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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  June 4, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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alisters perform in celebration of the queen's 60 year reign. fox 5 morning news at 7 starts now. live look at rossland virginia. you can see the sunshining on the buildings there. not a bad looking start to the day. this is monday, june 4th, 2012, the first full workweek of june. we are happy to have you here with us i am tony perkins. >> i am allison seymour. national weather service confirmed at least nine tornadoes touched down in maryland friday. the strongest, hartford counties, ef-1, twisters touched down in montgomery, caroll, and anne arundel county. >> people are cleaning up in petersburg virginia after severe weather swept through that area a tore than doe up to 85-mile an hour winds tore through, damaging homes knocking down trees and causing
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power outages in hampton officials say a tornado caused more than $4 million in damages. fortunately only a few minor injuries have been reported there. all right. the weather much improved today, gwen tolbart is in for tucker. good morning. >> good morning allison and tony. much calmer as well as it was over the course of saturday and sunday, we are getting a little bit of sunshine. a few clouds from the west, not much to be concerned with. a bit more in cloud cover, wet weather has moved its way off the coast. 63 degrees regan national airport, humidity up 67%. winds are calm that will change by this afternoon i am expecting to see winds pick up and become gusty up to 25 miles per hour before it is all said and done. 60 degrees baltimore, 64
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fredericksburg. 57 manassas. 61 degrees dulles and 60 degrees hagerstown. today we expect to warm up to a high of 76 degrees, i can't rule out a scattered shower this afternoon or maybe even an isolated thunder storm, looks primarily most of that action will be to the north of us don't be surprised if you kind of feel a sprinkle and just be aware of it all the rest of the week, we are to see some unsettled weather conditions as well. today, not all bad but you will have to hang on to your hats gusty winds in your forecast. good morning julie chef >> good morning gwen. right now we will check with the crew in sky fox along northbound i-95 as you work your way northbound not only slow traffic leaving dale city, across the occoquan, we mentioned this earlier, the new waze craze we will check with commuters in just a moment this happens to be the outer loop, leaving coalsville road, toward georgia avenue, southbound bw
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parkway leaving 197, continuing out toward powder mill road. traffic slowing at the belt way as well. our waze craze. here is what we are learning from folks on the road. learning of the crash along lewis dale road. we mentioned this last time around 7100 over turned tractor trailer be prepared for slow downs here. travelling the other side of the belt way you will find, over 40 miles an hour on the outer loop once you get across the wilson bridge. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. thank you very much. following the latest developments in the trayvon martin case the man charged in the shooting death of the unarmed teen in florida is back behind bars. >> george zimmerman turned himself in yesterday after a judge revoked bond. melanie alnwick is live with details. >> prosecutors said george zimmerman and his wife lied about finances during his bond
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hearing april 20th and spoke in code to conceal how much money they were discussing the judge looked at transcripts of phone calls between the couple and ordered zimmerman back to jail. he and his wife told the court during his first bond hearing they had limited funds bond was set at $150,000 of which zimmerman had to pay $15,000 cash. during the hearing shelly zimmerman testified she had no idea how much money had been collected by a website set up for her husband's legal defense. the zimmerman's transferred $135,000 from the funds to their personal accounts and it is possible prosecutors could charge shelly with purgery. look at it, see what facts are there and determine whether or not it is appropriate to charge her. he is worried about shelly, constantly. >> he admitted he shot trayvon martin in february his credibility will be a main
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focus since he claims he shot the unarmed teen in self- defense. they said the zimmerman's did not have access to a website money it was put in an independent trust and they have asked for a new bond hearing to explain. all right melanie thank you. new this morning in vietnam the government will open three new sites to search for american pows as the defense secretary arrives he met with the defense chief there and exchanged artifacts collected during the war. the u.s. is shifting most of the navy's ships to asia. the south china sea with its vast untapped oil resources and shipping lanes should be open to everyone. the more i am out here, the more critical i view this region in terms of our national defense, and defense of the world. i mean this is an area that is critical to the future security and prosperity of our country,
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and for that matter the world. >> this is the first time since the end of the vietnam war that a u.s. secretary of defense has visited the key port of cameron bay, an american war ship is currently docked there for repairs. now to some other top stories we are following this morning. nigeria begins three days of mourning after there were no survivors of a plane crash in the country's biggest city yesterday. we are hearing the pilot was american but has not been identified yet. the plane hit a dense residential neighbourhood sparking fires and an apartment building, all 153 passengers and crew onboard died. a wild fire in utah which broke out friday continues to wreak havoc. a fire fighting aircraft was forced to make an emergency landing yesterday, after the plane's gear failed to lower. the crew onboard have been helping fight that fire.
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scary picture there. also yesterday two pilots battling the fire onboard ' different plane died when their tankers crashed the victims from idaho have been identified, 48-year-old captain todd neil tom kins and 40-year- old first officers ronnie chamblis. a 37-year-old woman is recovering after a car crashed into her apartment building in river dale yesterday. she or the car hit her bed as she was sleeping. michelle sawa says a man jumped out of the car and asked her not to call police. he is charged with leaving the scene his wife reportedly said she was driving and she may be charged with making a false statement. whole foods in rockville was forced to evacuate sunday afternoon after several shoppers got sick. the montgomery fire department's meters did not detect anything but there was
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some unidentifiable odour near the front door. the whole foods closed the rest of the day. no word on whether they will be open the this morning. to the presidential campaign trail, president obama will be in new york city for a fundraiser his campaign has been called barack on broadway. he will appear with bill clinton, mitt romney will be on the west coast attending a private fundraiser in the seattle area. the latest real clear politics average of polls shows the president with a slim lead over romney, 47.2% to romney's 45.6%. in the home foreclosure crisis, activists from a group known as voice wants banks to help struggling homeowners they met with reps from bank of america and jp morgan chase yesterday and now nearly 1,000 homeowners in prince william
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county could get assistance through the $25 million national mortgage settlement. voice stands for virginians organized for interfaith community engagement. it is 7:09 a.m., on monday morning. heads up for drivers in dc you may have noticed new speed cameras around town. well, the warning period is coming to an end. details coming up next. then metro rush plus. what exactly is it, and will it really help your commute. metro general manager will join us live. >> i like this song. katy perry. as we head outside, hopefully you are wide awake out there, the view heading into dc across the 14th street bridge. the latest from gwen and traffic from julie in just a moment. we will be right back
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all right, listen up, if you drive in the district this one's for you as of this week there will be two dozen more speed cameras in operation in dc the city already has a dozen working speed cameras but another 25 are going live on wednesday. the new ones have been giving out warnings since may 7th the 30 day education phase is over police say, now it is the money making phase. >> they don't say that. >> no, i added that. >> you know -- >> i looked at the prompter like what? >> sorry i added that part. >> okay. >> but it does make money >> they make money. >> any way, hi gwen. >> how you doing? >> not bad. not making as much money as those cameras are but if i were a cloud sales man friday i would have made a lot of money but today not as many clouds.
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>> weather lady joke from is the 50. >> really? >> -- 1950. >> really? >> yes. >> oh, no, all right. well, any way, we have a few clouds out there this morning for anybody who might want to say -- move on. a few showers earlier across the eastern shore they have moved across del marva a few clouds, a sprinkle or two, scattered in nature. yesterday's highs, right on track, 80 degrees for regan national airport, 79 dulles, 78 bwi marshall, right now 67 degrees at national airport, winds starting to pick up a little bit, northwesterly flow at 9 miles an hour but that is very tame in comparison to where they are headed this afternoon. currently 50 degrees, bwi marshall. dulles, 61, manana sis, 67.
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a look at your day planner, slight chance of a shower, very scattered in nature some of you may see some, some of you may see nothing at all that could kick in midday afternoon hours, for the evening hours, the same story and into tonight, but as i said, scattered in nature and a very slight chance of a thunderstorm our high, 76 degrees. thank you. >> all right now we go to julie wright keeping an eye on what is happening on the roadways. >> i am doing it with a little help from my friends. i thought you would like that tony. our waze craze continues what we are finding is slow going traffic northbound 395, especially in the express lanes joseph, is part of our fox 5 waze group now down to 40 miles an hour as you work your way northbound 395 headed across that inbound 14th street bridge reports of slow traffic headed into southeast, good morning fox 5, from deana davis.
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thanks for checking in it is a free ap on your mobile phone whether you are on android, iphone or blackberry, 395, we also had this incident in the roadway at king street. this is the stalled car and another incident moved to the right shoulder big delays as you travel northbound 3 5. that is a check -- 395, that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. julie thanks. fox 5 monitoring metro and a new program to help enhance rush hour service joining us now to talk% about rush plus is metro general manager -- talk about rush plus is the metro general manager. how are you? >> doing great how are you? >> doing great. what are you doing at themetro stop this morning. >> telling customers about the new rush plus service. we are in the final count down toward enhanced rush hour service. two weeks from today we will provide additional trains
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during the rush hour. also, what we are out here doing is preparing customers for this service telling them they have to pay attention to destination signs on the trains and on the passenger information displays in our station so they get on the right train to get to where they want to go as we provide more beneficial service to over 100,000 customers every day. >> as you are doing that, are you getting any other feedback? are people talking about their concerns about the metro system? >> really, all we are talking about is how to get more aware of the new changes and looking forward the reducing the crush on the orange line. as we introduce six new trains there. >> okay. we've been talking a lot about rush plus we talked about it a little bit now can we talk about the big picture , what it will mean to talk to consumers or riders, or ease congestion at the different lines.
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>> yes, well, on orange and blue, the green and yellow line trains, will see more trains, say for instance on the orange line, six additional lanes every hour, rush hour that will provide more space more room for people so they won't be crowded on the trains i am out here springfield, for the first time they will see yellow line trains which will take them into the core of the region, so they will have a faster trip. >> and gain, all in preparation for the silver line? >> yes, in a year and a half or so we will see the silver line starting service this is the first step in rearranging the route to provide for that important service out to tyson's corner virginia. >> you passed along some tips i believe we have a graphic to show the folks at home. could you repeat et just how to navigate the changes. >> yes, pay attention to the destination signs for intans, some orange line trains will now be going to largo station. out here at franconia,
7:19 am
springfield, as i said before which has only seen blue line trains until now will see yellow line trains pay attention to signs, you will get to where you want to go. we have teams of people at the station explaining this new service. >> okay. before we let you go, want to talk about an article that came out in the examiner just yesterday on sunday and disturbing talked about some of the exits in case of emergency not being accessible to riders. can you talk about how you are addressing this issue and if there is need for concern moving forward? >> sure. it was a newspaper article as you said talked about reports that had been examined from 2009 and 2010 over a thousand reports, and there were some reports in there of mud from erosion, in a fire exit, there was one case of a door being locked i believe that decision had been made years ago for
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security reasons. we reversed that decision and the door is now open. certainly part of overall efforts to increase safety, make improvements we have to address these concerns as we address all other safety and state of repair concerns. >> 11 more anyone news at the metro -- minutes at the metro stop in case people want to talk to you about concerns or learn more about rush plus. >> thank you very much. >> that is the head man at metro. tony. >> very good. it is now 7:20 a.m. on monday morning we are checking international headlines on the other side of the break including reports of some deadly creepy crawlers talking about spiders, wait until you hear what has been showing up in one indian town. later this hour, holly morris is learning about herbs she is live at a festival in middle town virginia learning about interesting ways to spice things up in the kitchen. fox 5 morning news will be right back 
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making headlines this morning, it is a sad day in ireland as hundreds of mourners attend the funeral of a 21-year- old woman who died in tokyo last month. she was found dead in her hotel room, may 24th after attending a concert earlier in the day. the dublin city university student was in japan as part of a study abroad program, two american men are being held by tokyo police in connection with that young woman's death. president of syria gives a television address denying any role in the recent violence, he defended the deadly crackdown in his first speech to the new parliament pointing the finger at foreign backed terrorists just adds the u.s. continues to raise diplomatic pressure. >> when we describe this as a
7:25 am
matter of terrorism, we are no longer talking about a domestic political framework we are now facing real war from outside. >> his departure does not have to be a precondition but should be an outcome. >> recent massacres have brought fresh urgency to solving the crisis there. opposition fighters say government troops are gone door to door killing hundreds of people, many women and children. >> this might make your skin itch but teams of spider experts are rushing to one area in india, it has been suddenly swamped with swarms of venomous spiders and two people have died after being bitten, many more have gone to hospital with bites. local officials are considering using ddt to kill the spiders so far they have not even be able to identify the species. >> wow >> i am tell you i started to itch. >> sure, sounds like a movie.
7:26 am
>> two people have died. >> that is in india. >> yes. >> 7:25 a.m., a milestone win for tiger woods as he ties the golden bear on jack nicklas' home course. dave ross is dishing up sports breakfast coming up in a bit. >> and as we head to the break, a live lookout side, latest weather and traffic from gwen and julie up next ♪
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we are back with good news about treatments for breast cancer. doctors say they may have found a drug that attacks the tumour cells leaving the healthy ones alone. in a test study involving nearly 1,000 women, with advanced stages of the disease, the experimental treatment prolonged the period of time they lived without their cancer getting worse. backers of the drug hope it can reach the market within a year. >> some call it big tobacco versus lance armstrong. california's prop 29 is on tomorrow's ballot. the champion cyclist has been accused proponent of the measure, slapping $1 per pack
7:30 am
tax on cigarettes to fund cancer research. tobacco heavy weights spent tens of millions of dollars to snuff out proposition 29. >> new light being shed on to the disappearence of amelia earhart a study presented at a 3 day conference by researchers of the internash fall group of historic -- international group of historic aircraft discovery found dozens of missed radio signals were credible. the transmission started after she sent her last inflight message july 1937, research which ares plan to start a high tech under water search for pieces of her aircraft next july. all right. interesting. >> getting closer and closer. >> yeah. >> gwen tolbart is here today, a couple days off. we are happy to see you. >> happy to be here. >> especially when you bring great weather. >> absolutely. today a much calmer day,
7:31 am
temperature that is are comfortable. let's look at temperatures and show you what is going on outside as the sun you know gives us a little more action today, currently, it is 67 degrees at regan national airport, 60 degrees baltimore, and we've got 57 in manassas, 60 hagerstown. 62 martins burg and 57 degrees in cull pepper. so, here is a look at what is going on in terms of national temperatures that warmer air south is going to gradually start to move its way toward the course of the week a little break, nothing major but at least a little influence from it, down to the deep south temperatures into the mid-to upper 70s and then you can see some cooler air to the north, we have a trough pushed its way across the upper great lake that is is actually heading our way as well. as we take a look now at our satellite radar composite area, we've got, some clouds that are rolling in across the region, a little bit of a sprinkle here and there is possible into the course of today and so we have to keep our eyes to the skies
7:32 am
also don't be surprised if you hear a rumble of thunder we could still be under the gun for that but isolated in nature from this trough. pray mare lie to the north, -- primarily to the north. you might see a light sprinkle. the story for the day, partly sunny skies trough pushing its way across, hang out here a little bit for a few days, winds will pick up, gusty winds up to 25 miles per hour today, so definitely you will want to hang on to your hat. by midday, 73 degrees, by the 5:00 p.m. hour, 75 but our daytime high is expected to be about 76 degrees, with those winds once again gusting in from the west, and then for tonight, chance of showers once again in the forecast, 57 degrees and your 5 day forecast showing you unsettled weather pattern, chance of showers or so, just about every day, the exception, friday of course we get ready to go into the weekend. julie wright how are those roads doing out there. >> not too bad i mean we do have slow downs out here gwen
7:33 am
for those travelling northbound, 395, approaching king street. incident remains off the road to the shoulder, on the brakes, more delays inbound across the 14th street bridge. slow going out of centerville this delay carries you in toward 123, part of the volume, the other part of sunshine delay, delays leaving nuttily street to the belt way, braddock road to 66 leaving 95, colesville road toward georgia avenue that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. thank you very much. dave ross is here, we love the toaster. dave ross is here in studio with a little sports breakfast. you are going to start with golf? >> tiger. i am a golf guy i get into this stuff. i was rivetted. tiger has been warring sunday red, he is so far out of the
7:34 am
pack why wear red. no, sunday red it signals i am here, in con sense going to win this thing -- contention going to win this thing. trying to sceatasry, he -- set history, he did it. the flop shot, par 3 he hoped to get close to the hole and then he does this. look at that -- >> there is the reaction. >> that really is old school tiger coming back and fist pump and gallery just rocking the red and then on a team defense of three birdies, you think he knows it, you bet you he knows it. that is a man that has a confident stride as he goes over to talk to jack nicklas himself. jack said it is the best shot i've ever seen at the memorial, that shot you had on 16 and tigers response was pretty cool, huh? >> then they go on talking. i would love to know what he is telling him >> that would be cool to be a fly on the wall.
7:35 am
is in fact back. >> now the nats are tied up top of the nl east, with these three teams. every team in this division is competitive philadelphia in last place, 3.5 teams back. >> that's it. >> that's it. >> leading off the game yesterday, everything looked great, bryce harper back to back jacks, 2-zip just like this. tony i know you like the kid. >> i don't understand what the kid -- >> what bryce harper does he puts on the little eye black and makes like a triangle i don't know i guess the kid likes that sort of thing. >> doesn't look good on a kid. >> 2 run single nats do lose 3- 2 but hey, they are okay. still in first place and it is june. good to see we are right in the thick of things. i had a great debate with coworkers about lebron james. >> oh. >> the thing about lebron he is damned if he does and damned if
7:36 am
he doesn't. if he take it is last shot and misses it everybody goes he can't finish the game. if he kicks it out to some body else they go oh, why did he take the last shot. he kicked it out to hasland. he just throws it up only 1 second when the king gave him the ball we go to overtime and rejean rondo they go up. lebron fouled out, dwayne wade, bat man and robin. three for the win. and there we go again and they lose and you know, we are talking why doesn't dwayne wade get the criticism for missing the last shot. well, the theory is, he gets the pass because he has won a ring he won a championship. lebron is a 3 time mvp. i don't think there is any debate, if he is not the best player certainly one of the best two in the league but he hasn't won anything. he has won zip. >> they are in dangers now.
7:37 am
>> 2 all in boston a team they should clearly beat by now. at least swept or be up 3-1. i don't know. questions remain about lebron james until he wins a championship he said we are going to win not one, not two, not three, but seven championships. get it done >> there you go. daves are. see you in a little bit. >> -- dave ross. >> see you in a little bit. >> a big weekend for vice president biden. plus celebrations under way in britain dave i know you were glued to the tv. >> watching the whole time. what's the story? >> queen celebrating her diamond jubilee. >> do you know how many years that is? >> four i don't know
7:38 am
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>> congratulations in order for vice president joe biden and his family. his daughter ashley tied the knot over the weekend she married dr. howard cain saturday night they had a
7:41 am
private ceremony in wilmington delaware. president obama and the first lady were not in attendance. >> she is a beautiful bride. day three of the four day celebration honouring queen elizabeth and her 60 years on the throne. >> tonight's diamond jubilee festivities include a gala concert, fox 5s will thomas back with all the pageantry. >> either way we are not invited. but we wish we would and here is why. they are ready to rock across the pond. tonight's outdoor concert is being held basically in the backyard of buckingham palace the headliners sir elton john, sir paul mccartney, sir tom jones, steevie wonder. yesterday, queen elizabeth led a flotilla of a thousand boats down the river thames. the queen, 86 years old, doesn't look like it, my
7:42 am
opinion she was joined by her grandsons prince william, his wife duchess of cambridge, prince harry, her husband prince phillip also there. hundreds of thousands of people cheering on their queen as the sounds of church bells ship horns and bands rang out. >> above all what we are celebrating is 60 years, she has given of service to our country, but also this extraordinary institution, that stands above politics that brings the country together, something we are all celebrating today i think is such a valuable thing in our country so admired across the world >> historic thing and something to celebrate. >> they all sound smarter don't they because they talk like this. yesterday's pageant set a new guiness world record for largest parade of boats again, a thousand roughly, but not everyone in britain is celebrating, what would be a celebration without protestors right? turns out hundreds of anti
7:43 am
protestors, are protesting with signs like democracy not monarchy they are also opposed to celebrating privilege and power. tomorrow we will bring you 234 on this you know -- in on this you not will be a big day you will wear a special hat. >> fastenator. >> the queen will be in a carriage so everyone can see her and we will have live coverage >> because his role is not big, prince phillip will be here with us tomorrow morning. >> play by play >> yes, talk about metro and then the queen and lots and lots of people maybe a million and a half just on theorier 12,000 at the concert, more than the royal wedding. >> i would love to see that concert, paul mccartney, elton john, tom jones, steevie wonder >> amazing 12,000 get to see it up close, in the backyard of buckingham palace. >> very cool. >> thank you. >> all right gwen. >> we saw the canadian flag
7:44 am
waving mighty proud. >> yes, well, you know the queen is on our canadian money. >> yes. >> still, so, but any way i hope she has great weather tomorrow here at home. we are not doing so badly today. beautiful shot outside as you can see and the camera shaking a little bit that is an indication what is in store for us, we are expecting windy conditions a little later on today. weather mans and satellite radar composite, max two showing you just a few clouds across the area and we could see a sprinkle a little later today, showing there now isn't really anything hitting the ground but we could later get a scattered shower or so. 67 degrees national airport humidity 57%, light northwesterly wind flow right now, and temperatures, not too bad fairly mild out, 50 degrees baltimore, 66 quantico, martins burg, 62 degrees and 61 at dulles.
7:45 am
so, here is a look at your day planner by midday, 73 degrees, looking at a high of 76 degrees, we will be about 75 degrees by the time we hit the 5:00 p.m. hour once again a trough pushing its way through we have a chance of seeing either a scattered shower here and there, or at least an isolated thunderstorm looks like most of that will be to the north of us i can't rule it out. keep your eyes to the skies, same story this evening as we head into the week temperatures rise a little closer to that 80 degrees mark before they cool down a little bit as well. up and down this week coming ahead. not bad today. >> thanks gwen. >> to julie wright and find out what is happening on area roadways. >> a couple things in our way right now let's start off talking about the crash northbound connecticut avenue keep your eyes peeled for fire and rescue responding, outer loop, georgia, slow go, average speed down to 15 miles an hour. southbound gw parkway lanes
7:46 am
open 495 down, at this time a 20 minute commute, 19 minutes headed south all lanes open of course our waze craze continues we have the slow downs here if you are travelling along the belt way, not going to find it only floes between grad -- flows between braddock on our waze craze down to 40 miles an hour all the lanes here are open again if you are travelling the top stretch of the belt way, cars stopped on the shoulder from yellow road, that is on the westbound side 495 as you approach connecticut avenue, that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic pgh >> rhode island. >> have we heard it announced like that? >> no. >> normally -- okay. miss rhode island, will represent america in this year's miss universe pageant. olivia was crowned miss usa last night festivities in las vegas the 20-year-old is a
7:47 am
sophomore at boston university during the questioning round, she voiced support of trans gendered beauty queens. >> she looks the part. and if for some reason she can't fulfill her duties as miss usa a woman from our area will take over take a look mismaryland named first runner up, nana merry weather is from potomac she cofounded a nonprofit to support orphanages and rural clinics in south africa. wow. that's great. >> congratulations. >> very good >> holly is getting spicy this morning. >> yes, she is. live in middle town virginia of all place, what is going on there holly? >> i don't know tony after that you got to go middle town virginia. >> that is where we are live this morning, we have take an road trip it is well worth it as we are live at sun flower cottage where they are gearing up for their annual virginia herb festival what is going on
7:48 am
and why you don't want to miss it this coming weekend all live next fox 5 morning news. >> i love the picture i saw. >> we are still on. >> yes, thank you for that. >> you are welcome. >> good morning to our facebook fan of the day, billy of tacoma park watches every morning. he has been tuning in since he was a child. >> wow. >> wow thanks billy. if you want a chance to be tomorrow's fan of the day head to facebook search fox 5 morning news, no space between fox and number 5 and post a comment under billy's photo. we will be right back. 7:48 a.m. and that's our quarterly wrap-up. any thoughts? wow. yowza. terrific. incredible. no, i mean, really, this is so good. that's great, guys. thanks. off the charts. phenomenal. thank you, i'm just glad we're all on the same page. slam dunk. incredible. mmm. i agree.
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if you love cooking with fresh herbs, gas up the car,
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and head for middle town virginia this weekend. >> holly is this there's with a preview of the virginia herb festival. i have to catch myself, you know, it is herb and herb i have to catch myself. >> it could be a festival of herbs. >> well, in england they say herb. >> take it away holly. >> let me know when you are ready. >> we are ready. >> okayly take it now. all right. so we are out here, for the virginia herb festival and we have come to the sun flower cottage it is so quaint and charming out here you need to come out and experience it. but, come outside here first i want you to come out and see the wonderful property it is on. 40-acres, it is a treasure trove of her ball goodness thanks to this lady here, billy clifton the owner so good to sew you. >> lovely to see you too. >> thank you for having us back. >> thank you for coming out. >> a lot has changed. >> for both of us >> right.
7:53 am
exactly. your herb garden has grown and my family has grown. >> that's right >> this is the fourth year for the festival. >> yes. >> what is going on this weekend. >> well, it is all day long free programs, wonderful programs and over 40 vendors, her ball crafters and vendors live on site, high tea will be served in the cottage all day,. >> for people that haven't been out before tell us what we are looking at what they find on the grounds here once they get here. >> well, we do have, demonstration herb gardens and working herb gardens, we actually do harvest our plants and use them this her ball products. >> yes. >> we have six green houses that we grow herbs in for other garden centers. >> we are coming into the cottage now because this is where you have like your little retail store but also do some of your demonstrations we
7:54 am
wanted the give people an idea what was going to go on this weekend you actually have a day full of free programs that are going to go on. >> two days, yes, we do. all day long. >> all day long. >> one of the ones you are doing is learning how to make lavender oil. >> that's right. we will do an entire program on the essential oils distillery system >> i wish you all could smell what it smells like in here. this looks very rudimentary. >> well, it is. this is certainly a small distillery system by standards, the folks that are making essential oils, for a living, are using giant vats. >> how does this work.
7:55 am
>> we have lavender buds we harvested before they blossomed and filled up our mother flask here and we are pumping steam into -- from the steam generating flasks, into the mother flask the tube goes to the bottom and then the steam. >> infeudss it basically. >> -- infuses it basically >> vapourizes it and the oil generally vapourizes along with the water or before the water and then it passes through this con den sore right here,. >> mm-hmm. >> now we just started this still at 7:00 a.m., so it is -- we are starting to see the oil droplets here. >> so it is a timely process takes about 2.5 hours. >> correct. >> right. and also, it takes a lot of lavender to make a little bit of oil. >> it does. it is -- you only get about a
7:56 am
half percentage of oil from the weight of the lavender bud. >> so this amount of lavender is going to produce. >> about two of these viles. >> see a whole new appreciation for her ball oil. >> that is why it is expensive. >> that's right. >> and it is worth it. >> so worth it. in fact we are going to see how worth it, it is in two and a half hours we will see what oil we get from this but right now our website we have a link to the sun flower cottage if you want to find out more about their annual festival going on this saturday and sunday, coming up next hour we will do a little garden tour and just to clarify you say herb or herb >> i say herb but both pronunciations are right. we don't care how you say it come out >> good so i cannot say it wrong thanks holly. >> many of us are familiar with the work virginia congressman frank wolf has done in office
7:57 am
some may not realize how extensive his human rights efforts have been over the years. >> straight ahead, representative wolf will join us live in studio to talk about his new book, prisoner of conscience. ce. 
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> back in jail, george zimmerman behind bars this morning over secret finances, why a judge says he lied in court, and what his lawyer is planning now. then, money matters, are we in a recovery or not? unstable market, rising unemployment numbers may have you worried now so how will they effect you. the topic of a new show we are chatting live with the host at 8:30 a.m. >> called by some the greatest naval victory in history the 70th anniversary of the battle of midway. live at the u.s. navy memorial a look at today's events. right now to our top story clean up efforts ongoing from friday's severe weather two confirms tornadoes touched down in petersburg and ham son
8:01 am
virginia, damaging homes, knocking down trees causing power outages in that part of the state. national weather service says at least nine tornadoes tore through the state of maryland the strongest in howard and hartford counties, ef-1 tornadoes wind sees up to 110 miles per hour d wind speeds town 11 -- wind speeds up to 110 miles per hour. >> friday's storms comed things down a little bit. we will check now with gwen on the forecast for today. hey, gwen. >> hey, we are not going too badly at all. a fairly nice weekend after all the storm activity and today will be not too bad either, you can get outside and enjoy for the most part. satellite radar composite a little light rain earlier today moved across the eastern shore, dell marva now out of the way a few clouds on our satellite as you can see nice breaks of sunshine today as well. currently, 67 degrees, regan national airport, humidity 57%,
8:02 am
light wind from the northwest, only 9 miles an hour that will change we are talking a about gusty winds by the time the afternoon rolls around temperature wise 64 bwi marshall, 65 at fredericksburg. 67 at quantico, 64 degrees at frederick, 61 hagerstown and 64 winchester this hour. for today, temperatures expected mid-70s pretty much everywhere, can't rule out a chance of a scattered shower, maybe even an isolated thunderstorm at some point in the course of later on today and this evening, just keep your eyes to the skies definitely a possibility, winds gusty, 25-mile per hour wind gusts expected. >> all right. thanks gwen. let's turn our attention to the area roadways now, julie wright has the latest on rush hour traffic. >> good morning everyone on the roads right now you will find your lanes are open as you
8:03 am
continue to work your way around the inbound 14th street bridge. lanes are open no problems to report southbound george washington parkway, traffic slow leaving the cia headed toward the key bridge, inbound suit land parkway, headed for south capital street, heavy, slow and steady across the anacostia, in towards the freeway. delays inbound, new york avenue, at the tunnel, southbound, 270, rockville. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. trayvon martin case is making headline this is morning george zimmerman waking up behind bars after turning himself in yesterday. >> prosecutors said he and his wife lied during the first bond hearing telling the judge they had limited finances. on friday, the judge revoked bond because the couple had failed to tell the court about thousands raised on a website. now defense attorneys are worried their clients truthfulness has been brought
8:04 am
see question. >> credibility question, with mr. zimmerman now that credibility has been attacked, or tarnished and now he is going to have to rehabilitate it. >> zimmerman claimed he shot trayvon martin in self-defense so much of his case could hinge on his credibility. his attorneys say they will ask for a new bond hearing later today. new this morning from pakistan, an american drone strike killed at least 8 militants along the afghan border, but some reports put the number of dead up to 16. pakistani intelligence says four missiles were fired near a village in the northwest part of the country in the tribal areas near afghanistan that has become a hub of al qaeda activity. in morning, the u.s. drone attack was the 7th in pakistan in the last two weeks. nigh jere gentleman, beginning three days of -- nigeria beginning three days of
8:05 am
mourning, following a horrific plane crash. 153 passengers and crew were on the regional jet when it went down yesterday. the pilot, reportedly american, radioed he was having engine trouble. the crash sparked several fires officials do not know how many died on the ground. the defense secretary is in vietnam just as he arrived vietnam announced it will open three new site tosser. for american pows. he is business vietnamese counter part -- he and his vietnamese counter part, exchanged artifacts, collected. today we remember what is often called the greatest naval victory in u.s. history, 70 years ago japanese forces targeted the american naval fleet at midway, in the pacific, but allies broke the
8:06 am
japanese code detailing the planned attack after fierce battle allies had for the first time in the war a decisive upper hand in the naval battle. they are remembering midway at the u.s. navy memorial joining us now from that location is rear admiral, patrick lord, commandant of district washington thank you for joining us we appreciate it. >> good morning tony how are you? >> quite well. tell us about what is going on this today. >> well, today we mark the 70th anniversary of the battle of midway, which for the united states navy was a huge turning point in the war not only the navy but also the united states in general. it was the first time where naval aircraft engaged each other without seeing each other, -- i am sorry, without the ship seeing each other and it was the naval aviators who brought the fight to each other to the other ships and it was
8:07 am
quite a fantastic event for us. >> it really was and in some ways, it is fascinating because of the you know, this all -- they were able to make this happen buzz because of the -- because of the cryptographers breaking the japanese code so they did not have the element of surprise. can you tell me more about that. >> correct. the code breakers who actually, the intelligence officers working for admiral nemitz decided to try to make sure to break the code they could give a name to something, and say, it was actually alpha mike is the code word they used for midway, the japanese were, and they used that code, and put it in open traffic and then the japanese transmitted that and that all that allowed nemitz
8:08 am
and staff to understand they were moving towards midway. >> a wreath will be placed at 9:00 a.m. this morning can you tell me about that wreath and who it is for. >> it is for all the -- not only all the midway veterans but also for everyone that served in world war ii that we honor at this small ceremony, chief of naval operations will be here today, representative of the united states marine corps and coast guard, that team constantly works together, here and now and then, to make sure that the nations business is done. and it is a very important thing we have five survivors of midway here, which will also honor today the chief of naval operations will talk to each one of them. in fact he is inside the memorial right now having a breakfast in honor of those men. >> we are getting a live shot now of everybody assembled there which looks spectacular.
8:09 am
that is not a live shot sorry i am told that is not a live shot but i know the event will be special today and it is great we are able to call attention to this event, something i know we learned about when i was in school, younger and you get the feeling some times we are younger generations forgetting that history good of you all to call attention to that. thank you for talking to us this morning. we will see you again sir. thank you. >> thank you tony have a wonderful day. >> you too. >> 9 minutes after the hour. more speed cameras coming to the area. we are going to look at where plus let you know when they will start issuing fines up next. >> plus a rare event. detail what is will likely be the last chance in your lifetime to catch venus between the sun and earth. >> virginia congressman frank wolf is here to talk about prisoner of conscience. more on his crusade for human rights when we come back.
8:10 am
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8:13 am
a real treat for star gazers tomorrow venus will cross between the sun and earth in a transit of venus. when it starts to morrow avenue noon, it will look like a dark speck crossing the sun, you are going to be tempted to look up to view it but remember never look directly at the sun, there are different devices you can use or track this online, where they will use different filters. this event is very rare and will not happen again for 105 years. >> how much time do we have to look at it? you know is it only going to happen 5 minutes or like 2 hours so i can definitely see it. >> i don't know off the top of my head >> i must find out >> we will have more information tomorrow morning. >> okay i cannot wait. gwen tolbart is in for tucker barnes. gwen you have an awesome responsibility. >> i do but first want to say i hope she does see it because if she waits for 105 years she will have to strain to see it.
8:14 am
>> a couple hours our producer says. >> because you know, 105 plus your age, would will hard for you to see. >> i could do it >> i bet show could. she is a woman on the move. time for my first 5 photo of the day look at this gorgeous girl. this is nally almost 4 and this is a picture from her first dance resitele, from the elite dance studio the silver spring. and proud mom said she knocked it out of the park. >> a weekend of recitals. >> congratulations to her. >> beautiful. >> gorgeous little girl and we are proud to be able to show her today and if you would like to have your child's picture sent, send it to us go to and click on mornings. >> beautiful. >> pretty girl. yes. exactly. >> almost 4 but when she becomes 5 and 6 she will be saying i am 5.5, remember those
8:15 am
days, right then back it up when she gets older. i am actually not 30, i am 29. right. well, a few clouds today outside not a whole lot but a little bit happening there. expecting to see a slight chance, scattered showers and maybe even a rumble of thunderer later on. 70 degrees, temperature jumped up, humidity 49%, light northwesterly wind, right now, i expect that to change we are looking at gusty winds kicking in a little later today, elsewhere, temperature, 64 degrees, baltimore, 61 manassas, fredericksburg 65. 67 degrees at dulles. this trough will continue to move across, it will get stalled in the mid-atlantic, gusty witness stands, chance of scattered showers in our forecast. by midday, 73 degrees and by the 5:00 p.m. hour, 75 our high today, 76, some of you won't see anything in terms of precipitation but some of you just might be
8:16 am
prepared. the five day forecast, a few ups and downs, let's check with julie wright. >> our wazers checking in with slow traffic out here on the roads this morning, let's start off if you are travelling forth bound along i-95, night walker thank you for the hit here, coming in 10 miles an hour, move over here, heading northbound, i-95, a slow go happening there, for our folks travelling out of dale city trying to work their way up toward the belt way. king pin, 40-mile asen hour, better for those travelling in the direction of the outer loop. you can join our waze team it is a free ap on your droid, iphone and beta on blackberry. southbound, 270, no problems out of rockville lanes are open headed out toward it is split, top side of the belt way, 95, around georgia avenue, good hope road, accident activity reported 395 across the 14th street bridge. heavy, slow and steady, no
8:17 am
problems to report working your way into southeast. thank you much. we have a heads up for drivers who go through the disthis correct more than two dozen new speed cam -- district, more than two dozen new speed cameras. to see a list of the cameras and where they are go to right on the home page. well, tony many of us are familiar with the work virginia congressman frank wolf has done in office but you might not realize how extensive his human rights efforts have been over the years you can read about it in this gripping memoir, prisoner of conscious. and we are so pleased to have congressman wolf in studio, with us this morning to talk, more about it. good morning to you thanks for coming in. >> thank you for having me. >> we were talking a second ago
8:18 am
looking at these pictures and the inhumane acts that occur and we just sort of move through our daily lives, it must be mind blowing for someone like yourself working for years, to fight this. >> well, there are more violations of human rights and religious freedom today than any other time probably in the last 100 years in china, the nobel prize winner in jail, catholic bishops on house arrest, 30 or 31 buddhist monks and nuns who set themselves aflame. in ethiopia, the christian community is being per cent kateed, bahais in iran, they are being per cent kateed, the amadis in pakistan, catholic church in vietnam. many respects when america ceases to be an advocate and speak out, it gets degraded. >> how long have you been involved with bringing these issues to light. >> started 19 4, went the --
8:19 am
1984, went to ethiopia, during the famine and got waylaid in a refugee camp where i saw things that changed my interest and things. >> really since 1984. still the good work continues here at home in the book you detail, really talk about china, and sudan and just some of the facts detailed in the book are unbelievable you thing how can this happen in a huge government that we don't agree with the politics but certainly recognized for the power that it is, in china you talk about people's organs being sold. >> they are. >> enemies of the state their -- how does this happen? in a civilized globe. >> well, it happens when the west does not speak out. i was in sudan a couple months ago in a refugee camp, george clooney went to up in yda. over 2 million people have died
8:20 am
genocide still going on in sudan, still at this moment going on, in darfor you are finding bombing killings atrocities. china gave the red carpet treatment to the head of sudan yet he is an indited war criminal. when america fails to speak out, i think it becomes dangerous. president regan said words in the constitution, declaration of independence were a covenant not only with the people of the united states but the with entire world i think what is failure is this administration and frankly the last has not advocated enough,. >> still it is a tricky relationship because china holds a lot of our debt, or should we be concerned at all, we are talking national security issues and the like, how close to home does all this hit? >> well, one i think that is a whole other -- we should get rid or -- frankly this country
8:21 am
is in trouble the only way to deal with it is simpson bowls commission, put everything on the table and deal with i. both parties have to come together. but we cannot allow that to keep us from speaking out. china, catholic bishops, house arrest. hundreds of protestant pastors in jail. they have mondayered tibet literally change -- plundered tibet. literally changed lhasa what that i have done to buddhist monknuns, atrocities the post have been running a series to on cyber attack america has to speak out if we don't speak out they will think we don't really care. >> here at home we are dealing with issues. i can't let you go without talking about the work you are working on student loan that one is looming for million offs americans also the threat of the debt ceiling debate and sort of lock gain, can you speak to those domestic issues >> i can and i talk about that
8:22 am
in the book we are facing an economic crisis the only way that i see to deal with it is to put everything on the table, reform the entitlements, close down these tax ear marks these tax loopholes and also, i am one who has not signed the so called grover norquest pledge but party haves to come together, put everything on the table we better do it soon. look at today's news, spain and europe. storm clouds are coming. >> i hop you come back to see us and talk about these issues you are always welcome, congressman frank wolf from virginia. we will be right back
8:23 am
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>> some stories making headlines a 37-year-old maryland woman is lucky to be alive a car crashed into her apartment building in river dale yesterday and hit her bed as she was sleeping. michelle sawa say as man jumped out of the car and asked her not to call police. so far he is charged with leaving the scene his wife reportedly said she was driving, and she may now be charged with making a false statement. police have been searching for women accused of beating and robbing a victim on a
8:26 am
walking path near the fort taw on the metro station last month >> they hope new clues will lead them to the suspect. detectives just released surveillance videos of the men the pictures are from a store on south dakota avenue where the sus februarys used the victim's credit card -- suspects used the victims credit card if you recognize the men, call u.s. park police. 8:26 a.m. monday morning. why space shuttle enterprise is on the move. >> unemployment and unstable market. just some of the business stories making headlines, how is this effecting you the tax payer. you can add more tornadoes to the list from friday night. the latest on the damage and the clean up, that is after the break. 8:26 a.m. we will be right back k 
8:27 am
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>> that's hilarious.
8:30 am
>> the space shuttle enterprise was on the move again first it piggy backed atop a 747 now being towed on a barge while enterprise never flew in space it was used in pivotal landing tests on tuesday a tug boat will move the shuttle to intrepid seaair and space museum in manhattan where it will be lifted on to deck of the decommissioned aircraft carrier. the dow took its worst drop in the month of may falling 2.6%. last month ended another sour note. a new show on fox business network shows how those fluctuations will effect your personal portfolio. the new show's host, melissa francis, money with melissa francis premiers today, at 5:00 p.m., good to see you. and congrats on the new show. >> thank you thanks for having me there is no better time the launch a financial show than when we are right in the middle
8:31 am
of it as you said. the stock market having a really tough time near correction territory, we look like we could have another rough day today, europe is falling apart at the seems you mention that jobs report friday, most people expected us to be a much better place jobs wise, this far after the recession, so just a lot of challenges and head winds we will debate and debunk all the big business stories of the day and dig down deep and get the real story about your money. >> years ago not that long ago this type of news was for a select group of people who would pay attention to this but man, everybody pays attention to it now. >> that's true because when you look at so many issues out there, they all impact your wallet you can't afford to be ignorant about them for example, we have grover norquest on, he will talk about the hidden tax inside obama care. almost everything that happens
8:32 am
in washington has an impact on your wallet. you have to pay attention so you know what is going on. of course there is the market where most people's retirement is stored you have to watch that and watch what is going on with mortgages as well the job market is another huge one a lot of people out there trying to find a job trying to hang on to the job they have or trying to prepare their children to find the best job later on. so, it is a great time to be launching this show. >> obviously tied into all of that you have the political season that we are in, the national election of course, in november, are you going to be looking at that as well? how the economy effects politics? and you mentioned president o's bama, some -- obama, some said mitt romney is not offering details how he will turn the economy around. will you focus on that as well. >> no question right now we have the most pivotal election we have had in a long time one
8:33 am
thing they can agree on they have starkly different approaches, to get the economy growing again. one side thinks it makes sense to spend more money. they believe interest rates should be as low as possible as much money out there to get people spending the other side, thinks that policy has driven us to this point that it is you know causing inflation, that it is causing the dollar to be worthless, that the government spending has crowded out private spending those are dollars companies wouldn't spend when you talk to a ceo he says i am not hiring as many people as i would because i don't know what my tax picture will look like down the line. so you look at both sides they think the other side, has dramatically the wrong plan to get america growing again you really have to understand the underlying issues to decide for yourself who is right >> all right the new show is money with melissa francis debuts 5:00 p.m. this evening and will be on week days at 5:00 p.m., melissa
8:34 am
francis thanks for joining us. >> on the fox business network. >> on fox business network thank you appreciate it. >> yes. >> thank you. new mexico's largest wild fire in history continues to spread across that state. this was the scene in areas of new mexico last week. now more than 1,000 personnel are working to put this fire out. it is only 17% contained right now, last month two separate fires broke out after lightning strikes they have since merged together, to form one massive blaze. so far, the fire has scorched an area more than 1 president 5 times larger than -- 1.5 times larger than the city of chicago. >> some of your neighbors cleaning up from severe storms that slammed the region friday afternoon and evening. nine tornadoes touched down in maryland, ef 1 tornadoes
8:35 am
packing up to 10110 miles for hour -- 110 miles per hour. others had 85 miles per hour. three hit montgomery county, one prince georges and one caroll county. one in anne arundel has not been classified yet >> amazing. all right now 8:35 a.m., gwen is with us for today's forecast. >> yes, and we are doing fairly good so far today, could see a few changes later on, this evening but so far not bad at all. let's look at our weather maps and show you what we are talking about we do have, a little bit of cloud and shower activity out there, that moved across the eastern shore, to del marva not much happening now just a few high clouds across the region. we have had breaks of sunshine. that will happen throughout the course of the day. breaks but see some clouds increasing, a little later on into the course of the afternoon hours. current temperatures 67 degrees
8:36 am
dulles, 63 gaithersburg. quantico, 67 degrees, 64 fredericksburg. we've got 65 martins burg and 70 already at national airport officially. it is starting to warm up a little bit. we have this trough pushing its way across it will end up stalling out over the mid- atlantic, low pressure system will move off more to the north and setting us up for a slight chance of seeing some isolated scattered afternoon showers or maybe even isolated thunderstorm or two. can't rule that out popping up. so we will just keep our eyes to the skies nothing compared to friday at all. most of it will stay north of us, but don't be surprised if you feel a sprinkle not talking any kind of a wash out here at all. so temperatures are going to climb up a little bit into the course of the mid-70s winds will pick up this afternoon gustc winds, expect to see them gusting at least up to 25 miles per hour today s tonight, still looking at a chance of showers, improvement in the wind department though, subside down to 10 to 15 miles per hour
8:37 am
under mostly cloudy skies here is a look at the 5 day forecast. a little unseung weather pattern a number of short waves associated with that trough. chance of showers tuesday, wednesday and thursday. dry out on friday. tony allison back to you. thanks gwen. >> coming up could the amelia ear heart mystery soon be solved -- earhart mystery soon be solved. >> remembering richard dawson. when we come back. 8:37 a.m., 63 degrees on monday morning i can't stand these spots.
8:38 am
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>> a popular game show host passed away. richard dawson died saturday night after losing his battle with cancer he hosted family feud in the 70s and 80s and was known as the kissing bandit. he kissed some 20,000 women during his tenure on the show. he had a long run as a guest on the match game, he also starred in various tv shows most notably hogan's heros and in some movies, richard dawson was 79 years old. >> he was great on those old shows. new light is being shed into the disappearence of amelia earhart a study presented at a 3 day conference
8:41 am
in arlington this past weekend found dozens of previously dismissed radio signals were credible. the transmissions started hours after she acceptability her last inflight message july, 1937. there are several articles like this one that supports the theory she survived the crash in the peak and was a cast away on a -- pacific and was a cast away on a remote island. that is the famed freckle cream they found and she reportedly did not enjoy hour freckles so, -- enjoy her freckles so you know you do the math. to me it seems that is pretty good. >> i have read a lot about this all indications are yes, she did indeed survive the crash she lived on the island no one knows for how long but they are just trying to hammer down a couple final facts but looks like it. >> wow. >> now is your chance to own a
8:42 am
piece of paradise, how much your own private island will set you back coming up next. >> that is just what i need. >> close one for miss maryland she almost snagged the miss usa crown. who got it instead first let's check with holly. good morning. >> well, good morning to you allison. if you have a question about any herb, i have the answer. well, i don't but i know the people that have the answers as i am hang being the shenandoah herb society. and they are hard at work already as we are live at sun flower cottage middle town virginia where they are getting ready for the annual virginia herb festival. we are going the tell you all about it live next stay with us [ dog barking ]  mom!
8:43 am
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8:45 am
a lot of peace and quiet. >> no crime, no noisy neighbors the only noise here is the ocean. >> hmm, sounds nice. look at that. sounds like paradise now you can own it this private island in florida is on the market for $12 million. >> oh, well e. >> but it is not the only one out there private islands
8:46 am
incorporated lists 500 such islands various sizelocationamenities and prices for as little as 200,000 dollars you can have your own oasis with prices down and mortgage rates at record lows, they have become a rebounding, real estate niche market. i would always worry about hurricanes. >> right. looks like that is probably the gulf coast side with that pretty -- do they get them a lot there? you know. >> if you are down there you get some influence. >> siesta key you know about it mac. that is gorgeous and i can't afford it. >> most of us. >> holly morris? middle town with a preview of this week's virginia herb festival. >> a place aspiring gardeners can get some good tips. >> we can all grow our own herbs a few, a great way to start gardening and growing a little bit of your own food that is part of the mission when it comes to sun flower cottage we can all take responsibility and garden
8:47 am
organically and make our recipes taste all that much better i am learning all this because right now i happen to be in the teaching garden hanging with members of the shenandoah herb society. i will start with kim chair of the hour cultural committee. you said you really haven't been working in herbs all that long. >> only my second year. >> and so, what have you gotten out of it. >> i have learned that there is more to learn than i ever imagined so many different varieties and uses for herbs it is exciting. >> you didn't know how much you didn't know. >> exactly. >> is that always the case. >> tell me about the teaching garden. >> this is the fourth year and we plant different plants in here, summer, experimental things we are trying to see how they do each year. most of the things in here come back, but course everything that is a perennial comes back every year. we have to cut back and trim
8:48 am
and you know, pull up thing that is are coming up that we don't want to come up. >> do you find that growing herbs is a good way for people to get started gardening. >> they are easy and hardy. >> what is a good way to find out what all you can do with the different herbs. >> gag t it >> love it. >> -- google it. >> love it. >> type in what you want to know. >> i want to know what jenny has going on over here. she is snipping away the club president good morning to you. >> good morning how are you? >> doing well what are you working on here? >> just trying to clean audio tape little bit and we are going to replant somethings that we have to do every year because some herbs do not come back year after year. >> right so it does take a little maintenance. >> yes. >> you guys will have a booth at the festival. >> we are. >> what are you going to try to promote. >> membership, in our group, we
8:49 am
also have done these are herbal wreaths from the members. we are selling these at the booth and we will have some just literature you know about the group, and we will have a picture of our garden and telling you what each thing is. >> what is your favorite herb? >> lavender. it is hard to beat lavender >> i love it. >> one thing you are looking forward to most. >> weather. >> weather. not too hot, going to be just perfect and yeah. going to be nice. >> i want to head on over here too because you can see i have quite a few busy ladies but i want to check with sandra johnson hello. >> don't be afraid i don't bite. not on mondays. >> okay. >> i wanted to check with sandra because, you actually do a lot of herbal remedies. >> yes, i specialize in skin
8:50 am
issues so people who have dryitchy, scaly skin, psoriasis, eczema i make herbal products. >> how do you know which herbs to put in yourselves and balms. >> long years of studying components of the plants and how they have been used for thousands of years a lot in traditional chinese medicine, and in india and native americans here and our fore fathers here who brought plants from england when they came, to use medicinally. >> can you tell me, like an herbal secret that would be a remedy for something? >> probably the comfry plant, stops itching regenerates healthy cell growth, heals cuts, antibacterial. science today says it will regenerate cartridge growth and it is a slow process not when you put it on your sign for
8:51 am
itching, which i use in a lot of -- skin for itching which i use in a lot of products. >> she is just one of several people, ruth has an herbal company as well and she will sell products she makes with herbs and they have that and a whole lot more when the festival is this saturday and sunday, our website we have a link to the sun flower cottage. in our next hour, remember la ender oil we started in the last hour, we will see how it is coming along next hour and they will have tea here this weekend, we will talk about that. back to you all in studio. >> hmm, fresh lavender oil. okay. if you are looking for something else that is fun you might consider heading to williams burg virginia. >> paul raphel took a road trip south to check out a grand new roller coaster at busch gardens. >> and here we go. we are ready. >> reporter: tell me about being a roller coaster enthusiast. >> i simply love to ride roler
8:52 am
coasters [ applause ] >> over 6,000 members worldwide, today we are out here celebrating the opening. >> have you ridden it yet? >> i have. >> don't give anything away. >> the ride is full of secrets and surprises. >> excellent. >> woo >> this is awesome. >> take a breather. >> not for long.
8:53 am
surprises at every turn. [ lots of sound effects ] across the rickty bridge. >> how long is it? >> 90 seconds and just pure fun the whole time. >> woo. >> twists and turns to bring you back into the station. >> that was great. >> isn't that a fun ride. it is like nothing you have ever ridden. >> definitely not. what would you say to people
8:54 am
who are scared of row roller coasters -- scared of roller coasters or get nervous >> this is one to try not about being -- this is one to overcome your fears on to really experience all that the black forest has to offer. it is not all about the roller coaster but about the great many theming. >> how do you think i did? >> fantastic great ride. >> great to meet you thank you. i am definitely going to ride some more roller coasters. >> busch gardens. >> okay. gave you a real feeling like you were on it did you like that feeling? >> i am not a roller coaster rider. >> yeah, okay. well, paul's segment was sponsored by williamsburg area, destination marketing committee. >> we will get you retrain script of the segment too. >> -- we will get you a transcript of the segment too.
8:55 am
>> olivia was crowned miss usa last night in las vegas the 20- year-old from rhode island, topped field of 51 contestants to take home the title. >> if for some reason she can't fulfill her duties as miss usa a woman from our own area will take over the beautiful miss maryland named first runner up. she is from potomac maryland she cofounded a nonprofit to support orphanages and rural clinics in south africa. >> and a volleyball player. >> at olympic level. >> season premier of master chef kicks off tonight. >> two consistents this year are from our area, they will cook with us live in our next hour. time now though, is 8:55 a.m. we will be right back  do you see it ? there it is ! there it is ! where ? where ? it's getting away ! where is it ?
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>> george zimmerman is waking up behind bars after a judge said he lied about his finances. melanie alnwick is live with his lawyers response. >> tornado trouble. number of confirmed twisters in fly day night's storms continues to -- friday night's storms continues to rise. >> is it playing hooky if you are hanging out with the president to have united states. the note the commander and chief wrote for one fifth grade student, to excuse him from school. that is coming up. >> i think it is still playing hooky >> and it is maryland versus virginia, on foxes master chef. meet amateur cook who is debut on tonight's season premier. they are cooking up special dishs in studio b. good morning thanks for coming in and thank you for watching >> they look like they don't like each other. they are far apart. >> tucer


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