. 95 slow going for those continuing across the occoquan. you will find delays as you continue from newington to the fsp and 66 here at fair oak below speed headed east towards 123. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. etraffic. >> thank you. culpeper, virginia police officer is behind bars this morning after being indicted on several counts including murder. the charges are the result of a deadly shooting that happened back in february. >> melanie alnwick is live with the details this morning.
6:34 am
>> reporter: officer daniel harmon-wright shot 54-year-old patricia cook during a traffic stop in a catholic school parking lot. at the time, he claimed self- defense but a special grand jury has found otherwise. officer harmon-wright turned himself in to state police late tuesday night and is being held without bond until a june 8th court hearing. initial police reports in february said after the officer asked to see patricia cook's identification that she rolled up her driver's side window on officer harmon-wright's arm and then started driving away, dragging the officer along and that he fired when cook failed to stop despite repeated commands to do so. family and friends of cook say they were baffled at that account. they say she was never violent and her jeep didn't have power windows. culpeper police asked virginia state police to take a closer look at the incident. that grand jury charged daniel harmon-wright not only with murder but two counts of malicious shooting and use of a firearm in the commission of a felony. investigators in look at this
6:35 am
case have also charged harmon- wright's mother, bethany sullivan, with forgery of public document. they discovered that, when cul van worked as a secretary to the chief of police a few years ago, she tried to remove negative information from her son's personnel file and that apparently is a crime. >> it doesn't look good. thank you. another big story. it appears maryland's gay marriage law will go for a vote in november. the maryland marriage alliance submitted 113,000 signatures. that is twice the number needed to bring the law to a referendum. advocates for gay marriage say they never doubted that the alliance would get the signatures. the state board of elections now has 20 days to verify the signatures. the d.c. council will once again be a fall law making body. today, ken yap mcduffie will be sworn in to the ward 5 seat. he won a special election earlier this year to remace harry thomas, jr. he resigned the ward five seat back in january just days before he pleaded guilty to embezzling
6:36 am
city funds for personal use. mcduffie will serve the remainder of thomas' term. a metro worker is recovering from serious injuries after he was hit by a train. it happened just before 1:00 yesterday afternoon at the shady grove rail yard. the worker was trapped under the train for about an hour. he was able to speak with rescue crews as they tried to get him out. he was airlifted to shock trauma in baltimore. thousands of people said their final good-byes to go-go legend chuck brown. has family held a public viewing yesterday where brown was scheduled to play his next gig before he pass wade on may 16th. huge crowds r crowd as you can imagine turned out through outdate to pay their respects to the d.c. musician. many fans turned the occasion into an opportunity to celebrate his life. they threw a block party outside the theater dancing to brown's music and sharing their memories. tomorrow's public memorial service is now scheduled to run
6:37 am
an extra hour from noon until 4:00 p.m. the doors will open at 10:00 a.m. and some of the performer as and speakers include donnie simpson, kindred family soul, big g, dougie fresh. mike epp sp. and a special performance by the chuck brown band featuring sugar bear, james funk and others. he james funk will be here in our studios today along with the go-go panned band proper utensils to share a musical tribute to chuck brown. that is coming up in the 9:00 hour here on fox 5. after rattling off all those names, there might be a job for you at mtv. >> a lot of people will be there. >> very cool. >> dave ross, good morning to you. >> good morning. the nats have been jumping down there in atlanta. played very well over weekend. >> what happened in miami? >> miami is pretty good. there might be help on the way for the nats. we'll get to that in one second. let's take a look at what
6:38 am
happened down there in miami. this is what we call a suicide squeeze. it already happened. that made it 1-0 nats. tied up at one, we've got a sax nice ply situation. cody brown with the throw and can they get chris coughlin at the plate? price harper, one out, bases juiced in the eighth. swinging and missing. bryce kind looking young there. you will have the growing pains in key situations. he has normally come through. >> nothing to complain about him. >> rough day. but here is where the help could come. in the form of michael morris. if you remember him, he has been out since last year. he tore his right lat. that has to hurt. yesterday, a rehab stint in potomac for your potomac nationals looks good. he can hit right in the middle of that line-up. and yesterday for the first time in about six, seven months, we see him running.
6:39 am
he is a beast. he is a big guy. first at-bat, checked swing he did strike out later. if they can get michael morris back in the line-up, could be a very good sign for the nat. >> very anxious. wish air force playing a month ago. i've gotten this far. -- wish i was playing a month ago. 100%. i feel great. our team is playing great. sounds like a good combination. >> they will be at fedex field it is brazil against the united states in soccer. a good test for the u.s. i mean brazil has only won the world cup five times so we'll find out how good we are. >> we'll see you in the 9:00 hour with dave feldman. >> he will be here. he is waking up right now. righ still ahead, peer pressure not always a bad thing. find out how your child's friends may influence how
6:40 am
physically active they are. but first, they come from a broad spectrum of fields from folk music to sports to politics but they share manage in common that garnered them the nation's top civilian honor. fox amorning news back in a moment. fox 5 morning news back in a moment.
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welcome back. time now is 6:43. from politics to the arts, sports and science, they all made their mark and they've all made the world a better place. >> yesterday at the white house, president obama honored 13 famous figures with the nation's highest civilian honor. we have more in this report. >> reporter: president obama presenting the medal of freedom. thirteen divaers political and cultural icons received the nation's highest civilian honor at a white house ceremony on tuesday. >> what sets these men and women apart is then credible
6:44 am
impact they have had on a sew many people, not in short blinding bursts but steadily over the course of a lifetime. >> reporter: the medal of freedom is awarded to individuals would make extraordinary contributions to u.s. interests, help to improve world peace or make a significant cultural impact. the award was established in 1963 by president john f. kennedy. this euro's recipients include former secretary of state madeline albright who was the first woman to serve as the top u.s. diplomat and astronaut john glenn, first american to orbit the earth. basketball coach pat summitt led the university of tennessee women's team to more than ncaa final four appearances than any other team. and bob dylan's vast catalogue of song include like a rolling stone. >> together, the honorees on this stage and the ones who couldn't be here have moved us with their words an inspired us with their actions.
6:45 am
they've enriched our lives and changed our lives for the better. >> reporter: other honorees included john pull steve an and israeli president shimon perez. in washington, shannon breem, fox news. >> joining us now, look at him running in. >> last-minute prep rigs for ask the weather guy. >> you were getting some coffee. >> that's what i'm thinking. >> where's the cream and sugar when i need it. >> that was nice and smooth. >> i like that. it brought some energy. maybe we'll do it tomorrow. >> let me do the forecast real quick. some left overrain showers particularly south an eats of the city. we'll get them out of here. this day will be a general improvement over yesterday. it will start gray and some left overshowers here particularly if you are watching in southern maryland. there is your radar. we are going to have some showers pop you have just south and we of the city here. in alexandria, you are about to get in on the shower activity and then, of course, south and
6:46 am
east. and the south an east showers have been pretty persistent for the past several hours. i think the rain showers will stick around for a few more hours. then we'll eventually see some sunshine start to break out by late morning and as we get into the afternoon, mid- to late afternoon, mostly sunny conditions with less humidity working in from the north and west. the forecast gets better and better from here. let's push o -- let's push on. let me show you the remnants of beryl. very heavy rain for the outer banks later today. we won't be directly impacted. some of the cloud cover and some of the humidity and some of that moisture in the air will get pulled north. if you are watching southern maryland, lower eastern shore, your cloud cover will hold out longer and you will have more moisture in the air. with that cooler and drier air working in from the north and west, the forecast will get better. and by tomorrow, a lot of sunshine with high temperatures about 08 degrees, less humidity. it will be beautiful around here for our day tomorrow. 70 right now in washington.
6:47 am
already feels better than yesterday. 66? manassas. 62 in martinsburg. here is your five-day forecast. and as we get into the afternoon hours, more sunshine, less humidity, high temperatures in the low to mid- 80s. by tomorrow, 79, sunshine, low humidity and we'll do another round of showers, maybe some storms second half of friday into early saturday. but i think by saturday afternoon and sunday, we should have sunshine so much of your weekend should be fine. >> apparent lyric it is just you and me. >> we're getting our coffee too. >> say good morning to tony. >> how is it i'm the one that is always here and on time and in my chair. >> someone has to hold down the fort. >> i like it with sugar. >> that entrance was not nearly as good as mine. >> but it was real. >> we have got a lot to get to. good morning. it is now time for ask weather guys. it is the segment where tucker barnes and i put our big heads together to answer your most
6:48 am
pressing questions weather- related or otherwise. before i show you today's question, let me just let you know at the end of this, well refer back to yesterday's question because we got acouple of emmails about t today's question comes from jasmine in d.c. she wants to know, why do we call people with the name william bill, robert, bob and james gym. are there any more common nicknames this i'm he forgetting. >> pages and peoples. >> there are plenty, jazzy. jasmine is her name. this came up he tend of the show. >> i heard about this. >> allison mentioned something related to this and then i said i'm doing that for weather guy tomorrow. >> allison wanted to know why the name jack is substituted for john. >> because it doesn't -- >> we mentioned it on the air. >> you want to start?
6:49 am
>> the short answer, get it? >> so funny. >> is that people often shorten names for -- >> it is like a term of endearment. >> i was going to say pause it is familiar. for family. >> yes, for nicknames, for example. and we all probably have nicknames that our family has called us. >> you don't want to know mine. >> or your significant other. >> now, we do. >> what it is in. >> lady bug? >> no. not going to tell you. >> maybe sugar for your coffee. >> is it a family name or your husband's -- >> it was a joke at first and then it stuck. >> now i want to know. >> now, i'm not going to say anything. >> all right. so those are like common nicknames like boo, honey, whatever, that kind of thing. the shortening of people's names comes from people wanting
6:50 am
to make -- they want to be more familiar with you, for example. >> that is what i was trying to men's with the family. also, oftentimes, traditionally back in the day, people often had the same name so it might be jonathan. you have three generations of jonathan living in the same house. they would give nicknames so that people could easily identify different members of the family. >> in some cases, this goes back to hundreds and hundreds of of years ago when people moved from one part of the world to another, it would be difficult to pronounce certain name so they would change it a little bit and then sometimes shorten it. for example, i specifically looked up jack for john because i've always wondered. you are not saving any lefts. you are not saving syllables. if your name is john f. ken dirk people called him jack kennedy. that came about because the name john was altered slightly in the german intongues to jankin or jackin and out of
6:51 am
that, we get the nickname jack. i want to tell you, what you go on the internet to roach stuff, you got to be real careful. there are many reports on the internet that say jack is short for john because it comes from the french name jacques which is the same name as john in english. that is not true. it is jean in french. that is not true at all. it goes back to jankin or jackin. >> i'm william iii. there is a billy in our family and people call me will. >> we've got to get to the baseball question. yesterday, we answered a question about how many baseballs are used in a game of major league baseball and the answer is between 60 and 70. they have 90 that they use. each ball lasts about six
6:52 am
pitches. and we told you that that means that they go through about 150,000 balls per year. someone wrote in and said wait a minute, using your math, for 65 balls are used in a game and there are 160 games and for teams, shouldn't that come you out to the over 300,000 balls. not so. because it is 65 balls per game, not per team. per game. because remember, there are two team playing in a game. so you cut that number in half. >> before we wrap, we got to hear the nickname. >> what nickname? you got to tell us. >> he is going to kill me. >> your for him. >> no way, no, no. he would kill me. >> mine is button. it was a joke. >> i like that. >> but it was just a joke one time. we were -- we first started dating and he was like okay,
6:53 am
button. >> i don't know. >> because you are cute as a button. >> if you have a question you want answered. owe, yeah, the name game. go to and click on the weather tab. can you also upload your video question. we may play it on the air. >> you want to hear my nickname for julie. >> yeah. >> i'll tell you later. >> i'm sure you have one for talker, julie. >> i do but i can't say it out loud. one of the two of us will blush. all right. this is something new that we've been talking about the last couple of days. it is called waze. we are hoping you will join us here at fox 5 and become a fox 5 wazer. this is a way for you to communicate with other people on the roads and communicate with me and give me an idea of what is going on on the roads.
6:54 am
we'll pop in on this particular person who i just popped up their name. this is doc 9889. he is down to about 40 miles per hour on the fair fact county parkway. this gives you an idea of how slow it is for those approaching 95 coming in off the fairfax count you parkway. you can chat with other commuters. you can let me know what you are seeing. some folk have been able with their person in the car with them, been able to take a picture of accident activity and show us what is going on out there on the roads. so we do appreciate it. we'll hope that you will log on i don't with our iphone, android or blackberry and download the free app for waze. this is eastbound 66 still slow going. more delays at the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. parents this, one for you. a child's friends may be one good way to help prevent childhood obesity.
6:55 am
one study found that children who have physically active fends are more likely to be physically active themselves. kids whose social groups included friends who were physically active were six times more likely to be physically active themselves. the study is published in the journal of pediatrics. >> still ahead. >> it is art so intriguing you will want to sit and stay for a while. holly morris live at the strathmore in bethesda showing why a new exhibition has gone to the dogs. [ female announcer ] with xfinity, you can always expect more.
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good morning everybody i am holly morris on this wednesday. we are live at the strait mormansion they are having a canine fantastic art exhibit. we are getting a preview from
6:59 am
the bark tech which you are. we are going to make bark biscuits from strap and tell you how to -- scratch, and tell you how to come out and enjoy it all and sit and stay. >> we got it. thanks holly. that does it for the 6:00 a.m. hour. >> now over to tony and allison to take it away for the 7:00 a.m. hour. thanks will and sarah. coming up at 7:00 a.m., a local police officer indited for murder. the incident in culpepper sparked outrage when the officer shot and killed a woman after a bizarre chain of events why he is being charged now months after that incident. official, mitt romney now has enough delegates to become republican candidate for president but his win is over shadowed by donald trump's doubt over prest


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