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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  May 30, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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thousands stopped by the howard theatre to pay respects to chuck brown. this morning new details about his memorial service tomorrow. we are going to fill you in on the list of performers. you will want to hear the list of speakers and acts taking part. fox 5 morning news at 7 starts now now straight up 7:00 a.m., wednesday may 30th, 2012. i will tell you this, it does not feel as humid i think you will like that when you step out the door. good morning i am tony perkins. >> i am allison seymour. i will agree 100%. easier to breathe today. tucker barnes is joining us now. tucker, i pretty much primarily call you tuck how could you not say tuck is your nickname. >> tuck is fine. my grandmother called me tucky. >> cute. >> embarrassing.
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i don't know why i just told you that. shower activity south and east of the city, southern maryland, pretty good rains across the bay, rain showers, cambridge east, not quite done with the rain showers yet. just cloud favre the next couple hours and then we will start -- cover the next couple hours and then we will start to see breaks. cooler than yesterday highs only expected to be in the low to mid-80s today. that is a lot better than yesterday's 91. currently we are 70 degrees at regan national, humidity better than yesterday. more comfortable, 78%, winds out of the north, 5 miles per hour your forecast today, we will get rid of the cloud cover, get sunshine in here this afternoon. temperatures will be back into the 80s by 4:00 p.m. 83/84 degrees. more details on this forecast. let's do some traffic. i want to tell everybody what i call you. >> i can't wait to find out.
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don't tell julie. >> that will be our secret still? >> it needs to be. >> all right tucker. on the roads this morning busy, we've got problems to report, the crew in sky fox helping me out. i call them the the j team, jeff and jeremy. the latest accident popped up fire and rescue units are here. southbound 270, at 124. you guys headed south out of german town in for a rude awakening accident activity south of you approaching 124. headed through gaithersburg a brief break and back on the brakes leaving falls road headed out toward the lane divide. lanes open, no problems to report as you continue your outer loop, leaving college park. all lanes are open, no problems to report travelling 395 across the inbound 14th street bridge heavy and steady from boundary channel drive across the potomac. accident activity inbound on the suit land parkway, accident
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activity involving at least five vehicles temporarily blocked traffic inbound on the suit landmark way trying to remove vehicles over to the shoulder. thanks julie. our big story this morning a culpepper virginia police officer behind bars. >> he is facing several charges including murder following a deadly shooting in february. fox 5s melanie alnwick is live in the newsroom with more details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the attorney for patricia cook's family told us they are profoundly relieved at the charges and looking forward to court. officer harman shot and killed the 54-year-old wife and volunteer during a bizarre encount inner a catholic school parking lot. he responded to a call for suspicious vehicle outside the school. after he asked to see patricia's identification she rolled heroine doe up on his
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arm, and drove away, despite him telling her to stop. cook's husband spoke with fox 5 in february. >> there was no power windows. >> how do the windows work? >> crank. old fashioned crank. >> why he would shoot a 54-year- old unarmed woman, five or six times i don't know. >> culpepper police asked virginia state police to take a closer look at the incident a grand jury charged daniel harman wright with not only murder but two counts of malicious shooting. the officer turned himself into state police late last night and held without bond until a june 8th court hearing. in a separate development his mother, has been charged with forgery of public documents investigators discovered when she worked as secretary to the police chief a few years ago she tried to remove negative information from her son's
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personnel file. the common wealth attorney declined to say yesterday what that negative information was. metro worker recovering from serious injuries after being hit by a train. this happened at a rail yard in shady grove. the worker was trapped under the train for about an hour. he was conscious and talking to rescuers while they tried to keep him calm and get him out. the train was coming into a building used for maintenance when this happened. looks like voters will decide the fate of gay marriage in maryland. activists who oppose the state's new gay marriage law submitted 113,000 signatures, twice the number needed to bring the law to referendum in november. state board of elections has 20 days to verify all those signatures. this is sad and tragic thatthey took it upon themselves to make the
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determination. overwhelming majority of marylanders who vote, support marriage equality. with those signatures what they don't reflect is 55% of african american voters support marriage equality in the state of maryland. >> governor martin o'malley signed the bill legalizing gay marriage in march but it does not take effect until next january. race for the white house texas voters have given mitt romney what he wants, the republican presidential nomination but it was partly over shadowed by donald trump trying to cast doubt on president obama's birthplace. >> allison, mitt romney easily crossed the finish line ensuring at the republican convention this summer he will become the republican nominee. >> reporter: it was texas who put mitt romney over the edge the last state he needed he
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wasn't even there to celebrate. [ applause ] >> thank you. thank you. >> reporter: instead he was in las vegas, nevada is seen as a potential swing state but he was also there for a fundraiser with billionaire donald trump an event, democrats lampooned because of trump's continued doubt about obama's birth certificate which the state of hawaii existed >> i always felt there were a lot of holes from the situation. >> romney distanced himself from that subject. >> he said you know, i would like to change the constitution i am not sure he can do it i said but i would like to have a provision in the constitution in addition to age and
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birthplace set by the president, i would like it to say the president has to spend at least three years working in business before he can become president of the united states. >> the results so far from texas last night mitt romney won with 69% of the vote. allison. sarah, thank you. now the white house is speaking out saying the president misspoke when he used the term polish death camp during yesterday's medal of freedom ceremony. people in poland were outraged by the comment president obama used honouring a polish war hero, who fought against the nazis in world war ii. the polish says the offensive because hitler saw them as an inferior race and had no role in running the camp. despite the slip up, they still honored 13 people in the medals of freedom. ♪ [ music ]
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dc region continues its goodbye to the god father of go go. >> thousands braved the heat, then the storms to pay respects to chuck brown at yesterday's public hearing at the howard theatre. brown's casket arrived early in the morning and family and friends filed past for 11 hours. outside the theatre the sound chuck brown created had some dancing in the street officials tried to end the viewing early because of last night's heavy rains but passionate fans convinced them to reopen the theatre. tomorrow's public memorial service at the convention center is now scheduled to run an extra hour from noon to 4:00 p.m. doors open 10:00 a.m., you are encouraged to take metro if you plan on attending. performers and speakers include donni ex-simpson, kindred family soul, big g. doughie fresh and a special performance by the chuck brown band featuring sugar bear james funk and others. speaking of james funk he
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will be in our studios today along with the go go band proper utensils to share a musical tribute to chuck brown in our 9:00 a.m. hour you will not want to miss that. ♪ [ music ] entertainment world is mourning the loss of folk guitarist, dock watson who died yesterday at a north carolina hospital. watson recorded 60 albums in his half century career winning several grammys. he went blind at a very young age but his lightning fast guitar style influenced musicians worldwide. doc watson was 89 years old. >> i am telling you i said it last week i don't know what is going on up in heaven but they are assembling quite a collection of musicians it is amazing. >> yes. >> wow. 7:10 a.m., you just said 7:10 a.m. >> all right. special tribute to the men and
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women who worked tirelessly in the months after the 9/11 attack. a mid-air collision in virginia being investigated by canadian officials, why after the break. pgh >> tony parker and the san antonio spurs are making this look way too easy. spurs set an nba record last night. dave ross is back in studio with more on that and the nats series against the marlins. a live lookout side that is not a bad look. traffic looks okay on this part of 495, the latest weather from tucker and traffic from julie in just a couple moments stay with us fox 5 morning news will be right back
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a deadly memorial midday
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collision if talkier county the being investigated by canadian officials. the two owners were employed one by faa. first responders will be honored today. today marks 10 years since the formal end of clean up at the site. workers removed nearly 2 million tonnes of steal and concrete a special tribute will be held tonight at september 11th memorial plaza. 9:15 a.m., tucker is up here with us. >> 9:15 a.m.? >> 7:15 a.m.? it is not even wishful thinking i look forward to every minute up here. >> do you really? >> dave ross just laughed. >> i don't believe you. >> any who. feels better today than yesterday at this time.
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>> you are right. gradually improving forecast. whether it is 7:15 a.m., or 915 a.m. >> well, now it is still 7:15 a.m. >> it will get better and better. when you step outdoors, cooler than yesterday and a little less humidity, gradually getting better. 60s on the map this morning, yesterday, the entire area was 70s. 63 hagerstown and winchester, 69 in baltimore, ocean city, good morning, 71 degrees. let's take a look at the satellite radar. we have a first in a series of cold fronts come through last night that brought us thunderstorm activity and cooled us off temporarily. another front back in ohio valley that will punch through later today and tonight and lock in the cooler temperatures and lower humidity for the day. a gradually improving forecast. still dealing with the remnants of beryl down south of raleigh that heavy swath of rain should
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stay north and east of us. some of it is streaming north ward. once we get rid of that nice looking conditions for tomorrow. your forecast today, afternoon sunshine temperatures mid-80s better than yesterday. tomorrow looks gorgeous, upper 70s. low humidity then cloud up again with a fast moving system, a little rain late friday early saturday and sunday looks great by 80. cooler temperatures here to stay for the next 5 days. >> tomorrow will look great. >> thanks. >> let's go to julie find out what is happening on the area roadways. >> all right you guys good morning to you once again. trouble involving five vehicles as you work your way into southeast washington. accident activity, suit land parkway, right side of the highway blocking, in a jam leaving the suit land road, toward southeast washington, 210, accident reported there, on the other side of town, you will find your lanes are open travelling 395 at the 14th
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street bridge. no troubled spots to report across the potomac. delays across the belt way, gw parkway in good shape no problems to report there leeing the cia towards the -- there, leaving the cia towards the potomac crossing. bw parkway separate stretches slow, 100 to 175, leaving 198, headed out towards powder mills. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. all right thank you very much. nationals wrap up their series in miami tonight, and in the nba the spurs, stay perfect in the playoffs. >> dave ross is here with this mornings sports breakfast. >> good morning you know no team has ever gone through the entire playoffs unscathed. >> that's right. >> close calls but never undefeated so far. san antonio is. we will get to that in a moment. nats taking a here last couple days, miami is good. we knew miami would be good but finding out on the road it is not easy to win in the national
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league east. desmond on 3rd. suicide, means he is coming no matter what, get the bunt down. safe. 1-zip nats looking good and then our guy bryce harper allison we like to watch the 19- year-old did you get enough allison? is it out of here? >> no. >> he did get a triple, his 4th already because he can fly but did not score. tied at 1. this is a sack fly. gary dobbs going to left, throw of brown and can they catch chris at the plate. he is -- >> safe. >> 2-1 at that point. bryce again. bases loaded 8th. 19-year-old goes down swinging and nats lose 3-1 but hey, brighter days still ahead for our guy bryce harper. let's get back to san antonio tony and allison because they are undefeated so far and have guys my age and tony's age and
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tucker barnes age out there getting it done because we are talking about tim duncan and the old man spurs how about this lady, i want some nasty. that is the new slogan, because they always say these guys are a little soft. oh, they are nasty. throwing it down to 3rd. >> stuck on grandma. >> tony parker, behind the back to tony parker, eva loan gore yeah still has to think that is pretty even though they are not together. they are partying like it is 1999 in san antonio, they win, 120-111. old man spurs you wouldn't pick them in the ymca yet they beat everyone in the nba. 9:00 a.m. hour, dave feldman and i through the years have had a lot of fun as you know want to give you a snip pet of what's to come. >> when friendly fire happens some times you just got to duck and take cover. >> this is a set up.
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this is such bull. unbelievable. >> oh,. >> he is still cool. >> but he got me back here late inner the same hit watch this what he does. lures me back in right and then this happens. >> wait they want to ask you something. they want to ask you. back the you guys. [ laughter ] >> on live tv guys he literally threw me to the ground. >> hilarious. >> pay back feldy. >> in his last days here. >> unbelievable. >> fun. >> thank you appreciate it. >> too funny. 7:21 a.m., wednesday morning. it appears hundreds of colleges and banks are teaming up, raking in millions of dollars from students, what a new report uncovered next. art exhibit that is all about man's best friend.
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holly is checking out strait more unleashed. some really cool dog houses stay with us, 7:22 a.m. 
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as many as 900 colleges are pushing students to use payment cards they says the a cheaper faster way for them to get financial aid. in reality they carry hefty costs and put students into further debts. colleges and banks often make secretive deals allowing them to bring in millions from the card fees. two out of five higher education students go to schools that have deals with financial institutions. virginia department of transportation wants to hear from you. v dot is accepting public comments on the $1 monthly fee for easy pass users through june 12th money will be used to
7:26 am
buy nearly 300,000 easy pass ran the responders and upgrade other technology and services. if passed, the fee could go into effect july 1st. new ids for virginia veterans will be recrated today. the new card was -- created today. the new card can be used to obtain discounts at state parks and other businesses. still ahead, nerves sure to be running high at the national harbour as more than 250 children try to spell their way to victory. it is official mitt romney will challenge president obama in november. our weekly political strategists join us live after the break with this week's big political headline. ♪ [ music ] a little more doc watson music we lost him yesterday. as we head to break here is a live lookout side. the latest weather and traffic from tucker and julie coming up
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stay with us. we will be right back. traffic still looks pretty good out there e
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today young kids from around the nation. i feel like ed sullivan, today youngsters from around the
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nation will try to advance to semi finals in the scripps national spelling bee. 6-year-old lora ann madison will compete the youngest participant on record. due in part to popularity, bee officials announced plans for an international version plans call for the world bee to feature teams of three spellers from competing countries chosen through national bees. that would be interesting because it opens you up to a lot more words. i guess you would have words from your country or your language. >> right. this is so hard i can't imagine how those kids, in any form or fashion stand. there and do that. >> i have mced a spelling bee before and man, you are under pressure. >> and length of it. >> yeah. >> okay. so good luck to our little champion. >> we wish you the best. >> tucker. >> improving forecast, not going to be perfect but a little less humidity, a little
7:31 am
less. >> spell humidity. >> h-u how the that? >> that is it? >> i could get that far. >> you can't do it. >> i can do it. i only have 2 minutes tony. >> okay. >> timeframe. >> humid -- h-u-m-i-d -- >> that's it. >> rain showers off to the south and east, there we go, across chesapeake. cambridge, st. michael still getting a couple rain showers we have one little spot north of rest on. things are winding down. clouds with us the first half of the day sunshine later temperatures cooler than yesterday. the remnants of beryl. yeah, this beryl check it out. there you go. rolling up the coast, bringing some very heavy rain to the carolinas this will slip out to sea, south and east of us, but you can see enough of that moisture, and cloud cover being entrained to the north it is streaming north ward.
7:32 am
watching southern maryland, low eastern shore, your clouds will hold tough. a little more humidity in the air. not going to impact us directly. out to the west. another cold front will punch through and really deliver the cooler and dryer air. by tomorrow high temperatures won't get to 80. notably less humidity. 70 washington. 66 manassas. 64 gaithersburg. 70 leonard town. forecast today, early clouds afternoon sun working in cooler, and less humid. 84 degrees daytime high winds out of the west 5 miles per hour. partly cloudy skies tonight. open the windows turn off the air conditioner for a time. 60s outside the belt way. five day forecast, temperatures staying much cooler more rain showers late friday and early saturday. there we go. all right let's look at weather, traffic and julie wright, julie, i am wazey for
7:33 am
you. >> were you trying to call a friend. >> i was under pressure. >> can i buy a vowel. all right tuck. lanes open to and from the wilson bridge. no problems there but live shot of 66 eastbound there is where you will find a lot of traffic eastbound centerville headed inbound toward 7100 break free at 123, belt way inner loop headed out towards gallows, southbound 270, below speed in german town. accident activity cleared so our lanes are open once again however it remains slow through rockville interchanges continuing out toward the split. travelling into southeast washington, inbound suit land parkway accident activity before you reach nailor road at branch that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. mitt romney has sod the
7:34 am
lone star state and as sured his place on the ticket. peter good morning. >> good morning allison. >> and jim innocenzi. jim good @crtinclzmorning. >> nice to see you -- jim, good morning. >> good morning nice to see you. >> mitt romney is the republican nominee. >> isn't it great, presumptive it is a hard word to spell. >> takes up a whole line. >> now he is a nominee. >> now he is the nominee. >> jim what happens now? how does mitt romney continue on his path? >> campaign already started for the fall the obama campaign has been running negative commercials now for a week or two. historically, traditionally this would be a chance for campaigns to retool, go out, raise money, look at the fall. that happened probably back in january or february, it is full steam ahead for both campaigns
7:35 am
the only thing a romney campaign will do and speculation already started and will continue until august, who will the vice presidential nominee be, his pick be. >> how soon should we see that now. >> what's that? >> how soon should we see that person made public. >> not until the week of the convention or maybe saturday or sunday prior to the convention. and what you traditionally will find, peter will tell you this, democrats do the same thing everybody that talks doesn't know and the people that know never talk. they really keep it to themselves. so, you really can't tell what the speculation -- what will happen. >> i think the jim is right, they need some excitement for the convention. look, their party is unified just like the democratic party was unified in 2008. a lot quicker than they even had thought possible, um, they want to beat barack obama no question. the unprecedented thing here allison, i think you alluded to it, is that the amount of
7:36 am
money, no one -- the amount of money with with the super pack and the with campaigns is unprecedented therefore, what is happening, you are starting full fledged ad campaigns in a dozen or so states. you are starting an immediate frenzy around this campaign which usually is late summer early fall. so you have this battle and it will be a long, long hard fought campaign. no question. >> yeah, if you were living in north carolina, nevada, you might want to consider moving or blow up your television sets. you will be seeing political ads for a long time. >> what now, do democrats, what are they thinking as far as now trying to defeat mitt romney now there is a clear choice. >> well, i think, the set up here is that there is a clear choice between going forward and backward. if you elect mitt romney you are going back to the same old policies, that got us into this mess in the first place and i think the other part of this,
7:37 am
is talking about the 4.2 million jobs he created, the ark of the economy is up, not down, and then to write a little bit on, as they have been doing, on mitt romney's black board. what kind of governor was he in massachusetts, 47th in job growth he talks about jobs. what you know we've seen this stuff about bane capital you will see more of that as well. so, it will be to define mitt romney, and to define the race -- >> i think that's right. peter is absolutely right there is no way the president can run on his record it is terrible. so he has to make mitt romney you know, the bad guy. it will be the devil versus the devil you don't know, so they will demonize mitt romney so much in the next six months. they will say you know what i don't like barack obama but i can't vote for mitt romney. >> mitt romney is not talking
7:38 am
about himself, he is not talking about his skills what he will do the only thing he put on the table was a $5 trillion deficit plan. but you won't -- the trouble [ overlapping voices ] >> you are each going to attack obama. >> that's right. >> going to be politics as usual. >> exactly. >> when you were saying what the democrats should do and business as usual, i have two dogs and when i say something they go what? that is just what jim did. he was ready to go. let's talk about the x factor that is the donald. okay. no doubt, this man wields influence and power, he is a successful business man. right he has thrown support behind mitt romney but has that big elephant he carries into the room on national talk shows talking about the authenticity of president obama's birth certificate where he was born. how does this play? is donald trump a hindrance --
7:39 am
>> definitely in my view a hindrance. pictures -- you've seen one of the last events with donald trump. the picture of mitt romney coming down that tarmac with trump over his shoulder is too much. what does he do? for an entire day he talks about -- i call it separated at birth the two of those characters he continues on this birth thing. >> american people don't like donald trump. what is his key phrase romney also echoed, you are fired. i like to fire people. well, those aren't good things. you take his money and you run. and in las vegas? >> what do you think jim? >> you don't like him either you got to admit jimbo. >> how could he separate himself. >> his new apprentice, so therefore he has to get more ratings. he has to be in the spotlight. you know what though peter
7:40 am
those two guys probably created more jobs than barack obama has done in the last four years. >> let's get real. >> they are successful business men. >> mitt -- >> peter, you can go hug donald trochal you want. -- trochal you want. even allison said they created a lot of good jobs. >> did i? >> this is jim asen z, peter feen, thanks tony other to you. you are not fired tony. >> thank you for that. 7:40 a.m. on wednesday morning, still ahead are request from alleged victims in the penn state sex abuse scandal what they want with held from the public. >> more than 50 after shocks struck northern italy last night following yesterday's deadly earthquake next an update from the disaster zone. we will be right back ♪
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penn state sex abuse scandal making head leans, four of gary sandusky ' alleged victims want a judge to prevent
7:44 am
their names from being made public. lawyers for victim four says his psychiatrist or psychologist is worried about what effects disclosure of his name will have on his well being the former assistant coach goes on trial next week. sandusky denies these allegations. 50 years in prison the sentence handed down against former liberian president charles taylor he was convicted last month of supporting rebels in sierra leone taylor is the first former head of state convicted of war crimes since world war ii. he is now 64 years old. his attorneys asked for a sentence that could eventually allow him to be released. bulldozers rumbled throw towns andville -- throw towns and villages in northern italy. 17 people were killed by the 5
7:45 am
.8 tremor. the second strongest earthquake to hit that region in 9 days. some 14,000 people have been left homeless by the quakes and after shocks continue. when you step outside this morning you will notice it is not nearly as humid today as it was yesterday. tucker barnes has more details on the forecast. >> feels better temperatures on the warm side. still humidity but better than yesterday. 91 degrees yesterday. >> a nice break today. >> and the five day forecast gets better next couple days. >> good. i don't want to complain but it will be nice. >> if you do want to complain do it late inner the break. 07 degrees, -- 70 degrees, 60s on the map. yesterday the entire area was low to mid-70s. better knot and west, 62 martins burg. a few left over showers in southern maryland and across the lower eastern shore where
7:46 am
you are under the influence of our cold front that came through last night and remnants of beryl off to our south. future cast. we will start to see breaks in the clouds by midday. 2:00 p.m., all that rain south and east of us down across the peninsula, that is beryl passing south and east, they will stay far enough away we won't be directly impacted if you are down at the beaches, ocean city, you will have more in the way of cloud cover and likely have a few showers particularly the first half of your day. eventually we all get back into the clear skies overnight tonight. cool, dry air filters in. we will be in for a beautiful thursday. yes, that will be the pick of the week tomorrow temperatures upper 70s low humidity look at that lots of sunshine and forecasts, a few more showers to start our weekend and much of the weekend should be dry. temperatures near 80. >> great. looks good thank you. to julie wright find out what is happening, with traffic. hey, julie >> hey, you guys. this is a new feature we are
7:47 am
talking about exclusively here on fox a morning news called waze it helps us get connected with you and you with other commuters on the highways tells them what is in their way what is the delay in the commute so on and so forth. this is our waze map a free ap on your iphone, android, blackberry join our fox 5 group. we have someone here, pat who joined our group thank you very much. says he is doing 40 miles an hour, outer loop commit once you get out of that delay, approaching telegraph road, toward the wilson bridge. nice to see traffic is moving although slowly as you continue in the direction of the wilson bridge. delays as you travel inbound, route 50, trying to work your way inbound. this person is sugar kiss. that's nice. coming inbound 50, says about 40 miles an hour at this point working your way out of river dale, headed into northeast washington. we had problems earlier, in southeast washington that is where we had accident activity tieing up our commute inbound along the suit land parkway as
7:48 am
you work your way over toward nailor road. accident activity involving five vehicles, right side blocked, suit land road headed inbound towards southeast washington that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. well, thank you so much. if you love dogs holly has just the thing for you. >> an art exhibit sure to make you want to sit and stay. holly. >> that's so funny but you are going to want to sit and stay at strathmore where we are live this morning it is a wonderful art exhibit, fine art and the four legged friend we will call it, actually called strathmore unleashed. stay with us with us pgh >> thank you so much holly. time to say good morning to mike collins our facebook fan of the day. he says his dog and his cat wake him up every morning for breakfast, and to watch fox 5 morning news he is not sure why
7:49 am
but check it out his dog eddie barks every time tony laughs. >> really. >> mm-hmm. >> hmm. >> thanks for watching eddie, the cat and mike for a chance to be tomorrow's fan of the day head to facebook search fox 5 morning news and post a comment under this really adorable photo of mike collins and eddie. when mitt romney says "planned parenthood we're gonna get rid of that."
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romney is saying he'll deny women the birth control and cancer screenings they depend on. when romney says "do i believe the supreme court should overturn roe v. wade? yes." he's saying he'll deny women the right to make their own medical decisions and when his campaign can't say whether he'd support equal pay protections. "and we'll get back to you on that." romney's putting your paycheck at risk. planned parenthood action fund is responsible for the content of this advertising because mitt romney is out of touch and wrong for women.
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7:53 am
>> yeah. >> $800. >> $2,500. >> i mean in general, as a country. >> oh, $2 billion with a b. >> i will go with that. >> well, try $7 billion. >> wow. >> a year. dogs are important to people, and there are over 70 million dog owners in the u.s., and so, it makes perfect sense for strathmore to go to the dogs and come up with this wonderful canine fastic art exhibit called strathmore unleashed. harriet joins me and also joined by low la her dog. hi lola good morning. >> good morning. i will speak for her. >> that's good. she just looks good on camera, right let's give her more face time than us. let's talk about this amazing exhibit. what people are going to get to experience here. >> well, dogs are man, woman and child's best friend and people come in the door here
7:54 am
and they start to talk to each other they almost start to talk to the art so we thought unleashed would be a good show, to get people to look at the art, to think about their own feelings about the dogs, and to see how other people feel about them. >> you know one of the comments you made in your little statement i was reading that i thought was really wonderful was that when you come to experience art here, everybody is going to interpret it differently not just because we are all different but because we are all going to be impressed by our own memories and feelings that our dogs or experiences that we have with pets have been in our lives. >> and also about each and everyone of our own dogs. people get together and they may not talk about their families first, but if you have a dog, they will talk about their dog. >> and if you have a dog and someone else has a dog, you start talking it is an instant bond.
7:55 am
you were saying the thing about dogs is that we see in them the traits of what we really want humans to have. >> yes, if you could only be more like me. >> right. >> or like i want to be. >> well, these are lots of wonderful different mediums and that are here, that are depicting dogs we are room because this is really inspired by a book called barktecture. >> yes, a book that came out 10 years ago and it had to do with the architecture of houses, dog houses. >> these are fancy dog houses here. >> they are and are all done by artistarchitects, with varying materials and so they function as both sculpture and as a dog household as you thing about it how many of us let our dogs live in dog houses. >> if they had a house like this they might want to live in it. we have jay jay and sam is with jay jay. jay jay is checking out this
7:56 am
house. so what do you thing that jay jay thinks of this. >> hmm. >> do you think he will go in? >> he might. >> let's try. >> with the promise of a biscuit i think he would do anything. >> if there is food in the dog house all is well. >> right. >> go in, check it out. hop on up. >> no, he is too smart for us. >> jay jay says this dog house is too high of a pedestal. how does this compare to jay jay's dog house at home. >> he sleeps on the bed. >> he has the whole house. that is a dog owner after my own heart. our website we have a link to strathmore unleashed. this exhibit encompasses the whole campus there is more than just this one resume it is here through june 23rd. again our website we have a link to ours. next hour they have interactive things going on with strathmore unleashed we will make our own dog biscuits 8:00 a.m.
7:57 am
hour. lola jay jay what do you thing about that? >> bark. >> there you go. back to y'all in studio. >> we have to give allison her props because she guessed $7 billion >> i thought she said 2 billion. >> no, 7. i don't know where -- we were sending telepathic messages between each other. >> very cool. >> because you spend half of that,. >> sadly. all right holly see you later this morning. >> coming up in just a little bit next hour a lot of new developments involving syria, just yesterday, the u.s. kicked that country's diplomat out of washington following the mass killing of more than 100 civilians, wtops jay jay green joins us live with a close look at what is being done to condemn the violence there. >> also ahead, actress kristin stuart, stars in the new movie snow white and the hunts man and talks to kevin mccarthy about getting into character.
7:58 am
7:57 a.m., we will be right back  when it comes to gardening, we're, well, inexperienced.
7:59 am
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then miracle-gro expand'n gro made things a lot easier for us. it expands when you water it. and improves your soil. for big beautiful plants that grow up to three times the flowers and vegetables. guaranteed. we were so bad at this before. particularly you. [ laughs ] everyone grows with miracle-gro. shooting in culpepper
8:01 am
sparked outrage when a police officer kill add woman after a bizarre chain of events, now that local officer has been indited for murder and his mother is also facing charges, a full report coming up. then a final farewell for the god father of go go. tomorrow, a long list of speakers and performers will take the stage, at a memorial service for dc music legend chuck brown. we've got details straight ahead. later this hour, actress kristin stewart. kevin mccarthy sits down to talk about her highly anticipated film snow white and the hubs man. i am allison -- hunts man. >> i am allison seymour. tucker joins us to talk more about the traffic i'm sorry the weather. >> nothing to do with the traffic report the weather report. it is getting better, clouds
8:02 am
aross the area, -- across the area. south and east of the city. >> how sit on 270. >> yeah, showers continue south and east of the city down southern maryland, there you go, lower eastern shore. rest of us cloud cover eventually breaks in the clouds and partly to mostly sunny afternoon it will feel better today temperatures should only be in the low to mid-80s and a little less humidity than yesterday. gradually getting better. today a little better tomorrow a lot better, bright sunshine highs not even 80 degrees. currently 70, regan national, dulles 65, bwi marshall 70. your forecast today, afternoon sunshine, still warm and a little humid temperatures in the low to mid-80s. >> looks pretty nice. thank you. now, with a look at traffic, here is julie wright. >> trying to give your gig away >> i want to do the weather. >> maybe you guys should switch. >> we should do that one day. that would be great.
8:03 am
>> that would be great. >> you know i could do sunny and 85, everywhere,. >> that's the end of that. now you can't do it >> i could show everybody how easy it is to do traffic julie. >> oh,. >> let's move along. >> how sit move on the road. i am now a drum inner a band i have a foot pedal, drummer and an ipad. >> next up is a flaming hula hoop. talking about waze this is what we use the ipad for. you join our group we can talk to you and you can talk the other people on the road not all at the same time but will help you get to where you need to be and helps other people as well. like interacting in traffic so to speak. again we pop up this is wide wick street popping in 40 miles an hour, outer loop of the belt way, in the direction of the wilson bridge. gives you an idea how fast
8:04 am
traffic is moving, and puts things in perspective for you as you head out the door. helpful, interactive and we are hoping you will join us. it is a free ap on your iphone, droid and blackberry that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. our top story this morning a culpepper virginia police officer behind bars after being indited on several counts including murder. >> charges are the result of a deadly shooting that happened back in february. melanie alnwick is live with details in our newsroom hey melanie. >> hi tony. officer daniel harman wright, shot 54-year-old patricia cook multiple times during a traffic stop in a catholic school parks lot at the time he claimed self- defense a special grand jury found otherwise. the cook family attorney says his clients are relieved to finally have an inditement after so long. initial police reports said after officer harman wright
8:05 am
asked to see her identification she rolled up heroine doe on the officers arm and drove away and he fired when she failed to stop. yesterday the common wealth attorney said he would not use the word trapped and dragged to describe what happened to the officer he said there was a brief struggle at the window. cull pepper police asked virginia state police to take over the investigation. >> 11 citizens summoned to this special investigative grand jury spent the month of may going over you know, just reames of evidence, hundreds of different pieces of evidence related to the case as well as hearing from more than 45 witnesses involved. >> officer harman wright has been charged with two counts involving malicious shooting, and also the use of a firearm in commission of a felony. he did turn himself in without incident to state police late last night and held without bond until a june 8th court hearing. in a separate development his
8:06 am
mother bethany sullivan has been charged with forgery of documents back in 20008 and 2010 when she worked as a secretary to chief of police she tried to remove negative information from her son's personnel file. officials in the district are trying to identify the body of a man found in the potomac river. dc fire boats got a call 5:00 p.m. yesterday afternoon, crews found the body in the area near haines point and 14th street bridge, southwest dc. we are learning more about the metro worker hit by a train,. the incident happened yesterday at a rail yard in shady grove. the train was coming into a building used for maintenance. the worker was trapped under the train for an hour and flown to shock trauma in baltimore where what appeared tore serious leg injuries. -- to be serious leg injuries. he worked as a mechanic and has 25 years on the job. the cause of the accident is
8:07 am
still under investigation. in the race for the white house mitt romney clenched the republican presidential nomination, he surpassed the number needed for a big win last night in the texas primary. in a statement from las vegas he said he is humbled and quote, this is only the beginning. romney will officially be nominated at the gop convention in tampa come august. virginia governor mcdonald is laying to rest, rumors he will be mitt romney's running mate. yesterday he said he is not being vetted by the romney camp and he plans to finish his term as governor of virginia. to the district, city council will once again be a full law making body today, kenyan mcduffy will be sworn into his ward 5 seat. he won a special election earlier this month to replace harry thomas junior who resigned as the ward 5 seat, council person, back in january, days before he pleaded
8:08 am
guilty to embezzling city funds for personal use. mcduffy will serve the remander of the term which runs through 2014. looks like voters in maryland, will decide, the gay marriage issue. activists who oppose the state's new gay marriage law submitted 113,000 signatures, twice the number needed to bring the law to a referendum come november. the signatures will still need to be verified, recent poll by marylanders for marriage equality found 57% of residents would up hold the law, legalizing same sex unions. 37% would vote against it. family, friends and fans are remembering a dc music legend. yesterday, thousands of people said their final goodbyes to chuck brown. his family held a public viewing at the howard theater. brown was supposed to play a gig at the renovated theater but sadly he never got the
8:09 am
chance. ceremonies honouring the god father of go go will go on all week here in the district. tomorrow, the city along with chuck brown's family will host a public memorial. >> will thomas is back in studio now with details on this tribute. will,. >> good morning to you. as you know the 75-year-old music icon grew up in dc, and is here in washington where his family and fans alike are gathering together to honor his legacy and say goodbye. he died may 16th after suffering pneumonia. a public memorial service is set tomorrow at the dc convention center from 12 to 4. it is expected to be very well attended just like yesterday's public viewing here at howard theatre. thousands lined up and while they waited to enter and pass by the open casket the atmosphere outside was like a celebration you could hear music, people broke into dance like this woman here and inside you just saw chuck brown dressed like you would see him on stage, dark suit, orange vest, orange tie, fedora and
8:10 am
sunglasses. marian barry said he was as big in death as life. more from the former mayor and our current one vincente grey. >> from the very beginning, when he started performing, he and i just sort of hit it off as two individuals, who grew up the hard way. you know, chuck had been in prison. >> busting loose it don't mean a thing if you don't got the go go swing. grey and barry both speaking tomorrow at the convention center and look at some of the other names joining them. they include donnie semison, -- simpson, big g, doughie eps and a sperm performance by the chuck brown band featuring sugar bay, james funk and others. puck lick service tomorrow 12 to 4 -- public service tomorrow 12 to 4 if you pass through that area, it will be packed with people and cars, l street
8:11 am
from 7 to 9th street closed all day. if you are attending you are encouraged to take metro i know the mount vernon, 7th street convention center stop is right there, will let you out at the convention center no need to drive. tony and allison, howard theatre officials saying 12,000 attended yesterday, given the fact the convention center is a bigger venue i would expect and they do, many more people. >> that's for sure thank you so much. time now, 8:11 a.m., wednesday morning, and coming up on fox 5 morning news white house responding to reports of a secret kill list that targets terrorists. u.s. ordered syria's diplomat to leave the country after increasing violence in syria. we are covering it all when wtops national security correspondent, jay jay green joins us live in studio. fox 5 morning news will be right back 8:11 a.m. 
8:12 am
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it is 8:14 a.m.,. yes. >> tucker barnes is here.
8:15 am
tucker are you ready. >> no, really not ready. >> we weren't either. any way hey tuck. >> good morning let's get down to business. my first 5 photo of the day. >> really cute. cute cute and cute. >> all right. >> my goodness. >> very special story. first, introduce them, 3-year- old bianca 3-year-old meadow in the middle and 4-year-old rakia. >> get this they watch fox 5 every day at their day care, and they play just like they are on the newscast. >> cute. >> bianca future holly, meadow feature allison. >> yay. >> and rakia julie. >> okay. >> very cute. very cute. >> that's great. >> now we should say those are stickers they have stickers on their head two of them do >> they are playing. >> yeah. >> having a good time.
8:16 am
>> they are adorable. >> they are so cute. >> remind you of your three girls allison. >> yeah, i have a special love for that sort of thing. that is really sweet >> adorable. >> yeah. >> to send your child's picture go to click on mornings. let's take a look at your weather and, clouds, and a few showers around, but as we get into the afternoon, more and more sun in the forecast, and you know what, a little cooler and dryer, a little less humidity than yesterday. it will feel a lot better still showers south and east of the city, there is a radar you can see, radar over doing it a little bit most shower activity, confined to southern maryland. open up a little bit off to the south that is remnants of tropical storm beryl s that is going to bring some very heavy rain to portions of the carolinas over the next several hours. most of that storm and i should say to the south and east of us some of that cloud cover and moisture, humidity will make it
8:17 am
up into southern reaches of our viewing area. southern maryland, low eastern shore, dealing with some effects of beryl later today. let's do temperatures regan national now s 70 degrees, a little cooler and dryer than yesterday already feeling better, gaithersburg 64, 67 out at dulles here is your forecast today, by afternoon we should see temperaturers 80s plenty of sunshine and again, rain out of here by early afternoon. all right. that is a look at your forecast. let's do traffic and julie wright has your latest. >> so she wants to be me? she is playing me the traffic reporter. >> you got it. >> she is probably as tall as me right now. all right guys on the roads right now, lanes are open no problems to report at this time as you work your way along the top stretch of the belt way, below speed, leaving 95, along georgia avenue. reds here as you are below speed. inbound, suit land parkway, accident activity we reported,
8:18 am
before you reach branch avenue full-timely cleared. inner loom -- finally cleared. inner loop of the belt way, headed out towards 66. all right julie thank you very much. to a developing story now, the u.s. ordered syria's diplomats to leave the country the u.s. is one of more than 12 other nations forcing out syriandiplomats in the wake of a massacre that claimed the lives of more than 100 people, mostly women and children. wtop radio national security correspondent, jay jay green thanks for coming in. let's jump in. there is a lot to talk about we've expelled, we are among 12 countries now that have expelled diplomats and envoys and the like. will there have any impact on the regime in syria. >> yes, but not the is he dired impact to stop the killing and mayhem. the bottom line on this, is i don't want to inject any sense this is not a very serious situation, into this process,
8:19 am
but, you have russia, and china, and iran, other countries involved in this, that are backing syria, that have basically given syria, the boldness, that they are currently running with. and unless either of those countries or all of those countries step forward, and say, enough, enough, enough, syria is going to continue doing this because to them, there is nothing to stop them from doing what they are doing, they are very good at talk. they are very good at pretending very good at supposedly negotiating for more time but unless there is some kind of definitive action that shuts them down. could the u.s. and other west earn countries apply pressure to china, and russia? >> at this point, they are, they have been, but t other part of this, equation, too, is the political situation, russia and china are currently engaged
8:20 am
in other activities they believe the u.s. and other western countries are impeding russia is not happy about u.s. missile placement in europe, china, they are building up their military, the u.s. is also building up changing its posture in the asia pacific region. there is also north korea, also the iranian nuclear situation, a lot of things are hanging in the balance and both of these countries, to some degree, china and russia are using this as a process. >> for those of you who don't understand it, why is this happening with syria, what does the regem have to gain -- regime have to gain from killing its own people. >> that country doesn't have very much going for it outside of being the friend of some big
8:21 am
powerful country. this regime is filled by a minority sect or part of the muslim nation and it is a minority culture there, minority of the muslim culture if they don't fight for their lives, then, that is pretty much game over because there is sunis and shiites and other sects as well they have to deal with if they don't have these powerful friends and fight to the death to some degree, then it is over for them. one interesting part about this process is the suni majority there, have not fought much against them, until now. and a part of the reason is because things have been going fairly well for them. but when things -- when the business, when the money dries up, then things are different and this i think is a part of the reason, why you are
8:22 am
starting to see more pressure. there is also this element of al qaeda and terrorist groups working behind the scenes also there, to turn this -- there are many that want to turn this into a civil war. >> it is a complicated scenario. i want to turn your attention to this kill list story. something you've reported on previously and in the new york times, they had a big write up yesterday essentially, this is another complicated story, we can't do it justice here but this is focusing on president obama and the extent to which he has involved himself, in coming up with and approving those terrorists and the like, who are on the kill or capture list essentially pretty much a kill list. that is what happens to most of these people. are you surprised how involved the president is, in this process? he wants to give the final approval, in a lot of these cases. >> not at all. not surprised at all. let's give credit to joe baker and scott shane forgetting the
8:23 am
access to bear it out. they only talk to certain people and say certain things but whenever you talk to people at the national security council or white house this is a very capable president i did speak to the former national security advisor, james jones. he said this is a top down kind of situation. the president is in it, plugged into it, studied president when it comes to counter terrorism issues and understands the value of knowing who and what the enemies are, to the u.s. even down to the details in terms of ages, in terms of tenancies et cetera. and so this is -- >> which is interesting because the age, some times they are teenagers and some times they are americans. >> yeah, and one of the pieces in that particular new york times thing that has come out, he doesn't seem to have an answer or any compunction which you are about going ahead and doing what is necessary, if he
8:24 am
feels it is a threat. there are others inside the administration who have influence on what he things and does but he things for himself and those are some of the thing that is are important to him. are they american, how old are they, and what role are they playing in this, get american scheme. and if it turns out that they are indeed, plugged in and involved, then it is game over for them too. >> fascinating stuff. always love having you come in jay jay green wtop national security correspondent see you again. thank you allison. 8:24 a.m., 70 degrees on wednesday morning. concerns over violence in chicago making national headlines, straight ahead, 50 shootings over the holiday weekend, how police are responding. coming up later this hour, strathmore unleashed, holly is live with a preview of the pet centric event. we will be right back 
8:25 am
8:26 am
8:27 am
>> making headlines, chicago police fighting to curb violence on city streets after chaos swept through the windy city over memorial day weekend. 40 people were hurt, 10 others killed in shootings. police say there are 59 gangs
8:28 am
spread out across chicago, the city's mayor, rahm emanuel is now launching a gang reduction and neighbourhood safety strategy. officers will use high tech cameras and maps to monitor gangs. virginia governor mcdonald is endorsing the use of drone aircraft to help law enforcement in the state of vir jane yeah he said -- virginia, he said police drones would be safe and effective. they were recently endorsed by chiefs in dc and fairfax county. 8:28 a.m., president obama awards 13 recipients with the highst civilian honor, more straight ahead after the break. >> first round in the french open, tough to swallow for serena williams that and your sports headlines when we check back with dave ross.  it was like a red rash...
8:29 am
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8:30 am
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president barack obama, awarding the highest civilian honor to 13 recipients at the white house. among the resip cents, madeleine albright, rock legend, bob dillon, astronaut, john glen, john paul stevens and author, tony morrison. the medal of freedom is given to individuals who acted in security or national interest of the united states contributed to world peace, culture or public or private acts of duty. congratulations. >> good list of people. just read an interview with john glen and his wife. they have been married 69 years. >> what? >> that's amazing. >> fantastic. >> i wonder what the record is that has to be knock orange the door. >> up there. >> right -- knocking on the door. >> up there. >> right. >> we are knocking on the door of sunshine. temperatures going to be improved from yesterday. highs mid-80s and a little less humidity than yesterday. headed in the right direction i
8:33 am
know we are not there yet. lookout your window a lot of cloud cover, once again this cold front, slowly moving east. radar activity south and east and lots of rain southern maryland, lower eastern shore. still dealing with it, i don't thing it will be a great day at the beaches, shower activity will hold tough. for the rest of us, morning clouds, partial sunshine and working that cooler and drier air in slowly from the north and the west. let's do the satellite radar. let me show you what is going on. cold front, came through last night. locally heavy rain picked up almost an inch, dulles, and this is remember inapts of beryl and you can see, -- remnants of beryl, and you can see, a lot of heavy activity down into the carolinas, most of this will push south and east just enough of that moisture and cloud cover, north, that our viewers here in
8:34 am
southern maryland, virginia and lower eastern shore, more in the way of cloud cover and shower activity for the rest of, the cloud cover will punch this out to sea. sunshine later this afternoon by tomorrow all of us bright sunshine temperatures about 80 degrees. there is your 5 day forecast again, nice looking couple days, once we get through this afternoon, 84 today, 79 tomorrow, a few more showers late friday and saturday. allison and tony back to you at the desk. thank you tucker. >> time for a little sports breakfast, dave ross is here. good morning i know tonight tucker barnes will be glued to the soccer frenzy going on at fedex field, 7:00 p.m. tonight, united states taking on brazil, so we get a mark to find out how good the u.s. is, brazil has won the world cup,
8:35 am
five times. nats in florida taking on the marlins. we are talking about miami we found out just how good. the second straight day they got the best of us. here, suicide succeed going to get a run home, -- squeeze going to get a run home. bryce harper we know how good he is. 19, he can hit for power bidding for his fifth home run of the year did he get enough. just not quite off the base off the wall. tied up 7th. greg dobs will lift this to shallow left field. corey under it, pretty good arm. chris is he out, is he safe? top of the 8th, but he goes down swinging and nats go down, 3-1. how about some french open tennis yesterday, in american paris, serena williams never
8:36 am
loses first round ever. well, that is now history for the first time in her illus industry yows career she goes down in the third set, right there. that is history, out, and she is out of the french open, saturdayly, serena, is done -- sadly, serena is done. coming up, dave feldman joins me live in studio his last day as our sports director after 12 and a half years. cannot wait for that a lot of fun. >> it is bittersweet. >> thanks dave. 8:36 a.m., right now, wednesday morning controversy over the 50 shades of grey book hits close to home. >> first another that's my take. this morning the hot button social issue that could be decided for dc without input from the city's one voice. back on may 17th, hearing
8:37 am
was held by the house judiciary subcommittee on the constitution chaired by trent franks of arizona, on a bill that would ban abortions in the district of columbia, after 20 weeks except to save the life of a mother. regardless where you live in the country, issue of abortion rights can always be counted on to generate a deeply emotional outpouring of rhetoric if you live in district of columbia, there is much more at stake. beyond the issue of women's reproductive rights thish ever issue of congress' desire to dictate to citizens on social issuedo so without consulting with any of the districts elected officials. eleanor norton was denied opportunity to speak at this hearing even though past practice would have allowed it, given permission to sit on the dais but without permission to make comments or ask questions to have witnesses. a deeply devie sieve social issue that won't let the
8:38 am
districts sole representative, to address the panel, rises to the height of hypocrisy. just doesn't make sense. representative franks said when people make district of columbia the issue, they are missing the point of of course it is a mistake to solely focus on the process of passing or not passing this bill but also a big mistake to go out of your way to deny the expression of the points of view of the district elected officials they must be given a seat at the table andallowed to speak. that is my take. let me know what you think go to click on that's my take, or send me an e-mail. 
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
>> potomac snake head tournament, kicks off this weekend. this year anglers can catch all the snake heads they want part of the effort to get rid of the invasive species, teams up to 6 may fish any where. those who bring in the biggest haul win the $1,500 prize. not bad. >> next time you head out for crabs check for a new label the sate is certifying restaurants
8:42 am
with the new true blue program given to eatery that is primarily serve home grown maryland crabcrab meat, highlights the a plus quality, so far, 84 restaurants have signed on. maryland county the latest to decide not to carry, 50 shades of grey. hartford county public library system shelved plans to loan out the international best seller or its two sequel books library administrator tells the sun we read mainstream reviews that characterize content as pornography. the library does not purchase pornography we therefore did not purchase the book. 8:42 a.m., now on this wednesday morning, actress kristin stewart. >> stars in the new movie, snow white and the hunts man and talks to kevin mccarthy about getting into character. holly good morning. >> good morning to you allison. you could say 25 artists are embracing the dog days of summer that we are having
8:43 am
already and they are show casing what they have come up with at strathmore a whole new art exhibit, called strathmore unleashed. we will explain live next fox 5 morning news stay with us 
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
health alert this morning a new study suggests working the overnight shift could increase a woman's risk of developing breast cancer. researchers studied data from more than 18,000 women collected over a 35 year period those who worked nights at a 40% greater risk of breast cancer. researchers think the increased risk may have something to do with hormonal changes brought on by disruption of rhythm that is the body's natural sleep wake cycle the study is published in the journal, occupational and environmental medicine. >> experts now weighing in on whether levels of radiation in blue fin tuna are dangerous yesterday we told you about the tuna caught in california. researchers believe they absorbed radio activity after
8:47 am
japan's tsunami, swimming in contaminated water and feeding on contaminated prey. the radio activity levels in the fish used for sushi are ten times that of previous years. >> with pacific blue spin they are a very high value species, sought after, delicacy in susie they can go -- sushi they can go for vast sums of money. even though some people are worried experts said the level of radiation is far below japanese and u.s. limitthe fish are safe to eat. well, she is perhaps best known as bella from the twilight movies but she may pick up a whole group of new fans with her role as snow white. >> she talked to kevin mccarthy about why she doesn't consider herself a role model and why it is a good thing to remember show business is indeed a business. >> interesting when you go to the dark forest and how the dark forest you know, gains its
8:48 am
strength from your weaknesses. i was thinking hollywood is a tough business. as an actress what is a weakness hollywood draws from an actor to gain strength and how do you overcome that as an actress. >> i think the business wants something from you in terms of like, you know, it is a pretty typical thing what sells, there is a consistency they kind of think they have an equation, that worked out if you don't fit into that equation you are not going to make me my money get the hell out of here. i think that, that is just a purely business oriented way of thinking and, in a weird way it is just a struggle. i think that things when they are really quality things when they are honest and good they can also be -- they can blow up the number guys say they just apply some aspect of logic to it every time oh, well, this works because of this and that we promoted it well of course that matters it is just that i think the reason we make movies is because there is an essential truth to things and
8:49 am
you will -- good will overcome evil. >> yes. >> as an actress you have a very big fan base and a lot of people look up to you what was that moment for you when you realized your true potential and how many people look up to you and you are a leader as an actress. what was that moment for you when you realized that? >> it is funny being asked about the role model thing people choose their role models i don't think -- i think it is kind of goes completely against being a good representation especially for young people being too aware of what you are presenting to them because then you are not real any more you are not being yourself you cannot force yourself to do something you are not. so i think that i have just stayed really honest and like, you know, i definitely don't feel like i am like standing on a hill being like come on girls folloright. we will have more kevin's interview with the summers
8:50 am
season's biggest movie stars on fox 5 morning news later this week. more than 78 million dog owners in the country driving a multibillion dollar industry, it is all about dogs at the strathmore where they are holding a canine event that not only includes art work but what dogs love most treats. >> holly is live in north bethesda where she is learning more about strathmore unleashed. it is a multibillion dollar industry. all told it is about a $50 billion industry if people spend about 7 billion a year, that is just consumers and the industry is making 50 billion, then you and i need to go into the dog business. that is what i have learned this morning. i have also learned there are a whole lot of creative ways to celebrate our dogs that is what they are doing with math more unleashed. harriet is with me -- strathmore unleashed. harriet is with me she is the curator 25 artists have come together to put this on. >> yes, 25 artists in
8:51 am
photography, painting, sculpture and 6-foot dogs on lawn. you can have your picture take within a dog. i suppose you could have your picture taken on the dog. >> art work you can climb on. now you don't often find that but you find it here at strathmore you guys are good about bringing your art to life and making it interactive that is where our home made dog biscuits come in. >> we are part of a $7 billion industry. but these dog biscuits i call get your dog to pay attention biscuits. >> i find my dog, pretty much pays attention to any biscuit. >> and it is part also, of the idea, that dogs like what's healthy. >> so they too are on the eat local, eat healthy. >> eat local -- >> band wagon. >> and prefer whole wheat flour >> they told you this. >> certainly on the floor i
8:52 am
line up the biscuits they choose the healthy ones. >> all right. >> we can do a taste test. >> okay. >> is these biscuits, have cheddar cheese, corn oil butter or corn oil, and a magic ingredient. >> what is that? >> garlic. >> garlic. really? >> they love garlic >> i would have thought the magic ingredient was peanut butter that is how i get my dog to eat anything. >> without a doubt. this is garlic, and whole wheat flour and an egg, and we mix that up, with a little milk,. >> okay. >> now what about the milk whole milk? 2%. >> actually what this is, is nonfat dry milk. >> oh. >> which is what they prefer. >> okay and so,. >> you spent a lot of time talking to your dogs. >> absolutely. >> and so then you just mix that around until it becomes a ball of dough. >> like this.
8:53 am
>> like this,. >> julia shall we move over. >> yes, shoe yeah we shall. >> -- julia we shall. >> so you roll it out on a flour board. >> sorry there. >> and depends on the size of your dog,. >> mm-hmm. >> you can have a tasty little biscuit, a medium sized biscuit and i don't think i will have anything else for the day biscuit. >> all right. >> so cut a few of those. >> mm-hmm. >> yeah, whatever size. >> there you are. >> we do that,. >> and just pick these out. >> you bake them how long. >> 30 minutes, it is 15 minutes or until brown,. >> at 375. >> 375 and they come outlooking like that. >> if it is a special occasion. birthday, you can sprinkle a
8:54 am
little extra parmigiana cheese. >> okay. >> the proof is in the taste. >> proof is in the taste >> i thought you were going to try it. >> no. >> lola. >> no, this is supposed to be good for people and dogs. >> who told you that? >> recipe said. >> mm-hmm. >> how is that? >> needs a little more garlic. >> let's see what lola says. >> how about trying out these biscuits. >> come here sweet girl. >> our website, we have a link to math more's website. -- strathmore's website. did lola eat it? >> well, she is thinking about it. >> she says it needs more garlic too. >> good news maybe just more for you. >> actually, yes. >> more dog fun coming up in our next hour. i promise. they are crazy here at strathmore. >> thank you. >> dogs are unpredictable. >> all right.
8:55 am
8:54 a.m. on wednesday morning straight ahead at 9:00 a.m., big plans for memorial service honouring dcs late god father of go go. >> plus we are remembering chuck brown here at fox 5 today with music of james funk and proper utensil. fox 5 morning news will be right back back 
8:56 am
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you get bigger, more beautiful plants. guaranteed. who's got two green thumbs thanks to miracle-gro? uh, this gal. boom! everyone grows with miracle-gro. good wednesday morning i am tony pens. >> i am -- perkins. >> i am allison seymour. virginia police officer behind bars, charged with murder after he shot and kill add woman back in february. melanie alnwick is live with new information on this case.
8:59 am
then paying tribute to chuck brown, a public memorial service for the legendary musician tomorrow, and it could impact your commute. will thomas is back with the facts you need to know. plus all this hour, we are listening to the music of james funk and proper utensil, music inspired by the the god father of go go. they will perform for us 9:45 a.m. dave ross is here with a special send off this morning for our very own dave feldman who is leaving the fox 5 family. >> yeah. >> should be -- dave is going to come in so it will be nice to see him. >> it will be great. sad but great. tucker, don't you ever leave us. >> allison, i am here to stay. >> we think. >> the band sounds great >> i am moving down here. right to the


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