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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  June 6, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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more d.c. council drama. >> the action of one councilmember leading to speculation he may be on his way out. >> a ton confrontation as city hall gets physical. >> more speeding cameras in the district will start issuing tickets today. >> one common excuse to get out of paying those may not work anymore. >> fox 5 morning news continues right now. right now. good morning. what a beautiful morning it is. it is 6:00 on this wednesday, june 6th. you can see the sun coming up on the left of your screen.
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it will be a gorgeous day on your wednesday. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm allison seymour. >> let's day say hello to tucker barnes to get the latest on what is going on outside. >> nice start to your day. temperatures in the comfortable range in the 50s. >> it feels pretty good. >> almost light jacket weather to kids at the bus stop. it is hard to believe. going to be a nice afternoon. >> this is normal lit time of year the kids go in shorts. >> they're like oh, when is cool going to be out? >> you put the suntan lotion on at 6:00 in the morning. a couple of showers out towards easton and st. michaelal's. that shower has been pretty persistent for the past hour or so. allison, as soon as you come in, i use the word. >> what is with you and bubble. >> that sounds gross. >> i don't know why it keeps happening. front royal and culpeper have a
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few light showers as well. 59 now in washington. we are very comfortable. parts of the area in the 40s this morning. afternoon highs will be a little warmer than yesterday but still quite comfortable afternoon with low humidity and high temperatures in the low to mid-70s. about 74 for a daytime high. >> let's say hello to julie wright and get the latest on traffic. >> good morning, ladies and tucker. i said and tucker. on the roads, you will find your lanes are open as you work your way around the capital beltway with no problems reported right now eastbound along 66 coming in from 50 fair oaks. the heavy volume right here. i start to see things slow here just east of 50 headed in towards 123 and briefly at the beltway. beltway is running smoothly between anden dale and merrifield. no problems reported in you guys are traveling northbound on i-95 out of dale city. the car fire, the remains of
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that off the shoulder at 123. no big deal. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. -timetraffic. >> thank you. it appears speed maid a factor in a deadly accident in fairfax, virginia. this happened around 11:00 last fight. police say a woman driving a honda civic sideswiped a vehicle and hit a honda odyssey. the woman and her young child died. her other child suffered life- threatening injuries. driver of the honda odyssey is listed in serious condition. s we are also following a developing story involving another alleged scandal in the d.c. government. >> we are talking about the ongoing federal investigation into council's chair kwame brown's 2008 campaign. melanie alnwick has the latest on this. >> reporter: federal prosecutors have taken up three big investigates of d.c. political leaders in the past
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year. so far, two of those have ended up with the subjects of those investigations, harry thomas, jr. and howard gore, who was a member of vincent gray's campaign staff, cutting deals and pleading guilty in federal court. so many believe that the third, into kwame brown's campaign finances, is about to drop. an audit by d.c.'s office of campaign finance found that brown's 2008 election campaign failed to report more than $400,000 in contributions or expenditures and that $239,000 wound up in the hands of a consulting company controlled by brown's brother. that led to the federal investigation and recent reports indicate that the u.s. attorney is about to release information in that case. the investigate has been going on for a year. yesterday, brown told reporters he wants to get past it. >> i regret the fact that we are even having this conversation. i regret the fact that we are
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sitting here today talking about a 2008 campaign. i'm very sorry that residents have been dealing with these distracts and residents deserve better. >> reporter: now, some sources are saying that brown has met with federal prosecutors and that he has indeed struck a deal that could have him resigning as early as today but other sources are telling people that brown and federal prosecutors have indeed spoken but that there is no deal. brown, for his part told reporter yesterday that he has absolutely no plans to resign. now, there was also a little bit of a scuffle here yesterday between kwame brown and i areporter for wtop. we'll have more on that coming up at 6:30. >> thank you. meanwhile mayor vincent gray is leading a push to improve the image of the d.c. government. yesterday, he announced his nominees for a new ethics board. mayor gray's picks include
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former d.c. attorney general robert spagnletti, laura richards and deborah latham. the d.c. council also passed a $9.4 billion budget. it includes back pay for city employees who were furloughed for four days and funds to double the number of traffic cameras across the district. those cameras are already the source of much controversy too. so cumming up later this hour, we are talking with lon anderson about that very issue. another big story. the metropolitan washington airports authority board of directors will take a pivotal vote today on whether to keep a union-friendly contract for phase two of the silver line. the project labor agreement ensures certain wages, working conditions, bars, strikes and provides flexible work scheduled. opponents have argued the pla violates virginia's right to work law. both governor bob mcdonnell and supervisors in loudoun county have threatened to withhold pledged funds in the incentive
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is not removed. the pla has been in place for the first phase of the silver line. police are still on the hunt this morning for i man who ran from the scene of a deadly shooting at the southern avenue metro station in temple hills. police found the man shot in the head in a bus bay. it was 9:30 last night. the victim is believed to be in his 40s. service at the station is back to normal this morning. still ahead on fox 5 morning news, a push to level the playing field when it comes to women's pay. support are including maryland senator barbara mikulski say it is an issue that still need a lot of improvement. an update from the campaign trail including why republican presidential nominee mitt romney is commenting on yesterday's gubernatorial recall election in the state of wisconsin. wisc we'll be back in a moment.  we're sitting on a bunch of shale gas.
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the governor of wisconsin
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win as a recall election. republican presidential nominee mitt romney says the failed attempt to recall scott walker extends beyond wisconsin proffering he says that voters want to cut spending. walker's opponents wanted him removed from office after he tried to strip public employee unions of collective bargaining rights. a move he says was meant to save money. walker's democratic chalenner milwaukee mayor tom barrett conceded late last night -- democratic challenger. romney won all of the presidential primaries in five states. mitt romney now has about 1400 more delegates than the 1144 needed to qualify for the republican nomination for president. the u.s. confirms a drone attack did get al-qaeda's number two man in pakistan. the white house calls it a major blow to the terror group. he was known for escaping a u.s. military prison in
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afghanistan back in 2005. he was the chief propgandist that inspired militant worldwide. republicans argue the bill is redundant. an update on the battle over the paycheck fairness act. we are checking in with tucker for your full forecast. fox 5 morning news will be back in just a minute.
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take a look at yesterday's transit of venus seen from sky fox last night just after 8:00. that tiny plaque dot on the up are right of the sun is venus. this won't happen again until 2117. this is incredible. that is so neat to see. >> that is kind of amazing. >> it is when you think about it. tony was saying earlier too that we didn't even think about it, how is it that we see it in
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the sky and it looked like a star but when you see it, it looks like bigger and not a ray of light. now, he has me thinking. we have to figure that out. >> we have to ask the weather guys. >> we'll ask the weather guys. >> call greg redfern. >> go back to the sky guy, the expert. >> weather looks great. we have some 40s out there. a little cool in a few spots. but later today, lots of sunshine. partly sunny skies with high temperatures back in the 70s. right now, 59 degrees at reagan national. gaithersburg, 46. we've got some cool temperatures. 48 in martinsburg. leonardtown, good morning, 55 for you. nice comfortable start to the day. we'll enjoy high temperatures in the mid-70s later this afternoon way amix of clouds appear some sunshine. one or two sprinkles to start your day south of the city here. we have a light shower south and west through the city down towards culpeper.
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a few light showers. it is starting to fall apart. we had a thunderstorm complex just south of stevensville working towards cambridge and easton. that look like that is falling apart as well. most of the area dry. we showed you some live shots. we've got some sunshine as well. looking at the big picture. area of low pressure off the eastern seaboard of new england here and our flow continues to be kind of out of the north and northeast. we'll enjoy one more day with these temperatures below normal before a warming trend this weekend as we get into friday, saturday and sunday. high pressure will build in. if you have ahe been musing the hazy, hot and huged condition that are more traditional with june and july around here, just hang in there. i think by the end of the weekend, our high temperatures should top out in the upper 80s or 90 by wednesday. generally a nice looking day. enjoy the cool temperatures
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while we've got them. we've got warmer temperature as mentioned on the five-day. partly sunny skies, scattered showers. there are your wind out of north and east at about five to 10 miles per hour. could be an early shower and we'll be just partly cloudy during the overnight hours. here is your warming trend. nothing too extreme here over the next couple of days. 81 tomorrow with a few more showers. friday looks good, 82. by saturday and sunday, upper 80s to about 90 by sunday afternoon. and humid too. so it will be hazy hot and humid by sunday. lets he do some traffic with julie wright. >> checking in with our waze crews this morning. checking out that drive along northbound i-95. already have reports of heavy volume in hour hov lanes from possum boy, thank you very much. as you check in making your way northbound along i-95. experiencing traffic well below speed. a little further north on 395, you will find from richard lanes are open, about 40 miles per hour as you work your way north of the beltway conning
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out towards the 14th street bridge. heavy volume still with us in newington. pace has improved as you continue northbound onto 395. eastbound on 66, the lanes are open, no problems to report. traffic volume remains heavy, slow and steady. no problems reported on the beltway between an and del and merrifield. here is that outer loop leaving university boulevard continuing around towards georgia avenue. still an easy drive southbound 95, 295 in good shape coming in out of laurel. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. a push for equal pay shot down by republicans. they say protects promoted by the paycheck fairness act are already in place. the act failed in the senate yesterday along party lines. democratic senator barbara mikulski of maryland is the sponsor of t she and others say while advancements have been made, there is still a lot of work to be done. the bill would require employers to prove differences
6:20 am
in pay are based on qualifications and not gender. >> for some reason, it is acceptable that women do not need to be paid as much as men for the exact same work. this is unacceptable. >> republican presidential nominee mitt romney has not said if he supports the paycheck fairness act. president obama said senate republicans put partisan politics ahead of american women and their families. coming up next, we'll go live to fox business network in new york. look like the super rich are making less. >> and as we go to break, dull and boring are joining forces to become one dynamic tour imdraw. the town of boring, oregon has become a sister city with dull, scotland. scotland. do you see it ?
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late talk about yesterday's rebound on the market. lawyeren simonetti with fox business network is live in new york with this morning's business beat. good morning. >> good morning. >> i don't see you yet. there you are. good morning to you. it is allison in washington. >> how are you? >> i'm well, thank you. looking a teensy, weensy bit better. >> yes, it looked better. but this morning, the stocks are soaring. oil is up.
6:25 am
gold is up. everything is sport a green arrow. the reason is, moments from now, with will get a decision on interest rates from the european central bank. the ecb is not expected to do much but we'll see what they have to say about how they are going to handle the debt crisis in europe. apparently, ahead of that, we're optimistic. >> wall street vie minds me of some ex-boyfriends. very fickle. >> don't even try to understand it. let's talk about the latest data talking about the super rich. tell us about t. >> the average income for the 400 richest americans was $202 million. now, latest data was from 2009. but that was actually 25% less than what they made in 2008 and about 40% less than what they made in 2007. 2007 was a great year, near $4 manhunt million f you are curious swat tax rate is, it is about 0% for the 400 richest
6:26 am
americans. >> it is all relevant. i'm sure they felt it in their own way too. i can only dream and imagine. lauren simonetti, thank you so much. >> nice to see you. >> you too. still ahead on a wednesday, red light cameras, speeding cameras. nobody like to see a picture their car snapped in one of those tickets you get in the mail. soon, a common excuse to get out of paying those might not work anymore. we'll explain, coming senate we are follow a developing story. more drama for the d.c. city council. a confrontation turns physical and more questions are raised about the future of another councilmember. we're back after this. 
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queen elizabeth ii waving. look at that. waving from her balcony at buckingham palace to crowds marking her 60 years on the
6:30 am
throne. hopefully, we'll get that. she is on the balcony with the roy family. she made her final live appear's at the diamond jubilee. she closed the fourth day of sell brays with an address to the nation. -- of celebration with an address to the nation. >> the event i have attended to mark my diamond jubilee have been a humbling experience. it has touched me teenly to see so many thousands of families, neighbors and friends celebrating together in such a happy atmosphere. >> crowds gathered to catch i glimpse of her majesty. there they were. a quick shot there. her majesty waving. >> it is just like. this a little thing. >> just a little -- it is in the wrist, right? >> she looks like everybody's grandmother. >> beautiful white hair and her
6:31 am
face. >> she looks good. >> she is the queen after all. >> standing strong. >> absolutely. all right. let's get to the weather forecast. no problems here. we have partly sunny skies, some temperatures in the mid- 70s. >> it is s. to a forecast fit for a queen? >> ooh. >> let's contemplate. >> it is kind of cool so fit for an english queen. >> we have a couple of light showers across the region. that one shower there has been hanging out all morning long. otherwise being a for you light showers early out towards cull pep are and front royal. not going to amount to a whole lot. temperatures right now are cool. yeah, 51 in baltimore. 59 here in washington. 49 this morning at ocean city. this might be it for the cool weather. 54 in winchester. a few afternoon showers but nothing to be terribly concerned about.
6:32 am
not awashout. >> sounds good. thank you. let's say hello to julie wright and get the latest on traffic. >> good morning, you guys. we'll check in with our waze crews in just a minute. let's say hello to our crew in sky fox. they are finally making their way around, finding that slow traffic that is on 95 this morning not only from 630 courthouse road to triangle, dale city across the occoquan but here leaving 7100 up to the beltway. that is how it rolls. we'll say good morning to some of our waze folks. outer loop of the beltway approaching new hampshire avenue, laney says we do have one car stopped on the shoulder there. coming southbound along i-59 as you work your way down towards laurel, checking in here with below speed traffic as you guys work your way south of 198. the leap are open continuing out towards the capital beltway. so far, not a bad ride. 295 looks good coming in out of laurel.
6:33 am
you will find the lanes are open working your way past university boulevard headed over towards georgia avenue. if you are making your trip along 66 eastbound, traffic remains heavy and slow leaving 50 fair oaks to 123. again, approaching the capital beltway. the beltway starting to slow approaching gallows road. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. etraffic. we are following some new developments in the ongoing federal investigation involving d.c. council chairman kwame brown. >> the chairman is now speaking out about his future. fox 5's melanie alnwick is live at the wilson building with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. you know, it is just distraction after distraction here at the wilson building. so council was scheduled to meet yesterday. they had to pes a budget. they are all looking into emergency legislation about immigration enforcement and council chairman kwame brown instead was fending off rumors he may be forced to resign and also apologizing for shoving a
6:34 am
reporter yesterday. -- they had to pass a budget. an audit found that brown's 2008 election campaign failed to report more than $400,000 in contribution an expenditures and that $239,000 wound up into the hands of a consulting company controlled by brown's brother. and that led to a federal investigation. recent reports indicate that the u.s. attorney is about to release information that case. before the legislative session began, a wtop reporter tried to ask brown about the investigation and here what is he said happened. >> began to ask him a question about one of the rumors that was reported last night that he had been in negotiations with the u.s. attorney's office. i couldn't even finish asking my question before he turned around to me and put his forearm against my chest and pushed me against the wall. >> mark ran up on me and in the room that only council members and staff are allowed. i didn't know who that was jumping this close to me. i told mark and i've nope mark for a long time, i apologized if he fell as show he was being
6:35 am
shoved. that was not my intention at all. >> reporter: apparently, there were at least two other reporter there that did witness the incident. now, brown has told reporters he has no plans to resign. some sources are saying that he did speak with federal investigators and has cut a deal that would include him stepping down but others say he has met with the u.s. attorney's office but as not made a deal. so, we will have to stay on top of this one. it could be a very interesting week here at council chambers. >> a messy one for sure. thank you. mayor vincent gray is leading a push to improve the image of the d.c. government. he announced his picks to lead an ethics committee. mmittee. all three are d.c. residents. the d.c. council also
6:36 am
passed a $9.4 billion budget yesterday. it includes back pay for city employees who were furloughed for four days and funds to double the number of traffic cameras across the district. and speaking of that, more traffic cameras in the district will start issuing tickets today. and we are talking more about that with lon anderson from aaa. that is coming up in just a few mines. the push is on to overhaul d.c.'s taxi industry making cabs more customer friendly. yesterday, council gave preliminary approval to a measure that would, among other things be upgrade the meet system in all cabs to accept debit and credit cards. and add emergency alert buttons for both the driver and passengers. some other top stories this morning. a deadly accident in fairfax, virginia. this happened on lee highway near germantown road around 11:00 last night. police say a mother and her young child were killed when she sideswiped a vehicle and hit another car coming out of a driveway. the woman's other young child and the driver of the other car
6:37 am
were seriously injured. police say speed did play a factor in that accident. the metropolitan washington airports authority board of droakors will take a pivotal vote today on whether to keep a up-friendly contract for phase two of the silver line. the project labor agreement or p pl. a, ensures certain wages, working conditions, bars strikes and provide flexible work schedules. opponents have argued that the pla violates virginia's right to work law. governor bob mcdonnell and supervisors in loudoun county have threatened to withhold $350 million in funds for the incentive isn't removed. a very special graduation day for seniors at dunbar high school. reverend al sharpton will deliver the commencement address. dunbar has an impressive history with graduates including eleanor holmes norton and mayor vincent gray. up next on fox 5 morning news, ever got ain't red light or speeding kal rae ticket and said well, that wasn't me
6:38 am
driving. too bad. we'll tell you about a big change coming that will make that excuse unacceptable. fox 5 news is back in a moment. when it comes to gardening, we're, well, inexperienced.
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you know driving in d.c. is difficult to say the least. it seems like everywhere you turn, there is something to contend with somewhere and soon one excuse many drivers use to get out of those tickets from the red light appear speeding cameras may not work anymore. on top of that, more speed cameras will start issuing tickets in the district today. joining us now is lon anderson with aaa mid atlantic. it seems like we have cameras everywhere now. let's talk a little bit about this bill that has gotten preliminary approval from the tease council. if someone is driving your door -- from the d.c. council.
6:42 am
>> if someone is driving your car and you get a ticket, you're still responsible. >> they are saying it is the drive who is responsible. so it will be much more difficult for folks would legitimately perhaps were not driving their car. perhaps they had friends in town and a few week later, they get a speeding ticket. now, the driver will have to pay the tickets. d.c. is just continuing to ratchet up its war on motorists or at least its tax on motorists' wallets. today, they've got about two dozen new speed zones where cameras could be but those cameras are going live right now. >> right. >> and i think one of the interesting things is that maryland commuters have been for many years now felt like they've been unfortunately under attack by these cameras. well, virginia motorists now need to beware. a lot of the routes that they
6:43 am
use coming into town now have cameras. like you come off the 14th street bridge, there is a speed camera there now. virginia motorists, please beware. >> le a talk about the pros and cons of this because no one wants unsafe driving out there. but what is the problem with all of these crackdowns on motorists. you call it the war on motor i haves. what do you think are the big standout point that you disagree with these cameras. >> we support enforcement programs when they are used for safety. i guess one of the interesting things is that now d.c. has dropped all pretense that they're if safety. the mayor had a budget deficit. he comes in and says why don't we make $30 million more off of speed cameras and other kind of automated enforcement cameras. we are just going to use motorists wallets to close the difference. forget safety and that is our
6:44 am
problem. we don't think law enforcement ought to be done for profit. we think that policing ought to be about safety. this is really, we believe, corrupting law enforcement to use it to fill a budget deficit. but at least it is clearly what they're doing and they can say it is all about safety but the fact is we have not had any big increase in deaths or anything that would warrant all of this additional coverage. is there any evidence out there that we've got huge increases in speeding that would warrant a massive ratcheting up of speed enforcement in no. >> is this any group out there that will be able to get together and make a difference saying get these speed cameras taken down? >> i'm not sure that there is. we-- at aaa, we are certainly railing about it and trying to make motor i haves aware of. it at some point, who knows? maybe district residents will get fed up and it will become an election issue.
6:45 am
i think this could well be. and, of course, it looks like people are lining up to challenge mayor gray. it this may be a very emmitt mat issue on which to chal think him. it goes well beyond just these tickets. -- on which to challenge him. >> the way we welcomed all of the visitors during the cherry blossom festival. 68,000 tickets during the cherry blossom festival. >> lon anderson, always love it when you come in. thank you for spending your morning with us. >> thank you for having me. >> all right. tucker, there you go. don't speed. beware. >> good weather for tickets. >> it is always good weather for tickets. >> all right. let's go with the forecast. we are looking fine today. if you are going to be out driving and want to follow the speed limit and enjoy the nice conditions. we have a fine looking forecast ahead. 17 your daytime high yesterday. our daytime highs yesterday about 10 degrees below what we
6:46 am
would consider average around here for this time of year. so cooling yesterday. be cool again today although i think we'll add a couple of degree to these numbers. probably be in the mid-70s for afternoon high temperatures. cool right now. check it out. 59 in washington. 48 this morning in gaithersburg. it is june 6th. amazing. 57 in manassas. very comfortable start to your day. we are expecting high temperatures in the low to mid- 70s for afternoon highs. and you know what? still a few degree below normal even though we continue to be under the influence of this area of low pressure. one more day of it, really one and a half more days of it. we'll be in this weather pattern for another day and a half as an area of low pressure here off coast will continue to kind of give us that flow from the north and east. a couple of showers to the south. these aren't going to amount to much. we'll see the possibility of a for you more scattered showers in that afternoon sun a little later today. otherwise, steady as she goes way nice warming pattern as we get into the weekend. we'll be hazy, hot and huge you
6:47 am
had around here by sunday. 74 today. partly sunny. scatter showers possible. there are your wind out of the north and east about five to 10. here is your five-day forecast. next couple of days, more of the same and then we'll get into the warming trend as we get into the weekend as high pressure builds in from the west. by saturday, 86 with sunshine and by sunday, wouldn't you know it? 90-degree back in the forecast with hazy, hot and humid conditions expected. so, if you've been taking a couple of days off from the pool, you can return this weekend. >> thank you. we get allison for ask the weather guys. >> i know. >> i know you love t you are always watching it downstairs. you're here for it and it is time for it. it is time for ask the weather guys, the most popular segment in morning television. the segment where tucker barnes and i and others put our heads
6:48 am
together to answer your most pressing questions weather- related or otherwise. today's question comes from chris in stafford, virginia. chris is 16 years old. i don't know if chris is a boy or girl. but chris writes with the recent solar eclip on the west coast and now the venus transit, i was won aring if there will be a solar eclipse visible in the d.c. area sometime in the near future. >> good question, chris. takes a lot of figuring to figure this out. starting today, we have a new intern in the weather department who tucker immediately put him to work and he came one the answer to today's question. his name is tyler eliason. am i saying that right? yes. and valparaiso. >> oh, in indiana. >> he has not earn his stripes to be on camera yet. that will come later in the
6:49 am
summer. >> or tomorrow. >> but we thank you for your help. >> maybe by tomorrow since he will be doing all the ask the weather guys. >> don't scare him. >> the answer to your question, it's complicated answer really. the d.c. area will not have a view of a total eclipse, a total solar eclipse for 20 years. so there will somebody opportunity before then to see partial eclipses, right? >> the next one happens to occur on november 3, 20136789 it is before sunrise so you are not likely to see that one. -- on november 3, 2013. >> but there are cameras. >> i think chris wants to know when can we see one. >> technically, you can't see the solar eclipse in the sun is not up.
6:50 am
>> all right. so did you give november 3rd. >> i d. >> there will be a partial eclipse visible on october 23, 2014. we are talking partial with only a small percentage of the sun covered of so in the a big spectacular one. but october 23rd, 2014. >> we want to look forward to august 21, 2017. that will happen in the late afternoon and roughly 80% of the -- >> what year is that? >> 2017. >> so start making plans today. >> inwe'll all still be here for that. >> the total eclipse not for 20 years. so it will be quite some time. an also, remember, even with the ones we're mentioning, some of them you won't see because the sun will not be in the right position. a of this -- all of this will depend on cloud cover. >> like we saw last night. >> take a look at the images of
6:51 am
transit of venus. this was from sky fox? >> yes. >> we have all kind of special filters and things that we can use to shoot this. >> check it out. >> it looks like a little mole. >> you heard julie say. et thing. i thought he was near the moon. >> can we have tyler having a pop-up head. on the side? >> you already want tyler on the graphic? >> he has answered one question. >> don't be so mean. >> i like the young people. >> don't be so mean. >> she likes him because he is cute. >> anybody el thinking of total eclipse of the heart right now. >> all right. thank you, tyler. welcome aboard. >> i can see clearly now.
6:52 am
>> oh, went a different direction. >> there was a little pop-up on the side. >> hi, tyler. >> if you have a question you want answered, go to and click on the weather tab. can you also upload your video question. we may play it on air. >> and all the other interns that had to do this job. >> we neve featured their pictures. >> let's check in with julie wright to get the latest on traffic. >> let me extend a warm welcome to tyler. any time you can come over here, not as many egos on this side of the stage. >> just one great big one. >> let me immediately warn tyler. we'll talk to you about julie. >> there is a reason why we're in separate studios. all right. again, i have my waze craze. i love my wazers. if you guys are traveling eastbound along 66, moderate traffic right now. just trying to head east of fair oaks and continuing
6:53 am
inbound towards 123. again, with the delays as you guys continue closer to the capital beltway, you will find yourself below speed as you guys continue in towards 459 into that bright sunshine. now organization the other side of town, we've got slow traffic northbound along i-95 as you work your way up in towards newington i'm few moments ago, we had a variable message sign that was distracting traffic. northbound i-59 remains slow as you travel north of newington headed out to the franconia spring field parkway. here is that live shot as you travel north of landmark. heavy volume continues eastbound on the freeway working your way over towards the exit for south capital street. southbound 270, not too busy here at father hurley boulevard. you will find yourself on the brake approaching 307. that's a check of 370. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> first lady michelle obama made an appear an on late night with david letterman last night. the topic guardenning for the
6:54 am
top ten list. >> number six. >> the largest zucchini ever grown contained starbucks. >> that's right. number five. >> later this year, the supreme court will finally rule on tote -- on tomato, versus tomato. >> who saws tomato? >> some very fancy people i suppose. >> find on the how one restaurant is helping kid develop a live long love of yummy veggies. they are doing it with pizza. we'll explain when we're back in a moment.
6:55 am
and that's o our quarterly wrap-up -- any thoughts? wow. outstanding. off the charts. boo-yah! excelente! that went well. add flavor to your day with dunkin's new breakfast burritos, with fire-roasted veggies and delicious steak. try one today. do you read in bed? do you read out loud or in your head? do you need a lamp to see? and does it leave your bedmate be? don't you wish there was a light that wouldn't keep them up all night?
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good morning i am holly morris. do you ever have trouble
6:58 am
getting your kids to eat their veggies? the answer may lie in pizza. that is what they believe with a new program. we are live at fuel pizza, in northwest, where some young people from harriet tub man have taken a field trip. they have going to make their own pizza. but not just any they have to plant and grow their own toppings first. that is what they are doing with the help of kid power, a nonprofit that melt pes dc public schools and -- helps dc public schools and kids, plant their own garden. we will see what they are learning. can you give them our big tv smiles before they go. i said they could only be on tv if they had the perfect smile and there they are. >> we will check with you later on. good morning to our facebook fan of the day, patricia garner
6:59 am
davis she writes she loves fox 5 news in the morning crew she follows julie on twitter which she is always tweeting she is happy to be fan of the day but more proud of her baby boy who graduates from dunbar high school. congratulations, now over to allison and tony. good morning. good morning sarah thank you so much. coming up, on fox 5 morning news in the 7:00 a.m. hour tragedy on a busy road in northern virginia, a mother and her 8-year-old daughter lose their lives in a late night accident. another child is fighting for her life. how and where this happened straight ahead. no plans to resign. i have no plans at this time to resign. dc council chair, kwame brown firmly responding to rumors he is close to resigning and taking action definitely pointing to changes


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