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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  June 5, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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chairman spokes to that. a cure for shopping? there is a live lookout side as you check out a fairly cloudy start to the day. we will find out more about that from tucker in just a moment. this is tuesday, june 5th, 2012. there is a better view, so you can get a glimpse of what is going on i am tony perkins. >> i am allison seymour. huge four day party across the pond is finishing up in grand style. we are talking about queen elizabeth's diamond jubilee, marking 60 years on the throne. this morning a service of thanksgiving for the queen at st. paul's the royal family is attending receptions also a lunch will be serviced and in just about two hours a royal
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carriage procession through the streets of london. last night fireworks shot off at the close of a concert. huge names in music pop history and fame entertained the queen and tens of thousands who jammed the road, leading to the palace. >> unfortunately today's celebrations are happening without the queen's husband, prince phillip he remains in hospital with a bladder infection. he was taken there yesterday one day after taking part in that jubilee flotilla on the river thames. doctors expect to keep him in hospital for a few more days. all right. tucker barnes firmly planted here in the u.s. back to reality tuck. >> thank you allison. good morning everybody temperatures across the area are cool.
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feels rather english, 50s to start your day mix of clouds and sun. it will be a nice day but temperatures on the cool side. 59 degrees regan national, 58 ocean city, 55 hagerstown and winchester and fredericksburg. a nice cool start for you as you head out. we did have a few showers overnight, along the western shore of the bay there, we are quiet right now most to have day will be dry mix of sunshine and cloud cover, as we continue to deal with this area of low pressure. cool weather for this time of year, highs low 70s enjoy it while you can. you have a warm up on the 5 day. details in just a minute. let's get the latest from julie wright. let's say good morning to the crew in sky fox. chopper brad over the scene of this incident outer loop of the
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belt way, as you work from springfield in the direction of the wilson bridge. accident activity tieing up the second lane from the left. heads up if you are travelling out of springfield trying to work your way towards the wilson bridge. this wall to wall traffic is going to accompany you at this time. heads up on the outer loop of the belt way inner loop no problems reported, out of oxen hill headed back towards alexandria. heavy and slow traffic on this outer loop as you try to work over towards the bridge. taking it back inside we will update the ride, travelling along northbound 395, below speed, leaving duke street outer loop of the belt way, slows from 95, past coalsville road. southbound 270, 118 german town, headed out towards the lane divide. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. thanks julie. a fiery crash in montgomery county to report police say one person was killed, in a car fire, it happened early this
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morning another evacuated by helicopter taken to hospital, both cars crashed at the intersection of mount effram and dickerson road. dc leaders in another battle with the federal government, this time over a federal immigration program called secure communities. the deportation program makes local communities less secure. melanie alnwick is live with how the dc council is pushing back. good morning. >> good morning. first a little background the goal, of the secure communities program is to have local police departments identify illegal immigrants to immigration authorities because it is local police departments who have the most direct contact with illegal immigrants, mayor vincente grey said public say tiff officials -- safety officials will not participate. secure communities, does require local police to share
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fingerprints of people they have arrested with immigration officials. it was last fall when dc mayor grey signed an executive order saying dc public safety officials will not ask about our send information about immigration status of federal agencies, except when that status is pertinent to a criminal investigation. opponents of the program are concerned it leads to racial profiling and fear in immigrant communities. >> i cannot emphasize enough how mpd and other agencies rely on cooperation of all persons documented and undocumented citizens to achieve public safety and community policing goals therefore the immigrant population must feel comfortable coming forward with information. now the emergency legislation scheduled to be taken up by council today has to do with federal requests for
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local jails to hold them so they will be picked up by immigration officials. they will limit detainers to 24 hours for nonviolent offenders and require federal government to reimburse the city for the cost of those holds. melanie thank you. dc council also expected to give final approval today on a new budget for the next fiscal year. councilmembers revised mayor grey's $9.4 billion proposal the final version adds $25 million in affordable housing programs and restores $23 million to cover health care of residents mostly low income immigrants ineligible for medicaid. it was a good fundraising night for the president, the commander and chief arrived in new york city last night, former president bill clinton accompanied president obama on his fundraising haul.
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he raked in $3.6 million in the big apple. meanwhile the president and senate democrats are courting female voters pushing a bill that calls for equal pay in the work place. democrats say women earn 77¢ for every $1 earned by a man. polls open in several states for primary elections call foreign somewhere and new jersey are the bush california and new jersey are the biggest -- california and new jersey are the biggest. they head to the polls for a recall election. doug luzader has the story from capital hill. >> reporter: wisconsin officials expecting very heavy turn out today for a recall election that the entire nation will be watching. if you are a registered voter in wisconsin you have been
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targeted. >> today it should be over, republican governor walker hopes the polls are right and he will finish with his job intact. >> people are tired, ready to wake up wednesday morning to not be assaulted on television and ready to move on. >> reporter: this all started after walker signed a law to curtail power of public sector unions, something unions fear could be replicated in other protests. it lead to protests, recall drives and a rematch with his 2010 opponent, the milwaukee mayor. >> on tuesday i will end the civil war scott walker started that is what this is all about. >> reporter: some see this as a warm up to november, but president obama has been reluctant to get involved. in a trip to the midwest he carefully avoided wisconsin last night offered only a tweet. it is election day in wisconsin tomorrow i am standing by tom bare let he would make an outstanding governor.
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he now has an up hill battle against walker in a state race that garnered national attention. either way walker's reform efforts have had a big impact on union power one of wisconsin's largest power sector unions lost more than half of its members in washington doug luzader, fox news. in our other top stories, u.s. drones target an al qaeda leader a cia drone fired missiles at al qaeda's number two yesterday. they are not sure if he was hit but quote, optimistic, he took charge of the terror organization after the death of osama bin laden last year. >> dozens of tsa agents off the job this morning after an internal investigation found they failed to check bags and passengers. five agents are fired another 38 suspended, they reportedly did not conduct random checks at an airport in fort meyers southwest florida and now the republican congressman who chairs the transportation
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committee wants to know if the security lapse put passengers at risk. a week long international man hunt for a canadian porn star accused of murder has come to an end, 29-year-old lucca magofta was arrested in germany yesterday. he reportedly killed his exboyfriend and mailed his body parts to cop political parties. he fled to europe after the killing the fugitive was using a computer at an internet shop in berlin when captured the owner of the store recognized him and called police. >> sent police car with seven uniformed police to the spot he tried to give them a false name but police insisted and so he said, you've got me. and we arrested him. >> there is no word yet when or if he will be extradited to canada. the man accused of attacking 17 women over 20 years along the east coast will use the insanity defense.
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aaron thomas is set to stand trial for attacking three teen girls in october 2009 his lawyers say he was mentally ill at the time. a hearing is scheduled friday to determine if he is currently competent to stand trial. >> it is now 7:11 a.m., 59 degrees on a tuesday morning penn state sex abuse trial gets under way. former assistant football coach, jerry sandusky facing 52 criminal counts more on that coming up next when we head live to pennsylvania. >> terrifying moments for one marilyn woman when she wakes up to find a stranger standing in her bedroom. the latest from police m police pgh >> as we head to break, a live lookout side at the latest weather and traffic from tucker and julie up next when mitt romney says
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"planned parenthood we're gonna get rid of that." romney is saying he'll deny women the birth control and cancer screenings they depend on. when romney says "do i believe the supreme court should overturn roe v. wade? yes." he's saying he'll deny women the right to make their own medical decisions and when his campaign can't say whether he'd support equal pay protections. "and we'll get back to you on that." romney's putting your paycheck at risk. planned parenthood action fund is responsible for the content of this advertising because mitt romney is out of touch and wrong for women. excuse us, while we change into something more comfortable. cool.
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coming up 7:15 a.m., back with a big story topping national headlines, child molestation trial of penn state former assistant coach, jerry sandusky. jury selection begins today. good morning bruce. >> reporter: good morning allison. good morning tony. sandusky the former assistant football coach here at penn state, 68 years old accused ofmolesting ten boys over a 15 year period of time. it is a case of course that rocked the university rocked his second mile charity through which he met these boys and young men during this period of time. jury selection set to get under way 8:30 a.m. this morning and about 200 locals center county men and women will be the jury pool from which the 12 jurors and four alternates will be selected the jurors will be
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questioned first as a group if they make it on to the second round, if you will, they may well be questioned individually and provely those questions could improve, enquiry about sexual abuse in their own past. ber last has been under house year the case has rocked this university lots of connections to the university and his charity from folks who live around here it will be an interesting morning as jurors seek to answer questions and figure out whether they can honestly sit through the evidence and make a decision without the preconceived notions that have come from months of headlines here. >> bruce a couple interesting things to come out, recently, the alleged victims must reveal their identifies the judge ruled and no tweeting, no electronic communication. we will not hear from reporters
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inside the courtroom is that right? >> reporter: that's correct. we will be able to do some general tweeting. there was some question over whether tweets could include exact direct quotes or not the judge said to heck with it we will not allow tweeting at all even though there was some in earlier court proceedings. yes, alleged victims must use their real names on the witness stand no pseudonyms, no special protection and there are victims advocacy groups quite annoyed about that but they will have to use their names on the witness stand. >> that is an interesting ruling from the judge. bruce gordon reporting from bellefonte pennsylvania, thank you good to see you this morning. 7:17 a.m., taking a look at our skies, as we await the transit of venus tonight. >> 6:00 p.m. tonight. >> the question will be, will we even see it? we have thick cloud cover. >> we have a pretty good chance
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parts of the area, we will be in and out of the clouds today, but much of the area, should be enjoying some sunshine. >> i couldn't see the super moon at my house i know i will not see venus on the sun. >> i will be online. >> the best way to see it. >> and also you don't want to stare at the sun. >> ever really. >> that is pretty much a good rule of thumb. >> we can give that advice on a daily basis. 59 washington, cool, boston 50 degrees, 52 buffalo. we have warmer temperatures south and west, there you go feels like summer time places like new orleans where it is 77 dealings and dallas. it will eventually warm up here. those who want summer time heat and humidity, there are a few of you who love it it is on the way we will get it here for the weekend next couple days temperatures will stay unseasonably cool around here with just a few showers each day, today, most of your day will be dry, a live shot, we
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have cloud cover and will continue to have some across the area. partly sunny across the afternoon as the area of low pressure east of boston continues to spin. you can see the cloud cover and light shower activity working around it there, and working down from the new england coastline. a few more showers in the forecast, winds out of the north and east. rocking the cool. 72 today, a few showers this afternoon, 85 sunday and monday near 90. let's go to speaking of the heat, to julie wright and find out what is happen being traffic. we know you love it. >> i know i am telling you tucker you know how all the holidays he always has a little icon for the bunny rabbit he needs a nutty buddy for 90 and sunny. >> not bad. >> clever. >> okay. >> count on you julie. >> tucker is like great no one asked me about this. outer loop of the belt way, a
7:20 am
stalled car tied up, second lane from the left, over toward eisenhower, slow going as you work in from springfield interchange. belt way headed out toward duke street more delays crossing over the inbound 14th street bridge. inbound 270, heyy volume, one of -- heavy volume, one of nine delays, rockville below speed shady grove road interchange south out toward the split that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> thank you very much. a scary home invasion has a maryland neighbourhood on edge. this started after 4:00 a.m. monday morning inside a home near laurel maryland. a woman woke up to find a complete stranger in her bedroom holding her purse she screamed and her son ran upstairs. >> i looked up, and saw this man, beside my bed, grabbing my pocketbook. and i screamed at him. >> when i saw him you know, he stood there and just looked at
7:21 am
me and my inofficial reaction i just grabbed him you know, and we just started fighting he was throwing punches i was throwing punches wrestling to the ground. >> then the man took off but then the son had to fight with a second burglar. the victim's barricaded themselves in the bedroom and called 911 as one of the sis pecks came back and tried to force -- suspects came back and tried to force his way back in. both men left before police arrived those men are still on the loose. there was a similar break-in also in maryland city 10 minutes prior to this case. well, now, to a look from sky fox. sky fox is covering a story over a holiday inn express hotel. they busted a meth lab inside a fourth floor room late last night. four men were arrested it is believed they may have checked in on saturday.
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7:21 a.m. on tuesday morning. facebook founder mark zuckerburg facing a lawsuit, plus is there a cure for shopholics, all coming up next on fox 5. >> holly is hanging out in a savage garden. she is live at the u.s. botanic garden with more on the new summer exhibit. we will be right back [ dog barking ] mom!
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>> an interesting story. facebook creator, mark zucker burg, facing a lieu suit frommic -- lawsuit from investors, claiming insider trading. he knew they were over valued according to the suit and sold off a chunk of his stock when prices dropped the suit says under writers morgan stanley, jp morgan all warned him it was prices too high.
7:26 am
shares have fallen nearly 30% since the may 18th debut. it appears more new yorkers are against the proposal to ban sugary drinks over 16-ounces at city eateries a new poll shows 53% of adults surveyed said mayor bloomberg's plan is a bad idea, 42% praised the concept, 52% said it wouldn't make a difference in losing weight. the plan needs approval from the city's board of health and commissioner. have you ever been called a shopholic? if so, listen up. >> yeah, turns out there may be a medical cure for compulsive buying. a drug used to treat alzheimers could be used to treat compulsive shopping which is classified as obsess sieve compulsive disorder, research which ares looked at people aged 19 to 29. while taking this pill, the time and amount of money they
7:27 am
spent on shopping decreased tremendously it locks a certain chemical in the brain but not everyone is buying it >> it works on a chemical ambiguity mate there is thought that it may be responsible for having obsess sieve compulsive disorder. >> there is a lot of stuff going on in the clinical research world people would be shocked. >> this was a preliminary trial but researchers say it did prove to be effective. interesting. >> yeah. pill to fix it. >> we like our pills in this country. >> yeah. >> a pill for everything. >> let's get inside of here tony. >> right >> i am not the one advocating it allison. >> just saying. >> 7:27 a.m., we are going to get an update on the status of metro's sill leering straight ahead when we check with the chairman of the louden county board of supervisors, festivities under way as the united kingdom marks the
7:28 am
queen's diamond jubilee more on celebrations planned today. coming up next o [ sneezes ]
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a live look again. that will be the last time i do
7:31 am
that. oh, it will not be. >> probably not. >> you are looking live. london england, day four, official diamond jubilee celebrations honouring the queen, 60 years on the throne any time now the queen is set to -- she is doing that now, heading off to the palace of westminster for lunch. after that lunch her majesty and members of the royal family will ride through the streets of london in a carriage procession that should be fabulous and that is set to happen 9:20 a.m. this morning and we will have complete coverage of all of that. >> yes,. >> special guest in studio for that. >> the car, that is a nice car. >> beautiful. >> is that a rolls? >> we were thinking rolls or bentley. earlier it was a bentley. >> last night prince charles lead his family, a few rock
7:32 am
stars and tens of thousands of people in a course of cheers for his mother the queen. star studded concert just outside buckingham palace you saw them there, paul mccartney, elton john, what is that? >> glass. >> steevie wonder, tom jones, grace jones and others performed for the queen. >> will i am and shania twain. >> wow. >> gorgeous. >> it is quite a spectacle whether you are a fan of the royals or not. >> they put on a great party. >> 60 years on the throne that is impressive. only victoria served longer, 63 years. >> really. >> she is going to catch it. >> she is. >> she has been focused on that. >> she has been >> probably. >> okay. >> following that,.
7:33 am
>> real quick. yesterday's temperatures cool, cool this morning cool with highs only 70 or so, so, enjoy the next few days, mid-70s regan national, 75 yesterday, dulles, bwi marshall, 74, our average daytime, if you feel it has been cool it has been our average daytime high, 81 degrees. we are getting closer to of course the peak season. 61 in washington but feels great, 57 dulles, 59 this morning manassas, 55 leonard town. baltimore 67 degrees. so again very comfortable to start your day. just looked out the window a mix of clouds and a few peeks of sunshine. it will not be a bright and sunny day just like the last couple days we will see the clouds work in from the north and east. quiet right now not looking at shower activity very quiet conditions out there, earlier today we had showers working down the western shore of the
7:34 am
chesapeake but those have dissipated during early morning hours. off to the north and east, east of boston, cloud cover, showers back down towards the washington area, on the outer edge. nothing more than a passing shower or two, later this afternoon otherwise enjoy the temperatures. mix of sun and cloud another nice afternoon a few showers, winds out of the north and east, 5 to 10. later tonight, partly cloudy skies, comfortable overnight, 55 your overnight low winds out of the north, 5 to 10 miles per hour and your 5 day forecast, gradual warm up, a few more showers wednesday and thursday by friday, pattern starts to flip, 80 for a daytime high, showers out, saturday 85, sunday and monday, awfully close to 90 if you want daytime heat and humidity it will be back by the end of the week i promise. julie. >> sunny and hot and still
7:35 am
waiting for tony to jump off the high dive and do the cannon ball. >> this might be your year >> i've got my fingers crossed. good morning to the crew in sky fox. travelling southbound, 29, accident activity jumped up on us. it is tieing up the left side of the highway heavy volume delays as you work you way single file to the right, accident scene, southbound, johns hopkins, southbound 29, towards old columbia pike. all right, our waze craze continues, slow going traffic, 295, moderate traffic, from mickey as you travel northbound, up into southeast washington we have delays coming southbound on 295, working your way from howard road headed in toward south capital street, coming from carly. hi carly. still below speed as you work
7:36 am
across the wilson bridge. that is where we had a stalled car, second lane from the left expect delays eisenhower avenue toward the wilson bridge that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. knox 5 monitoring metro -- fox 5 is monitoring metro and the future of rail service to dulles and beyond. joining us scott york chairman of the louden county board of supervisors thanks for joining us. >> good morning allison welcome from louden county. >> thank you very much. we had many reports out of the the country as we heard residents stand up, 150 registered to voice their concerns, what came out of last night's meeting? >> we had a total of 160 people come, 75% in favour and 25% concerned about the fiscal impact of rail to louden
7:37 am
county. >> you have said, sir, it is vital, crucial to development and growth to your county tell us your position where the county stands with providing this funding for phase two. >> well, i absolutely do support rail coming into louden county. when you look at our east and west movement we do not have any capacity left to be able to expand our road network with the exception of one lane east and west, going into tyson's corner on route 7. that is not going to be sufficient, to handle the future traffic, well, it is not -- wouldn't even be sufficient to handle traffic in louden county now, even if you were able to put in another corridor, east of the belt way, we need this, to have the additional capacity for future growth in louden county not only for those that live here and commuting in to tyson's corner and into washington but we need it for
7:38 am
our employers who are here for their employees, and for the future employs they want to go in and capture in the market from washington dc and all parts of the metropolitan region. it is crucial for the future of louden county. as of tomorrow night we will work on the financing package for this project, and go through various scenarios how we can go far ward and pay for the project. >> no federal funds, price tag is hefty, $270,000,000.60 million for the operation of it. also the labor dispute there is a conservation about unionized labor can that be resolved? >> well, quite frankly the previous board and this board has taken the position of
7:39 am
project labor agreement. i truly believe anything smelling like a project labor agreement is still part of the procedure to move forward, with pro curement of contractor, we will not support rail coming in to louden county but i am very confident after tomorrow the board will reverse that decision, and listen to the funding partners and what we expressed and back off and do what they did in phase one and that was simply, after they hired the general contractor for the project, the project labor agreement, was put in place, as a voluntary measure not a requirement. >> what happens next sir? >> once we are done with tomorrow night we will talk about bringing either a vote on
7:40 am
june 19th, or, at the business meeting of july 3rd, which is the last time the board will get together prior to the decision deadline of july 4th. >> thanks for joining us early this morning. >> thank you very much. >> tony over to you. 7:40 a.m. on tuesday morning. an iowa man makes an historic discovery in his own backyard. it is a massive fossil wait until you see the size of it on the other side of the break. plus, two hollywood a listers going head to head in a legal battle. how this is all linked to the bp oil spill in the gulf of mexico. fox 5 morning news will be right back. one of them might not be an a lister. . 
7:41 am
7:42 am
7:43 am
what is happening in iowa. yes, that man dug up some ancient bones in his backyard. he and his sons discovered
7:44 am
those bones from a 12,000-year- old mammoth. >> that is a serious bone. >> that is a bone >> they first found a giant femur bone two years ago but kept it to themselves. might be a smart idea. he recently got help from experts at university of iowa to dig up other bones they expect to find the head in a few weeks. >> wow. >> incredible. >> imagine if you dog found that bone. mom, dad, i need some help here. >> very cool. >> i think that whole era is amazing. >> what is interesting, let's say -- they got some serious equipment in there. let's say they find -- imagine the backyard and the house, and they find all the bones in order but what would be the head is clearly under the house then what do you do? >> wow, interesting depends how much the smithsonian wants to pay me. >> in my case we would knock
7:45 am
down the house. >> build another house. >> exactly. >> very cool. >> it is. so cool how big was that bone like this tall? >> yeah, looks like the size of a person. >> mammoth. >> around here, bone hunting later today temperatures cool >> probably not doing that. >> might be doing a dig later. >> okay. >> old town alexandria. >> all right. >> there is no natural segue in a story. >> a lot of things to do with the girls this summer. >> future cast, a couple light sprinkles, later today, future cast probably over playing how much shower activity we will see but one or two showers will bubble up. sorry allison i am back at it gain. later today, as we get daytime
7:46 am
heating, temperatures later today only in the low 70fall back to 50s tonight. enjoy comfortable temperatures, because we will warm up back into a more summer like regime for the weekend temperatures by saturday and sunday, well into the 80s close to 90 around here by sunday and monday. >> it's fitting for the weekend. >> good point. speaking of pools, julie wright and find out what is happen being the area roadways. >> you are invited to come to my pool, the one that blows up and i have it on the deck. >> is there room for three? >> if you put your feet in. >> little feet was her nickname in college. >> all right. well, on the road, southbound 270, again heavy volume as you try to work out of rockville if you look closely, accident activity blocking the left
7:47 am
lane. mainline slow going german town toward the split. leaving 95 headed around toward georgia avenue. still slow going traffic here from before van dooren earlier problem we had stuck in the middle of the roadway has cleared. two hollywood actors battling it out in a louisiana courtroom. steven baldwin suing even costenner over a clean up device used by bp after the massive 2010 spill. the lawsuit alleges costener and a business partner tricked baldwin and his friend into selling shares of their company days before cutting a deal with bp. he sold his shares for $500,000 a coplaintiff for $1.4 million missing out on their portion of $38 million in profits from the deal. >> hmm. all right a brand new summer exhibit at the u.s.
7:48 am
botanic garden. >> holly morris is there giving us an inside look. what is coming up? >> good morning. i think we are listening to savage garden appropriate because we are at savage garden, we are at the u.s. botanic garden if you thought it was just all about flowers think again we are deviling into the -- delving into the carnivorous collection they have displayed how you and your family can come out and look yourself. stay with us  great. so, you're all set up. what's going on? installing cable. you know this is an ikea, right? yes, but look at this sofa! it's so comfortable. we don't want to leave. have you been living here? can i have dinner at michael's house? they're having meatballs. don't be back too late. you know it gets dark when they shut off the lights. okay. i can stay.
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you know, you can just buy the sofas and take them home, today. for a limited time, get up to 15% back on select seating. ikea, the life improvement store.
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7:51 am
this is fascinating stuff. savage garden open add few days ago. >> holly is there checking out the beautiful site.
7:52 am
beautiful but deadly right? >> i know. we always say the botanic garden is beautiful and it is that, and it is right now like i said, but never has the botanic garden, had such a high, cool factor as right now. they are feasting on carnivorous plants it is a new summer exhibit like you said that just opened not that long ago. we are getting a lit bell hind scenes action -- behind the scenes action when i say action i mean action when it comes to these plants. and holly is shaking her head. it is good to see you. >> you too. >> executive director joins me out here. you and i were talking you said everyone always thinking nowers flowers which you have. >> lots of those. >> but for the first time you might have a lot of guys and little boys running through the exhibit. >> they will runhere and go where are they. let's sew if they are doing anything. let's look -- see if they are doing anything. let's look in here. they are having breakfast. this is a pitcher plant this is
7:53 am
the pitcher and this plant evolved so that it would attract soft bodies insects like mosquitoes, and they go inside this tube, and they get digested that is how the plant gets nutrition. >> one amazing thing about carnivorous plants you learn about here is how adaptive they are. >> they are. they have these unique pods they grow in and a ability, to capture insects and digest them just amazing and shows how complicated plants are >> i think we all know about venus fly traps. >> that's right. >> that is here. >> we have lots. which we will see. >> but, how many different carnivorous plants are there? >> all kinds that adapted even to the tropics. tropicals that have these huge buckets that fill with insects as they get hungry and they digest it and get a nice full nutrition. so you will see that when you cut into them lots of little
7:54 am
eaten digested insects. >> not good for the bugs but good for people watching. fascinating. >> exactly. >> and one of the reasons to do this exhibit other than just attracting more people is the whole conservation effort. >> completely these grow in environments that are specialized boggs, very acid and moist and we really need to protect them because they are really precious environments that we really want to conserve. >> in fact a lot of them have not been conserved >> i don't think we used to understand how important these are. now that we know. we are working hard to protect them and see the glorious amazing nature of plants that grow there. >> so what is the best way for people to come out and enjoy this exhibit and make sure they understand all that is going on. >> we have a family festival. if you have kids, saturday, june 16th, 10 to 3. you can see
7:55 am
us cut up these insect plants see what is happening inside just stroll down here we are open every day 10 to 5:00 p.m., check out it is a fun place to be we have a bog where you can see these things, we have our staff doing amazing activities,. >> and you have interaction in addition to the plants, the live plants you have these amazing sculptures. >> that's right some of them move you can walk inside a pitcher plant, i know. and you can be the insect being devoured. >> the fact we drive by in the evening these light up >> they do. it is a dramatic show we love that because plants are dramatic and we just add to it with these fabulous exhibit pieces. >> how long did it take you to get everything installed. >> over a couple months this exhibit first showed in ohio,
7:56 am
and we brought it here to washington dc to the national mall and they are so thrilled. >> i am sure they are. are carnivorous high maintenance? are they good to have at home. >> only if you have that unique bog environment which is a really acid environment, growing in peet most people don't have that. >> did i read correctly there is a carnivorous plant that has been known to eat something the size of a small mammal. >> well, i don't know the size to which, we will have to pursue that. >> or is that some science fiction movie i saw. >> the way it translates we have little guys who come here and go where is the man eating plant >> there you go. >> we have to research that. >> you might be right we will have to find out. >> stay tuned to find out our website we have a link to the u.s. botanic
7:57 am
gardens website to find out more. family day june 16th the exhibit is here through october 8th you have time. in our next hour we are dissecting one of these. we will see what we find eaten inside back to you. >> i don't know. >> ew. >> thanks holly. >> straight ahead at 8, a warning to pay attention to your bug bites. >> there is an insect that can transmit a disease called the new aids of the americas. we will check in with fox medical team for everything you need to know stay with us [ female announcer ] the magic begins when jif fresh roasts peanuts
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to make peanut butter so deliciously creamy. it might just make you feel like a kid again. [ both laugh ] choosy moms never stop choosing jif.
8:00 am
>> cracking down on illegal immigrants ahead the controversial program that has district leaders at odds with the obama administration >> how young is too young to let your child play with a gun. later the new gun range offering birthday parties. and, a warning to pay attention to your bug bites look at this bug one insect could transmit a disease called the new aids of the americas. the medical team tells us what to watch out for at 8:30 a.m.
8:01 am
that's scary. >> frightening. >> good morning i am tony perkins. >> i am allison seymour we are starting off this tuesday morning with a live look from london. this is the final day of the queen's diamond jubilee. it celebrates queen elizabeth the seconds 60 years of service as the british monarch. >> we have been talking about this lunch that is being held for the queen, i had pictured it in my mind a certain way. this is a big lunch. the queen arrived at this lunch at westminster hall. this lunch will be followed by formal procession in a ceremonial carriage and then later the royals will gather on a balcony of buckingham palace to see a fly by of the royal airforce. i was saying i was going the bring my special little -- i forgot it. >> your little hat. >> because i am looking and seeing it really is an older woman gave that to me a couple years ago and i wasn't even -- do you put it here? and i left it at home.
8:02 am
>> how often do you get to wear it? >> i have never worn it kept it in its little box that she gave it to me in, but let's let the british wear it today. >> we will continue to check in with this throughout the day. in the meantime tucker barnes to tell us what is happen being weather. >> one of the most important jobs in royalty is being able to stay awake. >> you've heard it all before, you know what they are all going to say. no one is going to stay anything bad about you. all right. >> keep it moving. temperature 50s. cool out there, cloudy as well but sunshine working today, a partly sunny afternoon. 69, 78 humidity, winds out of the north and east, 13 miles per hour. winds off the ocean. high temperatures relatively cooler, satellite radar not a lot to show you, cloud cover as you zoom in close.
8:03 am
earlier we had cloud cover, east of the city, analis, southern maryland those are well -- annapolis, southern maryland, those are well south. nice warm up into the weekend, mid-80s by saturday more details on the weekend forecast. let's get to julie, she will tell us how the morning rush hour is going. >> southbound 29, wreck at old columbia pike tieing up the lane and causing big back ups for those, southbound, 32. leaving van dooren headed toward eisenhower avenue. lanes are open once again. travelling seoul on 270, delays -- travelling south on 270, delays out of german town. lanes are open again back up extends 118 headed southbound toward the split. inbound, delays, new york avenue, continuing towards the third street tunnel no problems reported heavy and slow volume towards the tunnel.
8:04 am
a fatal crash in montgomery county overnight leaves one person dead another air lifted to hospital. this happened early this morning near the frederick county line police found the car on fire, on mount effram road in dickerson no word on the condition of the survivor. here is a look at stories making headlines the child sex abuse trial of former penn state defensive coordinator, jerry sandusky starting later this morning. sandusky's lawyer says the 68- year-old will be in the courtroom for the start of the trial that is expected to last several weeks. wisconsin recall battle, finally goes to voters this morning after more than a year in the national spotlight the issue pit union collective bargaining against the state's budget gap. the polls show a tight race between scott walker and the democratic challengers. a big turn out is expected
8:05 am
today. while that is the biggest election today voters are also hitting the polls for pry mears in a hand -- primaries in a handful of states, montana holds a nonbinding vote today's biggest prizes are the winner takes all state of new jersey and california. also, senator diane feinstein faces 23 challengers on the ballot in her re-election campaign allison. >> dc council members have a busy day ahead of them they are expected to give final approval on a new budget for the next fiscal year. council members revised mayor grey's $9.4 billion proposal the final version and $25 million in affordable housing programs and restores $23 million to restore, heath care of immigrants ineligible for medicaid. dc council could pass emergency legislation today. >> this would defie a federal
8:06 am
immigration enforcement program. melanie alnwick is live in northwest with details. >> reporter: good morning tony. the secure communities program is about identifying and deporting illegal immigrants with records. local police departments when they arrest someone they send their fingerprints to the fbi. secure communities program has it going one step further fbi would forward that information to the department of homeland security, so that ice agents can check on a suspect's immigration status and then if they determine that suspect is eligible for deportation they go back to the local police department, and ask them to hold that person until ice agents can pick them up. those are called detainers. that program is expected to become active today and that is why councilman mendhelson wants to introduce emergency legislation to restrict those detainers or hold.
8:07 am
last fall mayor grey signed an executive order saying dc public safety officials will not ask about or send information about immigration status, to federal agencies except when that is pertinent to criminal investigations but the police do have to send that finger print information to the fbi. city officials and community leaders are worried it will mean more fear and less cooperation. >> rely on the trust of those community members that the immigration status will not be threatened by their cooperation and local law enforcement investigations, secure communities jeopardizes that trust and consequently makes everybody less safe. >> the program was purpose to target serious criminals but has ensnared people, not convicted of a crime who committed minor offences including traffic offences. >> reporter: now mendhelson's bill says department of corrections here in dc will limit detainer requests from ice to 24 hour, and if the city
8:08 am
will only comply with the request if the individual is an adult, has been convicted of a violent crime and allison, if the federal government agrees to pay the cost of those additionalholds. back to you. other top stories, a scary home invasion just east of laurel maryland, a woman woke up 4:00 a.m., monday morning to find a man in her bedroom, holding her purse. her son heard her screams and came in and fought with the man. he ran off then the son had to fight with a second would be burglar that man also ran off later one of the suspects came back and tried to force his way back into the bedroom but took off right before police arrived. the search is on for four young men caught on camera stealing money from the post office at union station. the group walked up to the counter yesterday afternoon and when the clerk turned away one reached across the counter and
8:09 am
grabbed cash. they all ran out on to 1st street. the man accused of attacking 17 women over 20 years along the east coast will use the insanity defense in virginia courtroom. aaron thomas is set to stand trial in prince will i don't mean county for allegedly attacking three teenage girls in october 2009. >> his lawyer says he was mentally ill at the time. a hearing is scheduled friday to determine if he is competent to stand trial. coming up, a slow and rocky road to economic recovery is our recession over and how can we move forward now. an analyst will join us with expert insight. unless you live to be a centenarian today is your last chance to see the transit of venus. the prime viewing hours and best way to see this rare event, when we return. it is 8:09 a.m.
8:10 am
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welcome back, 8:12 a.m., unseasonably cool temperatures for this time of year. >> tucker joining us now with a look at the forecast. first a little cuteness. >> allison thank you. let's warm right on up let's get down to business time for my first five photo of the day. didn't we -- we saw a very similar photo last week >> i think you are right. >> yes, was it brother and sister or twins. >> twins. >> let isobase income the glory of rashad and riley. >> i only say that because i thought this was the same photo for a second. >> we are getting a lot of high end photos these are twins they are little more than a week old, they were born all the way back on may 26th, we have to whisper they are probably sleeping. >> i just love that is probably how they were for all that time, getting big and strong,. >> you are right. >> before they made their grand appearance. so cute >> probably. looks like they are already
8:14 am
working on the close bond that twins have. >> great photo >> sure is. >> rashad looks older than riley. what do you guys think? >> you fight be right. >> go to and click on mornings. we look forward to getting your pictures. right to the weather forecast, as you head out, need a really light jacket. temperatures are cool. 50s. 59 washington, most of the region 50s. ocean city, 60, 61 fredericksburg. another cool day average daytime high low 80s we will top out in the low to mid-70s with a mix of sunshine, as well as some cloud cover here from time to time during the course of your day. all right sentinel radar, nice and quiet, cloud cover across the area, nothing falling from the sky. most of your day should be nice and dry. maybe a shower, most of your day should be dry, as this area of low pressure gets farther
8:15 am
away. spinning east of boston shower activity southern new england and the cloud cover stretches down into the mid-atlantic, where our winds are now out of the forth and east. cool side for a few more days, 72 today, 57 tomorrow, -- 75 tomorrow, nice warm up, 85, close to 90 degrees by sunday and monday. all right, that is a look at weather, we've been looking at the queen all morning. off to another queen doing traffic. julie wright. >> honey that is a diva. >> sorry, got it confused. >> all right tucker, we are doing our waze we thank everybody for checking in early and again right now as we wrap up rush hour heavy traffic reported by our fox 5 waze group. down about 20 miles an hour as you travel along southbound 270, out of rockville, earlier problems as we approach local lanes shady grove road have cleared. thank you so much for the update accident activity reported on the shoulder as you work out of rockville headed
8:16 am
toward the lane divide. 395, 14th street bridge, slow go as you go across the bridge making your way across the potomac. no problems, 395 leaving the belt way headed toward the southeast, southwest freeway. still likely to find delays, southwest george washington. headed inbound, toward the key bridge. 66 leaving nutly street toward the capital belt way. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> equal pay for men and women a hot topic before the senate. >> pay check fairness act is set for vote. it is not expected to gain support it needs to move forward. it would allow, employees to share pay information who coworkers without consequences and prove wage gaps are due to business reasons like experience. president obama supports the pay check fairness act but
8:17 am
republicans are racing concerns. how would you feel about postponing your retirement, to 70, 75, 85 years old ceo of an international insurance company things that is a mayor component to getting the worldwide financial crisis under control. he said raising the retirement age in all parts of the world would make pensions to medical service cheaper but they say that will only worsen youth unemployment which is a worldwide issue. >> up take in unemployment is leading to accusations from both sides of the political aisle about who is to blame for the sluggish rate for economic recovery. so are we lagging behind where we should be post 2008. joining me now, michael shank vice president of u.s. operations institute for economics and peace a nonpartisan, nonprofit research group. thanks for coming in.
8:18 am
first question, unemployment numbers friday, bad numbers everyone knows that. is that likely a hiccup or is that some indication that things are showing down or not where we thought they were, in terms of recovery. >> bernanke already warned we might have a second recession we should be prepared for that but here is the problem, 69,000 jobs, 8.2% unemployment a much bigger issue not being addressed, 15%, unemployed, under employed or permanently departed from the work force. we should focus on that but even bigger than that, if they were the focus on that, that would be a big trend. according to that, census survey in the last 6 months one out of two americans living in poverty or low income, 50 million in proverty, 100 million in low income. we need to address that. fast, present and future policies will exacerbate that. we have the highest inequality
8:19 am
rate, since world war ii, great depression. tax gains, favouring the rich, taxed at 10 to 15%, trade policy out sourced everything the only way to reverse that trend is focus on make it in america, green economy and third in terms of wage labor policy our minimum wage is lower than it was in the late 60s for much of working class america, the minimum wage stagnated for the last 40 years until we address those policies that is again republican and democrats responsible for that we will see the gap grow bigger likelihood of new recession. your group is a nonpartisan group everything you are saying now, very near and dear to your heart and your groups heart which is the need to address these things, on a more macro scale but let me ask you this, do we -- does our political you
8:20 am
know the white house, the congress, whatever do they lack the political will, to deal with these things on that scale >> i think all of congress and administration whether it is obama, romney, this november, lack political will here is a couple other things where they are lacking political will on regulation in terms of regulating the banks, they are too big to fail. not being employed only a third of the rules, have been implemented, consumer financial protection bureau, very weak. congress tried to dehas cue late it undermine its power, rules not in place like they should be. we need those rules in place to regulate financial industry but in the housing crisis you are seeing banks return to subprime seeing them foreclosing at a faster rate they got slapped on the risk with 25 billion. that is not sufficient. you are seeing romney scott walker in race con sin, call for an awe -- wisconsin, call
8:21 am
for an austerity budget. ohio, wisconsin, florida all states that pushed for austerity those states in our index would be ranked by their level. you see a correlation, more people have higher education, higher health insurance, lower poverty. better access to basic services. >> it may be a short sighted solution but some politicians foal we have to do something we can't just keep spending >> without question. the cuts are in the wrong place if they cut education and health they will have more violence in state and that will cost. where they should cut, tax loopholes for corporations, ge, pepco had negative tax rates in the 40, 50% they paid nothing come tax time and got returns, in other areas, like defense spending we could cut down. we need to cut just cutting the wrong ways. >> we could go on with this
8:22 am
discussion longer thank you for coming in. >> michael shank with the institute for economics and peace. allison back to you. now 8:21 a.m., 59 degrees on tuesday morning coming up, not your average birthday party some parents are ditching the rides and taking their kids to shoot guns. more on a new gun range that is sparking debate. >> later, you've hard of the venus fly trap one of the many plants that trap their food coming up holly is taking us to the savage garden exhibit at the u.s. botanic garden. we will be right back [ male announcer ] this was how my day began.
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prince georges county police and naacp trying to prevent crime giving out gift cards this saturday, 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. residents can bring their guns to first baptist church of high land park, no questions asked you don't even have to give your name or any other information, you will walk away with a visa gift card worth up to $100. >> hmm. >> it is a paring that has some parents on edge. >> a gun range set to hope in texas will host children's birthday parties, it is in
8:26 am
louisville it has two rooms available for kids to celebrate birthdays they have to be at least 8 and tall enough to get above the shooting table. this is not a first time pairing last year in arizona a gun club hosted a christmas party that included children and semi ate mattic weapons. an alarming health problem, children eating those laundry pods you know the colorful pods. >> i have heard a lot about this. >> one company is hoping to curb the problem. >> plus something called the new aids of the americas, the epidemic being caused by bug bites, and the symptoms you need to watch out for, when we chat live with dr. joe, you will want to hear this, it is 8:26 a.m. we will be right back
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
>> all the pomp and circumstance you could ever
8:30 am
want. the queen's jubilee in london. a live look at the celebration. queen elizabeth the second arrived. >> we are seeing marching going on the crowds have been overwhelming even when the weather has been bad you know for that flotilla, there was a lot of rain, on that day, the crowds have lined the route the queen took this morning, tonight celebrations wrap up with a rare address to the nation by the british monarch. the diamond jubilee marks her 60 years on the throne. ♪ [ music ] how do we thing the queen enjoyed this? >> well, let me tell you, it is hard to hula hoop. okay. >> you know what i give her credit she is still out there, grace jones one of the stars last night the whole time she had a hula hoop around her
8:31 am
waist. grace is 64 years old she put on quite a show for the queen. >> she can put on her own jubilee in a couple years. >> look at that. >> amazing. >> good for her. >> tucker what is going on. >> i can't follow that up >> don't even try. interesting pairing. >> i am sure at times the queen would lean over and go what is going on. >> or maybe not. >> charles. >> maybe not. >> all right. let's go to radar a couple very light sprinkles i want to show you to our south. a lot of clouds out there. looks dreary but later today the sun will peek out from time to time and a decent day for it. live look at hd radar, fredericksburg, colonial beach you might get a light sprinkle or shower, down south of potomac, that is about it. otherwise i know it looks ominous and rather gloomy not going to see much rain just a
8:32 am
passing shower too. all right let me show you the bigger picture area of low pressure off to the north and east, boston daytime high only 53 degrees, that is cool temperatures for june. there it is there, east of boston, cloud cover, very light showers, continue to work down the eastern sea board and we will be under the influence of this area of low pressure gain today a mix of clouds and sunshine, relatively cool temperatures highs low 70s and a few showers again developing. 59 washington, 61 manassas, 65 leonard town and 58 baltimore, let's do the future cast together and you can see future cast, over playing what we have out there at the moment. just a sprinkle. later today, a few more showers pop up future cast trying to show shower activity best chance for it west of washington. we will see where that winds up later this afternoon. by 8:00 p.m. tonight, transit of venus, 6:30 p.m., 8:30 p.m., partly sunny conditions won't be perfect but areas where we get clear skies
8:33 am
for it then we will clear out overnight. enjoying temperatures cool for this time of year warm up for the weekend, 80 friday, 85, close to 90 sunday and monday. warmer temperatures on the way to thened of the week. thank you. alarming news re¢ly of kids eating -- recently of kids eating laundry detergent. a specific kind and a warning of bug bites that can be deadly. time to check on the latest health headlines with dr. joe out of tampa. good morning. good morning. yeah, bugs i will show you this picture don't know if you can see this. >> we can see it. >> this is called a triatamine >> i got to lead up to that with the laundry pods that kids are eating. >> okay >> they can be dangerous right? tell us about it. >> yeah, these are called tide
8:34 am
pods i will stick this in here maybe we can see how quickly it dissolves basically there is also pure rex and other brands but they are very attractive to children. what poison information centers are saying 250 kids so far they have called in had issues with this. what can happen there can be nausea, also be breathing problems, they said they can been a choking hazard and again they dissolve relatively quickly, so the poison information centers are saying, this is more serious than a regular detergent they are seeing lots more problems with this, the manufacturers say the tide say they are going to reinforce the lids of the containers, again the containers look like something you would buy candy out of at a convenience store. that is the other issue marketing and the -- they are so cute and pretty i guess, thinking that is is why children are grabbing them and trying to eat them >> they are doing their part we have to keep them out of reach of kids i would imagine >> take a look.
8:35 am
already dissolved. >> that quickly. >> pretty quick. >> that is the problem. keep them away from your kids. >> absolutely. but you should keep everything away from your children, butter and can i haveically these are things that -- specifically these are things that are attractive to them >> i am ready to hear this story. >> my bug. >> yes. the new aids of the americas it gets into the blood tell us about it. >> it does and you know, i think that part of that was kind of a shock factor because there is a lot of differences between aids and hiv. this is a parasite that lives inside this bug and what happens is the bug can bite you, bite you at night and then it defecates and then the parasite is within that defecation product and it can get -- if it gets in the eye it can irritate the eye you will see a swollen eye, symptoms of malaise, fiver overtime 20 to 30% may progress on to more
8:36 am
serious illness which includes heart failure, swelling of the intestinal track, esophagus, abdominal pain, gi problems, swelling problems this is mainly contracted in south central america and some of the latin caribbean islands, it is usually people here that have it, maybe 300,000 to a million is what this particular article is saying are people from other countries, but there have been a handful of other cases contracted here in the u.s. we have the bug here this little guy is here, and there are infected bugs here in the u.s. >> my goodness. so what about treatment, a cure? >> if you catch it early in the acute phase or a child under the age of 12 they usually respond well to some medication, however, if it is in chronic stannels it is
8:37 am
usually not treatable. it has to be -- stages it is usually not treatable. i think this author wanted people to understand this disease is here not necessarily contracted in the u.s. but it is here. now blood banks have been monitoring this for awhile they have numbers available, number of people that might be infected because a lot of immigrants are not here or leaving, they have seen a decline. organ trance plantation is where it becomes a factor it can be transplanted from blood, from a mother to baby and then, of course, the bites. >> all right. swollen area around that bite too. dr. jo scary stuff but thanks so much we appreciate it. >> okay. thank you. yikes. >> lots of questions right. >> 8:37 a.m. right now tuesday morning, coming up, why mark zach you are burg is facing a law --
8:38 am
zucker burg is facing a lawsuit. 8:37 a.m. 
8:39 am
8:40 am
an increase in cell phone
8:41 am
service causes verizon to offer buy outs to 1700 workers, more people continue to cancel home service and rely on their cell phone. they hope the first workers will accept the buy outs, the first phase and that will begin leaving -- they will begin leaving in july. >> >> legal trouble for mark zucker burg the newly wed is accused of insider trading. the lawsuit filed against him claims he knew facebook shares were over valued and sold off a big chunk of stock when prices dropped after the debut. the suit also says, under writers morgan stanley, jp morgan chase and goldman sachs all warned suck zucker burg -- zucker burg the ipo was priced too high. shares have fallen 30% since the may 18th debut. starbucks wants you to enjoy a pastry with your drink maybe an even better one than they have now. they bought the bakery chain,
8:42 am
la boulange and will replace its current pastrys with french pastries, like the classic croissant >> you make it sound so yummy. >> i could go for one now. >> a rare astronomical event. the brightest planet our solar system goes dark as it passes between the earth and sun. how you can catch the transit of venus. >> holly is learning about plants some of them meat eating hey, holly >> good morning. i just learned there are more than 600 species of carnivorous plants, i learned it at the u.s. botanic garden where we are live and the summer exhibit is all about savage gardens coming up we will go inside, dissecting a carnivorous plant. how you can get a similar experience live next on fox 5 morning news  [ mom ] to me, chex is not just a little bowl of cereal,
8:43 am
8:44 am
it's kind of a big deal. to find nutritious and gluten-free cereals my whole family actually loves? well, the word "wow" comes to mind. and then a friend told me chex has five flavors that are gluten-free. even a cinnamon one the kids love.
8:45 am
a nutritious cereal that makes everybody happy? like i said, wow. [ male announcer ] chex cereal. five flavors. good and gluten free. if you are looking for a fun and educational experience for you kid you may want to consider the u.s. botanic garden. >> they just kicked off their
8:46 am
summer exhibit called savage garden not only will you see cottage plants but interactivity for the little ones. >> this will be so cool. they are creative, can being, tenacious when they -- cunning. tenacious when they trap their prey, i am talking about carnivorous plants. lee is a children's education specialist she joins me now because we are going to go inside. the meat eating plants. i am very excited about this lee. i am building the drama. but you and i were just talking and the process really is maizing. >> it is an amazing process i want to introduce you to a wonderful plant. what is wonderful about it they grow in north america. so, they grow in areas, boggs that are nutrient poor they
8:47 am
have adapted, and what is interesting people often think this lip is the flower but it is a modified leaf and humans are fine but insects when they are attracted to it, they are attracted in the early season by the nectar it gets sweeter as you go inside >> tricky, really alluring >> it is. and what happens once the insect is in this modified leaf, the inupon the waxy slippery surface i like to use the analogy of a playground with a child at the top of a slide for the first time there is that point of no return am i really going to go down and the insect goes down and the -- >> they can't get out >> it can't >> an amusement park of horror for an insect. >> waxy sides then down in the bottom part are hairs that are downward pointing, so, the insect when it is down in there even if it can fight against
8:48 am
the slippery side, the hairs keep that insect and finally, the insect succumbs what happens is their digestive enzymemicrobes down in this pitcher that are somewhat like our stomach that then break down the tissue part of the insects. and the reason they do that, is because they grow in nutrient poor soil and need that extra nutrient. but what they can't do, they can take the soft part but can't break down for example the exo skeleton. if we were to take one of the pitcher plants here and cut it open now as these grow during the season they trap more and more insects in the early part of the season the insects are attracted to the nectar but as the season goes on, it is the smell of decaying inside that attracts other insects if we cut this open you can start to
8:49 am
smell that. >> yeah, you can. >> let's see here. >> what do we find inside. >> what we find inside, we can take a peek at. >> my word. look at that. >> we have the bodies, we have the wings, we have the legs, exsewso skeletal, which is just fascinating. >> as if it couldn't get more fun you could take these parts left over and make them into an accessory. >> yes, as a matter of fact. some accessory. as a matter of fact, this summer during our festival on june 16th and other times during the summer we will actually have an activity where people can come, and select one of these wonderful exo skeletal
8:50 am
insects and. >> put it in there. >> trap it again. >> go ahead and make that wonderful bug button i will tell you, is our website we have a link to the u.s. botanic garden website. you know they are open every day but they are having family day june 16th if you want to come out and delve into the savage garden the exhibit runs through october 8th. next hour we will explore even more but i can honestly say i have never worn a dead bug's body part, on my clothes before. but hey. >> matches beautifully with your outfit. >> there is always a first. back to y'all in studio. don't be jealous allison. >> you know i am holly. >> fascinating. >> it is. >> well, there will be something special happening in the skies tonight, something that won't happen again in our lifetime >> this evening is the transit of venus when the planet passes between the earth and the sun.
8:51 am
earlier this morning during ask the weather guys we talked with our sky guy about hour to safely see it. now this did happen in 2004. >> yes, it did. the weather today if it co- operates, we might have a repeat where people can go out, starting at 8:04 p.m. -- excuse me, 18:04 p.m., 6:04 p.m. until sunset we have to observe this properly and safely. if you don't have a professional solar filter or these eclipse shades or glasses, then the best way for you to observe the event is either online, or go down to the national air and space museum from 6 to 8:00 p.m. they will have a row of telescopes up there for the public to come out, take a peek, weather permitting that is the safest way because we don't want the fry any eyes. >> what we are talking about is venus, it is going to be moving between the earth, and the sun,
8:52 am
so we will be able to see it as it moves across the sun. >> yes >> it is visible. >> yes. >> but a little dot >> a small dot i mean, you could see that, with your unaided eye with the proper solar fill trait but the best way to do that is use what nasa has got available. they will have telescopes, stuff going on around the world, broadcast live with people talking about the event. i think there will be literally billions of people, with the technology available today was not available in 2004 >> amazing. >> plus we have six people in space that are going to observe and photographing this transit of venus, for the first time >> they will see it too chevrolet a solar filter go on . >> they have a solar filter,. >> will they see things better. >> if you are worried about clouds. >> this is filtering out every light in the studio but one.
8:53 am
>> cool. >> i can't see anything. >> is that what it is supposed to co. >> that is what it is -- do. >> that is what it is supposed to do. there you go sarah. the only thing you can see through that would be the sun. and you are right tony. >> wow. >> now these are special shades they are not you know people might think i have some from the movie theatre. >> no, whichever >> he wasn't joking. >> yeah,. >> okay. >> i got a question for you,. >> we are getting distracted. >> venus looks tiny crossing the sun is our perspective just because of where we are looking from planet earth or is it really that tiny. >> it is that tiny. the sun is very very big. it is very small this is not like an eclipse we had a couple weeks ago this is a small pimp or blemish on the sun. >> how much smaller is venus than sun. >> 8,465 miles across the sun and venus the size of the earth
8:54 am
and it is par from us. a small dot -- far from us. a small dot moving across. but when they have telescopes like they will have to show the internet view, it will be showing all kinds of things happening as it starts to process them we might see the back lighting of venuses atmosphere. there is a backdrop effect and the solar dynamics observatory will photograph this from space as well. pretty cool. >> we want to say good morning to someone else who is cool our facebook fan of the day. that little baby in his profile picks is nyla noel. he followed up with comment you just say ah. early for some folks but not a little baby there. at least nyla likes waking up with us.
8:55 am
for a chance to be fan of the day post a comment. we have a lot in our next hour including this young man you might call him, listen to this ♪ [ music ] >> you might call him little jimmy hendrick a 13-year-old guitar prodigy from maryland he will play for us live. >> also at 9, more coverage of the queen's diamond jubilee, a royal carriage procession, while we are on the air we will have that and welcome special guest, british ambassador, to the united states into our studios and also international correspondent roland. we will be right back. 8:55 a.m. 
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welcome back to fox 5 morning news as we come up on
8:59 am
the 9:00 a.m. hour. >> excitement is building in london on this final day of the queen's diamond jubilee celebrations. in just about 20 minute it is queen will lead a carriage procession through the streets of london which are now lined with thousands upon thousands of well wishers. ahead this hour we talk with our royals watcher, roland and a special guest joins us the british ambassador to the united states. well, along with the pomp and circumstance we are going to rock out this hour, maryland youngster, 13 years old being called a little jimmy hendrick, he is a self-taught guitar prodigy. he will be here with us to perform today. >> can't wait to meet him >> as we get closer to fathers day a novel tells quite the tale between father and son called rabbits foot a gift from my father part of it is set indc in the red skin glory days


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