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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  June 11, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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later today, in a pennsylvania courtroom, knew details in the penn state child sex abuse scandal could emerge as opening statements begin in the trial against jerry sandusky. major work begins today on one popular d.c. street. we'll tell you how business openers are bracing for the big makeover. fox 5 morning news continues right now. right now. it is straight up 6:00 on this monday, june 11th, 2012. taking a live look outside and you can see the sun starting to come up and peek out there today. it is going to heat things up, monday, june 11th. good morning. i'm will thomas. welcome to fox 5 morning news. tucker barnes on hand talking about weather but first, take a
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look at this. it looks good it didn't all turn out so well. this weekend's hot weather turned pretty dangerous for clouds on the national mall. 200,000 girl scouts were there for the organize's 100th anniversary celebration on saturday. about 60 people needed medical attention and 15 had to go to the hospital because of the heat. so that is how dangerous it can be out there, folks. >> tucker was saying earlier maybe not quite so hot today but clearly you are sending a message without your jacket today. >> exactly. >> the working man weather man. gilled have my swim trunks on if i were allowed. >> we'll get the pool out for you. >> thank you, yes. yes. not going to say anymore owe that. warm and humid conditions expected today. -- not going to say anymore on that. -- i would have my swim trunks on if i were allowed. >> our western viewers have a
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chance of some showers and storms back in the forecast later today. we could use the rain. i think overnight tonight and during the day tomorrow, a good chance ever that. a little back door cold front keeping cooler temperatures to the north and east and than out to the west, out north and west of chicago, we have a cold front as well. we have a more active week than what we had around here the last couple of days. 73 in washington. humidity, way on up. wind are out of the south at six miles per hour. will be a warm, rather muggy day with highs in the mid- to upper 80s. a few more clouds developing. highs, 87, 88. >> hot and sticky, mission today, find ac wherever you are. >> still looking for it. >> did we pay the bill? >> maybe we need to check that. >> lets he get a check of traffic now. lauren demarco in no julie wright. >> you guys, i want to see tucker do the weather in swim trunks. it would be a youtube moment.
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>> i think his youtube moments are over for a while. >> listen, we were dealing with the wreck northbound 95 at dumfries road. the good news is it has moved out of the way. your lanes are reopened. we can take a live look from traffic land. bad news is, still dealing with those delays. traveling 66, making your way through centreville here, we do have a car stopped on the shoulder there and you will find volume building heading from manassas into centreville and thins do look good from route 50 fair oakdz in towards the beltway. 207 slowing off and on from frederick down towards 109. -- fair oaks in towards the beltway. beltway itself, no issues to report in maryland or virginia. to the right of the screen is the out are loop heading into virginia across the american legion bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. on-timetraffic. we are following a
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developing story this morning. opening statements begin today in the trial of jerry sandusky. the former penn state assistant football coach faces more than 50 criminal counts involving allegations that he sexually abused 10 boys over 15 years. a gag order has been in place since april preventing anyone involved in the case from commenting publicly. jurors could hear the new details today. ten of the 16 jurors and alternates have connections to penn state. the school is conducting its own investigation into the case led by former fbi director louis freeh expected to issue the findings of that investigation once sandusky's criminal trial comes to andened. we'll have more on what is happening today live outside the courthouse in our next hour. a cabinet secretary is cited in two accidents including a felony hit and run. authorities say u.s. secretary john bryson allegedly caused the crashes in the los angeles
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area saturday night. police say he allegedly rear end ad i vehicle, stopped to talk to the men inside and hit their car again when he was leaving. police say he then caused a second accident nearby hitting acar with two people inside. he was found unconscious in his car and taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. injuries. checking this morning's other top stories, a busy d.c. street is getting a major makeover. construction begins on a five- block area of u street northwest. >> the construction is expected to cause major traffic which could impact your commute not to mention the businesses out there. sherry ly has details on what we can expect if we are driving through that area. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that work is actually scheduled to start just about an hour from now. we don't see a lot of activity here yet but you can bet that, in the coming days and week, that construction will be in full swing. that means some lanes of traffic could be closed. parking could be limited and
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for a lot of businesses that may be costly. that work starts today and won't end until spring of next year. the streetscape project will an long u street and along five blocks from 9th for 14th street. the sidewalk will be replaced with new wider ones are, the road repaved, now streetlights and traffic lights added, storm drains upgraded. the spruce-up is expected to benefit businesses in the long run but some are worried about survival in the short term. the city has set up a business survival fund to help those that need it. >> hopefully, we can manage. >> you think you can survive if? >> i hope so. >> i was the author of a fund which permits -- which grants interest-free loans. now, it is not a grant. >> the city has done some similar streetscape projects along eighth street and what is currently under way in adams morgan. phase two of the u street
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project will connect 14th street to 18th street and the renovated adams morgan streetscape. the work is scheduled to run from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. every day except for sunday. so you are not going to get a lot of break here. d-d.o.t. says one thing they will do is try to keep at least one lane of traffic open in each direction to try to alleviate any congestion. we'll see how that goes. that is the latest here on u street. back to you. >> thank you. more fallout from the corruption scandal surrounding former prince george's county executive jack johnson. today, two of johnson's associates are scheduled for sentencing. they were part of a cigarette smuggling scream and doled out bribes in exchange for political help. all eyes on virginia tomorrow as republicans choose a candidate for u.s. senate. george alhelp, a former virginia governor and also former senator is the frontrunner. the winner of tomorrow's primary will face off against democratic challenger and
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former governor tim kaine. both allen and kaine are fighting to preplace democratic senator jim webb. the outcome will lineally steer the balance of power in the u.s. senate. there is also u.s. house primaries in districts eight and 11 covering arlington, alexandria and fairfax county. there is also a democratic primary for alexandria city council. also making headline being a popular pastor arrested. now, the megachurch heeder is speaking out about the allegations. but first, the search for a suspect continues following a weekend shooting near the campus of auburn university that left three people dead. fox 5 morning news is back in a moment. [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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nato will no longer conduct air strikes in afghanistan's residential neighborhoods. this is following reports of 18 civilians that were killed in a recent bombing actually nato
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investigation found coalition forces were responsible for the unintended deaths and the top u.s. commander in afghanistan has apologized. the men, will and children killed in the air strike had gathered for a wedding. three people are shot and killed at a pool party over the weekend near auburn university including two form football players. a manhunt is under way for the shooter right here identified as a 22-year-old from alabama. three others were wounded in the shooting. one is a current football player. police say the shooting late saturday night started after several people got into an argument over a girl. the supreme court continues to debate the constitutionality of president obama's health care reform law. but one major insurer says regardless of the decision that is reached, it will continue to downhold some of the law's moment most sweeping changes. united health care says it will continue to allow children to be under their parents plan up until the age of 26. also, it will uphold the ban on lifetime limits and it will
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continue to offer birth control and other preventive services without a copay. however, employers or individuals can opt out for of that coverage for religous or other objections. the "washington post" reports united health care is expected to make an official announcement later today. time now is 6:136789 dangerous wildfires out west. -- time now is 6:13. an update on firefighters' effort to keep scenes like this one from spreading any further. >> we'll check in with tucker for your workweek forecast when fox 5 morning news continues.  man: there's a cattle guard, take a right.
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do you have any idea where you're going ? wherever the wind takes me. this is so off course. nature can surprise you sometimes... next time, you drive.
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next time, signal your turn. ...that's why we got a subaru. love wherever the road takes you. firefighters in colorado and new mexico are fighting wildfires that quickly spread in dry forests over the weekend. sheriff's deputies knocked on hundreds of homes forcing people to evacuate. the colorado fire just west of fort collins giew for more than
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31 square miles and in southern new mexico. -- grew for more than 31 square smiles -- mild and in southern new mexico. >> the ask the weather guy we'll be related to fighting forest fires. will is looking at me. >> no, no. >> you hate me now. i know you do. >> i'mm jealous, you mean? >> yeah, because i have the jacket off. >> we're reliving yesterday's high temperature here in the studio. we are down to 72 degrees. so it is not terribly cool out. it is warm and rather humid to start your day. it won't be as hot as yesterday. we'll still be looking at high temperatures in the upper 80s
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to about 90 this afternoon. 74 in quantico. a little better as you get north and west of the city. martinsburg, currently 62 degrees. it is not terrible north and west but not terribly comfortable either. our temperatures are going to warm up once again into the mid- to upper 80s as mentioned but lot of humidity out there as we have a series of frontal systems approaching from the west and a little back door cold front which will provide a few clouds and maybe some slightly cooler air around here later today. there is your satellite-radar. i want to he show you the cloud cover, that light thin variety there. we'll have a mix of clouds and sun. then out to the west, a series of troughs and frontal systems. thisling trough is providing a lot of rain out into ohio and condition ken. all of this will be moving through during the next couple of days. a few showers, maybe a thunderstorm develops out to the west of warn washington
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this afternoon. and then into tuesday, you will see plenty of showers tomorrow. it will be rather wet. watch the cloud cover increase around here with a few showers out there. you can see they are widely scattered close to town. better chance out to theat whol laterred it. just be ready for the potential for some showers tomorrow. mix of sun and clouds. could be a late storm. 87 your daytime high. that is a look at weather. let's do traffic with lauren demarco. >> as you travel northbound 95 in virginia, the situation is improving. that is some good news. we had the earlier wreck just prior to dumfries that was blocking the left side of the roadway. it has been cleared out the way. still seeing some delays off and on leaving stafford. sky fox has been flying over 95. you can see things are getting better. everybody starting to move now. do give yourself some extra time if you are hoofing the stafford area headed north. some of our wazers have been
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riding in as well. route one also slowing through the area with some spill overtraffic which is helpful. we don't have cameras there so it is nice to know from our weighs folks that we are seeing some slow traffic there as well. let's move o see what else we've got going on. if you are traveling 66, starting to seat volume build leaving manassas heading towards centreville. things look good leaving route other fair oaks in towards the beltway. the beltway itself incident- free in virginia and in maryland. 270, we do have traffic off and on as you leave frederick heading down to 109. a nice trip down to rockville and bethesda. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. -timetraffic. over to you. the pastor of a megachurch in georgia denies choking and punching his dollar. creflo dollar said the claim are an exaggeration. he was arrested friday after
6:21 am
his teenaged daughter called 911. doll lahr who is one of the prominent african-american preachers in the atlanta area was released from jail on $500,000 bail. gas prices keep on going down. get in the car and go somewhere. just wait until the news is over. could we see it go even lower? more on that as fox 5 morning news continues. how fast is your internet? chances are it depends, if you only have one device online, you get one speed,
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we have some good news this morning about the market and gas prices. lauren simonetti with fox business network is live in new york with this morning's business beat. good morning. >> good monday morning. >> the markets had a pretty good republican last -- run last woke and futures in the positive. what is driving it? >> we had 3.5% gain as cross
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the board for all three major averages. 93 points to the up side for the do you. we fell a lot so we had nowhere else to go but up last week. today, we do have news behind the rally. that is the fact that spain will be fourth and largest economy in europe to get a bailout of up to $125 difficult on-- million to show up the banks. people are making money today. >> we like that. so gas prices are going down but the reason may be a little surprising to hear. >> yeah. exactly. it is good news for drivers especially as we are in the summer driving season. the gas price average according to the lundberg surdescribe, $3.62. that is a decline in just three week of 16 cents. so definitely some savings for people filling up. the reason would be the european debt crisis. it has people jittery. the thinking is worldwide, there might not be as much demand for fuel but you also
6:26 am
have to look at the u.s. dollar. that has been higher. so it is more expensive for people to fill up as well. in terms of buying the crude, it is a complicated story. >> it's complicated story but we appreciate you trying to maybe it to us. we thank you so much. we'll check in with you tomorrow. okay. >> a major makeover for a piece of d.c. history. u street is in for an overall. we have details on a big probably theact starts today and won't watch for months. beating the heat. this weekend's weather turned dangerous for big crowds gathered on the national mall. we'll have more on that when we return. 
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the weather turned dangerous for the girl scouts on the mall. about 60 people needed medicalh
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the hospital because of the heat. >> no doubt it was a hot one. here is a live look outside right now. our tower cam looking over the skies of washington. if you stepped outside right now, two things. hot and sticky. and tucker, i guess everyone wants to know is it going to progress throughout the day. >> yes, good question. it will be warmer today. today, upper 80s so a few degrees better. a little bit more in the way of cloud cover today. >> and the trend is back towards the lower 80s rather than back in the 90s. so this week will be a cooling trend. >> i can handle the lower 80s. >> let's do temperatures at reagan national. i can't wait. 72 at reagan national. a little more comfortable out to the west. winchester, 61 degrees. looking at our satellite-radar, a couple of features, allot
6:31 am
back door cold front oriented about philadelphia just to our north and east and that will be pushing down towards the area later today. we'll provide a little relief for parts of the area. you can see the rain out into ohio and kentucky that. will suddenly progress east later this afternoon really tonight into the daytime hours tomorrow. we haven't had a whole lot in the way of rain. we've had scattered showers and storms in the past week. we need the rain. you can see it is really not in the cards today unless you are well out to the west. forecast for today, looking at high temperatures in the upper 80s. about 87 degrees in alexandria and 87 in la plata. a little cooler north and west. 58 in front royal. >> maybe all the moisture in the air will be good for your throat. >> something has got to help my throat. >> between that and the tea. >> lots of tea. lauren demarco is in for julie wright this morning. let's check some with her with traffic. she is also trying to get over her own the issues as well. effect is sick right now. >> west fox 5 flu.
6:32 am
i think everybody office has the same deal. your coy workers pass it all back and forth. but an interesting theory. i think we should ask the weather guys. does the humidity help your throat. this is where we are still seeing the show traffic heading through stafford, near 610, garrisonville road, aquia harbor. an earlier wreck in dumfries. an accident is gone. the relief just taking its way to snake its way southbound as you head through the stafford area. 395 starting to slow now as you leave the beltway heading past edsall road. see something delays in
6:33 am
frederick off and on down towards 121. usual slowdown there. the out are loop getting heavy towards bethesda. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you, sniffles. we are following a developing story. opening statements begin today in the trial of jerry sandusky. the former penn state assistant football coach faces more than 50 criminal counts involving allegations that he sexually abused 10 boys over 15 years. a gag order has been in mace since april prohibiting anyone involve in the case from commenting publicly. we will be live outside the courthouse coming up in our 7:00 hour. checking some of the morning's other top stories, a heads up for nip who travels on u street in northwest. starting today being a five- block stretch of that street will be getting a major transformation. >> in the end, it is probably going to look great. but right now, it will be a mess. construction expected to cause major traffic headaches,
6:34 am
problems with businesses, the commute, you name it. fox 5's sherry ly is live in northwest along. you street with all the details. they are about to start real soon, right? >> they are, will. d-d.o.t. is scheduled to start the work in just about a half hour from now and for the next nine months or so, this five-block stretch of u street is expected to be quite the mess. in the long run, this spruce-up will be better for this area of u street but in the short term, businesses will have to endure some growing pains. at least one lane will be open each way during this work. it will span from ninth street to 14th street along u street. they will repave the roads. they will widen the sidewalk, up grade the traffic signals and the storm drains. this work is going to be done one block at a time from north to south between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. every day except for sunday but there may be some sometimes when they need to work on sundays as well as overnight. some businesses have weathered
6:35 am
this type of thing before but numerous small are businesses worry it could be coste. >> we've lasted new so many things because pops purchased the building many years ago. >> i think the streetscape thing may be a little more painful than i anticipated. >> the work will be finished up in spring of next year. and once this sex is done, they will begin work on the section of u street from -- once this section is done, they will begin work on the section of u street from 14th street to 18th street over in adam morgan. we don't so a lot of activity here but you can bet in the coming days and the coming week, that construction will be in full swing and it is going to last a while. that is the late here on u street. back to you. -- that is the latest here on u street. >> back to you. >> thank you. a deadly crash in manassas
6:36 am
and police believe drunk driving it is to blame for this. this happened around 10:30 saturday night at dumfries and brentsville road. laurie shipe is charged with dui. miss say she want a red light and hit another car killing the passenger and a dog inside. driver of the car that was hit was seriously hurt and the impact caused that car to hit a third car. shipe and the driver of the third car were not hurt. the front of a building on connecticut avenue is boarded up this morning after d.c. police say a man intentionally drove into it friday night. 32-year-old charles ball from new market, maryland had minor injuries. he has been charged with arson and assault. the police said he drove through a full length plate glass window and came it i stop against the column in the lobby. when police approached him, they say ball was trying to use a lighter to set the car on fire. the front seat was wet and smelled like gasoline. more fallout from the young scandal surrounding former prince george's county
6:37 am
executive jack johnson. today, two of his associates are scheduled for sentencing. they were part of a cigarette smuggling scream and doled out bribes in exchange for political help. all eyes are on virginia tomorrow as republicans choose a candidate for u.s. sallen is frontrunner. winner will face off tim kaine. both allen and kaine are fighting to replace democratic senator jim webb and the outcome will likely steer the balance of power in the senate as democrats fight to maintain control there. there are also u.s. house primaries in districts eight and 11 covering arlington, alexandria and fairfax county. there is also a democratic primary for alexandria city council. dave ross is on deck with sports breakfast.
6:38 am
i think i'm getting your voice thing. >> oh, no. >> how many nationals games have been to in person at nats park this year? >> one. >> turn and -- tucker barnes and i went on thursday. sadly they lost the one day we were there. if you are up in boston, apparently, allegedly, there were a lot of national fans in beantown. so maybe the attitude is spreading out. let's take a look at the high heights as the nats went for the sweep up in beantown. this is impressive stuff. you don't go up to fenway park like this but it happened yesterday. here is fp santangelo. >> still got some skills.
6:39 am
>> can't wait to see him. danny espinoza in the seventh. you want me on the wall. you need me on the wall. nats were up 3-2 at that point. tied up at three at at the ninth. brois harper pinch hit and he walked. sos he is on first base when this happened. right down the right field lane. if you punt autopsy i stop sign, he is going right through it and he is scoring it. that will be the oning run. nats win 4-3. in first place, second best record in all of baseball and afterwards bryce talked about not starting. >> it never happened it me before. that was a weird experience coming in off the bench and in a tough situation like that. i was trying to go up there and get a pitch i could drive. i really wanted to go deep right there. i got the walk and burnie came up and was clutch for us and got that runaround. i don't like sitting. i have really bad a diva d so i'm off the wall and just crazy
6:40 am
when i sit. -- i have really bad add. so spring training, trying to sit down and learn the game. >> i love the eye black. >> come back next hour and wear some. >> the phillies here and the nats get help from the os. this is going to the right field. one of the worst efforts i've ever seen by hunter pence. jump! look at that. here comes adam jones. they win again, great win for baltimore, 5-4. only one game out in the american league east. now, right now, we are waiting for the rain to stop in france because we're waiting to see jokovic against rafael nadal going to his seventh. nobody has ever won seven french opens temperature. he is up two sets to one but
6:41 am
trails if the fourth set 2-1. >> you get that rain in there, it is like mud. the clay turns to mud. hopefully today, we get a nice day over there in france. >> all right. that would be good. >> thank you. coming up next, a challenging course. more than four miles long. hundreds of swimmers hoping to make it to the finish line on the shores of the chesapeake bay. dave ross, did we see you out there? >> no way. >> probably julie wright out there. >> a great, great inspiring story. you have to see it. stick around. [ leanne ] appliance park h has been here since the early 50s.
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my dad and grandfather spent their whole careers here. [ charlie ] we're the heartbeat of this place, the people on the line. we take pride in what we do. when that refrigerator ships out the door, it's us that work out here. [ michael ] we're on the forefront of revitalizing manufacturing. we're proving that it can be done here, and it can be done well. [ ilona ] i came to ge after the plant i was working at closed after 33 years. ge's giving me the chance to start back over. [ cindy ] there's construction workers everywhere. so what does that mean? it means work. it means work for more people. [ brian ] there's a bright future here, and there's a chance to get on the ground floor of something big, something that will bring us back. not only this company, but this country. ♪
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making headlines arc high wire challenge above niagara falls. this friday, nick wallenda will walk 200 feet across the falls on a two-inch cable and he will do it in the middle of the night. that is crazy. no one has ever walked directly over the falls. it took him two years to get
6:45 am
authorities in u.s. and canada to let him do it. >> hopefully, he can hold that pole and a flashlight. >> yeah, you won't be able to see. >> check this out. talk about inspiring. it is one of the country's premier open water races. one swimmer swam more than four miles across the bay with only three limbs. another guy with the blue cap here we'll show you, has no arms and no legs. listen to this. >> there are other people out here with more challenges than i have. >> i've never been one to sit around and do nothing. i like too push myself you find another way to challenge yourself. different strokes for different folks but you find some way to challenge yourself. >> 38 years old. he called that his shining moment. >> i would love to hear from him about how he is able to
6:46 am
swim. that is quite a feat. >> a great booking for the show. i'm sure it is incredible. >> you mix in the actual air temperature yesterday in the low 90s but water temperature in the upper 70s so they must have been working up a sweat. >> probably could. >> you come out of there and you don't need a towel. >> you are working up a sweat just doing this today. >> i know i am. all that walking over to do the weather. let's do this with the temperatures. we are having a very mild start to your day. we never got to the 60s overnight. we are 72 right now. that has been our overnight low so far in town. 73 in annapolis. much of the area falling back into the 60s. so it is a little better here as you get north and west. 63 in manassas. that is not terrible. 66? gaithersburg. a step cooler out in the mountains. winchester, 64 and 62 in martinsburg. warm, huge you had today, partial sunshine. kind of a mix of sunshine and
6:47 am
clouds. as we have not one but a couple of frontal systems on the way. a little back door cold front just north and east of the city up towards philadelphia. that will provide some relief today and just a few clouds. the main event is a series of fronts out to the west. got a little trough out towards cincinnati. see the little shower activity north and west of chicago. both of these fronts will start to move towards the washington area as we get into the next couple of days. i think you will see more in the way of cloudiness as i mentioned with the clouds and temperatures should be a little cooler and then an increasing chance for rain. out to the west today, you have a chance for some showers in west virginia, portions of western maryland. i think overnight during the day tomorrow, we'll have widespread showers and perhaps some thunderstorms around here. get ready for changes. good news, cooler temperatures on the way to stay for much of your week. 87 today, mix of sun and clouds. possible p.m. storms. a few showers around here.
6:48 am
over height low around 07 degrees. here is your five-day forecast. goodance of showers and stormed. about an 80% chance. it has been about a week and you're lawns are starting to dry out a little bit. thursday, friday, saturday, sunday look perfect right now with highs about 80 degrees. >> time to say good morning. tony perkins not here. that mean it is all you. >> it is time for ask the weather guys. >> people come up and say they love that bit. >> they do love that. time for ask the weather guys. tony has the day off. today's question is a perfect question for today. it comes from roger. he writes, with all the fires
6:49 am
out west, i always wonder why a two-mile swath of land is not cleared out ahead of the burn area to keep the fire from spreading. roger also wants to know if the product they use in the aerial drops to put out the fire could be used ahead of the fire. excellent question. relevant today. we have wildfires burning in colorado and new mexico. both of them are just in the last 4 hours and out of control in a hurry. great question. let's talk first about fires and the direct method of attack that firefighters use and we're familiar with many of those. they try to wet them, smother them, put chemicals on them. firefighters will work with fire engines when possible and they've seen the aircraft swoop in and drop water, buckets of water or chemicals on the fire to try to stop them. that is the direct method we are all familiar w behind the
6:50 am
scenes, they also attack fires indirectly. they set up what is called control line and at the try to get behind the fire just like roger mentioned and try to create a line where this is no combustible materials where anything will burn, trees, brush, houses, in some cases. and they try to create a burn line. so easier said than done. you are talking about mountainous areas out to the west. why can't they create a two- mile swath. they don't know where the fires will move necessarily and the fire can get going very, very quickly. that is why they are out of control wildfires. >> so where do you create the line? >> exactly. >> you would have to be a fortune teller. >> in some areas, they do try to do prescribed burns early in the season when they know an area is going to be susceptible to a burp. they create the control lines. they use heavy equipment and they will try to etch out a few
6:51 am
hundred yard wide area where there is nothing to burn. >> you mentioned too they tried to do those controlled burned. there is one earlier this euro that got you out of control, one of the controlled burns. >> right. the controlled burns can get out of control. so what happens is sometimes they will create the lines of defense but, because of the wind, because of wait the embers are burning, the fires jump that line. so they are not foolproof. >> what is that material roger asked about? >> they drop a chemical. don't know the name of it. but it is basically -- i have it written down here. it is a chemical which consists of ammonia salts and thickeners. i guess that helps put out a fire. >> if you were under it, you wouldn't want to go -- >> no. >> it is not water. >> probably wouldn't want to do
6:52 am
that if they dropped a bucket of water. >> you never know what is in there. >> i hope i answered your question in a short period of time. we'll cob to watch the wildfires. they start between now and october. this is the dry season out there. >> tone y i would say, good job. >> thank you, sir. if you've got a question you want answered, go to and click on the weather tab. send us your question. >> did a pretty good job. >> getting tips galore. >> don't open your mouth for a plane goes over. >> still fining things slow as you head up towards 610, garrisonville road. then the pace does improve and then a slow downagain approaching the mixing bowl. off and on the brake at 7100 heading up towards the beltway. do watch for that. give yourself a little bit of
6:53 am
extra time. everybody was running smoothly across the occoquan. 395 showing from the beltway up past edsall road and duke street. the pace improved as you continue towards the 14th street bridge. no problems heading into the district. 66 slows out of manassas and leaving route other fair oaks here towards 123. you are in good shape all the way towards the beltway. 270, you want to talk about that and for that, we want to go to waze. we did have an accident reported southbound 270 near 124. it looks like ed casino, a fox 5 wazer has reported that as well. tara twill posted a photo. thank you for that. offer to you. >> thank you. a celebrity encount fore
6:54 am
our own gwen tolbart friday night. she took to the stage with wayne brady would hosted the event. it is called the radio and television correspondents association dinner. take a look. ♪ i want to make with you, all precipitation equal to. it is so so dry -- >> a song about weather set to al green's let's stay together and gwen tells us it was her moment in the spotlight. she will never forget it. look at that, glowing there. >> still ahead on fox 5 morning news. >> get your morning started with the new skate park. find out more about the plans for the skate season. @
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and good morning once again we are live outside rfk stadium. if you thought it was for things just like football and soccer we have a curve for you. we are at the skate park the first skate park here in washington dc. we are going to learn about all things skate boarding. there are things in this skate park that are unique to dc. we will find out why this is called the golden rail. if your kids are interested in getting started, you will learn about cool skate styles talk to professional skate border later in the show and if that is not enough we h talk about how you can come out for a full day of skating fun. we will be right back chef. >> looks like fun melanie now i have something fun to do after work. today's facebook fan of the day, kim newman she says she watches fox 5 every morning
6:59 am
with her son ty being fan of the day would be an exciting way to begin a hectic way. hope it is not too rough thank you for watching. that is a wrap on our 6:00 a.m. hour now over to allison and sarah for the 7:00 a.m. hour. >> good morning. take video of you skating. >> i used to in california. that's true. coming up, 7:00 a.m. hour, a member of the president's cabinet under investigation after two traffic accidents over the weekend. >> more on why police cited the commerce secretary. for some, this has been years in the making. the sex abuse case against jerry sandusky will begin a live report from outside the courtroom straight ahead. >> jack hammers are coming to yew street. work scheduled to get under way any minute now to make over yew street the latest


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