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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  June 10, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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mother nature is setting the scene for a steamy summer. we will have the details straight ahead. also coming up, a gunman on the loose after a shooting at the university of auburn that killed three people. back from the battlefield, servicemen and women are coping with ptsd by going in front of the camera and sharing their personal war story. welcome. i'm audrey barnes in for maureen umeh. we begin with a weather alert. if you stepped outside, you know it's scorching hot. temperatures are in the 90s already after a couple of warm
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days. let's turn things over to genital better in the weather -- gwen -- gwen tolbart in the weather center. >> the relief we had came from a breeze through the area. let's take a look at our numbers. we will show you exactly where we were at. 92 at national airport. the high today 90 at dulles. 94 at bwi thurgood marshall. i want to tell you this is 9 degrees warmer than the seasonal average for d.c. 12 for baltimore. those temperatures are climbing. wind flow is from the south at 12 miles per hour and the humidity has dropped somewhat. here is a look at area temperatures. still in the 80s and the 90s. i can't warn you enough that this heat can be dangerous. drink plenty of fluids,
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especially water. take frequent breaks if you are outside. check on your neighbors and don't leave your pets outside in this weather. don't leave your pets or children in cars for any length of time. mostly clear tonight. 72 degrees. we get cooler but changes as well. back to you, audrey. >> we look forward to that. >> a reminder, you can check the weather any time when you download the fox 5 weather app go. to the app store or the an detroit market on your smartphone and search for d.c. weather. you will find it on our web site at it was hot today. that didn't keep a lot of people in d.c. from getting outdoors. it was a busy sunny day in the nation -- sunday in the nation's capital. most were armed with a plan to beat the heat. lauren demarco has more. >> torture. >> definitely brutal. >> reporter: the season may not have officially started yet but
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summer temperatures have arrived in d.c. >> overwhelming. >> crowds braved the heat. the capital pride festival on pennsylvania avenue. >> the humidity. >> i have my pinnacol lad day. >> reporter: it's the fourth time this year we have seen temperatures in the 90s but the hottest day of 2012 does not stand up to 2011. one year ago yesterday we were already at 102 degrees. of course it's only a matter of time. some may not mind. >> i love my 90-degree temperature. it's perfect. >> reporter: most everyone we spoke with had a strategy. >> cooling mist, sunscreen and water. we will stay hydrated and hope for the best. >> what we try to do is keep cold water in our bottles, keep the core temperature down. >> drinking tons and tons of water and ditching into
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buildings at every opportunity. but the secret to staying cool on a day like this may be to take a lesson from the kids. >> when i see how the children are enjoying, why not. i enjoy that, too, along with them. >> it tickles a little. >> it splashes. >> reporter: in washington, lauren demark corks fox 5 news. new details tonight on the man who crashed a vehicle right into a building two days ago. charles ball is a registered sex offender in maryland. the new market man was convicted of a third degree sphenes in 2008. d.c. police say he is the one that may have intentionally slammed main any van into an office building friday night. that vehicle was stolen. he was the only person hurt. there are no other details on his injuries. police say drinking and driving caused a deadly crash
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in manassas. the crash happened at dumfries and brentwood at about 10:30. investigators charged lori shipe with dui. they say she ran a red light and hit a car. the passenger and a dog inside the car died. the driver was badly injured. the car shipe ran into ran into another vehicle. shipe and the driver of the third car were not hurt. a news alert out of northwest. work starts tomorrow on the overhaul of the u street corridor. the project spans between ninth and 14th streets and includes work on sidewalks, landscaping, road repaving, traffic signals and storm drains. they will work one block at a time and keep you street open . the president of the university of virginia is on her way out. today the university's board of visitors announced that dr.
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theresa sullivan is leaving after a mutual decision. governor bob mcdonnell released a statement thanking dr. sullivan for her leadership. the statement says serving as president of thomas jefferson university is a tremendous responsibility and she has fulfilled her duties with honor, energy and good stewardship. some of the other big stories we are following tonight, three people are dead and three others are hurt after a brawl turns into a mass shooting in alabama near the campus of auburn university. the gunman is still on the loose. fox's elizabeth prawn has details on what went wrong. >> he was last seen on foot. >> reporter: the auburn police chief said these the man they are looking for. the fbi, u.s. marshals and other agencies say this 22-year- old is on the run wanted for gunning down six men late saturday night at an off-campus
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apartment complex near auburn university. >> i believe it was a fight that -- someone got carried away and it went too far and someone was shot. >> reporter: witnesses backing up the account say several men argued at a pool party eventually leading to an all out brawl. >> it was about a female. it started from a female. we were trying to get away from the trouble and it ended up right here. >> reporter: yellow crime scene tape surrounds the university heights apartment in the hours after as investigators continue to search for evidence. one officer using a metal detector to comb through the front of the complex for clues. police say the suspect ditched his car in macon county, alabama. now the search is on 60 miles west in montgomery. leonard has been charged with three counts of capital murder, the auburn police chief is looking beyond the surface for answers. >> the shooter is such a young man. as a society, we have to learn
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the value of life again. >> reporter: police say they do have a motive but they won't be releasing it today. the police chief said that's for the courtroom later on. in auburn, alabama, elizabeth prawn, fox news. fire officials near college town want more than 1,000 homes evacuated in northern colorado as a wildfire threatens to spread. the fire in the roosevelt national forest is just outside fort collins, a popular area that is home to colorado state university. at least 18 buildings have been destroyed. strong wind and dry weather helped the fire spread. opening statements began tomorrow in the child sex abuse trial against a former penn state university football coach. jerry sandusky was an assistant coach until the late '90s when he retired. he is accused of abusing ten young boys over several years. the trial will take place in center county where penn state
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university is located. ten of the 16 jurors and alternates have some connection to the school which could do the defense a favor. >> they wanted it to be in the county where the case is going to be tried. they thought that sandusky had a good reputation within the community. on balance they thought that the juror bias, if you would, would support sandusky. >> the trial is one part of the investigation. there is a federal investigation, an fbi probe, inquiries from the ncaa and big ten conference and the u. s. department of education. they are all looking into not what sandusky might have done but how the university may be liable. still to come, more violence in syria as the death toll meets a grim milestone. plus, nato forces pulling a strike in afghanistan after a raid goes terribly wrong. 
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another deadly day in syria. there are reports that
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president as sad's military forces hit the central city of holmes killing 38 people. the latest round of violence comes a week after another massacre where nearly 100 people were killed. opposition leaders say they are on their last leg as the death toll tops 14,000 people. nato forces will no longer conduct air strikes in afghanistan's residential neighborhoods following an air strike that killed 18 civilians, mostly women and children. president karzai said the u.s. raids were not coordinated with the security forces. since that attack, john allen issued an official apology. david piper has the details from kabul, afghanistan. >> reporter: afghan president karzai warned that the security alliance between his country and the u.s. is at risk now because of that air strike and he adds if there are any more
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rat tax on afghan homes it will be seen as an act of aggression against his country. nato investigation announced that the coalition forces were responsible. the top u.s. commander in afghanistan, general john allen apologized for the civilian deaths friday. during the raid it has been established forces of the u.s. and afghanistan came under fire hunting a local taliban leader holed up in a house nearby. the american forces then called in an air strike. only later they found out the blast killed women, children and old men who gathered there for a wedding party. a spokesperson for president karzai said afghan investigators told him u.s. troops were caught in the air strike without consulting afghan units that surrounded the house and were given no chance to flush out the militants. raids in residential area are a major issue for the alliance and the karzai government because of the danger to civilians.
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the alliance said they are key to capturing and killing taliban leaders. president karzai spokesperson said the latest air strike was the 5th incident since they signed a security pact but it seems to have gone terribly wrong this time. back to you. >> that was david piper reporting. just ahead, how high low tide mercury climb? gwen has the full forecast up next. healing internal scars from the battlefield. veterans step in front of the camera to cope about pss -- ptsd. when it comes to gardening, we're, well, inexperienced. is this right? right here, like this? ♪ turn that off! plants can smell our fear then miracle-gro expand'n gro made things a lot easier for us. it expands when you water it. and improves your soil. for big beautiful plants that grow up to three times the flowers and vegetables.
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personnel returning from duty overseas suffers from ptsd. to treat that damage from war, some veterans turned to a new filmmaking therapy. it puts them in front of the camera telling their own personal war stories. fox 5's allison seymour has the story. >> reporter: jason is quite literally watching the story of his life. >> my time in the army is coming to an end. i take a lot of pride in what i
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did over there. >> reporter: it's a video that he created, part of a problem designed to help soldiers cope with posttraumatic stress disorder. the first army sergeant deployed to iraq three times. he has nightmares including one involving a young soldier who died under his command. he is one of about 20 iraq and afghanistan vets who have participated in a filmmaking program called i was there. >> taking a video or movie that will cure anything, it won't cure ptsd, anything like that. it's an outlet to put, you know, your emotions out there, your experiences, so people will understand. >> we start with the power of the story and we talk about the soldiers being uniquely qualified to tell their story because they are the only one living in it. >> not just able to think about this happened, this roadside bomb, i did this, it had this effect on me, they can actually put it on a videotape on the
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screen. and then that can have a very powerful positive effect. when done correctly, it can help the soldiers to move forward. >> major christopher ivany approved the program as a supplement. >> some of the programs that have been around the longest, some focus on sports and exercise and wellness and those ideas were relatively new and seemingly out of left field 8, 10 years ago. >> reporter: his film is called hero to zero, a nod to a different challenge he faced. >> when i got back from my last deployment in 2009, i was diagnosed with leukemia. that just ended my -- it ended my world. >> reporter: by one estimate, 300,000 recent vets suffer from
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ptsd. programs like i was there may play a role in helping them recover. allison seymour, fox 5 news. >> sometimes it does help to talk things. >> get it out, exactly. >> at least they have a forum for that. >> wish them all the best for the service that they do. >> if they did a movie about the weather, it would be ex- rated for extremely hot. >> hot. take a look outside. it's still hot out there. we will show you the skies from the tower cam in northwest d.c. plenty of sunshine still across the area. the humidity was a big factor today. not so much yesterday but today it really made a difference and actually made it feel more uncomfortable than it was yesterday across the region. the week is starting cooler, though, that is a little bit of news for all of you that didn't like the heat but the humidity will stick around. temperaturesly stay in the 80s. on the five-day forecast, we have rain and storms in the five-day that we will talk about and let you know what to expect and when. those highs today, we kicked in
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at 92 at reagan national. 80 dulles and 94 at bwi thurgood marshall. 8 to 12 above the seasonal average. definitely it was a scorcher. it's still hot out there. look at the current temperatures, 89 d.c. 91 baltimore. 90 annapolis. 89 to the south in fredricksburg. 88 dulles. double 8 in hagerstown and martinsburg and cumberland and 86 at winchester. quantico 93 degrees. the jet stream is well to letter north of us. we are continuing to see an influx of warm air up through the mid-atlantic. ridge of high pressure in control. we will see changes into the forecast period. right now, though, we have clear skies as a result of that high. we will see some gradual increasing clouds as we head into the overnight hours and we have this frontal system to the north to deal with. this backdoor front will slide its way toward us. we are looking at a chance of
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storms through the later part of monday. we have another frontal system to the west. we will be set up with the hot humid air to get into a real period of instability. as a result of that, as we move through into the next few days after the beginning of the week, we will start to see each day a chance of rain showers or a thunderstorm popping up. be prepared. keep your eyes to the sky. mostly clear tonight. partly cloudy. overnight low 72. tomorrow we are talking a high of 88 degrees. not expecting to see any precipitation or storms in terms of monday until later on into the evening hours. you will get the most part of the day won't be too bad. humidity will be there. a little breezy. winds from the south 10 to 15 miles per hour. that is a warm southerly breeze coming up. some of you to the south will see temperatures in the 90- degree range. a look at the day planner, midday tomorrow, 84.
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87 by the 5:00 hour. five-day forecast for you, a high tomorrow of 94 degrees. 83 as we are moving into tuesday. temperatures overall will start to moderate out a bit and we have a chance of storms. so, we will keep our eyes to the sky on that. >> we like moderation when it comes to heat. >> looking forward to it. thank you, gwen. the nationals try to finish off the red sox with a sweep at fenway. fenway.
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hello. i'm lindsay murphy. bryce harper was beside himself when he found out he wasn't in the line up. he played in every game since being called up. the truth is his back is sore and stiff. so dave rested him until the ninth. top of the third, foul's it back. he snags a souvenir and shows off a bit. top of the 7th, nats down 2-1. this is mcdonald. he leaps at the monster. does he have enough hop? not quite. desmond score and tyler moore. 3-2. in the ninth, tied 3-3. bryce harper pinched hit and walked. harper with a head of steam
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heads to third. harper slides in with the game running run. nats complete the three-game sweep. yes, i said it, the three-game sweep of the red sox. >> it never happened to me before. that was a weird experience off the bench and in a situation like that, i was trying to get a pitch i could drive and i wanted to go deep but i got the walk and bernie came up and, you know, was clutch and got the run around. i don't like sitting. i have bad add. i am off the wall and just crazy when i sit, so, in spring training sitting down and trying to learn the game and what not, while you are sitting helped me out here. >> no more sitting bryce harper. o's hosting phillies. this goes into the seats. three-run shoot to left. second of the -- shot to left.
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second of the year. a runner on with a drive to right field. can you get it? nope, not this time. adam jones comes around third. orioles defeat the phillies in 10. baltimore's ninth straight extra inning victory. good baseball teams around here. raheem morris was fired as head coach of the buccaneers in january. two days after his dismissal, he interviewed with mike shanahan and bruise allen -- bruce allen. morris is locked down for the season working with the defensive backs. he is fitting in fine. he has the task of improving in a secondary that had ten interceptions last seen. he is loud, animated and redskins players are enjoying it. morris intends to shift rolls and make the backs more versatile and shanahan is open to the changes. >> when you bring in a coach, there are different ideas.
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raheem has been with four man fronts throughout most of his career. he brings a lot of ideas from what he has done in the past to what we are doing now. there is different ideas that you toss around. basically we have the same scheme and he does a heck of a job coaching and getting the best out of players. >> the french open final, nadal going for the second tidal and djokovic becoming the first man to win four straight titles. this match played with a little drizzle. nadal got off to the quick start. he won a majority of the rallies early and won the first sets to take a commanding lead. but djokovic was able to turn things around after trailing two sets to none in the third. he won ate straight games to keep himself alive. the match was called due to rain. nadal is up 2-1. it will be the first time since 1973 that the men's final will not end on a
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sunday. to be continued. >> all right. another look at the five- day forecast, which monday 88, not 94. that was the forecast today. we start to cool down into the week. once again a chance of storms as well. humidity sticks around. >> thank you. >> thanks for the pink memo, ladies. >> that does it for 6:00. see you at 10:00. mashed potatoes and gravy. mac 'n cheese... mashed potatoes and gravy! mac 'n cheese. [ male announcer ] now you don't have to pick a side. buy any kfc 10 pc meal or larger
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