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tv   Fox 5 News at 11  FOX  June 10, 2012 11:00pm-11:15pm EDT

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deployment, i was diagnosed with leukemia and that ended my world. >> reporter: by one estimate 300,000 recent vets suffer from ptsd. programs like i was there may play a role in helping them recover. allison seymour, fox 5 news. the news tonight far from over. the news edge at 11:00 starts right now. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. thanks for staying with us. i'm audrey barnes. a manhunt continues near auburn university in bam. investigators are still searching for the -- in alabama. investigate os are still searching for the man who shot 6 -- investigators are still searching for the man who shot six people near campus. investigators say it was all over a fight over a woman. >> last seen on foot. is he from montgomery, alabama. >> reporter: auburn's police
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chief says this is the man they're looking for. the fbi accident u.s. marshals and other agency -- fbi, u.s. marshals and other agencies say 22-year-old desmonte williams is on the run wanted for gunning down six men late saturday night off campus near auburn university. >> i believe it was a fight and it went too far and someone got carried way and someone was shot. >> reporter: witnesses backing up that account saying several men argued at a pool party eventually leading to an all out brawl. >> it was about a female, man. it started from a female. we're trying to get away from the trouble and it ended up right here in our face. >> reporter: yellow crime scene tape surrounds the university heights apartment in the hours after as investigators continue to search for evidence. one officer using a metal detector to comb through the front of the complex for clues. police say their suspect ditched his car in macon county, alabama, and now the search is on some 60 miles west
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in montgomery. while leonard has been charged with three counts of capital murder, the police chief is looking for more answers. >> as a society we got to learn the value of life again. >> reporter: police say they do have a motive but won't be releasing it today. the chief says, "that's for the courtroom later on." >> at least three of the victims were current or former auburn football players. edward christian and ladarious phillips were killed. eric mack was hurt. police do not think the shootings were related to the football program which won the national championship in 2010. the president of the university of virginia is out. dr. teresa sullivan and the school's board of visitors came to a mutual agreement that it's time for sullivan to go. sullivan was the first female president of the university taking over in 2010.
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she said in a statement that she and the board have what she called philosophical differences, but that she treasured her time at the school. the edge on dc where anybody who travels u street corridor better listen up. construction starts tomorrow on a 5 block stretch of the street in north west. one lane of traffic will be open during that work which will span from ninth to 4 tonight street. they're repaving, redoing sidewalks, upgrading traffic signals and storm drains one block at a time between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. monday through saturday. plus there might be some work overnights and on sundays. >> it's a trip to the dentist, there's no question about it. >> i think the streetscape thing may be a little more painful than i anticipated. >> councilman graham says there are interest free loans available for small businesses if they struggle during this project.
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police say the driver of a stolen car that crashed into a building in d.c. friday night was trying to use a lighter when police approached him. a police report says the front seat of the car was wet and smelled like gasoline. 32-year-old charles ball from new market, maryland, a s accused of hitting the building -- can s accused of hit -- is accused of hitting the building on purpose. that building on connecticut avenue has been boarded up. the police report says the jeep crashed through a full length plate glass window and came to a stop against a column in the lobby. a new survey is shedding a lot of light on teen dating violence in the d.c. area. the survey was administered by the centers for disease control and shows an alarming number of teenagers have been victims. in the d.c. region nearly 13% of girls say they have been forced to have sex when they didn't want to. for high schoolboys it's about
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half that. when it comes to physical violence in virginia, 12% reported being hit or slapped on purpose by a significant other while 16% in maryland and just under 15% in d.c. the cdc says they're raising awareness about teen dating violence saying victims are more likely to struggle in school and to rot binge drinking -- report bin drinking, suicide attempts -- binge drinking, suicide attempts and fighting. president obama receiving backlash after friday's public comments on the economy. his republican opponent mitt romney firing back with campaign ads. >> reporter: four hours after president obama said the private sector is doing fine on friday, he clarified that the economy is not fine because too many people are out of work and the housing market is still weak, but that wasn't enough to stop this new ad from the roll domain. >> i have to work part time in order to make ends meet. >> sometimes i feel like i'm a
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failure. >> the private sector is doing fine. the private sector is doing fine. the private sector is doing fine. >> reporter: on friday mitt romney reacted to the president's comment and tuesday's recall election and said the message of wisconsin is that it's time to cut back on government, but obama campaign senior strategist david axelrod said mitt romney is living on another planet if he thinks that will strengthen the economy. >> his statement was we don't need any more teachers. we don't need any more firefighters or police. the president is out of touch. out of touch? we've lost 250,000 teachers in the last couple of years. every community in the country is feeling it. >> reporter: while wisconsin's governor thinks romney is right, one former governor does not. >> governor romney has a shot if the r in his name doesn't just stand for republican and stands for reform. >> ask any city in america if they have enough police. they're cutting police and endangering safety on the streets. >> reporter: in an e-mail blast about axelrod's
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appearance this williams, romney spokesman said when your own chief strategist can't defend your comments, it indicates your assessment of the economy might be wrong. peter doocy, fox news. egypt's ousted former leader hosni mubarak said to be in stable condition tonight, this just eight days after the former president was sent to prison to serve a life sentence for failing to stop the killings of nearly 900 protestors last february. officials say mubarak suffers from high blood pressure, breathing problems and depression. >> we are certainly feeling the heat of summer, gwen standing by with a look at your monday forecast. >> i'll let you know how long this humidity will stick around and what's ahead in your five- day forecast coming up after the break. graduation, huh ?
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you can't say good-bye without making gwen blush just a little bit. she was serenaded by wayne brady at the radio and television correspondents association dinner friday night. ♪i want to make love with you. ♪ oh precipitation equal to it's all right with me ♪ >> i loved that. gwen, i'm so jealous. how does it feel to have your very own theme song? >> it is kind of cool. he was saying he was going to give me the presidential version. you remember how president obama did the al green song? so wayne brady was a lot of fun and i really enjoyed it. he was very hilarious and really put my on the spot there. i wasn't expecting to be called up for that at all, but i did tell him we had really nice
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weather while he was here. it was hot today, 92 degrees at reagan national airport, 90 at dulles, 94 at h1n1 thurgood marshall, temperatures some -- at bwi thurgood marshall, temperatures some 13 degrees above average. 80 degrees currently at d.c., 79 quantico, 77 baltimore, 72 degrees at dulles, 70 martinsburg and 78 degrees at hagerstown, warm air sticking around, another day of southerly warm flow coming up from the south. back to our cold front will slide its way towards us, however, as is another frontal system that's going to gradually push its way in from the west. we'll see a lot of instability start toed in as these frontal systems in -- start to build in as these frontal systems invade our warm air mass in place to set us up for showers or a rumble of thunder. on futurecast here's monday in the evening hours. wet weather starts to push in. tuesday becomes a rainout day
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and heavy pockets of rainfall to deal with wednesday and keep your eyes on the skies. make sure you stay hydrated in all this hot weather, plenty of water, lightweight colored loose clothing. check on your elderly neighbors. don't leave your pets and children in cars and keep your pets in the shade with plenty of water. five-day forecast, here we go, rumble of thunder possibly monday night, another tuesday, could see showers wednesday and thursday before we clear out friday. if you look, our temperature throughout the week gradually starts to drop, get a break in humidity as well. >> that does it for us. fox 5 news is always on at keep it right here, though. sports xtra is two minutes away.
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