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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  June 4, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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blended with ice. the simple joy of keepin' it cool. a lot of storm clean-up going on. friday's severe weather spawned at least nine tornadoes in maryland. we'll take a look at who was hardest hit. >> another big story we are following. the man charged with the murder of an unarmed florida teenager is back in jail. that was him right there. fox 5 morning news continues right now. let's ted out to a live picture. this is our tower cam. looking over the skies of the washington region. it is in fact, monday, the start to your workweek. we'll get a check of weather in just a moment. good morning and goo to have you with us. i'm will thomas of. >> i'm allison seymour in for
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sarah simmons. clean-up. it does continue this were nothing from friday's severe weather. the national weather service confirms that nine tornadoes indeed touched down in the state of maryland. howard and harford counties were hardest hit with two ef-1 tornadoes packing winds of up to 110 miles per hour. five others were ef-0s with winds as high as 58 miles per hour. three montgomery county tornadoes, one hit prince george's county and one hit carroll county. the other two tornadoes, one in anne arundel, the other in carroll county have for the been classified yet. >> there are two confirmed tornado touchdowns in virginia. one in petersburg, the other in hampton. the hampton tornado left behind a path of damage more than three miles long. it tore through downtown and a yacht club then moved into the chesapeake bay. some minor injuries were reported as well. julie wright was saying her parents are from the hampton area and they are busy like their neighbors cleaning up but fortunately, no reports of any
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injuries and that is some good news. >> dim some good news. because it was really severe. -- definitely some good news. let's take a look at our weather maps. starting out with just some clouds which isn't all bad. a bit of wet weather that has moved its way off the coast of delmarva leaving behind some cloudy skies there as well. we'll get some peeks of sunshine. here is a look at yesterday's highs. we are exactly where we should be except one or two degrees off. 79 at dulles. 78 at bwi marshall. for today, we are talking partly sunny skies but gusty winds by this afternoon. they will be gusting up to about 25 miles per hour. a chance some of scattered showers and maybe an isolated thunderstorm. nothing compared to what we had on friday. our high, 76 degrees. >> ettes le get a check of the
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roads. julie wright is standing by wemplet so glad your parents are okay out there. >> thank you so much. me too. -- julie wright is standing by. we are so glad your parents are okay out there. >> your lanes are open as you work your way southbound. really nothing out of the ordinary. just some volume delaws to accompany your commute as you head gown down toward the scales south of 1 -- head down toward the scales south of 109. we'll take it back inside and again, we will say good morning to our waze family. just after we say hello to duke street. this is 395 at duke. no problems to report as you work your way in the express lanes and main line. this happens to be rusty. he came out of virginia across the american legion bridge. still above 40 miles per hour as he makes mute up towards northbound 270 with all of the lanes open. waze is a free app on your android as well as your
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blackberry and iphone and we would love for you to part of our waze team. once you join with the free app, join the fox 5 waze team. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. etraffic. we are mop touring metro this morning with more on a big change coming to the system. >> -- we are monitoring metro this morning. >> rush plus is a move meant to improve rush hour service on the orange, blue, green and yellow lines and prepare for the influx of customers when the silver line starts service. metro general manager richard sarles is at the franconia springfield metro station this morning through 7:30 to answer any questions that passengers have about rush plus. he will join us live coming up next hour. some other top stories for you this morning. a 37-year-old woman is lucky to be alive. a car crashed right into her apartment building in riverdale yesterday and hit her bed as she was sleeping. smi shell sala says a man
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jumped out of the car and asked her not to call police. -- michelle sala says a man jumped out of the car and asked her not to call police. a man charged in the shooting death of an unarmed teenager in florida is behind bars once again. today, george zimmerman's lawyers are expected to ask if a new bond hearing. zimmerman turned himself in to authorities yesterday afternoon. prosecutors said zimmerman and his wife lied during the first bond hearing telling the judge they had limited finances. on friday, the judge revoked bond because the couple had failed to tell the court about thousands of dollars raised on a web james wright he is worried continually about his safety. having to come out of hiding is a concern of his. i think he also realizes the judge's concerns. >> reporter: the defense team says the money raised by the web site is an independent trust and can't be directly accessed by zimmerman or his attorneys. the judge said he will schedule
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a new bond hearing so zimmerman can explain the contradiction. there are still questions in nigeria this morning after a passenger plane crashed into an apartment building killing all 153 people on board. it is still not clear how many of the ground were killed but, as it was sunday, the businesses fortunately were empty. the pilot is reportedly an american. also yesterday, a nigerian plane killed 15. president obama will be in new york city for a fundraiser. his campaign has dubbed it barack on broad way. republican presidential nominee mitt romney will be on the west coast attending a fund raiser in the seattle area. president obama has a slim lead
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over romney 47.2% to romney's 45.6%. so safe to say it is a close one right now. >> i think it will be down to the wire. also making headlines this morning, a new search for the remains of american pows in vietnam. the president of syria speaking out about a massacre in his country.  man: there's a cattle guard, take a right.
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syria appears president goes on television denying responsibility for the recent violence. president assad is blaming foreign elements for the most shocking violence including the eastent massacre. opposition fighters say government troops have gone door to door killing more than 100 people, many of them children. but assad refused to take any
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responsibility. it has been quiet in china's tiananmen square today, 23 years after the bloody crackdown on pro-democracy students. tourists are being allowed to take pictures. there has been little official comment on the crackdowns though there are reports that police have beaten activists in the run-up to today's anniversary. it is still not known how many people died when military tanks crushed a two-month student protest on june 4, 1989. defense secretary leon pan eight is on a historic visit in stress name this morning. -- panetta is on a historic visit in vietnam this morning. coming up next on a monday morning, a cool sighting in the skies tomorrow. but you better catch it while you can because it is not happening for another 105 years. >> i've been calling this the cruny crawford of sightings in
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the sky -- the riduan bin isamuddin cindy crawford of sightings in the sky -- the cindy crawford of sightings in the sky. find out why. 
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we all love to hate them, don't we but police say these much maligned speed cameras across the city really get the job done. starting wednesday, 27 more will start circumstancing the tickets. police say these locations are chosen based on number of crashes and people getting hurt and calls complaining about speeding drivers. here is a list of just a few our producers picked. the 400 block of 14th street southwest. southwest.
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before a full list of locations on >> all right. you've been warned. so have we, right? >> people complain f you do the speed limit, you are not going to get one. >> but the problem is, sometimes you put it at the bottom of the hill. >>s that always been the complaint about foxhall. >> anyway. >> not a bad day today. we had a very nice, calm weekend after friday, thank goodness. things will stay relatively calm today. just a little bit of a change in the afternoon hours but overall, not too bad. let's begin with a look at our maps and we'll show you what you can expect and give you the story. we do have a coastal flood advisory until 8:00 a.m. for annapolis and until 10:00 a.m. for alexandria. at high tide, they were expecting to so a few issues.
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there was some wet areas when we started our so but it has pushed its way off the coast. the clouds giving way to some sunshine into the course of this morning. this affect won't be too bad either but overall, we are a far cry from where we were at least on friday. 55degrees at dulles. 52349 baltimore. 57 at hagerstown. at d.c., 6 # degrees. we are dealing with this trough that is moving its way through. it will handwriting around a little bit across the mid- atlantic. that will give is a chance of scattered showers into the course of the afternoon hours. don't be surprised if you feel a sprinkle or two out there. nothing too heavy. we could see a chance of an isolated thunderstorm primarily to areas north of d.c. but there is still a chance. i won't rule it out 100%. we are heading to temperatures in the upper 70s so near 80 degrees. -- i should say mid-70s to
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upper 70s so near 80s for areas move of the south. for the see, probably more into the mid-70s range or so. you can sees with a take a look some of the sprinkles starting to head air their way into the 5:00 hour and then towards 10:00, university a little bit of activity. today, we are talking a high of 76 degrees. scattered showers but windy. the winds will be gusting up to 25 miles per hour into the course of today. 57degrees with a chaps of showers. your five-day forecast showing this unsettled pat were kind of stick around into the course of the week. each day until friday, we've got a chaps of see something scattered showers or even hearing a little bit of that rumble of thunder out there so do be careful. friday is looking better though. back to you. >> let's is he what is -- lets asee what is happening on the -- let's see what is happening on the roads here. >> we have a lot of people joining the waze craze. we have heard from a friend,
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tony 228 says we to have a car stopped on the shoulder near the beltway at 95 in college park. it is about a 25 hint commute from new hampshire over over towards georgia avenue. back on the roads, eastbound 66 into the sunshine and on to the slow pavement to continue inbound towards the capital beltway. lanes are open but definitely slow going as you work your way past 123. still going to find delays if you are continuing on the beltway headed for the wilson bridge. again, that long-term construction project has narrowed our through lanes down to one leap at telegraph road. you are also denied access to eisenhower avenue from the through lanes. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. etraffic. besides you, something else that is cool is going on in the skies. you might see it tomorrow. it is called the transit of venus. the best time to watch will be
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at sunset. venus will pass in front of the skin sun creating a sight that won't happen if another 105 years. do not stare at the sun. don't do it any time pretty much. >> we all grew up being told that. >> don't ever do it but especially do want do it while this is going on unless you have the proper equipment. find out more including details on a special viewing on >> they say it will look like a beauty mark, like cindy crawford. >> is that why? i thought you meant because she is so timeless and ageless. >> as long as she's not looking at the sun. >> right. coming up next we'll go live to fox business network. >> with the way retirement funds have been looking lately, you might be wondering when you will finally reach the golden years? new numbers released by one expert, not very promising. we are back in a moment. it was like a red rash...
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very sore looking kinda blistery. like somebody had set a bag of hot charcoal on my neck. i was a firefighter for 24 years. but, i have never encountered such a burning sensation until i had the shingles. i remember it well. i was in the back yard doing yard work.
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i had this irritation going on in my lower neck. i changed shirts because i thought there was something in the collar of the shi and i couldn't figure out what was going on. i had no idea it came from chickenpox. i always thought shingles was associated with people... a lot older than myself. i can tell you from experience, it is bad. it's something you never want to encounter. for more of the inside story, visit
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we could all be forced to work well into our 70s. find out who is saying yes and why we better like our jobs. me, especially, i like my job when i get to chat with lauren simonetti with fox business network. where were you last week, a little vaca? >> yeah, i went to italy. i just got back. i'm barely fitting into my dress because of the pizza. it is also good to be back. >> think you've got a tan there. not so good for the mark oats friday. stocks suffered their worst decline of the year, right? >> yeah, pretty ugly on friday. down 275 for the dow. here is the thing. now negative to all of 2012. it was all because of that terrible jobs report. just 69,000 jobs create last month. then you got a disappointing
6:25 am
manufacturing report in there too so it was a pretty bad day. ill love to tell you that it is looking better this morning but u.s. stocks are once again in the red. >> all right. retiring at the age of 80. that is another oh, boy. i guess we better love our jobs. it is the ceo of aig that is pointing to europe's debt crisis, right? >> he made these comments at his villa in croatia. made the comments that we'll work well in our 70s if not 08 years old before we get to retire because we are putting too much a burden with medicare an everything else on the youth. you would do fine talking at 08 years old but do not want to see me at 80 on tv. i don't think that would be allowed. >> snot so sure about that. with technology and maybe we'll all look young forever.
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>> i hope. >> good to have you back with us. we miss you. >> thank you so much. missed you too. the man charged with the murder of trayvon martin is back in jail this morning. george zimmerman accused of a lie serious enough to land him back behind bars. a busy week ahead for some home owners cleaning up after all the mess left behind by friday's storms. we are back in just a moment.  what makes hershey's s'mores special?
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pure chocolate goodness that brings people together. hershey's makes it a s'more... you make it special. pure hershey's.
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back now on this monday morning. clean-up continues from friday's severe weather. the national weather service cop firms nine tornadoes touched down in maryland. -- confirms nine tornadoes touched down in maryland. howard and harford county were
6:30 am
the hardest hit. three hit montgomery county, one in prince george's county an one hit carroll county. the other two tornadoes, one in anne arundel and one in carroll county have not been classified yet. >> they are tornadoes but we don't know what they are on the scale. there are two confirmed tornado touchdowns in virginia. one in petersburg and another in hampton. the hampton tornado left behind a path of damage more than three miles long. tore right through downtown, a yacht club and then moved into the chesapeinake uries were reported but as far as we know, nothing very serious which is such good news when you consider how powerful these winds are. >> definitely. >> mother nature. >> storm was just horrendous on friday. >> nothing serious like we had, right? >> oh, not at all. a nice weekend. >> i thought it would never stop raining on friday. >> i know. we did great get to some drier conditions and let's take a look at where we are. it was a little bit of wet
6:31 am
weather that moved across delmarva this morning. just a few clouds. night whole lot happening there in terms of the cloud coverage but we are seeing some of the sunshine that will peek through today. yesterday's highs were right where they should be. 08degrees at reagan national airport. 79 at dulles. right now, it is 63 degrees at national. so for today, what are we talking about? we'll see a chance of some showers a little bit later on today and maybe a rumble of thunder. it is possible, can't rule it out but also some gusty winds. our high today, 76 degrees. >> not so bad compared to what we had. >> thank you. julie wright is keeping an eye on the roads now. she joins us with metro traffic. julie, good morning. i too am really sad about what is going on in the 757. i got calls about the campus, hampton, not really touched but
6:32 am
downtown and your mama's area too. >> my mama is close to hampton university. they are okay. they had some doe brie clean-up but downtown hampton got hit hard. a lot of clean-up going on. a lot of damage to the boats there at the yacht club. most importantly, family is okay and the clean-up continues. >> good to hear. >> traveling eastbound along 66, you will find that the lanes are open here. no problems to report leaving fair oaks continuing inbound towards the capital beltway. northbound i-95, authorities checking for the crash in newington. keep your eyes peeled for that. southbound 270 still on the slow viedside working your way from 109 headed out to the scales. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. etraffic. the latest development in the trayvon martin case. big story this morning. the man charged in the shooting death of the unarmed black teen in florida is back behind bars. >> george disciple are man
6:33 am
turned himself in yesterday after a judge revoked bond. melanie alnwick live in the newsroom with the details -- george zimmerman turned himself in yesterday. george disciple are man met police officials in a business parking lot to be taken into custody. his attorney says it is all a misunderstanding and he is asking for i anew bond hearing. prosecutors say george zimmerman and his wife lied during his first bond hearing. -- george zimmerman met police officials in a business parking lot to be taken into custody. bail was set at $150,000. but a website had been set up to raise money for zimmerman's defense. that had raised $135,000 already. trayvon martin's parments parments -- parents thought the bail was set too low. it is an emotional roller coaster for both families as you can imagine. >> he is worried about himself, his wife, his family. everybody who has to be in
6:34 am
hiding because of the enormous anger and frustration and hatred that has spurred from this case. >> no matter what, they have lost a child. it is a relief and sort of vend indication of trayvon's reputation. >> reporter: the defense team says the zimmermans did not have access to the web site funds. prosecutors say they have audio recordings of the couple conspiring to lie about their finances so they could obtain a lower bond. coming up at 7:00, we'll tell you what attorneys say about possible prosecution of zimmerman's wife. n's wife. it appears everyone will survive kay carry wake-up call. a car crashed into a ground floor apartment in riverdale and hit a woman sleeping in her bed yesterday morning. let me continue to tell you this. i don't believe this is the footage. the woman said a man jumped out of the car and asked her not to
6:35 am
call police. so far, he is charged with leaving the scene. the man's wife could be charged with making a false statement. mother on a big change coming to the system. it is -- more on a big change coming to the metro system. richard sarles is at the franconia springfield stop this morning. he is answering questions about the change. it is meant tomorrow prove service on the orange, blue, green and yellow line and prepare for the influx of passenger when the silver line starts its service. he will ten franconia springfield stop through 7:30 this morning. he will join us live coming up income hour. president obama will be in new york city today for a fund raiser his campaign is calling barack on broadway. he will appear with former president bill clinton. republican presidential nominee mitt romney will object the west coast attend ago private fund raiser in the seattle area.
6:36 am
the latest real clear politics average of polls shows president obama with just a slim lead over romney right now, 47.2% for romney's 45.6%. so basically kind of a dead heat right now. let's say good morning to dave ross here with your sports breakfast. >> speaking of dead heats, we have a dead heat in the national league east, three times tied for first place. >> that is exciting. the nats are one of them. we had gonzalez on the mound yesterday. trying to go for a quick sweep of those atlanta braves. got them down there in atlanta last week. started off really well when steve lombardozzi takes him out. >> that was bryce, right? >> look where that thing lands.
6:37 am
upper tank right there. that is a blast. a lot of people have been questioning his power. he has power and it is coming. >> questioning? >> well, is he going to be like a double hitter. he will hit for average and for purchase. it wasn't enough yesterday. those two runs the only two runs the nats got on the day. hayward with a two rbi single right there and the nat lose 3- #. tiger woods at the memorial if you didn't see this, the level of difficulty of this shot, this shot in the rough and you seat the water. if you go wrong, that thing is going in the drink. >> let me see it, dave. >> there it is. >> who is that guy? >> it is tiger woods. >> with the red shirt an everything. >> on sunday, the whole thing. you think he knew he had it.
6:38 am
>> oh, yep, yep. >> when you put the putter up in the area, you know you got it. >> that was on jack nicklaus' court. >> what is he saying there? >> he said it was the greatest shot he had ever seen. >> a nice run since i've turned pro. and to do it at age 36, it is not too shabby. i've been very proud of what of a done so far. i've still got a lot of good jurors ahead of me. >> i have an observation. he is nicer when he is winning. >> who isn't? >> well, there are some people who are very gracious when they lose. >> like phil mickelson? >> of course. that is why we love him. >> i always got on phil because i thought he should have been better. >> he is much more likeable, let me say that. >> we like him more. >> when he was on top of his game, he was ruthless.
6:39 am
he wanted to go out there and beat everybody else up. he wanted to go out and beat effect else. it is a kinder gentler tiger woods. >> he wants you to know he has a lot of years left. coming up next, a party of royal proportions. queen elizabeth celebrating 60 years on the throne with a big show. fox 5 morning news back in a moment. when mitt romney says "planned parenthood we're gonna get rid of that." romney is saying he'll deny women the birth control and cancer screenings they depend on. when romney says "do i believe the supreme court should overturn roe v. wade? yes."
6:40 am
he's saying he'll deny women the right to make their own medical decisions and when his campaign can't say whether he'd support equal pay protections. "and we'll get back to you on that." romney's putting your paycheck at risk. planned parenthood action fund is responsible for the content of this advertising because mitt romney is out of touch and wrong for women.
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[ male announcer ] they were born to climb... born to leap, born to stalk, and born to pounce.
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to understand why, we journeyed to africa, where their wild ancestor was born. there we discovered that cats, no matter where they are... are born to be cats. and shouldn't your cat be who he was born to be? discover your cat's true nature. purina one. this is what they play when allison walks into the studio. chilly weather and rain didn't stop a huge crowd from turning out on the banks of the river
6:43 am
thames yesterday to honor queen elizabeth ii. it was another big moment in a long list of events celebrating 60 years on the throne. we have more this this report. >> reporter: queen elizabeth led a royal flotilla of more than 1,000 vessels to mark her diamond dubois lee. d dubois le - - diamond jubilee. the 86-year-old between queen dressed in a silver and white dress and matching coat. joined by her grandson, prince william and his wife the duchess of cambridge as well as prince harry and her husband prince philip. >> i think above all what we are acelebrating is the 60 years she has given of service to our country but also in extraordinary institution that stands above politics, that brings the country together. i think it is such a valuable
6:44 am
thing in our country and so admired across the world. >> hundreds of thowb of his rain-soaked onlookers watched from the banks of the river thames. the sounds ever that you are cheers joined the orchestra of church bells, ship's horns and bands playing various tunes. the pageant inned with a burst of fireworks amid news from guiness world records that it had broken the record for largest parade of boats. >> it is and historic thing. >> reporter: not everyone in britain is celebrating. hundreds protested on the river bank to oppose the affair. on monday, the queen will join thousands of revelers for an outdoor concert for performances by paul mccarty and elton john. fans are mourning the lives popular game show host. richard dawson died saturday
6:45 am
night before a battle with cancer. he was known as kissing bandit. he later went on to become a regular panelist on match game. he was 79 years old. >> what was with the queen holding her own umbrella. >> i don't no. >> to be truthful on the boat she was on, it was very narrow. let me just add there is a lot of stuff going with the jubilee tomorrow, church service, procession. the producers are going to let us go dipping into this live coverage throughout the day tomorrow. so if you are around, join us.
6:46 am
>> i'm preparing a special outfit for it. >> you are? >> i'll be all blinged out. it is called a fascinator. >> i'll be tuning in for sure. >> good thing she is not wearing that little phac naughtor today. it is too windy t will blow it right off. -- that little fascinator today. it is too windy -- it is too windy. it will blow it right off. t ri we'll get a break in the course of the afternoon hours. let's take a look at what is happening here right now. we have a few clouds and not too much else going. on the wet weather has moved out. 63degrees at national airport. wind are height. that is what is going to change. gusty wind in our forecast. so, as i take a look at temperatures across the area, 63 degrees in d.c. this hour. we've got 59 degrees in baltimore. 55degrees at gaithersburg. we have this trough that will
6:47 am
move its way across into the course of the day and that will set us up for a chance some of scattered showers. could see an isolated thunderstorm or two. we're in the sure. we'll have to keep our eyes to the sky as far as that is concerned. here is a look at what you can expect for today then. a high of 76 degrees. up to 25-mile per hour wind gusts into the course of the day. for tonight, mostly cloudy. here is a look at your five-day forecast for you. expect for see a little bit of unsettled weather into the course of the day. we are looking at some showers and some storms maybe each day a possibility of that happening. temperatures are going to go down a little bit to the low 1r0 before they climb back up again into the course of the ped of the week. -- a little bit to the low 70s before they climb back up teen
6:48 am
again into the course of the end of the week. i'm here so you know what that means. it is time for ask the weather guys, the most celebrated segment in morning television. it is the segment where tucker barnes and i put our heads together to answer your most pressing questions weather- related or otherwise. tuck, not here. gwen is contributing today. owe gwen is -- look at that. we have your picture now. >> well, thank you. >> that is a really nice picture. >> i agent shorter do too. >> that is a very nice picture. >> all right. >> today's question comes from dana in alexandria, virginia. she wants to know, are there different categories of tornadoes just like there are different categories of hurricanes? excellent question. >> she is not talking about the scale? >> i assume she is talking about the scale. what do you think she's talking about? that is what my answer is
6:49 am
talking about. >> are there different types of tornadoes? >> yeah. >> well, no, there are not different types of tornadoes. >> big and bigger. >> there is a scale of tornadoes. let me just say this. you hare us talking about ef-1, ef-2, e. f. hutton. but in the old days, we just talked about f-1, f-2. there is a joke there. >> okay. >> okay. . >> for letters that follow that, right. >> don't come up here. >> it is all numerical. >> they changed the scale earlier this century to make it more accurate. i should tell you this first. the win speeds with tornadoes are estimates. there is no way to accurately record the speed of a tornado. so they are estimate based on damage. that is why you never hear us
6:50 am
say wear forecasting an f-4 tornado or ef-4 tornado because we don't know how big it will be. after a tornado form and goes through and causes damage, then the experts go out. they survey the damage and based on what the damage look like, they can assign an approximate wind speed. >> so they are able to look at how trees might be snapped. >> is the bark stripped off the tree? >> we'll look at some of differences from the tornado ratings we had from this past weekend beginning with an ef-0 tornado. we mow that happened in a couple of our locations. i have a graphic if we can go to max 2 for a minute. damascus and countryside in montgomery county were both classified as an ef-0 tornado as was springdale in prince
6:51 am
george's county. the typical characteristics is what they consider height damage. as we progress to ef-1, that is usually corresponding with moderate damage. 73 to 112 for the wind. automobiles bloap off the roads inform this particular case, there were numerous reports of uprooted trees. there were 40 large trees in particular in the waterville area up to two feet in diameter that were totally uprooted and snapped. >> that is with an ef-1. >> lets ashow you the range for tornadoes now with the new scale that is now in use from ef-0 to ef-5. >> the different between this
6:52 am
scale and the old scale, in the ef0, ef1,ef2 categories, the wind are similar. the other speeds have been diminished. they now think tornadoes top out just over 200 miles per hour. an ef-5 would cause what is called incredible damage. tree debarked, cars flying as missiles. >> have we seep that? >> that sounds like something in a terrible movie. >> over 200 miles per hour. >> yes. >> so it is extraordinary. there you go, dana. that is the answer to your question. yes, there are different scales, different categories of tornado based on wind speed. >> if you have a question you want answered, go to and click on the weather tab. can you also upload your video question, he may play it on the
6:53 am
air. let's check traffic now. julie wright is standing by. good monday morning. >> i was getting nerve with us the f-1 and f-2. >> tony started it. >> i jumped out. >> he is trouble. that is what that t stands for. >> he looked at me and you can see it overcome him. every now and then, i go back to my comedy days and then the tv news day mind has to jump right in and say that's enough. >> he went back to his anchor man days and goes did julie wright mess with this prommer. if -- with this prompter? if only he useed a prompter, which he does not. it slows leaving dale city continuing up to the occoquan. you will find on loisdale, one lane is able to get by.
6:54 am
the main line is heavy slow and steady coming out of woodbridge. this happens to be eastbound 66 which is tied up right now leaving cent areville headed in towards fair oaks. all of the lanes are open. no problems to report on 66. just sunshine delays. outer loop of the beltway slowing from 95 trying to get past colesville road and around toward georgia avenue. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic. . still ahead on fox 5 morning news. >> it's simple way to add fresh flavor to your favorite foods and you can get it right from your own garden. holly is live with folks from the virginia herb festival to explain.
6:55 am
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you hope you were able to enjoy the goran yows weekend. we are conning to enjoy the amazing weather this weekend. we are take a little road trip this monday. we are live in middletown virginia at the sunflower
6:58 am
cottage. it is so quaint here and so wonderful. what they do here is really wound. they grow herbs. some 160,000 people that they distribute. it is on 40 acres. we are here this week. it is gearing up for the virginia herb festival. it is in the fourth year and it includes a lot. we'll get a little preview this morning. we'll learn how to make oils out of herbs. we'll work around the grounds. take a look at the different herbs. maybe learn a tip or two about how wgrow herbs in our own garden. we'll talk about high tea. we'll be doing that at the festival. we'll have a wine tasting too. we'll give out information to make sure you come out and enjoy the virginia herb fete value your -- enjoy the virginia herb festival too. >> we want to say good morning
6:59 am
to our facebook fan ebook fa george zimmerman waking up behind bars. a push to improve rush hour service with metro rush plus a major new plan begins in two weeks. metro's general manager joins us live to explain how it could impact our commute. more on britain's diamond jubilee. there was a big line up


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