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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  June 8, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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happening around the neighborhood and then tells his friends at the bus stop what's happening. thank you. he's been up half an hour now. maybe having some breakfast. keep it up and thank you for watching. and this is a wrap on our 6:00 hour. and now the news continues. >> thank you, sir. >> have a great weekend. we'll see you monday. coming up, a pair of guilty pleas expected from a former washington, d.c. councilmember. we are live outside court as brown gets ready to make his first public appearance since stepping down. plus, cashing in on traffic cameras, a new record. wait until you hear how much money the city raked in. and later, the fight to make the nfl more safe moves from the locker room to the courtroom. fox 5 morning news at 7:00 starts right now. there's a live look at town
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town washington, or part of washington in the northwest portion of the city. and it's a pretty day on this friday, june 8th, 2012. good morning everybody. >> happy you're with us on this, which is probably everybody's favorite day of the week. >> a friday. >> i'm just going to say it. and enjoying great weather this weekend. >> i do. and i am happy to report that. and you saw the beautiful shot, the sun is out. a little bit of a wind flow, but not a lot going on there. satellite radar, no clouds to show you, no rain. clear conditions. and that's all compliments of a nice ridge of high pressure to the west of us. here's a look at yesterday's highs. we were exactly where we should be temperature-wise, 83 degrees at reagan international airport. and 79 at dulles. it's 62 at national airport. humidity at 72%. winds southwest at 5 miles per hour. and the humidity will not be as
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bad as yesterday. lower humidity values. 52 at dulles this hour. not a bad start to your day. and for the day, sun and more sun and more sun. our high today is going to be 84 degrees. not bad at all. by midday, about 81 degrees. and now i want to tell you, just remember with the sun and the heat, you want to make sure you stay hydrated as well and take care of your pets. don't leave them outside without sun or water. just imagine what they're going through. they have fur coats on. and protect your skin as well from the sun. i know she follows them. >> absolutely. on the roads, lanes are open, but the pace is slow for those around the capitol beltway 95 to georgia avenue. southbound 29 doing the weather, we had the accident activity in the camera shot. and traffic was being forced to make a left-hand, or continue to the left here.
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and now one car or a couple snaking by at this time. activity involving a cyclist is tying up 29. proceed with caution. and on the other side of town, eastbound 66, just after 50 fair oaks here. accident activity here tying up the second lane from the left. and you can see they are outside of the vehicle. inbound, be prepared for slow traffic in towards the capitol beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 ontime traffic. thank you very much. and this morning's big story, brown in court today. the former dc council chairman is set to face a pair of criminal charges. >> brown resigned wednesday after being charged with bank fraud. this as the council prepares to select its new leader. we are live outside dc federal court now. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. you know, this is a very busy day for brown. federal court here just the
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first stop for him in his rounds of the dc court system today. he is due at 11:00 this morning to face the bank fraud charges in federal court. and then he will appear in superior court later today on a separate charge. he is expected to plead guilty. that would take brown from former council chair to convicted criminal. yesterday he was charged with a second misdemeanor count of unlawful cash campaign expenditures. prosecutors say he authorized family members to make withdrawls. he is accused of using the money to buy a luxury boat. and according to court document, he bought that after overstating his income by 10s of thousands of dollars to get a loan and defrauded the bank. the charges troubled councilmembers, some who are now worried about his brown and his family. >> we are elected officials, but we're human first. you know, and we do have a life outside of what we do in city
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hall. >> i'm just sorry to see what happened to my friend. and i hope he and his family are going to be fine. >> reporter: brown did resign from the chair on wednesday. council t councilmember is going to be the interim chair until next week when the full council can vote and then an election will be held. brown has not spoken publicly since he resigned. he is due in court at 1:30 later today on the campaign finance violation. and of course, we're waiting for his arrival right here in federal court first. that's the latest here, back to you. >> all right. thank you very much. coming up later, washington post dc politics reporter tim craig joins us live with his insight into if corruption scandal, the latest one to hit city council. and checking the other top stories this morning, a fox 5
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viewer captured firefighters in action on 14th street northwest. you can see flames shooting from the top floor of an apartment building. the fire was quickly put out. no one was hurt. we thank the viewer for the video. the man accused of a series of rapes up and down the east coast is due in a prince william county court today. a judge will determine if he is competent to stand trial. the lawyer says he refuses to discuss the case with his attorneys. prosecutors say an earlier mental evaluation determined that he faked or exaggerated mental issues. he faces rape charges stemming from an attack on two teenage girls on halloween night in 2009. his trial is scheduled to begin next month. also in court today, a police officer accused of murder. officer daniel wright shot and killed her during a traffic stop back in february.
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the officer claimed selfs on the, but a grand jury indicted him this month. and now a murder mystery in maryland. the family of eric soma is pleading with the public for help, asking anyone with information to come forward. the 34-year-old was the top salesman at jaguar and range rover dealership. his body was found wednesday night in his apartment along east smith highway in silver springs. he had been shot to death. right now, police don't have a motive ifer the killing and few clues in this case. the family of a man gunned down by a stranger at the southern avenue metro station is trying to understand why someone targeted their loved one. he was shot ask killed tuesday in a bus bay at the station. witnesses say the man who pulled the trigger said just one word, move before shooting him in the head. >> he was such a wonderful man. a wonderful person.
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he department bother anybody. -- he didn't bother anybody. all he did was work and spend time with his daughter. and now a 9-year-old little girl is out a dad. >> a 32-year-old william bonds is now facing murder charges in this case. his sister said that he has a history of mental illness and a lengthy criminal past. well you probably suspected as much, and now it's official, the nation's capitol is cashing in on traffic cameras. aa a reports that last -- aaa reports that last year the district collected $55 million from more than 470,000 speeding and red light tickets. even though the ticket count was lower, the amount raised is a record-high. the city is on track to issue more tickets this year. it appears the legality of same-sex marriage in maryland will be up to voters.
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supporters have collected the necessary number of signatures. the count is still unofficial, but officials expect it to stand. the governor signed the bill legalizing gay marriage in march after a narrow victory in the general assembly. as the race for president takes shape now, president barack obama and gop nominee mitt romney will trying to build on their strong suits. >> reporter: a new poll shows the race is essentially deadlocked, but the president and mitt romney have strengths in different areas. republicans and now many democrats are hopping mad at the administration after a series of national security leaks. >> this has to stop. when people say they don't want to work with the united states because they can't trust us to keep a secret, that's serious. >> reporter: the white house doesn't deny the leaks, but says that none have been politically motivated. the news coverage they
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generated show the president as a decisive leader when it comes to national security, aggressively using drone strikes. those story lines may be paying off. a new fox news poll shows that the president enjoys the lead over mitt romney when it comes to terrorism and foreign policy. >> we've seen how fast our debt can grow. i think it's time to see how fast our economy can grow and spending discipline is the first step. >> reporter: mitt romney is playing to his strengths as well, hammering the president on the economy. the overall president on job economy. both candidates meantime are on an aggressive record setting fund raising schedule. and when it comes to fund raising, mitt romney now has an edge. for the president, that is a big turn around from the advantage he enjoyed four years
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ago. in washington, fox news. and president barack obama host a foreign dignitary and the defending football champions. fist the president of the philippines will visit for a meeting. and later, the new york giants will celebrate their super bowl xlvi victory with the commander in chief. >> i don't know why that takes so long. they win in february. and now it's months and months later. all right, anyway, 7:11. coming up, looking for answers. the pentagon tries to figure out what is behind a spike in military suicides. plus, the link between what you do and what you weigh. why the key to losing weight could mean you might need to be in a different occupation. all right. but first, this is not what you want to see when you're about to earn your diploma. the video that you won't want to miss. my goodness. why was one guy applauding? >> i think they were still walking. i don't know. all right. the answer is blowing in the
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wind maybe. a live look outside. ♪
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take a look. not exactly the way you want to cap off your high school years there. is video from a high school graduation in new jersey last night. >> new jersey? >> yep. thought i was going to say kansas, maybe? well a frightening looking crowd that seemed to be a tornado forming. eventually the graduates and families did evacuate the field. meteorologist say while the storm looks scary, it did not have rotation in and it there was no threat of a tornado. >> well, you know. >> look at that. >> no threat, but you see lightning in there and you can see the rain. so i know they want to get the
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graduation in. and i'm glad everyone is safe, but under those circumstance, you need to be evacuated. >> and immediately, doesn't seem like they took it seriously. >> very interesting. >> hmm. >> all right. >> a week ago we saw a wedding. >> and that was a tornado. yeah, yeah. >> exactly. cool. well, i guess mother nature just wants to be invited. >> doesn't include me. >> another one i haven't been invited to. >> exactly. >> i'll fix you. she's being very kind to us today because we have sunshine. a lot of clear skies outside. satellite, nothing on it to show you. clear skies out there. looks beautiful this morning when the sun was rising and the skies really now are absolutely gorgeous out there. so highs today. excuse me, yesterday, jumping the gun. 83 degrees at reagan airport. 79 at dulles. now these temperatures are
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where we should be temperature- wise. so right at the seasonal average. and as far as current is concerned, 62 degrees right now in washington, d.c. humidity at 72%. and yes, it will be a little sticky today outside, but not as humid as yesterday. southwesterly wind flow right now is at 5 miles per hour. elsewhere in the neighborhoods, 63 in annapolis at this hour. 95 in baltimore. -- 59 in baltimore. 57 at fredrick. plenty of sunshine today. warm, on the humid side. and a high today that will be cranking up to the mid-80s. 84 degrees. 63 for the overnight low. skies mostly clear tonight. and the week send looking fabulous. fabulous weekend. >> great. hey. >> i do. but real quick, we've got to give a big shout out.
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an gee is a second grade schoolteacher and today is the last day of school for the teachers with their kids. >> oh, all right. >> wow. >> school's out for summer. >> there you go. enjoy the summer. >> i know. and kids, don't forget to tune in on fox 5 morning news. >> and teachers too. >> that's right. that's your sum area signment. for current sky fox, thursday is not over yet. accident activity along 29. the accident activity involving a cyclist. and right now, police are on the scene of the incident. some traffic is able to get by when they do allow traffic to get by. but expect delays along 29 approaching bridge. back inside, the commute eastbound along 66. last time around, we had the center of the roadway blocked and now it's over to the shoulder. delays eastbound from centerville. monitoring metro now.
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a commuter alert for weekend riders. expect delays on the orange, blue, red and green line continues. buses will replace trains between east falls church and west falls church. checking headlines this morning. the head of the united nations is blasting syria after un monitors were fired on, allegedly with heavy weapons by syrian soldiers. they were trying to get to the site of the latest massacre. the special envoy says that syria is drifting toward civil war. so far this year, the average is nearly one a day with 154 suicides for active duty troops in 155 days. that represents an 18% increase
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from the same time period last year. and the fastest pace in the nation's decade of war. the number of suicides is about 50% more than the number of service members killed in action in afghanistan. the military has set up help hotlines and placed more mental health specialists on the battlefield. another star of the '70s music scene has died. police in nashville say former fleetwood mac guitarist died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. he had been facing health issues recently. and he had a successful solo career. he was 66 years old. it's 7:20 now. 62 degrees on this friday morning. later on on fox 5 morning news this hour at 7:00, a big hit for the nfl. why thousands of former players and families are filing a lawsuit. plus, why the secret to a bigger paycheck could be linked to bigger muscles. muscles.
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and later, all blues all weekend all over town. live with the details. we will be right back. 7:20 now. ow.  [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approve this message.
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welcome back. the battle over sugary drinks has come to nation's capitol. today is day two of the soda summit. some of the country's most prominent health care experts are attending. it gained supersized attention when new york city mayor said he wants to ban sodas bigger than 16-ounces. but critics claim the amount of soda they drink is no one else's business. could your work be affecting your waistline? >> a new survey found some jobs
7:25 am
may contribute to weight gain. among the most fattening, travel agents, judges, teachers, even doctors. it may have to do with the stress level. >> yes. meantime, researchers say there may be a connection between how much you work out and how much money you earn. they found people who exercise regularly earn on average 9% higher pay than those who don't. they say their work is preliminary and further study is needed. >> i might add the hours that people work. that's why i raise my hand. the father of the bride may have to break the bank. the average wedding now cost 27,000 dollars. that -- cost $27,000. that covers, the bride, groom and 138 guests. good thing i have three girls. got to start saving for that. 7:25 now. coming up in the next half hour, we will talk with the
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washington post reporter tim craig for the latest on the dc council corruption as former chairman brown gets ready to head to court. and now a live look outside with the latest weather and traffic. it's coming up next. up next. 
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some good news in this season of school graduations. methodist hospital gemmery county schools once again have the highest graduation rate in the nation. it's the fourth year in a row that they have topped the education week reports. yes, 50 largest school districts in the country. fairfax county is number two on the list. way to go. [ applause ] a special young man graduates today from southern high school. meet sean mccarry. he is graduated from the functional life skills program at southern. sean was shaken by a day care provider when he was just 8 months old. it caused brain damage. but his teacher says that only took away his ability to be angry or frustrated. instead, he is happy and loving all the time. he is admired, they voted sean prom king a few weeks ago.
7:30 am
>> hmm. that's great. it's a wonderful story. and we're going to have more on it during the 9:00 hour. we plan to. it's a great story. you should watch. >> heart warming. >> nice to hear. a lot of heart warming nice weather today i'm happy to say. >> we deserve it. >> yeah, i think so too. >> yesterday it wasn't bad. humidity was up a little bit. and for the most part, it was dry and a pretty nice day. some of you didn't see anything at all. and today, yeah, we're going to have a ridge of high pressure that continues to dominate the weather pattern that's going to influence everything that happens today. that means no clouds to show you and no precipitation on this weather map at all. the skies clear. 62 degrees officially at national airport. 72% humidity. a southwesterly light wind at 5 miles per hour. and just a little humid today, but not as humid as yesterday. so a little bit of a difference.
7:31 am
the comfort level will be easier to deal with. we've got 53 degrees this hour. 59 to the south at fredricksburg. and we've got 59 at baltimore. 63 degrees at annapolis. temperatures down to the south, well, guess what, they are going to be very much on the upside into the course of today. but all the southerly wind along the southeast, excuse me, south eastern portion of the country is going to move straight up the eastern seaboard and that's going to boost our temperature. that's where we're going to get a break as far as the humidity is concerned. but a very nice day. sunshine, the ridge of high pressure building in. and that is is going to continue to -- and that is going to domination us through the weekend. a lot of sunshine, very warm, headed to the mid-80s into today. the temperature day planner. by midday, about 81 degrees.
7:32 am
84 by 5:00. and that is my high today. winds from the west, 5 to 10 miles per hour. very light winds. the winds pick up later this evening. other than that, not bad. and mostly clear for tonight with light winds. the or night low 64 degrees. the five-day forecast, sunshine. take a look at that time run from friday through monday, absolutely beautiful. and heading to 91 degrees by sunday. so you can see things are heating up. we have a frontal system that will affect us by tuesday. that will bring the chance of showers and thunderstorms. and i don't think there's too many complaints. just make sure you protect yourself from the sun, drink water and stay hydrated. and take care of your pets, keep them in the shade or bring them inside and be sure they've got plenty of water. okay, tony and allison. we are going to julie, sorry. >> well, i get a break. thank you. on the roads this morning,
7:33 am
thank you jennifer for giving us the update on the outer loop of the beltway. 10 miles per hour westbound 495 headed toward silver spring. accident activity, that's been reported west the vw parkway. accident activity. the fox 5 waze checking in with the speeds and activity and so forth. thank you very much. and it's a free app on your smart phone, android, blackberry or iphone. and on the other side, eastbound a6, slow going from centerville working your way past route 50. slow going traffic for those on the beltway. all lanes open. you will find that we have a portion of the road still blocked off. that's due to a water main break. that's a check of your fox 5 ontime traffic. >> thank you very much. brown's criminal charges
7:34 am
are big story this morning. he was first charged with falsifying his income to get a bank loan. >> and now prosecutors are charging him with violating campaign finance law. and now the council will choose one of the at-large members to replace him. but two say they don't want the job. they have less than a week to convince the other councilmembers to vote for them. a special meeting is set for the middle of the week. joining us now for more insight into brown and the entire council. dc politics report we are the washington post, tim craig. good to have you back. >> good morning. i would like to hear how you are feeling today. you have covered brown, you talked about him basically denying these allegations, the rumors out there. and now this. how do you feel about all of that today? >> well, we've been following brown for two years and everyone could tell that it was
7:35 am
building up, eventually there was going to be a resolution of the case. it started being investigated about a year ago that it we want to the federal prosecutors. and they have been rampant speculation and rumors that perhaps he was going to be in legal trouble. now but what threw everything off, recently he took a calm demeanor. he allowed me to follow him around for an entire day. he repeatedly said he had no plans the go anywhere. he said he would be here all summer. he said he will be working at his desk. on tuesday, he frankly flat out told the public, the media and his staff, which, you know, is one thing to tell the media and public, but your staff really puts in their heart for you day in and day out con sis at that particular timely and he indicated to them as well that he had no plans to resign. as we know, 24 hours later, he resigned. the question, did it all happen suddenly? or did he just have to keep
7:36 am
this persona up to push through and fight through to the very end. and i think it's probably the latter. i think he knew for days if not weeks that he was preparing to go. >> and in fact, in your tuesday article, i will be right here working brown told reporters. >> yeah. and that was, you know, less than 24 hours before the actual charges were filed in the case. >> that was made earlier. now his wife's personal finances, his personal finances was not necessarily public record, didn't have anything to do with his job on the council. of course, others disagree. and now he has resigned. how closely do all the factors get meshed to and come up with what happened? >> well, that's a debate that will take place over months and years as people look back at what is his legacy? some are quick to point out, this is not a case of harry
7:37 am
thomas. thomas, the last councilmember to resign about six months ago, he was arrested and or actually pled guilty to stealing $50,000 from tax -- stealing $350,000 from taxpayers. that's really a root of corruption scandal. this case, so far, we don't know all the facts so far, it's largely with his perm indiscretions dealing with money and him apparently living beyond his means and using that to then, you know, get a faulty mortgage or be too much in debt. >> leading to the bank fraud charge. >> now that doesn't excuse the matter. but i think as the whole debate continues, there will be discussion about, you know, how does brown fit in the narrative. what could be a series of different footnotes on the
7:38 am
district government going forward. >> what is interesting is that the campaign irregularities that led to the second charge we found out that he will always be going to court today, superior court to answer to those, that's a misdemeanor verses the felony offense of lying to the bank. it is clearly, what might be in the people's interest, it's a misdemeanor. >> and this investigation started with the campaign finance. and it ended up migrating over to his personal finances. and that ended up being the more serious charge. which can often be the case. they start looking into something and find something else that can cause more trouble. >> and even speaking to that, i know that he once said in front of the media, why are we still talking about a campaign that happened all these years ago? that doesn't go away. >> no, you know, it doesn't. when you're in a position of high authority, you know, if
7:39 am
the u.s. attorney feels that you did wrong, they can come and get you. >> they'll come and get you. >> but i also think it's important to stress, we don't know all the facts. this is what he pled guilty to. there may have been and we may find out more, there may have been other things they could have chargedded him with had he not pled guilty. so when you plead, usually that means you agree to this set of facts. that doesn't mean that's the only set of facts that exist. we're out of time. thank you for coming in. this though, who is the ultimate target here? do we know that? or no room for speculation there? the question being, mayor gray has had rumors and act sayings. >> well, mayor gray is a separate investigation. and we don't know where that's going to lead to. we think the brown investigation from what we know now, we may have been the ultimate target. but we have other investigations in the city government.
7:40 am
and it's an uncertain time. and there could be more -- it's a sad time. a sad time indeed. >> thank you for coming in today. thank you very much. coming up on 7:40 right now. the debt fight in greece gets physical. and it's all caught on tape. plus, the off the field fight to make the nfl safer. why thousands of former players and families are filing a lawsuit against the nfl. but first, the weather by world peace. rld peace. we'll tell you why the nba star might want to stick to his day job. stay with us. @
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well, that's nba star world peace. in a surprise appearance on a canadian newscast delivering the weather report. it's not clear why he was in vancouver, but he is making the rounds on the internet because it's hilarious. >> yeah.
7:44 am
>> very strange. >> nba weather specialist. >> what happened? >> i'm sure he didn't just barge in. >> we often have people here. >> yeah. >> just british columbia on the west coast. >> yeah, and i don't think initially rerealed the temperatures were in celsius. >> or throughout the entire weather cast. that's right. >> yes. >> he will not be the pride of canada any time soon. you are still the pride of canada. >> thank you so much. i represent well. well, i'm going to represent well here if w the weather forecast today. and then i'm going to, you know, should be back to my dual citizenship. >> there you go. >> where am i going? >> you stay here with us. >> i was going to the weather wall. i was following the basketball player. ridge of high pressure in control. and that's why we have clear skies out there. i should have known. the camera is not even inside. sunshine into the course of
7:45 am
today. 62 degrees officially at reagan national airport at this hour. humidity 72%. a far cry from 78% yesterday. southwesterly wind flow at 7 miles per hour. and it's currently 56 at dulles. 59 at dwi. and we are talking sunshine into the course of today with a high of 84 degrees. it's absolutely going to be great. and a sneak peek at the weekend for you. take a look at this, 88 degrees on saturday. 91 on sunday. and a little more humid on sunday. a system at the beginning of the week that's going to bring us wet weather. so the moisture creeping its way up from the south. but you know, great weekend to get outside and enjoy it. >> yes, it will. >> a head's up. >> i did. >> well, that was late in the game. but thank you for that. we have a look at that time roads. >> it was a little late in the
7:46 am
game. >> yeah, she was checking the -- checking his fan mail. that's why you got to wake up and we start the show at 4:30, and you got the bag packed and ready to go. >> there you go. >> on the roads right now, not something you want to wake up to. this is the inner loop of the beltway. we have been talking about this. the work zone here at university boulevard where they have separated the lanes. three left lanes and single file to the right. we're still getting used to it. and the sunshine is slowing down the roll around towards university boulevard and towards new hampshire avenue. typical slow down 95 around prince george. you will find delays south on 29 toward four corners. delays on 270 toward the split. inbound along 66, no problems to report. with the lanes open. 5 heavy, slow and steady, that's how she rolls. that's a check of your fox 5
7:47 am
ontime traffic. here's the i was proofreading. making headline, greek politicians assaulting each other on live tv. hey, come on! you don't punch a woman. that man is a nazi party official. there you go. >> and former special forces soldier. he throws water. she responds by slapping him with a newspaper. he then stands up and hits the woman repeat through. there's now an arrest warrant for his arrest. he claims the tv station doctored the video. really? >> outrageous. >> come on. all right, more than 2,000 former football players and their families have filed a lawsuit against the nfl. some 80 pending lawsuits were consolidated into one, the plaintiffs saying the league hid information linking football related head trauma to
7:48 am
brain injuries. attorneys for the nfl say the league has spent more than a billion dollars on pensions and disability benefits for retired players. >> cannot get over the video. and to say they doctored it. how? anyone who doesn't win the big jackpot might be singing the blues this weekend. >> and they'll be in good company. we are live in false church to tell us why. make us feel better. >> reporter: it's friday. how can it get any better? we are live here at terry hill park where they are gearing up for the 19th blues festival. and it's a major festival here in town. what is going on and why you don't want to miss it. we will find out in just a bit. our facebook fan of the day. 13-year-old harry. he goes to fred middle school. and he writes he is up every morning at 6:30 to see what is happening around the
7:49 am
neighborhood. that is wonderful. i love that. and then he tells his friends at the bus stop what is happening here in the dmv. thank you so much for watching us. hope you had a great school year. we'll be right back. that fridge in your kitchen may have crossed this bridge. your new car probably rode these rails. that shipment you just received was tracked by satellite. we build and maintain. we invest and innovate. so we can deliver what america needs. this year alone, freight rail companies plan to spend twenty-three billion of their own money, not taxpayer dollars, to build bridges, maintain track, and develop new technologies to keep freight rail and our economy moving. there's a lot riding on these rails.
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"planned parenthood we'res longonna get rid of that." we've got to think long term. romney is saying he'll deny women the birth control and cancer screenings they depend on. when romney says "do i believe the supreme court should overturn roe v. wade? yes." he's saying he'll deny women the right to make their own medical decisions and when his campaign can't say whether he'd support equal pay protections. "and we'll get back to you on that." romney's putting your paycheck at risk. planned parenthood action fund is responsible for the content of this advertising because mitt romney is out of touch and wrong for women.
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oh, yeah, i love it. all blues, all weekend, all over town. >> really? the 19th tenor fall blues festival is kicking off in falls church this weekend. and good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that is right. it kicks off this weekend. actually tonight. and they're starting out with a big event. this event gets bigger and better each year. it's been going on for 19 years and they have the best blues
7:53 am
performers flying in from all over. ed and mickey, some of the festival organizers. good morning. good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: and we have the mayor joining us as well. say that five times fast. right? so ed, tell us, this has been going on for 19 years, how have you been able to do it so successfully? >> well, in the beginning, we started a non-profit to preserve the history of african- american and the civil rights history here in falls church. and this is our major fund raiser to carry on the research that we do. and it's a party with a purpose. in other words, it helps to raise the money. and we could have had a gsa and pay $100 for a chicken dinner or come out for $15 and have some beer, barbecue and enjoy wonderful afternoon of blues. >> reporter: it is a party with a purpose. the purpose of it is to preserve the rich history of
7:54 am
blues history. >> right. >> reporter: and talk about the performers coming out and what we can expect. >> we have got a dynamite line- up from all over the world, canada, the united states, we've got youth, we've got seniors, musicians. >> reporter: something for everyone. >> absolutely. >> reporter: and it kicks off tonight. the free vip reception. >> yes, here in falls church which is a wonderful walkable city. between east falls church and west falls church metro stop. and if you walk tonight or tomorrow night or sunday, you will run into blues within 50 or 100 feet. >> reporter: and and that's good. walkable is good because the food is going to be good here, right? >> that's right. >> reporter: and we need to do a lot of walking. and mayor, what does this mean for the city? >> we are so delighted to have the event be here. it's a great event for both people that love music and
7:55 am
really the history of the inner hill foundation and everything they have done in bringing history to the city and encouraging that through music as well. >> reporter: right. and one of the folks helping with this crusade is una, good morning. good morning. >> reporter: you look lovely. >> thank you, so do you. >> reporter: you came all the way from houston, texas. and she is the leader of blue mercy. how did you get started in blues music? our parents always allowed all types of music in our home. so this is music that spoke to the soul as well as gospel. >> reporter: right. >> as a matter of fact, for me, they're singers on the same hand. and music of the people. >> reporter: and how long have you been singing? and tell us about some of the places you have been. you have traveled all around the world. >> well -- >> reporter: and i'm sure over time, you have maybe come up
7:56 am
with your own style. >> well, i write and sing from a woman's point of view. so that's what i try to do. and tell that story in the tradition of blues music. >> reporter: right. and speaking of, woman's point of view, you are one of the few female blues singer and we are getting a treat because we're you're going to sing for us. so take it away for us. >> okay. ♪ some people take a chance ♪ and some, they take a chance on the dark ♪ ♪ while others take a chance on the lotto ♪ ♪ without ever, ever thinking twice ♪ ♪ >> reporter: all right, if you want to come out to the blues festival, it kicks off tonight
7:57 am
and goes until sunday. there's tons of food and music and fun for the entire family. most events are free which is great. log on to our website where we have a schedule of events and you can pick which choose which ones you can go to. back to new the studio. >> thank you. >> listen to that voice. wow. in the next hour, an update on the silver line and the fallout from exxon mobile pulling out from fairfax county. live with an expert. and later, the girl scouts mark a milestone with a big celebration right here in our nation's capitol. we will have a preview. ñoñnñnn
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
brown headed to court today for two hearings. the new charges against him. and later, you may see a lot of brownies this weekend. we're not talking the food, little girl scouts setting up camp in washington, d.c. to celebrate their 100th birthday. a local brownie troop is here
8:01 am
to talk about the big girl scout camp. check it out. and a device we take for granted every day is helping young children cope with cancer. it allows students to connect with their classmates through a laptop. coming up, meet a man traveling across country to raise money for this great cause. good morning. >> happy friday morning to you. we made it everybody. and our reward is a fabulous woke end. it is. -- fabulous weekend. >> it is. >> i used to be a brownie. and you have brownies and girl scouts. >> did you make it to girl guide? >> i did. my little brown uniform to a blue uniform. >> that's so nice. >> i know, it was fun. >> i will live through you then. >> great weekend on tap. we'll show you what we have and where we are headed. beautiful weather for the brownies and girl scouts and
8:02 am
everything else out there. ridge of high pressure in control. and that's why we don't have anything showing on the map here. no clouds, no precipitation. and spotty showers that popped up in the neighborhoods yesterday. other than that, it was a nice day. 62 degrees at national airport. humidity at 72%. a southwesterly wind at 5 miles per hour. and a little bit of humidity today. not as bad as yesterday however. it's currently 67. 67 at annapolis. baltimore, 65. dulles 6 4 . cool at martinsburg at 59 degrees. the jet stream to the north is allowing the door to open up to allow the warm air from the south filter its way up to the atlantic. 80s and 90s over the weekend. fabulous. today's high, 84 degrees. >> not bad at all. wonderful. >> all right. absolutely.
8:03 am
guys, just want to remind you tonight at 9:00, a little bug in your ear, northbound 95 in this area of the springfield interchange, the ramp will be closed at 9:00. you will not be able to continue northbound. all traffic is going to be diverted off of 95 to the inner loop. so you will come northbound on 95 and be forced to head up on 236. now obviously, you can take 236 back to 395 and continue your northbound commute, but again, they're doing lane restriping and it's part of that hov construction project. they should have all of the lanes reopened by tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. right now, 395 across the 14th street bridge, heavy volume toward the pentagon and again across the bridge. outer loop of the beltway remains slow. 95 around to georgia, the inner loop slow going into this work zone past the camera shot here
8:04 am
at university boulevard. authorities were earthquake checking for the crash at 212, nothing popped up. guys, i'm on vacation next week. see you when i get back. >> are you leaving early? >> oh, yeah, well, one more, right? >> yes, all right. thank you. all right. the big story this morning, brown, the now former dc council chairman is due in federal court in three hours. he is expected to plead guilty to felon bank fraud. >> and this afternoon, he is in superior court, also expected to plead guilty, this time to a misdemeanor charge for violating campaign finance laws. we are live with the latest now. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it has been a rapid fall over the last couple of days for brown. now expected to plead guilty here in federal court to those bank fraud charges. just days ago he even denied
8:05 am
knowing anything about the impending charges. denied that he was going to resign and now he is facing real possibility of jail time. brown's problems got worse yesterday when he was charged with a misdemeanor campaign finance violation. he is accused of setting up a account allowing family members access and then using to it buy a luxury boat. according to court documents, he got the money by overstating his income by 10s of thousands of dollars to get a loan. that's the source of the federal bank fraud charges. he could face up to 30 years in prison. but speaking at 10:00 last night, the criminal defense lawyer says he expects a lighter sentence. >> looking at a year or less within the federal court system for the bank fraud. he could be looking up to 30 years, but he will not get any where close to that. with the information in which he agreed to plead to, there may be where he will cooperate
8:06 am
with the government in this investigation and the judge of the courts, both courts could take that into consideration. >> reporter: brown is due in court at 11:00 this morning at the federal courthouse. and then he will make his second court appearance of the day at 1:30 this afternoon at dc superior court to face those charges of campaign finance violations. and now brown happen spoken public since resigning late wednesday. in federal court today, what we would expect is for brown to show up, make his plea, the prosecution would lay out its case. and then the judge would set a sentencing date in the future. he will come back and at that time, the judge will determine a sentence ask it's likely they say that he could get some jail time. at that time latest here at the dc federal courthouse, back to you. all right. thank you very much. in other news, the house has passed a bill to fund the department of homeland
8:07 am
security. it contains an extra $5 billion for disaster relief. that's a provision that tea party republicans opposed but that was part of the budget negotiations. and it includes prohibiting immigration and customs enforcement from providing abortions to illegal detainees except in cases of rape, danger or incest. we have an update on the wikileaks case. army private first class brandon is scheduled to report to court today. manning's lawyers say eight of the 22 charges are too vague and they say prosecutors made false statements in two other charges. a sad update to pass along this morning. a third victim is dead following tuesday night's crash on lee highway in fairfax
8:08 am
county. authorities say the 7-year-old victoria passed away yesterday at the hospital. her mother and 5-year-old sister were also killed. the driver of the other car remains in critical condition. and now to a murder mystery in silver spring. the family is pleading, excuse me, is pleading with the public for help in south floridaing this case asking anyone with information about his death to come forward. he was the top salesman at a jaguar and range rover tealership. his body was found wednesday night in his apartment along east west highway in silver spring. he had been shot to death. right now, police don't have a motive for the killing and few clues. they are asking the public for help. a quick arrest following the shooting at the southern avenue metro station. he was shot and killed tuesday in a bus bay at the station. witnesses say the man who pulled the trigger said just
8:09 am
one word, it was move before shooting him in the head. police say the 32-year-old norman bonds is now facing first degree murder charges. his sister says that bonnes has a history of mental illness. the alleged shooter has a learjet think criminal past. -- has a lengthy criminal past. police are trying to figure out why a toddler was wandering alone near a busy road. police believe he is near 2 years ole. he was found yesterday without shoes and carrying a plate of food. his parent was found hours later. the child was checked out at the hospital. he is in good health. still ahead, the uninvited visitor that one man found at his maryland home. the video. and some big changes in northern virginia. exxon mobile is relocating thousands of employees and how far metro will expand. we have a professor here that
8:10 am
isen expert and he will talk about the changing face of virginia. first though, a live look outside. the weekend forecast, it's a good one too, that one when we come back. 8:09. 8:09. @
8:11 am
8:12 am
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check this out. this uninvited visitor. not the guest the homeowner expected to find on video. apparently he arrived home to trash cans flipped over, so he checked out the tape and found the bear walking around the background. and it even took a dip in the pool. and what a lovely pool you have. >> lovely pool, basketball court, trampoline. >> yes, very nice. can't blame he wanted to visit. the bear has not been seen since it left the property. that's a good thing. >> if i find out where the home is, you might catch me on video. >> isn't that tony? >> that's a nice spread out there. >> all right. she has a fine home.
8:14 am
>> and a fine picture as well. >> i do. i certainly do. and you're right, it is time now for my first 5 photo of the day. take a look. this is jala. >> hey, beautiful face. >> a little, little tiny girl. so cute. her parents say she likes to be dressed as a baby doll. >> she is a baby doll. >> well, she is only 5 months old. just new to this world. how cute with the little bow on her hair. >> adorable. >> and just likes watching fox 5 morning news as well while she eats her cereal for breakfast. who doesn't? >> i like looking at her while i'm doing fox 5. >> she's so cute. adorable. and you know, we thank her parents for writing in and sending us this beautiful picture. and hope she has a nice day
8:15 am
today. we would like to see your picture as well. send it to us. and we will highlight your child for our my first 5 of the day. how nice. a great segway into the beautiful day. plenty of sunshine. ridge of high pressure in control. no clouds, just clear skies out there. it's 68 degrees. temperature has jumped. dulles 64. 65 at dwi. and 61 is the current humidity can which has dropped which is good. a little sticky. a light northerly wind flow, 3 miles per hour. so plenty of sunshine today. warm, a little bit humid. we're going to see the temperatures rising into the 80s into the course of today. just be prepared for that. daytime high is 84 degrees. tonight it will be mostly clear skies and the overnight low will be 63 degrees. so we are looking at a very, very nice day that you can look forward to. and the weekend planner, saturday and sunday, look at
8:16 am
that temperature, jumping to the 90s. hot, but very nice. let's check in now and see how things are happening on the roads. still busy on the roads. checking out the fox 5 waze group. accident activity, be careful past the scene. and remember, you can join the group. it's a free app on your smart phone. the trip southbound along 270, delays here as well. and work your way southbound, the lanes are open, but still much a slow go, down to about 40 miles per hour out towards the lane divide. and on the other side of town, the lanes are open on the beltway inner loop at 66. but again, as i was pointing out, tonight the work zone is going to take you from the northbound 95 in this area here, you will be denied access on 395 and all traffic forced to the inner loop. from there, pick up 236 and that will take you back to 395.
8:17 am
ongoing construction. line striping doing to want at 9:00. should be cleared by 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. and now good-bye to you guys and see you in a week. back to you. >> all right. have a great vacation. >> thank you. this week, we have been talking about some big issues in northern virginia. one the future of the silver line. and exxon mobile says it's leaving fairfax county and taking more than 2,000 high- paying jobs with it. how big of an impact will that have on the region? steven fuller, director of the center for regional analysis at george mason university. thank you for coming in. >> pleased to be here. >> exxon mobile, about 2100 jobs, mostly high-paying jobs. what will the impact be? >> well, you can measure the impact, probably about $500 million in lost economic activity. the question is, how important is that? it's important for a short time. 2014, the economy in fairfax economy will be stronger than now.
8:18 am
generating about 10,000 new jobs this year. so it can be overcome. i think they'll feel it for a little while. psychologically, maybe more important because it really put fairfax county on the map 30 years ago as a corporate headquarters location. it has come a long way and attracted other fortune 500 companies if. and in a sense, it launched fairfax county into the position it is today. >> and i think that's an interesting point, psychologically when you hear it, oh, okay, they're leaving. and any job that's gone is a job gone. but it's 2100 people. my suspicion is that the businesses around that exxon mobile, they'll be the most impacked perhapses? >> well, there's not much there. mobile oil, when it went there, they have over a hundred acres, it's isolated, you know, forest, it's a wonderful piece
8:19 am
of property. the fairfax property is across the street. so it's actually a site that can be redeveloped very successfully given the express lanes that will open up later in the year and the access it has. it will attract another corporate tenant. there's the positive aspect of it. fairfax county has been good, in fact, in virginia has been good about attracting jobs, particularly to the northern virginia area. and now we talk about the silver line extension out to dulles. maybe beyond. there are questions lingering around that. is the lingering discussion in and the questions have impact on attracting more bidses to the region? >> i think not. i think what we will be important is what happens between now and july when the county has to make their decision on whether to vote for extending the line beyond the airport. this is really critical. this is where over $270 billion
8:20 am
over the next 40 years to the county economy. it's a huge impact. about 40,000 jobs will be attracted to the county with those two metro stations. if they build them. they'll go somewhere else if they don't. so this will reshape or continue to shape northern virginia as a leading economic center, employment center of the future of the region. >> those in support of extending it further into the county have the same arguments or point out the same things that you have been pointing out. others say, but it just politics cost too much money. but is it a matter of looking at the long term? >> absolutely is. for the county to spend 200 or $300 million to get $270 billion back over 40 years, it seems like a no brainer to me. most important though, it determines the future of the
8:21 am
county. the county will be a suburban county without metro. mainly expert its residents to work elsewhere. or become an employment center, somewhat like fairfax with the extension of fairfax beyond the airport and generate more good jobs for county residents. so it has important implication, fiscal implications, positive implications too. because these are the kinds of businesses that are attracted to a metro station location are commercial. they don't generate school kids, they generate taxes. >> very interesting. thank you very much. thank you for coming in. coming up on this friday morning, you don't have to head to the casino to win big. plus, all blues, all weekend long. the 19th annual blues festival. coming up later this hour.
8:22 am
yeah. time right now 8:21. we will be right back.  do you see it ?
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well, safety or cash generator? that is the question. here's what aaa has to say. from october of last year through april of this year, the city pulled in more than $40 million. so far this year, more than 4,000 speed camera tickets have been issued. 419,000 this year. and for 2011, fewer tickets were issued, but the district made more money because the minimum fine was increased. the average ticket jumped to $125,000. if you plan to visit mills this weekend, give yourself extra time to get there. big crowds are expected. this was the scene at its grand opening late wednesday night. the casino opens each day at 8:00 in the morning and stay open until 4:00 a.m. on friday and saturday night. if you don't want to wait in the traffic this weekend to
8:26 am
visit maryland live, well, you might be in luck. you can just grab a power ball ticket. the jackpot for tomorrow night has soared to $205 million. the last time someone matched tall numbers was in february. good luck to you who play. >> yes. it is now 8:26 on this friday morning. a scary commute for train riders in new york when they realize their engineering is reading the newspaper instead of pay ago tension to the tracks. we will -- instead of paying attention to the tracks. and brown niece, girl scout, daisies, everybody taking over washington, d.c. more than 200,000 scout scouts are in town to celebrate the scout's 100th birthday with a rock the mall event. i'll chat with this group here from maryland after the break.
8:27 am
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take a look. the person that is supposed to get them safely to their destination is reading a newspaper on the job. the train engineer was caught reading the new york post as he drove the train. engineers are supposed to watch the tracks for people or debris. the man in the video has been suspended without pay. >> all right. >> i would say that's appropriate. >> yeah. 8:30 right now. another check of our weather because it's so darn nice out there. >> look at that. >> how pretty. looks crisp. >> yes, it does. i would agree with you. we just do the, you know, adjectives, you give us the new real numbers. >> crisp. well, here's my crisp weather map. it was actually, there's nothing on it. we've got a ridge of high pressure in control. nice and clear outside. plenty of sunshine today. a delightful start to the
8:31 am
weekend for you. current temperatures, 68 degrees right now at national airport. 61 is the humidity. which isn't bad because it was higher than that yesterday. around this hour it was 87%. sticky today, but not as bad as yesterday. light northerly wind flow at 3 miles per hour. 65 at dwi this hour. and elsewhere, we've got sunshine pretty much all over the place. ridge of high pressure is in control. we will see our temperature rising up to the 80'd. a lot of sunshine -- 80s today. a lot of sunshine. a real treat. no rain whatsoever. so a look at current temperatures in the neighborhoods. currently 59. 59 degrees at martinsburg. to the south, 55 degrees at fredricksburg. so for today, the day planner by midday, expect it to be about 81 degrees. it's going to warm up quickly. by the 5:00 hour, 84 degrees. and a look at the weekend
8:32 am
planner, get ready, the scorcher, 88 on saturday. and 91 degrees on sunday. expect a little more humidity on sunday however. saturday won't be too bad. we will see the humidity rise a little bit more today. but sunday is going to be the day where it's going to get on the sticky side. and we want to advise you once again, don't forget to stay hydrated and protect yourself from the sun and your pet. let's go back. >> thank you very much. take a look at this, an entire fishing dock from japan washed up in oregon. the dock was ripped loose in last year's devastating tsunami. it's 66 feet long. it weighs about 165-tons. there's a plaque attached written in japanese. and get this, there was live debris as well. a star fish native to japan was found clinging to the dock. amazing. >> thank you. well the girl scouts are
8:33 am
celebrating their 100th birthday. a big yea! >> yea! >> and there's a major celebration as you can imagine going on tomorrow on the ground of the washington monument in honor of that. and we have brownie troop 4484 with us to give us a preview of tomorrow's girl scouts rock the mall event. and also, the biggest girl scout here in our area, she is the ceo of the girl scout council of the nation's capitol welcome back to the show. thank you. thank you for having us. so excited about tomorrow. >> and we were talking about it leading up to the big event. and we want to know all about rock the mall. >> tomorrow june 9th, we have been preparing for two years to celebrate the biggest birthday party. we are turning a hundred years old. 200,000 of our dearest friends on the washington monument. activities start at 9:00 a.m. the main stage starts at 11:00. anybody that wants the come. >> anybody? >> it's a free event.
8:34 am
it's open. we have people coming from alaska, europe, latin america. everywhere. and we will have some of our most talented girls, girl scouts doing amazing things. >> and one troop is going to be preforming. >> the information. and it said 11:00, that's when -- >> the main stage. >> but you can come as early as -- >> as early as 9:00. we are doing a girl scout fashion show through the decades and the museum is doing an amazing quiz show. and our lead sponsor is going to have a tent on self-esteem. all the sponsors will have program tents. so wonderful programming for families and girls. and it's just going to be a lot of fun. a lot of swapping going on. yeah, i know all about it. and the girls are ready to go. we have said, is this the entire troop? >> we're missing some girls is. >> we hi to our missing
8:35 am
brownies out there. >> hi! >> let me get your first name and how old are you? >> hi, i'm nine years old. >> let everybody see your pretty face. turn to jason right there. >> i am ariana. >> i'm sash aand i am nine too. >> i am cina and i am 10. >> you guys are so lovely. what are you doing for us? or what are the girls known. >> year here in washington, we have a dc showcase where we celebrate families and the culture of stepping. and these girls are some of our best steppers and they have been practicing and they are ready to perform. >> all right. let's see them. we will give you the information on our website. unless you're going to step, i suggest you move out of the way. >> yeah. >> one, two, three.
8:36 am
[ applause ] >> all right. girls, yea. that was so great. and i didn't know mean to, but i do have her too, just to
8:37 am
honor you guys. from our girls scouts at home, congratulations and good luck on the mall on saturday. thank you so much for coming in. >> thank you. come and visit us, it's going to be awesome. >> we will be right back again. all the information on our website. website. @ when it comes to gardening, we're, well, inexperiencnc.
8:38 am
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the latest now on roger clemens monday's perjury trial his wife is expected to testify today that she received a shot of human growth hormone from her husband's former strength coach about a decade ago. and clemmons was not present. one of the charges against that he lied when he told congress when he didn't know his trainer was injecting his wife. thousands of former nfl players are suing the nfl. they claim the league hid information about the dangers of concussions. it consolidates 80 pending lawsuits against the league. the league denies any wrong doing. and i'll have another looking for another win this saturday at the bell methodist
8:41 am
hospital there. is video of the colt crossing the finish line at the preakness last month, taking the tight until the first and second legs of the triple crown. only 11 horses have claimed the title, the last in 1978. i'll have another will break from post number 11 hoping to end the triple crown's 34 year drought. 8:41 right now on this friday morning. and coming up, meet a remarkable young man who sat aside his own dreams to help save his sister's own life. and a man is racing across country to raise money for cancer patients. we joins us next. first, let's check in. >> good morning. we're live here in fosters virginia for the big blues festival. we have been getting music all morning long. and they really bring some of the best blues musicians from all around the country here right here in falls church. and coming up, we will meet some of the artists. e artists
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
an 8-year-old boy from georgia is being hailed a hero. he put his own dreams on hold to save his sister's life. he took a month off from training for the junior olympics so he could donate bone marrow to his sister. their parents knew he was a perfect match after he was born, but just approached him about donating this year. >> first response was, will i have to get a shot? and so we explained that he definitely would. >> are you glad you did it? >> yeah. >> and why are you glad you did it? >> because i saved her life. >> he says i saved her life. doctors who performed the transplant say cj's sister is now producing 100% of his blood, essentially curing her of her disease of sickle cell anemia. just one more inspiring story after another today. and another one for you. you're right. we're going to meet a gentleman who is doing something
8:46 am
interesting, taking part in the race across america. this is a big event. it's a bike race that goes from san diego, california all the way to annapolis, maryland to raise money for a variety of causes. his name is lynn. and he is taking this challenge to raise money for cause called hope camp. he joins us now. and we are joaned by rose ellen and her lovely daughter shannon. we will talk to them in a moment. first, thanks for coming out. lovely bike. i mentioned the race. tell us more about the race and why you got involved in it? >> well, it's been going on for 30 years. and i am competing as a soloist against 40 other competitors. and we have to cross the country in 12 days. >> 12 days. have you trained for this? >> pretty much. yeah, last couple of years. it's been a lot of training. but i have to bike about 20 hours a day, sleep about four hours a night and average between 250 and 300 miles a
8:47 am
day. >> that's amazing. but for a god cause. hope camp. this is something you started about 10 years ago. tell us what it is. >> it's a charity that connects kids with cancer with their friends at school using web cameras. 10 years ago, my son was diagnosed with leukemia. he was home bound. it was a terrible time. and he felt lonely. isolated and he felt his friends had forgotten about him. and having the daily condition, and this is before skype, so a very supportive staff at the school to help us make the connection. so we were able to connect matt. and when he went back, it made such a difference. so i started raising money and next thing, we have helped over 250 kids throughout the country. and the goal for the race is to help more children. >> and how is your son doing? >> he's great. just got back from college and fully cured. >> that's fantastic. >> it's a great cause, great
8:48 am
idea. rose and shannon. how old are you? >> 10 years old. >> and you were going through cancer treatments. you had hope cam set up. >> yeah. >> did you like having it? >> i liked it because i could see my friends at school they could talk to me. i know it's tough to did that, but were you happier? >> yeah. >> rose, tell me about this, what it meant to your daughter and your family to have the connection. >> well, shannon is a two-time cancer survivor. and it was an unbelievable blessing to have her still chat with more friends and catch up with them. a lot of the socialness is cut off. >> she was losing teeth and her friends were losing teeth, but she wanted to catch up on their lives. such a wonderful blessing. >> and when you got back, did
8:49 am
you feel like you hadn't missed that much? >> yeah. >> and how are you feeling now? >> much better. >> that's great. well we're so glad you're feeling better and flood you're here to talk about this. tell me how folks can get involved? if they want to help raise money for the cause, what can they do? >> well, go on our website and follow me during the race. and they can donate and sponsor and support us. >> and you are going to be keeping in touch, how are you going to have time to do that? bloging or tweeting? well, i have a 10-person crew in three vehicles. but one thing i would like to share, this race is a third longer than the tour de france and half the time. >> wow. >> and the journey i am going the take is similar to shannon's journey, we both have a finish line. and we both have to push through. but the big difference, i can always stop. shannon had to finish. and that puts it this
8:50 am
perspective. it peals in comparison to what a child goes through fighting in cancer. >> very well said. we wish you the best of luck. and when you get back here, we can follow up and talk about this again. thank you for coming out. we appreciate it. we're going to have more in a moment. back to you in the studio. >> wonderful. thank you. the city of falls church is celebrating blues music in a big way this weekend. some of the best performers are in town. and we are getting to know some of them this morning. we are live from cherry hill park in falls church, virginia. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is a big event. and it is one of the best ones in the region. they have more than 12 different bands from all over the country and canada coming here to falls church for the event. they have more that be 10 locations, within a three mile radius. everything is walkable. and that's really important if you have kids with you, just spend the whole day.
8:51 am
great weather. joining me now are some of the acts for this weekend. husband and wife team. quite lovely i must say. and so coyou all get into blues music together? and did it bring your relationship together? >> yes, it did. we met in toronto many years ago and both blues musicians. and blews, you know, kept us together. we have been touring quite a bit. >> actually met at a blues town. >> yeah, performing in the band and she came to sing. >> reporter: now you have a deep personal connection with the underground railroad. yes. >> reporter: and tell us about that. but also how blues music came into your life and canada. >> okay. well, many, many years ago, my great, great, great grandfather was born right here in virginia. and born in slavery. but he escaped. and he escaped to canada where he lived a free life.
8:52 am
and so we have that connection up there. and there's about 14 or 15 community settlements that are still there. so we had a similar experience of the blues in canada that is not as well known as it is here. >> reporter: and something personal and deep with us. and your relationship. and now i know you're going the give us a sample. set it up for us. >> well, this song actually is about one of those communities, it's a song called wellington county. and the first black pioneered community in canada in upper canada at the time. so it's a little bit of that story. >> reporter: yeah, okay, celebrating lent. take it away. >> all right. ♪ ♪
8:53 am
♪ ♪ >> reporter: now when we say it's something for everyone, we mean it. because blues runs old and young, right? and that is why lew joins me now. he is the leader of the band. lew and the blues crew. did you come up with the name? >> i didn't. although it does have my name in it. >> reporter: yes. our engineering on site said, it was easy for you to come up with the name, right? well, yeah, we were playing for the new year's eve party and we had to come up with a name fast. and he was like, yeah, lew and the blues crew. >> reporter: tell us about your band. when did y'all get together? >> we got together about six months ago to play for the city for the new year's party.
8:54 am
there are two seep -- two singers in the band. and nate is a junior and two sophomore. >> reporter: why blues music? we practice about once or twice a week. and i started singing blues in certainia. and i came -- in syrbia. we got the best bases in school and this great drummer and started playing and you can dance to it. we like to play it. >> reporter: before you play, we have the show your earrings. look at that time earrings, did you make those? >> i didn't. my best friend got them for me. >> reporter: you love music. take it away, guys. >> ♪ ♪
8:55 am
>> reporter: if you want to check out the blues festival tonight. log on to our website for all of the details. most of the events are free. and the most you will pay is like $30. so definitely an affordable event for the entire family. back to you. >> thank you. i want to mention, we're going to link our website to great cause. great event. 8:55 now. one young man has more than his share of medical troubles, but he's he's touched plenty of heart in maryland. >> and now classmates are making sure that he leaves his mark. the touching story straight
8:56 am
ahead at 9:00. at 9:00. 
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welcome back to fox 5 morning news. in about two hours, brown heads to federal court to face the charms that forced him to resign this week. we are live at the courthouse with what brown is expected to do when he sees the judge. and also, a video from greece is grabbing headlines around the world today. a heated debate on a tv talk show turns into violence with one of the male participants attacking two women. we will show you the video and what that man says about it now. plus, a brighter story, it will warm your heart. today a maryland teenager


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