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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  June 8, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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and the city a leader. we continue with our team coverage of the story here at 6:00. matt acklin is live. matt. >> brian, these are serious charges against the former chairman. in fact, the judges could sentence him to jail for a very long period of time. but we've learned that there is a deal between kwame brown's attorney as well as federal prosecutors. he might only serve 0 to 6 months, possibly no jail time at all. let's take you to some video from earlier today. this is video of brown leaving federal court after he admitted guilt to bank fraud. made an emotional speech. brown admitted to committing bank fraud. the first on a loan application to buy a boat. he created a fake position to indicate he was making more money. on the boat loan, he changed
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numbers of his 1099 income tax form from a real job at a consulting company. he changed his income from $35,000 to $85,000 by changing the three to an eight. later, he said he was guilty of a campaign violation, but brown made it clear today he never took any money from its campaign or from the public. >> the facts are, the government has not charged me with misspending, or improperly using campaign funds. i have not stolen or improperly used any campaign funds from either of my 2004, 2008, or 2010 campaigns. i have not stolen or either improperly used any public money. >> mr. brown is upset. mr. brown is embarrassed. mr. brown is agonizing over
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what his conduct has resulted in. so no, it's not fair to say he's not upset at all. he's very upset. >> brian, it's important to point out that even with these loans, these issues that he had with this bank fraud, the bank in question never lost any money because the payments were always made on the home and on the boat. we should tell you that september is when kwame brown will be back in court both in federal court and superior court. that is when he will be sentenced. we're going to go a few blocks away to the u.s. attorney's office this afternoon. the u.s. attorney had a press conference and fox 5's paul wagner was there. paul. >> reporter: we can talk about what ron, the u.s. attorney had to say about what time kwame brown would have to say. he did plead guilty. when you plead guilty, you are looking at some prison time. however, there would be a presentence report and he wouldn't speculate on what time
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kwame brown might get. he did say that he doesn't anticipate any new charges against kwame brown. the investigation into his 2008 campaign does continue. one of the more eye opening comments came from ron. he is the special agent in charge of the washington field office, the fbi's washington field office criminal division. he talked a little bit about what he said he heard from kwame brown, the night that former city council member, harry thomas, pled guilty. >> just a few months ago, the night that harry thomas pled guilty to enriching himself with money intended for children's programs, i watched in amazement as kwame brown sat on one of the tv stations and talked about corruption allegations that have been swirling in the district. he did so knowing fully that the sort of justice was dangling precariously over his own head. >> now that tv station was fox
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5, kwame brown was invited on to the set that night to talk about harry thomas' guilty plea. and he talked on the set with our fox 5's bob barnard. this is what kwame brown had to say. >> this is stunning. it's stunning. this is a situation in which you clearly would not want to be in. this is a great city. his family had a legacy in ward 5 and i'm disappointed. >> that was january 5, 2012. ron said today that he was very disappointed that kwame brown traded away his principles for personal gain. brian, back to you. >> brown faces 0 to 6 months realistically on the federal charge. do you think the punishment fits the crime here in here's what you are seeing on facebook. a little lee way. he at least pleaded guilty and resigned his council seat.
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i have difficulty seeing him, brown, as a devil. kate doesn't agree . they play by their own rules. that brings us to our next point. does this along with the other recent scandals have an impact on d.c.'s fight for voting rights? d.c. delegate joins us now to weigh in on this issue. and delegate norton, it is a great point. how are outsiders in particular expected to separate the issues from d.c. rights and d.c. statehood and budget atonmy from the fact it looks like the city can't manage to govern itself. >> i tell you, the american people have long learned to do that, corruption was invented in the 50 states, not the district of columbia. no one suggested that there is any link between people and politicians. i'm pleased to say that when it comes to the congress, we have
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very good chairs. the chair of our subcommittee and our full committee. the chairman gray, i've had separate conversations with each and here are two men who can tell the difference between bad politicians and the good people of the district of columbia. these were very gratifying conversations. what i can tell you is that we are continuing to work together specifically on issues that will move the district of columbia forward, notwithstanding what has happened to one politician in the district of columbia. >> two politicians with harry thomas, jr. does it put you in a precarious position when you are trying to defend the city and defend the government and make a case for the city being able to operate on its own when it seems like it can't operate on its own? >> there's not any evidence that it can't operate on its own. city council under kwame brown has just finished a balanced
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budget. there's no indication that the city is unwieldy, or any problems going forward. what gives me problems, what gives me heart ache in the congress is to these matters. in fact, these investigations have never been brought up in a committee or on the floor. they are going after the district all right, but they are going after the district for id logical reasons. trying to keep us from spending our own money on matters of great importance to our own city, such as abortion for low income women. aimed only at the district of columbia to say that in the district of columbia, if you happen to be a woman living there, you can can't have an abortion after 20 weeks. it would only affect the district of columbia. here comes another member saying he is going to introduce another antichoice bill for the district of columbia. that's the problems we're having. not, you know, no member has
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said to me, boy, you are going to have problems getting statehood or voting rights because they know there is no distinction. because they come from cities and states just like the district of columbia. if i may say so, many states and cities have seen more corruption than the district has in its 39 years of home rule. >> d.c. delegate, thank you for coming in tonight. >> straight ahead, hospital honor roll. which facilities in our area top the list of the nation's best children's hospitals. gary. >> gorgeous weather. is it going to continue through the weekend? we'll have your complete forecast. it's all coming up. gary, hopefully the redskins can enjoy the weekend. one player has been eager to get back to work. he was a prize rookie a season ago, but had a season ending injury before he got started, but he is on his way back. we'll update his progress later in sports. >> call the fox 5 tip line.
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same-sex marriage in maryland, signatures have been validated. the 56,000 needed to get on to the ballot. the maryland board of elections must certify the tally. maryland's governor signed the bill into law in march. voters will get a choice. the edge on d.c. was billed as a rally. protest the provision in the new healthcare law. it requires religious groups to pay for contraceptives and other services those groups object to. >> the hhs mandate, if we are people of faith or pro-life, enslave us and does not liberate us. it is a war against us. >> more than 70 national organizations cosponsored today's rally. other speakers argue that the healthcare mandate is an unnecessary intrusion by the
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federal government into people's lives. the supreme court is expected to report on the law later this month. >> some of the nation's top children's hospitals right here in our region. u.s. news and world report ranked 80 of the nation's hospital, 12 were put on a hospital honor role. including children's national medical center in northwest. johns hopkins came in 8th for diabetes. childrens ranked 10th in cancer treatments. >> step by step after a woman's personal loss. she gains the confidence. and finding your true love may cost you. the average wedding costs more than 27,000. that's 130 guests. gone are the days of the mom and day pitching in. the average couple pays most of the bill, 17% of the time.
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with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering. been looking for motivation, a reason to start getting in shape. you can find it this coming sunday on a walking path in virginia. as beth parker shows us, that will show us some inspiration. >> they are walking with somebody in mind. >> any time i do anything that i am proud of or excited about, i would jump on the phone and call my dad. >> her dad passed away. he was morbidly obese. >> it's heart wrenching to go through something that could have been avoided. >> so his daughter and his wife are working to help other people make a change. before her dad died, stephanie talked her parents into joining dr. oz's transportation nation. >> hi said you're going to do
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it. >> tommy lost 60-pounds before he got sick. stephanie ended up being a finalist in the dr. oz competition. she lost 50-pounds and in may completed a half marathon. >> i feel so alive and energetic instead of being worn out and tired. it's amazing. >> now they are organizing a team tommy walk this sunday at 3:00 p.m. they'll meet at saunders middle school in woodbridge. >> this woman here, i expect an easy 3, 4 miles out of her. >> she has this great walking path near her house. they are going to be meeting and walking on this path. but they are planning to make this a weekly event. the idea is to keep moving. >> my thought process was doing this every sunday at 3:00 is to give someone a routine. if someone has anything else in their life that is crazy where they don't have control over the time. this will be the one thing that they can count on. it's been wonderfully fun planning it, just talking to people and get the energy
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moving between people. >> even better, they are finishing what tommy started. >> he would have been so proud. he would have been extra proud. and i'm sure he is with her today. go girl. >> in woodbridge, beth parker, fox 5 news. we talk about the unofficial start to summer with memorial day and the metrological summer, but the kids are out of school and it's summer. the beach traffic backed up from the bridge was insane today. everybody is going down there. >> not you. >> we are here. >> all right. let's see what we can do now for the first official weekend of summer. as declared by the school kids getting out of school. how about that? it's going to be real, real nice this weekend. so if you're going to be staying here, it's going to be good. if you're going to be headed out to the shore, that's going to be nice as well. enjoy the weather. rain should stay away for the most part with the exception of
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maybe one or two very spotty, very isolated thunderstorms possible. but again, doesn't look like it's going to be much, if anything to be honest with you. reagan national today, 85 degrees. felt like summer, didn't it? dulles 83. bwi marshall 84. the humidity stayed nice and comfortable. with temperatures up in the middle 80s, it hasn't felt bad. quantico continues to go up. they are 89 now. dulles is 82. culpeper is 82. and there, temperature right now is 79 degrees. gorgeous overnight. fair skies, we'll have a few 50s out in the suburbs again. so it's still going to be very, very comfortable out there. certainly early tomorrow morning, cool in spots. temperature here in town, only down to 65 degrees or so and the winds barely out of the west, right around 5 miles per hour. again today, we have seen showers and thunderstorms north
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and west. some clouds through harrisburg, a couple showers there, but look how they are dispating nicely. the chance of any of this coming down into maryland or northern virginia or the district is just absolutely nil it looks like and high pressure is building in nicely back out to the west. that's our weekend right here. clear skies and the temperatures will be warming up as well. that jet stream goes to the north, allowing the warm temperatures to build in. as the temperatures are building aloft, that really is going to put a lid on chances for rain. it looks like we'll be warm and dry this weekend. temperatures tomorrow will be in the 80s. it looks like as we get into sunday, more likely the temperatures will actually be up into the lower 90s for just about everybody. specifically tomorrow, almost 90. 89. plenty of sunshine. 91 degrees on sunday for a high temperature. some places will be warmer than that. the humidity will stay in check this weekend and that means in some cases, the temperature may
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actually feel a little bit cooler than where we are. so hotter tomorrow, up to 89. plenty of sunshine and on sunday, just a chance of an isolated shower or thunderstorm late in the day. no big deal at all. it wouldn't surprise me if it doesn't not happen. washington here tonight, about 65 degrees. gaithersburg 58. frederick 58. manassas 61 degrees. and fredericksburg sitting at 65 degrees. here are the numbers for tomorrow. my goodness. it will be warmer than today was. 89 here in town. manassas 87. down here in fredericksburg, temperature will be up to 87 degrees as well. by the water in annapolis, not too bad. high of 86 degrees or so. here's your next five days. tomorrow, again, the weekend is looking real, real good. we get the warmest of the weekend day will be on sunday. on monday, a little bit cooler. monday a little bit more
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humidity. a slightly better chance for a thunderstorm there. and next week, tuesday, wednesday will be more unsettled. enjoy the weekend. >> you can check the weather any time when you down load the app store. search for d.c. weather. it's also on our website. big news on the eve of the belmont stakes for i'll have another. trying to become the 12th horse to win the triple crown. dave is up next with your sports edge. three sisters from oregon reached a milestone. they are celebrating their 85th birthday. they were born in austria. came to the u.s. when they were 12. emily got her master's in teaching. mary ann devoted her life to family. all three women outlived their husbands. this year will have a lot in store for them and probably have never heard of 50-cent. [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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hello, dave ross with you. the horse racing world was hoping it see the first triple crown winner since 1978. i'll have another was hoping to make history after winning both the kentucky derby and the preakness stakes. but sadly, he won't get that opportunity. i'll have another took the horsing race world by storm after winning the derby in rallying to win the preakness. he was the favorite for tomorrow's belmont stakes. today, i'll have another was examined after galloping and the horse had a swollen left front tendon. the start of tendonitis. the trainer and owner decided it was time to shut down their prized horse for good. >> he has done so much that it was unanimous between my brother and i and everyone at the barn to retire him and it
6:25 pm
is bummer, but again, far from tragic. but it is very disappointing. >> ota's are all wrapped up for the redskins and because of it, the skins have the weekend off. next week, they are back to work for a mandatory minicamp, which begins on monday and goes through next thursday. one redskin who is chomping at the bit is second year defensive lineman, jarvis jenkins. lost for the season on this play when he suffered a torn acl. he was cleared in april and returned to the practice field for those ota's. he's not ready for game shape, but he is back and that in and of itself is an accomplishment. >> it's been a long time coming. about 8 months. i'm glad i'm playing football. the main thing is getting back in football shape and that's going to take time. we have four or five weeks off to train and we come back and i'll be ready.
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>> nba last night, game six of the eastern conference finals. how good was lebron james, he was really good. the miami heat had their backs to the wall and came out firing in boston. a ridiculous first half, 30 of his 45 points. he did it every way possible. after missing his first shot, he reeled off 12 straight field goals, taking a life out of that crowd. this was never in doubt. the heat went on to even the series. game seven tomorrow night back in miami. how about today's men's french open semis in the near match. easy winner. he led 3-love, but he couldn't hold it. djokovic would come back and avenge last year's loss and win. now a win sunday over rafael nadal and djokovic would have won four consecutive grand slam
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titles. the wizards will work out four players who they can draft, potentially the number three spot. bradley from florida and michael from kentucky and maybe even austin rivers out of duke. brian, they're coming in. we'll see who the wizards decide to pick. >> we are going warm up. temperature tomorrow, 89 degrees. i think sunday will be more so in the lower 90s and the humidity this weekend will be in check. so we're not talking about oppressive numbers or anything like that. >> thank you for joining us. have a great night. @ when it comes to gardening, we're, well, inexperienced.
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