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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  June 5, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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policy. the democrats and republicans, one of the most important voting blocks into november. and it will come to order. >> reporter: with for those like maryland senator barbara mckulski who -- with a bill they say is crucial. >> equal pay, i just want to say again, it's probably a woman's issue. it's a financially issue. >> reporter: at issue, the democratic back paycheck aarons acts. supporters say it allows women greater ability to sue if they're not getting equal pay for equal work. >> for some reason, it's acceptable that women don't need to be paid as much as men for the exact same work. and this is unacceptable. when you look at the -- unfortunately, it's still persisting. and with women new in many instances being the major bread winners in their families. >> reporter: republican voted against the paycheck act
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arguing that equal pay is already used by currentma -- walls and the new bill allows government to how the private company pay the practices. >> they don't like business very much but like a strong economy. >> reporter: in chantilly, virginia, they told the mostly female audience he's pro- business. >> my labor policies would be to keep in place the kind of policies we had over time. a fare playing fold, level playing fold between management and beating the obama campaign is targeting within votes already, and fundraising dinners like sarah jessica parker. >> president obama and michelle are coming to my house for dinner on june 14th. >> but bagging the senate a fairness act of the paycheck never got offground after failing to campaign. >> the neighs are 47. three/5 of the senator is
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dooley frozen and the motion is not agreed to. >> reporter: this vote was hardly a surprise for either and into some fall elects, they expect to go out and republicans in return, will allow government intrusions into private businesses. the edge on d.c. and the u.s. attorney might be wrapping up the investigation into kwame brown. matt ackland is live outside of the wilson building where he talked with the chairman. matt? >> reporter: chairman brown seemed calm and direct when he answered questions from the reporters and has no plans to resign and didn't want to talk about the federal investigation into has 2008 campaign and did not want to address speculation at the wilson building whether about whether or not he met
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with federal prosecutors and did not want to talk about thissality city hall that he planned to resign. and he said he does not plan to resign. today, it was supposed to be about the budget and that is what they were talking about, the final budget vote today. and meeting and it was all about chairman brown and, at the end of the budget meeting, he addressed reporters. this is some of what he had to say. >> i'm not going to answer any questions regarding an investigation or anything taking place. if ask me that question, i will not answer the question. i have no comment regarding the investigation of my 2008 campaign. at all. any federal investigation questions i have, i don't have. i'll be happy to answer any other question that you might have. >> and a lot of folks were also talking about an end to this and what. en -- happened this morning between chairman brown and the
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wtop reporter. apparently, seagrave is trying to ask the chairman about this special investigation. there was some kind of a shove that jermeshoved seagraves later on and he apologized. he said he was ready to move on and, laura, we checked in with the u.s. attorney's office to see if there is anything scheduled ahead and the u.s. attorney said no comment to us. >> matt ackland, thank you. meanwhile, the city council did approve a $9.4 billion budget plan for the city, and that included tax revenues and increased parking meter fees. the news edge where a man accused of killing an eight- year-old boy is on trial. and that little boy and his mother were walking along duke
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street last january when a car record is off the road and hit them. brian chavez hernandez was killed, his mother survived. police say that victor algona was drunk behind the wheel and driving without a license. he's facing four charges including manslaughter. the cyclist recorded a confrontation with the truck driver. laughed at himself and turned himself in. [ indiscernible ] >> what is that? >> he recorded that incident august 31st while riding down rhode island avenue. the police track down john deal using a license plate on the truck in that video. deal said he was not driving the truck at the time but turned himself in to police. >> and i am so glad the video and that incident can be used as what not to do in the
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future. i think this -- . >> and the d.c. reported john deal is a former d.c. police officer. and protestors tried holding off an eviction on capitol hill by blocking the walkway and that front door and dozens of people. fox 5s paul wagner joins us tonight with the story. paul? >> reporter: laura, protestors lined the walk waof 917 maryland avenue today, hoping to keep the u.s. marshals out of the house. the woman who lived there asked for their help after losing a last-minute appeal to stay. >> u.s. marshals were forced to pry protestors' hands from the railing. they chanted homes, not banks, and this eviction is illegal. the higher the marshals got, the more intense the confrontation and as one marshal put his hand on the written of -- grip of a gun, the front door suddenly shattered. there were no arrests and one person was injured.
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it's unclear how. an attorney with the tenant said she's been fighting to stay in the house and lost a last-minute appeal and turned to occupy d.c. for help. >> she had a lead. we think it's because there was no monthly payment of rent. she had an agreement to make repairs and renovations in lou of rent. >> and that tenant lived in the house knowing the bank foreclosed and wanted to buy it. she was hoping to buy it. she and her mother invested more than $200,000 in the house and will file a lawsuit to get it back. >> thank you. up next on the news edge, a man who killed three people in a drunk driving crash is no suing the families of his three victims. find out why he said that they owed him. sue. hello, laura, another nice day in d.c. a little cooler and nice to keep the hot at bay. we'll talk about what is going with venus and the sun, doing a
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rare and unusual dance together tonight. dave ross with a first-place team. this is exciting. >> and it is, sow. it's june. the nats in first place and this team believes it. a couple of rookies and why and this is atop the standings. we'll talk about the rookies later in sports. we'll be right back. right bac
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. an unusual story out of florida tonight. where a man who killed three people in a drunk driving crash is no suing the families of his victims. even though david -- and pleaded guilty in the case, he said the driver of the otherca car is to blame. he's more. >> reporter: it was christmas day 2007, when david slammed his pickup truck into an suv on u.s. 19 in hudson. the crash killed three people. he pleaded guilty to three
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counts of manslaughter. during the sentenceing last year, the victim's family asked for one thing. >> i had a wish list of things and that can you do to me is the following. apologize to me. >> instead of apologizing, he sued and said he should be compensated for his pain, suffering, mental anguish and the loss of enjoyment of life. he may no longer be able to enjoy life. if you look him up, you will find him here at the florida department of corrections. that's right, he's doing 12 years behind bars for dui manslaughter and could have faced life. he had drugs and alcohol in the system at the time of the crash and -- . >> took our family. >> and he claims that everyone else got it wrong.
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he claims it was williams, the driver who caused the crash. his lawyers claim the fhp botched their investigation suggesting that mit williams may have been stopped at a green light. and now, a jury will have to decide who is write. the dead driver or the prison inmate who has already pleaded guilty. still ahead on the news day in london. the queen's diamond jubilee wraps up. we have the highlights and reaction from her majesty. do you know? [ screaming ] [ laughter ] >> yeah, baby. >> and hidden cameras and the famous spokeswoman with the scare of some customers. catch their hilarious reactions on tape. that is not very nice. the video was shot during a product test in april. [ indiscernible ] the
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nature can surprise you sometimes... next time, you drive. next time, signal your turn. ...that's why we got a subaru. love wherever the road takes you. . houston, we have a problem. the wing of the space shuttle enterprise is damaged. it was at jfk airport today en route to the museum in new jersey. it suffered minor damage. the enterprise is expected to arrive at the museum tomorrow and it will make a grand entrance up the hudson river and then it will be lifted by a crane into the museum. celebrating the queen, her majesty's diamond jubilee is wrapping up in london. the british are celebrating 60 years of queen elizabeth 2 on the throne. the church bells have been ringing and crowds cheering god save the queen as the monarch
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travelled through the streets ofmond. and -- of london. the archbishop praised the queen for bringing happens to the nation and then she attendade jubilee lunch and capped off the celebration with a rare address to the nation. >> the events i have attended to mark my diamond jubilee have been a humbling experience. it's touched me deeply to see so many sizes of families, neighbors, and friends celebrating together in such a happy atmosphere. i hope the memories -- at the events and that will brighten our lives for years to come. >> and without that, he's in the hospital recovering from a bladder infection and a celebration back here at home from two of our nation's first ladies and what is a party without cake? they commemorated the 100th birthday of pat nixon and
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ladybitter johnson. students join the fun. a special summer display that is -- of rarely seen documents and photos. thank goodness no rain can spoil that celebration. >> absolutely, and we're glad about that. >> yeah. >> and a spectacular event. >> and i am watching it online. >> yeah. >> and going to pull it up to you. and that is a dot. and there is, can you get online if you can't and if you don't have the ability to see it yourself. and what is going on. and that is an animation. there are live pictures that we'll be able to see here and we're going to be talking about the transit of venus and for the next few hours or so and pull that up online if you don't have an opportunity to get online or down to seat
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telescope. and this is what is going and that is going across the face of the sun and that is unusual and happening right now. the best time to look at 8:30 and it was more a seven-hour process and our portion of it can be seen with that small window. definitely don't look directly at the sun and the next time it's visible, the year is 2117. and meanwhile, as you look at on a -- across the region today, temperatures were 71 degrees and they will be a few degrees warmer tomorrow and some showers here and there, too and not a wet day or a widespread wet day. thursday, 78 degrees and may be a thunderstorm across the area and friday, looks like the pattern is changing and 1 degrees, looks like we'll go through the day completely dry and the high pressure is building in and starts changing up the weather pattern and that will get rid of a lot of clouts and that is coming from an area of pressure that is off the canadian maritime and a couple
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of showers along interstate 81 and moving on down south of richmond. again, coming from this the mother ship and this spins up here. pieces of energy rotate around it and some showers coming down now and into new york. and that is the portions of new jersey through the night. for us, keep a spotty shower possible, mainly west of town. i wanted you to see those last night and that is chilly across the region and drop to 58 in washington. gaithersburg, up to 54 and athens, 60 and most areas down into the 50s and i think we're going to do that again tonight. we bounced up to 71 at reagan and dulles and bwi70. north and west of town, stay put to the upper 60s. and that is when we find most of our temperatures at this hour with a few spots to the south still and a lot of 50s. as the clouds break up later tonight, we'll definitely head back to the 50s and can you see the cooler air in the northeast and mid-atlantic and all of that yellow shows us the warmer air that is off to the west and
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that will get in here as soon as the roadblock happens on friday and at 7:00 68 degrees, a spotty shower west. by 9:00, 64 and by 11:00, 61 degrees and we're headed for a chilly night once again, and with some temperatures fallling into the 50s and for some of you, low 50s at that and this is your five-day forecast. we're going for a temperature of 74 for tomorrow and, again, flipped hours around and thursday, 78 degrees with. again, a couple of showers and thunderstorms. friday, saturday, and sunday, a warmer, drier plan. and we're going to push 90s by the time we get to the end of the weekend, laura. >> all right. >> and thank you very much, sue. and officials are racing to do more than prepare for the triple crown. the workers at the famed racing are threatening to strike this days ahead and the employees claimy that working without a contract in february. the main sticking issues, overtime and structure of the work week and more than 150 say they will walk off of the job
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on friday. if their demands are not met. and coming up, kristin star, kevin durant has his team on the cusp of the trip to the nba finals. dave ross is live with that sports edge. and first, put your wipers up, your zipos with the milestone. the company knows where that cigarette lighter is and on schedule to -- 500 million lighters this week. fast track to 1932, the company became a staple of americana when zipos were issued to u.s. soldiers during the second world war. ♪
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. good evening, everybody. dave ross here is live at nascar and getting ready -- at nats park and getting ready for a game against the nats and
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mets. ryan zimmerman and what about the -- surprising rookies thain the last week or so? and listen up, guys, they're -- they have a big surprise. his first career home run on sunday and he leaves right now with a 3-0-9 batting average. the rookie, he's not surprised -- and one of the year on the first. tack about the young guns at the top of the lineup? [ indiscernible ] switching it down there. and he's -- and what i like. from 1-2 and eventually that is going to keep there -- . >> the nats with a success. of course, it's been that and,
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again, we guy straussburg&would be and if you -- this gonzalez and 1-a. he's 7'2", already with an e.r.a. of 2.31 and 84 strikeouts. a humble guy and doesn't want to take the credit for the gun now. >> the main key there. >> what? >> absolutely, you know. the rotation is unbelievable. and incredible. i mean you can't complain on the way, you know. she from the issues -- and the changes and stuff like that. you know, playing unbelievable and zimmerman with straussburg. all of the guys, you know, even with the injuries we have. some of the guys on the bench. -- on the bring. switching gears to the nba. the best-of-7 series and they go on to win. two teams year try to -- into the night. miami led austin and tied at two across the night and in
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oklahoma city, san antonio experiencing and now they are on fire. last night in san antonio, the -- from okc are not there and how about kevin durant? and to him for two of the 23 and then at the end of three, durant doing what he does. the -- [ indiscernible ] 27 points for durant. oklahoma city tried to hold on and they were doing in the final minutes. sitting off two and they're now up 5 and that is a 3 and that would lead to a 10ity-102 win for oklahoma city, and that series is again tomorrow night n. novak had a rally from .271 down and to win. how about roger federer? down two sets to 1, comes all the way back to win the final against juan martin. tonight at 7:05, the nets
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against the mets, game one in the series. back to you. >> and you have to fill some seats behind me. >> they will be packed and filled tonight by 6:30. >> thank you very much. sue, let's check in with you quickly. the rain's holding off for tonight? >> we have seen so and have a picture from nasa tv that we're able to show you and show you the five-day forecast. the temperature by 74 and dropping, guys, blocking these to the far left corner there and you can find this yourself. and there it is. >> there he is. >> yeah. >> and the tv. >> a beautiful shot. >> you have the news edge.
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