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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  May 30, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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we are on top of several big stories tonight. a local lost. a soldier from virginia killed in afghanistan over the weekend. and government sharpshooters are set to hunt down deer in a local park for the first time ever. but we begin with a local
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town reacting to the indictment of a police officer. >> that indictment comes more than three months after the shooting death of a culpeper woman >> reporter: we are hearing from the people of culpeper about the indictment of a police officer and the chargeshis mother also faces. the people are talking to fox 5 about the charges that have been buzzing them for months. >> reporter: it was february 9th in culpeper, virginia. people there remember it well. >> i heard the gunshots. i was here in the grill. we had some outdoor grill outside and there were a lot of shots fired. it was very -- we waited and waited and waited to see what was going to happen. >> reporter: 54-year-old patricia cook was in her car in the middle of town when she was shot to death. she reportedly was trying to drive away from an officer who
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wanted to ask her questions. she was not armed. >> there was a history with this officer and the police department as they tried to cover up the records. that's equally disturbing. you know, something needed to be dealt wnchts to be honest, you know, i don't think he had the right to shoot. if he was going to shoot, he should have shot at the tires. >> reporter: culpeper police officer daniel harmon-wright is charged with the murder and his mother is charged can falsifying records. that happened several years ago. people we talked to say that the officer's trial should not take place in culpeper. >> should this trial be held in cull peper? >> definitely not. >> why? i think there's too many people who have strong opinions that will -- it would be very difficult to find a jury, a fair jury. >> hopefully justice will be
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served. >> reporter: officer harmon- wright is being held without bond. he is scheduled to appear in court june 8th. his mother is out of bond to a developing story out of seattle. police believe that a man who opened fired in a cafi and killed three and also carjacked a victim shot himself. the man put a gun to his head and shot as they apropped him. necessary a critical condition at the hospital a suspected white supremacist is under arrest in virginia. douglas ferry faces federal gun charges many the fbi says he illegally obtained a fully automatic gun. he posted on his website that he wanted to buy a gun and kill law enforcement it if marshal
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law was enforced in the u.s. police say that this man robbed a mcdonald's in the 2800 block of branch avenue. he kicked in through the drive win corks climbed through and confronted an employee. if you recognize this man, call prince george's county police. new details tonight in the mid-airplane collision in virginia monday. state police have identified dr. james michael duncan as one of the men killed in the crash. duncan worked for the national transportation safety board as a medical advisor. he worked as a flight is your jan for nasa. he headed the nasa team that helped official rescue the 33 miners trapped in a chilean mine. thomas proofman was at the control of this plane which lost part of a wing and tale the wing of a cargo plane taxiing at chicago o'hare clipped a it commuter plane. passengers had to be removed
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from the american eagle commuter jet. passengers and crews on both planes were checked out 0 as a precaution. no one was hurt. the f.a.a. is investigating. a springfield, virginia, family is mourning the loss of a loved one in afghanistan. chief warrant officer john pratt was one of two people killed in a helicopter crash on memorial day. fox 5's tom fitzgerald talked to some of his fellow coworkers. >> reporter: john pratt used to work at the haley company, a real estate developing firm in silver spring. he flew helicopters for the company going to various companies. but he said he announced it was time to leave them and serve his country. >> reporter: john pratt was 51 years old, a warrant chief officer, a son, father, husband, a good guy who loved to fly.
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>> he was a good american. he cared about america. he cared about people >> reporter: steven fleischmann is a vice president at the haley company in silver spring. for 15 years, john pratt through this helicopter to the company. he stayed on the reserve but decided to go on active duty after september 11th, 2001. >> in his mind, he was probably thinking, what can i do as one person to try to rectify this and make this better? >> reporter: the pentagon announced wednesday that chief warrant john pratt died in afghanistan on monday killed after his apache helicopter that he flew crashed. >> we know this is real. we continue to go through this on a daily basis. we live in very difficult times. we live in hard times right now >> reporter: the department of defense will investigate the
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crash but early records show no enemy activity in the area at the time that the helicopter went down. for john pratt's friends, their lasting memory will be of a real-life patriot who put country first and himself second. >> he is a true american. he is a very, very brave person. we are all very, very proud of him. we really lost somebody that we all knew and loved very much. >> reporter: 26-year-old u.s. army captain john brainard also died in that crash. chief warrant officer's pratt body was returned to the united states at dover air force base indelaware. in the newsroom, tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news and sargent silver chase, a marine also died in the helmand province. he was based out of okinawa,
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japan. three young children walked more than a mile from their home. the babysitter is charged with neglect. the manager of a taco bell found a seven-year-old alone and called police. the 7 and 8-year-old children were walking near the store. the children have been returned to their mother. a change for the jury in the case against presidential candidate john edwards. the judge gave the four alternates home but gave them a warning not to read reports or discuss the trial. the judge and attorneys met behind closed doors several times because of notes from the jurors. the judge did not explain why the alternates were released. the jurors have been deliberating for eight days without a verdict. let the deer hunt begin. the national park service is green lighting a controversial plan to thin out the deer population by using sharpshooters. we have more on the story >> reporter: you won't hear a
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shot fired until next year but it's apparently a done deal. over the next three years, government sharpshooters using rifles will begin cutting down deer inside rock creek park. park rangers say it's not to save the deer from colliding with cars but to save the forest. most would agree that rock creek park is a treasure in the nation's capital. a little more than four square mile of fields, foo paths but something is destroying the forest. it's those innocent-looking white tailed deer. >> it's very critical because if we don't do it, then the forest is going to change and the rock creek that you see around you is not going to be here in 50 years. >> reporter: the park service says it plans to thin the herd from roughly 80 deer per square mile to around 20 but it's how the government plans to do it that's raising some eyebrows. >> we're going to do it with three years of of sharp
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shooting. >> they want to kill them? >> reporter: with sharpshooters. >> wow. who is going to shoot them? >> reporter: the u.s. department of agriculture. >> they are a perfect fit because they have done it in many national parks. >> reporter: the park service start the studying the effect of deer on rock creek park 22 years ago. producing this 500 page environmental impact statement. the plan is to kill approximately 120 deer the first year. >> there are too many deer. they are really dangerous, you know. people are driving through the park and hitting them all the time. >> reporter: the park service sought the public's input. we attended this community meeting three years ago. animal rights activists were outraged. >> for years, they have been trying to use hunting for a means to redues the population and it does not work. >> reporter: park rangers say they have been trying to find birth control. >> we have not found a
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contraceptive that can do the job. >> reporter: and ranger nick says they won't be wasting the vein son. >> we plan to donate the meat to local food banks. >> i'm sure we can find better way to feed the homeless people than to snipe the deer. the park service plans to kill the deer in january of next year, only on winter evenings sending sharpshooters into closed sections of the park one section at a time. celebrating the life and legacy of the godfather of go go. we are just hours away from the final farewell to check brown. the behind-the-scenes look as bands that will pay tribute will prepare for tomorrow's service. it's a rare night here in d.c we have been dealing with m we are storm-free tonight and it looks like we've got a really nice overnight temperature prediction and comfortable humidity. what's ahead for thursday and the weekend? i'll have that forecast a bit later. tonight on the news edge at
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11:00, a major security breach at a u.s. airport. how a man was able to by pass security and sneak on to a plane. how he got busted. 
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tomorrow will mark the final good-bye for the godfather of go-go. public memorial service for chuck brown will begin at noon at the washington convention center. it will be full of energy, just like brown always was. ♪ >> reporter: les jones and the seven sons of soul, just one of the groups that will be performing. warming up during rehearsal at the perfect found studio in hyattsville. they credited chuck brown with creating go-go, coming up with an original sound and being a leader. >> when we were kids, he paved the way. he showed us how to be strong. he showed us how to do music
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business right. >> it's good that he got the flowers while he was living as well and the outpouring of support, even in his death, is overwhelming. >> reporter: what can we expect on thursday's home going celebration? music director wayne bruce says a celebration fit for a king. >> music entertainers from the music industry, from jazz, from r&b and soul. >> reporter: donnie simpson will host the tribute. you will see purchasedances by many exhibit tainters, including the chuck brown band. >> you heard the go-go sound from the 80s from salt n peppa and herby the love bug through
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gospel and kirk franklin, through r&b soul through gill scott but you hear that sound now. ♪ ♪ >> the way cliff jones sees it, chuck brown is as important as louis armstrong was to jazz, as tommy dorsey was to big band and bob marley was to reggae. >> if you want to go to the service, it's better to take the yellow and green lines. metro bus and d.c. circulators will stop in the area. if you would rather stay home, you can watch the memorial streaming live on the coffin begins at noon. in case you didn't know it,
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nba draft lottery time which means that the wizards are looking to strike it rich for the second time in three years. sports director dave feldman is here for the last time with me. >> don't tear up. two years ago, they won the lottery. they took john walls who changed everything. the wizards have the second best clans to win it again, 19.9%. ted leonesis' son zachary is here. he brought along two wedding bands. came down to three teams, bobcats, wizards and hornets for the topic. zachary feeling pretty, pretty good. the washington wizards will select third. still good but could have been one of the top. tonight's lottery winner, the new orleans hornets represented by head coach monty williams. all signs point to them taking
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kentucky forward anthony davis. look, they came in third. that's good. not john wall first but still pretty good. >> who did the wizards want at number 32? >> you can still get a pretty good player, kansas' 6'10" forward thomas robinson a d.c. native. or michael gilchrist from kentucky. >> that's still good. >> you are not going to get davis from kentucky but might get another wild cat. >> by the way, this is his last time with me at 10:00 because today is feldie's last day. >> is this the day we're going to let people know that he is 5'2" and you are 5'6"? >> no, here is the real thing. davis 5'3". >> you look up to me.
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>> he is considering making a change to the city's flag. we will tale you about it next. also ahead -- >> you have to be pretty sharp to score a spot on stage at the national spelling bee. the youngest contestant this year is just six years old and she is fro you will meet her, coming up. 
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neighbors in d.c.'s ward 5 have a brand new representative on the council. kenyon mcduffy took the oath of office replacing former councilman harry thomas, jr. who pled guilty to stealing taxpayers money. >> reporter: today ward 5 is no longer without representation on the d.c. council. kenyon mcduffy was sworn in this afternoon. it happened around 4:30 this afternoon. he replaced harry thomas, jr. who resigned from office and
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was charged with two felonies. council member mcduffy made a short speech. >> i knew early on that i was not motivated by money but that my own success would be defined by and inevitablely linked to my ability to i am peru the quality of life of people around me. >> reporter: after mcduffy was sworn n he was given a name plate. he is expected to sit in the same spot as harry thomas, jr. once sat, but he won't have the same office. his office space was considered a better office space. and mcduffy will be moving into vincent's spot. and the well nope message, no taxation without representation to be added to
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the d.c. flag. the proposal would allow the modified flag to be flown on flag day. flying the flag on flag day is great but flying that flag and adopting it officially every day is what we really need to do because it is a way of getting that message out into the consciousness of the country. >> the district does not currently possess any of these flags no taxation without representation inscription and i would point out that the design and purchase of flags to fly at the 415 government installations which currently fly d.c. flags would cost us close to $50,000. >> the d.c. flag has had its current looks since it was officially adopted nearly 75 years ago. a six-year-old northern virginia girl made history today. she took the stage as the youngest contestant after at the scripps national bee spelling contest.
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it is a battle that's
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creating hard feelings in montgomery county, maryland. supporters of knicks organic farm are staging another rally to stop the county from creating a soccer field >> reporter: montgomery county officials say that the clock has run out and some time next year, the land that nick mavivelle has planted for years will become a parking lot and soccer field. dozens showed up to have their say one more time. >> no farms, no food. we will be heard. >> reporter: supporters of nick's organic farm in potomac say that more than 6000 people nationwide have signed online petitions to try to save it. >> no farms, no food, we will be herd. >> reporter: nick mavavelle who has leased the land for 32 years was at the rally. >> we have challenged the every turn and there
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are still several legal challenges pending. we don't feel that the issue is resolved. >> reporter: county officials say it is a done deal, mandated by the potomac master plan. if the land is not going to have a school on it, spokesman patrick lacefield told us by phone it has to be sports field. we are committed to using public land for public purposes, lacefield said. we have lined up a private partner and will proceed with turning the land into soccer fields. this mom with two daughters who play soccer since kindergarten on montgomery county fields says that the county should keep its hands off nick's farm. >> i don't get it. it does not make sense. fix the field that we have. >> reporter: maravelle and his supporters and those who live near the land says that the county is trying to pull a fast one. they didn't have a public hearing to get community input.
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the issue may ultimately end up in court. president obama made a phone call to mitt romney to congratulate him on officially clinching the nomination. the president told romney he is looking forward to a healthy debate. he wished romney and his family well for the grueling campaign. this mitt romney iphone app was supposed to say a better america. as you can see, it does not. the misspelled merck. america. apple fixed the spelling but not before it went out a virginia girl is the youngest to make it into the national spelling bee. we caught up with her during rounds 2 and 3 at the gaylord hotel. >> reporter: when her turn came here, little lori ann madison
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navigated the steps, waiting for the previous speller. and she made her way to the mike. >> may have the definition, please? >> dirigible is an adds wreckative that means steerable. d-i-r-i-g-i-b-l-e. dirigible. >> reporter: she gave a little wave and yes, a few high fives on her way to her seat. she is the youngest to qualify for the spelling bee. she is home schooled and lives in woodbridge, virginia. to qualify, she beat out elementary and middle schoolers in the spelling bee in prince william county. >> it's lard to put it into words but i feel great.
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>> lori ann has been fielding dozens of media requests. here she is on stage today. she looks a little worn out. she even nods off. this six-year-old may be spleepy but she is also prepared. >> my parents quizzed me. i read lists and i have a really good memory. >> reporter: back on stage for round 3 of the national spelling bee. ling bee. >> that is incorrect. >> she fell a few points short to what she needed to move on to the semifinals tomorrow. but, remember, she is only six years old and could participate up until the eighth great. beth parker, fox 5 news. >> wow. she is six years old. >> lori ann is getting a lot of attention but there are 13 other kids in our area who
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competed. we'll be watching them and keep you posted up next, the movie that tom hanks is getting ready to film in virginia. a long-time fox 5 family is leaving. a walk down memory lane was we take a look at feldie. and another american company is saying good-bye. the company is selling its image ware division which includes all of its european sale. that's the latest u.s. firm taking measures to limit its european risks. the record low mortgage rates still not sparking a housing rally. future contracts for previously owned homes falling in april. mortgage rates have been below 4% now for most of the year. facebook's stocks fiasco is scaring away others to go public.
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kayak is pushing its initial public offering. facebook's share dropped about 25% since its offering in may 18th. not only america runs on dungin donut. they will open up 450 new overseas stores this year. most of them in the asia pacific region. that's business. i'm neil cavuto. il cavuto.  [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable
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that was a sure run on the bloomberg billionaire index for
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facebook founder mark zuckerberg. he keeps sliding. the fortune just down to $14 billion. that puts him behind a businessman in colombia part of virginia will turn into hollywood as tom hanks films parts of his movie in virginia beach. the movie called captain phillips. ate about the captain of the mersk alabama who spend days at seas in the hands of pirates. and a funeral for robin gibb. a private funeral will be held in a location in england. a public memorial service will be scheduled later in the year. looking ahead to the news edge, growing pains in a d.c. area. construction getting started on u street. we'll tell what you to expect and how long it will last. and security concerns at one airport after one parolee
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was able to sneak past security and board a plane without a ticket.
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before it gets too late in the evening, i want to wish the best to one of our best buddies in d.c., that's david feldman, heading back to his native san francisco for a new job. we wanted feldie to know that we wish him the best and but the best down the road for him. >> a very nice shoutout from the red headed bob carpenter. yes, it is a bittersweet night for us here at fox 5 because it is the last day for our sports director dave feldman after 12 wonderful years. he is a true professional after watching him. but it's his personality and that sense of humor that we're going to miss the most. he leaves us with a lot of great memories and here are just a few of feldie's friends
10:44 pm
with some parting words. >> feldie, zi mr. here. thank you. i appreciate all the hard work you put him over the last seven, it years that we got to know each other. i want to wish you good luck on your new endeavor out west. david, congratulations, getting a chance to go home. that's what you are saying, anyway. i don't know if you are going home or if they just cut you loose. either way, you are going to california. i wanted to say thank you for my stay in washing tonight you were the first one to come and see me and pretend you were a goaltender. i played golf with you and you pre tented to be a golfer. >> we came into the d.c. sports scene exactly the same time, 12 years ago. and during those 12 years, i honestly found you to be the classiest, most well informed, nicest guy imaginable. congratulations, day you get to go back home but you will be greatly missed here. >> we have all mixed emotions about. this selfishly, nobody wants to you leave but professionally, you are about to experience something that most folks will
10:45 pm
never get in their broadcast career and that is to work in the down where you grew up in. that means you are going home to san francisco with your mom and your dad and your close family and friends and, trust me, there is nothing like being able to share your spectacular career with the ones that you love right there in your hometown of san francisco. [ cheers ]. >> you gave me two of the funnest moments i'll ever have. one when you tripped on the set for pregame show and splattered first first. funniest thing i have ever seen in working in the media. and, of course, know your owe moan exhibit. you branded that i'll probably never do it again. some of the funniest moments i ever had. i'm happy for you because you are going back home. you are a stud. >> this was a lot fun glue didn't get the last one. >> no, i did get the last one. >> you didn't give the answer
10:46 pm
>> you knew it. >> i knew that. it bothers you that i have a higher iq. >> how do you know the last one. >> my iq is off the chart. how do you know that? >> by not telling anyone? >> till heavyweight champion of the world. be careful on this one of the growing up watching fox 5, your faith fox 5 personality. >> sue palka. sorry about that. [ laughter ]. >> good girl. >> lindsey murphy, good-bye from redskins park. >> feldie, i'm going to miss your guts. i won't miss the hair pulling but the laughter, the shows, in the beginning to ask you what questions you're going to ask me during our ad lib. i'll come visit you on the west coast. >> the reaper descended on feldie's red curl. this is now his radio show.
10:47 pm
screaming? >> i thought you would never come back. [ screams ] >> you did. you put it in the pond. >> i think you were one of the people that i trusted the most. i think you were one the guys that really were one of the guys. you got in the locker room with us and just bs and asked us whatever you wanted. i appreciate your loyalty. i just can't miewrvetion bud. >> my hand are moving. >> why do you keep your hands from moving violently. number 2, has a pretty good chance of winning. this is a dang bowl. >> i think you are going girl band right now. >> oh, yeah, thank you. >> that's not great. >> i'm going to keep one of you, i would teach you. >> yes. [ laughter ]. >> good job, guys. >> feldie, we love you, man. great knowing you while you was
10:48 pm
here. you love stanford but we are still cool when i get back to the way, i'll look you up. good luck in your future endeavors and god place. >> people like you move on. we are sorry to hear that wish don't forget about us, okay, because we won't forget about you. lead with your right leg. >> good job, dave. >> remember you are your first day. it was not pretty. we were both single. we don't want to date football players. hop, hop. up, down. >> he does not even have the pom poms in his hands. >> as long as i don't crew it up, i think we have this. >> i don't know he is not spying, no sexiness. >> what did he do wrong? >> he -- >> why didn't he win? >> why? >> he was much sex why are than you. >> many he had the dances down
10:49 pm
better than you, felty. >> uh-huh, okay. the morning show people usually side with them. i thought i could count on my people in the evening. band of brothers. you guys should rent it some time. sorry. sorry. [ laughter ]. >> oh. have a great day. that was a really good job. we had so many incredible metrodomes here over the years. i mean, can you pick one highlight? >> i don't know if i can pick one but i'll miss everybody. watching chasing sue on thanksgiving. >> or halloween. >> there were other things that went wrong. >> i had the costume backwards. >> yes, you did. >> please, don't do that in front of children [ laughter ]. >> scared a lot of little kids. the things that stake out in my career art monk getting into
10:50 pm
the hall of fame and that incredible ovation and maryland winning it. i love covering gary. to see murph and ross. i have worked with ross for 12 years here. i'll miss dave. murphy who we got from charlottesville who has become a star who is just great and we knew she would be really good. and rich done and steve williams and all the guys. i'll miss you guys, obviously, sitting next to you. and sue, i've been with you the longest. but sue is sitting next to you i remember sitting next to you. >> i remember the first day here. i thought, this guy is so fun. you went to the newsroom reaching out to everybody. you have not stopped. you have way more than just sports going for you. a huge personal that we lot. your sense of humor, millions of friends. we were celebrating that a little pit earlier today, seeing some of the video as we
10:51 pm
gathered around and had some book cake. >> yes. we need to fill him up a little bit. >> people are worried, you know, i'm mall ourished. >> we want to make sure that we sent you to the west coast well nourished. >> rich down boat weigh a combined 150 each and they have to weigh 150 so i can bully them. that was rich's experience. >> is that part of the contract? >> yes, that. you guys come up here tonight. come on, come on. we'll want to see them. last good-bye. you are not going to sit in his lap? right? >> i'm not dressed for the occasion. >> that's okay. come on out. rich dunn is doing the count down. he put a count down on the board. how much do we have left? >> 35 minutes [ laughter ]. >> we have new interns. i say to the interp, this is how you log a game.
10:52 pm
and richard would say to them, don't listen to them, he is dead. >> he is dead to us, does not each matter. they have not listened to you at all. >> that's true. that's probably true. >> we know you're going to do fantastic. you are always so funny and you ingratiate yourselves to people you see. this is tv but you can't hide 0 who you are on tv. over the years, people have gotten to know who you are. that's why there is so much appreciation. thank you. >> and you'll get the same reception back home. >> i'm going to miss you, all the jokes in the makeup room. feldie would walk in every day and say the same thing, oh, when are you going to put your makeup on? >> oh, i already have it on. >> i'm going to miss your smile, asking viewers if we are married. >> shaun got a letter asking if we were married. >> we are not. >> and that applies to her, you wish [ laughter ].
10:53 pm
>> finally, they will stop fighting in the makeup room. >> some of the biggest fight of. >> and there was an occasion or two this i stepped into your sportscast. i apologize for that. it will happen again. won't happen to you now. >> i want to thank buckhantz. he has been such a dear friend. had he this job for a long time and sort of told me what to expect. so steve has been a good buddy. >> he is right. your family is going to enjoy it. life is short. we want you to visit us a lot. maybe we'll skype you into the show. >> we love you, feldie. >> thank you very much, guys. >> by the way, the producer is now yelling at us to go to weather. >> are we getl cutting into sue's time. they let me go first. >> that's feldie's revenge. >> lucky, i'm so glad that we
10:54 pm
had nice weather because we would have had to wrap that farewell for about ten minutes. we had a beautiful night and we are looking for a gorgeous thursday as went tomorrow's temperature, 82 degrees. by the way, if you have not already checked, temperature is dropping, humidity dropping. get those window open en. you can kill the a c a little bit. friday looks like a rough day in terms of thunderstorms, especially in the afternoon and evening. strong to severe storms will roll through town. we are looking for the possibility of them being strong. the reason why it looks a little different on friday than any other day is because there is a bit more coming with the energy. the sorenstam system that's going to be rolling in into our system will tap into the warm air aloft. sad day looks okay as well with the temperature of 80 degrees now, let's check out our radar tonight because while this is just some ground clutter you
10:55 pm
see goingby. we have been dry for a while. it took a while to go through the eastern suburbs. that's because of what's left of beryl was still hanging around across handling con roads. it's finally kicking out to sea and everybody is going to clear out, even the clouds that you had down at the beaches and the showers that you had today are going to be gone and we are looking at a very nice thursday. check out these temperatures. 75 here in the district but look at the spurs. humidity also going to be dropping and more cool air is coming in from the west. a comfortable night, no doubt about it. overnight lows, we think 63 leer for the district. drop to about 70 in quantico. dulles, 59 degrees. martinsburg, 58 degrees, how sweet is that? after, that soupy, 921 degrees. threat going to feel terrific.
10:56 pm
here is what's going on at the surface. school front will slip on through. temperatures will be in the comfortable range, right around 80 degrees as you saw, with a good amount of sunshine. as we head into friday, again, late day storms, this storm system is rather potent and it is going to be reaching up into the great lakes but pulling that older air down and we might have enough going on that some these storms could spin maybe some isolated tornadoes that we have to watch for. 63 degrees for downtown d.c., 80 to 82 tomorrow. beautiful day, sunshine and low humidity. five-day forecast, you know we are talking about some storms for friday afternoon and evening looks like saturday will be settled. sunday, a chance for thunderstorms to be around. not as severe as what we are expecting friday. monday, 81. we are hoping that the timing will change on the storm on
10:57 pm
friday. if they hold off until later in the day, might not be as strong. thank you, sue. we'll be right back. 
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