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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  June 8, 2012 4:25am-5:00am EDT

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it is friday, june 8th, a live look outside right now. there it is, the washington monument. it is friday. we've made it to the weekend. i'm will thomas. welcome to fox 5 morning news. let's get you started. we're up and bushy-eyed and bright tailed, what's that phrase? >> no clouds to talk about at
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all. a little bit of humidity, not a whole lot. just a little bit that we'll be talking about across the area. as far as temperatures are concerned, today will be fairly warm. we are looking at heading into the 80s. 53 at dulles. 56degrees at bwi marshall. today's high, 84 degrees with no short -- no shortage of humidity. new criminal charges for kwame brown. he is now the former d.c. council chairman after resigning yesterday when it was announced he was charged with falsifying his income to get a bank loan. federal prosecutors are charging him with violating campaign finance laws. he is expected to plead guilty to two charges later this morning. this is just the latest scandal plaguing the city government. the mayor is also investigation. vincent gray like to point out
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that he and kwame brown first got elected together to the council. the mayor tells fox 5's karen gray houston he is not concerned about more scandals. >> reporter: if vince gray is a target of federal prosecutors, is he is not saying he is nervous about the possibility of being next. >> i'm going on doing my job every day. >> reporter: midday at the wilson building, he was wearing in new board member. the newly established corrections information council. >> duties of the office of which i am -- >> reporter: questions remain about whether vince gray knew about illegal activities two top campaign aides have pleaded guilty to. i asked him if he is nervous about what prosecutors might do next. >> i think this is an investigation. we knew it was going on.
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i'm sure they're doing it in the way they normally conduct investigations. >> reporter: i asked the mayor for the city is in trouble enough to warrant having the congress put a control board in charge. he says take a look. wal-mart is coming. there are 42 cranes operating around town. and he brags about the current state of the district. >> 240 million dollars surplus at the end of my first year in office. homicide levels are down to the lowest level in 48 years. >> reporter: gray says whatever index you want to look at in terms of how the city is prealing, he thinks they're doing very well. careen gray houston, fox 5 news. house republicans are trying to keep the government from providing abortions to illegal immigrant detainees despite the fact that it has never even happened before.
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a homeland security spending bill prohibits immigrations and customs enforcement for paying for abortions except in cases of rape, incest or danger to the mother's life. a spokesperson says the agency has never paid for abortion services. take a look at number believable video. a school bus driver wasn't wearing a seat belt. he tries desperately to get the bus back in the lane. -- take a look at an unbelievable video. no children were on the bus at the time and no one inside the home was hurt butt driver has now resigned. look at him holding on right into the house. in sports, the miami heat has forced game seven in the eastern conference finals. they slammed the boston celtics
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last night 98-79. electric ron james poured in 45 points and grab 15d rebounds for miami. game seven tomorrow in miami. the winner will take on the oklahoma city thunder in the nba finals. plenty of weather, traffic and all your top stories ahead. -- and grabbed 15 rebound for miami. i believe this is our tower cam shot looking over the skies of washington. it is friday, june 8th. good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm will thomas. welcome to fox 5 morning news. we'll get you started with a little weather for your friday morning. it is pleasant outside. let's hope it stays that way. gwen is in for tucker. sounds like it will be a warm day. >> it will be a warm day. this is the first of many to come. we are not quite as humid as it was yesterday but a little bit of humidity still in the atmosphere. we begin with a look at our satellite-radar composite. clear skies across the area
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actually. not a whole lot going on at all. we have a ridge of high pressure actually in control. that will hold us to have some pretty nice sky conditions into the course of today. to do anything outside, you will reallyen joy it. it is currently 63-degree at reagan national airport. humidity at 63% as well. win are light. nothing really happening in the wind department right now. as far as today is concerned, no shortage of sunshine. we are headed to the mid-80s. by midday, we'll be around 81 degrees. and temperatures are pretty much going to be within that range just about everywhere. it will be warmer to the south of us, of course. wind will remain fairly light and a little bit of humidity. we'll head into the weekend looking really good as well. we'll have a look at that weekend forecast coming up just a little bit later, will. i also want to remind people not to leave your pets outside in the heat and make sure they have plenty of water. >> you always do. >> i love my animals. >> julie wright, you are a dog
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owner. we would never leave our pelts out without some water at least. >> no. and beagle bailey is quite -- he peeks up for himself. >> no, mama, want to go inside. >> that is right. there is only one alpha dog in the house and it ain't me. southbound 270 coming in from clopper road no problems headed out to the lane divide. lanes are open on the top stretch of the beltway between college park and bethesda. southbound 270, they were clearing up roadwork at georgetown road so be prepared for that. nice, ease -- easy ride headed out to the 14th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. more charges against kwame brown. first, he was slapped with bank fraud and now the former d.c. council chairman is facing criminal charges for campaign finances. he is expected to plead guilty to two charges later this
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morning. we'll get the latest now from fox 5's laura evans. >> reporter: a luxury boat docked in d.c.'s southeast harbor, one of kwame brown's purchases according to court documents with money obtained fraudulently after kwame brown applied for a loan overstating his income by tens of thousands of dollars. the cases against the former d.c. council chair just keep growing. first, it was federal charges for bank fraud. now, he is charged with one count of unlawful cash campaign expenditure. prosecutors allege he set up a side account and authorizeed a family member to make withdrawals. since the charges came down, there has been only silence from the former chair. his office is closed. his name has been removed. >> it was just shocking to me. >> reporter: councilmember yvette alexander is among many who are concerned about brown and his family. >> what it all boils down is that we are elected officials but we are human first, you
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know and we do have a life outside of what we do in city hall. >> i hope he and his family are going to be fine. >> reporter: more legal issues loom at the top of city government. the u.s. attorney continues its investigation of mayor vince gray's 2010 campaign. when asked about it thursday, the mayor would not say whether he is nervous about the possibility of being next. >> i'm going on doing my job every day. >> that is fox 5's laura evans reporting. also making headlines this morning in prince george's county. a quick arrest following a shooting at the southern avenue metro station. harold debtor was shot and killed. the man who pulled the trigger said just one word, move, before shooting him in the head. norman bond is now facing first
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degree murder charges. his sister said he has a history of mental illness and a lengthy criminal past. police were called to eric soma's apartment wednesday night on east-west highway by a family member who hadn't been able to reach him. the 34-year-old was found shot to death inside. police don't have a motive for the killing and very few clues. his family is plead with the public hoping for a tip to help crack the case. a close call in montgomery county after a child's electric motorcycle went up in flames. tom says he was playing basketball with his sons when it happened. they noticed it was heating up so they parked it. smoke started coming out of it until the whole thing was eventually on fire. he says he is shocked. >> my kids have ridden on this.
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we thought it was very safe and it is shocking when you realize that that thing could be -- you have your child on it and could suddenly be in flames. so yeah, not good. >> the montgomery county fire department quickly came out and controlled the fire and fortunately, no one was hurt. if your weekend plans include gambling at maryland's newest casino or shopping at arundel mills mall in hanover expect a whole lot of traffic. big crowds are expected all weekend at maryland live. this was the scene in hanover yesterday. hundreds of cars in the parking lot near arundel mill mall. the casino opens each day at #:00 a.m. it closes at 2:00 a.m. sunday through thursday. -- the casino opens each day at #:00 a.m. expect big crowd especially along routes 100 and 295.
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on capitol hill, they haved a bill to fund the homeland security department but not without controversy over abortion. -- the casino opens each day at 8:00 a.m. more big legal hits for the nfl. the latest on the huge lawsuit. the time is going on 4:37. we'll continue right after this. 
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the house has passed a bill to fund the homeland security department t contains an extra $5 billion for disaster relief. that is a provision that tea party members had opposed. the bill also includes a controversial rider prohibiting immigration and customs enforcement, or ice, from providing abortions to illegal immigrant detainees except in cases of rape, incest or danger to the mother's life. ice says it has never provided such services in its nine-year history. the united nations says its observers in syria are dodging bullets literally.
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they are trying to monitor a cease-fire and were stopped from going to the site of this week's massacre. at the u.n. in new york, the secretary general expressed deep frustration at the violence. the latest on roger lemons perjury trial. his wife debbie expected to testify that she received a shot of human growth hormone from her husband's former streapght coach about a decade ago and that clemens was not present. one of the that weres is that he lied when he said he didn't know college enwas injecting his wife. more than 2,000 former football players and their families have filed a lawsuit against the nfl. the plaintiffs are saying the league had information and hid it linking football-related head tarek mehanna that on permanent brain injuries. the players association reports
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the average life expectancy for an nfl player is 5 # years old. overall, the average american man lives nearly two decades longer. the suit accuses of nfl of glorifying violence. one criminal defense attorney says the players are to blame and not the league. >> how do you tell a guy, hey, maybe you should lay off and not hit as hard when if you do hit as hard and you are as feared and defenses are better because of the way you hit, you might be paid more. >> i think there is a huge defense here and it is called a collective bargaining agreement. players have an agreement with the nfl and that agreement controls everything, player safety, their salaries and rules regarding safety. >> reporter: officials with the nfl say the league has spent more than a billion dollars on pensions, medical and disability benefits for retired players. remember that huge megamillions jackpot a few months ago? we were all racing out to get our lottery tickets, all kind of joining forces, pooling our
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money? guess what? another huge jackpot has a lot of us dreaming of that good life. this time, it's the powerball. we'll tell you how much you could win as we continue. >> i think i need to buy a ticket, will. >> we all do. >> definitely. some sunshine today. clear skies as we start out this morning but what does the weekend hold? i'll have the answer for you and a look at your forecast. we'll be back right after the break. 
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welcome back. a live look outside right now. there in the distance, you can see the wilson bridge. it is friday, we are in. ing closer toward the weekend. let's all dream about this. if it is not weekend, it is about being rich, right? one of the biggest lottery jackpots is growing again. powerball is up to $205 million for tomorrow night's drawing. the jack spot has been growing since february when a woman from rhode island won a $336 million prize. that is the largest so far for one person in powerball history. $205million. i'd take it. >> my car has shopping radar t can find any mall anywhere. >> i have this famous story about gwen. we all pooled our money and on our desk was a contract, copies
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of the tickets and who was in charge. >> i just want to handle those legal things. you never know. beautiful yesterday. today, we'll have another sun- filled day and some of our viewers yesterday, as i had mentioned in the forecast, saw a little bit of a pop-up shower here and there and we were under the gun in some areas. for the most part, it was mainly sunny for most of the day. plenty of sunshine again today as we start the weekend. so not all bad at all. we'll see the sun being really evident. we've got a little bit of humidity to deal with. not quite as much as yesterday but it will be out there. the weekend is absolutely looking fantastic, i'm happy to say. 83degrees was yesterday's high at reagan national airport. 79 at dulles. bwi kicked in at 80 degrees. these temperatures right on the mark. that is exactly where we should be temperature-wise. we were seasonal. and skies clear. we have a ridge of high
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pressure that is actually dominating our weather pattern right now so that will keep us into the sunshine. 52 at gaithersburg. 63degrees at annapolis. to the south, 57. 56 at hagerstown. winchester, 52. dulles, 53 degrees. so the jet stream continues to be to the north of us and that is opening the door once again for that warm air to sweep its way up the mid-atlantic and temperatures are going to be in the 80s and into the low 90s. pretty much into the course of the weekend and into the course of today, pretty much everywhere. this warm air is going to be sticking around a little bit. we do have a frontal system to our west that will be moving in as we move flu into next week. that will be our weather maker. in the meantime, we are actually looking at no shortage of sunshine for you. sunny skies, a little bit humid today. wind will be light. it will be warm. 84-degree. winds from the northwest at five to 10 miles per hour. if you take a look at the five- day forecast, talk about sunshine.
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look at this. from friday, right through until we hit monday. monday, we just get a little bit of cloud and then wear dealing with that system that could bring us a chance of some showers and thunderstorms on tuesday. but look at the weekend. 8 # degrees on your saturday. 91 on sunday. -- 88 degrees on your saturday. those are the kinds of temperatures that julie wright loves. >> i'm in on that ticket for the lottery. don't forget about me over here. on the roads right now, you will find that your lanes are open if you are traveling around the capital beltway. i believe that is a metro shot ever people on the metro. but inside, what we have is 66 eastbound, no problems to report as you guys continue in towards the capital beltway. the overnight roadwork is cleared. also the roadwork cleared from those traveling on the dulles toll road. we had construction approaching the beltway there from inside the beltway and outside the beltway too. that too has been picked up. lane there are open. traveling south on 270 working your way past old georgetown road, overnight construction
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tying up the two left lanes. the lanes are open there once again. 270 looks good coming in from germantown. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. a commuter alert. heads up if your weekend plans include riding metro. expect delays as crews work on the orange, blue, red and green lines. pretty much all of them, right? buses will replace trains between east falls church and west falls church and ok for single tracking on portions of red, blue and green lines. a major employer in northern virginia will be picking up and leaving and guess, what taking thousands of jobs with it. this week, exxon mobil announced it is moving its fairfax county operations to houston, texas. fox 5's sherry ly has more on the impact to the northern virginia economy. >> reporter: exxon mobil will leave fairfax county in better economic shape than when it came. 30 years ago, mobil oil's decision to come here put northern virginia on the map as a global business center. >> they can get along without
4:50 am
them now. it is up fortunate timing and it will leave a hole there for a short while but i expect it will be back filled pretty quickly. >> reporter: where the move will hurt are local businesses like this restaurant. exxon mobil's 2100 employees are its customers. they come for lunch, dinner, happy hour and company parties. >> i would say lunch and happy hour. >> reporter: virginia's governor bob mcdonnell tried to convince exxon mobil to stay. in a statement, his office said, while disappointing, we've been aware since early in the administration that exxon mobil planned to consolidate operations in houston. our fox us now is ensuring that every possible step is taken to help all of those impacted. exxon mobil will make the move in phases starting in 2014 through 2015. that will give the company time to find someone to take over this complex and for the county to perhaps replace the jobs
4:51 am
that will be lost. steven fuller, director of george mason university's cent fore regional analysis says with fairfax county generating 10,000 jobs a year, it is more than enough to offset the job loss and the half billion dollars exxon mobil pumps into the northern virginia economy. >> the county is in the best position of any jurisdiction and region to absorb this loss. >> reporter: at this restaurant, the hope is whoever fills the empty offices will fill up seats at the restaurant the way exxon mobil's workers did. sherry ly, fox 5 news. a fox 5 follow-up to a story we brought you a few months agoen a local couple facing criminal charges for getting their kids to school late dozens ever times. there is an update on the case. efforts to crack down on sugary drinks but opponents say health experts need to mind their business. the first ever soda summit.
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back now on fox 5 morning news. what a talker this was. astops a northern virginia family has learned its lesson about being late to school. charges were dropped thursday against the couple. they had gone to trial because their three children were late to school 30 times last fall. a motion filed yesterday showed the kids have only been late once so far since then so prosecutors decided to drop the case. the battle over sugary drinks came to the nation's capital on thursday. the first ever soda summit was convened with the goal of doing away with sugar leyden sodas and juices. health advocates say they are trying to promote healthy living. others claim the amount of soda they drink is no one else's business. >> reporter: you might call it soda or you might call it pop. but in here, it is public health enemy number one. >> there is more and more
4:55 am
evidence that soft drinks promote obesity, heart disease, diabetes, cancer. >> reporter: michael jacob sop organized this first ever soda summit as health care experts descended on washington. >> these beverages have no nutritional value at all. they are completely sugar. if he fool the brain. caffeine gets added in. >> reporter: the issue gained super sized attention when new york city mayor mike bloomberg says he wants to ban sodas bigger than 16 ounces but soda summit attendees say sugar in sodas are only part of the problem. health groups say what has them in a fizz are serving sizes which in a short time have gone from this to this but others say legislating how much soda you can drink is hard to swallow. >> if the public health advocates at that conference don't like soda, fine, don't drink it. >> reporter: justin wilson is with the cent fore consumer
4:56 am
freedom, a group that supports the food industry and people's right to eat and drink what they want. they've dubbed new york's mayor as nanny bloomberg and say how much soda people drink is nobody's business. >> what on earth makes it their right to tell us we're not allowed to drink it or we have to pay more for if? >> reporter: how dids soda summitt attendees feel about being called nutrition nannies. >> i think it's bunch of bologna. >> tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. nervous moments for the washington nats. bryce partnerrer down but he is not out. not by a long shot. that is coming your way next in sports. plus, king james holds court. the miami heat stays alive in the nba playoffs. high heights coming your way next. stay with us. -- highlights coming your way next. ♪
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the miami heat forceed a game seven in the eastern conference finals. they slammed the boston celtic 98-79. paul pierce scored just nine points for boston. game seven tomorrow in miami. the winner will take on the oklahoma city thunder in the nba finals. to baseball, the nats begin another round of interleague play tonight with a three-game series in boston versus the red sox. the nats are hoping a rebound from yesterday's 3-1 loss. bryce harper had a bit of a scare in the ninth inning when he dove for a ball and stayed on the ground for a minute. check it out. all right. he just got the wind knocked out of him. apparently, he says he is okay. the nats now just have a one- game lead over atlanta in the nl east. the baltimo


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