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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  June 7, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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your sports breakfast as fox 5 morning news at 7 starts now. there you go, a lovely picture of a fairly cloud free sky out there this morning. not a bad start to the day although apparently it is a little humid. thursday, june 7th, 2012 good morning i am tony perkins. >> i am allison seymour. one of our colleagues is enjoying a well deserved day off. gwen is in for vacationing tucker barnes. good morning. >> he chose a really good day to take off weather is definitely a gift to everyone with the exception of humidity. we don't have anything happening in the skies. plenty of sunshine for the most part of your day. we see a little change, but in the meantime 58 degrees, regan national airport, 54 dulles, 56
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bwi marshall. so we are looking at temperatures elsewhere in our neighbourhood we've got 63 annapolis, 52 cull pepper, 56 degrees hagerstown. martins burg, 54 degrees. 58 fredericksburg. today, a look at your day planner, by midday, expect to see our temperature 75 degrees. looking at a high of 80 degrees, cannot rule out a possibility of a pop up shower or even an isolated thunder storm. instability built in as a result of a trough we have as well as pretty warm, moist air moving in across the area. so just keep your eyes to the skies. humidity is what you are going the feel with the 80-degree high it will get uncomfortable. make sure you take care of your pets keep them hydrated and try to keep them in the shade. if you can bring them inside, that would help them a lot. they will suffer in this heat
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right julie. >> unfortunately. yeah. on the roads, lanes are open, travelling northbound 395, duke street toward seminary road. heavy, slow and steady. the crew in sky fox hovering above, northbound i-95. northbound i-95 still heavy, slow and steady, as you travel northbound, leaving wood bridge across the occoquan. taking it back inside we will update your ride on the other side of town where you will find slow traffic on the top side of the belt way, leaving 95, college park. no problems reported south 270, lanes are open but slow going as you travel southbound, approaching the pass 109. german town, shady grove road. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. our big story, the search for a new dc city council chairman, kwame brown stepped down from position yesterday, just hours after we learned he is facing a federal bank fraud
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charge. >> it is the second time this year a corruption scandal left an open seat in city government. what happens now. melanie alnwick with answers for us. good morning. >> good morning allison. mary che is now the acting chairman and will call a special meeting of the council a week from today they will choose one of the at large members, michael brown, david catania, vincente orange to become interim council chair and they would need to hold a city wide election probably this fall to find a replacement for kwame brown. kwame brown himself was surrounded by reporters and photographers as he left his office in the wilson building late in the evening he spent the entire day in closed door meetings in council with staff. prosecutors charged brown yesterday with lying about his income and false fying documents, in order to take home equity loans and a boat loan six years ago. that is considered bank fraud a
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felony. rumors of a deal with federal prosecutors dogged brown for days and he publicly said he had no plans to resign. hours after he left city hall he relinquished in a letter to council secretary writing in part, i have made serious mistakes in judgment for which i will take full responsibility. i have chosen the only honourable course. federal authorities -- >> i am not going to minimize that i am heartbroken myself and i understand the people of the district of columbia, possibly losing faith in us, but i ask them to please reserve judgment we will keep moving forward, we want to get this settled, if people have problems they better come and identify what they are, admit to what they have done and let us move on. we can't have this steady drip drip drip of scandal. >> reporter: and you can't help thinking mary che there is speaking about mayor grey. federal authorities, continue
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to investigate, mayor grey's 2010 come pain. two staffers for mayor grey pled guilty and kwame brown is expected to plead guilty when he appears in the federal courthouse tomorrow. we don't know what the sentencing guidelines are they will ask for. we will see that when the docket gets posted. investigators have been looking into financial problems, with brown's 2008 campaign, but none of those allegations appeared in the charging documents yesterday. all right thank you very much. >> be sure to stay with fox 5 morning news for the latest on the dc council shake up we will have it all morning long. a former prosecutor joins us, to talk about kwame brown. tony. the long awaited and very debated casino, next to arundel
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mills mall is open for business. maryland live went live 10:00 p.m. last night. take a look at this, so many people tried to get in state police had to turn them away. look at all the carpeople lined up in the parking lot on the roadways leading into and towards the facility. some just sat and waited for parking spaces to open up. inside the casino, some nearby were initially concerned. >> i was concerned because of the location like directly in the parking lot of the mall but now i think as i got more information about it -- >> people, 50 miles one way 50 miles the other i don't think that will have any baring. maryland state police are advising drivers to expect more traffic along route 100 and route 295 this weekend because of the opening. major break through in the
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stale mate over extending metro rail to dulles the agency that over sees the project agreed to remove the piggest hurdle, -- biggest hurdle preferences for union labor. virginia's governor refused to fund the project if that was not removed. making headlines in the day ahead now a new crackdown on distracted driving today transportation secretary ray la hood will join officials from the national highway traffic safety administration to unvail the government's latest plan, to fight the dangerous trend. no word what it will include but government statistics show talking on cell phones and texting remain two of the most common distractions behind the wheel. first lady is going to be visiting virginia, today mrs. obama will speak to supporters
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and volunteers during a campaign stop in dale city. prince william county is considered a swing county in the battleground state of virginia. meantime the president continues his two day campaign swing out west, this morning we learned his fundraising is going pretty well. the obama campaign announced it raised $60 million in the month of may. last night mr. obama got lots of applause at a fundraiser with gay and lesbian supporters. he said he is personally proud of the work his administration has done. >> the fight for equality and justice, on behalf of the lgbt community, is just part of a broader fight on behalf of all americans. >> after breakfast fundraiser this morning the president will head to las vegas where he is set to announce new steps to repay student loans during a speech at university of nevada. presumptive republican nominee heads to campaign
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events in missouri. mitt romney visits a hispanic owned contractor in st. louis, romney is announcing that if elected he will put his vast wealth, valued at $250 million into a blind trust that way he won't have control how it is invested. developing overseas today, there are reports of yet another massacre in syria. the number of deaths varies from 23 to 87, rebels say government soldiers shot dozens at close range. one activist reports finding the bodies of more than 40 women and children the government is blaming terrorists. in the meantime at the un, the peace envoy will ask for creation of a contact group made up of key countrys in that region. defense secretary, is on the ground in afghanistan today, while there he will take stock of the progress of the
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war and discuss plans for the troop draw down. it comes amid-a spike in violence in southern regions of that country. this is his fourth trip to the war zone. new this morning federal workers could face a pay freeze for the third year in a row. a bill that passed the house subcommittee would extend the freeze that already kept federal employees from receiving a raise for the past two years, president obama considered a half percent raise. the white house called a continued freeze quote neither sustainable or desirable. 58 degrees, coming up a tragic discovery involving the own ore of the dc improve comedy club plus donald trump says he is ready to sue a miss usa contestant. check this out, a wing and a pray era russian daredevil defies gravity and sets a new world record with a historic
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base jump. we've got dramatic video. >> the red skins just hit the road for training camp. dave ross joins us live why the hometown football team is moving on down the road to richmond for a spell pgh >> as we head to break a live lookout side, the latest weather and traffic from gwen and julie coming up in just a little bit. 7:11 a.m. 7:11 a.m. 7:11 a.m. the middle class is shrinking. in this day and age you can only accomplish so much without a degree, and traditional institutions are simply not set up to accommodate people who have jobs and families. university of phoenix works for those people who have real lives
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and real demands. the degrees that we offer are things where people can fulfill their goals with even brighter hopes for the future. my name is katy white, i'm committed to making a difference in people's lives and i am a phoenix.
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making headlines this thursday, a tragic development involving the the owner of the dc improve comedy club. the body of 60-year-old mark anderson was found yesterday at a hotel in arizona. in addition to the dc location
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anderson owned an improve in tempe but it just closed june 1st. arizona republic newspaper reports he was having issues with business part nors, his wife reported him missing, may 15th. louden county couple set to go the trial on charges they got their kids to school late too many times. this is the case of amy and mark, their three children were tardy 30 times between last september and this past january they are facing fines up to $3,000. all right. 7:15 a.m., that story always has me saying what? >> david and harriet -- okay gwen. >> gwen what is going on with the weather. >> it is hot and going to be sticky today, already sticky going to get hot. >> back into the muckty mukmuk. >> definitely muggy. here is a look at our day
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planner for the day. we could see a few showers into midday, 75 degrees, at 5:00 p.m. hour, there is a slight chance where you get a pop up storm not quite sure we will have to watch that closely and keep our eyes to the skysee how that pans out into the course of the day. but here is a look where we are temperature wise 60 degrees regan national airport, humidity, 83%, southerly wind flow, 7 miles an hour, that will be pushing in from the southwest, and right now, 56 dulles airport, 60 degrees, bwi thundershower good marshall, had to the 80 -- bwi marshall, headed to 80 degrees. 80s and 90 are what we are talking about into the course of the weekend and it will be sticky so be prepared, here is a look at temperatures as i said headed to the 80s. >> as long as that humidity continues to drop >> i don't know if it will happen. >> not that much?
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>> all right. >> here is julie wright. hey, julie. >> always worried about the humidity us girls. >> that's right. ridiculous. >> we got our hair to think about. on the roads a lot of slow traffic, lanes here are open the inner loop approaching telegraph road. left side of the highway locked with accident activity -- blocked with accident activity. southbound, 355 unusual delay, headed all the way out towards your entrance at cedar lane. if you look closely you can see the police officer has blocked off the first entrance to nia. the gate is stuck. all of this traffic has to single file all the way down towards the next gate entry that is why traffic is so slow. travelling southbound, 355. travelling the outer loop of the belt way, delays from 50 headed up towards the accident on 450. that is a check of your fox 5
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on time traffic. all right thank you very much. dave ross is here. >> your presence is just so -- >> thank you allison. let me ask you guys a question say you had two weeks of rough shows continued rough shows. >> is this a hypothetical question? >> wouldn't it just be good to get away for some bonding time with anchorcowokers do you thing it would help? that is what the red skins are doing. they are taking training camp starting next year 2013 on the road, it is going to be like going back to college, going to richmond virginia. they are leaving ash burn they have been doing this for a decade here at red skins park. yeah, you just saw the bubble they will upgrade facilities, $4 million grant coming from the state of virginia,. >> i wonder about that, but go ahead. >> they will increase, put in a cafeteria, get more updated and modern rooms for these guys to view tape in and that sort of
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thing trying to upgrade louden county and red skins park to stay there throughout the year but training camp is on the move to richmond and we all agree it is probably a good thing. >> do they get the grant pretty much to keep them in virginia? because they have money. >> they do have money but if you want to keep some body happy like dan schneider you say here is $4 million please keep your facilities here but it is a money maker people go out there, at least they did during training camp that will go away but it is big for louden county,. you know what i don't know if it is coincidence or not but when we had weather day at nats park and tony perkins was out there and tucker barnes. they liked it they said any time you want the to come back, come on back. they have been on fire ever since. there is bryce harper, first inning and adam la roar, a 3
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run bomb here in the first. michael later has an rbi single. beast, he is back in the line up. a very good team and they have pitching and pitching only does not go away they are in first place get out there to nats park and watch these guys they are really good. we also have an exciting guy to talk about from our area, that guy is kevin currant, oklahoma city, if you are not watching this kid you need to. he has one of the purest jump shots he is starting to play defense. last night he did it all 34 points, 14 rebounds people think he is just a score, came back to win the final four, 23 years old and already a 3 time league scoring champion and could do something lebron james still has not done, win an nba title because oklahoma city is waiting for the winner of
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boston and miami. >> i think miami is fading. >> no ticker on that team. thank you dave. >> sure. >> see you later. >> time now 7:20 a.m., 58 degrees on thursday morning a little later, if you are a rider, ride if you dare. six flags new coaster kicks off the summer season with a zombie apocalypse. holly morris is there with a first look at the theme park's newest coaster. zombie apocalypse. >> first say goodbye to a master of science fiction, how the literary world remembers author ray brad bury, we will be back it is 7:21 a.m. 4@
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donald trump is firing
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back. he is threatening to sue the former miss pennsylvania for her claims that sunday's miss usa pageant was fixed. she posted on facebook another contestant saw the final list, before it started. a major loss for the literary world. >> ray bradbury the man behind some of the world's best known science fiction has died his career spanned seven decades, his works include fahrenheit 451 and martian chronicles. steven spiel burg calls imimmortal. in a state. , president obama said quote, his gift of story telling reshaped our culture and expanded our world. he was 91 years old. 7:25 a.m. on thursday morning coming up
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next, free falling. look at this. oh, my goodness. a russian daredevil sets a new world record for base jumping video you don't want to miss. pgh >> as we head to break a live lookout side, weather and traffic from gwen and julie. 7:26 a.m. we will be right back [ dog barking ] mom!
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"planned p parenthood we're gonna get rid of that." romney is saying he'll deny women the birth control and cancer screenings they depend on. when romney says "do i believe the supreme court should overturn roe v. wade? yes." he's saying he'll deny women the right to make their own medical decisions and when his campaign can't say whether he'd support equal pay protections. "and we'll get back to you on that." romney's putting your paycheck at risk. planned parenthood action fund is responsible for the content of this advertising because mitt romney is out of touch and wrong for women.
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i know you are on the way to work but stop what you are doing. check this out. a new russian base jumper set a new record, leaping from a mountain in the himalayas he sores down speeds up to 125 miles an hour. if you can just imagine that before he deploys his parachute. it took the jumper 6 days to climb that mountain before the leap and took him 20 seconds to fall down. >> wow. >> yeah. >> end credible. i have to say i -- incredible i have to say i wonder what that feels like i would not do it myself. >> the fastest roller coaster, zombie apocalypse, it is like free falling.
7:30 am
>> good news he landed safely. >> yeah, he did. >> awesome. >> he knew what he was doing and obviously don't try this at home or any where near your home. >> even in the himalayas. >> or off your bed. >> all right. we've got a warm day on tap today. >> we do our temperatures are going to be rising warmer than yesterday and humidity is already kicking in so you are going to feel that outside and we don't have any clouds to talk about this morning you know what, skies are clear out there, and first a few clouds later on and also a slight chance, can't rule it out we won't see a pop up shower or scattered or isolated thunderstorm. not a whole lot happening throughout the region a trough will set us up for a little bit of action later. 60 degrees regan national airport, humidity 83%, southwesterly wind 7 miles an hour. we will continue to see that
7:31 am
southwesterly flow. 52 degrees quantico, 59 fredericksburg, 63 annapolis, 56 at hagerstown and 54 degrees at martins burg. as we head up the mid-atlantic, boston 55 degrees new york 59. raleigh at 56 degrees, richmond 57 degrees this hour. so the jet stream playing a big big role as it is well to the north it is opening up the door for warmer air to filter up the mid-atlantic that will help boost our temperatures into the 80s and 90s but that sets us up for instability, daytime heating as we are dealing with the trough going to push its way across that is where we get the chance of an isolated thunderstorm this afternoon or possible scattered or pop up shower. some of you may not see anything at all. 80 degrees daytime high, 50 degrees tonight in the overnight hours we will see clearing skies. here is a look at future cast just to give you a little bit of indication.
7:32 am
a little bit of activity pushing in close to the 4:00 p.m. hour sticking around through until 6 and by 11:00 p.m. this evening to the south starts to move its way out. into the overnight hours. 5 day forecast not only back to sunshine look at these temperatures on the rise, i call my sunday and monday, special julie wright days because she likes the heat right julie? >> i do. this is beach time nutty buddy weather i am not complaining at all. on the roads, fox 5 wazers checking in, thank you for that. if you are travelling into southeast, suit land parkway heavy volume, moderate traffic, hall llama avenue, -- alabama avenue, once you are on the bridge, you are on the break. headed in toward the capital belt way i should say the freeway, headed toward 395, lanes are open but a slow ride for those travelling through southeast this morning. meanwhile southbound 355 coming from the belt way past, all the
7:33 am
way down toward cedar lane there is a problem here we do have a gate stuck at ni-h. it is unusually slow for you travelling inbound on 355 that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. julie thank you some top stories we are following the thursday morning. kwame brown steps down from the dc council hours after being hit with a felony bank fraud charge. prosecutors alleged that brown over stated his income by 10s of thousands of dollars on an application for a home equity loan, 6 years ago. mary che will take over until a new leader is named from the four at large members this comes on the heels of the resignatio hairy thomas junior -- harry thomas junior. i am concerned about the future of this government and the changes we are facing are
7:34 am
profound. >> while this is quite devastating on many levels, i want to as sure people that is correct the business of the council will go on, un-- the business of the council will go on uninterrupted. harry thomas junior sentenced to 38 months in prison. tony. wisconsin governor scott walker survived a recall election but can unions survive the body blow delivered by wisconsin's voters, organized labor may be more vulnerable now than since president regan fired thousands of air traffic controllers, in 1981. jeremy mayor, from george washington university. thanks for coming in. it is a face nateing topic to me and -- fascinating topic to me and many people. what is going on with unions
7:35 am
and budgets around the country. are unions under attack right now? >> certainly they are. we are in an era where there isn't as much money in the kitty as there was just 5, 10 years ago and during those good times, state and local government gave pension benefits and health care benefits to public employees that are unfunded about a trillion dollars of unfunded pension and health care benefits promised to them, that local and state governments don't have the money to pay. >> is this something that iscyclical? is it normal unions some times have more power and when times are rougher they don't have as much power or is this a trend where the time of the labor union may be passing. >> unions are not in a cyclical downward spiral they are in a downward spiral. 7% of private sector employees
7:36 am
are unionized. over 35% public employees are unionized. that is what makes wisconsin so significant, a loss for the union movement the people who really lost here were public employee unions. >> we've got the battle of wisconsin, we have another going on in ohio that one, if i understand it correctly has been going more favourably toward the labor unions. >> a newly elected republican governor attacked public employee unions and in ohio there was an election, a referendum that recalled the bill not the governor. in wisconsin they tried to recall the governor i think that was a terrible mistake by the union because we usually only use -- this is the third election in american history in which governor faced a recall vote and it is usually only been for criminal activity. a lot of the exit polls say voters might not have liked what walker did but he has only been in office a year and a
7:37 am
half. >> maybe an over reach. we talked to someone yesterday it may have been an over reach by the labor unions and attorneys trying to do that. on the other end of it walker really played this thing, it seems to me very smartly in terms of what his objectives were and the case that he made, to the people. >> right he began swimming toward the middle once the recall became a reality he started doing smart political things. barack obama has been under attack for not doing more about wisconsin but the solidity and scope means barack obama couldn't have saved walker he made a smart decision not to make this personally. >> you mentioned the president, does what happened to wisconsin have possible ramifications in terms of the presidential race. >> it does i think it is bad news for barack obama. millions of dollars were spent by the union movement, to do this in wisconsin that money
7:38 am
could have been used for november, and it is not vailable now. the other thing, it energizes the republican party victories lead to victories i think it is bad news unions are one of the core parts of the democratic coalition and they feel very demoralized this morning. >> you know, the history of unions is interesting, unions came about, for very valid reasons, workers were abused and working long hours and not getting that kind of money and all that stuff. so you had the rise of the union, but are unions to some extent their own worst enemy because in some cases, during times when things were going very well, they won so many concessions, from state and companies and all that kind of stuff, that salaries, very high, pensions you know, fully funded and penalties and benefits and all that kind of thing that it makes them a big target when times are bad? >> i think that is particularly true for public employee unions
7:39 am
historically the union movement arose in the private sector, and it is only recently that we've seen it become dominant in the public sector, and public sector unions are a different breed. >> sure. >> they have both an interest in government spending and a large voting population, and i think a lot of people in wisconsin looked at the fact they were only paying 1% for their pension costs and something like 3% of their health care benefit costs and they said we don't have deals like that. how many workers in the private sector have fully funded, definded benefit pensions instead of, the 401 k. >> very interesting and something we will be looking at, more and more i think, not just this year during the election season but in years to come as well. we thank you for coming in. associate professor, school of public policy, george mason university. allison back to you. 7:39 a.m., coming up why local students might have to
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kiss summer break goodbye. if it happened to you take comfort even senators forget to silence their cell phones some times. we will show you what happened.  [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approve this message. [ male announcer ] it started like this...
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>> making headlines, year round school in virginia could be on the horizon, according to washington examiner, parents are currently being surveyed about longer school years being asked things like how a year round calendar would effect their children's academic achievement as well as vacationchild care scheduling. virginia lawmakers plan to look at the study when they convene come january. new york city's proposed crackdown on soda size will be discussed in dc as part of an effort to curb the nations obesity open deckic. michael bloomberg is backing a ban to limit size of sodas and other sugary beverages to 16- ounces. they will talk about it at the first ever national soda summit held in northwest washington.
7:44 am
dcs popular u street corridor is getting a make over. that means months of construction, work to rebuild and widen sidewalks is set to begin monday. >> ach. >> the improvements between 9th and 14th streets include repaving u street and work should be finished next spring you got to look at the bigger picture tony. >> right now there seems to be no place you can go in this area where there is not road construction going on. >> right. >> it is -- it is all for the better, ultimately, but so frustrating, yesterday, i had a meeting downtown, should have taken me 15 minutes to get there took 50 minutes. >> right. >> because everywhere i went there was construction. >> guess what in future it will take you less time. >> yes, i know but right now -- >> change is good tony. >> you are just being miss goody goody >> i understand i am glad folks
7:45 am
are working. >> no -- >> no, you are saying you are against employment. >> that is how it works. >> ghetto any's appointment calendar and work around it. >> i am for full employment,. >> tony went right into politician mode. i am for ... >> just do that road construction on another road. he wants road choices you know. we will just have to get him that google map ap >> i know how the get around we have to do weather now. >> okay because it is weather whether you like it or not. here we go. clear skies out there this morning folks not too much happening, changes coming up as we move through into the afternoon. highs yesterday, 75 regan national airport, 74 dulles, 77 bwi, we should be in the 80s guess where we are headed today, right on target. currently 50 degrees, 83% humidity, that will be a mum bertha will climb,
7:46 am
southwesterly wind flow, 7 miles an hour and 56 degrees dulles, 60 bwi marshall, as well. so for today, we will talk a high of 80 degrees, by midday, we will be 75 degrees, start to see some isolated pop you are showers that is a possibility as well as a chance of an isolated thunderstorm. >> thank you. >> julie can help you get around town. >> i was just saying first of all he is against employment second of all, he doesn't call on the traffic reporter what do you expect? >> i am for employment. let's make that clear. >> may i be perfectly clear. >> all right. on the roads right now, southbound 270, grid locked, shady grove road headed out toward the lane divide, troubles with a gate stuck add nih. lanes open still slow going belt way outer loop remains
7:47 am
congested before van dooren to telegraph road, telegraph road, activity on the shoulder. earlier accident cleared that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. well, when you are doing something important at work don't forget to put your cell phone on vibrate especially if you happen to be on the senate floor. >> expressed [ cell phone ringing ] >> i leek how he looked at it though as if he were going to take it. chuck bradly of iowa broke one of the biggest rules of cell phone etiquette while giving a speech yesterday you may be able to sympathize with him once he fished his phone out of his pocket he couldn't turn it off soon enough. >> isn't that the worst. >> we are all only human. now i have to say this word again. summer vacation is right around the corner no, i don't for that, a whole lot of people that means a trip to six flags.
7:48 am
>> yep that is where holly morris is live with the apocalypse. >> excellent. >> i am not sure the apocalypse and vacation go hand in hand. we are facing the end of the world, and i am doing it with a few of my closest zombie friends it is indeed called apocalypse the newest coaster at six flags where we are live, 100-foot steel stand up adventure coming up we will talk about the new coaster and about this whole zombie culture thing. we will talk to an expert plus how you can come out and take on the end of the world yourself. stay with us how did this small colorado town geget
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through tough economic times? freight rail. it attracted large eating over seventeen hundred jobs. then suppliers, stores, more companies followed, creating more jobs. economists call that the ripple effect. i call it the freight rail effect. freight rail connects every rner of america, bringing jobs and economic growth along for the ride. visit
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chef. >> ride if you dare apocalypse is a brand new stand up roller coaster at six flags.
7:52 am
>> here is my question you a cl zombies when they go down the roller coaster because zombies can't scream can they? >> well, i have heard they have gotten a special pass here. >> oh. >> to let their fears out and i just want to say thank you for sending me first class. if you are going to go to the end of the world you might as well get a first class ticket. that is what i heard you all say. we are getting special access here this morning because apocalypse is the newest coaster doesn't open to the general public until 2:00 p.m. this afternoon. we are getting a special sneak peek. this is an amazing thing now the eighth coaster here at six flags it has been 11 years since they had a new coaster yes, this is a stand up coaster 100-foot stand up, steel adventure and right now mum is the word with my zombies as they get ready to take it on they are just hanging around and hanging around with me as
7:53 am
well is dr. lundborg professor of pop culture and also teach as zombie class. >> good morning to you. >> what do you think of this. >> a great example why zombies have become more popular than ever. i also think i am in trouble. >> no, i think they are. are you guys ready to go? they are allowed to grunt i guess. let's take off, let the apocalypse begin, and our full train of zombies are headed to the end of the world. we will see if they return. while they are out there and about, what are you teaching in a zombie class. >> one thing that is important to understand. zombies like any pop culture icon are a metaphor for something in this case just like a roller coaster it is about facing fears, very real fears, and a zombie is a symbol for all the things we are afraid of at any given point in our culture. >> way do you think -- is there a rise in fear? more things out there making us
7:54 am
paranoid. >>ance lootly. a lot of zombie -- absolutely. a lot of zombie story telling. we are at a time in american culture where there are a lot of things people are afraid of whether it is financial, losing their jobs, we are involved in military conflicts around the world and as a result, it all comes out in the media. >> is this a way to release your fears? >> absolutely. yes, whether it is going to a zombie movie in a theatre or whether it is gettingen a roller coaster -- getting on a roller coaster ride the entire idea is about facing that fear getting it out of your system screaming and yet you are also able to go home and be safe at the end of the day you can process that fear using a metaphor using fiction. >> are zombies like our new vampire? >> those characters have a place many pop culture beneather one of them -- neither one of them has ever gone for any length of time they symbolize different things we are always going to have the
7:55 am
zombie around. >> how popular is your class? >> extremely popular. it is a 45/50 person class and the two times we taught it so far it has been filled. >> have you ridden this coaster yet? >> not yet i am a little disturbed to think about riding it with all the undead with me so i might not do that. i don't know. >> have you ever been on a stand up coaster before. >> i never have. >> why would we want to stand up on a coaster that is my question. >> one of the catch phrases is coasters take a stand. one thing about the apocalypse they have fights and resistance and it is a cool idea what do we do about fear you want to stand up and face your fear and standing up is a great metaphor. >> what is something about zombies people don't know. >> um, well, probably what they don't know there are a lot more things called zombies than you might think. we think about the reanimated corpses but they go back to the 1930s and stories about voodoo from the westin dees so they
7:56 am
can also be living people, controlled and there are a lot of different creatures out in pop culture called zombies. >> people that work on morning news are some times called zombies maybe for a different reason. >> well, let me head this way doesn't look like i will get a big chance to talk to our zombies but can you give me some symbol as to how it was? hey, look at that, a rise out of the zombies, our website. we have a link to six flags america, apock lips opens to general -- apocalypse opens to the general public today at 2:00 p.m. if you stay with us next hour, i will get on the coaster myself. we are going to have a whole lot of fun i will let you know first hand how the end of the world is. >> kind of fun holly actually. better than i thought the end of the world would be. >> thank you holly. >> coming up next hour, a
7:57 am
closer look at the fraud case against dc chairman kwame brown with a white-collar crime specialist. >> late aerotaste of the new hair -- later, a taste of the new maryland live casino, time 7:56 a.m. it was like a red rash...
7:58 am
very sore looking kinda blistery. like somebody had set a bag of hot charcoal on my neck.
7:59 am
i was a firefighter for 24 years. but, i have never encountered such a burning sensation until i had the shingles. i remember it well. i was in the back yard doing yard work. i had this irritation going on in my lower neck. i changed shirts because i thought there was something in the collar of the shirt irritating my neck. and i couldn't figure out what was going on. i had no idea it came from chickenpox. i always thought shingles was associated with people... a lot older than myself. i can tell you from experience, it is bad. it's something you never want to encounter. for more of the inside story, visit
8:00 am
a major shake up in the dc council, chairman kwame brown resigns amid-charges of bank fraud. who is stepping in and what this legal trouble could mean for him. former prosecutor. jay won tankle is here with in- - fran -- jacob frankle is here with insight. meet two couples celebrating their platinum anniversaries, 70 years of being together if you are wondering how they have made it so far we have the answer coming up a bit later. checking in the with the chef, bobby flay is in town he prepared dishes at his new restaurant at maryland live casino. we chat live with him in a bit and look at his burger palace. very cool. >> he is the hardest working
8:01 am
man in show business. food show business. >> yeah. >> he really is. any way a hard working lady with us here today tucker is off and gwen tolbart is here talking all things hazy and humid. >> and sticky and hot. that's right. all those h words today. well, the sky ares clear this morning, if sun is definitely out there, let's take a look and show you where things are headed for the day and what we can expect right now though, sunshine, we don't have very many clouds to talk about nothing showing up on satellite radar composite. that will change later as we progress into the day. currently 50 degrees regan national airport, humidity 83%, we kind of keep going back and forth between 83% and 87% this morning, but bottom line, it is high humidity southwesterly wind 7 miles an hour, and that southwesterly wind flow will continue to bring our
8:02 am
temperatures high. gaithersburg 57, manassas, 59, dulles, 60 degrees and 57 degrees at martins burg. so there is the jet stream it is opening the door for that warm, sticky uh humid air to come our way. today mostly season any can't rule out a possible pop up shower or isolated thunderstorm. just be prepared winds light from the west 5 to 10 miles an hour. keep your eyes to the sky later. >> thank you so much. all right. it is 2 minutes after 8:00 a.m. now, let's take a look at traffic. >> all right tony, good morning to you sir traveling the belt way, outer loop, significant tie ups, outer loop, headed toward 450, earlier crash moved over to the shoulder lanes open 295, over turned vehicle near 175, 295 headed into the district, below speed from the belt way, headed out toward the inbound bridge, accident activity reported along the right side of the highway, be
8:03 am
prepared for those delays travelling southbound, along 270, lanes are open, as you travel from gaithersburg toward the split, 270 approaching and passing 109. accident activity reported along the right side of the highway. 56, below speed, fair oaks. stop and go slow traffic from nutly to the belt way. thank you julie. it is the talk of the town. another black eye for dc politics. >> kwame brown resigned yesterday hours after being charged with bank fraud. prosecutors allege brown over stated income by tens of thousands of dollars on an application for a home equity loan more than six years ago on the heels of harry thomas for stealing city funds and ac significances of campaign ethics -- accusations of campaign ethics violations by mayor grey. >> i am shocked but not surprised the way our politics are going now especially dc
8:04 am
politics, it is disheartening to see council members just going down one by one. you know, i bond whore is next. >> you can't trust anybody it is coming from the top. mary che will take over as acting council chair. a special session topeka new leader -- to pick a new leader will be held next wednesday. >> kwame brown will make a statement some time today. joining us with more on what the charge means is white- collar crime specialist, david frankle thanks for being with us today we often call you in to sort out what is really going on. i guess that is the main question how serious is this charge of bank fraud. >> he is pleading guilty, the charging document is information not inditement he knew a couple days ago this was the course this was going to follow. a guilty plea he is under the statute, bank fraud a felony is 0 to 30 years in prison
8:05 am
potential $30 million fine. the guidelines that address -- suggest, he is probably looking at 12 to 16 months but the fact is, this is serious, when you are talking about charging a public official and the charge is not public corruption, people often say is this really a big deal. the fact is this is bank fraud a federal criminal offence and often, where there is a negotiated plea, as you have here, what you do is pick the charge that the person is willing to plead guilty to. in essence is co-operating, accepting responsibility and moving on but this is very serious. >> on a personal note as far as what we have seen from some of our politicians who fall in this way he stood there and said i have no plans on retoring now, -- retiring now.
8:06 am
i am paraphrasing that you would have thought the day before this was all bunk turns out it wasn't. and charge by criminal information meaning he knew what was coming down the pike here. i am sure you have seen this before. >> many times. it is very disingenious to stand before the public and say i did not do anything wrong i will not resign when you know 24 hours, 48 hours down the road that is actually going to happen. i think that is -- that does challenge credibility i am not sure why lawyers would allow clients to say something like that. if i am advising a client under those circumstances it is more under the lines we take this investigation seriously and we will let it run its course but you don't stand there and say nothing happens and then 24/48 hours later you resign, because you are being charged criminally with bank fraud >> you mentioned you say okay i will say that i did this and let's go on this charge but could there be more charges in this?
8:07 am
>> the -- it is a great question because there is always the expectation of public corruption investigation but there is more to follow. often when that decision is made to have that guilty plea, to charge by information, what is happening you are bringing closure, remember what we were talking about in terms of the interest of the johnson case, the family case, you know the question is going to be are they going to bring more charges how are they going to charge and if you are not pleading guilty what are we then likely to see. here i think this is all we are going to see. it does not mean that the government does not have evidence of other criminal acts, that if it wanted to it could charge i don't know. we will never know. but typically, the charge by information, and the guilty plea means closure, but there is cooperation so that means, if he has information, about anybody else, whether it be elsewhere, in government, people who do business with the
8:08 am
government, do business with him, it stands to reason, that he have is talking to prosecutors about that because that will be central to their expectation and for him to get credit under those guidelines for cooperation and acceptance of responsibility. >> what might we see tomorrow he goes to court tomorrow, what might come out of that? >> tomorrow, other than the spectacle of us being in court and you know, showing up, tomorrow, barring something unusual, we actually saw that in the johnson case where there was some backtracking initially, in the leslie johnson case he might answer a guilty plea, released on his own recognizance, but it will not require putting up any collateral and they will set a sentencing date and in the meantime, you know, there will be you know, a lot of people, writing letters to the judge, don't put him in jail, good service. we have seen that judges tend
8:09 am
to hold public officials accountable because they want to make sure the public knows and public officials know, that felonies, criminal acts by sitting government officials, are just not acceptable in our society. that is down the road. >> thanks for being with us i am sure we will see you down the road as well. thank you so much. stay with fox 5 for continuing coverage of the kwame brown and dc council changes. we will have updates on air and online maryland's largest casino is officially open for business boy is it. take a look at this, this is what it looked like last night at the casino next to the arundel mills mall in hanover. cars were lined up for miles. imagine christmas time when people are shopping at the mall. people crowded the slot games and table gamethe five restaurants.
8:10 am
>> this is a world class gaming entertainment attraction, going to attract people from all over the baltimore washington market right? we are going to spend over $1 million today, education trust fund here in maryland,will be number one taxpayer in the state. >> don't ask me i don't know. >> i am going to find out what that is. >> i don't know what that green thing was. >> in addition to bringing in $400 million in tax revenue it is expected to create 4,000 new jobs. >> 8:10 a.m., thursday morning coming up one of the nations largest school districts wants to change the way it disciplines students. what fairfax county officials hope to do. >> plus pro mete yous could be one of the summers biggest block busters. it was not easy getting it on the big screen. his story after the break. 8:10 a.m. .m. 
8:11 am
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8:14 am
>> it is now 8:13 a.m., time for a look at stories making headlines, u.s. transportation secretary, ray la hood will roll out a new effort to crackdown on distracted driving. new details will be released later this morning. la hood called distracted driving an epidemic and supposedly -- or supported i should say limiting cell phone use by drivers whether it is texting or talking. >> another big change could come to the way students are disciplined in fairfax county schools. the board is set to vote on a proposal that would require parents to be notified before their children are questioned about serious offences. parents are already notified about disciplinary issues but normally not until after school officials spoke with students. now the changes are part of a broader push for school discipline reform brought on by the suicide of a fairfax county student following a suspension many thought was too harsh.
8:15 am
louden county couple set to go the trial on charges they got their kids to school late too many times. their three children were tardy 30 times between last september and this past january. they are facing fines up to $3,000. all right 8:15 a.m., gwen has the latest on our weather. first a little cuteness. >> thank you allison. we have a special cuteness time for our my first five photo of the day. i just want to kiss those cheeks this is spencer michael kiss. kiss is kissable. 6 months old he loves his veggies. he is off to a great start. he loves to eat purr rayed kale, watching fox 5 in the morning. >> he will be so big and
8:16 am
strong. >> he likes the big bright weather map. >> thank you. >> special thanks to spencers family for writing in. look at him. >> hopefully he will keep up with the vegetables. when he gets to that i don't like broccoli stage we are in trouble. >> to send your child's picture go to click on mornings. we will highlight your child for our cuteness factor of the day. bright skies for the morning highs yesterday, 75, 74 dulles, 77 bwi marshall, those temperatures, 6 to 7 degrees below the southbound fall average, -- seasonal average. humidity 78%, a little drop, it was up to 87 numbers have switched now, and winds are fairly light we will end up seeing a nice, southwesterly
8:17 am
flow into the course of the day. 60 degrees dulles, 63 baltimore. for today, hot, humid, sticky, we could see an isolated pop up scattered shower, pop up thunderstorm later today. just be aware of that. we are talking a high 80 degrees today, 60 for tonight. let's check with traffic and see how our commuters are doing. checking out the ride along 66th as you guys continue eastbound, check being wazers who say -- checking with wazers, a car stopped, drawing attention slowing down your ride as you continue eastbound, again more slow traffic as you continue towards 123 all lanes are open. still very much a slow ride, travelling 395, leaving the pentagon headed toward the inbound 14th street bridge. heavy, slow and steady, across the potomac, gw parkway slows from the cia toward the key bridge. southbound 270 approaching 109, accident activity in the right lane and then delay out at
8:18 am
gaithersburg continues toward the lane divide. outer loop remains slow, 95 to georgia avenue. delay on the outer loop, leaving route 4, towards 214. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. rid lee scott directed block busters including alien and blade runner his new movie prometheus opens tomorrow. it could be one of the biggest movies of the summer. >> kevin mccarthy talked to the director about this sci-fi thriller and the long time it took to get prometheus into the theaters >> i love how the 3d adds, to the characters. >> takes you into the room >> i agree. >> if you could go back, what film would it be.
8:19 am
>> actually, alien one, blade runner, legend, blackhawk down, kingdom of heaven, robin hood, 1492. >> the whole idea about this film possibly being a pg 13 i am so happy you stayed with the r. >> you can't. i would have to lose one whole scene. >> i know the one you are talking about. as a director where is that balance between art and business. you do act as a producer and want to get as many people in the theater as possible. >> eventually if you are sensible you could bare that in mind. you can't just say you know screw them you can't do that because films are so expensive today any way. you have a responsibility as well, i know that sounds dull, but it is real and your job is to put bums on seats it is not like i am writing a novel. the only time you are going to waste is yours or not having filled many textbooks of stuff and then handing it to a publisher didn't cost anybody
8:20 am
anything. low budget films, expensive. some body is going to put that out there. you have to pay attention to that. >> do you think cutting it down would have been compromising your art. >> totally you would have lost the punch. it still would have been as interesting, as beautiful but you need that punch where it comes. i can't describe what i would have to take out. tom i said actually we can't do this. that was the best call i have ever heard. the studio said we have to go with what it is. the film is what it is going into it, you said can we try to make this pg i said listen i will try but it says here, which is a pretty shocking scene, if you want that scene, i will try and i will cover it, without this and that but it is not the same scene. >> hmm. very great interview. okay. coming up shuttle enterprise reaches its final
8:21 am
destination. where you can see it. >> and a little later holly is getting adventurous. heading back out to six flags where she is riding their new standing roller coaster called apocalypse we will be back with that and more, 8:21 a.m.  homicide of young people in america has an impact on all of us.  how can we save these young people's lives? as a police chief i have an opportunity to affect what happens in a major city. i learned early on if you want to make a difference you have to have the right education. university of phoenix opened the door.
8:22 am
my name is james craig, i'm committed to making a difference and i am a phoenix.
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8:24 am
>> space shuttle enterprise now at its permanent home in new york city. it will be docked at the intread, sea air and space museum. new yorkers were treated to a show on the hudson. once it is moved into position it will be 10 feet above the flight deck that will allow people to walk underneath it. that's cool i didn't know that. it officially opens for exhibit july 19th. speaking of space travel an author whose vivid imagination helped pave the way for science fiction literature died. >> he died tuesday night in southern california. he is known for his books fahrenheit 451 and martian chronicles. president obama released a statement praising bradbury said in part his gift of story telling reshaped our culture and expanded our world. he was 91 years old. >> he was a giant. really was. >> yes.
8:25 am
>> it is 8:24 a.m. on thursday morning. still ahead an inspiring love story, a couple of inspiring love stories. >> unbelievable. >> meet two local couples together 70 years. their advice to make your relationship last. >> funny if we said and why they are divorcing now. >> no, it would not. >> they are not. >> major bummer for red skins fans although it may be good for the team, they are moving their training camp to richmond. dave ross will join us after the break. we will be right back 8:25 a.m. do you see it ? there it is ! there it is ! where ? where ? it's getting away ! where is it ? it's gone. we'll find it.
8:26 am
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8:28 am
he said there is a young lady in new orleans i want you the meet. i thought i wonder what sunday school teach they are old dodger will introduce me to. >> his boss set him up on a blind date in the 1940s. they are now celebrating their 70th anniversary renewing their vows.
8:29 am
check them out they live at a retirement community at king farm. it just so happens another couple who also lives there, met on a blind date as well. they are also celebrating their 70th anniversary. >> on a blind date he was a blind date. i mean, who knows what you are going to end up with. give and take an awful lot and smile all the time. nothing so bad you can't smile. >> and love each other. >> very much. >> look, note to self, retire at ingleside with mark at king farm. so wonderful. >> that's great. >> is it a neat coincidence both those couples look so youthful? look at this gentleman. love keeping them young. >> nice pictures when they were younger too. >> congratulations. >> for sure. >> the forecast? >> well,. >> you going to enjoy this day >> it will be kind of warm they need cool out and chill, but
8:30 am
other than that, not too bad a little sticky because we have humidity as well in the area. so just be prepared lots of sunshine this morning, coastal sun advisory until 2:00 p.m. this afternoon at high tide. not much to show you because we have some pretty clear skies, pretty much everywhere across the area. here is our current temperature reagan national airport, 63 degrees, humidity 78%, 87 just awhile back, winds very light nothing happening there now, but we will see a southerly wind flow to boost temperatures up today, 60 degrees dulles, and 63 degrees at baltimore, bwi marshall airport some of our neighbourhood temperatures 61 winchester, 59 manassas. 63 fredericksburg and annapolis, 66, 63 degrees leonard town the jet stream to the north of us allowing all that warmer air to come up. we will get into a warm unstable air mass as a result of that, we have a chance of seeing an isolated shower pop
8:31 am
up or two. very spotty in nature, chance of an isolated thunderstorm headed to a high of 0 degrees, term -- 80 degrees, temperatures overnight 60 degrees chance of seeing showers and clearing in the overnight hours because we head into the long term, we've got plenty of sunshine for you in terms of the forecast, here is a look at your day planner by midday, 75 degrees, could see a spotty shower or two by the 5:00 p.m. hour, around 78 degrees, not all bad at all and as i mentioned that jet stream well north, this is going to continue to bring this warmer air through. 80s into the 90s once we hit into the weekend. end of the weekend and by monday. so not bad at all. are we going to julie wright? back to the desk okay guys take it away. thanks gwen. a venue change for the skins. nats continue their winning ways and major thunder in the nb aplayoff. >> that was a well written
8:32 am
tease. >> did you write that? >> i did not. i could have though. let's start off with the red skins i asked tony before we started this segment would you drive down to richmond as a casual fan. you will because you are hard core but would a casual fan from northern virginia drive to richmond to watch training camp. >> sure. >> it is not that far away >> allison you would. >> okay i agree and i think like you will get the virginia beach crowd now, that will go up to richmond and all those people in richmond itself. >> a lot of virginia is red skin country. >> yes, i grew up in virginia beach, it was red skin country. this is the central place during the year but for those two weeks, it is an 8 year deal they will go down to richmond. now, let's talk about the
8:33 am
nationals really quickly they are still in first place if you believe this, 10 dames over 50 -- games over 500. second best record in all of baseball. they are really good. >> really good. >> this is as good as we have seen them this late in the year. adam laroche they beat the mets. we talked about oklahoma city, what a story in the nba last night, chance to beat san antonio, the spurs won four championships, oklahoma city was down 3 games to 1 and came back and won the next four. 34 points, 14 rebounds, win 107- 99 eliminate the spurs this team is legit >> they look unstoppable. >> and they are young. i mean this is a team that could be around for a while. you got to get the first one first, very well may do that, they will play the winner of miami and boston, game 6 tonight in boston, with celtics, chance to do the same
8:34 am
thing oklahoma city did, win 4 games in a row after falling down 2 games to none. incredible what we are seeing in the nba. >> tennis now. french open is going on, on the red clay of france. >> well said. >> thank you. nadal is really good. this guy already won six titles in france. he is going for a second. to body has ever won seven he is in the semi finals tied with a guy called bjorn borg. going for his seventh career the other semi final for the men, you know jokavitch against fedder. >> also, mike kanuble he is gone capitals told him you are not coming back. you will be 40 in july. he was here three years. you know what he was tweeted after he was told he wasn't
8:35 am
coming back to caps fans everywhere, thanks for an awesome three years in dc we loved living there and playing there. great teammates great friends we will miss them. >> very cool. >> a lot of athletes don't go out like that. he should be commended he was great with the fans media and a great teammate. caps will move on from him he says he still wants to play somewhere else one more year. >> do you think he will get that >> i think so. >> 40 is the new 30 now days. >> thank goodness. what about 42 is that the 32. >> don't even talk to me about it. >> they are trying to go younger. they have a young team but going younger. >> very good. >> thanks dave. >> all right. coming up on this thursday morning, how the nasdaq is trying to make good after facebook's ipo slap. if you travel a lot or simply are not great with
8:36 am
directions googles trying to make your ride a built smoother, when you can take advantage of its new maps. coming up. 
8:37 am
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>> nasdaq rolling autoa $40
8:39 am
million compensation package following facebook's less than desirable ipo launch which cost investors million. 14 million will be cash refunds for companies that file valid claims the rest will be in credit for the cost firms paid to trade on the nasdaq. >> federal workers may have their pay frozen for a third straight year, a bill that passed a house subcommittee would extend the freeze that kept federal workers from receiving a raise for the past two years. president obama has proposed a half percent raise. the white house issued statements calling a continued freeze neither sustainable or devariable. >> google maps is upgrading some new upgrades include, browsing street maps on their mobile device without an internet connection. also more 3d imagery and more images from remote areas such as hiking trails. recently i saw one of these
8:40 am
vehicles driving around here i was actually on river road, with the camera on top, and -- >> did it say google. >> yep. >> i am going to lookout for one. >> 63 degrees on thursday morning, 8:39 a.m., and coming up a base jumper sets a world record you don't want to miss this video. >> first let's check with holly >> you don't want to miss what we are going to do. live this morning at six flags america getting ready to take on their newest baddest roller coaster, called the apocalypse a stand up coaster i am not doing it alone. come on zombies, it is the newest coaster in 11 years here at the theme park. coming up we will talk to someone from ace they know all about roller coasters we will talk with the engineer about how it was built. we are going to ride. all live next fox 5 morning news stay with us  [ sneezes ]
8:41 am
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if you are looking for adventure this summer, holly has just the thing.
8:44 am
apocalypse is a brand new, stand up coaster at six flags america. >> she is getting a closer look. joins us now from six flags america, mitchleville maryland. >> if the world ends today do we have to come to work tomorrow? >> no. >> this could be it. dare i dream just kidding. listen we are going to have a whole lot of fun here the newest baddest coaster in our area, first coaster here at six flags in 11 years makes eight now here at six flags america if you love coaster this is the theme park for you, and this is the guy you need to meet this is larry, the chief engineer. larry why a stand up coaster? >> well, holly the perfect fit with all the other great coasters here at six flags america, a different experience you stand way up high over the track so as you go through the corkscrews and loop you are on top you get this great view, whips around outside the track just a really cool feeling. >> okay i am not going to go on this cool feeling unless you go
8:45 am
with me. i will do it. >> let's get onboard obviously we have a huge transition in the last few years it went from wood coasters to steel. seems everything is steel. talk about how this is constructed what makes it so great and the ride so smooth. >> well, it is made of about two million pounds of steel, columns and four million pounds of concrete holds it all in and engineered precisely so that the track is in a perfect position, it is like a 3d sculpture in space but you get to ride it. >> very cool. >> and this cool here elizabeth and her daughter, now elizabeth is mid-atlantic representative for ace, american coasters enthusiasts you have ridden over 300 coasters. >> i have. >> your expectations are high. >> i want a lot from a coaster. >> are we ready? >> are we ready to face obliteration >> i think we are ready
8:46 am
>> all right baby let's go. so now we are going to reach speeds 55 miles an hour. >> yep, 55 miles an hour. and drop 100 feet. >> here we go.
8:47 am
>> >> i think i am a zombie now. man you get a whole lot of sensations all right coaster expert what do you think? >> i love this coaster. i love all the things going on around you. flames exploding and there is so much going on. >> what did you think?
8:48 am
>> i loved it. >> what was your favorite part? >> when the fire came out. >> so many different sensations you feel the fire, hello you feel the time to get off. wow. that was -- i feel undead for some reason. this is really -- what do you think the biggest difference is in terms of standing up versus sitting down >> just how you feel the coaster really different. it feels very different standing up. >> can we talk about that smoothness through the corkscrew my head was going ... it is all good as long as there is advil close by. >> it will be excellent if you come out general public gets to ride 2:00 p.m. this afternoon our website we have a link to six flags america. enough of the end of the world i think we survived we are here to live another day and will talk about family fun in our 9:00 a.m. hour back to you.
8:49 am
>> looks like fun. >> good for you. >> i couldn't do it. >> this is quite a story, a groom to be in southern indiana had a great idea of proposing in a hot air balloon only things did not go as planned when the happy couple crashed into power lines. an electric jolt knocked the pilot unconscious and when he fell on to the bride to be she got shocked too. the groom then gave cpr to the pilot to revive him this does have a happy ending adds soon as they land -- as soon as they landed the future fiance says yes. brace yourself for the next story. take a look. oh, there he goes a russian base jumper set a new world record, leaping from the top of a 21,000-foot tall mountain in the himalayas you can see he sores down for a bit at speeds of 125 miles an hour before deploying his parachute. it took the jumper six days to
8:50 am
climb the mountain before taking that big leap. wow. look, safe landing. >> smooth landing. >> you know if you've got the courage to do it, that must be such a thrill. >> right. >> you are like superman flying through the air. >> if you are flying down straight. time to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day, linda she posts that she enjoys the shower or the show every day. >> oh, wow. >> i am sure she enjoys the shower every day. the picture is her rescue pup alex. he has been a wonderful addition to the family. anyone who wants a companion animal is to check rescue organizations. does your child have the it
8:51 am
factor. jessica biel has been in the spotlight since she was a teen her mother was there to help her along the way. kim biel is here with tips to help their kids dreams come true. >> chris paul and muggy low down two of the craziest people have i ever known. they are in studio this morning bringing you laughs we will tell you where you can catch them in action this weekend, coming up at 9:45 a.m. we will be right back 
8:52 am
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8:54 am
. bobby flay is an award winning personality and no stranger in the kitchen and owner of several restaurants including bobby's burger palace
8:55 am
at the new maryland live casino. he joins us live with a look around his newest home away from home. your tenth restaurant i heard it was the biggest one so far. congratulations. >> thank you so much. so glad to be here. we had opening night last night, maryland live, bobby's burger palace opened with it. it was crazy just so many people, uncountable amount of people, unreal. >> i have no doubt about it because i am looking trying to sneak a peek behind you, it is a gorgeous restaurant. >> thank you very much. you know, this is my casual version of my restaurant, this is our tenth bobby's burger palace and we are so happy to be open in maryland we have one in college park and one open in dc this corner of the country is a place i am spending a lot of time. >> great. one on kay street too we love them here and across the country. when you say burger like palace of course we know you are connected to it of course we
8:56 am
know. we are looking at super fancy burgers like the june burger am i right? the mulberry street burger for june. >> yeah, right. we have a burger of the month. this month it is mulberry street burger. it is in little italy, in new york city. it is an italian sterile burger. we -- style burger. we take popular places in america, this is the l.a. burger, avocado, cheese, this is a bobby blue burger, and this is our signature burger known as a crunch burger and basically we tell people you can crunch fie any burger we put thin crisp potato chips on any burger to give you crunchy texture the best part it is free my favorite burger is probably the l.a. i get mine crunch fied >> it has veggies with the
8:57 am
avocado. that is what i will tell myself. >> very healthy. avocado, tomato and watercress. instead of having a light salad. >> how many burgers at the palace? >> how many do we have in. >> yeah. >> about ten different ones you can get certified angus beef, turkey or chicken breast sandwich so really 30 combinations and hand cut fries with our own proprietary sauces and i was just talking to the camera man here the shakes are ridiculous got to come in and have a shake this is actually a blueberry pomegranate and then we have our dark chocolate but of course we have vanilla bean, black and white, coconut, and the cult favorite, the people in the know at bobby's burger palace get the pistachio. >> please, i am already trying to see when i can get to your college park location as i am doing this interview what a treat for maryland and dc and the nation. i got to ask you on a personal
8:58 am
note you are just everywhere, now, what is your favorite show you do. >> favorite show right now i am in the middle of food network star, which is a competition, between myself, allison brown and john delorentis. we each get five people hopefully one of them will be the next star on food network whoever mentors them is getting to produce them. check that show out sunday at 9:00 p.m. >> i think my favorite is throw down with bobby flay. so thank you so much good luck on your new restaurant at live in hanover maryland. >> thanks allison. >> a lot more news coming up this hour. for the second time in five months dc councilmember resigned in the wake of federal
8:59 am
investigations. kwame brown is expected to plead guilty for bank fraud. what might his punishment be. >> something ahead, lots of parents think about does my kid have what it takes to be a star? one mom thought about that before and lived through the process. we are talking with kim biel, mom of tv star jessica biel she has made it big in hollywood, kim will give some advice. >> if you have ever listened to the tom joiner show, you are probably aware of the huggy low down. they will be live here in studio to share laughs find out how to see them live and in person tomorrow night >> can't wait for that. >> funny funny guy. coming up late


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