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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  June 11, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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another swims are. >> i got punched in the nose. not on purpose. he stroked right into my face. find another way to challenge yourself. different strokes for different folks. find some way to get out there and challenge yourself. e yours it is monday, june 11th. and feel pretty nice out there. right now, temperatures are in the 70s. but, of course, things will head up from there. i'm sarah simmons i'm will thomas. i'm just not used to it being this warm this early in the morning. mid-70s at 5:00 in the morning? no. >> the only comfortable time of the day is what it is going to be. >> honestly, today won't be quite as hot as yesterday. yesterday, we were 92. today, mid- to upper 80s so we are trending in the right direction. >> okay. >> still going to be humid,
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still a warm start to your day. you know, good pool weather. >> florida weather. >> this is the time where everybody leaves florida to come back here. >> you want to keep going north. yesterday's daytime high in boston was only 66 degrees. right now, we're 73. you get the idea how warm it is. the reason a little cooler north and east, you see the cold front just to the north and east. a little back door cold front will start to slide through the area. a couple of fronts to the west. here is shower activity pushing into ohio and than a pretty good cold front north and west of chicago. bottom line, it will move through here in the next couple of days. our chances for some showers and storms will increase dramatically around here starting today and tonight out to the west. most of us should see some showers and storms tomorrow as the whole thing moves on through. i mentioned temperatures. 73 at reagan national. not cooling off overnight. a lot of humidity too, 79%. wind are out of the south at six miles per hour. mix of clouds and sunshine. temperatures a little cooler
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than yesterday still going to be humid. not going to be a comfortable day but we'll take 87 any day over 92. >> yes, we will. >> i think you're right. let's got a check of your on- time traffic. willmar in for julie wright who is hopefully by a swimming pool. we shouldn't be too surprised, right? >> i think that is usually her way of operating when she is off. i'm sure she's getting some time in by the pool. things are looking okay on the roads. we did have construction tying things up on the inner loop. a live look as you travel the beltway between university boulevard, new hampshire avenue, looks like lanes are open. traveling the outer loop, no worries as you head from college park all warned into silver spring and then bethesda. 66 looking good here leaving manassas. no real delay to speak of yet as you head into venterville. 95 northbound at quantico,
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we've got new reports of a wreck. list heading out there. here, everything running smoothly as you head up towards springfield. 395 southbound after the 14th street bridge, watch for police activity. will, over to you. >> thank you. new this morning, we've learned a member. president obama's cabinet is under investigation after two accidents over the weekend. u.s. commerce secretary john bryson allegedly caused the crashes in the l.a. area saturday night. he allegedly rear ended a vehicle that stopped for a train. a police report says bryson topped to talk to the men and then he hit them again when he was leaving. he cause a second accident nearby hitting a car with two people inside. he was found alone and unconscious in his car. he was taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. injuries. our top story this morning, the jury will hear opening statements today in the child
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sex abuse case against former penn state football coach jerry sandusky. the assistant coach is accused of abusing at least 10 young boys over the course of 15 years. sandusky will be tried in center county where penn state is located. ten of the 16 jurors and alternate jurors have some type of connection to the school. the guy opened fire at an off-campus party at the university of auburn and now oneperson is dead. the fight started saturday night over a girl. local police along with u.s. marshals are searching for the suspect. making local headlines, an autopsy will be performed on a man who died after fighting with four d.c. police officers. it happened saturday afternoon.
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police say 38-year-old anthony chambers became combative with the officers who were called to help staff the department of mental health. police say the officers eventually sub disiewd chambers and hut him in handcuffs. he lost consciousness and died at the hospital. the officers are on administrative leave. two associates of jack johnson are scheduled for sentencing today. both were co-conspirators in the corruption scandal that put johnson behind bars. they were part of an untaxed cigarette smuggling scream. both pled guilty to giving bribes in exchange for political help. virginia is gearing up for another primary election. tomorrow, residents in the state will head to the polls to choose a republican candidate for senate. former governor and senator george alhelp is being called the frontrunner. the primary winner will face former governor tim kaine who is the only democrat on the ballot. there is also u.s. house primaries in districts 8 and 11 covering arlington, alexandria and fairfax count you and there
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is a democratic primary for alexandria city council. heads up for anyone who travels on u street northwest. starting today, a five-block stretch of that street will be getting a major transformation. >> the construction is expected to cause some heavy traffic which could seriously impact your commute. fox 5's sherry ly is live in a sherry, certainly a busy artery for all of us who live and pass through this area. >> reporter: it is, will. the historic u street corridor is a place that has a vibrant nightlife. it is also an around the clock place with restaurants and places for people to eat. all of that is going to be disrupted one way or another when the streetscape construction begins and it starts today from 9th street to 14th street, this five-block section of the u street corridor will be getting spruced up. the sidewalk will be replaced with new wider ones. the street will be repaved, new landscaping added and streetlights updated. it is not expected to end until
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spring of next year. businesses believe it will be good in the long run but it is in the short term that some worry the construction could threaten their survival. with parking already limit, construction will make things much more painful here. >> it is a trip to the dentist. there is no question about it. >> i think the streetscape thing may be a little more painful than i anticipated. >> reporter: the city has set autopsy i business survival fund to provide assistance to businesses who may suffer while this construction is under way. the work will run from 7:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. every day except for sunday so people won't get much of a break here. now, traffic too is expected to be a nightmare. they are going to repave the roads and what they say they're going to do to try to limit the pain, although limited, is keep at least one lane of traffic open in each direction. but the curbside parking is going to be limited. and that is already a problem here. that is the latest here on u street.
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back to you. >> thank you. a huge announcement by nato following an air strike that killed more than a dozen civilians. coming your way next, details of what they will no longer be doing. plus the latest on the saskatoon out west where wildfires continue to burn out there. stay with us. @
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crews battling a wildfire in northern colorado have their work cut out for them. more than 100 firefighters are working in conditions described as hot, wind whip and very steep. the flames are eating away at heavy tim baer and blowing over dry mountain ridges northwest of fort collins. the blaze forced hundreds to evacuate their homes. colorado isn't the only one amount wildfire in new mexico has grown to morning 40 square miles. nato says it will no longer conduct air strike in afghanistan's residential neighborhoods. that decision comes after a recent strike that killed 18 civilians. the nato investigation found coalition forces were responsible for the unintended deaths. the top u.s. commander in afghanistan has apologized. the men, women and children
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killed had gathered for a wedding. the country's main opposition group in exile in syria elects a new leader. the syrian national council unanimously voted to place abdul saida in charge. the new lead are is calling for international aid to help fight against the assad regime. government forces are pounding parts of the province in a renewed push to regain control of remember he would held territory. a holiday debate in one local school system. coming up income, a new push to give students a day off for islamic holidays. >> meeting up with opposition too. we'll get the details on that coming up. >> warm and humid start to the day. our temperatures are in the 70s. how hot will it get today? i'll have the details on that and lauren demarco is in. she has a look at traffic. we'll do it right after the break. ♪
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taking a live look over reagan national airport. temperatures feeling like they are agoing to get pretty warm out there today. we are already in the 70s. you know what that means. going to be a warm one. we'll check in with tucker here in you a second. you no that heat from this weekend? it was overwhelming at the girl scout celebration on the national mall saturday. about 60 people needed medical attention and 15 went to the hospital. 200,000 girl scouts from every state were in washington over the weekend. you got to be careful with
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that. >> you know, it is funny. even in heat like that and i'm sure a lot of them had bottles of water, you go through it pretty quickly. ments a matter of do i want to spend $2.50 and get a bottle of water from one of vendors out there. >> just being outside in the heat, you don't have a a lot of places to take cover. >> true. i was thinking that would look like anice way to cool off with the fire trucks blowing the mist. >> it did look fun. unfortunately for 60 people needing medical attention, it wasn't quite enough. >> we're warm and humid to start your day. 73 in washington. 60s north and west. a few spots in the low 60s. more comfortable as you get into the mountains. winchester, 61 degrees. 73 in washington. 73 in annapolis. quantico, 76 degrees. leonardtown, 68.
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a warm and humid afternoon. our high temperatures today -- here is the good news. yesterday, we were 92. today, maybe 87, 88 for an afternoon high. a little bit cooler and more in the way of cloud cover moving in for the day. by the end of the week, our high testimonies will only be in the low 80s. sentinel radar, little back door cold front sliding down the coast. a couple of areas of rain showers. firstling trough here out to the west out towards ohio, and a cold front out north and west of chicago. this will start to approach later today. it will bring us some chock and if you are watching out to the west into portions of west virginia, west virginia, the mountains, you have a chance of some showers later today. -- it will bring us some cloud cover. just one or two showers popping up this afternoon. most of the energy, most of the action here is out to the west and then that will start to sweep in later tonight.
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here we are at 3:00 a.m. with showers breaking out. a little cooler than yesterday. the wind here out of the south at 10 to 15. humidity still with us today and tonight. showers possible overnight. 70 your overnight low so not terribly comfortable. it becomes more and more comfortable through your week. 82 tomorrow with showers and storms in the forecast. wednesday and thursday, we keep temperatures in the low 80s. by friday, we will clear it out. lots of sunshine, lower humidity and i avery comfortable start to your weekend. next wound looks great. that is a look at your weather. -- next weekend looks great. let's do some traffic with lauren demarco. >> we are getting a little bit of help from the wazers now. the waze app, folks driving northbound on i-59 helping to pinpoint where an accident occurred. if you are traveling northbound just prior to dumfries is where we had reports actually mooner
5:19 am
accident. we had reports at first that two lanes are blocked. i'm told it is just the left lane but let's check out traffic land. you can see it is certainly backed up as you head northbound on i-95 making your way from triangle up towards the dumfries area. so jammed at this point. you want to give yourself extra time if you are heading out there. southbound 395 just past the 14th street bridge, they've been trying to move that camera around. we did have reports of a wreck so watch for that if you are traveling southbound. 270 southbound, you we'll be off and on the brakes. once you get to 121, it clears out and no incidents in towards the beltway. back to you. >> thank you. the president of the university of virginia is out. dr.theresa sullivan and the school's board of visitors came to a mutual agreement that it is time for sullivan to go. she was the first female president of the university. sullivan took over in 2010. she said in a statement that
5:20 am
she and the board have what she called philosophical differences but that she treasured her time at the school. right now, no schools in the washington area give muslims days off for islam being holidays but a councilman in montgomery county wants to change that. as audrey barnes reports, his request for adding muslim holidays is getting some mixed reviews. >> reporter: councilman george leventhal says it isn't close that schools close for some religous holidays for some sphaights and not others. he has asked the schools to consider shutting down for two holidays. >> these are two holy days. >> the reubens support the effort. >> as a jew, i feel it is porn for different religious groups to have their holidays recognized by the school system.
5:21 am
>> it kind of depends on how much disruption it would cause to the school schedule and how big a need there is, how many muslim students or teachers want to take off these holidays. >> reporter: but there are opponents who say students already miss enough class time without adding two muslim holidays into the mix. >> schools are closed on the primary christian holidays and the two high holy days that jews celebrate. so school is already closed on many, many days throughout the year and we're talking about one day which i don't think will be inconvenient or burdensome. >> reporter: leventhal received a letter from the superintendent friday. he writes. it is extremely difficult to consider all of the potential holidays as school closings in such a diverse community as montgomery county. mcps gladly would accept a representative from the muslim community to seven on the
5:22 am
school calendar committee work group. a move this parent says presents a teachable moment to the county students. >> i think it is part of how we think of america and try to be a more inclusive and diverse society. >> even for the school calendar committee were to approve the muslim holidays as days off from school, it wouldn't happen next year because the calendar is already set. remember, the classic movie escape from alcatraz. up next a real life mission. >> the annual escape from alcatraz triathlon involving thousands of people. we'll show you next. @3q
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south a star-stud line-up in new york last night for the 66th annual tony awards given for the best of broadway. the into the belonged to a show that got eight trophies including best musical, best lead actor and best direction. remember her from who's the boss. i love her i don't judith light. >> other standouts include the play peter and the star catcher which won five awards. >> nip who ever hoped to escape alcatraz island in san francisco bay probably wanted to keep on running. >> that is exactly what thousands of athletes did yesterday. we have a report now from the annual escape from alcatraz triathlon. >> reporter: from a distance, they almost look like seals,
5:26 am
2,000 people swimming from alcatraz to the san francisco shoreline for the escape from alcatraz triathlon. the first swimmer out of the water stopped to put on his shoes. second place swimmer ran past him, put his shoes on later and he won't on to win the entire race. andy potts of colorado springs complete the swim, brick and run in two hours, three minutes. it is his fisk time winning this triathlon. >> our courses as beautiful as it has ever been. that is why people come back. >> reporter: the big of the draw is the swim, just a mile and a half from the rock to the shore but the conditions are tough. >> 55 degrees. you have about a three for four knot current that wants to take you under the golden gate. >> reporter: swim -- to dodge marine life but nothing too dangerous in the watt year no shark sightings. >> after the swim, there is and 18-mile bike ride to ocean beach followed by an eight-mile run in the marina. #,000 people want to sign up
5:27 am
for this triathlon. they have to enter a lottery because only 2,000 can compete. mike brennan did this race 14 years ago and still remember his favorite moment. >> touching the sand as you come in for the first time. it is a phenomenal experience to see your friends and family while -- as you kind of emerge from the bay. >> reporter: it is something people of all ages got to experience today. the youngest contest apt here was just 16. the oldest, 76 years old. ears >> 76. >> wow! >> shark are a bigger. i grew up in that area in the cold waters of san francisco. great whites. a scare for singer lady gaga. we'll show what you happened that has her recovering this morning. >> something fell on her noggin. five blocks of the u street
5:28 am
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it is monday, june 11th. a live look outside as the camera zooms out. can you seat sun is starting to peek out through the clouds. >> really pretty. >> not sure for i would say the weather the pretty. when you step outside, you will
5:31 am
hit mid-70s and that is just the beginning, right, tuck officer. >> i know. >> we're starting the day. -- right, tucker? >> i know. >> it is hot inside. >> i want to take off my jacket too. that's not fair. >> you should go for it. >> i'll leave my clothes on. >> not sure what people at home think about it. >> i'm she sure there are viewers that would like you to take your jacket off. >> 73 light now in washington. 66 in baltimore. 6 # out at dulles. lots of warm temperatures to start your day. ocean city yesterday was 82 while we were 92. -- 68 out at dulles. upper 80s for daytime highs today so just a little more comfortable than yesterday. let's take a look at the radar together. we are quiet here. we do have a little action up towards new york city. a few showers.
5:32 am
out to the west, out towards western ohio and kentucky. that will start to move in our direction later today of so for a change, at least the possibility of a shower or storm back in the forecast, particularly west of the city late this afternoon and then all of us will get in on the rain chances tomorrow with a pretty good soaking rain around here at times tomorrow during the day. warm conditions today. still huge you had out there. highs in the upper 80s. i guess it will be aling better than yesterday. not quite the dangerous heat we had around here during the weekend. >> it seems like we all need the ocean breeze today. >> it would be nice. let's see how the traffic is doing out there right now. let's check in with lauren demarco. >> we do have reports unfortunately of a medical emergency on the outer loop of the beltway in prince george's county. we can take a live look at that scene. it is reported on the outer loop between ritchie marlboro road and 214 central avenue. didn't see much of a delay.
5:33 am
looks like we'll see inand outer loops seem to be running well. no problems in montgomery county. -- looks like we'll see inner and outer loops seem to be running well. northbound 59 near triangle, due to an accident we have near dumfries road. we have live pictures of that. delays beginning near garrisonville road, aquia harbor. very heavy if you are headed northbound 95 through virginia, expect to spend some extra time there this morning. left lane does remain block ads you can see here in this camera angle. nice are trip up towards springfield. 395 looks good in the northbound direction leaving the beltway heading up to the 14th street bridge. southbound 395 we did have report of of a wreck after the 14th street bridge. 66 running pretty well right now through manassas heading out towards centreville. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic. >> thank you. staying with traffic for a
5:34 am
moment, a busy d.c. street is getting a major makeover. construction begins today on a five-block stretch of u street in northwest d.c. >> the construct is expected to cause some pretty heavy traffic which could seriously impact your commute. sherry ly is live in northwest with details on what to expect if you are driving in that area. >> reporter: good morning. one of the things that they are doing to try to help alleviate the problems is they are telling us they will keep one lane of traffic open in each direction but you know that will not help a lot when you are used to having the two lanes going in both directions. the businesses are going to be feeling some growing pains during this renovation process. that construction is scheduled to start today and will go from north to the south side one block at a time and it is not going to be done until the spring of next year. the street will be repaved, sidewalks will be widened with new landscaping.
5:35 am
streetlights will be upgraded and so will traffic signals and storm drains. but not, says the councilman from ward one, without a little pain. >> it is a trip to the death penaltyist. there is no question about it. -- it is a trip to the dentist. there is no question about it. >> reporter: ben's chili bowl does a booming business with an increasingly diverse clientele that reflect the emerging neighborhood. they've weathered the storm before during construction of the metro and before that survived the riots that raged after martin luther king was assassinated in '68. >> we have lasted through so many things because pops purchased the building many years ago. >> reporter: in the end, vida thinks the project will be changed for the good in the community. for some of of the newer, smaller businesses, this screet scape project may be a real challenge but the city has a plan in place to help. >> i was the author of a fund
5:36 am
which permits -- which grants interest-free loans. now, it is not a grant. >> reporter: more comments concerned about already limited parking are glad there is money available. >> hopefully, we can manage. >> you think you can survive it? >> i hope so. >> reporter: larry bright worries that he will have to hawk his wares elsewhere. >> i sell my books. i sell a lot of books. michelle obama, the mayor, mayor convince the gray. >> reporter: at pins and needles tattoo, the owner shows us his work does it hurt. >> of course. there is some pain involved. i think the screet scape thing might be more painful than i anticipated. -- streetscape thing might be more painful than i opened. >> we don't see a lot of work
5:37 am
around here but a lot of times, it will take a few days, a few week for the construction to get in full swing. this construction will be going on from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. every day except for sunday. so people aren't going to get a lot of break down here. >> thank you. a cabinet secretary is cited in two accidents including a felony hit and run. authorities say u.s. commerce secretary john bryson allegedly caused the crashes in the los angeles area saturday night. in the first incident, police say bryson allegedly rear ended a vehicle, stopped to talk with the mennen side and than hit their car again when he was leaving. authorities say bryson then caused a second accident nearby hut hitting a car with two people inside. bryson was found unconscious in his car. he was taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening
5:38 am
injuries. the jury will help hear opening statements in the case against jerry sandusky. the assistant coach accused of abusing 10 young boys over the course of 15 years. he will be tried in center county where penn state is located. ten of the 16 jurors an alternate jurors have some type of connection to the school as well. a scare for
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5:41 am
prince philip is out of the hospital just in time for his 91st birthday sunday. the duke of edinburgh was hospitalized last week for a bladder infection and had to miss the last couple of days of the queen's youtubely celebration. he nodded yes when asked if he was feeling better. lady gaga recovering from a concussion this morning. take a look. here it comes. boom, right on her head. you see it there. it happened while she was performing a concert in new zealand. clips post online show a backup performer accident accidentally striking her with a set prop while removing it from the
5:42 am
stage. gaga continued the show. she is in good shape. a rare letter written by napoleon bonaparte in english was just sold for $400,000. he is known to have only written three letters in english. he wrote them while of his a prisoner of the british and wanted to learn the language of his captors. mom, you know, always said don't play with your food. clearly, these folk did not listen. >> my mom was just saying eat your food. well, check this out. one big tomato fight. they are not wasting it. we'll explain as we continue with news, traffic and weather. lysol invites you to take the dual action wipes challenge.
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chaos breaks out in a south american country. but don't worry. all in good fun. thousands turned out for a tomato fight in a colombian town over the weekend. >> localed and tourists smashed each other with red fruits while they danced to music playing on the speaker. the mayor of town started the celebration six years ago. they only used unsellable tomatoes in the fight so no
5:46 am
food went to waste. >> i'm sure no alcohol was involved. >> i'm sure. >> although, if they're up sellable, just inedible. >> my guess is those are really soft. >> i think will is right. >> make them mashable. >> you could make a nice bolognese. tucker is like what's that? >> i assume that is a tomato dish. let's get to your numbers. we hit the 90s for the fourth time this year. it was 92 degrees at reagan national. dulles was 90. bwi marshall, the oner in the heat sweepstakes at 94 degrees. so hot in the studio, i think we are warmer here than it is currently outdoors. let's do temperatures right now in washington. it is 73 degrees. 73 in town. 73 in annapolis. you are doing a little better north and west. you've still got plenty of
5:47 am
humidity. 63 in manassas and in gaithersburg. a little more comfortable off to the north and west. going to be a little cooler today and a little more cloud cover. an increasing chance for some showers. you can see those developing out to the west as we get into the late afternoon and evening hours. best chance some of showers later today will be our western viewers inform you are watching in west virginia, portions of western virginia, western maryland, you have the best chance of showers. those will start to move in later tonight. a back door cold front just north and east of us. that will swoop down in the area today and provide a little relief. a series of fronts. first one here out to the west. we'll really increase the possibility of showers and storms around here tuesday, wednesday, maybe even a shower on thursday. but with it, cooler temperatures and eventually we'll dry things out with highs -- i'll show you the five-day forecast here. by friday, it looks really good. mix of sun and clouds. possible storms later today. best chance will be west of the
5:48 am
city. 87 your daytime high. winds south at about 10 to 15. showers tonight, cloudy skies as the showers move in from the west. 70 the overnight low and here is your five-day forecast. next couple of days, temperature will be in the low to mid-80s with the showers and storms back in the forecast. second half of thursday and friday, high pressure builds in and it will be beautiful around here by friday. highs only about 08 with low humidity. saturday and sunday look great too. that is a look at your weather forecast. let's do some traffic and willmar is in with your latest. >> at least we have something to look forward to. thank you for that. if you are traveling northbound 59 in virginia. that is the hot spot this morning. -- if you are traveling northbound 95 in virginia, that is the hot spot this morning. as you head up towards dumfries, that is where you find the accident. left lane is blocked. heavy and slow from courthouse road at this point. so pretty significant stretch of delay there. once you you get past the scene, things do open up.
5:49 am
66, seeing the volume pick up here as you mtv manassas heading towards centreville. no problems leaving 50 fair oaks. here we are new york avenue at bladensburg. things backing up here as well. route 50 looks good traveling the beltway in prince george's county. we get reports of the medical emergency on the outer loop near 214. watch for that. traveling the beltway here in montgomery county, your lanes are open. both the inner and outer loops. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic. it is the decision that has sports fans buzzing. up next, was boxer manny pakiao robbed? dave ross coming up next. well i always worry about what's in the food
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welcome back. dave ross is in the house for sports breakfast. >> a big weekend and a great weekend for the nats. >> who thought this, going up to boston. i mean it is boston, famed fenway park and here come our nationals up there and sweep. i don't think they saw it coming. that's for sure. >> they are he on fire. >> this is not a joke any longer. >> twelve games over 500, in first place, second best record in all of major league baseball. this team is legit. we'll show you how it happened yesterday. up there in boston and santangelo used to play in the
5:53 am
major league. check out this catch. one-handed. nats actually trailed in this one 2-1 in the seventh. here comes danny espinoza with two on and two out. i don't think this is the best effort by darnell mcdonnell at the wall. it was a good leap. couldn't get it. two runs in this one and the nat take a 3-# lead. we move to the ninth and we're tied at three. bryce harper was upset because he didn't start yesterday. they inserted him in as a pinch hitter. he got i awalk. look at harper go. look at him get around the bases. he is coming around. you can't stop bryce. that is the winning run right there. and roger bernardina for the triple. and bryce runs so hard. nats win again, 4-3. very impressive to go up to boston and get that sweep. we have to show some love to our neighbors in the north. baltimore, playing great baseball ads well. a walk-off win for the second
5:54 am
straight game. this is what happened yesterday at fenway park. taking on the phillies which also helps out our nationals. they were down three runs until this swing right here and we're all tied up at four. bottom of the 10th, the shot right and check out hunter pence. you think this is a good effort? that didn't do anything. adam jones will come all the way around and there we go. celebrate, boys. yeah, the orioles win again 5- 4. it is a hotbed for baseball all of a sudden in the beltway. orioles just one game out of first in the american league east so very impressive to watch. >> just show the phillies the door. this is the st. jude classic. the u.s. open is this week and here are a couple of big guns, dustin johnson, who almost won the u.s. open a couple of years
5:55 am
ago. rory won it last year. on 18, had to make birdie. not how you make birdie by putting if in the middle of creek. i wonder what is going on with young rory. couldn't get it done yesterday. we'll see if he can get it done this weekend. tiger woods, phil mickelson and bubba watson who won at the masters. they are teeing off for the first few days. >> now, can we get to manny. >> let's get to it. saturday into in las vegas. this was timothy bradley challenging manny pacquiao. >> say it better than that. >> manny pacquiao. i watched it after the fight was over, before the decision was made. i went outside to hang out with friend because of his it was a foregone conclusion that pacquiao had won this fight rather easily and then all of a sudden i hear 115-113 and my ears perk up and i go what. they give the decision to timothy bradley in a split decision. it is stunning. pacquiao, as you could see, was stunned. could not believe he had lost.
5:56 am
just a couple of numbers. pacquiao landed 253 punches. bradley, 159. in the compu box stats that they keep in boxing being back you outlanded bradley in 10 of the 12 rounds. i have no idea what the vegas judges were looking at. let's just say it reeks of impropriety and the fact that there is a rematch scheduled between the two fighters. all of the money stays in- house. >> something smells fishy. >> if it walks like a duck and sounds like a duck, it might be a duck. >> thank you, dave. gas prices keep on dropping. good news, right? but how low can they go? that is ahead in our business beat. >> they could go lower. >> don't stop now. >> go below three. >> time to say good morning to kim newman, our facebook fan of the day. she watches fox 5 morning news with her son kai. >> she says being the fan of
5:57 am
the day would be an exciting way to start a hectic week. thank you for watching. we'll be right back. time is 5:56. 56. @
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