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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  May 31, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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afternoon. take a look at radar, quiet now, quiet all day the day, as we continue to enjoy clear skies out west, ohio valley, clear skies not expecting much in the way of rain showers until late in the day tomorrow. enjoy the afternoon. temperature regan national, 72 degrees, humidity check it out, finally fallen, 55%, winds out of the north, 10 miles per hour, we will be in for a nice afternoon your forecast, plenty of sunshine, a few clouds passing through from time to time, 82 your daytime high. same can't be said for our forecast tomorrow. details when the rain will return in a few minutes. thank you very much. we are going to get more from julie wright who will tell us what is going on on the roads. this is something we have been talking about all morning long closure of connecticut avenue, south of dupont circle, between r and m street because of a large water main break.
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joining us from dc water is alan, to tell us how long do you thing it will take to clean this up. a lot of people have been bailing out on massachusetts as a work around but those bailout routes are taking a beating. so good morning alan. >> good morning julie thanks for having me on the show. >> thank you. so how long do you thing this will take to clean up before we can get traffic moving south on connecticut >> which we don't have an exact answer at this time even though we are on the scene we are working to isolate the exact location of the break. we so where the pavement is buckled just like you can see from your video you have been running all morning but crews are still working to dig through, and find exactly where the pipe burst so we can fix it. at this point, i would probably have to say we are going to have traffic issues you have been reporting through the afternoon rush hour as well. >> okay. and northbound is open right? >> yes. >> because i do know some traffic on connecticut is being detoured into the service road
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at r street. we are receiving word, two levels of a parking garage were flooded is that true. >> that is not something we can confirm at this time but we have one of our managers on the way to the scene to talk to property owners who might have claims or concerns. >> okay. and alan, as i mentioned earlier we have been forcing everyone over to 19th and massachusetts what about people who walk. dc is a walking city not a lot of people drive. if they live in the city, do we have any work arounds for them on the roads or pavement. >> typically with a we do in this situation, is we work closely with friends at dc department of transportation and v dot would be the one to establish any detours, alternate routes for that. our main priority at a scene like that is just the water main not necessarily traffic. because it is out side of our area of expertise. we understand traffic hassles this kind of thing can create i
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am on my way to the scene at the moment and it has been a slow trip. >> yes, unfortunately. thank you alan from dc water and afeign a reminder, -- again a reminder, closed between dupont circle between r. we are anticipating in clean up will continue into our afternoon commute for those headed northbound out of dc, for planning purposes this afternoon northbound connecticut avenue will remain open, expect and anticipate rubber necking delays. new many morning, police investigating a carjacking that started in alexandria and ended up in the district the car was carjacked, this morning the three suspects fled into dc and bailed out on 395 north near the exit to east potomac park. the victim was not injured.
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virginia state police identified the victims killed in monday's mid-airplane crash dr. james michael duncan, who you see there was one of the men killed in that crash. duncan, works for ntsb as a medical advisor previously worked as a flight surgeon for nasa. he even headed the nasa team that helped officials rescue the 33 miners trapped in a chilean mine in 2010. his passenger was paul gardela they collided with this plane over talk year county. the pilot of that plane did survive the crash. >> police in prince georges released surveillance video, hoping it will help them track down a suspect in a fast food robbery. this happened at a mcdonald's branch avenue and hill crest heights the suspect kicked in
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the drive through window, he climbed in and confronted a worker inside. if you have information please call prince georges police. investigators out west are trying to figure out what caused a man seattle to open fire and kill five people the suspect, police identified him, allegedly killed four people in a cafe, shortly after police believe he killed a fifth victim in an alleged carjacking this morning people seattle are on edge after those shootings. made me nervous i was scared i live and work in this neighbourhood i have never seen anything like this before. >> not your every day you know, 50 cops with giant guns. >> police found him after a city wide man hunt, officers say he shot himself, as they approached him and he later died from those wounds. a man hunt is under way for a canadian porn star wanted for homicide, authorities believe the 29-year-old adult film
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actor killed a man, whose torso was found in garbage behind the actors apartment in montreal. they say that same victim's foot was sent in the mail to the conservative party headquarters in ottawa, and his hand was sent to the liberal party. police believe the actor and victim knew each other and say this was not a random act. latest from the campaign trail. barack obama called mitt romney, congratulating him becoming the official gop nominee. he said he is looking forward to an important and healthy debate about the future of the country. former president george w bush will be at the white house today and he and former first lady laura bush will attend unvailing of their official portraiting hosted by president and mrs. obama. this will be his first public i have it to the white house in more than two years.
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well, he certainly wowed audiences for decades and along the way became a dc music legend today fans and friends say goodbye to chuck brown. a memorial service is held at the washington convention center where we find melanie alnwick live this morning. good morning mel. >> reporter: good morning allison. well, you know chuck brown's musical performances were legendary and the send off to him as been nothing less. already several hundred people lined up here at the washington convention center, trying to get in and get a seat for today's musical tribute, and memorial service and it is going to be quite a block party. out here in front of the
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washington convention center, shouting autoa familiar refrain of wind me up chuck. as they get ready for a final goodbye to chuck brown. he created a style, washingtonians were proud to call their own. one contemporary musicians have incorporated into their own sound. he was a guy who would arrange his performance schedule around his family, a street kid who ran into a little bit of trouble early on but worked hard to make his dreams come true the outpouring of love and appreciation goes on and on just like chuck brown's music. >> i want to be a part of a wonderful celebration to celebrate chuck brown's life. i spent many years growing up going to see chuck brown in his different venues, taking my nephews to see him just two years ago. north carolina show was an awesome experience i want to enjoy the celebration. >> i knew the line was going to be wrapped around the corner, and i wanted to get a seat and
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a program, and enjoy the show and my family this group right here, here,. the very first person in line she got here 8:00 p.m. last night again her family with her i asked what was it that brought them together around chuck brown and they said he was a family man and just like a father and they all remembered at his shows he would ask the men to step back and let the ladies come forward. also handed out washington post, has reprinted this photo of chuck brown, commemorative poster here for people today, and again it is expected to be quite a tribute. stay with for all
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the updates throughout the day. thank you so much. >> in addition to that melanie, if you can't make it out, you can watch it on we will stream it live, beginning at noon today. well, could there be a change coming to dcs flag? some are pushing for an adjustment to the current design it is now up for discussion in the dc council. details up next. >> lawmaker from outside of dc proposing an abortion bill that would greatly impact city residents and it is meeting with strong resistance but is this story getting attention outside the belt way. a closer look at those issues stay with us, 9:10 a.m. from the wildflower valleys of yellowstone
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to the serene waters of glacier bay, air wick has partnered with the national park foundation so you can experience the spirit of these national treasures in your home. the national park collection. something in the air wick.
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is this right? right here, like this? ♪ turn that off! plants can smell our fear then miracle-gro expand'n gro made things a lot easier for us. it expands when you water it. and improves your soil. for big beautiful plants that grow up to three times the flowers and vegetables.
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guaranteed. we were so bad at this before. particularly you. [ laughs ] everyone grows with miracle-gro. >> dc council is discussing whether to add the well known message no taxation without
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representation, to the bottom of the district flag. some proponents are pushing for it to become a permanent addition but the plan would only allow the modified flag to be flown on flag day the current logo adopted 57 years ago. -- 75 years ago. >> heated debate in dc would ban all abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy. some view this as an intrusion on the city's self-governance. >> we cannot allow trent franks to use dc as a test site for his radical anti woman agenda and we will not stand for any more extreme anti choice attacks on the district or on the rights of women here and across the nation. >> protestors last week rallied outside of franks office but is this story getting any play outside of the district? joining us now with the latest is emma, a staff writer with roll call and she has been
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writing quite a bit about this. i will ask you that question first, is this getting attention outside of dc. >> it is. it is a very interesting issue, looking at all of the players in this right now, it certainly is coming at a time when people are concerned who support abortion rights for women, say this is another example of the broader war on women. they see this as not just an intrusion on dc local economy but another example of republicans efforts to find any area where they can restrict a woman's right to choose. >> there are a couple different factions here who are involved in this. >> mm-hmm. >> and it is democrats making hay about you know, calling this part of the republicans assault on women's rights. >> that is true. that is what is interesting about any bill that deals with a controversial policy rider in
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district of columbia, like abortion and deals with -- abortion and also, local autonomy, you have the people who oppose abortion rights you have the people who oppose infringing on dc home rule and you have people who oppose restrictions on abortions so you have a real national stage here, pro choice america, federation of america, planned parenthood sending out blast e- mails to memberships telling them to call trent franks and call their representatives and tell them to fight against the bill. >> that is a replay of an effort sparked by delegate eleanor norton last year she is doing it again this year. >> that's right. >> and these other groups to call on their members from whatever states they are, what have you, to weigh in on this. eleanor norton said it was effective last year may it be
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effective this year >> certainly in an election year there is definitely potential for national groups to have influence. there was a press conference about citing home rule policy riders, exchange bans, loosening restrictions on dc gun lawabortions, and talking about how to leverage national groups to help fight this. on the dc ground because certainly national groups have an interest in protecting their agendas all over the country, and in the district in particular. there is a team work a partnership going on here and again in an election year where issues are very important, and on the top of everybody's agendas it has potential. >> given it is an election year and it is important, trent franks, why is he asserting himself in this, in the districts affairs like this, you know it is going to get
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attention know it is going to get opposition. >> good question. he is coming from a perspective, coming from two perspectives one thing he said is that, he believes the constitution, and other supporters of this bill and other republicans believe that the constitution is very clear, about what congresses role should be in over seeing the district of columbia s that role is -- and that role is they have the authority to revise as they see fit he also believes and supporter offs the bill believe, that dc should not allow any abortions let alone abortions after 20 weeks the point at which medical experts believe the fetus can feel pain. he has said things along the lines you know, no federal -- no one should believe -- no one could believe that the nations capital, the nations federal city, should allow this type of procedure, so he is making it a moral issue as well given dcs
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status as our american democracy. >> the fight will continue so we will continue to read your reports about it as well. emma with roll call thank you. >> thank you coming up lawmaker goes berserk and a bar suddenly becomes a drive through. these are two must see videos making the rounds on the internet. they will all make sense when you see the video. >> holly is live at glen echo park. good morning. >> good morning allison. we are indeed getting a wonderful preview this morning as we are live at the park. getting in a folksy frame of mind as they gear up for the 32nd annual washington folk festival. what you can see and do here this weekend we will tell you live later. first, today's trivia question, which is the nations oldest hamburger chain? is it burger king, mcdonalds,
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roy rogers. remember roy rogers around here? which i think became hardy's other places or white castle. >> yes. >> no, tucker. >> fox 5 morning news. >> tucker wants to guess already does your phone give you all day battery life ?
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i want you to stop, take a look at this video. surveillance camera, caught a truck slamming into a bar in min toe is a yesterday. >> -- minnesota yesterday. >> a number of patrons were pinned at the bar. six patrons were hurt. no fatalities t driver had a medical emergency, drove off the road and took out a light pole before crashing through the bar. amazingly everyone will be okay. >> all right. >> cringe worthy video. >> now another video going viral, it is an illinois state lawmaker going berserk on the state house floor. representative mike bost
9:24 am
wasn't happy about the democratic house speaker setting votes on a pension reform bill without enough time for lawmakers to look at the bill. here is what happened. >> the whole damn time come out here in the last bleep trying to figure out how to vote for my people. you should be ashamed of yourselves i am sick of it. >> some times you feel like that every. i don't have a problem with it at all. fight for the rights of your people. >> how can you vote on something when you haven't read it. >> after his rant some of his democratic colleagues approached him and said they had the same complaints but could not express them. >> don't you love those people sitting looking at you while you are going off the guy next to him is like what's happening. >> i agree with you. >> afterwards. i was right there with you. behind you. >> like this.
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>> coming up scripps national spelling bee, continues today. local 6-year-old, lori ann madson is not taking the stage. we will hear from her for the first time since being eliminated. a film bringing national attention to dc. it was shot entirely in our area and all local cast and crew. apparently they did not know that i am also an actor. after the break, the movies director and lead actor will join us live to talk about it [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable
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>> in less than an hour, 50 kids including two from our area will take the stage to compete in the national spelling bee semimile finals. >> it is -- semifinals. >> it is fun reeding together. lori ann madson won't be taking the stage.
9:29 am
>> e-n-g-l-u-v-i-s. >> that is incorrect >> i wonder if that is one of those -- >> i never heard of that word. >> remember we talked about doing different languages. >> not yet. >> i don't know what that word is. >> well, you got to read first >> can you read this for me. >> the 6-year-old fell a few points short of what she needed to qualify after spelling one of two words wrong, but, the little girl, who lives in wood bridge virginia had a press conference where she said everyone is proud of how far she got and her friends don't want her to feel upset. >> they tried to comfort me because i was really disappointed that i missed that word i knew the word. i think it is so important i think spelling is really important and i just love spelling. so i am really excited to go to
9:30 am
next year's bee. if i go which will probably be a yes. >> she is 6? >> so well spoken. >> she explained the little nap on stage yesterday. there she is. she is sleepy she is 6. i am 46 i am sleepy she said she didn't get much sleep the night before and thinks she may have misspelled her word because she was tired. the word means inglivius. widened portion of the esophagus in many mollusks or birds it begin it is chemical processing of food >> i can say with confidence i was not likely able to spell my own name at 6. >> she is so well spoken and clear. >> than your 7-year-old. >> but she is phenomenal. >> she will be back. >> goes all the way to 8th grade. >> yep. >> she has years. >> what have you got. >> she will win like several
9:31 am
years in a row. >> weather forecast the fine sunshine and 82 degrees. watching temperatures jump, 76 in washington and most of the area now in the 70s. out to the west, north hagerstown 69 degrees, cumberland 64. manassas, 73, dulles 73. here is the best part of today's forecast, temperatures down a little bit humidity way down. dew point temperatures overnight, secondary cool front have fallen back to upper 50s and low 60s notably less humidity in the air. just a beautiful afternoon satellite radar not a lot going on left over storminess and frontal system from yesterday, pushing off to the north and east, and we are looking at clear skies, pressure out west will deliver cool air complements of our friend this is canada. that will keep things on the
9:32 am
nice side. get out enjoy the afternoon. close to perfect highs around low 80s. future cast in motion for you, doing great, 7:00 p.m. tonight, nice and dry, cloud up a little overnight and during the day tomorrow we will see a period of showers with a warm front and then perhaps thunderstorms developing late at night. this is late friday night early saturday with a cold front. we will put that all east of us, early saturday most of our weekend should be nice and cool highs by saturday only in the 70s. cooler trend here beginning of the weekend. 82, lots of sunshine, beautiful afternoon winds north 5 to 10 and partly cloudy and comfortable overnight 66 degrees your overnight low good looking five day forecast lookout for showers and storms late tomorrow and tomorrow night and then, most of your weekend looks great temperatures mid-70s. could be a late storm sunday. honestly i think most of your weekend dry with temperatures in the 70s. have a great afternoon, allison, over to you.
9:33 am
thank you so much tucker. a new feature film is bringing national attention to dcs film making scene the movie is called ultrasonic and tell it is story of a dc musician with hyper sensitive hear hog goes in search on an -- hearing who gos in search open an ominous sound that plagues him but no one else can hear it. it was shot in our area with local talent. the man behind the whole thing writer producer dredge tore, and the lead actor -- director, and the lead actor is with us as well. good morning to both of you. i am so excited about this film. you know, we are personally associated our kids are friends but i didn't know about this, because you have a day job too and at night you are making these feature films. tell us about ultrasonic. >> well, all right, so ultrasonic was about two years ago i had thought when i saw
9:34 am
these cameras, these very cheap cameras came out that did good footage. i would look good and have high production value so we contacted a writing buddy of mine and said hey, let's do this and we did it for pretty cheap >> like $20,000. >> yeah, i think $22,000 total is what we spent on this thing and did it at night and we probably -- i was probably working on it at the coffee table when sensor and liv were playing. >> that's funny. you shot it a year and a half. >> yes. >> what did you shoot it on. >> cannon t 2i >> isn't it amazing the technology these days >> yes. >> i can't wait to see it. you are the lead you play simon it looks so intense. first let me ask you about the what it was like to do a film right in your own backyard you are from this area too >> it was really a dream come true. when i met -- when i went to the audition and got the part,
9:35 am
i was -- i really felt like i was pinching myself because at least on the weekends i was getting to do something i loved, with a wonderful group of people. so, now that we are here talking with you, it is even more surreal. >> how was it playing the role? playing crazy can't be easy. no offence. but there are moments when you've got to appear, a little like you are hearing something and no body else can hear it. >> yeah >> that has got to be stressful, intense >> it was stressful i also think of it as like, creating the negative space like in a photograph, so we do everything in the film to make it seem like there is a sound and then the audience, can imagine what it might be like in their head. but it was intense i mean, i gave myself nightmares a couple times so i felt like a real actor. >> and it would seem to me you are playing a lot of this by
9:36 am
yourself like what we are seeing now, really the true hallmark i would thing of just a really good actor i am so excited about seeing that and so, tonight or tomorrow night, it will open, at the west end cinema. tell us about it. this has got to be like a dream come true. >> absolutely. i think this is definitely, this is everything, i've wanted for it and then some, so yeah, i mean, i just think, the fact that this was done, here, locally and the fact that even our distributor is an indy dc distributor it is a dream come true >> where was some of your locations? what are some of your shots. >> we did i guess southeast dc, we had georgetown, we had park at adams morgan is where we did this poker scene. my house for the first three weekends, so you know, my
9:37 am
family went and stayed with my parents, for those three weekends, we did virginia, we had a couple spots there too the. >> right >> it was pretty cool. >> it is getting buzz already at the dc independent film festival it will be screened at landmark in bethesda and landmark e street. >> yep, so it will be on bethesda, toward the end of june and e street second week of june, and it will screen for two full weeks west end and available on comcast on demand tomorrow same day as theaters so if you have comcast you can watch it if you can't make it to the theatre check it out this is low budget indy film making but i am proud of it and it takes support of the local community, to kind of help it get out there. >> right. so go to our website, we will link all of ultrasonics information including the trailer that will draw you in and hopefully, we will see
9:38 am
everybody out there tomorrow, roheed raul director, producer, writer of ultrasonic and silas bingham. we will be right back 
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well, a slip up on the air, kathy lee gifford was interviewing martin short when she started talking about his wife unaware she passed away in 2010 after a long battle of ovarian cancer she asked how long the two had been married, and if they were still in love. he told her about his wife's passing off air and she apologized after the break. police in norway had such a hard time dealing with tens of thousands of unruly bieber fans they pleaded with the teen heart throb to take the stage
9:42 am
early. tmz reports fans from all over europe over ran the city of oslo as bieber was set to perform two new songs at an outdoor venue. bieber tweeted this to fans, for the show to happen you must all listen to the police. we are all concerned for your safety, and i want what is best for you. please listen. hopefully that got them calmed down. >> too much power for one young man. >> he is super hot. taking care of your yard without causing any pollution and getting in a bit of a work out at the same time. a win-win situation, derek thomas joins us live after the break with tips. pgh >> then washington folk life festival comes to glen echo park. holly is there with a preview. fox 5 morning news will be right back. 9:42 a.m. does your phone give you all day battery life ? droid does.
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and does it launch apps by voice while learning your voice ? launch cab4me. droid does. keep left at the fork. does it do turn-by-turn navigation ? droid does. with verizon, america's largest 4glte network and motorola, whatever you want to do... droid does.
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>> holly morris is at glen echo park this morning. we've got some lively guests standing by to get this thursday morning jumping. holly. >> i was going around and around before i was jumping on that carousel but listen i got an insiders tip on how to not get dizzy on the carousel, simply watch the horse in front of you. don't talk to the person next the you. now the person i was talking next to is the same person that just gave me that tip. way to give me that tip at the end of the ride. >> you don't want to spoil the ride >> it was a whole lot of fun you got to take time to ride the carousel. but if you come out this weekend it is all about the washington folk festival and i know, we've been talking about this all morning 100 performances 450 performances hard to single out a few but there are some people might come specifically for.
9:47 am
>> you put me on the spot but tom paxton legendary folk singer, grammy award winner is a legendary resident he will be at the festival this year. every kid knows the song, so he would be one you would recognize. porter williams won the national heritage award, he is a piedmont blues singer, local style of blues, speedy, tolliver virginia fiddler, 94 years old. >> we've had him on before. >> he will be here >> i want to make this point, another big folk festival that goes on is folk life this is down in the mall this is not the folk life this is washington folk festival what makes this its own special experience. >> we focus on everybody being from the greater washington community. celebrating the cultural treasures we have here. smithsonian folk life festival
9:48 am
celebrates nationally what is similar we have music, dance, we have participator dance and we have craft sales too. wonderful crafts, artists, and you want to get into the craft pavilion early. >> want to make sure you come early, stay all day, make sure you take in everything, and if you come out this weekend you want to take in these guys right here, the american irish arts festival, good morning to you. good morning >> tell me about your group. >> we are new century irish dance company with a irish duet. >> what makes you awesome. >> you used the word. >> it is awesome because we are presenting this, this great tradition. >> and there is a really great irish community here in washington area >> tremendous. we have fiddle players and pipers and accordian players and our players and any kind of player you like.
9:49 am
>> can i get you three to do something. >> absolutely. >> take it away. ♪ [ music ] the 32nd annual washington folk festival going on this saturday and sunday here glen echo park, noon to 7 each day everything is absolutely free. come out enjoy the wonderful
9:50 am
diverse culture that makes washington dc so great. tony back to you. >> all right holly thank you. you've got great music i've got noise, thomas landscape, derek thomas >> noise and pollution. >> thanks for turning it off. >> we are talking about. >> completely like enveloped this carbon monoxide. >> we are talking about how to do your yard work without polluting the environment >> absolutely. here is the thing, power tools have their purpose maybe the first edging, maybe that first cut during the season, but there are some great tools you can use >> manual >> manual tools so you can get away from using that hedge trimmer we just had up here, and you can use your manual hedge trimmer they work just as well, and they will give you a nice finished look >> very nice >> for guys, it is just as
9:51 am
manly, getting out there, tony, i am going to trade that with you you are going to give it a shot. >> do we have permission to do this? >> well, they will thank us for it. they were unruly. >> you are right. >> there you go. perfect. so, using no co 2 just a little manual power and we have that done. and i will trade this back with you. what about areas you need a chain saw but small enough you can use a manual chef >> turn around i am wired up here what is that? >> manual saw, folding by fiskars a great item, it will get right through the wood,. >> i have never seen a saw like that before. >> yeah, and it gets you know, a nice deep cut >> right >> works really quickly and you get a work out. >> great. >> edging -- >> on a day like this it is so
9:52 am
nice. >> edging the lawn. >> what about if you had a pair of these as opposed to a gas powered edger. >> okay. >> get right in there, make the cuts that you need, clean that away, and you are the ensurrey of the neighbourhood >> -- envy of the neighbourhood >> very nice >> these have become very very popular tony i will take these out of our way once again, you are going to give it a go here >> okay. >> this is wonderful,ering notically designed i will hold the mic for you, drop the blade down here, just adjusting that down. >> give it a good push >> all right ready to go >> ready to go. >> that's fine >> there you go. >> not too hard >> bring it and roll it back. >> very nice. >> go for the next line. >> station manager will be so
9:53 am
happy. >> they may give us a job doing this right? but the nice thing about it is particularly on a hot summer day using a product like this, this happens to be made by fiskar's there is others available you are not contributing to co 2. using a gas powered lawn mower on a small lawn for the summer is like running a car for a week. >> oh. >> so you are really absolutely contributing to the co 2. and like you said when we -- and the noise pollution >> i am not surprised by this. you smell it when you are out there doing it, nasty. >> absolutely and you get a nice cut and it is self- mulching what you are doing is adding back the clippings into the lawn using less fertilizer also. >> our garden guru, derek thomas. from thomas landscapes. >> fathers day is coming. >> our smart man. allison more work to do back to you. >> all right. final check on weather up
9:54 am
next after the break. plus, the answer to today's trivia questions and quesons, d question you would like answered? you thing i could do it send it to me, head to click on the mornings tab for a link to ask allison we do the segment friday morning. check out a variety of topics, we love family and relationship issues. we answer a question every friday morning. @
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>> the dragon spacecraft is expected to land back on earth just before noon. they set the space x capsule loose, 5:35 a.m. this morning. we had already been on tv for an hour and 10 minutes. >> a long time ago
9:58 am
>> >> it had been there for five days, it is due to splash down into the pacific ocean. 560 miles southwest of los angeles. >> all right tucker. listen to this u.s. soccer team, faced brazil as you well know in front of more than 67,000 fans last night at fedex field. brazil leads 1-nil. a nice kick in gives them the commanding 2 goal lead they go on to defeat the u.s., 4-1. but we must note they are one of the best teams in the world. >> we have a great soccer team here in washington. might i comment those uniforms the u.s. is wearing i don't like them >> i don't either. >> they look like they just escaped from prison >> clean gang. >> now the brazil uniforms people were wearing them all over the city. >> they have a loyal base of fans. >> time for thence tore today's trivia question, -- answer to today's trivia question we
9:59 am
asked which is the nations oldest hamburger chain. >> white castle. >> i did see it but i knew that. >> founded 1912 wichita kansas, coke has been the white castle beverage of choice since 1912 and back then, the burgers only cost a nickel each. >> they were also those little chompers. >> are they still? >> i don't know do they still have white castle? >> yeah >> i bet you never dropped $300 at white castle or any fast food restaurant that is what you will pay at serendipity the famous new york restaurant is out with a burger made from the finest cuts of japanese beef and topped with rare cheddar cheese i don't want my cheese to be rare, caviar and edible gold flakes the $295 burger is not yet offered here in dc. >> i wonder what kind of egg that is. like a little tiny egg. >> probably quail egg we were told. >> is it really bad it doesn't look that appealing to me >> save your money and go


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