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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  June 1, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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tucker barnes is in to tell us about the weather. >> good morning. lots of clouds to start your day. later this afternoon, could see strong storms moving through. we have a cold front that will be knocking on our door later there afternoon. there's a live look at radar. generally fine. we had a shower or two early this morning with a warm front. main event out to the west. that's a cold front and area of low pressure that will be tracking to the west of us. we could have pretty strong thunderstorms later this afternoon. under a slight risk for severe weather later today. this would include the potential for hail, very gusty winds. could have torrential downpours, as these storms will be slow movers and will start around 4:00 this afternoon, between 9:00 or 10:00.
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keep an eye to the sky. tune back in here later today and get the latest. afternoon highs, 80s. lots of humidity, and potential for good storms later this afternoon. tony, allison, back to you at the desk. thanks, tucker. we have an update on the breaking news out of afghanistan. we've learned in the last hour that a suicide car bomber and other insurgents attacked a u.s. led base in the eastern part of that country. no word on casualties for the military, but six civilians were wounded. taliban has claimed responsibility for that attack. an investigation is underway in prince george's county after a woman hit five children with her suv. >> this was the scene last night on the 2200 block of
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hannon street in hyattsville. that is where fox 5's sherri ly is live with an update on this tragic accident. sherri? >> reporter: tony and allison, we have just learned a short time ago that an 8-year-old girl who happens to be the daughter of the driver of that suv has died. one person remains in critical condition. the other three had minor injuries. here's the breakdown of what we know. let's show you some of the damage from the accident back here. you can see the garage where that car slammed into. the 6-year-old boy we're told, a 7-year-old girl and almost 2- year-old boy had minor injuries. the 8-year-old girl natalie hernandez cruz and she did die. the vehicle suddenly accelerated. the children were playing in front of the garage around 8:45 last night, when the driver in an suv hit the kids and slammed
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into the garage. police say that woman, maria anna cruz lopez, accidently hit the gas instead of the break as she was backing into the driveway. just about 40 minutes prior to this accident, police had also been called to the home because of a dispute between cruz-lopez and the landlord here, who said he had evicted her. police say the officers left about 20 minutes earlier, when this happened. but they don't believe that the two are connected. >> no charges filed. a strange set of circumstances in that these two officers had just been at the home for this landlord/tenant dispute. they get the call, and they're on the scene almost immediately and perform cpr on the 8-year- old girl. doesn't appear the two incidents are connected. devastating accident. >> reporter: again, we have
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three children with minor injuries, but one 11-year-old boy still in critical condition. 8-year-old girl has died. what we understand from a man who lives inside this home, he says that the woman who was driving that suv had two children who were hit. the girl who died, and then that almost 2-year-old boy. that's the latest here in hyattsville. back to you. >> thank you. another disturbing accident on the roads, this one happened in dale city, virginia last night. a late model sedan was heading north on i-95 when a passenger side door was opened and the man fell out, and was dragged over 200 feet. search for a missing man leads to a murder arrest. we want to warn you the details are disturbing, certainly not
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appropriate for children. police say 21-year-old morgan state university student alexander kinyua has admitted to killing his house mate and eating parts of the body. police found some of the body parts in the house they shared. the victim's father reported him missing last week. >> it's horrible. we can't believe something like this happened in this neighborhood. it's really sad. the family, they are such a good family. >> alexander kinyua was out of jail on bond for an unrelated crime when he was arrested for the murder. bail has been denied. seattle police are praising a man who tried to stop a deadly rampage this week. on wednesday ian stawicki tried to place an order at a bar.
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when he was refused, he started shooting. the trial of former presidential candidate john edwards is over. edwards was accused of using campaign donations to hide his pregnant mistress. yesterday jurors found him not guilty of one charge. a mistrial was declared on the other counts when the jury couldn't reach a decision on the other charges. after the verdict was announced, edwards made a public admission about his personal life. >> if i want to find the person that should be held accountable for my sins, i don't have to go further than the mirror. it's me and me alone. >> that was his statement after the decision was made. the jury's decision will be reviewed in the next few days. sources familiar with the case
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say it's unlikely it will be retried. former d.c. councilman harry thomas junior must repay the city $350,000. thomas resigned from the council in january before pleading guilty to embezzling city funds for personal use. he was sentenced to more than three years in prison. former president george w. bush and his wife laura returned to the white house to leave behind a permanent momento. they unveiled their official portraits. mr.bush noted there is now a symmetry to the portraits, since they start and end with a george w. >> when the british burned the white house, as fred mentioned, in 1814, dolly madison famously saved this portrait of the first george w.
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[ laughter ] >> now michelle, if anything happens -- [ laughter ] >> -- there is your man. >> it's good to see the former president bush back. >> it is. >> american artist john howard painted the portraits. >> quite funny. >> very much so. a major alert for drivers over the weekend. and it will impact the beltway. we have what you need to know coming up next after the break. >> and a focus on safety on the roads. we'll talk with a captain with the montgomery county police about the push for new legislation. stay with us. 9:08.    q
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the may jobs report came out and it is a huge disappointment. employers added only 69,000 jobs this month, and unemployment rose to 8.2%.
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that's last month. before the report came out, experts estimated employers would add somewhere around 150,000 jobs. obviously that did not happen. this is actually the worst jobs report we've seen all year. we'll have more analysis of those numbers a little bit later. now to a traffic alert this morning. you may want to avoid connecticut avenue at n street south of dupont circle. some of the roads are closed following yesterday morning's water main break. d.c. water says two of the three broken pipes have been fixed. but crews are still working to get service restored. as you can see, the street was a mess, so roads will remain closed until repairs are complete. vdot is warning about a major paving project this weekend. beginning tonight through monday morning, access to the inner loop threw lanes will be closed off from the maryland side of the bridge to route one over in virginia. you're urged to find another way to get around this weekend.
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allison? coalition of safety advocates insurers and medical professionals went to capitol hill yesterday to ask members to pass a transportation bill already approved by the senate. a captain with the montgomery county police had two reasons to be part of that. the issue came tragically to his own door step. welcome to the studios. good to see you. >> good to see you again. >> you lost your own son, ryan, in 2008. it came home for you. >> yeah. my life's work has been dealing with traffic and trying to prevent these issues. and 2004 we recognized the distracted driving was a huge problem. in 2008 my son died in a distracted driving crash with a young provisional driver behind the wheel who lost control. >> so you go to capitol hill, you try to get this pushed
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through. what was it like sitting there and trying, really, you're fighting for something that everybody with you believes in so strongly. do you feel like the message was received? >> we hope so. sometimes it helps having that personal message go along with these laws. we've been working on getting the federal law to require graduated licensing to be the law of the land. it's made it through the house and it's being discussed in committees. the house side and senate side are different. by giving our message and talking it from a personal side, we want them to recognize this is important legislation and it will make a difference. >> is the main part of it, coming in at this stage, you're doing this, you have these rights behind the wheel, what is the main push? >> there are several pushes dealing with motor carrier safety and truck safety. my comment is the graduated -- component is the graduated
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licenses. certain strategies that work. it does save lives. a study was released where they identified these factors, when applied, saves thousands of lives. 4,000 to 5,000 kids die a year. >> an awful statistic. and it brings it home when you say that. i would imagine parents, my kids are too young to drive, i would imagine when they're that age, we're saying don't do this, don't do that. maybe it goes in one ear, out the other. how should parents approach this, and how do we enforce this when we're not with them? >> that's a great question. bottom line is this, parents need to be parents. they need to recognize as much as their children are the love of their life, they're the most dangerous and inexperienced drivers out there. as such, they need to set strong guidelines, monitor what's going on. when they make mistakes, have those sanctions. the car is a dangerous weapon. kids are going to be kids. but this is not a time when
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they can act that way. expect they're going to take risks and be there for them to give them the proper correction they need. >> hopefully you can answer this question, there are a lot of opportunities, we've seen some here in our area. no talking on the phone, hands free, all this. no texting behind the wheel. are there some uniform things we should be, or lawmakers should be passing and there are opportunities i would imagine for them to take stronger stance on this. is it happening? >> it's difficult. it's a slow, cumbersome process. we've been trying to get all occupants seat belted. hands free, not talking on the cell phone at all, secondary law. it's a slow process. we know what's the right thing to do. we know if they pass the laws and it's supported by the public, we can make the roads safer.
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but it's hard to take away freedoms and rights and the legislatures have to work through the process. people like myself have to stay there and support the legislators that are willing to step up. recognize that, you know, lives can be saved, give the examples when we can, and work ever day to make a difference until we get the tools we valuablely need. >> sometimes you can sit there and count the number of people doing the look down. it's disturbing. thanks for all the hard work you do. >> thanks for having me. >> captain thomas d idone, montgomery county police. thank you. a jar of cosmetics is providing a possible clue into the disappearance of amelia airhart. details coming up. >> later this hour, holly morris is getting a lesson in graphic design. holly? >> reporter: we have been busy this morning. you're working, we're working here. this is a shop. we are live at empire graphics
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where we're all about auto wrapping. we've come up with a design. we've printed it off. we've laminated it. now we have to install it. how it all works live later on fox 5 morning news. stay with us. no, keep working. you're on tv. ♪ sergeant pepper's lonely heart club band ♪ >> first, here's today's trivia question. today, june 1 in 1967, the beatles a album, sergeant pepper's lonely hearts club band was released. which song was not part of the track list? was it texting a hole, hello, goodbye, good morning, good morning, or lovely rita? fox5 morning news is back right after the break. ♪
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making headlines, a record setting wildfire in new mexico spreading in all directions
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this morning. the fire is the largest in state history. in two weeks it's burned nearly 300 square miles and destroyed 20 cabins there. more than 1200 firefighters are at this massive blaze near the arizona border. some animal shelters in our area are preparing for an influx of pit bulls. the maryland court of appeals recently ruled the breed inherently dangerous. the humane society is speaking out, saying it discriminates against the breed. maryland lawmakers have set up a task force to look into the matter. this is the favorite story for me of the day. >> it's fascinating. >> it's a mystery. the search for what happened to amelia airhart could take a new turn because of some freckle cream. >> yeah. a small pot, small vessel, really, broken into five pieces was found on an uninhabited
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island in the south pacific. when they were put back together, the jar was the same as one used by a freckle ointment made in the early 20th century. researchers say airhart had freckles and didn't like them. it's one of several artifacts that could support the theory airhart survived a crash in the pacific and was a castaway on a remote island. >> does it get any better than that? >> it does not. i saw a special on one of the history channels or something like that -- >> the history channel maybe? >> might have been that one. or one of the other ones. they've pretty much narrowed it down to this island. >> fascinating. >> they're looking for the conclusive proof. >> i think that's it. >> that might be it. >> the only other thing it could be styles red-headed women would wear. >> that kind of evidence? >> i'm saying, freckle cream.
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>> this is something a red- headed woman would have worn. >> green, the colors -- i'm saying, it's specific to airhart. >> you're right. tucker said, the two of us are not archeologists. i'm a better one than she is. coming up -- >> plenty still ahead. first, an updated forecast from tucker. >> perhaps. then we have special guests here. look at this. this is sig, the viking warrior. he looks mystified. he doesn't understand where he is. how to train your dragon live spectacular is coming to d.c. we'll find out more about that straight ahead on the other side of the break. stay with us. >> how about a catalog of aviator wear on the island? does your phone give you all day battery life ?
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the space shuttle "enterprise" is on the move. this is the scene at jfk airport in new york. it's been rolled out of a hangar and will be placed on a
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barge. sunday it will make a journey up the hudson river to its permanent home. it spent many years in virginia before it was sent to new york. the dragon splashed down into the pacific ocean yesterday. the dragon brought home 1400 pounds of equipment and science experts nasa will review the mission and expect to partner with them in the future. though manned space flights are a way off. how would you like to see -- >> what's this noise? >> venus crawl across the sky? before sunset tuesday, you'll have that chance. it's called the transit of
9:29 am
venus. it will appear as a black spot gliding across the disk of the sun. use precautions. do not stare directly at the sun. don't miss this rare sky show, because it won't happen again until 2117. that is 105 years from now. we'll all miss that. >> music to back up. >> venus, yeah. by bananarama? >> it's a classic. >> for some, yes. >> get out and see it, right? >> yes, indeed. watch it on the internet -- >> sky guy coming back to talk about that? >> yes. >> i like the way he breaks things down. >> he's great. let's break things down now. later today potential for good thunderstorms. still question marks about it. depending how much sunshine we get and exactly what time the cooler and drier air starts as to work in. at least the potential for good storms later this afternoon. there's a live look at your radar. now we're quiet. cloud cover, light sprinkles
9:30 am
across the region. north side of the beltway here, looking up 270 towards gaithersburg light showers. that's about it. i think most of the morning will be cloudy. might see a few peeks of sunshine or a period of sunshine later this morning. we'll wait for the main event. want to show you the next map. main event is the cold front out to the west. you can see it's coming together in a couple of different parts here. this will all move to the east later today. area of high pressure to our west dragging a warm front through now. and later the cold front will get in here. i think any time after 3:00, 4:00 today, we'll have rain showers in the forecast. potential for thunderstorms, and as mentioned earlier, some could be on the strong side with gusty winds, potential for hail, maybe cloud to ground lightning, that kind of thing, as these storms, the dynamics in the atmosphere favorable here for strong storms across the mid-atlantic later this
9:31 am
afternoon. let me show you the futurecast. here's your warm front moving through as we speak. right on schedule. later
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believe i've ever interviewed a viking and a dragon. if you saw the movie, "how to train your dragon," number one in 30 countries, i believe. two of the stars are with us this morning. we have sig the viking warrior. >> absolutely, thank you. and i am the master dragon trainer, tony. >> you are? >> yes. >> and baby natter. >> just a baby. a full grown is five time this is. if you think of a city bus, that's how big this baby will get. >> wow. you are appearing live at verizon? >> verizon center, july 19 through the 22. >> he isn't the only dinosaur in the show? >> no.
9:33 am
there's 23. when we say 23, fire breathing dragons. there are flying dragons. we have dragons that fly over a mile in the show. >> that is amazing. >> don't be scared. it won't breathe fire on you. >> can i pet? >> good boy. >> do it soft. he likes that. >> he's just a baby. >> just a baby. >> can he breathe fire? >> he can't fly, but he can't take a pose. wonderful, wonderful. >> his mother is the size of a city bus. this one can't breathe fire, but it has something special. can you show us, baby?
9:34 am
down wind, sorry. >> what has he been eating? >> fish. sorry. >> very cute. dragons in the show. when we go to the show, can we learn how to train a dragon? >> i think everyone in the show will not only know how to train a dragon, they'll become a part of the show. this show is a new form of live entertainment. and dreamworks has come up with great stuff, where the families can be involved. >> that's cool. you seem to be a well spoken viking to me. >> well, i had a -- we're from the isle of burke. we had a quote a couple of weeks from someone who said i'm the next best viking next to fran tarkington. >> he's sweet. >> once you find his sweet spots, you can take him home.
9:35 am
once you get him trained, this is what happens. >> only eight shows? >> yes. >> limited time. how do you get tickets? >> ticketmaster. >> very good. can he talk at all or no? >> he's got a couple of -- that's about all he says. don't get too close. [ making noises ] >> isn't that amazing? that is incredible. let's put up the information about the show. we have that for you, at the verizon center, beginning on, tell me once again. >> july 19th through the 22nd at the verizon center. >> i know some kids might be a little afraid. >> there's no reason for the kids to be afraid. it's a family show. there are all trained. as i say, they fly, they breathe fire. it's the most spectacular live entertainment that they'll see in their life. >> sig the viking warrior. you all need some public relations, because when we think of vikings, we think of
9:36 am
rough and tough and pillaging. you're a nice guy. >> i got coaching before i came to your world. and i think it's working out very well for us. >> it really is. you're adorable. thanks for joining us. we appreciate it. what a cutie. stay with us. we're going to have more fox 5 morning news coming up in a little bit. allison, backed now. back to you now. >> thank you, tony. he is a very sweet little baby dragon. >> more bieber drama. now word he suffered a concussion in paris. plus, madonna kicks off her latest tour with blood and guts? entertainment news coming up on the other side of the break. first, here is today's trivia question for you. today, june 1, in 1967, the beatles' album, sergeant pepper's lonely hearts club band was released. which song was not part of the track list? fixing a hole, hello, goodbye,
9:37 am
good morning, good morning, or lovely rita? i have totally messed up that list. fox5 morning news is back after the break. i was just a year old, tucker. what do i know? ñoñnñnñn
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one of the most anticipated concerts of the summer is underway. superstar madonna kicked off her world tour last night in israel. she performed old and new songs. she showed off some pretty grim dance routines. featuring a violent and bloody gunmen. she still called for piece in the middle east and dubbed her first leg of her tour the peace concert. she'll perform in d.c. in september. one day after he nearly threw a country into a state of emergency, justin bieber suffered a con cutting after running into a glass wall at a
9:41 am
concert in paris. he told tmz he was a bit disoriented, but was able return to the stage. tmz reports he later passed out for about 15 seconds while walking to his dressing room. we're told he is okay now, know. >> sidney told me he broke his ankle earlier, too. >> really? >> yeah. anyway, a celebration of chuck brown's life at the washington convention center yesterday. huge crowd turned out for a public memorial service honoring the late godfather of go-go. d.c. mayor gray said plans are in the works to prepare a permanent monument. and there's a resolution for june 22nd to be chuck brown day across the country. that's his birthday. one local woman thinks she is ready for the challenge of starting a new business.
9:42 am
we'll talk about her idea in this week's ask allison segment after the break. >> holly is hanging out with grab designers this morning -- graphic designers this morning. their canvas is your car. stay with us. it's 9:42. does your phone give you all day battery life ? droid does. and does it launch apps by voice while learning your voice ? launch cab4me. droid does. keep left at the fork. does it do turn-by-turn navigation ? droid does. with verizon, america's largest 4glte network and motorola, whatever you want to do... droid does.
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listen to this, you can get your hands on a complimentary sweet treats today. dunkin' donuts, a free doughnut with purchase of a beverage. and krispy kreme, a free doughnut, no purchase required. that's good news. ♪ tell me something good ♪ it's friday. and it's time to answer an ask allison question. this comes from darlene. basically in a nutshell, that's
9:46 am
a long letter darlene wrote to me. she wants to start a new career. shopping forthe best thrift store items from this area and as far away as georgia selling them online and selling them out of a truck. what kind of truck? think food truck, tony. you know, you see them every where. there would be a small markup and wants to know if it's a good idea, or as kanye west says, cra, cra. or crazy. if you could come out to me, i want to show you, darlene sent me this big, is it heavy? >> it's not that heavy. >> boom. this big box of items. i know you can see me. i'll move it. director brad -- okay, i'm talking about labels. jones new york. she sent handbags and all ladies' clothes now, tony, so
9:47 am
no need to shop. also accessories. this big box to show me -- thank you -- to show me the kind of things she is hoping though sell. she also sent a price list. prices are really good. and i appreciate you going through all of that, the extra effort it took to send that in to show me the things you're talking about. i love thrift stores and consignment stores. i know what you mean. your letter expressed to me your long love of thrift store shopping. maybe not when you were a kid, but how now she appreciates the good bargains and she wants to share her finds with other people. she is proposing to do this in the ways we listed online. but also, and this is the big thing of it, the mobile store component. think about the food trucks you see everywhere. that's what darlene wants to do and wants to know if i think it's not a good idea. i think she thought i was going to say so. darlene, i'm never going to tell you or anybody else not to
9:48 am
follow your dreams. it's how people make all this money. people get happy by doing that. you're not crazy. but do your research and be smart about it. you told me that you are currently between jobs, so i think that while you're out of work right now, you need to still always be working on your business and for you, that's fashion. so i suggest a small part-time gig in a retail outlet, anywhere, so you can see what the trends are, what's hot, what's not. profit will be good if people are hungry for it. also, you told me you don't want to do the flea market thing. but maybe test your products out in that sort of setting before investing in your ultimate dream, because nothing is cheap out there. also, how about, and a friend of mine in the newsroom came up with this, how about a consignment truck? it's different from thrift labels. the consignment labels are different, more exclusive.
9:49 am
you sell those better labels and your customers can get a return on the things that they donate or give to you to sell. you already said you'd be open to selling your goods online. i think that's a great idea. there are a bunch of sites now where you can do that. it's a fact these days, it's how a lot of people shop. in fact, you told me you'll be listing your things on craigslist until you can get your act on the road. literally, because it's a truck. thank you, over -- okay. the cheap seats. lauren demarco, she told me about collaborative sharing. the physical truck would be the shared thing in your truck, and maybe you can rent that out and make money when you're not selling your goods. bottom line, you have to do your research. it's risky out there. i think it's a darn good idea. i love finding a good bargain. i know i'm not alone. that would be the people you're
9:50 am
selling to. you have to know what we want, what we're going to buy, and go for it. i say about for it. right? nothing ventured, nothing lost? >> nothing ventured, nothing gained. >> something. i would like to be an a two shot so we can talk. i would never tell somebody not to do their dream. >> but you have to do your research. i do know that people do do what she's proposing in terms of shopping at thrift stores and everything. >> right. >> and marking it up a little bit, and selling it. i know people do that. >> right. >> i have to say, for me, and i'm with you, go for your dream. i'm not sure about the truck. >> right. >> only because you're going to have a limited amount of space in the truck. you'll carry -- >> maybe some of the things to get them interested, then they go online. >> right. but like a food truck, hey, i want a lobster roll, hot dog, chili, you know, what are the chances that you or any woman will walk up to that truck and
9:51 am
she'll have your size, she'll have something you really like in your size. >> that's the thing, tony. darlene says she'll find it. if you have an item, she'll look for it and get it to you. >> really? >> she's all about the thrift store shopping and getting what you want at a lower cost and a little used. go for it, right? >> sure. >> be careful. >> and do your research. >> do your research. if you have an question you'd like answered, and darlene, i'll leave your box in the lobby,, go to a link for ask allison. >> good things in the box. >> nice jewelry and things like that. we want to turn our business to another business, vehicle wraps. vibrant signs, there's nothing the team at empire graphics and signs can't do. >> i love the ones eastern motors have. >> yeah. >> speaking of ask allison, our sponsor there.
9:52 am
holly has been learning more and is live in waldorf. >> reporter: good morning. mobile advertising, that's what it's called. i've been here four hours and i've gotten the jargon right. it's a big deal, big business. we've been going through the process this morning. now we are ready to wrap the auto. i'm not doing it alone. don't worry about that. i'm doing it with the help of the experts. eddie back, and mark is joining us, because he is the installation manager. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> reporter: so we've done everything this morning. we came up with the concept. we printed it out. we laminated it. now-- >> we get to put it on. >> install. >> reporter: the tough part. there's no room for error here. >> the fun part. >> reporter: so says the installation manager. >> first thing is mark will be doing the same thing over there, get your knife out. >> reporter: got my knife out. >> these are reference points. trim that lightly without cutting the graphic underneath. >> reporter: i have to cut
9:53 am
through the tape without cutting the stuff below? >> yes. >> reporter: oh, my word. >> helps if you turn the knife the other way. >> reporter: i was so worried about scratching it. i was going to try to use the dull side. here we go. >> little more of an angle. you got it. >> reporter: okay. >> that's it. you're done with the knife. >> reporter: i didn't scratch it as far as you know. >> close the knife, put it in your pocket. pick this side up and i'm going to peel the backing off. >> let him be on that side of you. >> reporter: it's like a big sticker? >> it is a sticker. >> exactly. >> hold it tight. >> reporter: because it will double over on itself? got you. this is a process, i'm telling you. >> hold both ends tight like that. >> reporter: okay. >> you're going to put that mark right on the mark that you cut. >> reporter: oh, i realign the tape back up? >> that's it. just like that. >> reporter: got it.
9:54 am
>> down just like that. perfect. >> reporter: how forgiving is this process? >> very. >> reporter: good. >> hopefully we'll find out how forgiving it is. >> reporter: how often do you put something on and it doesn't fit? >> it happens. >> reporter: it happens. >> it's bad when you drive six hours to do it. >> reporter: you do stuff on location as well? >> we do west virginia, virginia, salisbury. >> reporter: you go all over. now it's about getting the wrinkles out? >> yep. i've made a starting point in the middle. i'm going to squeegee this way. >> reporter: and i'll squeegee this way. >> we'll see who finishes first. >> reporter: my word. >> what you want to do, think of it like a snow plow. >> reporter: okay. >> push it up like that. >> reporter: that's pretty cool. >> you can bring it down this way. >> reporter: how long will it take to wrap this car? >> usually this car is about a 24-man hour installation. >> reporter: will you do it,
9:55 am
one person by yourself? >> no, usually two or three. >> reporter: oh, i got a wrinkle. can i get it out? >> see that there? we'll show you how forgiving the material is. >> reporter: can you show me in 30 seconds. oh, hair dryer? >> put a little heat on there. >> reporter: kind of like shrink wrap. >> the wrinkles are out. >> reporter: look at that. thank goodness. i got nervous. before we go, we have to show the side thing we're going to do. is this how they do nascar cars, too? >> for the slower tracks, the big high speed tracks they do paint, because they say it slows down the car. >> reporter: got you. it's all about the drag, right? >> we have one more thing. >> reporter: which is good, because my producer told me it's time to wrap. i use this side for this? >> hard side for this. >> reporter: is our web site. we have a link to empire graphics if you want to find out more about what they do.
9:56 am
with that, we will say -- oh, wait. it's my first time. here we go. we will say now, that's a wrap, from waldorf. more fox 5 morning news when we come back. you guys are too cool. thank you so much. 
9:57 am
9:58 am
9:59 am
♪ you say yes, i say no ♪ >> back with the answer to the trivia question. tony? >> the answer is b, hello, goodbye. that was on the magical mystery album which came out after sergeant pepper. i can't believe sergeant pepper came out 45 years ago. >> i remember as a child -- >> is that the beatles dressed up? >> it is. >> i remember looking at that as a child


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