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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  May 30, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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john pratt used to work at the company, a real estate development firm in silver spring. he was a pilot for the company and flow the helicopters. when the 9/11 attacks took place, he told the coworkers he felt a strong duty to leave them and serve his country. john pratt was interest-from- springfield, virginia, 51 years old when the army chief warrant officer, a son, husband, father, and his friends will tell you a good guy loved to fly. >> he was a good american, cared about america and people. >> reporter: steven is a vice president at the hallie company in silver spring for 15 years and he flew this helicopter to the company's development. he stayed on in the army reserves and decided to go on to active duty after september 11th, 2001. >> in his mind, he was thinking
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what can i as one person do to try to rectify this and make things better. >> reporter: the pentagon announced the chief warrant officer died in afghanistan on memorial day. he was killed when his apache attack helicopter like this one, crashed and went to the afghan capital of kabul. >> we then is real and we have all been through it and continue to go through it on a daily basis. we live in a very difficult time. we live in hard times right now. >> reporter: the department of defense will investigate the crash but early reports show no enemy activity in the area at the time the helicopter went down. for john pratt's friends, though, the lasting memory is of a real life patriot and country first and himself second. >> he's a true american, a very, very brave person and
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we're all proud of him. >> the 26-year-old army captain john r. brainerd of dover, maine, was also killed in that crash. the chief warrant officer pratt's body is being returned to the united states this evening in delaware and details on the funeral arrangements are pending. and in virginia, a culpeper police officer is facing a shootings death there. he's pacing -- facing murder charges. ion henrehan is live with the latest. >> there were elements that seemed suspicious from the get go and look at this video. a 54-year-old woman's car the 54-year-old was shot to death by the police officer. he started -- she started driving away dragging the officer said witnesses but the
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husband said that that jeep wrangler didn't have power windows and didn't add up. the special prosecutor was called in yesterday, the grand jury indicted the police officer daniel harmon wright on's murder charge other and counts. the victim taught sunday school and her minister cobb seeds that it's been hard for locals to remain neutral. >> and we know we had to be parent with this -- patient with this. this is how it works, in the best interest to everybody. not to jump to conclusions or have preconceived notions but we all have them and that is unfortunate it happened. >> reporter: in a bizarre twist in this story, the mother of the police officer was indicted by the grand jury, a secretary here at the culpeper police
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department for a period of time, eight years. several years ago, according to the grand jury, she changeed the personnel file in her son's records, cleansing the file and that had nothing to do with this case and that is raising eyebrows. everyone in up to, brian, told us that this should be hill elsewhere. >> john henrehan tonight. >> a man trapped under a metro train yesterday remains in critical condition and had name -- his name is not released and rescue workers got him free and flow him to shock trauma in baltimore. and investigators will determine whether all safety procedures were followed. the virginia state police identify the two men who died in a plane collision on monday and this is some video of the less damaged plane. he survived. the 60-year-old duncan and gardella died in a beechcraft
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plane that caught fire when it went down. duncan was a doctor who worked for the national transportation safety board and previously worked for nasa as a flight surgeon and served as the lead for the nasa team rescuing the 33 trapped miners in chile in 2010. and jerry sandusky will go to trial for child sex abuse charges next week. a judge denied a request for sandusky's attorney to delay the trial and starting the trial is best for sand of you thinket and alleged victims and he's facing a total poof counts and is accused of abusing 10 boys. the former baseball great is accused of lying to congress in '08 when he denied taking performance-enhancing drugs. the defense called on witness whose described his worth ethnic high school and college saying that hard work is what turned him into a great pitcher. and still ahead here, saying goodbye to the godfather of go go this week and you can't help his memory, you can.
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how to donate the chuck brown memorabilia for a new public display. sue. and it was a beautiful day here locally. not too far away and including the beaches. they got a taste of the tropical depression beryl. i will let you know where that is no and how we're looking as we go into thursday and we're also saying goodbye today to a beloved member of our team. dave feldman. you have to cover sports and say goodbye. >> and michael morris is going to say hello. he's looking good. when is he coming back and how soon will he be ready? all of that is coming up in sports. sports . and if you have a news anchor who may be knows a little about sports, needs a job, tell them to call us at 202-895-3,000 or just kidding. idding.  
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. tomorrow, the public gets to say goodbye to the godfather of go go. and they're working on a collection of chuck brown memorabilia and the video or audio recordings, even letters describes a concert. they will accept similar memorabilia for other musicians, too and the library's chief librarian said brown should be honored for his contributions to the city. and chuck brown's public memorial service is being held tomorrow at the washington convention center from noon-in our and -- 4 and the city's urging the public to take metro rail and the attendance is capped at 14,500. there is a free way to download music online. starting today, purposey is offering free downloadable songs on the twitter page. the soda company will stream pop-up live concerts in late june. the twitter followers will be able to choose the set list for the concert by tweeting songs they want to hear and they have not announced which artists are lined up and has partnerships
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with nicky minaj and katy perry. and a girl is speaking out as police hunt for the shooter.  i should be arrested for crimes against potted plant-kind.
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. a seven-year-old wisconsin girl who was shot with an arrow died in the hospital and was talking about the ordeal. little ariana was walking down main street on may 20th when the arrow hit her in the back and travelled through her chest wall, lung, diaphragm and spleen before ending up in her liver. >> and i was walking on the sidewalk and the arrow just came. >> when they told us everything was hit by the arrow, i was devastated and i thought it was going to be a superlong
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road to recovery. and now i am grateful. >> investigators are still looking for anybody who knows anything about this and that $10,000 reward is offered in the case. we finally got the brief respite. >> and we need it, don't we? >> and we have been. we heard. >> there has been a lot of rain and storms. today, a nice break and we were close to what is considered a post tropical system and that is beryl. and when you're this close to a system, that air singes nearby and -- sinks nearby and we're under what we would call the subsidence of the system and took awhile to get beryl moving and we stayed with some clouds to the south and east and they moving out now and we're rain- free and this is how close we were to the showers and that is
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definitely the tropical moisture here. affected the beaches and chinco teeing and it was effecting eastern north carolina and the hampton roads area and that did not become a tropical storm and looked like it might be able to do and that is becoming an extra tropical system and that is with some rain with it and that is going to end here the next few hours and 82 degrees for us and to about 83, temperatures more reasonable and that humidity, we're going to see temperatures comfortable and that dew point is going to drop and into the 50s. pittsburgh, 82. , beckley, 85; raleigh, 82 and they wait for beryl to keep on
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moving and under clear skies and we can see the temperatures into the 50s. 63 degrees for the district and a very comfortable evening and very comfortable overnight and thursday looks magnificent. the temperature of about 82 degrees and lots of sunshine and friday is a changeup day. most of the day is dry. into the afternoon and evening, that is looking like a strong storm system is heading our way and that is going to go to the great lakes and the cold air aloft and the warmth at the surface and a plume of golf moisture can -- gulf moisture can combine for thunderstorms friday and evening and can rotate and produce tornados. this is the outlook for the possibility of severe weather on friday and we settle down for saturday, although beyond that point, it looks like we get unsettled again and let's focus locally for tonight. mostly fair skies, 50s. how nice will that be in the suburbs? 63 degrees in downtown d.c. and give the air conditioning a
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break and reasonable at 82 and winds out of the northwest at 10 to 15 and with that pleasant breeze, too and lots of sunshine, 64 and to noon, popping up to 76 degrees and by 5:00, we're at 82 degrees and some upper 70s for highs to the north and west and that can your temperature tomorrow. dulles and monasses, 79 and quantico, 83 degrees and a beautiful looking day. future cast, there goes what is left of beryl and this is all of the sunshine for thursday and maybe a couple of spotty showers in the higher elevations and on to friday, 8 in the morning and a couple of showers and that is not the timeframe we're watching and into the afternoon. we might see some thunderstorms and this line is picked up in the overnight hours and before that, we're dealing on friday and some warning on that one
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and keep track of it and get ready for a gorgeous evening and on to thursday looking fantastic, friday stormy and saturday, a nice break and a couple of more storms to deal with on sunday with the temperatures around 79 degrees and still no 90s. and check the weather any time you want with the fox 5 weather appg. to apple's app store or the android market on the smartphone and search for d.c. weather. show might be tiny but a force to be reckoned with. a six-year-old girl from prince william county managed to qualify for the national spelling bee. the youngest ever to make it to the national spelling bee. round two and three took place at the gaylord hotel and beth parker has more. >> reporter: when her turn came near, she navigated the steps, waited for the previous
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speller. >> t-a-h-i-n-i, tahini. >> and made her way. >> may i have the definition, please? >> it's an adjective meaning terrible. >> d-i-r-i guarantee i-b-l- edirigible. >> uh-huh. >> she gives a wave and? high 5s on the way back to the seat. at age 6, the youngest ever to qualify for the national spelling bee and is homeschooled and lives in woodbridge, virginia. >> z-a-q-u-e-r-o. >> to qualify, she beat out elementary and middle schoolers in the prince william county spoil bee. >> it's -- spelling bee. >> it's hard to put it in words, really. but i felt great. >> reporter: now that the national spelling bee started, lori ann has been fielding dozens of media requests and watch closely. here she is on stage and looks
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worn out. she even nods off and this six- year-old may be sleepy but she's prepared. >> my parents quiz me, i read lists and i have a good memory. >> reporter: back on stage for round three of the national spelling bee? >> e-n-g-l-u-v-i-e-s, negluvies. >> that suncorrect. >> reporter: she fell a few points short of what she needed to qualify to move on to the semi finals tomorrow but, remember, she's only six years old and -- [ indiscernible ] until the eighth grade and has more chances. beth parker, fox 5 news. >> and we'll see her again. there are 13 kids in our area and we'll watch them for and you keep you posted on their progress. the u.s. soccer takes to
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the pitch at fed ex field against brazil. dave feldman has a preview next. first, d.c. is named one of the top five most bike-friendly cities in the country and editors looked at the data for alliance of viking and input from the local advocates, bike pedestrian coordinators and the other cities in the top 5, portland, oregon, minneapolis, boulder, colorado, and chicago.
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. good afternoon, the nationals look to avoid a three- game sweep against the marlins and with the first start of the season after earning a victor last friday against the braves. the offense is about to get a major boost with that return of
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slugger michael morse. he's really good in woodbridge, virginia, his first action since september 27th, when her to his right lat and everything looks good for the big fellow and is feeling 100% and with some at-bats here. the check-swing walk and second at-bat and struck out. tonight, that'll make another rehab start with potomac and procedure to last night's game, he spoke about the return. >> i am happy for the guys and can't wait to get back and enjoy it with them and we have been through a lot with this club and organization. i am glad to be a part of it and i can't wait to get back. >> and tonight, fed ex field is the center of the soccer world. the united states hosts brazil in a friendly and the u.s. is off of a 5-1 victory against scotland and won five in a row.
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the victories against brazil have within tough to come by and this might not be a world cup qualifying match and there is still plenty at stake. >> reporter: and there is three pines on the line and when we play the qualifier. they're important to us and we're a bunch of brideful guys who have a job toco it and do it note -- to do and do it no matter what. last night, the spurs hosting the thunder and genoble to tim duncan and dunks it. 36 years old. first led by 11 at the half and the second half, morris bug and to jenoble and the dunk and that is that play. parker and wraps it around to parker with 34 and 16 of 21 and spurs beat the thunder. san antonio not lost since april 11th and won 20 in a row and 10-0 this post season.
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and tonight, the nba will hole the draft lottery, the wizards at 19.9% and with that second best chance. venus williams lost to the third seat and with that 6-2, 6- 3 and that is a look at sports. >> and a lot of people may not realize but dave feldman is taking a victor latch sorts and this is his last day here after 12 years and i have been here all 12 years. >> yeah. >> and -- . >> you, too, brian. >> thanks. >> and you have -- not just a sports anchor who is knowledgeable, but you're a huge personality in this newsroom and you have contributed in a lot of other ways. i am going tomis the winter snowstorms without you, feldy, with the snowball fights and speaking of victor laps, and that is bad in the last one. >> reporter: remember when we first started, brian, you were
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here a year before me and there is a lot of us who have been here together. sue, you have been here 25 years. >> 26 now. >> 27 in september. >> and coming up for a 30 cake. >> can you see the pictures earlier, the cake in the newsroom to celebrate feldy leaving and people like ton where you're going. >> i'm going to san francisco where i'm from, i'm fromipalityo -- palo alto, california, i'm from the bay area and i still have sports. i have family and friends in the bay area, a lot of family and friends still here that i will come back and visit. >> that is a horrible town to go to. i feel for you. >> and brian -- . >> and that is another tough decision. >> a bunch of people that grow up. >> that's right. >> in the bay area and central coast and brian was from the salines area and seaside and laurara is from araga and this is a great place and that is, too. >> that's right and hope you plan to come back and visit us a lot. >> i will. >> and there will be opportunities for to you come
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back here. >> and i'll be around most of the month of june. >> oh, good. >> and i will be here and i took the advantage of taking extended time off before you start the new gig. >> excellent. >> and the one time we play golf at the beach, i know i beat you, or at least we tide. >> yeah. >> and -- . >> i made the long putt to tie. >> and tie. >> and do. >> a video? >> we'll have a rematch. >> that is fair. on you. >> on me. >> and we have an extended goodbye to feldy tonight on our news at 10. we hope you will up to in for. that. in the meantime, have a fantastic night. we'll be back here at 10.
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