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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  June 6, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. we begin with breaking news, kwame brown no longer a member of the d.c. city council. the former council chair resigned today after being charged with bank fraud. >> that means mary cheh is taking over as chair for now. we'll talk to her live in studio in a moment, but first fox 5's bob barnard has read the resignation letter and has brown's final words as a councilman. >> in the letter addressed to the d.c. council secretary kwame brown writes and i quote, "i hereby resign my position as chairman of the council effective immediately. i have made some very serious mistakes in judgment for which i will take if you responsibility. i have chosen the only honorable course in submitting my resignation at this time."
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>> would you all please just clear a path. this is a public hall. >> he's a man under fire, d.c. council chairman kwame brown here leaving his wilson building office late today chaned with a felony, one count -- charged with a felony, one count of bank fraud the charging document called the criminal information essentially means brown is planning to plead guilty. >> i'll have a comment tomorrow. thank you. no comment as of now. i appreciate you were waiting in the hallway all this time. >> prosecutors allege brown overstated his income by tens of thousands of dollars on an cage for a home equity loan over six years -- application for a home equity loan over six years ago. he lives here in neighbor in southeast accident an suv in his driveway with specialty plates now -- southeast, an suv in his driveway with specialty plates now on his block. sources tell us brown is a
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member of a district yacht club, but his boat named bulletproof is no longer docked here. at city hall we spoke with several of his city council members. >> i'm very concerned about the future of this government and the changes that we are facing are pro found. >> well, i'm extremely saddened. i don't even want to sort of characterize it that's how badly i feel. >> now acting chairman mary cheh met with kwame brown behind closed doors this afternoon. >> while this is quite devastating on many levels, i want to assure people that the council business will go on uninterrupted. we will not be skipping a beat. >> kwame brown is now the second d.c. council member to resign from office this year. ward 5's harry thomas was the first in the city's history. he'll soon be starting his 38 month prison sentence after pleading guilty to stealing more than $300,000 in city funds. >> individuals do find themselves at times in these situations, but to say the
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whole government is corrupt would be a mistake. i think we have a lot of very hard working individuals both elected and in government jobs and we will survive and will move forward. this is not an excuse, but it's not unique to washington. >> d.c. mayor vincent gray tweeted his reaction to the kwame brown story saying that he's shocked, saddened and disappointed by today's news. may o gray says he would never have -- mayor gray says he would never have imagined something like this >> the new acting city council chair mary cheh joins us live in our studios. thank you for being here. we saw your initial reaction in bob's story. now that you've had a little time to digest everything, what's your reaction to all this tonight? >> well, the first thing i want to do us what said before. i want to assure the people of the district of columbia -- do is what i said before. i want to assure the people of the district of columbia that the council business is going on uninterrupted. we have procedures for this. it will be orderly. everything that needs to be done will be done.
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as the chair pro tem, i have a modest role and i'm putting it into play already, namely, i will call a special meeting of the council for next wednesday, a public meeting in the chamber, and at that time under the home rule charter we will elect an acting chair and a new chair pro tem and they'll be from the at large members and then those folks will be in office and we will continue on with our work. >> let me ask you there are so many people right now, the citizens of d.c. who are watching disillusioned. we saw what happened with harry thomas, jr., now with kwame brown, two former campaign aides, the mayor's investigation continues and now this. what do you say to those people who say who can we trust? >> i think they can trust the other members of the council and the other people who are in the government. this is devastating. i'm not going to minimize that. i'm heartbroken myself and i understand the people of the
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district of columbia possibly losing faith in us, but ski them to please reserve judgment -- i ask them to please reserve judgment. we want to keep moving forward. we want to get this settled. people have problems, they need to admit to what they are and what they've done and let this move on. we can't have this steady drip, drip, drip of scandal. we're done with it. >> earlier this afternoon kwame brown met with you and the other council members behind closed doors. what did he say? >> it was a private meeting and i don't want to get into what he said or what everyone said. he did apologize to us, but mostly i felt that it was an extremely emotional meeting. we were all sad and shocked and it was very, very difficult, emotionally very difficult. >> what comes next? we know you've said we've got line of things in place to get a new acting head of the d.c. city council.
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what immediately will happen next? >> well, in the next week until i have this meeting there will be discussions among the members about whom they want to choose among the four large members. in that interim period i will move all the documents and take care of all the business that would have to be taken care of. again i want to tell people there's no interruption. the government is moving forward and we will do the work they sent us there to do. that's not a problem at all. >> the new acting d.c. council chair mary cheh, you know what, you've got a tough job ahead. thanks so much for coming in tonight. from one investigation to another, this one about d.c.'s highest ranking official, the mayor. the u.s. attorney also investigating mayor vincent gray after allegations of campaign violations. tonight oning did council member says enough is enough and if the mayor won't answer all questions about his campaign, he should resign. fox 5's matt ackland with more on that. >> the wilson building has been transformed into a rumor mill
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and people speculate as to when the next shoe will drop. >> reporter: minutes after council member david catania left a council meeting discussing the future of kwame brown he set his sights on mayor gray saying it's time for the mayor to speak up when it comes to any wrong doing during his campaign for mayor. >> the time has come especially in light of what we expect to happen involving the chairman today for the mayor to provide answers to the questions people have regarding his campaign or to return as a private citizen and address those issues. >> two of mayor gray's campaign workers both admitted in federal court to a plan to pay mayoral candidate suleman brown to verbally attack former mayor adrian fenty. since then the mayor has refused to comment about the investigation. >> there's an ongoing pending investigation. so there's nothing really i can comment on this day because it is obviously continuing unfold. >> gray did say this last year after allegations against him and his campaign first
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surfaced. >> i can't even imagine engaging in such reprehensible behavior and i know absolutely nothing about anyone in my campaign who did that. >> catania says now more than ever the mayor needs to answer all questions regarding wrongdoing in his campaign and if not? >> i think he should return as a private citizen, address those issues and i wish him well in that, but enough is enough. >> we were unable to speak with the mayor in person tonight, but his spokesperson told me the reason the mayor hasn't said much recently is because he has already said all he can say about the investigation. he went on to say the mayor is focused on doing the job he was elected to do. i should point out talked to the mayor many times in the last year and he has told me many times he did not participate in any wrongdoing and said he will continue to work with federal authorities, but recently he's pulled back from that and hasn't made any comment at all to the media. let's turn things now to
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fox 5's political analyst mark plotkin. we were sitting in these same seats the night harry thomas, jr. resigned and kwame brown was in studio continually telling us we needed to move on. afterwards he gave you an earful and it just seems awful rich now that he's the next to go. >> i mean nobody can take any pleasure in this. d.c. has enough problems. they have the officials who have been elected by the public held in this situation, surely does not advance home rule, does not advance autonomy and we're not done and that's what is so sad and really tragic. >> how did kwame brown rise to such a level just to fall it seems like almost as fast? >> let's really be frank. he had a charmed political existence. he beat an incumbent harold brazil who was really not very popular and really ran a
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reelection campaign with no opposition and raised a lot of money and preempted the opposition for council chair. he got in trouble you remember with the suv and with the boat and the boat is actually mentioned in the charging document. so i think -- >> never did pay back for those suvs like he promised either, did he? >> yeah. i think the question is he felt with this office somewhat like harry thomas, jr. who said it himself in frank admission that he was entitled for all these accouterments or these other trophies or aspects and in the end he got caught. >> next in line name being bandied about including vincent orange who has his own problems. >> there are four eligible people and they are the four at large members, phil mendelson, vincent orange who is really having to explain all the contributions from jeff thompson who is being
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investigated and they talk about 2.3 million documents and then michael brown and david catania, but the feeling is it will be between mendelsohn and orange and people have told me the -- mendelson and orange and people have told me the vote is already resolved for one candidate and then there's a special election 114 days after that for a real election of the council chair and we still don't know what is happening with the mayor. that hasn't been resolved. so this, as i said before, is a terrible situation. >> it's an awful path we've gone down, doesn't look like we're done yet, fox 5 political analyst mark plotkin tonight. still ahead a teenager claims two local police officers assaulted him. we have the exclusive story ahead. >> and it's opening night for the new casino at anne arundel mills. we'll take you live to the casino floor. [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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a story you will see first on fox 5, two prince george's county police officers are under investigation in charles county for allegedly assaulting a teen-ager. the officers were off-duty at the time but in a marked cruiser when they allegedly stopped three teens in a waldorf neighborhood. fox 5's paul wagner has the story. >> reporter: this is where it started in this house on waldorf where the teens say they were invited for a memorial day picnic. as the afternoon turned to evening the teens told investigators the homeowner accused them of taking items from the house and searched one of the teens. the three left. about 20 minutes after the homeowner searched one of the teens the three arrived in this neighborhood, two on bikes, one on foot. as the off-duty officers approached, one of the teens ran. a second one was detained by one of the officers and the third teen who we're calling j.l. arrived in the 3000 block of miranda place where he says the officer shouted stop or i'll
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shoot you in the back. j.l. said he sunk to his knees and the officer tackles him. a man who says he witnessed the incident agreed to recount what he saw as long as fox 5 didn't identify him. >> approaching and i saw a large caucasian male chasing a younger black male down by the park through the townhomes. then once i came around the round by seen the officer or -- i don't know if he was an officer or regular guy, he was dressed in regular clothes. i seen him pounding on top of the victim. >> j.l. says he and the other teen were handcuffed and driven away. >> i was very scared and nervous there. i didn't know where they were taken me. i didn't know what we were going to do. >> j.l.'s father agreed to let us speak to him as long as we did not show his face or use
10:18 pm
his real name. he says the second teen who was also detained was able to slip out of his handcuffs and get away. now j.l. was all alone. >> i had to sit back there and just ride. i was scared. i didn't know if i would see my parents again. >> j.l. said he was told to get out of the cruiser and wang to the fence. that's where his hand -- walk up to the fence. that's where his handcuffs were removed and the officers told him to put his chin against the fence and count to 100 they drove away. >> reporter: they never said why they were detaining you? >> no, sir. >> reporter: then when you got here and were told to walk forward, what was going through your mind here? >> i don't know, was he going to hit me in the back of my head again? i would think he's going to shoot me or tiff me. there was so much stuff going through -- taser me. there was so muff stuff going through my head. >> the -- much stuff going through my head. >> the officers have been suspended and are on desk duty.
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they won a pretrial hearing for the army private accused of the biggest government leak accused in history. today private bradley manning's lawyers asked 10 of the 22 charges be dropped against him saying the indictment was unconstitutionally vague on some charges and did not establish a case on others. manning is accused of giving tens of thousands of secret documents about the wars in iraq and afghanistan to the website wikileaks. big crowds at anne arundel mills tonight for the grand opening of a new gambling site at the mall. maryland live! just opened its doors a short time ago. it's causing major traffic delays as well. fox 5's wisdom martin joins us live from the casino. >> reporter: it is a packed house and i'm told by some people that they've been turned around because there are so many people inside and there's a line for several blocks from the door all the way out to this parking lot, a lot of excited people. we're talking about this location at anne arundel mills at the mall. there's a lot of restaurants. it's already a premier destination for a lot of people
10:20 pm
in between baltimore and washington. now with this casino here they're expecting it to be even more of an attraction. >> come on. >> reporter: las vegas casino style comes to maryland. >> it's just rock and roll, you know, constantly from here on out '. >> reporter: maryland live! casino at anne arundel mills mall is officially open for business. >> i got a baby-sitter, brought my sister and friend. i'm very excited. >> reporter: there are 4,750 las vegas style slot machines and table games including blackjack and roulette. this woman started winning as soon as she sat down. so did her friend, but it's the state of maryland that hopes to win big with this new attraction. an estimated 14 million people come through anne arundel mills every year. now that the casino is open, that number is expecting to jump dramatically. more people, more shopping and more gambling means more tax
10:21 pm
revenue for maryland. >> this is a world class gaming entertainment attraction. it's going to attract people from all over the baltimore/washington market, right? we're going to spend over a million dollars a day to education trust fund in maryland. we'll be the no. 1 taxpayer in the state. >> reporter: the casino is expected to create 4,000 new jobs and $400 million in tax revenue yearly. some people initially voiced concerns about having a gambling casino so close to their neighborhoods. >> i was concerned because of the location like directly in the parking lot of the mall, but now i think as i got more news and input about it that some of the funds from here is going into the education. >> i think people left with a choice will go 50 miles one way, 50 miles the other. i don't think that will have any bearing really. if they want to gamble, they're going to gamble. >> if you don't like gaming,
10:22 pm
we've got great restaurants here. we've got world class shopping. we have over 1.5 million square feet of great shopping, retail, entertainment. so there's something for everyone. >> reporter: so they open up at 10:00 to the general public. we can tell you now there have been people in this parking lot for several hours driving around in circles, limited space over here, driving around trying to find a space to park. some people have just parked their cars here and would just wait until someone else left before they could park. now i'm told again that, by some of the people who have gone over there because the line is backed up so far, they are being turned away. a lot of people are going to come back another day. by casino standards so far it's a success because there are so many people out here on opening night, a lot of people, though, in the area concerned about the traffic and crowds out here already. >> there's always another day
10:23 pm
to gamble, right. >> reporter: that's right. plenty of time to gamble. >> wisdom martin tonight. scandal on the catwalk, a contestant claims the miss usa pageant was rigged, how donald trump is firing back next. ♪
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. he was a visionary whose works were read by millions of students. ray bradbury is dead. he died in southern california last night. his writing career spanned seven decades, his best works including fahrenheit 451 and the martian chronicles. president obama inside part his gift of story telling reshaped our culture and expanded our world. bradbury was 91 years old. days after the miss usa pageant a beauty queen and donald trump are squaring off. pennsylvania contestant sheena monnin said the contest was
10:27 pm
rigged and that the top five were seen before the pageant ump fired back saying he will sue her over this claim. nana meriweather from potomac maryland will claim first runner-up. the washington redskins are heading further into virginia. why training camp is moving down 95 and the impact it could have on the team next. how fast is your internet?
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. a big stunner for redskins fans today. the team announced next year's training camp is moving down i- 95 to richmond, virginia. redskins gm bruce allen and virginia governor bob mcdonnell made the announcement this afternoon. they haven't decided on a site yet for practices. the move is an eight-year commitment for the team. the move also means the team and fans will say good-bye to
10:31 pm
redskins park in ashburn during catch. fox 5's lindsay murphy joins -- during camp. fox 5's lindsay murphy joins us now with some details. >> it's kind of old school redskins and that's what bruce allen is all about, so moving off campus will force comradery because when these guys are in ashburn after practices can go home and don't have to spend as much time together. i'm sure they would like to, but put them in richmond and they're forced to spend more time together. i think that will actually bring the team closer together and could translate into wins. at least that's how some of these redskin guys feel. >> what about any changes coming to redskins park? >> lots of changes, maybe not ones fans may see. i may get to see some because i'm there so often, but some $30 million will go into this expansion program. you see the bubble that was installed. now they'll make improvements internally. this is improving the meeting rooms, the technology. they'll improve the weight room and training room and make these facilities top notch and
10:32 pm
also get an in-house cafeteria which they don't have right now. so a lot of good things coming. i don't think you'll see it as much from the outside, but you'll definitely be able to feel. it. >> tomorrow you'll get to talk to some of the players about the move? >> yeah. we haven't been able to speak with them yet. tomorrow is another ota day, so we'll get the scoop for sure. redskins have trained in frostburg and carlyle, pennsylvania, but the last 12 years has belonged to ashburn and as fox 5's karen gray houston explains, the fans there might have a tough time parting ways with the team. >> reporter: it's been a while since the redskins had a really great winning season and coach shanahan has suggested before a move might help team members bond closer and play better. >> last year they were talking about moving to glen burnie, maryland, which didn't make any sense at all. now if you're saying they're thinking about going down to richmond, they're leaving their entire fan base. >> reporter: at the sports bar
10:33 pm
and grill in ashburn management and fans alike had strong feelings about the move. >> that's not reasonable. they need to stay in ashburn. this is home where they belong and where they've been. >> i'm not really offended by that. still they're a local team. richmond is two hours away but still local. >> reporter: sometimes you have to do what you've got to do. local officials in loudoun county aren't thrilled about the move but have accepted it. >> some coaches have a philosophy of taking their players out away from where home is for many of them so that they can bond together. >> reporter: economics, that's usually the bottom line. the redskins are keeping their corporate offices in ashburn and expanding and improving their training facility here, but no doubt about it, loudoun will feel the loss when the summer camp goes to richmond. >> there will be some, but again they will still be here.
10:34 pm
the organization will still be here and they will still benefit the community. >> reporter: at broad lands here also thinking about how much the move will cost them. >> i think it's going to hurt businesses like us as far as the bartending industries because we have a lot of people come here for games and stuff. >> reporter: clearly if the fans in ashburn had their druthers the redskins would stay. karen gray houston, fox 5 news. the jury now seated in the jerry sandusky sex abuse case. seven of the 12 jurors have ties to penn state. sandusky was a former assistant football coach at the university charged with sexually assaulting 10 boys over a 15 year period. sandusky denied any wrongdoing. opening statements begin monday, trial expected to last several weeks. a massachusetts teenager headed to prison after causing a deadly accident texting behind the wheel. fox's anna coyman with the details. >> reporter: a massachusetts teen becoming the first person in the state to be convicted of
10:35 pm
causing a fatal traffic accident while texting. a judge sentencing 18-year-old aaron devoe to 2 1/2 years behind bars with one year to serve and the remainder suspended. this comes after a jury convicted him of motor vehicle homicide and negligent operations while texting. police say in february, 2011 devoe's car crossed the center line and crashed head on into another vehicle killing a 55- year-old man. prosecutors say the teen sent nearly 200 text messages that day including some minutes before the crash. but devoe testified on tuesday he was thinking about his homework when the accident happened. >> were you looking at your cell phone? >> no, i was not. >> you just were distracted? >> i was just distracted. >> reporter: legal analysts weighing in on the case. >> when you're look down at the cell phone and receiving and/or sending texts you're not looking at the road and that's what the jury found was negligent. it's negligent manslaughter
10:36 pm
here. it's not intensal. he didn't do it with malice -- intention a. he didn't do it with malice. -- intention a. he didn't do it with malice. >> what i don't -- intentional. he didn't do it with malice. >> what i don't like is this is a teen-ager. we can't line prisons. we have to do something different than lock them up and throw away the key. >> reporter: texting while driving is banned in 39 states and the district of columbia. 32 states ban all cell phone use by novice drivers. anna coyman, fox news. mitt romney gets hacked. hackers break into his personal e-mail account and you may learn something from his security mistake. >> teen queen miley cyrus engaged, got a picture of the ring. stay with us. your green is finally seeing some green, stocks seeing one of the best days in the year. the surge comes on a new hope for a new run on of stimulus for the federal reserve and the
10:37 pm
central bank. meanwhile worker productivity slowing down last quarter with the economy. it was the biggest drop in a year, but more homeowners getting busy taking advantage of record low mortgage rates. mortgage applications rising a bit last week led by a jump in refinancing, but applications for home purchases falling slightly. and brake problems for kia 2 but the brakes on some of its suvs, the automaker recalling nearly 22,000 of its 2009boregos. the brake pedals could break off in a collision. taco bell going gourmet next month, the chain will start serving fancier food, taco bell trying to drum up new business by taking on chipotle, but don't worry. the popular dorito shelled tacos will still be on the menu. that's business. i'm neil cavuto. 
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the head of the nasdaq is apologizing tonight for the technical problems that occurred when facebook debuted nearly three weeks ago. robert grefeld says he wants to offer wall street brokers $40 million in compensation if the sec approves. that figure falls short of the $100 million that was said to be lost during the initial public offering. republican presidential candidate mitt romney may have been hacked. a hacker claims he broke into romney's private e-mail account by guessing the answer to a security question about romney's favorite pet. the hacker reports he changed the password. the campaign is now investigating. coming up tonight on the news edge at 11:00 a huge hurdle cleared in the dulles rail project. find out what happened today and why a metro ride to the
10:42 pm
airport is not a done deal yet. >> plus kwame brown the second council member in six months to resign amid criminal charges. what does this mean for the city fighting for voting rights? that question to the streets at 11:00. 
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if you're planning on heading out to the newino in hanover, might want to wait a day or so. the line of gamblers goes down the block and the line of cars even longer. a live report from fox 5's wisdom martin on the news edge tonight at 11:00. >> did you see all those people? former disney star miley cyrus is getting married. the pop star is engaged to her boyfriend of three years, australian actor liam hemsworth. they met co-starring on the film last song. he proposed with this 3.5-carat diamond ring, no wedding date set just yet, but today miley tweeted to her fans thank you for all the love.
10:46 pm
i feel like all of my dreams are coming true. speaking of dreams coming true, two sets of lovebirds in rockville can off years of marital advice. they've been married to each other for 70 years today. fox 5's beth parker shows us what has kept their love going all these years. >> reporter: if you like a good love story, surely two is twice as nice. >> i just looked at him and thought he was great. >> she's the epitome of a beautiful person. >> reporter: bob folcom was just a teenager on a truck ride from boston to new orleans. his older boss hatched a plan. >> he said there's a young lady in new orleans that i want you to meet and i said to myself i can imagine what sort of a sunday schoolteacher he's going to introduce me to. >> reporter: but the blind date worked out pretty well. >> i saw her and the words came into my head. this is a girl. >> he was a new englander and i was a southerner. >> the night we met she wanted
10:47 pm
me to go to gone with the wind to straighten out my history and her mother would not permit her because she'd already been to gone with the wind once that afternoon. >> reporter: bob and lauren married june 6th, 1942, 70 years ago. >> every meal somebody spilled milk, but i don't think anybody ever fried over. it. >> reporter: they have found a lot -- cried over. it. >> reporter: they have found a lot to laugh about. >> i felt the same way all these years. this was the man. >> reporter: they live in take rockville retirement community called engleside at kingfarm where believe it or the another blind date worked out. >> i want a blind date. who wants a blind date? you don't know what you're going to end up with. >> reporter: the cunninghams celebrate their 70th anniversary on the same day. >> 70 years is a long time. who thinks of 70 years when you're getting married?
10:48 pm
>> reporter: now the balkans live on the seventh floor, the cunninghams on the first floor. until today they hadn't met. >> hi. congratulations. >> reporter: their advice? >> give and take, but give an awful lot and smile all the time. nothing so bad you can't smile. >> and love each other. >> reporter: the balkans celebrate this weekend. the cunninghams renewed their vows today. jean finally got the wedding cake she never. had you waited a long time for that? >> yup, i did, but it's worth. it. >> reporter: in fact, it couldn't have been sweeter. beth parker, fox 5 news. >> 70 years of marriage. now incredible. >> that's nice. >> combined i don't think we have 70 years of marriage under our belt, do we? >> no, probably not. >> i don't even know why they're thinking about. it no, we don't. >> it seemed like close but not 70 years. >> it was chilly over the
10:49 pm
within and it seems like it's gradually warming up. >> it will. it will be downright hot for the weekend i think is the way we'll think about it, especially since we have a bit of a thin skin. look at this heavy rain down in waldorf this afternoon. there were just a few of these, but if you got under one of them, you definitely knew it was raining. they tell me the parking lot filled up in about 20 to 30 minutes down here. thankfully these storms were moving just enough to kind of push it out of the area. you see that ponding how quickly that can happen? especially i think most of the ground obviously is saturated. listen, that could happen again tomorrow in a couple places. it really only happened in two places today. i don't foresee it happening much more than that for tomorrow in. terms of high temperatures pretty nice, certainly lower than where we should be, reagan national middle 70s, dulles 74 degrees, bwi marshall 77. it has really cooled down out there, too in some places,
10:50 pm
manassas already 59, winchester 59. here in the city the temperature has fallen off nicely into the lower 60s. we'll dive down to the upper 50s tonight in town. at quantico still up around 70 degrees, in fredericksburg the lower 60s, so a very nice comfortable overnight, raise the windows and allow some fresh air in. we'll be in the 50s pretty much everywhere it looks like by early morning. warmer tomorrow, closer to 80, if not a little above 80 and certainly the heat is going to be building in for the weekend and a little bit of humidity, too. certainly a little more humidity than what we've had and certainly a little more heat than what we've had. the jet stream will move up to the north. that will allow the heat to build in. so we're talking about 80s. i even think sunday we'll have some 90s around here and maybe even right here in town. we'll go temperatures in the lower 90s. still under the influence of a trough of low pressure. it has been stuck here the last
10:51 pm
several days. so each afternoon as we heat up we build the clouds and underneath those clouds we get an occasional shower or a downpour. we just showed you the pictures from waldorf. tonight there's still lingering showers and storms well north of us. as they're coming down from the north and northwest, they are dissipating and weakening. i'm not expecting any of this to make it in here, but just about a half hour ago we had a little shower coming down 270 and may have made it into northern sections of d.c., just light sprinkles. it's been dissipating the last 20 minutes or so. we're dry now. i don't anticipate anymore, just a few cloud overnight tonight. another comfort an overnight, here in town 59, winds light out of the southwest and outside of town suburbs you're talking lower to mid-50s is where we'll bottom out. tomorrow morning 64 at 8:00, sun and clouds at noon, 75 and
10:52 pm
we're warmer tomorrow afternoon than where we were today. we'll go for high temperatures again right around 80 degrees or so. there is a chance we could have one or two spotty showers, maybe even a thunderstorm out there late tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening. high tomorrow 80, mostly sunny friday, temperature of 83 degrees. saturday and sunday is when they expect the warm-up, 87 on saturday, 91 sunday. i think there's a possibility on saturday and sunday that we could have a little late rumble of thunder across the area, shouldn't be much, but there is that possibility and by sunday and monday i think we'll really start to feel more humidity around here. so 91, 90, could feel more like 93 to 94, not oppressive, but a little more humidity. >> a good weekend to hit the beach or the pool. >> it is meteorological summer, by the way. >> oh, so we are in meteorological summer.
10:53 pm
>> hot in june, alert the media. an 8-year-old alexandria girl awarded today for her hero of. she called 911 last month -- heroism. she called 911 last. >> when her mom fell and was bleeding. fox 5's laura evans with the story. >> these nice folks are specially trained to answer emergency phone calls. >> reporter: students in fairfax county are getting a lesson in calling 911, something 8-year-old katie lee knows quite well already. >> fairfax county 911. where is your emergency? >> excuse me. my mom fell and she can't talk right now. >> reporter: it was may 14th, middle of the day and katie's mom lori was carrying a shelf up the stairs when she lost her grip falling dune about 20 stairs. >> i -- down about 20 stairs. >> i was laying on the floor and blood was all over. >> i saw a big opening right
10:54 pm
here and she was all bruised up. >> she took control of the situation. >> reporter: in fact, the dispatcher with whom she spoke that day said kathy was impressively calm and focused. she did such a great job they awarded her the citizen life saving award, only the third time it's been given out. >> we are very proud of katie and recognizes that heros can come at any age. >> reporter: what did this proud 8-year-old learn from all this? >> never prank call 911 and when emergency is needed, call. >> because it saves lives, doesn't it? you're a hero. >> special little girl. the shuttle enterprise is at its permanent home in new york. it treated new yorkers to a show on the hudson as it made its way home. once it's moved into position, it will be 10 feet above the
10:55 pm
flight deck, so people can with under feat it. it officially opens for exhibit -- underneath. it it officially opens for exhibit july 19th. look at these spectacular images from london yesterday as queen elizabeth marks her diamond jubilee celebration. they included a flyover by some vintage planes. the pilots had a pretty good view of crowd. queen elizabeth is the second longer ruling monarch in ruling history. only queen victoria served longer. you heard? spider-man is getting hit. he proposed in public coming up next. >> breaking news at 11:00, chairman of the d.c. council resigns amid scandal and criminal charges, reaction from residents on the news edge. 4@
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10:58 pm
an ohio high school student showed some true sportsman ship
10:59 pm
this week. megan vogel was about to cross the finish line when she saw a competitor collapse in front of her. megan helped the girl up even though the rules say anyone who helps another runner is disqualified. she even made sure the girl crossed the finish line before she did. what a big heart. if you're not already a justin bieber fan, this story might change your mind. meet 11-year-old megan hand from portland. any time she hears or sees the pop star, she miles, moves, expresses emotions. megan has a condition that's left her severely neurologically impaired. doctors didn't expect her to live past the age of works but she's defying the odds with the help of her love for bieber. >> i can say you get through this, we can listen to justin bieber. >> justin bieber just does. it it's a good thing to see her so relaxed. >> when bieber heard about megan, he tweeted you stay strong for me and i'm going to make sure we meet when i come to portland. love you and thank


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