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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  June 6, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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you ever wondered, how the power companies go about getting your lights back on. a look at the virginia, dominion command center as they go through their own drill. >> president and first lady getting some laughs this morning. michelle obama's top ten one liners from the david letterman show and a mash up of the president's speeches, set to a current hit on the radio. i have not seen that yet. >> i either. looking forward to it. >> tucker barnes is down stairs in the weather center. this is where it all happens the nerve center good morning. >> that's right we are working hard down here, trying to verify it will be 75 today, sure enough it is, live shot, looking fine, partial sunshine to start your day after a cool start should be a nice afternoon, could be a few showers again today just like yesterday. just be ready for it most of your day nice and dry, current temperature regan national, as mentioned, 60s start with hd radar just want to point out a few showers south and east of the city, down near cambridge
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showers hanging out and a few more west, south and west, manassas there, well out to the south and west, as you get out towards front royal, a few showers as well. a hit and miss during the course of your day but most of your day should be nice and dry. temperatures 65, regan national, 62 baltimore, check out frederick and hagerstown still in the 50s. 56 right now, in hagerstown, forecast looks great, temperatures a little warmer than yesterday, low to mid-70s daytime highs with a few scattered showers this afternoon. nice warm up in store for the weekend if you like the heat and humidity, that is back on the 5 day. detail for you in a minute. back to you. new this morning, a woman and her 8-year-old daughter killed during a tragic accident, police say the woman sideswiped a vehicle and then hit a honda odyssey you see there on lee high bay near german town road, 11:00 p.m. last night. her 6-year-old daughter
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suffered life threatening injuries the driver of the other car is in serious condition. speed did play a role in this crash. police on the hunt for a man who ran from the scene of a deadly shooting at the southern avenue metro station in temple hills. officers found a man shot in the head, in a bus bay around 9:30 p.m. last night the victim is said to be in his 40s. now officers say the suspect ran through the parking lot at the time of the shooting. service at the station is running on a normal schedule today. back the our big story this wednesday morning new developments regarding investigation into the chairman of the dc council. talking about the ongoing federal investigation into kwame browns, 2008 campaign. >> melanie alnwick is live with the latest good morning melanie. >> good morning tony. i got to tell you it is just distraction after distraction here at the wilson building, well, the council was supposed to meet yesterday to vote on a
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budget and passing emergency legislation, regarding immigration enforcement kwame brown was sending off rumors he may be forced to resign soon and shoving a reporter. dcs office of campaign finance found brown's 2011 election campaign failed to report more than $200,000 in contributions and expenditures and $239,000 wound up in the happens of his brother, recent reports indicate the u.s. attorney may be about to release information. here is what brown said happened. >> i began to ask him a question about one of the rumors reported last night he had been in negotiations with u.s. attorneys office i couldn't even finish asking my question before he turned around to me and put his forearm against my chest and pushed me against the wall.
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>> i didn't know who that was jumping that close to me i told mark i have known mark for a long time i told him i apologized he felt as though he was being shoved that was not my intention at all. >> well, two other reporters said think did witness that incident they did see it happen brown told reporters later when asking about the investigation and rumors about his future that he has no plans to resign and it all came about tony and allison because some sources are saying brown has met with federal investigators and has cut a deal part of that deal would be having him step down as council chairman, other sources however, are admitting that brown and the u.s. attorneys office have met and have spoken but there is no deal so certainly, it is going to be something that we are going to watch very closely here at city hall. back to you. >> all right melanie thank you very much. governor of wisconsin makes
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history republican scott walker became the first sitting governor to survive a recall election. as doug luzader shows us it was a recall election the whole nation was watching. >> reporter: this is just the third time in u.s. history a governor faced a recall election but this time, it didn >> voters really do want leaders who stand up and make the tough decisions. >> reporter: and those voters had simply jammed many polling sites around wisconsin through the day. turn out in the neighbourhood of 65%, the kind of numbers you rarely see outside of a presidential election. but this race really began last year with massive protest that followed governor walkers decision to clamp down on public sector unions to help balance the state's books. unions in turn, heavily funded the effort to toss out the governor a rematch between
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walker and his 2010 opponent who lost this time by a wider 7 point margin. >> this is not an end tonight, this is an end of another chapter, of wisconsin's history but there are more chapters to come. >> reporter: that is a tough point to argue against republicans are already taking a fresh look at wisconsin >> it is clearly going to put wisconsin in my opinion into play 234 november. >> reporter: not so fast -- play in november. >> reporter: not so fast says the obama campaign. according to exit polls a slim majority of them said they still support the president, so for wisconsin voters, wary of protracted political fights, this is just the beginning. president obama did endorse the democrat but did it on twitter never actual hi campaigning for him, keeping his distance from a very difficult race in washington doug luzader, fox news. mitt romney sweeps last night's primaries presumptive republican nominee won all
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fiverepublican contests, 264 delegates were at stake, including all of californias, 169. romney already had more than enough delegates to secure the nomination before yesterday's elections. there is only one more republican presidential primary left. utah votes june 26th. >> driving in the district was already pretty difficult seems everywhere you turn there is a red light or speed camera, now, there are more. the district added about two dozen new speed zones, where they are allowed to place cameras today the cameras will start issues tickets to motorists, safety is not thedriving force behind that move. >> dc dropped all pretense they are fore saking because the mayor had a budget deficit and didn't know how to close it then he comes in said why don't we make $30 million more off of speed cameras, and other kinds of automated enforcement cameras. we will just use motorists wallets to close the
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difference. forget safety. >> dc council also given preliminary approval to a new law that will make car owners responsible for all tickets issued to the vehicle regardless who is driving right now many drivers are able the get out of paying speeding and red light camera districts if they tell the court they were not the ones behind the wheel. >> we have all seen it one time or another belt way in northern virginia it can be a mess especially at night when several lanes are frequently closed for overnight construction work. >> don't expect relief in the coming months v dot maintains it is for a good cause. bob bar in regard has that story -- barnard has that story. >> reporter: this is what the belt way construction project looks like up close. now four years into the $1.4 billion project. the virginia department of transportation is building 14 miles of new express lanes, two in each direction, from just north of the dulles toll road all the way to springfield.
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you will need an easy pass to use them, unless you are on a motorcycle. buses are excluded as well and with all that construction, comes all this traffic. yes, v dot says it is going to be a rough summer. >> at night, it is impossible to see anything. it is crazy some times. >> reporter: yes, it is worse late at night with often multiple lane closures on the belt way and on i-66. >> at night, you can't get around. after 9:30 p.m. they block all the exits. >> it is frustrating all of a sudden you are three lanes then it merges into two and there is like no, you don't have a heads up. >> reporter: they are trying to give drivers as much warning as possible mostly with these electronic signs but some says the still awfully confusing. >> today you know left tomorrow right. >> signs don't help much. all it says is drive safely.
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>> reporter: now v dot is trying to get with the times and get you through the construction zone, with as little hassle as possible. unvailing a new ap, for your phone, or tablet. >> it is called v dot 511, complete with travel times and real time traffic maps but don't want you to use it while driving we are told the 495 express lane project is 90% finished, they will be done by the end of the year. >> i sure hope so. because we've had enough of this. enough of this construction there. i am ready for it to be done. >> reporter: you are not alone. bob barnard fox 5 news. well, we have other important news for folks who live in virginia, actualically information to help -- actually, information to help wherever you live. >> behind the scenes at virginia, dominion's command center. how do they get your lights back on after a big storm or hurricane. >> senate republicans reject a bill for equal pay among men
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and women. we will tell you why next. 9:10 a.m., we will be right back [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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making headlines, senate republicans shoot down a push for equal pay the pay check fairness act was sponsored by maryland senator, she and others say while advancements have been made, there is still a lot of work to be done the bill would require employers to prove differences in pay are based on qualifications, not gender, but republicans say similar protections already exist. maryland live casino makes its grand opening tonight at 10:00 p.m., the casino is next to arundel mills mall in hanover. it has 4700 gaming machines and emmys 1500 workers it is expected to bring in a half billion dollars in taxes per
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year. allison, hurricane season is officially under way and dominion virginia power is getting ready for possible severe weather. it is day two of their annual hurricane preparedness drill we are getting a closer look how they work to get your lights back on after a storm and what customers can do to protect themselves. joining us now from the command center in chantilly is spokesperson for dominion, virginia power good morning thanks for taking time out to join us this morning. tell us, what exactly happens, -- >> good morning tony>> good morning to you. tell us what happens during the hurricane preparedness drill. >> well, dominion is preparing for what we would do in the event of a hurricane as you know we have had hurricanes before. what we are doing is role playing what we have had is day two of major storm that has comb through our major area, -- day two that has come through
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our major area. hurricane joseph came through, at category one and reached northern virginia about midnight, and at 8:00 a.m. today, the eye of the storm is just pass through northern virginia. we know there are 800,000 customers in our service area that have lost power so far and with another five hours of heavy rain and hype winds, we know that we could -- high winds we know we could have up to a million customers without power. we have people role playing, bob here is normally on his day today job, a shift manager, but during our storm drill, he is our restoration manager and today he is talking with two of our local managers, one in charlottesville and one in wood bridge asking what our man power needs are, what kind of damage they are seeing. >> more critical projects. >> mm-hmm. >> i hear what he is doing there. >> we are testing our
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technology. >> go on. go on. >> we are testing our technology and communications making shower that we are communicating with our external audiences as well as with emergency operations center, and you saw on the map earlier we can track where our trucks are so we can very easily send our crews to where we have the most critical damage, and get lights back on. >> once you've done the whole drill how long does it take before you are able to analyze everything and come up with oh, we had a problem here we have to do something better here. >> very quickly, i will tell you that, while we are doing a storm today, we are also always analyzing how well we are king and what we can do to -- and what we are doing that we can do better whether it is a small afternoon thunderstorm or major hurricane or drill like this. we will be able to assess what
9:18 am
we need to do differently so we can be better at addressing customers and get the lights back on quickly and safely. >> and finally there are tips you want to give the public about how we can be better prepared for a scenario like this, you want the give those to us. >> that would be great. we have -- we are ready in the event of a major outage and want customers to be ready too. a few things customers can do. the first make sure your account with us is updated if you have a any cell phone number, work number you want on file provide that to us and do that through our website, through my accounts. and the other thing is to have our toll free number on hand, often times people thing during a major event and power outage the neighbor is going to call or dominion has special technology that tells us a customer is without power we rely actually on the customer to call us and let us know their power is out.
9:19 am
that number is 1-866-dom help, the other thing we advice customers to do have their emergency kit and emergency plan in place. talk with your family members, make sure your kids know what to do in the event of an emergency and that kit i mentioned make sure that has batteries, flashlight, portable operated radio so that you can keep in touch with your local meteorologist and know what is happening weather wise but dominion has multiple mediums of getting information out to customers one through media, the other we have a facebook account and we also have twitter, so like us on facebook and follow us on twitter and we will provide tips, we will provide warnings that we are aware of, so that our customers can be ready for storms just as we are, preparing ourselves and are ready during major storm events. >> all right, thanks for taking time out this morning. you can go to we will link you to the dominion
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virginia power website thank you good to see you. >> coming up problems for shuttle enterprise as it heads to its final destination we will tell you what happened. >> if you missed last night's transit of venus we have spectacular images you are going to want to see. first we go to holly she is learning how to make a healthy pizza. you want spectacular take a look at this, quite a pizza pie and it is all healthy as we are learning about field to fuel. we are live at fuel pizza in northwest and what it is really fueling, oh, yeah, come to mama, is a love of veggies for kids we will tell you about it live later. ♪ [ music ] >> first another anchor trivia question. >> oh,. >> question question. so i didn't always want to be a news anchor what was my dream career, when i was young? >> cheerleader. >> archaeologist, school bus
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driver, cosmetologist, or engineer. the answer coming up later but hey, if you want to guess you think you know me? are you talking to me? head to our facebook page fox 5 morning news back after the break 
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>> some problems for space shuttle enterprise the wing of the spacecraft was nicked at jfk enroute to the intrepid, sea air and space museum. the wing has minor damage. it is expected to arrive today and will make its grand entrance up the hudson river before being lifted by a crane into the museum. all right now let's turn t some really cool pictures of the transit of venus when the planet passed between the earth and sun this happened last night. take a look, the first image, is when venus first appeared at the edge of the sun. >> love that. >> mm-hmm
9:25 am
>> later nasa equipment captured venus as a distinct black dot on the upper left. >> look at the sun >> i know look at the sun. >> check out this image of the transit taken from the astronauts on the international space station. just, i am awed by its perfectness, like the perfect circle and the sun. nature. >> same with the earth. >> here is your chance to debt in on a trip to mars but there is a huge catch. a dutch company called mars one is planning to establish a settlement on the red planet by the year 2023. the idea is to first send rovers to stake out a good site and then build living units. the crew will head out on the 7 month trip in 2022 another group will join the colony every two years. now, here is the catch t voyage is a -- the voyage is a one way ticket no return trip back to earth. >> big catch.
9:26 am
>> mars one plans to begin the astronaut selection process next year. even with that, there will be people who will say i will do it >> that is like a twilight zone episode. the catch what was the catch? it is written in russian >> can't come back. >> if you have enough provisions and air supply. >> what the you don't like it. >> the bad. >> coming up >> i don't like it. >> boy this was a bad decision. >> remarkable story, a runner stops in the middle of her race to help another young woman whose body is giving out. get your kleenex. we will show it to you. >> first couple making headlines president obama gets in on the call me maybe craze. michelle obama gives her top ten facts about gardening. 9:26 a.m. .m. [ mom ] to me, chex is not just a little bowl of cereal,
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>> back with a story about sportsmanship a high school track star stop as race to help her struggling competitor. she was in last place when she noticed a runners body giving out in front of her. instead of speeding past the girl, she put the girls arm around her shoulder and carried her across the finish line. she came in 15th her opponent, 14th. she did take home 1st place for another race she ran that same day. >> good for her. >> is it over? >> it is great allison. >> it is too wonderful. >> would it be bad if i just kept running right past? >> you would, wouldn't you whichever >> no, i would not >> you are pretty competitive. >> tell the truth would you run by and win and then go back? >> if i was going to be in last place or second to last i would stop and help if i was going to win the race i would have to
9:31 am
think hard about it. >> you wouldn't? >> no. >> for a gold medal? >> who is the second nicest person at fox 5. >> me. >> exactly second nicest. who would stop for everybody. >> i would stop. >> all right. let's get to weather. >> temperatures mid-60s. another nice one. daytime highs again comfortable conditions expected without too much humidity it has been a great week, so hopefully, we have a chance to enjoy it. a live shot you can see, a mix of looks like filtered sunshine out there right now. as we head to high and mid- level clouds working through the area, a few showers south and west of the city, you can see very comfortable, mid-60s here in washington should be very comfortable day. let's see, lift over 50s. 59 hagerstown. rest of the region, 60s annapolis, 68, leonard town, 63 degrees. martins burg and winchester,
9:32 am
61. expect highs, yesterday, 71, today 74, 75 a little warmer than yesterday. sentinel sat rad, areas east of boston still keeping us nice and cool, our flow out of the north and north and east, dry this afternoon, without too much humidity, but we have a few showers expected later today and summer time heat and a little area of disturbed weather to our south and west, kicking up a few showers this has been over playing but a few showers south and west of the city, a few showers back in the forecast this afternoon but when all is said and done we will not see a whole lot. out west, high pressure will build in, warmer weather on the way, more humidity as we get into the end of the week. here is your future cast, scarted nature of the showers one or two pop up showers later today by 4:00 p.m. and then without the daytime heating we will lose it tonight, clear out overnight. comfortable, overnight lows
9:33 am
upper 50s to 50 and then we will do it all over again tomorrow before the big warm up gets here for the weekend. 74, partly sunny skies, scattered showers back in the forecast. later tonight a couple showers, partly cloudy overnight, winds out of the south and west, 5 to 10 your 5 day forecast if you want heat and humidity to go to the pool or, whatever you might be doing outdoors lots of sunshine hot, 0 degrees by -- 90 degrees by sunday, 90s sticking around monday, tuesday next week too. that is weather tony and allison. thank you very much. last night the first lady was on the david letterman show she did the top 10 list with some fun facts about gardening. take a look. >> number six. >> the largest zucchini ever grown contained a starbucks. >> that's right. that's right. >> number five. >> later this year the supreme court will finally rule on tomato versus toe mat toe.
9:34 am
she has been making the round offs the talk shows to promote her new book. and a video of president obama is going viral, shows him singing popular song listen. ♪ hey, i just met you and this is crazy, but here's my number, so call me maybe ♪ >> that is pretty funny it is a montage of the president's speeches, making it look like he is singing carly rae jepson's call me maybe. >> who thinks up that and finds all the right words and clips them all together. >> you kind of have to do the right inflection. >> yeah. >> that's crazy. crazy. >> all right. >> coming up baseball legend, tommy lasorta waking up in the hospital. what happened to him. >> more health problems for
9:35 am
cheryl crow. what she is battling now when we check with tmz. 9:37 a.m., first, another look at today's trivia question about me today, we are doing this with all of us a little trivia about us, i didn't always want to be a news anchor what was my dream career when i was young. >> you want d it it be one of the ojs. we will reveal the answer at the end of the show. i think i know what most people will think. i don't think it is the right answer though right back [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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a dodgers legend recovering in hospital this morning, and cheryl crow battling another health problem. we will check with tmz and our friend dax holts is back we missed you good morning. >> thanks guys. >> good to see you. >> not so up beat news today to
9:39 am
talk about let's start with tommy la sorta. >> a rough couple days for him monday he suffer add minor heart attack went into the hospital, i guess, he was expected to show up to an event, they were doing the dodgers draft pick he didn't show up so a lot of people started to get concerned, come to find out he did have a heart attack they took him to the hospital, had to put a stent in an artery, because there was some blood flow blockage and i guess doing well now and actually joked a little bit said doctors confirmed he does bleed dodger blue. that was the statement that he put out. >> good. >> so, still having a little sense of humour even with everything he is going through. >> how old is he now? 80s? >> 84. >> 84. >> yeah, he is getting older. cheryl crow, tells everyone she has a brain tumour but don't have to worry about it >> yeah, that is the thing she announced yesterday she has a brain tumour, she was having memory issues went in get it
9:40 am
checked out get an mri they did spot the tumour she is saying look it is benign all good, nothing to worry about, and then her rep said she is happy, healthy, and she is doing great don't worry about cheryl. >> of course we all know she had beat breast cancer earlier, so we just hate to hear she is going through anything else. she seems up beat about it. >> exactly and i mean that is all you can ask for, you know, someone gets dealt a yucky hand and they make the best of it. good for her. >> it is good to see you we hope you join us next week too. >> thanks guys. >> bye dax. >> also, dax compassed on the heart attack was mild -- passed on the heart attack was mild and tommy la sorta is expected to be released tomorrow. >> tony over to you. >> all righty. wrap up things with the diamond jubilee queen elizabeth the second, completed all of the activities after several days of festivities, the queen was
9:41 am
honored for her 60 years on the british throne she waved to crowds from a balcony at buckingham palace. as the royal airforce flew over. good news from her husband, prince phillip the duke of edinburgh reportedly doing much better but will stay in hospital for a few days for treatment of a bladder infection, unclear if he will be released for his 93rd birthday sunday. coming up one personal trainers extreme journey he gained weight to understand how his clients feel. a look at his progress to shed the pounds coming up. >> teaching kids to eat healthy, holly learning about a new program that pairs vegetables with pizza, helping local students make pies when we come back, 9:41 a.m. graduation, huh ? crazy, right ? well, with this droid razr by motorola on verizon 4g lte,
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>> stop for a moment to look at drew manning, weight loss is possible as a lifestyle change he packed on 7 a pounds on purpose and then start add rue tone to lose it. he is now back in shape, and hopes to use this experience, to teach his his clients, show your clients look i did it. >> confident if your skills too. >> yeah. >> all right. a huge part of a healthy diet and a new program is encouraging kids to eat them. >> what better way to entice kids than with pizza. good morning. >> good morning, it is called field to fuel this is how it works through kid power ink a nonprofit in the dc area they help kids garden if their schools they grow their own veggies do a field trip here, take veg terribles and learn how to -- vegetables and learn
9:46 am
how to make their own pizza. so, we've done all that this morning you guys ready to get your pizzas. >> yes. >> here is what you have to do. go veggie, veggies, veggies. >> look what shows up your master pieces have arrived, and as they get their pizzas delivered and start devouring the breakfast of champions i will check back in with jeremy, with fuel pizza this isn't very far from what you guys offer to your regular customers because you are really all about healthy eating in general. >> we do unbleached flour, vine ripened tomato, all fresh veggies meats come from a smaller farm, production company than your typical larger company >> i would think the pizza market is very competitive do you find that kind of getting that niche sets you apart.
9:47 am
>> it does but the it is more about doing the right thing and getting kids to learn from day one, how the eat better and let's cut down the obesity rate. >> the kids they will eat better if they know how to eat better they are not the ones not eating better they don't start it. >> exactly once they taste it and they love it, then it is easy for them. >> andrea is with me as well she is with kid power this is a big part of your mission and why is it so important to make sure kids start eating healthy at a young age >> we notice statistics, for obesity and diabetes are staggering it is important for them to learn at a young age, eating healthy is not only important but fun. >> obviously you have wonderful partners like fuel to help your mission in and of itself but how else are you able to do what you do. it is not easy to get into the schoolget new programs instituted. >> we all know our young people learn by exposure it is important to son taintly reinforce the message we need
9:48 am
-- constantly reinforce the message. we need to partner with schools, community based organizations all throughout the city to work together to make sure our young people are beating those stay it'sics. >> so the most -- stay it'sics. >> so the most important question what is your favourry pizza. >> i like -- favorite pizza. >> i like them all. i am a riviera fan. >> what is on it. >> goat cheese, tomatoes, artichoke. >> your favorite. >> i just said today i am never eating a pizza unless it comes from fuel because they are all so delicious. >> he is like you can come every day. >> so maybe, really, i should ask my expert garden growers, pizza makers, now, pizza eaters who have all of a sudden gotten very quiet i can't figure out why but looks like they are enjoying what they worked on this morning i have a couple questions, you guys tell me who wants to answer it maybe i can talk to a couple of you who can tell me, what they've learned from kid power. >> vegetables are good for you
9:49 am
to eat. >> what is on your pizza. >> tomatoes, well, first, two halves of veggies and then whatever i wanted. >> in moderation. you can have pepperoni on one side healthy on the other side. right who else learned something from kid power. some body else tell me? oddly silent here, have we learned how to grow things in our garden that we can eat? >> yes. >> that's right. that lesson is coming back to us now. who can tell me what they learned at fuel pizza anybody learned anything? >> how to throw dough. >> i remember seeing you in action. >> we remembered how to like the important things about our vegetables. >> mm-hmm. >> why it is good for us. >> mm-hmm. >> you got something over here. >> that i learned that pizza is good and good for you >> you learned pizza is good and good for you and it is
9:50 am
great for breakfast right? yes. >> okay maybe the parents didn't like that lesson. we all love our vegetables who is coming to my house and making pizza for me. >> me. >> finally something that would have them all make their hands, everyone is applauding the wonderful program, field to fuel. our website we have a link to kid power fuel pizza come out here, to fuel pizza check it out for yourself. back to y'all in studio. >> we are so hungry. >> thanks holly. >> singer trey thomas has his roots in new orleans but transported his talent to dc. >> his influence include gospel but r&b he released his second cd finally he joined us in studio recently to perform. here is trey thomas ♪ [ music
9:51 am
] ♪
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>> finally trey thomas performing at spirit of boston, lunch cruise on august 11th. warm up on the way. tucker with another check of the five day ahead. >> allison will give us thence tore today's trivia question. >> speaking of questions, do you have a question you would like to answer, send it to me head to click on the morning tab to a link to ask allison we do this segment on a variety of topics but love those relationship issues, those are our favorite ones we will answer a question, of course, as we do this friday, we do it every friday morning during the mighty 9:00 a.m. hour 
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you're going down! it's all over! no! it's not over yet! sofas that can take anything life throws at them.
9:58 am
our facebook fan of the day patricia garner davis she writes she loves fox 5 morning news and the morning crew. we appreciate that. >> we don't apologize. >> she follows julie on twitter, that must be entertaining she is happy to be fan of the day but more proud of her son who graduates from dunbar high school. yes, indeed we say congratulations to both of you for that. >> all right. time now, to answer today's trivia question you are next tucker. >> can't wait. >> this morning, we asked what was my dream career, me allison with a was my dream career when i was young. i have said it a couple times you know. >> yep. >> tucker. >> of course i know allison >> archaeologist. >> ding ding ding. >> i love history. all things history and i thought it would be so cool to actually unvail history until a 7th grade teacher who shall remain nameless and it is fine i am glad i am doing this of course told me you are going to
9:59 am
get your finger nails really dirty, you don't want the do that and at the time, she was a history teacher i thought it would be cool to share my secret passion she soured me on it >> that was enough to per said you not to do it. >> she was -- persuade you not to do it >> she was a history teacher i thought -- of course she said it was pain staking it is. they find little tiny pieces i think i thought it was something else per harps i wanted to be an -- perhaps i wanted to be. >> announcer: throw apologist. >> she shouldn't have -- anthropologist. >> she shouldn't have decided you. >> i was so excited yesterday. >> tucker doing what he always wanted to do tell us about the five day. >> you have. >> ever since i was five i knew this was it. >> baby tuck >> way back in the day. >> another beautiful day


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