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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  June 8, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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a former d.c. council member in court today. >> not one but two separate hearings ahead for kwame brown as he faces yet another charge related to his money matters. >> the debate over same-sex marriage in maryland takes a new turn as the fight for overturn it is new law legalizing it moves forward. fox 5 morning news at 6:00 a.m. starts now. a live look outside.
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the sun is shining down upon us. friday, june 8th, we've made it to the weekend. some applause, come on, guys. just a few more hours, allison. >> all right. >> good morning. i'm will thomas. >> i'm allison seymour. do i have four more hours? >> it is one of the benefits of working early because your weekend starts a little earlier. >> you got that right. >> look who is joining us, gwen tolbart. >> i i have to work on the weekends. >> i know. >> while they're out subpoenaing this weekend, i'll be here handling it all. >> where that is small violin? >> the good thin about it is the weather is going to be absolutely fantabulous. we've got sunshine today and it will last into the weekend. i'm happy to say ridge of high pressure in control. i don't have any clouds on this map to show you. i don't have any precipitation to show you. but i've got some clear conditions out there. so here is a look at what is going on right now.
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officially at reagan national airport, 61. 72% humidity. not as bad as yesterday. southwesterly wind flow right now at five miles per hour and it is 51 degrees at dulles. we've got 5 # at bwi thurgood marshall airport. here is a look at what we're sun right across the board. a high of 48 degrees, folks. it will be fabulous. >> you are making us all smile. not that we have to try too hard with julie wright. she is always smiling but maybe a little bigger smile today perhaps. >> just a little bit. on the roads this morning, we're saying hello to the crew in sky fox. they have made their way down to the national marine museum, quantico area northbound along i-95. i note the museum is on route one but they're focused on 95. that is where we find the heavy volume as you continue to work your way northbound. north stop and go slow traffic waiting for you at lorton headed out towards newington. land are open. you will find if you are traveling eastbound along 66 right into the sun. the lanes are open, no problems
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to report out of the manassas. traffic is flowing closer to 50 headed eastbound towards 123. we do have the water main break that we're dealing with this morning. that is tying up your commute if you are traveling telegraph road. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. -timetraffic. >> thank you. kwame brown, who is now the former d.c. council chair, is due in federal court in four hours. he is expected to plead guilty to felony bank fraud. >> then, this afternoon, he is in superior court also expected to plead guilty. this time to a misdemeanor charge for violating campaign finance laws. fox 5's sherry ly is live outside the federal courthouse with the very latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it doesn't seem like things could get much worse for kwame brown going from council chair to convicted criminal if he pleads guilty as expected in federal court today to those bank fraud charges and the situation got even worse yesterday.
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that is after he got hit with an additional charge for campaign finance violations. the newest charge involves brown's 2008 campaign. he was charged with one misdemeanor count of unlawful cash campaign expenditures. prosecutors say that he set up a side account and authorized family members to make with trawls. the former council chair as excused of using some of that money to buy a luxury boat and according to court documents, he bought that after applying for a loan that overstated his income by tens of thousands of dollars. that is the basis of the federal bank fraud charge for which he is expected to plead guilty in federal court. brown did resign late wednesday leaving another mess for his fellow council members. >> i'm not going to have the district of columbia embared any more than it already is. we have a crisis of ethics here in the city council and it doesn't end with just one person. >> reporter: now, brown is expected at d.c. superior court
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at 1:30 to face those campaign finance charges. he is due to arrive here at federal court in d.c. for this hearing. the way it should work is that he would come in, they would hold the hearing and make his plea but then he would be allowed to leave. a sentencing date would be set and he would come back here for that. at that time, he would find out how much time he could get and he is facing possible jail time. that is the latest here in federal court. back to you. >> thank you. the alleged east coast rapist is due in a prince william county courtroom this morning. a hearing is scheduled for aaron tom is. he is accused of attacking 17 women over 20 years including three teenaged girls in prince william county in october of 2009. thomas is expected to use the insanity defense. today's hearing will determine if he is currently competent for stand trial. police in silver spring are investigating a murder. officers were called to eric soma's apartment wednesday
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night on east-west highway by a family member who had not been able to reach him. the 34-year-old was found shot to death inside. police don't have i motive for the killing and very few clues. somas with a top salesman at the bethesda jaguar and range rover dealership. his family is pleading with the public hoping for a tip to crack this case. recently, opponents of same- sex marriage in maryland claimed they had enough signatures to put the measure to a vote. now, maryland's board of elections web site shows an unofficial count of validated signatures does exceed the required number. the governor sign the same-sex marriage bill in law back in march. if the number holds, the measure will be on the ballot come november. it is a dangerous drug blamed in some sickening attacks but in some places, can you still legally buy it. details on the push to ban bath
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salts late are, speed cam cash. wait until you hear how much revenue d.c. pulled in over the course of a few months. we're back in a moment. >> i know it's a lot 
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the jaixz says syria is firing heavy weapons at its staff. the-- the united nations says syria is firing heavy weapons at its staff. the union general assembly also heard from peace own sukanya roy kofi annan on his latest proposals to end the violence. yesterday, u.n. monitors were prevented from getting to the site of this week's massacre. also making headline, it's drug that can drive users to do terrifying things. they are called bath salts. they are blamed in several recent crimes that have made headline acontracts the country including an attack in florida wray man is accused of biting off nearly all of a homeless man's face. drug is already banned in 38
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states and the push is on in congress for a permanent ban nationwide. another loss in the mousse you can world. former fleetwood macmember bob welch has died. police in nashville say he took his own life. he had been facing health issues recently. in the early 70s, welch was i get are aft and vocalist for fleetwood macand went on to a successful solo career with his hit. -- as a guitarist and vocalist. you are driving and you see the flash and you know what that means, the dreaded ticket that shows up in your mailbox. find out why d.c. is pulling in more dough from these speed cameras than ever before. it is nice to get up close with i that thank you sometimes but neighbor not this close. details on two recent close encounters with a couple of bears.
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check it out if you dare. a bear captured on camera but not in a place known for bears. this is cape cod, massachusetts. it is believed this is the first bear ever on the cape. officials think it swam 500 feet across the canal from the mainland over memorial day weekend. okay. otherwise, the bear would have had to get there like everybody else does over one of two bridges. >> i like that bear booty cam going on. >> a maryland community has its own bear story. see it right next to the trampoline. the home owner note id the trash cans over. it was the bear walking around.
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there is by the swimming pool. the bear eventually left the yard and hasn't been spotted since. i'm sure that family will be checking that tape every so often, right? >> can i just say i really envy that pool now. is that wrong? >> nothing wrong with that. >> we are talking 80s today. >> jump in there for a swim. >> he might come back for a swim today with this weather. >> hope not. >> i hope not too for them but the heat is on. our temperature will be on the rise. not quite as humid as yesterday but you're still going to feel a little bit of stickiness outside. here is a shot of our satellite- radar composite. not much happening on it at all to show you. we have a ridge of high pressure in control. that is keeping our skies very, very clear and so that means we'll have the sunshine. right now, 62 degrees at reagan national airport. humidity up at 70%. light southwesterly wind at three miles per hour. and we've got highs from
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yesterday which were exactly where they should be. seasonal conditions at 83 degrees. so temperatures as we start this hour, 52 degrees at gaithersburg. we've got 62 at quantico. 55degrees at hagerstown. annapolis is at 62 degrees. here is a look at national's temperatures for you. we'll get this real southern influx coming its way up the eastern seaboard. all this warm air is just continuing to push its way up to the north. that is because the jet treatment is to -- jet stream is to the north of us. plenty of sunshine today. it will be warm, just a little bit humid. can't rule out the humidity 100% but not quite as sticky as it was yesterday.
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your five-day forecast showing you the sun sticks around for your weekend, 91 degrees on sunday. talk about a beach day. monday, a few clouds and by tuesday, we have a frontal system that heads through. that will set us up for a chance of a thunderstorm. i wonder if julie wright is going to the beach. how is that going for you today. >> as a matter of fact, i'm taking off tomorrow morning, gwen. >> i knew it. >> you know me so well. let's say good morning to the fox 5 waze crew. misbrown sugar, thank you for checking in with us. they are about 40 miles per hour inbound on 50 as you work your way in towards the district this morning. it is nice to see that 50 looks good coming in out of bowie and continuing down towards the capital beltway. 395 northbound, we have delays here, moderate traffic as you work your way up through alexandria. no problems reported in your way. the crew in sky fox with us right now. they are checking out the drive northbound along i-95 as you work your way north make being your way from triangle, it is
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heavy slow and steady. we'll take it back inside. we've got problems to report right now out here on the roads. it is water main break that is tying up telegraph road north of dorsett but before you reach franconia road at wilson drive. accident activity, suitland parkway at forestville road. make that a stalled car. follow police direction in order to get by. accident activity closes massachusetts avenue east of ward circle headed out towards wisconsin. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. police say they're set up in the interest of safety but many argue all those speed and red light cameras all across d.c. are also giant cash cows. aaa says over seven months from october of last year through april of this year, the city has already pulled in more than $40 million. so far this year, more than 419,000 speed camera tickets have been issued. even though for fiscal year 2011, fewer tickets were issued
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d.c. made more money because the minimum fine was increased. aaa says the average ticket jumped to $125. a traffic alert if you plan to be around arundel mill mall this weekend. the big crowds are expect ted new maryland live casino. this was the scene at its grand opening late wednesday night. check that line out. the casino opens each day at 8:00 in the morning. >> have you ever beeny to avegas casino? yes. have i ever won anything? no. coming up next, we'll go live to fox business network in new york. fewer people are betting that they'll be able to pay down their debt quickly. as we take you to break now, sure, powerball tickets cost a little more these days. they went up to $2 earlier this year butt payoff could be worth it. the jackpot in saturday night's drawing now stands at $205 million. >> it could be us. >> i could buy that pool. we are aback in a moment. -- we're back in a moment.
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more and more of us are choosing not to use the plastic as in credit cards. more on that in a minute. first, a look at the markets. lauren simonetti with fox business network is live in new york with this morning's business beat. good friday morning, lauren. >> good friday morning. finally we get to say that. it has been a great week on wall street, believe it or not. it might be the best week of year if we do okay today. the dow was up by 46 points yesterday but the nasdaq and s&p 500 fell. it was kind of of like a tug of war between good and bad yesterday. good was that cut in interest rates. jobless claim came in better. but the bad was what ben bernanke said. >> that joble rate, the number of unemployment claims going down, do you think that helped a lot. i would think it would but is
6:25 am
it too much a little bit too late? >> well, it is a very volatile measure. it gets reviseed a couple of time. so you have to look at the trend. the trend rose. the four-week moving average was up. you look at the jobs report we got from may on friday and that was abysmal. this is a much smaller report. >> let's move on to credit card usage. i rarely carry cash. i usually do the debit option on my credit card but we are talking about borrowing money on those corrode its cards. that number is down. and there is a rope behind that, we think. >> right. it turns out -- there is a rope behind that, we within. >> it turns out -- there is a reason behind that, we think. >> turns out when people have jobs, they decide it is okay to use the credit card more. in april, we increased our borrowing by only $6.5 billion.
6:26 am
that is half of what we saw in march. that is the same month we started seeing the job market lose steam. when i'm he having a bad day and that is what i'm not too confident, that is when i go shopping. >> me too. that is the problem. thank you so much. >> have a great weekend. still ahead on fox 5 morning news, another former d.c. council member in court this morning. it is the first two of hearings for kwame brown today, just one day after he was hit with another charge related to his finances. first, a mom and a dad called to court after their kids were chronically late for school. now, a judge make a decision on that case. we're back in a moment.
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back now on fox 5 morning news. it appears a northern virginia family has learned its lesson about being late to school.
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charges were dropped against the couple. they had gone to trial or to court because their three kids were late to school 30 times last fall. a motion filed yesterday showed the kids have been late only once since then. so prosecutors decided to drop that case. >> i must say these family pictures are adorable. >> they are adorable. >> they look like they could be in the picture frames when you buy them. >> yeah. >> they're not real. >> i won't comment on kids should be there on time but things happen. >> it has been worked out. >> good to know at least. nice weather we've got a great weekend on tap and i know people are kind of in that mood to get ready to go to the beach and that this time of year so mother nature will cooperate. this will be very nice for you. let's take a look at things right now in terms of our we are map. satellite-radar composite has nothing on it. we don't have any rain or clouds to talk about. it is absolutely fabulous out
6:31 am
there. >> they let you outside? i peeked through the door. they tonight know. 62degrees right now at reagan national airport. humidity at 70%. it will be a the bit humid today but not as humid as it was yesterday. 52degrees at dulles. bwi, 54 degrees. we are talk a high of 84 degrees. sunny skies and very warm with some light winds. the weekend is looking great. can't wait to tell you about it. >> sound like a boring day in the weather department. >> i love it because i can give good news. >> thank you, gwen. here is julie wright. she has a look at the roads early on this friday morning. what is going on out there? >> not a lot. at least not yet. we are all just still in a of gwen's forecast. we love that. we are dealing with the water main break. this kicked off our show around
6:32 am
4:30 this morning. we do find a portion of telegraph road tied up at dorsett. no problems to report on 295 as you work your way northbound towards inbound 11th street bridge. earlier, there was a portion of massachusetts avenue blocked off towards wisconsin avenue. all of that activity has cleared. top stretch of the plate working your way past colesville road and continuing around towards 270. lanes are open southbound along 270 coming in out of germantown headed for the lane divide. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. on-timetraffic. >> thank you. no to the big story of more charges against kwame brown. first, he was charged with bank fraud. >> sherry ly is following the
6:33 am
latest outside federal court in the district. >> good morning. just days ago, kwame brown was denying any knowledge of the impending charges and saying he wouldn't resign. now, he is due right here in federal court and could face jail time. brown's problems got even worse yesterday when he was charged with an additional count of a misdemeanor campaign finance violation. he is accused of setting up a side account during his 2008 campaign allowing family members access and using it to buy a luxury boat. according to court documents he got the money by overstating his income by tens of thousands of dollars to get a loan. that is the source of the federal bank fraud charge. brown could face up to 30 years in prison but is expected to get far less. all of this, of course, a black eye for d.c.'s council. >> i'm know the going to have the district of columbia
6:34 am
embared any more than it already is. we have a crisis of ethics here and it doesn't end with just one person. >> reporter: after brown's 11:00 appearance in federal court, he will then head over to d.c. superior court at 1:30 where he is facing a hearing on the campaign finance violation. brown has not spoken publicly since he resigned late on wednesday. we would expect to hear from him today but it is unclear whether that would be after his appearance in federal court or later after superior court. that is the latest here. back to you. >> thank you. same-sex marriage in maryland one step closer to the november ballot. opponents of the law have submited a petition in maryland's board of elections web site shows an unofficial count of validated signatures does exceed the required
6:35 am
number. you will recall governor martin o'malley signed the same-sex marriage bill into law back in march. police are looking for clues after the mysterious death of a bethesda car salesman. the body of 3-year-old eric soma was found wednesday night here in his apartment building along east-west highway in silver spring. police say he had been shot to death. right now, investigators don't have a motive for the killing and very few clues. he happened to be the top salesman at bethesda jaguar and range rover dealership. prince george's county, a quick arrest following a shooting at the southern avenue metro station. harold dieter was shot and killed tuesday in a bus bay at the station. witnesses say the man who pulled the trigger said just one word, move, before shooting dieter in the head. police say 32-year-old norman bonds is now facing first degree murder charges. his sister told fox 5 that bonds has a history of mental illness.
6:36 am
he also has a lengthy criminal past. a 7-year-old girl is the third victim to die from a terrible car wreck earlier this week in northern virginia. victoria williams passed away yesterday at the hospital. her mother, dijon williams and five-year-old sister faith were killed tuesday night when their car hit another car on lee highway in fairfax. the driver of the other car remains in critical condition. bridge county police are trying to figure out why a toddler was wandering alone near a busy road. police say the child was found on morgan boulevard yesterday and the child's parents found hours later. the child was checked out and is just fine. thank goodness. still ahead, fast food chain are trying to offer healthier choices when it comes to kids' meals but one group says it is not enough. we will run through the list of what they say are the worst options on the menu. >> no matter where your opinion is on this, you're going to be
6:37 am
hungry. tony and i were talking about this earlier. first, the guy who brought us i'll yeps back in theaters with the new sci-fi scare. kevin mccarthy reviews prometheus as we continue. ♪
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the new sci-fi thriller prometheus opens today. industry buzz that is it could be one of the biggest hits of the summer. kevin mccarthy is in new york this morning skypeing with us and smiling as always. he is there interviewing the cast of upcoming amazing spider- man. good morning. we'll talk about spiedy in just a moment but first all about prometheus, all right? >> yeah. first of all, i have to say how geeked out i am. this is one of the most anticipated movies of the summer, of the year for me. i'm a huge ridley scott fan. watching him return to the gen
6:41 am
rest that he redefined back in 1979 and 19 # 2 with alien and blade runner. he hasn't doesn't a sci-fi film in 30 years and he clemmons he just didn't have any material that he wanted to actually make. it just seems weird to me. the guy did gladiator. he did edge end and american gangster. but he hasn't had a sky if i film since blade runner. >> and as i understand it, there are sort of three big questions out there fans want answered, right? >> everyone wants to know the following things. is it and i'll yepian prequel? not necessarily. there are elements of aliens throughout the movie but it is a stand alone movie. they dim tease things. they heave things open for you but it is not necessarily a prequel to alien. the second question is do you need to see alien before seeing prometheus. if you are a fan boy like me, i've seen i'll yep so many times, you will see the intricacies and all the element
6:42 am
of alien within the movie but you can still enjoy prometheus without seeing alien. the third question is it is a 3- d film. do you need to see it in need imax that. tick the price is an extra $3 to $5. he shot it in 3-d so go for the 3-d price but skip the i'm action film. much hysen sherifi the dark knight, an hour of that was actually shot in imax format. >> there are so many films and i'll think i'm any movie theater. this is a movie that makes you sit there for two hours. you suspend your disbelief the entire time and you are blown away by the epic brilliant masterpiece of a film. ridley scott take you into this
6:43 am
world with this haunting visual, the score is amazing. the cast is a brilliant film. a film that is so rare that we see come out in this day and age. obviously, there are prequel element to alien but it is a stand-alone movie. there was a huge debate back before this film came out about it being pg-13 versus r. that is a big deal. if a director is going to compromise aspects of his movie to do a business element because a pg-13 will allow to you have more people in the theater, you can get young are people in there. but ridley scott was very adamant about not cutting down this one particular scene which is so shocking. if you saw the original alien, we know about the famous stomach scene. it is more shocking than that. apts rated r movie. bravo to ridley scott for not compromising. >> good for him. >> it is a big deal for a director in a movie that cost this much, he acts as a
6:44 am
producer and director. >> i was just going to say a guy of his caliber probably has it in his contract that he has final cut or something like that. i think you involved the question, is it charlize theron or theron. >> every time i see her, it is taco bell this or taco bell that. >> didn't you give her like did i $10 coupon. >> i give a millionaire a $10 gift card to taco bell. i don't know what she was thinking. she is amazing in the movie. go see it in 3-d. >> i know what you were thinking, you were thinking maybe i'll get an extra 30 seconds of my interview with her. >> quickly talk about the new spider map film. >> yeah, i'm in new york today. i'm getting ready to sit down with the cast of the amazing
6:45 am
spider-man. ill abe sitting down with andrew garfield, martin sheen and dennis leery. if you have if i questions for the cast, tweet me. i'll try to throw in some of your questions. he saw the movie last night. can't talk about it until july 2nd. i did see the movie. we'll have the interviews with the cast coming up in a couple of weeks. i do want to say a gave prometheus a five out of five. i don't really give those. it's movie you have to see in theaters. it is an epic brilliant masterpiece. >> i always take your advice and i'm never let down. thank you, sir. we'll see you again one of these days in person. >> ill abe there next week. i'll be reviewing a bunch of movies next week. next week. >> okay. -- i'll be there next week. >> he is a smooth one, isn't he? >> i got to see prometheus. >> when he says it's good, in
6:46 am
my opinion he is never wrong. >> i like the movies that leave you on the edge of your seat. >> me too. >> the good ones are hard to find. hard to come by. hopefully, this is one of them. >> the forecast, you have one that we all love today. >> plenty of sunshine for thank you you had. clear skies. we are not talking any rain or cloud coverage out there whatsoever. we have a nice ridge of high pressure that is dominating our weather pattern so we are talking plenty of sunshine for you today i'm happy to i say. what i great way to start the weekend. a little bit of humidity so just be aware of that. not quite as much as we had yesterday. there will be a bit of it out there. the weekend is looking absolutely great. as we move into next week, we have unsettled days we have to deal with. overall, let's enjoy what we have right now. let's get some of the sunshine. here is your satellite-radar composite. nothing really to show on here. we do have a ridge of high pressure to the west. that is helping on influence
6:47 am
the weather pattern into the course of today. we are talking 62 degrees this hour at reagan national airport. airport. >> we see this ridge of high pressure building in setting us up for lots of sunshine into the course of today. a warm day as well. we are headed to the mid-80s for our daytime high. as i said, the weekend will be looking absolutely fabulous and humidity is going to be just on the low side. that is at least some good news. >> that is great news. >> you will be a very popular lady today. they'll say thank you. >> because when it gets bad, believe me, i'll get the phone calls. >> good morning. >> good morning.
6:48 am
>> guess what it is time for. ask the weather guys, the segment where tucker barnes and i put our big heads together to answer your most pressing questions weather-related or otherwise. tuckers off for one more day so gwen is here to help answer this one. today's question comes from michelle in laurel, maryland. she says when she is outside with her husband and son, mosquitos seem to choose them over her. michelle writes a lit real watched a mosquito go around me to get to my son. my theory is that mosquitoes have a taste for a specific blood taste. what do you think? >> i love this question. >> a lot of people do think that it has to do with blood type. it does not. there is a lot of work being done on this because it is true mosquitoes do tend to favor certain people and so scientists are trying to figure it out. they've figured out some of t
6:49 am
they haven't figured it all out yet and they are doing a lot of research. the main factor is genetics. it may run in the family. if they are attracted to you, they may have been attracted to your mother or father or something like that as well. you may have some genetic properties that you share with your parents. so genetics is the biggest thing. mosquitos are attracted to high concentrations of steroids or cholesterol. now, that does not necessarily mean that you have high cholesterol for a mosquito is attracted to you. in point of fact, you may be someone who processes cholesterol better than other people and during that process, some of the residue of cholesterol, whatever is left after it, is on your skin. and i suppose if you are taking
6:50 am
certain steroids and you exude some of that through your skin, they may be tracted to you for that reason. you may be taking steroids for a medical reason or what have you. >> and there is also certain types of acids that they are attracted to as well. so they target people would produce certain acids such as a uric acid. it trig airs sense of smell so they are lured to that particular person. the other thing that is interesting is that pregnant person are he is personally at risk because they produce a greater than normal amount of exhaled carbon monoxide and they are also attractioned to that. the interesting thing is if you are outdoors and you are lounging around or else you are playing baseball or playing a game or something, the people moving around are the ones that will get targeted as oppose to the ones who are lounging around. that is because the movement that they're attracted to is the movement and the heat attract them. as you run around, they sense your movement and head towards
6:51 am
you and they just sort of get the smell of the carbon dioxide and the heavy breathing draws them closer. 170million years, mosquitoes have been around for. can you imagine? >> yes. >> it can't be steroids. i would be way more buff. >> one thing -- what gwen was talking about. if you want to avoid them and you are outside like ate picnic, sit still. >> sit down. don't be running around playing volleyball or anything like that. they are attracted more to the movement and the carbon dioxide. >> one little interesting note is their sense of smell can be triggered to that particular person from as far away as 164 feet. >> they always find me. >> i always tell the story, they don't get my dad because he had malair y.
6:52 am
>> it's like they know. >> this one had some bad blood. >> only the female that bites, not the male. >> that's right. >> girl power, we could have left that fact out. thank you. that is interesting. >> so there you go. thank you very much for the question, michelle. if you have a question that you want answered, go to and click on the weather tab. >> what about you, julie do you get bit pretty often like i do? >> yeah, i do. you know me, i'm a busy body. i move, i shift. i dance. >> there you go. >> i start vacation tomorrow. i'm already in vacation mode. it is exciting. for those that are on the roads right now, ten and two, hands on the wheels. thank you very much to our wazers checking in. you will find slow traffic working your way westbound 495 down to about 10 miles per
6:53 am
hour. thank you, clarence, for checking it. southbound along 270, waze crews traveling in with moderate traffic. the crew in sky fox with us. they are checking out the drive in virginia. northbound 39 # as you guys continue to work your way north of the beltway and head up towards duke street the you will fine the earlier incident cleared over to the shoulder. lanes are open once again but traffic remains heavy, slow and steady headed north from edsall road. we'll update the ride elsewhere. we are still dealing with the water main break. that is tying up a portion of telegraph road between dorsett drive and franconia. at forestville road, we had a car into the woods. you will find some police activity there. you can get by inbound along the suitland parkway. massachusetts he have, the earlier accident we reported there just east of ward circle has cleared. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic. >> the physicians committee for responsible medicine is out way
6:54 am
list of worst healthy fast food kids meals so the worst of the best. tops on that list, chick-fil-a grilled introductionettes meal with fries and chocolate milk. entire meal has the seam cholesterol as a big mac. it is followed by the sodium packed mcdonald's cheeseburger happy meal with fries, apples and milk. fries and apples are really small now. the friday are like a third of the size. >> only in the kids meal? >> that is kind of great. then there is the sonic junior burger with apples an apple juice. researchs are say that meal has more sugar than two twinkies. burger king's hamburger meal makes the list for cholesterol concerns. and denny's build your own grand slam makes the bad list. >> turkey bacon which is a processed meat which is very
6:55 am
closely linked to colorectal cancer. and so the american institute to cancer research recommends consume being dear owe processed meet. we don't want on give cars know generallic food to kids i don't we roached out to the restaurants named for comment. still ahead on fox 5 morning news, when you think about blues music being northern virginia probably isn't the first place that comes to mind. >> this weekend, it should be we are live at the blues festival. man: there's a cattle guard, take a right. do you have any idea where you're going ? wherever the wind takes me. this is so off course.
6:56 am
nature can surprise you sometimes... next time, you drive. nextime, signal youturn. ...that's why we got a subaru. love wherever the road takes you.
6:57 am
6:58 am
good morning everybody. this morning, we are celebrating in a very, very big way. we are live here at cherry hill park. now for the big tenor hill
6:59 am
blues festival. it's been going on for over 19 years and it gets bigger and better every year. they are bringing if some of the biggest acts in blues music here to falls church. and you will experience the rich history. and right now, we are jamming to some good down home blues music from members of the music maker review that came all the way from north carolina. more from them throughout the morning and we are going to have some tasty food. so you don't want to go anywhere. it's blues music all morning long. back to you. >> sounds good. she's almost drowning you out. you're going to have to be strong. >> i know, she's great. good morning to this young man. 13-year-old harry. he goes to fredland middle school. and harry writes that he gets up every morning at 6:30 to watch fox 5


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