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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  May 31, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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scandal that dashed his white house aspirations in 2008, and the jury's decision was initially surrounded in confusion. today, the jury found edwards not guilty of one count of illegal campaign contribution involving wealthy northern virginia heiress rachel melon. edwards' was charged with using federal campaign contributions to hide his affair with real hunter. and using the money from the donors. the courthouse win the last hour, accepting responsibility for what he did and closed megs his baby daughter. >> i did a lot that was wrong. there is no one else responsible for my sins. none of the people who came to court toative is responsible, nobody working for the
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government is responsible. i am responsibility of if i want to find the person who should be held accountable for my sins, honestly, i don't have to go any further than the mirror. it's me. and then finally my precious quinn. who i love more than any of you could ever imagine, and i am so close to and so, so grateful for. so grateful for quinn. >> during his trial, witnesses including his longtime aid testify how he had concocted the plan to cover up quinn's real father. edwards initially denied that he was the father and later asked a former aid to claim that he, not edwards, fathered the child. it's not clear just yet if the justice department will seek to -- on edwards on the five counts of deadlock today. and the edge on virginia,
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threatening messages against the president and traced back to a monasses man. he fell for an fbi sting when he tried to transform a rife bowl is a fully automated machine gun. paul wagner has that story. >> reporter: the fbi's story is a white supremacist threatened violence against the president and the attorney as l. he was locked up yesterday afternoon after the fbi recorded him taking the modified weapon from a man he thought was a helpful gunsman. the fbi said the agents began taking a closer look at doug story in august of last june after a confidential inform object came period to say that -- came forward to say that story expressed interest in modifying a ak-47 to fire three shot earths. according to the affidavit story used the screen name confederate brother while posting messages on white supremacist websites. an agent said they had a propensity for hatred and
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violence. in fact, the affidavit quotes two posts attributed to story threatening violence against president obama and attorney general eric holder. story wrote i think there is one way o bummer would be proven as a mere mortal, if someone puts a 30 aught six round at the base of his skill, huh, you think? the second post read holder will likely be removed when the administration changes in 2012. although personally, i prefer removing him from office with a 30 aught six. story made news two years ago when he put a mural on the tamegate of his ford pickup that shows the burning world trade center buildings with the caption everything i ever needed to know about islam i learned on 9/11. story's truck parked outside of his monasses apartment today, no longer displays the mural but does sport numerous aspect obama and pro-gun stickers. story, who works as a truck
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driver with the virginia department of transporting a, was arrested in the -- transporting a, was arrested in this parking lot on wednesday where the fbi said he took possession of the gun he modified to fire like a machine gun. the fbi said that story paid an undercover agent to have it done and was schooled on how it would work before taking the gun and walking away. story made a brief appearance in court this afternoon where he asked to be represented by a public defender. he will stay locked up until a bomb review scheduled for 2 -- a bond review at 2:00 in the afternoon. >> a former manager of roger clemens' took the stand. phil garner testified for the defense that clemmen his incredible work ethic. he would see him at the ballpark as early at 7:30 in the morning lifting weights and putting himself through growling workouts. live new at northwest, a water main break. before dawn in connecticut it
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broke and in connecticut lane and dupont is open. the workers are still making repairs and hope to have them complete tonight. and d.c. lovers and music lovers met today to honor chuck brown and tried to give him a goodbye worthy of being the godfather of go go. >> he was a -- this was a four- hour music-filled memorial at the washington community center. it came two days after a public viewing in howard theatre. the district officials recognize brown's legacy and vowed not to forget him. mayor vince gray will introduce a bill to rename a park in d.c. for chuck brown. eleanor homees norton the there to be a national chuck brown day and d.c. chairman brown wants there to be an entire go
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go hall of fame. president obama spent the day trading jokes with former president george w. bush. bush's presidential portrait was unveiled at the white house today with his wife. and it's the first time the former president has been back to the white house in more than two years. he said the two have their differences and want america to succeed and bush had an inspiring -- for obama. >> i'm also pleased, mr. president, that when you were wandering the halls as you wrestle with tough decisions, you will now be able to game at this portrait and ask what would george do? >> there are three presidents in the room. former president george h.w. bush taking a moment to be noted as well. you might call earth easy, the spelling bee, that is. a local girl. the youngest person to qualify. there are two other locals hoping to take the title. see if you can outsell these champs. plus. he was -- and please say
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we're going to die. >> twenty years after hurricane andrew, residents remembering the longest night of their life. >> they'll never forget that one for sure, brian. and we have had a beautiful day here. the temperatures climbing -- climb into this mid-80s, prepare for a gorgeous evening and some rocking and rolling in the thunderstorm department on friday. dave ross, what is coming up in sports? >> sue, we're talking about the redskins, of course, and robert griffin 3 and all eyes on the prize rookie. we'll break it down to support the team activities later in sports. brian. and if you see a story you think we should look into. call the number or send us an e- mail. we're back. we're back.    is  
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. an investigation is underway to figure out how a recent parole -- bird snuck on through the airplane. he caught a commuter jet headed
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to l.a. and that breach triggered an alarm. duncan was found when they did a head count. he was arrested. supporters of a lesbian scout leader are demanding she be re-enstated and to. she was removed as a den mother. the eagle scott carried 275,000 petitions in tampa and the great injustice is being done. >> in the case of jennifer, it's not like she was up waving a flag and she was living the life. when the executive council members signed up, a two-mon family and they decided to step in. >> they had a long-standing policy being gays and the spokesman said they had no plans to change the policy. most six-year-olds can spell a few words and read fairly well. six-year-old lori anne madison made her way to the spelling bee, the youngest person to
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qualify. he didn't qualify for the next round but she'll come back next year. two other students from the area were in the hot society today [ indiscernible ] e-r-g-a- s-t-u-l-u-m. ergastulum. [ indiscernible ] h-a-b-e-n-d-u- m. habendum. [ applause ] >> i think jack and jay were eliminated in the semi finals and that is a legal term for a deed and the second is a dungeon on a roman farm. and coming up, the stories the survivors will never forget. and first -- . >> i feel dizzy. >> do you? >> i feel dizzy. [ laughter ]
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>> a boy recovering from surgery is an accidental comedienne. the family filmed him as he woke up from anesthesia and doesn't remember why and he was like what is this big orange thing on my arm? it's gotten a million and a half hits. 
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. hurricane season officially starts tomorrow and even though nature ignores the timeline this year and forecasters at the national hurricane center don't necessarily mean's busy area year and it's important to be prepared no matter what. hurricane irene caught many people offguard last year. >> and what i hate to do is have people go through hurricane season worrying about hurricanes. i wanted to find out about the risks and if a hurricane
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threatens, know what to do. >> and irene was the sixth atlantic hurricane in history. say that five times fast. and coming up three pots -- spots behind andrew, that storm would take more than 60 losses and be one of the most expensive natural disasters at the time and we're hearing from residence who are sure they would die that night. >> since. >> reporter: looking at photos nearly brings tears to his eyes. >> when i sit here and look at this, i remember the bad stuff. >> reporter: he's remembering the day hurricane andrew wreaked havoc in homestead, florida. >> and we sat around drinking and went to bed. when it hit, it was devastating to have that -- that roof came off and the wall collapsed. >> he was -- and we're going
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to die. oh, please, and i hear this little voice that said don't worry, matt. daddy won't let anything happen to you and my heart sunk. i fell like such a jerk for having exposed my wife and children to that deaf station. >> and that is his daughter. homestead was ground zero when the hurricane plowed ashore and there are still remnants of andrew here. this local diner was damaged in the storm and this is serving lunch to a packed house including garrison and this theater remains unused. >> and this is a hurricane and to do with that hurricane and to the that in a wall somewhere. >> reporter: liz campbell is a local historian. that morning you looked outside and didn't know where you were. there were no landmarks. and the trees were down and the
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street lights were down. >> reporter: homestead remains an agricultural community southwest of miami and the city doubled in size and many residents were not here during andrew. authorities have a stern warn for example anyone who wouldn't heed an evacuation order ahead of a hurricane. >> and perhaps write the social security number and they say why? what do you need that for? >> this way, afterwards, we'll be able to -- identify and who brought it home them. and this is serious, huh? >> yes, this is serious. >> no, they going to be naive like we were i don't think they'll be prepared. i think they think they can sip it out. >> and long time residents plan to check out of town at the first hint of a hurricane. >> and most people are like you
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telling me. >> in new orleans and south florida. they take it seriously and when you talk to them, there are scars. >> yeah. >> and they will be the rest of their lives and that is a good warning forrule of us and that is look -- for all of us and that is looks like a normal season. >> yeah. >> and that is good and this is a beautiful evening here and we're getting ready for tomorrow, not hurricane season but getting ready for thunderstorm season and looks like a particularly strong line of storms, a potential to be strong coming through after 4:00 and heads up for that. i think it's most of the day dry and we're going focus with the weather headlines on the fact that tonight is going to be beautiful and no problems for friday morning. the severe thunderstorm threat tomorrow afternoon and that we paying attention to and the main line is coming to metro
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d.c. and that is between 8 and 11:00. the big concern, they might have some potential of damaging winds and they will rotate and produce isolated tornados and we're paying close attention to that tomorrow and tonight, it's going to be a beautiful evening and to the south and west, seeing first signs of light showers and that is coming through with normal air and that is a setup for what is going to follow and this is a frontal boundary and this is in to chicago and western portions of kentucky and into louisiana. i haven't seen much in the way of severe weather coming out of this lineup and now we are closer to new orleans and speak of which and we're getting some lines of thunderstorms and damaging winds and that is what we'll be watching and tomorrow looks better than usual for the storms to produce some damaging winds. there is cold air and humid air into town tomorrow and add that
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jet stream energy and the front. overnight, though, nothing to worry about. partly cloudy and some showers around and close to 63 degrees the overnight low and tomorrow, going to be a more humid day and some sunshine to start and spotty showers in the morning and that is the afternoon we'll watch for the potential of strong and severe thunderstorms in the afternoon and with that 69 degrees and clouds by noon. a shower possible and not everyone is seeing it and by 5:00, you want to get your heads up and make sure you're aware of anything in the area and they could produce winds gusting to 60 miles an hour and that storm prediction center hasn't seen a slight risk from tomorrow afternoon and from pennsylvania to the carolinas. if you hear this area is changeed to a moderate risk and we really need to step up our game and be aware of what is
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happening tomorrow afternoon and that hasn't happened so far and we're hoping the timing will come to after the sun is down and by 1:00 tomorrow, doesn't look like much and by 6:00, more isolated storms and rotating and the rest of the line comes through about 11:00 or so and that is out and about three in the morning and looking good and with that much more settled -- settled pattern for saturday and that is cooler and why they could be strong and that is with that big push of cold air and about a couple of showers in the afternoon. monday is dry and some showers on tuesday, brian. >> and thank you, sue. dwayne wade is forced to work overtime against the celtics and dave ross is up next with the sports edge. if you have trouble some a parallel parking spot, watch out for this guy. just a few inches longer and
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with some style. some style. ñn
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. hello, everybody. dave ross and we're over three months --montes away and time to start with the play books and the redskins are on schedule. robert griffin 3 told us the team is throwing the book at him with 100% of the playbook and that is a lot to digest and that he is comfortable with it. he realized that they're going to be a long way to go and is making significant strides. >> and i look at it that it's going to be a challenge to get used to the stuff and the offense and i feel more comfortable today and that is a
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good thing to go on the field and i look -- and i know i'm about to complete a pass on that. >> and do not tell him i said that. [ laughter ] >> the loss is the second longest tenured member of the redskins and tipped the scales, 1 ken upped -- 187 pounds and everyoneterring his eighth year and last year, he missed four weeks of a broken bone and tomorrow, he turns 33 years young. and made him a very happy camper. >> for years it doesn't matter what we have out there, we were talking about a good year or a bad year. they uncover me like i'm on the opposite. you have them, the officers here. they can hurt you and i am happy to be on the team with the guys and bring what i can bring and to be at my best.
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>> and continues next week june 4th and nba play-offs last night between the heat and celtics in game two and that final minute in celebration and ray allen has done this once or twice and with that three of the night. the celtics, we're all tied up at 99 and miami with that chance to win it. and going to overtime and with that 34 and in overtime, the shot clock is winning down and knocking down the three and up three and with all 12 of boston's points in overtime and had 34 for the game and he's hanging. hit the ground and scoring and 115-111. with a two games to 99 lead in the best-of-7 series and game one of the stanley cup finals and in overtime and tied up at
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1. and lookal at this and brodeur with no chance. and win 2-1. l.a. won an nhl record of 11 straight. and a happy tom fitzgerald. back over to you. sue with the forecast? [ indiscernible ] >> very -- . >> oh, no. >> and may be this will perk him up. and watch out tomorrow afternoon, a potential of strong damaging thunderstorms and the weekend should set him up. >> we'll be back at 10 for the news edge len. have a great -- news edge at 11. have a great night. i should be arrested fofor cris against potted plant-kind.
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