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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  June 5, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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a showdown between d.c. and the federal government. >> district leaders telling police not to comply with the controversial program meant to crack down on illegal immigrants. also ahead. so how do you get sir elton on, sir paul mccartney and stevie wonder all on the same stage. it helps if you are the queen of england. we'll take you live to london as the diamond jubilee celebration continues. something cool is happening
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in the skies later on today. better catch it while you can because it is the last time this will happen in our lifetime. fox 5 morning news continues right now. right now. good morning. it is 6:00 on this tuesday, june 5th. what a chilly start to the day. kind of felt like fall out there. as you take a look outside, you can see we've got clouds around the area. sun trying to come up just a little bit so it should be apretty nice day out there. i'm sarah simmons i'm tony perkins. we've got a live look from london right now. we have abeen checking in with them throughout the course of the morning. queen elizabeth ii and the royal family are tending what is called a service of thanksgiving at st. paul's cathedral as part of her diamond jubilee celebration. the queen's husband, prince philip, is not there. the 91-year-old some to be hospitalize identified bladder infection. today is the final day of
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celebrations marking 60 years on the throne. >> congratulations on 60 fantastic years. >> it was a huge crowd outside buckingham palace last night as some of the biggest names paid tribute to queen elizabeth. sir paul mccartney closing out the show. the queen and to be wearing earplugs, not unusual. some people do that. during the concert, prince charles told the crowd to cheer loudly in hopes that his father could hear freshman from from his his hospital bed. >> did you say sir tom jones? >> believe he is a sir. >> wow! all right. i'm impressed. >> if you play your cards right, you could become sir tucker barnes. >> i got some work to do. >> you have a lot of work to do. >> nevertheless, i'll try. >> something to strive for.
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>> yes. we have some clouds to start your day. a mix of sunshine and clouds from time to time. could be a shower or two particularly this afternoon. but most of your day should be dry. most of the region should be dry. one, two, showers left over. we did have showers last night pushing down the western shore of the bay and you can see still a leftover shower into southern maryland. a nice-looking start to the day. temperature right now at reagan national. 59degrees. it is cool out there. many of you or some of you may want a jacket or light sweat are if ng to be out early here as these temperatures are on the cool side. 57 at bwi marshall. check out your high temperatures. our average daytime high for june 5th is 81 degrees. we'll be about 10-degree below that today with one or two sprinkles or showers this afternoon. >> all right. take a few showers as long as we have some nice weather. >> nice english weather. >> there you go. >> let's find out what is happening on the area roadways. for that, we turn to julie
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wright. >> i think you still have some tea and crumb pet on your lips. >> it was good. >> we can always do what tucker does and just use the whole sleeve. >> oh! >> all right. let's say good porning to the crew in sky fox. they are hovering above 66. as you work your way inbound leaving manassas, you will fine delays approaching and passing the two interchanges with 234. no incidents to report as you continue inbound working your way in towards the capital beltway. again, our waze craze continues. thank you for joining us. it is a free app on your mobile phone, your iphone, beta on blackberry. thank you for the moderate traffic update in the hov lanes northbound i-59 there in lorton. you will find we do have slow traffic as you continue north and work up towards newington. our fox 5 wazers checking in.
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thank you for that. if you want to join our free app, we would love to have you on board. it's fee moabally oop for you on your iphone, android as well as blackberry. -- it is a fee mobile app for you on your iphone, android as well as blackberry. another battle over d.c. rule with the federal government. this time, it is over the federal immigration program called secure communities. >> the d.c. council is taking up an emergency bill today that would defy the program that would instruct police not to hold a noncitizen accused of a nonviolent crime for 24 hours. >> the immigrant population must feel comfortable in coming for word and not an frayed to contact police. >> d.c. leerdz say the deportation program encourages racial profiling. mayor grayished an executive order last fall reiterating the city policy against asking
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immigration status when making arrests. the. the d.c. council is also expected to give final approval on a new budget for the next fiscal year. council members revised mayor gray's did the 9.4 billion proposal. the final version adds about $25 million in affordable housing programs and restores $23 million to cover the health care of residents who are mostly low income immigrants who are inlingible for medicaid. another big story we are following this morning. the ongoing debate over phase two of the silver line. last night, hundreds attended a public meeting in leesburg voicing their concerns about running metrorail to loudoun county. officials there are deciding whether to excite hundreds of millions of dollars to pay for the service which would go to dulles airport and two stations beyond that. resident and leaders in the community have mixed opinions about the project. >> the studies have shown that it will not improfit transportation. it will -- the higher tolls will drive cars off the toll road. >> the silver line extension would be an exec engine that
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would stimulate smart growth and be a positive asset to the county. >> the loudoun county board of superiors is expected to mechanic a decision on funding next month. what came out of last 199's meet something we'll talk to scott york, chairman of the board, for some insight into the project. some other top stories this morning. a scary home invasion has a maryland neighborhood on edge. a woman woke up around 4:00 monday morning to find a man in her bedroom holding her purse. her son heard her screams and came in and fought with the man. that man ran off but then the sun son had to fight with a second burglar. that man also ran off. one of the suspects though came back and tried to force his way back into the bedroom as the o'neills called 911. >> i was screaming go away, go away. he says i've got a gun, i'll
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shoot you. >> it just macme mad that someone would come into my house and take my money and luckily not my life and hurt my son. staying in maryland now, a man is facing life in prison after posing as a pepco employee and killing a man in bowie. yesterday, 46-year-old john has ti. n was found dwilty of first degree murder in the death of businessman david williams. last july, he and another man knocked on williams' door pretending to work for benefit co. when williams let them inside, suspects tied him up, robbed him, shot and killed him. his codefendant has already pleaded guilty for his role in the shooting. still ahead on fox 5 morning news, condition keep your cool behind wheel? watch out. police are cracking down on aggressive drivers. >> we'll have a look at the morning's other headline. jury selection begins today in the penn state child sex abuse trial. find out what the judge in the case says alleged victims must reveal if they testify. ey test we'll be right back.
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the cia targets al-qaeda's second in command. intelligence officials say a drone strike yesterday targeted him but they don't know if they got him. the fbi has offered a $1 million reward for him, second in command in the terror organization. five tsa agents are off the job. 38 others suspended after an investigation in florida. the tsa says the screeners at southwest florida international airport in fort myers failed to properly screen passengers. the tsa began its investigation after a new employee noticed the violations and came forward. jury selection gets under way in the trial of former penn state assistant coach jerry sandusky. the judge ruled that his alleged victims can not keep their identities private for they testify. sandusky is charged with buesing 10 boys over a 15-year
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period. he denies the allegations though. the young also banned tweets and other electronic communications from inside the courtroom during that trial. we are taking you live to london throughout the morning to catch the festivities there. >> s with a go to break, a live look at st. paul's cathedral where a sis of thanksgiving is being held on the blast day of queen elizabeth's -- whether a service of thanksgiving is being held on the last day of queen elizabeth's diamond jubilee celebration. fox 5 morning news will be back in just a moment. 
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welcome back. feeling a little chilly out there. >> it's cool. >> not chilly. i didn't feel hike i need to bundle up. >> it felt good. >> yeah, not bad. >> yesterday a gorgeous day.
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more of the same today, right? >> i was trying to remember what yesterday was like? >> temperatures in the mid-70s. can't complain. >> will we do it again today? >> we'll do it one more time. we'll do it several more times and then a nice warm-up for the end of the week. yesterday's high, 75 degrees at reagan national. 74 at dulles and bwi marshall. we mentioned these temperatures. they've been a little bit on the cool side for the last couple of days. maybe even a degree or two cooler than yesterday. our average daytime high now is 81. the temperatures for the first couple of days of june trending just a little below normal for a change. 59 right now in washington. 54 in gaithersburg. leonardtown, 55 degrees. 57 out at manassas and out at dulles. big upper level low, sprawling upper level low here parts east of boston right above there. you can see the moisture kind of wrapping around it and the cloud cover. that will continue to be what influences or weather here in washington. so clouds and a mix of clouds
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and sunshine across the washington area today. and just the possibility of a couple of light showers. most of your day should be dry. but later this afternoon in the daytime heating and with the cool air mass overhead, it is possible we could fire up a shower or two around here later today. this pattern will stay intact for i afew more days. as we get into the weekend being high pressure out to the west will start to work in and that will mean warmer temperatures. if you want 80s and 90s, hang in there. mix of sun and clouds. could be a shower or two this afternoon. most of your day try. winds north and east at five to 10. winds out of the north at five to 10. by friday, about 80. by saturday, mid-80s. just hang in there, julie wright, by sunday and monday, it will be close to 90. beach weather back in the forecast just in time for the weekend. let's do some traffic with julie wright. >> all right. on the roads right now, you will find the lanes are open
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with no incidents to report. let's go live to sky fox it f. we can and take that live shot traveling northbound on i-59 at the springfield mixing bowl. no problems to report as you work your way northbound on i- 59. we had reports earlier of some problems as you work your way up into newington. whatever was there and our roadway has cleared. we'll take you back inside and show you that ride. for those continuing inbound towards the capital beltway, the lanes are open. heavy volume right now, 50 to 123. at thenar loop, no problems to report as you make your way from anden adale towards merrifield. southbound 270, that is where we had slow traffic approaching and passing route 80 in you are ban a. lanes are open, are you are at speed headed southbound toward the beltway. there is still a portion of 28 blocked off at buckietown road. driving in d.c. is stressful. so is parking. but police are urging everyone
6:20 am
to keep that you are cool. the smooth operator campaign is new under way. officers across the d.c. region are cracking down on aggressive driving including speeding, tailgating and improverly passing. last year's smooth operator campaign netted more than 46,000 citations and warnings, an average of about 278 an hour. that is astonishing. >> that is crazy. coming up next, we'll go live to fox business network in new york. starbucks getting readied to extend panned -- to expand its menu. >> as we go to the break. no more wire hangers. vietnam is the number one exporter to the u.s. the cost is going up and in some cases, manufacturers have stopped shipping them altogether. get ready for your dry cleaning bill to go up. fox 5 morning news is back in a moment y that is already a high bill. >> yeah, i know. well i always worry about what's in the food
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ththat i put on my children's plate. perdue has always listened to the consumer. and what they've told us they want is a chicken nugget that tastes good but is nutritious. that's why we use all-white meat, breading that is whole grain with omega-3 and no preservatives. [ bruce ] this is a perdue nugget. this is a competitor. which one would you serve your family? it is my goal to make the highest quality, best-tasting nugget on the market. [ rebecca ] if i can get another whole grain into my children's diet, i feel like a better mom. [ chad ] i want consumers to eat this product and go, "dang, that's a good nugget."
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starbucks is about to expand its menu. the market could use a jolt this morning. lauren simonetti has this morning's business beat. good morning. >> good morning. >> things have been a little shaky on the markets. what can we expect today in. >> i mean we have north down arrows today but they are not steep which means we have three hours so there certainly can be a turnaround come the opening bell. if you were watching yesterday, don't look at your froirchg. another decline for the dow, down 17 points. new low for the year. it is looking like 11,000 is a lot close are than 13,000 at this point, right? but the nasdaq and the s&p 500 were able to eke out a gain and snapped a three-game losing streak. that was the good news. >> i will not look at my 401(k). let's talk a little bit about starbucks. it is adding some more food to its menu.
6:25 am
this sounds interesting. >> this is very exciting to samantha runnion someone like me who loves the brakery section of star balks. they bought la boulange bakery for $100 million. by early next year, starbucks will have that bakery redo its croissants and cookies and all its baked goods at their starbucks stores. the reason is is that starbucks said so many of their customers are saying we want more really good baked items. in fact, one and a half billion dollars is spent on food at starbucks last year. so it's big deal. >> i believe it. i'm all for them getting some new baked goods in there. the more to choose from the better. >> the cake pops and the mini treats but we just want something else. >> right. time to switch it up a little bit. thank you. coming up next, another battle line drawn between d.c. and the federal government. what is happening today adding
6:26 am
fuel to the fiery debate over illegal immigration. also ahead. what a celebration. a long list of stars hit the stage to honor queen elizabeth. we are live in london all morning on the final day of her majesty's diamond jubilee. we are back after this. on average 5,000 people a day switch from cascade to finish -
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here is another live hook from london right now. it is the last day of queen elizabeth's diamond jubilee celebration. this is the service of thanksgiving at st. paul's cathedral. it is just beginning to wrap up as we've seen some of the procession and during the commercial break, they were singing god save the queen. as you may know by now, prince philip is not there. there is the queen. prince philip is not there. the 91-year-old had to be hospitalized for a bladder
6:30 am
infection. queen elizabeth is marking 60 years on the throne. >> we congratulate her majesty for 60 years. >> stevie wonder, sir paul mccartney, sir elton john and moan more stars hit the tame last quite. >> they antijedediah the show even though it and that the queen as wear earplugs. >> you kind of need them. >> for her. a rock and roll concert. our live coverage of the queen's diamond jubilee continues through the morning. at 9:30, the british ambassador to the u.s. will join us live. >> that is huge. >> the party -- the celebration continues, of course. they have several receptions and things they will be doing as well. >> he will fill us in on what this all means.
6:31 am
very special to have him here. that is great. >> pretty special weather we're having too. >> in honor, we're having some cool weather. we have some english weather across the area with temperatures falling back into the 50s. cloud cover, might be a shower later today. but most of your day will be dry and just kind of cool for this time of year. we'll take it while we can. you know what is around the corner. lets he get right to your bus stop forecast for the kids that are still going to school. >> there are plenty out there still. >> things wrapping bop thank -- wrapping up but, of course, at the bus stop, things are always happy. still dealing with the up are level low north and east the boston. cloud cover and a few showers back into the forecast. cool temperatures, highs only about 70 degrees.
6:32 am
here is your planner for today. our average daytime high is now in the low 80s. we'll enjoy the cool weather while we've got it because we'll be back into the 1r0, near 90 for the weekend. ask the weather guy. great question. we'll do the transit of venus today. >> we'll talk about that. -- we'll be back into the 80s, near 90 for the weekend. the crew in sky fox have worked their way down to northbound i-95. not too long ago, they were above 395. it is slow going continuing out towards duke street. you we'll find your lanes are open. no problems to report right now northbound along i-95. working your way on the other side of sound, you will find 66 eastbound open for business coming in from fair oaks headed over towards 123. no problems reported here. lanes are open on the beltway between annandale and merrifield. you will find the top side of the beltway starting to slow headed past colesville road.
6:33 am
that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. d.c. in a battle over a federal immigration enforcement program. >> the d.c. council is expected to take up emergency legislation that would instruct police not to hold a nonsit accident accused of a nobody nonviolent crime for more than 24 hours. melanie alnwick has the details. >> reporter: we're talking about the secure communities program and that requires local police demeanors among other things to share fingerprint information of people that they have arrested with immigration officials. now, last fall, mayor gray made it very clear that he didn't think that d.c. police should or would comply with this program and now councilman mend he would son's bill is going to build upon that a little bit. it was last fall when mayor gray signed an executive order saying d.c. public safety officials will not ask about or send information about
6:34 am
immigration status except when the status is pertinent for a federal investigation. but immigration is pressing ahead activating the requirement state by state, city by city. it is scheduled to take effect into the district of columbia today. opponents of the program say it leads to racial profiling and fear in immigrant communities. >> police rely on the trust of those community members that their immigration status will not be threatened by their cooperation in local law enforcement investigations. secure communities jeopardizes that trust and consequently makes everybody less safe. >> the program was to target serious criminals but has ensnared people who have not been convicted of a crime or who have committed minor offenses. >> reporter: the emergency legislation today has to do with something that are called detainer requests. those are requests by immigration officials to local jails to hold people after they've served time for their
6:35 am
offenses saying hold on to the people so immigrations and customs enforcement officials can get them into their system. they are only requests so this bill by councilman mendelsohn says the local jails will not comply with these detainers. they won't hold the people for more than 24 hours. and they will only do that if the person has been convicted of a violent crime. that is latest here from the wilson building. back to you. >> thank you. another big story we are following this morning. the ongoing debate over phase twofer the silver line. last night, hundreds attended i public meeting in leesburg voicing their canadiens. officials are deciding whether to commit hundreds ever millions of dollars to pay if the service which would go to dulles airport and two stayings beyond. now, as you can imagine, there are mixed opinions about moving forward with the project. >> it's neat thing to v everybody loves the choo-choo. everybody wants a train. we can't afford it.
6:36 am
>> it would be an economic engine that would stimulate smart growth and be a positive asset to the county. >> the loudoun county board of supervisors is expected to make a decision on funding next month. coming up live at 7:30, we'll talk to scott york, the chairman of the board to get some insight into the project's future. we'll ask what came out of last night's meeting as well. we have a look at the morning's other top stories. the alleged east coat rapist plans to use an inassistant sant defense when he stands trial in virginia. aaron thomas is accused in 17 attacks over 20 years including three in october of 2009 in prince william county. the victims there were teenagers. a hearing is scheduled for friday to determine if thomas is competent to stand trial. the fbi is hoping a new sketch will help solve the murder of virginia tech student morgan harrington. the sketch is similar to a sketch released in 2005 of a suspect in a sex assault in
6:37 am
fairfax county. the fbi says forensic evidence links both cases. harrington disappeared in october 2009 after she left a metallica concert in charlottesville. three months later, her remains were found in a field. a maryland man is facing life in prison after foesing as a pepco employee and killing a man in bowie. yesterday, 46-year-old john hastin was found guilty of first degree murderer in the death of businessman david williams. last july, he and another man knocked on williams' door pretending to work for pepco. when williams let them inside, the suspects tied him up, robbed him and shot and killed him. his codefendant has pleaded guilty for his role in the shooting. a map and his mother are talking about a home invasion a woman woke up monday morning to find a man in her bedroom holding her purse. her son heard her screams appear came in and fought with
6:38 am
the man. that man ran off. the son had to fight with a second burglar. one of the suspectss came back and tried to force his way back into the bedroom. as the o'neills called 911. >> i was screaming and go away, go away, go away. >> he says i've got a gun. i'll shoot you. >> it just make me mad that someone would come into my home, take my money and luckily not my life and hurt my son. it make me angry. >> both suspects final finally ran off right before police arrived. the o'neills were not seriously hurt thankfully. rt thankfully. president obama arriving in new york for a major fundraising push with former president bill clinton. al did the 40,000 per person, last night's fundraiser brought in $3.6 million for the pre's re-election effort. voter are hitting the polls today for primary elects in new mexico, south dakota and montana. today's biggest prizes are
6:39 am
primaries in california and new jersey. the other big election today is wisconsin's long awaited recall vote. after american a year in the national spotlight, the issue pits union collective bargaining against state's budget gap. the polls show a tight race between republican governor scott walk are and the democratic challenger, milwaukee mayor tom barrett. a huge turnout is expected today. one expert tells us that this is a pivotal election for the presidential race. >> this is going to be a state much more in play than a lot of people thought. its areflection of the partisanship in our country. >> wisconsin has traditionally been a democratic state. still ahead on fox 5 morning news. >> it is just a little spot on the sun but there is a whole lot of buzz about it. our sky guy, nasa's greg redfern is here s why you want to seat transit of venus. he will tell you how to see it.
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welcome back. we are taking live picture right now. you can see prince charles and camilla there right behind him. they are just finishing the national service of thanksgiving there at st. paul's cathedral. they are heading back to what is call the mansion house where one of the receptions will be taking place today. a couple of revenges that are going on throughout the day and we'll be hearing from the queen later on in a two-minute prerecorded address that will be played later on. so we'll continue to follow the latest from london. -- a couple of receptions that are going on throughout the day. it is one of those forbidden things at the office office that everyone wants to know. what do your coworkers make? employers would be probed from
6:44 am
pun,ing workers who chose to share that information and it would require companies to prove wage gaps are due to business ropes such as comment's contribution or experience level and not based onender. president obama supports the paycheck fairness act. it is set for a procedural vote in the senate today but not expected to gain the support it needs to move forward. republicans are raising concerns concerns over controversy. >> i won't ask what you make? >> not much. i'll give you a hint. i still roll the windows up in my car. our temperatures should top out in the 70s. right now, we are in the 50s. it feels cool out there. 5 # in washington at reagan
6:45 am
national. and much of the area here enjoying mid-50s. leonardtown, 55 degrees. cambridge, good morning, 55 for you. off to the north appear west, manassas, dulles, 57 degrees. just a very comfortable start to your day. -- off to the north and west, manassas, dulles, 57 degrees. we are not going to be dealing with too much of either. we'll see some clouds from time to time, get some periods of sunshine as well. there could be a shower. upper level low to the east of boston, kind of see the spin in the cloud cover. the clouds and showers continue to try to work around that. later today, it is possible in the day time heating we could see a few more showers pop up although i think most of your day should be nice and dry for you as we are not expecting more than a few showers. here is your futurecast. we did have a few showers overnight. looks like the best chances today kind of west of the city and by 6:00 p.m., just a few showers here west and it looks like futurecast indicating some cheering skies here across the
6:46 am
washington area and that will play a part in our weather guy question that we've got for today. we'll talk about the potential for some clear skies later this afternoon and tonight. than overnight, just partly cloudy conditions and we'll do it all over again tomorrow before a nice warm-up here for the end of the week. both wednesday and thursday featuring a few showers. by friday, the pat were starts to flip. we'll have highs about 80. saturday, 58. sunday and monday, get ready for 90s. they will be back in the forecast. and more humid as well. >> going to hold onto this as long as they can. >> i know. >> thank you, tucker. boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, it is time to ask the weather guys. the segment where tucker barnes and i put our heads together to we are your most pressing questions weather-related or otherwise. today, as promised, we'll talk about the transit of venus. this is your last chance to see
6:47 am
it in all likelihood unless you still happen to be alive in 105 years. it is possible for some people. joining us now with more is our own sky guy and nasa ambassador, greg redfern. you can read his writings on our website. >> good morning. >> twice in less than a week. >> yeah. and sue last night too. >> really? >> busy man. >> and you're very excited about this. >> very excited. >> this did happen in 2004. >> the weather today, if it cooperates, we fight have a repeat to where people can go out starting at 8:04 -- excuse me, 6:04 until sunset. we have to observe this properly and safely. if you don't have a professional solar filter or these eclipse shade or eclipse glasses, then the best way for you to observe the event is either online or go down to the national air and space museum
6:48 am
today from 6:00 to 8:00. they will have i arow of telescopes up there for the public. come on out, take a peek,% permitting. we don't want to fry any eyes today. >> what we are talking about is venus will be moving between the earth and the sun so we'll be able to see it as it moves across the sun. it will be -- it is visible but it is a little dot. >> it's small dot. you could see that with your unaided eye. but the best way is use nasa's telescopes. there will be stuff going on around the world. broadcast live with people talking about the event. i think there will be literally billion of people because the technology that is available for the internet today wasn't available in 2004. plus, we've got six people in space that are going to be observing and photographing the transit of venus for the first
6:49 am
time. >> they'll able to see it too in. >> they're prepared for it. they'll pop shots from space. >> will they have a better vantage point? would you be able to see anything. >> greg, this is felt aring out every light in the studio but one. i can't see anything. is that what it is supposed to to. >> that is what it is supposed to do. >> the only lights lite that will get through an eclipse shade, the new fashion on fox 5, the only thick you can see through that is the sun. >> these are special shades. people might think i have some from the movie theater. >> not the same thing. >> he wasn't joking. >> got a question for you. >> sure. >> we're getting distracted. >> venus looks tiny when it is crossing the sun. is our perspective just because of where we're looking from planet earth or is it really that tiny. >> the sun is very, very big. it is very small. this is not going to be like an
6:50 am
eclipse that we had a couple of week ago. this is a small pimple or blemish on the sun. >> how much bigger is the sun. >> # 64,000 miles across for the sun. and venus about the size of earth. -- 864,000 mile across for the sun. it's small dot moving across. when they have telescopes that show the internet view, it will be showing all kind things happening as it starts to cross the sunen we might see the back lighting of venus' atmosphere. there is a thing called the black drop effect which you can see in the telescope and the solar dynamics observatory will be photographing this from space as well. >> will we learn anything new from this? >> i think so. they will be doing experiments this time around to try to see if they can detect the atmosphere of venus using solar probes. check this out. the hubble space telescope, we
6:51 am
talked about that. hubble will be facing the moon looking at the transit from the moon as a mirror and try and find the spectral or chemical fingerprint of venus in the height it is getting off the moon. the whole idea there is if we can use i technique like that, we can use it to look for exosolar planets. you can't put hubble there. it would fry hubble's eye. you look for the spectral signature of venus among all that light. >> you guys are deep. a lot of deep stuff going on. >> i have to be honest. i don't understand. >> the main thing that people want to know, do not look directly at the sun. we cannot stress that enough. you need the special eclipse -- >> anybody want to try it again. >> even if there is a little cloud cover covering the sun. >> it is a mirror. am i supposed to see myself?
6:52 am
>> is that the metallic coating see how food you look. >> when you go outside -- >> i use this one. we went on 1998 solar eclipse. >> wait a minute. >> you and view went on a -- >> we, we did. >> and you took mirrors with you. okay. all right. we'll move on now. thank you, greg. you can watch this online. it is the safe of the way to do it. we'll see you again sometime soon. more questions for you off air. >> you can get the information in his blog at >> undernearing the weather tab. >> you can click on the weather tab. you can also upload your video question and we may play it on air. >> you no he who was not invite to that solar eclipse. >> who? >> julie wright. >> are you going to be trying to see the transit of venus
6:53 am
late officer. >> i don't get invited to tease and crumb pets. i don't get invited for a solar eclipse. all people want from me is how to get to work on time. >> my suspicion was the solar eclipse was a private thing. >> between you guys. >> no, we'll plain later on. >> the waze crew is back again this morning. people keep joining us every single day. we appreciate all of your information. heavy traffic reported along old centreville road. thank you. again, reporting the slow go as you continue inbound up towards 66. reporting delays of about 40 miles per hour through centerville with all lopes open. slow-going traffic but no accidents to report on 66 at this time. now, behind me, this is the live shot of traffic coming
6:54 am
inbound along north capital street -- or inbound new york avenue at north cap. traffic light delays to accompany the commute headed out towards the exit for the third street tunnel. the lane remain open. the lanes remain open. forget pansies, petunias and all those pretty things. >> a new exhibit proves that beauty can be vicious. holly is taking us inside what is called the savage garden. stay with us for that. >> kind of scared. >> i know. where ? where ? it's getting away ! where is it ? it's gone. we'll find it. any day can be an adventure. that's why we got a subaru. love wherever the road takes you.
6:55 am
wow, there it is.
6:56 am
6:57 am
good morning i am holly morris on this tuesday. we have something right out of a science any objection movie. talking about -- fiction movie. talking about plans. we are live and feasting on
6:58 am
their summer exhibit called savage gardens yes, it is all about carnivorous plants and thlarger than life venus fly trap we will check it out this morning. we are also going to actually dissect one of the plants after its eaten an insect. how much fun is that and learn all about their can being and creative and tenacious ways they trap insects to get the food they need. they have a lot of fun, interactive things for kids to do to make this place come alive, so to speak. i am just here to say the botanic garden has never been so cool. we will give you all the information so you can experience it yourself if you dare. >> i am a little scared holly. thanks. we will check with you later. good morning to your facebook fan of the day, leanne the baby in his profile pick is
6:59 am
nyla knollyla noel she wakes up at 4:30 a.m. every morning to be with her fox 5 family. for a chance to be tomorrow's fan of the day, head to our facebook page and post a comment. >> now over to allison and tony. ahead this hour, on fox 5 morning news, now in the 7:00 a.m. hour, back in november, the first reports of child sex abuse at penn state rattled the nation. this morning the trial for the former assistant football coach, jerry sandusky gets under way in pennsylvania. we will take you there live. >> future of metro's silver line. officials must decide whether to commit hundreds of millions of dollars to complete the project. where does it stapped after last night's public hearing the chairman -- stand after last night's


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