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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  June 11, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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traffic. fox 5 morning news continues right now t now it is 7:00 a.m. here on this monday. we are taking a live lookout side, washington dc right now temperatures 70s, not so bad yet but things will warm up out there just a bit. good morning i am sarah similar monos in for tony perkins. >> i am allison seymour. we are happy you are with us to start off your day. so it was a great weekend but a little warm. >> it was a little warm? a lot of warm. >> all right. >> tucker says it will be cooler today. good morning. blissering hot around here yesterday, with a daytime high of 92. a little cooler today, upper 80s. not much until the middle of the week but things will gradually get better and better. regan national, 72 degrees, regan national, very warm start
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humidity up, 89%, winds out of the south, 5 miles per hour. looking at satellite radar, high, thin cloudiness, there will be more cloudiness today than yesterday. and then the rain out to the west see the showers out in western ohio and kentucky, that will start to work towards the washington area later this afternoon. if you are in western virginia, western maryland you stand the best chance of late day showers, maybe a thunderstorm, the rest of us will see showers move in overnight tonight and later tuesday. more details in a couple minutes, we will go with warm, humid, not terribly comfortable but a little better than yesterday, more details on that forecast in just a minute. traffic now with lauren demarco. good morning. hey, tucker, we want to mention a few new things we are working right now. first of all starting off in virginia, sky fox live over the scene, 7100, just south of
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braddock road. look at this very messy accident scene here. we've got paramedic, ambulance crews, a lot of police, 7100 southbound, blocked just south of braddock road, if you want to find an alternate, northbound lanes are able to get by. they are open but a lot of activity there. a medevac just landed on the scene. you can see that. so working to get extricated there. you can see them walking a stretcher down to that medevac. once that is cleared out hopefully we will get folks moving southbound, 7100 south of braddock road, want to avoid that area for now. let's move on if you are travelling in maryland outer loop of the belt way heading toward 214, central avenue, issues as well an over turned vehicle reported in the median. you can see everybody stacking up as you leave for pennsylvania avenue, watch delays on the outer loop of the belt way, heading toward 214. traveling the belt way
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montgomery county, find delays leaving new hampshire avenue, really college park, 95 heading past new hampshire, silver spring, that is just your typical volume. sarah. all right thank you. in this mornings big story sandusky trial is getting under way former assistant penn state football coach, jerry sandusky facing 52 counts. opening statements in his child sex abuse trial start in a few hours. jennifer davis is live outside the courthouse in pennsylvania. good morning. we are expecting emotional testimony to come out of this tiny courthouse today. there was no preliminary hearing and a gag order has been in effect this will be our chance to learn a lot of details about the two sides of this case. you can expect defense will try to attack the credibility of these witnesses while the prosecution is trying to prove,
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jerry sandusky repeatedly sexually abused these boys not only in his own home but the penn state locker room. >> reporter: the one time defensive coordinator faces 52 counts of sexual abuse against 10 boys over a span of 15 years. 8 of the alleged victims pow adults are expected to testify. two others have not been found. one legal analyst suggests the number of witnesses works in favour of the prosecution. >> with all of these witnesses coming forward it makes it easier for the prosecution. >> reporter: and that could make it much more difficult for jerry sandusky's defense team. >> the problem for defense if you have one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten young men coming forward and saying pretty much the same thing with pretty much the same details and didn't know each other that is hard to attack. >> reporter: the men are now between the ages of 18 and 28. quiet for years they will be seeking out publicly -- speaking out publicly for the
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first time in court >> they are acalls and they should take the stand -- adults and take the stand and testify under their own name. >> reporter: sandusky doesn't deny he knows his accusers but does say nothing inappropriate happened this trial is expected to last three weeks. live in bellefonte pennsylvania, jennifer davis. thank you. in another high profile courtroom show down defense in roger clements perjury trial plans to wrap up its case. defense will call rebuttal witnesses the judge wants the lawyers to give closing arguments tomorrow. the trial is entering its 9th week. new this morning, we've learned a member of the president's cabinet is under investigation after two accidents over the weekend u.s. commerce secretary john bryson allegedly caused the crashes los angeles saturday night he
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rear ended a vehicle, that stopped for a train. he stopped to talk to the men inside the vehicle, then hit their car again when he was leaving. he caused a second accident nearby, hitting a car with two people inside he was found alone and unconscious in his car taken to hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. closer to home in maryland, two associates of jack johnson are scheduled for sentencing today. both were coconspirators in the corruption scandal that put johnson behind bars, part of an untaxed cigarette smuggling scheme. both pled guilty to giving bribes. a busy dc street is giving amare your make over. construction is ex-- a major make over. construction is expected in dc northwest. sherry lee is live in northwest with details what to expect if you are driving in that area. good morning sherry. >> reporter: wellings sarah, so
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far so good here but that is all going to change in the coming months. this is just day one so we haven't heard a lot of the jack hammers or any construction noises just yet. in the coming days and weeks you can expect that to be in full swing, we will see some of the lanes of traffic close, parking on the street will be limited, and that may be costly for businesses here in the area during the streetscape construction, v dot plans to keep at least one lane of traffic open in each direction the project will span u street to 14th streets sidewalk will be redone, replaced with new wider ones, the work will be done one block at a time p a.m. to 7:00 p.m. -- 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. monday through saturday, some work may be needed, the city has set up a business survival fund to help those who need it but most know it won't be easy . it is a trip to the dentist no question about it.
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the streetscaping may be more painful than anticipated. >> the city has done similar projects along 8th and what is currently under way in adams morgan. phase 2 will connect 14th to 18th street and the renovated adams morgan streetscape, now signs are posted on both ends of u street beyond 14th and 9th street warning people the work will get under way today, and that this project will last, for several more months in fact it won't be completed until spring of next year. unclear at this point where the construction will start but we can tell you around 9th and u street you can see where they have already started marking up the utility lines and things in that area. so work is definitely getting under way and we will see it, in the coming months, coming weeks, coming days, it is going to be a mess. that is the late pest here, back to you -- latest here back to you. thank you. to the campaign trail now, president barack obama will try
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to get back on message today granting interviews to local tv stations, located in key swing states. over the weekend, his campaign was a mess after the president declared last week the private sector is doing fine. those were his words something mitt romney's teams were happy to repeat in a new web ads. they are now pushing for a new round of stimulus targeted at state and local government. we have had 3.4 million private sector jobs created but lost almost half a million public sector jobs most of them are teachers, many of them will firefighters -- are firefighters and police. the white house will also have to deal with a new leak investigation, two career attorneys from the justice department will try to figure out who leaked national secrets to the new york times that helped bolster the president's image on a war on terror.
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sarah. virginia gearing up for another primary election. tomorrow resident's in the state will head to the polls to choose a republican candidate for senate. george alan is being called the front runner he is running against three other candidates the primary winner will face tim cain who is the only governor on the ballot. there is also u.s. house primaries in districts 8 and 11 and a democratic primary for alexandria city council. in knee fix arizona, a national spotlight on a -- in phoenix arizona a national spotlight on a national election to fill gabrielle gifford's seat. she made a rare appearance over the weekend, campaigning with her former aid who is facing off against republican jesse kelly. future of dc council still making headlines members set to decide this week who will lead the panel. two at large members vying for the chairman ship, vincente
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orange and phil mendhelson, join us live at 7:30 a.m. coming up hundreds have been forced from their homes out west, as massive wild fire continues to spread. we will hear from some of the evacuees after the break plus it is a great day to be a nats fan the team heads to toronto after three big wins in boston. dave ross is back with this mornings sports breakfast. next pgh >> as we head to break a live lookout side, 395, globe road. we will check with tucker in just a bit. more on your weather. we will be right back
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making headlines, fire crews continue to battle wild fires in colorado and new mexico.
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strong winds are fueling both fires forcing hundreds of evacuations in colorado the wild fire has grown to 3100 square miles right now it is at zero containment. >> surreal. i couldn't believe what was happening. >> we are all literally just watching praying it is not our house that we see go up in smoke. >> the blaze also forced evacuation of wolves from a nearby sanctuary. rain is causing problems down south. take a look 20 inches fell in one day in florida causing road closures and power outages in the panhandle. in southeaster earn alabama, a tornado tore through. people are dealing with some weather issues. >> severe weather. >> yeah. >> well n that video, they were canoeing looked about 2 inches of water. >> i think they were being
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funny they were smiling. >> all right. >> the forecast, today cooler than yesterday, humidity will stay pretty much where it was yesterday,. >> good right? >> well, no, it was high yesterday. 92. >> it was sneaking up, hot yesterday afternoon. >> okay. >> just a reminder. >> i'm sorry. >> i know it is early. >> right. >> regan national, max 2, 74 degrees, 74 regan national, boston 50. daytime high yesterday only mid- 60s so much cooler weather north and east, wouldn't it be nice to get that in here. cooler and cooler temperatures by the end of week we too will be looking great, out to the west much of the eastern half of the country you can see basking in this early summer heat. 78 dallas, 79 new orleans, much cool inner the mountains out west, 44 denver.
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head west. there is your sentinel radar, much of the country quiet, a series of systems, an area trough, ohio, kentucky, tropical moisture from florida yesterday, that will push into our area and increasing chance for late day showers maybe a thunderstorm if you are watching well west of the city western maryland, west virginia, and then all of us have a good chance of showers tuesday and wednesday, maybe some thunderstorms too and some of those cold be on the strong side, -- some of those could be on the strong side. there is your 5 day forecast, 87, more comfortable than yesterday and by thursday and friday only 80,. dave ross wanted to find out you finally put -- dave ross wanted to point out you finally put your jacket on. >> we were reliving yesterday's wait inner the studio most of the morning. low 90s. >> sorry i didn't tell them to turn it on earlier. kind of a little perk. >> yeah, 7:00 a.m.
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hour. >> that explains what happened. >> all right. >> meantime let's get a look at traffic with lauren demarco in for julie wright. >> allison seymour is big time. >> i am kind of a big deal up here. >> we are starting to get a look at the incident that is happening on the belt way, prince georges county. let's take a live look, outer loop, just prior to 214, central avenue, good news here because as i was walking into the studio we still had accident activity in the median looks like that had cleared out lanes reopened. left lane blocked, good news but you are slow in both directions because of rubber necking, right there, main lanes we are seeing is outer loop, far left, that is the inner loop and you are ready as well through prince georges county at this point. let's move on the traffic land travelling 95, we have delays from prince william parkway across the occoquan, to route 1 in wood bridge. after that, things thin out
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heading up towards springfield you are in good shape. 395, belt way, to duke street and then here across the 14th street bridge. 7100 southbound, south of braddock road dealing with that accident activity in the southbound direction. watch the police direction there. sky fox did have to move on. 66, approaching route 50, toward 123, reports of a wreck northbound 3rd street tunnel. back to you at the desk. thanks lauren. nats sweep the red sox in boston, a boxing match with a controversial outcome. >> dave ross is here now with this mornings sports breakfast. >> i love intros from allison. >> i treasure it. and you wanted to take it from me. >> you ladies know i love boxing we will get to that controversy, but there is no controversy with our nats. >> they are in 1st place. >> 2 legit to quit. allison going old school.
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bean town and tell you what happened yesterday this is impressive stuff. you can go all the way up to boston and sweep a 3 game set, against the socks. used to play major league baseball now he is a broadcaster for the nats. still got the thrills, the skills, one handed. 2-1. danny espinosa will play a yard ball off the green monster bringing one and two runs in. nats took a 3-2 lead at this point but tied at 3 in the 9th. allison, bryce harper didn't start this game he wasn't thrilled pinch hit inner the 9th got a walk and then when roger did this, watch young bryce get up, and put it down. just pick them up going out there, coming home and he is, bryce harper has wheels he still, bern diknow is pumped up, nats win again and sweep boston with a 4-3 win. tucker barnes loves his orioles
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they are playing real good baseball in baltimore. this is charm city. camden yard as 3 run home run, to tie this game up with phillys, which we like, in dc. tieing up at 4 in the set. that leader is going opposite, vertical of tucker barnes what was that. terrible,. >> did he jump? >> barely jumped. >> his throw was awful. jones come on around and celebrating they win gain only one game out of 1st place american league east. could you imagine an orioles and nationals world series? i know it is crazy, but it will be kind of cool. >> way cool. >> saturday night. okay. i race home from work, to see the manny pacquiao, tim think bradly the only guy who beat dcs own lamont peterson but saturday night i raced home and
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watched the last 11 rounds and pacquiao, won 10 of those rounds he dominated this fight, pretty much start to finish and yet when the official score cards are red, tim bradly is awarded a 115/113 decision, split decision to take the belt away from a guy who hasn't lost in 7 years? >> something ain't right. >> just wreaks of improprieties this morning and i am stung by this. manny pacquiao was stung by this we have a new champion, congratulations to him but they already have a rematch set up something tells me they had this in the works before the fight ever began it is a little fishy. >> yes, just a little. >> yes. >> all right dave. >> sorry. >> i am off my boxing high horse. >> will you come back and be on the high horse later >> yes, but i am much shorter when i am not on the high horse. 7:22 a.m., monday morning still ahead, a new study puts spotlight on a disturbing
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trend, children hurting themselves on purpose. have you heard of mindfulness meditation, why its impact is growing in popularity and profit. district will soon welcome some of the best professional skate boarders from around the world. melanie alnwick checking out the new skate park at rfk stadium this morning coming up the history behind the park's design when mitt romney says
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"planned parenthood we're gonna get rid of that."
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romney is saying he'll deny women the birth control and cancer screenings they depend on. when romney says "do i believe the supreme court should overturn roe v. wade? yes." he's saying he'll deny women the right to make their own medical decisions and when his campaign can't say whether he'd support equal pay protections. "and we'll get back to you on that." romney's putting your paycheck at risk. planned parenthood action fund is responsible for the content of this advertising because mitt romney is out of touch and wrong for women.
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new iphone software and updated mac searches just a few things we could learn about today. apple ceo tim cook will address the annual conference in san francisco today of soft wear developers. banners outside are out thing a new operating system. disturbing new study out about children some as young as 7 years old hurting themselves on purpose. the small study was based on
7:27 am
interview s with children in denver and central new jersey. researchers found 8% of third graders surveyed, admitted to intentionally cutting or burning themselves and more than two thirds had done it more than once. >> a new form of meditation growing in popularity. this practice known as mindfulness addresses stress and certain diseases it focuses on breathing, experiencing periods of silence the concentrate on the present. it is currently used by u.s. marines, google employees and prison inmates but critics wonder if it is just traditional buddhist meditation repackaged for a secular audience. it is now 7:27 a.m. on monday after a series of scandals, many are left wondering what is next. a closer look with phil mendhelson and vincente orange. song and dance take center stage in the big apple. they pretty much already have a
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home there. something new. tony awards recap after the break. that fridge in your kitchen may have crossed
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this bridge. your new car probably rode these rails. that shipment you just received was tracked by satellite. we build and maintain. we invest and innovate. so we can deliver what america needs. this year alone, freight rail companies plan to spend twenty-three billion of their own money, not taxpayer dollars, to build bridges, maintain track, and develop new technologies to keep freight rail and our economy moving. there's a lot riding on these rails.
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neil patrick harris, playing host to last night's
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tonies, stars came out for the theatre industries biggest awards but the night belongs to the broadway hit once. a roadway turned musical about a street perform inner dublin, who falls in love with a czech piano player. neil patrick harris is just hilarious. i was saying before i watched just like the opening act. >> he is so talented. >> he is. >> who knew he had all that talent when he was doogie houser. >> he should have stopped there. >> he is not tuckers favorite >> i missed the tonies this year. >> you did? >> that is unlike you. >> well, you know. >> hmm. you think you know some body. >> it was past my bedtime. let's give your headlines, a look at your forecast next couple days you know what the trend will be, pushing temperatures in the right direction although we will be
7:32 am
warm and humid. not as hot as yesterday, yesterday was 90s today upper 80s storms on the way, no sot a few showers late this afternoon. 80s continue, for the time being and active week ahead, lots of showers and storms in the forecast, tomorrow wednesday, and thursday, all right let's do temperatures regan national, here we go, jumping 74 now, at regan national, 75 in annapolis, just not really cooling off a whole lot, overnight here along that little urban corridor. 71 baltimore a little better north and west of the city, mountains, frederick 66 degrees, 64 in martins burg. plenty of humidity back in the forecast temperatures won't be quite as warm as yesterday. upper 80s it will feel better more on the way of cloudiness. you can see the clouds working in from the south and west. upper level trough and cold front north and west of
7:33 am
chicago. they will sweep toward the washington areas as we get into the evening. western virginia, western maryland. best chances for showers, late thunderstorm today, as we get into the night time hours, i think all of us have a pretty good chance of widespread rain some of those showers tomorrow could be on the heavy side we have to lookout tomorrow. 87 mix of sun and clouds, humid, possible storms developing late today. overnight low 70s. we need the rain, been about a week, since folks have seen shower activity and the lawns are starting to turn brown. your 5 day forecast, temperatures headed in the right direction with at least the possibility of showers tuesday, wednesday, early thursday. right now friday next week looks fantastic low 80s. hang in there by the end of the week. that's weather let's do traffic and lauren is in. thank you tuck era new accident reported, 32 eastbound, between 29 and 95.
7:34 am
let's take a live look travelling southbound, 29, impacting you, you can see to the right side of the roadway, far left of your screen. folks just stacking up there, as you approach the merge to exit off, on to route 32, a little bit of a delay on 32 itself, eastbound you will find the left lane is blocked with that crash. 95, bw parkway, no problems to report, as you travel between belt ways at this time. let's move on to traffic land. belt way, starting to see slow traffic on the inner loop heading out towards annona dale, watch that leaving springfield, 95 the latest in the springfield parkway, occoquan. duke street across the 14th street bridge. i want to take another look at waze because we had the earlier accident 7100 south of braddock road and had a waze user post a photo of that accident. nasty crash there. so that is in the process of wrapping up you are still
7:35 am
seeing heavy delays 1700, southbound, -- 7100 southbound approaching braddock road. give yourself plenty of extra time. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. thank you. well, one scandal after another shaking up dc politics the latest, kwame brown's resignation as council chairman. on wednesday dc council will choose an interim chairman who will serve until the public can vote in the fall. two at large members vying for the temporary chairman ship, phil mendhelson and vincente orange. both are democrats, good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> let me start with you councilman orange the big question, this was such a black eye for the city. what was your reaction to events that unfolded last week. >> i was devastated last week as indicated, it is just a stain on the city, like we are in the storm, in the eye of the
7:36 am
storm and it is going on right now we have to brace ourselves at the same time we have a responsibility to leave lead the city forward it is -- to lead the city forward. it is about leadership, good strong honest leadership, stepping up to the plate. >> councilman the same question. just your reactions to watching it unfold as a citizen and member of council. >> well, we knew there was an investigation, of campaign finances, it was a shock this ended up being about something else and happened so quickly and now, the council needs to pull together, work together, and we've got a lot of work to do, to rebuild trust, citizens should have in government and we managed to destroy. >> to piggy back on that, campaign finances you knew about that, what seemed to be almost personal, you know, the misuse of funds and you know, living above your means perhaps is what some say, how big of a player is that in the total elected official? should that come into play when
7:37 am
you are talking about personal bad choices i would say with finances? how big of a deal is that? >> here, there was a plea to a charge, and citizens have a right to expect, their office holders don't become felons while in office. that is what the issue is here, but you know, this is the second resignation, relating to a felony conviction, this year, never happened in the previous 30 years of home rule, people feel really bad about the council and the government, and they should, you know, three years ago the council was held in very high regard. approval rating was around 60% or higher, but right now, i expect in single digits, what we need to do we can't get our way out bypassing a bill what we need to do, is work hard,
7:38 am
put our wheel to the grindstone, not legislating in oversight and do what citizens expect. >> what would you say the body needs to do to move forward now just for is city's sake and reverse the perception among residents. >> i think, if we look at kobe kings hard = over the weekend says this is our -- hard -- article over the weekend says this council has to step up and say what is in the best interest of the institution and what is in the best interest of citizens of district of columbia. we need good, strong, honest leadership to move the city forward. we are in uncertain times this storm is here. we are in the eye of the storm and there will be other shoe that is will fall but in the meantime we have the obligation to move the city forward. it is good these services are still moving forward. still getting trash picked up,
7:39 am
prepared to keep the city moving in a positive manner, but our elected officials, those at the top of the chain that have to be addressed. i offer myself to provide that good strong honest leadership. >> as we said both of you are vying for the interim position. jack evans gave a candid interview friday he said anyone going for this position has to be above board in all ways, to that and jeff thompson under investigation it is under record both of you accepted checks from jeff thompson your response to that and will that come later back on the citizens. >> my response is i am not under investigation have never been, never been fined by the office of campaign finance i have a 25 year record of public service, attorney, certified public accountant. i am in good standing and some times when a storm comes by there are unintended
7:40 am
consequences but yes, i did receive contributions just like president obama, governor o'malley, mr. mendhelson other members on the council but that does not really get to the essence of our character, and who i am. i am clean and that is what we need clean leadership, roll up our sleeveget busy and move the city forward. >> councilman? >> well, virtually every person in office and many challengers who never seated in an election, received contributions. it is only in the last month we found out the magnitude of those. there is an investigation i have and all my colleagues have been very forthcoming in providing information, to the u.s. attorneys office regarding answering their questions and we will see how that unfolds, i mean, that is just another part of this hyper sensitivity, with regard to ethics in government and you know we need to as
7:41 am
vince said get past this and to rebuild the trust of the citizens and their government. on the last question, this has been said this is an opportunity for change. as we move forward. just, to leave the viewer with something on a high note k that be achieved? can the city council get back to where we want city council to be? >> absolutely. when i came to council in 1998/99 the city was in the dumps we had the control board, $518 million deficit, in junk bond status, during that 8 year period we came together, worked together under the leadership of mayor williams and our chair was linda i don't have the i was on the council along with -- i don't -- croft i was on the council along with mr. mendhelson.
7:42 am
it can be done we have been at the bottom before this is an opportunity to get back on top. >> business is normal. >> right. people are loving the arts loving the recreation weather has been great now it is time for the leaders to step up and be great as well >> i don't know if you had anything to do with the weather to be honest. >> we praise the weather. >> thank you so much. >> again, it is ability rebuilding trust the city is doing well and city government is doing well in providing services and financially, we are doing better than any other city in the country, so there are a lot of good things but, ultimately government is about trust, and government cannot function well, if its citizens don't trust the government. we have to rebuild that. there are two elections, one within the council, to selected chair and that chairman will serve, special election which i understand will be the same day as the november, general election. at that point this will be a new chairman right now i think
7:43 am
what is important is council settle down, we go back to the work for which we were elected and november, there will be a chairman elected and we will be reorganizing as we do every two years, reorganizing, very shortly after that, and that is the time when we will start with you know, start to grow and get better. >> appreciate both of you coming on today talking honestly, transparently, thank you so much. all right thanks allison. time 7:43 a.m., a man hunt after a deadly fight breaks out near the campus of auburn university. the latest on a possible motive. lady gaga was left seeing stars in new zealand more on the stage mishap that gave her a concussion. coming up after the break ♪ [ multiple sounds making melodic tune ]
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search continue ifs alabama for a gunman who opened fire at a pool party near auburn university, killing three people. witnesses told police a group of men got into a fight over a
7:47 am
woman, allegedly. two former auburn football players are among the victims. police along with u.s. marshalls are searching for the suspect and two other person's of interest. lady gaga recovering from a concussion after being hit on the head by a pole while -- look at that. she was performing in new zealand. there it is again. it happened during her final show in auckland. clips posted online show a back up performer accidentally struck her with a set prop removing it from stage. gaga continued the show and her make up artist said she will be okay and is in good shape this morning. that looks painful. >> does look painful. >> that poor person that accidentally did it is like great. >> he is probably looking for a job this morning. >> maybe. >> maybe she understood. >> maybe so. >> no. >> yeah. what is on our weather. >> warm and humid to start today. temperatures mid-70s. it will be warm and humid this afternoon but not hot like
7:48 am
yesterday. yesterday our daytime high was 92 today upper 80s. cooler than yesterday. 74 washington doing a little better, north and west, frederick 66, 64 winchester ocean city always nice down there. 73 degrees, for you. all right let's do the service map for the next couple days, kind of partly sunny and warm today, could be a late day shower watching out to the west, series of frontal systems approaching west, they will bring us widespread stormshowers starting tomorrow. i think tomorrow will be a wet one. not raining all day but periods of showerstorms they will linger into the day wednesday, but looks like that frontal system will start to clear the coast by the second half of wednesday after a few early showers we will look at a grey end to the week and cooler temperatures around here by middle end of the week, less humidity. 5 day forecast, middle of june not bad. 87 today, gradually better showers out of here highs by thursday and friday 80. >> thank you. >> let's check with lauren to get the latest on your traffic. good morning. >> good morning you guys tucker
7:49 am
has given us stuff to look forward to which is nice. i can tell you, not much to look forward to on the inner loop of the belt way, prince georges county. we will get to that in just a second. i want to start off virginia, 395, very heavy and slow, as you head up toward it is 14th street bridge. the main lanes heading past the pentagon once you get across the bridge. delays continue on the freeway we have a wreck just prior to 3rd street tunnel. travelling 95, pace improved heading across the occoquan, that is some good news belt way montgomery county to the left of your screen outer loop, off and on the brakes from 95 to college park. now let's head into prince georges county if you are travelling the belt way there, heavy and slow to the left there, is the inner loop we had an earlier crash it occurred in the median, near 214, central avenue, it is gone but you are still dealing with lingering delays, give yourself plenty of extra time there. also want to mention, dealing with slow traffic, 7100
7:50 am
southbound. south of braddock road for the earlier crash. find an alternate route there. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. thanks lauren. a new skate park in the district is now open to the public. >> melanie alnwick is live in southeast, more coming up with her after the break. we will be right back [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approve this message.
7:51 am
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7:53 am
top skate boarders from around the world will be in dc soon. >> melanie alnwick is learning more about that, in southeast. good morning melanie. >> good morning. >> reporter: yeah, this is a great place. it just opened up not too long ago, this is one of the newest parks in dc. and it is actually a city pang, free, open to public, we've seen bush city park, free open
7:54 am
to the -- park, free, open to the public. we've seen a lot of people, come in this morning. we will talk with the vice president of events dc. explain to me eric how did this all come about? >> well, events dc is about bringing sporting entertainment attractions to washington dc we were looking for an alternative sport to bring to the city. as you said skate boarding is one of the most popular sports in the world not just the country. we got in touch with folks from aloof skate boarding and they were looking for another stop. >> was it easy to get this done or a little bit of resistance to skate boarding really? >> a little resistance it wasn't that easy to get done in terms of approvals and things like that, but the community was very supportive of this and helps us all along the way there was a little questioning about the kind of crowd that would be attracted to this but we found the kids that have come out here and folks skate boarding have been fantastic and haven't had any issues at
7:55 am
all and the communities use it as a great amenity. >> that is one thing we were talking about it is a way that gets kids engaged. your kids want to skate mine want to skate you know, and as a parent you are kind of like, well, is this something i want to let them do. it is an activity, gets them outside >> i would rather have them actually skate boarding outside than in the house on a video game, 6 or 7 hours a day. this gets kids outside and provides another recreational amenity. to pull kids from all over the city, off the office plazas, freedom plaza place where is they get chased away every day to a place built for them. >> we talked about somethings about the plazas. mike this is called the golden rail there was a reason why this rail was put here right? >> yep, a replica of the golden rail down at metro center rail stop many kids have been skate boarding on, and there are some other ledges here that have
7:56 am
come from freedom plaza the ideal was to make it feel like it was a skate plaza meant to be here not that you would see in any other place in the country. features come from washington dc and street skaters from around the city contributed toward the design. >> so this is free anyone can come? >> just like a city park open dawn to dusk every day, we can also rent it out for private events and birthday parties and things along those lines but it is here we want everybody from all over the region to come and use it. >> not far from metro >> right across the street. plenty of parking. come down and try out your skills on the world class skate park >> i don't know if eric andly try it later today. these guys are way braver than we are thank you for that. we will a little later in show talk about skate style and talk about another big skating event that will come up really soon that you can come down and take part in. we will be right back pgh >> thank you. a lot of fun down there.
7:57 am
a lot of new developments out of syria over the weekend coming up at 8:00 a.m., former u.s. amoeba's door to morocco joins us live with an update -- u.s. ambassador to morocco, joins us to give an update. stay with us we will be right back back
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> straight ahead a member to have president's cabinet facing charges for a hit and run. plus first adams morgan now the u street corridor an important alert for drivers and pedestrians. later, finding heat, love and power with lettucey she will be here with us. tony has the morning off, i am will thomas. i love that.
8:01 am
>> always a good place to start. >> a new book you need to write a chapter about how weather does play a role. >> all right. look at seattle they have to have sun lamps at their desks because to have depression issue. >> we have no shortage of sunshine for the next 12 hours. okay. showers back in the forecast tomorrow a live look, high, thin cloudiness, call those cirrus clouds you know what that means a system on the way, that will get in here later tonight during the day tomorrow in the form of cold fronts, radar show you what is happening, should be another warm day, going to be another humid day high temperatures late they are afternoon mid-to upper 80s and maybe a few showers if you are watching, out to the west later this afternoon. lots of action see that flashing, cold front, kansas city east, thunder and lightning showers in western ohio and kentucky all that headed in our direction. increasing clouds late today, showers in here overnight
8:02 am
tonight and during the day tomorrow periods of rain, thunderstorms and could be on the heavy side tomorrow afternoon temperature regan national, warm, 74 degrees, lots of humidity, dulles, 78%, bwi marshall, 71, forecast today, warm conditions, humid out there, this afternoon highs upper 80s a little better than yesterday's 92. >> a little but not much. >> we will take every degree >> i think you are right tucker. on time traffic good morning lauren. >> good morning will nice to have you back. travelling northbound 395, leaving the belt way, off and on the brakes as you get past duke street and traffic land just jammed in shillington these delays continue, all the way to the 13th street bridge and on to the freeway we had a wreck prior to northbound 3rd streetton nil. very heavy and slow there. -- street tunnel. very heavy and slow there.
8:03 am
123 everything opens up as you head in toward the belt way. no accidents reported, just volume. as you travel the belt way, montgomery county, outer loops slowing from the four, driving you into silver spring. inner loop heavy approaching 202, prince georges county if we can head on 29, travelling 29, southbound, approaching the 32, we had delays there, earlier wreck, 32 eastbound, between 29 and i-95, 95 and bw parkway looks good between belt ways, that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. lauren thank you. new this morning a member of president obama's president is facing felony hit and run charges. commerce secretary, don bryson is to blame for two car crashes over the weekend. doug luzader joins us live from capital hill. good to have you with us good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this happened on saturday the information right now is very preliminary and primarily based on just police reports from the
8:04 am
incident. but this happened in los angeles county, 68-year-old john bryson as you mentioned the commerce secretary was involved in what appeared to be relatively minor accidents in terms of damage to vehicles involved he hit one car, got out spoke to the passengers in that car and then when he got back in his car to leave he hit the car a second time apparently according to the police report and then later hit a second vehicle. now when police finally reached him, again according to the police reports left found to be unconscious. now they do not believe alcohol or drugs were involved, nothing dediminutive but nothing to indicate those factors were involved but he was found unconscious is there an underlying medical condition that is something authorities are investigating. he will face a felony hit and run charge, but we are still waiting to learn a lot more about the circumstances. i was surprised that he was
8:05 am
driving himself. usually as a cabinet member you have a driver or security service. have we found out why he was in los angeles? >> reporter: well, my understanding is he is from that area. he certainly has roots there he worked there went to school at stanford, has ties to california. >> okay doug luzader, thanks for the update. allison over to you. topping today's other stories now the trial of jerry sandusky, all eyes on bellefonte pennsylvania, the courthouse there is opening statements in the child sex abuse case get under way a jury of 7 women, 5 men will spend the next 3 weeks or so hearing the case against the former penn state assistant football coach. the 68-year-old faces 52 criminal charges stemming from alleged abuse of 10 boys over a 15 year period. he has pleaded not guilty. >> >> also in court today, closer to home, roger clemens defense team plans to rest its case as the purgery trial against the
8:06 am
former major league pitcher enters its 9th week. prosecutors say he lied to congress during an investigation into steroid use in pro sports. our big story this morning, a busy dc street is getting a major make over. work is set to begin any minute on u street in northwest. >> construction will stretch 5 blocks from 9th street to 14th street and sherry lee is live in northwest with details on what to expect if you are driving in that area. although i think i can sense the answer to that question. going to be a mess. >> stay away, right. well, let me give you an idea what we are expecting here metro is already putting out warnings via twitter u street could be reduced to single lanes in each direction between 9th and 14th street where that construction will take place and that buses could experience delays we haven't seen any of that yet this morning but it is a sign of things to come as
8:07 am
construction gets under way and it will last, until spring of next year. the roads will be ripped up, tieing up traffic throughout the area, d dot is promising to keep at least one lane open in each direction. street parking will be limited sidewalks get widened new street lights and landscaping are being added and traffic lightstorm drains upgraded work will be done block by block from 9th to 14th street, along the u street corridor. some businesses have weathered this type of thing before but newer smaller businesses worry it could be costly. hope that we can manage, you know,. >> think you can survive it? >> i hope so. >> i was the author of a fund, which permits -- grants interest free loans now it is not a grant. >> reporter: now those business survival funds have been provided in other areas, and businesses have been taken up the city's offer in places such as adams morgan where they are
8:08 am
going through the streetscaping process work will take place 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. both ends of the rush hour and at times construction may be needed overnight and sunday too. in the long run many businesses believe this will be a good thing they just have to get through the construction first. so far this morning we have not seen actual construction this is just day one and a project that will last 9 months or more. as we get into the coming days weeks months this ar a mess but in the end it will make it look better that is the latest here on u street. we will keep our eye on the big picture. that is not the only headache for drivers in the horizon, drivers on the belt way can expect heavy overnight delays starting tonight crews will shut down 3 of the 4 lanes along the outer loop, georgetown pike to oak street overpass the work is part of
8:09 am
the express lanes project, at the same time survey work for the i-95 express lane project will shut down hov lanes along part of that highway. will. man accused of intentionally ramming his car into the front of a build on connecticut avenue, northwest could make his first court appearance today, 32-year-old charles ball of new market maryland faces arson and assault charges in connection with that crash. friday night investigators say he drove his jeep through the plate glass window tried to use a lighter to set the car on fire. still no word on motive. looking around the nation now hundreds of people have fled their homes because of wild fires growing out of control in colorado and new mexico. at last check the blazes that scorched more than 70 square miles combined, fire crews, say, high winds helped spread those flames and hampered efforts to contain them by grounding rescue aircraft. now at the same time more
8:10 am
rain could wreak more havoc down south. 20 inches fell in one day in florida over the weekend causing road closures and power outages, and the panhandle, and in southeastern alabama, a tornado tore through, sunday, damaging a few homes. good news for those filling up your tank. raise the roof right. gas prices continue to drop. according to the lundborg survey, gas has gone down 16¢ over the past three weeks. today the national average, for a gallon of regular is $3.62, mid-grade costs $3.79 premium $3.91. time to hop in the car and take a trip. 8:10 a.m., 74 degrees. let's finish the show first. >> yep. >> monday morning still ahead a change of leadership for the opposition in syria. an update on the situation when we sit down with former u.s. ambassador. plus gop sets its sights on
8:11 am
gabrielle giffords former house seat. first a bike stunt gone wrong. we will show you what happened next when fox 5 morning news returns lysol invites you to take the dual action wipes challenge.
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check it out. they knew something was wrong. it is an aspiring stunt man he likely ended his career. he was dry trying if nor -- trying this for a movie trailer that would have had him landing in the lake. over shot the lakelanded on the ground allison, everyone is cringing here. he suffered numerous broken bones, two collapsed lungs, and fortunately no brain damage and he was not paralyzed. his mother says he should be able to walk again. >> that is good news. >> yeah. daredevil, stunt man in the movie business i guess it is like riding a horse you fall off you get back on. just nothing like that again. >> don't try that again and
8:15 am
don't try that at home. >> tucker barnes joining us now. he has a pretty good forecast. but even better picture to show us. >> yes. cuteness factor of the day. let's get down to business. this everybody, listen to the music is what graduation day looked like at kiddie care preschool in german town maryland. what a great picture. >> great. >> yep. can't get through all the names but they were aged 5 months to 3 years, dawning their caps and gowns. i think when i graduated from kindergarten i got like a cupcake that was about it. >> right. >> exactly. >> well, they are doing it big these days. >> they are doing it big. >> you have to buy a $75 gown and hat. >> look at the two girls in front they are not sure if they are ready >> i love the fourth from the
8:16 am
left. his look is i did it mom and dad. >> off to college. >> really cute. >> all right, to send your child's picture go to click on mornings. congratulations to all our recent graduates. we are getting warm, 75 washington, a little better boston, 62 degrees, lots of heat across the eastern half of the country. temperatures 70s even 80 new orleans. 78 dallas. denver nice and cool, 43. rocky mountain west and 43 in kasper wyoming if you can't stand the heat, go out west. all right we have a series systems approaching from the west, you can see the shower activity, kentucky and ohio that will get in here later tonight. i think we will see a little more cloud cover, most of the day will be dry and kind of partly sunny highs upper 80s. humidity and then the rain will get in here overnight tonight and particularly during the day tomorrow and wednesday. there is your 5 day, 87, cooler
8:17 am
tuesday, wednesday, rain showers around by friday, clear it out, lower humidity highs 80 degrees. lauren has your latest. what's happening. >> well, thanks tuck. there is a new incident to report we have live pictures downtown, 14th street as you head northbound, this is going to effect you near pennsylvania avenue, you can see the intersection we have police there, directing traffic. if you are travelling northbound, 14th street, the left side of the road, two arrows sort of pointed down, to the bottom of the screen, that is northbound direction of 14th street, you can see officers there on the side of the roadway looks like they have got on the cars out of the way, at this point, damaged cars, in the center of the road, a cabin solved as well but just watch for police direction. let's head into virginia, travelling northbound, 395, end slope, belt way, all the way to the 14th street bridge. continuing on to the freeway, because of an earlier wreck near the 3rd tunnel.
8:18 am
i want to mention waze really quick an accident reported northbound 295, near the suit land parkway, thank you for that. and do watch out for that travelling 295 at this time. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. thank you on the campaign trail today, republican presumptive presidential candidate, mitt romney is fund raising in atlanta. it includes a $50,000 per person event, at a private home. president obama is giving interviews to local tv stations at the white house, and tonight he sits down with defense secretary, leon panetta just back from afghanistan. also a vote tomorrow in arizona, to fill former congress woman gabby gifford's old seat. she campaigned with her former aid, ron barber over the weekend he is facing republican jesse kelly. will over to you. thanks allison. we move to the crisis in syria
8:19 am
some of you might be thinking why should i chair is happening there. we have our own problems here at home. here is a few, innocent people are being killed there, women, children we are talking about thousands. and politically speaking, syria supports iran, and iran as many of you know has a contentious relationship with the u.s. let's bring in mark begins burg former -- ginsberg, former u.s.ambassador to morocco. let's talk about iran. they have a nuclear program. >> absolutely and for all intentpurposes syria has been iran's major state in the arab world receives most of its assistance from iran and also, syria has been the con due wit by which iran has funneled arms into lebanon. for all intents and purposes you can call syria a quiet state. there is so much going on,
8:20 am
the un is putting the death toll at 10,000 explain the latest there is a new opposition leaders just a day into the job asking for help from the world. >> desperation factor at work in syria not only is there over 10,000 killed but hundreds of thousands wounded and many dying of starvation, disease because they are being denied humanitarian resistance. you have syrian opposition, divided a domestic, opposition fighting and dying with small amount of arms they have and then a syrian exile opposition that is basically in istanbul turkey, the problem is getting the two organizations or two types of oppositions to begin working together that has been one of the great challenges of the u.s. the new opposition leader just selected, he says and here is the quote the situation in syria is so grave, that it has reached an extent that threatens regional security and stability we call on the world to join the international
8:21 am
effort in responding to demands of the syrian people. do you thing anyone is listening? well, the problem is so much is going on, that people are listening but the problem is they are not doing anything about it. there is too much hesitation on the part of the national committee first of all because the un has been blocked by russia and china from engaging in collective action. number two, obama administration has been reluctant to engage forcefully. >> let me talk about the obama administration. reluctant, unenthusiastic even for indirect military assistance. is there fear who may replace, the president. i think, for our viewers they need to understand every day that goes by this is like turning the knob -- the temperature up on a pressure cooker. it will explode. there is already islamic extreme mists and al qaeda operatives that have entered into syria.
8:22 am
there are minorities who have a lot to lose. my biggest concern the obama administration is taking the attitude either we do nothing or if we do something we will slip into a boots on the ground in syria that is wrong. there is a lot more we could do including humanitarian assistance and forcing russia, doing what we can to compel russia to stop providing arms to syria during the period where they are supposed to be supporting a kofi annon peace plan >> they almost don't want to be distracted from iran. do they have the capability of making weapons. >> well, with respect to iran i thin the consensus at this point in time is that iran, while these negotiations are going on are continuing to enrich uranium and plan for potential weaponnization of that enriched nuclear uranium
8:23 am
capability. syria had its own nuclear program years ago. >> all right. thank you for joining us this morning good insight into what a total mess it is right now. >> sure is. >> we will have you back again. allison. >> thanks will. 74 degrees now, time is 8:23 a.m. on monday morning coming up a little later skate boardings best decent on the district and our melanie alnwick live at the center, of all the action. but first an academy award winning movie turned tony winning musical. we will look back at broadway's big night that is coming up next. q
8:24 am
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♪[ music ] what a voice. audra mcdonald. out of costume, off stage for her leading role. that is how you sound in is shower. >> oh, i didn't know you knew that. >> it was a star studded line up for the tony awards. >> let's take you to the red carpet. cheryl crow looking good. the big night belonged to the show one, a movie turned
8:27 am
musical, about a street singer from dublin, who falls in love with a czech piano player. remember her from meet the boss? she looks great. >> time now 8:27 a.m., monday morning, breakfast time with our sports insider dave ross. >> first a change of command at university of virginia, why the school's president will step down after less than three years on the job. back in a moment a house that they really wanted. it was in my sister's neighborhood. i told you it was perfect for you guys. literally across the street from her sister. [ banker ] but someone else bought it before they could get their offer together. we really missed a great opportunity -- dodged a bullet there. [ banker ] so we talked to them about the wells fargo priority buyer preapproval. it lets people know that you are a serious buyer because you've been credit-approved. we got everything in order so that we can move on the next place we found. which was clear on the other side of town. [ male announcer ] wells fargo. with you when you're ready to move.
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8:30 am
topping today's top stories, u.s. commerce secretary, john bryson allegedly caused two crashs in the los angeles area saturday night. he was cited for knell knee hit and run for the -- felony hit and run for the second accident in which he hit a car with two people inside. he was later found unconscious
8:31 am
in his own car. he was taken to hospital. prosecutors will now determine if he will be formerly charged. they will hear opening statements in the trial of jerry sandusky. the 68-year-old faces 52 criminal charges, stemming from alleged abuse of ten boys over a 15 year period. he has pleaded not gill phi teff. >> -- guilty. >> u street getting a major make over. that could mean major traffic delays. 9th street to 14th as part of dcs streetscape project. this will be improvements to the road itself, also sidewalks, street lights and overall appearance. the construction is expected to last until some time next spring. >> but that will not stop the lines in front of them. finally this story a shake up at university of virginia, the college's president is out effective august. she says in a statement she and the school's board had quote
8:32 am
philosophical differences. sullivan was the first female president of the university by the way. it is 8:31 a.m., tuck certificate back with a look at the forecast and week which doesn't look too bad. >> temperature wise our trend will be cooler temperatures, still warm and really warm is and humid, highs upper 80s. humidity. >> yeah, lots of humidity out there that will be the case for the next couple days as we have our best chance for rain in about a week moving in later tonight. 75 washington. there you go warmest air riding along the western shore of the chesapeake, the orange there, water temperatures mid-70s chesapeake, 74 regan national, 68 a little cooler, north and west, winchester 70 this morning, hagerstown. mention warmth, upper 80, daytime highs, humidity ahead of a couple different frontal systems impacting us over the next couple days.
8:33 am
high thin clouds on the increase, kind of a partly sunny day mix of cloudsunshine and then later tonight, this area of rain, will arise, and i think if you are out to the west and west virginia, western maryland a chance for a few showercold front north and west of chicago, will come through tuesday night early wednesday. we haven't really picked audio tape lot of rain so far this month we -- picked up a lot of rain so far this month we need it. best chance arrive late tonight, here we are, a couple spotty showers breaking out chances west, later this afternoon and tonight. overnight tonight, early tomorrow morning showers around, morning commute and then the rain will stick with us during much of the day. your 5 day. 87 this afternoon, plenty of humidity it will feel nice and muggy, if you like summer time weather a cool down after thunderstorm activity, thursday friday looks great low humidity, highs 80. something else to look forward to, sports.
8:34 am
allison and will, and dave. i don't know who is on the desk. >> we are all here. >> we are all here. nats finally break out the broom for the sweep sweep sweep and the os need extra innings. >> can you say this again. >> sweep sweep sweep. >> i like that. >> dave ross onset here. bryce harper showing them you don't want to start me. i will come in late inner the game and still make a difference. even when me is not in the game, he might come in late and make a play. they wanted to give the young kid a day off if we need him late we have a hired gun and it worked out. going up to boston was a huge deal. to go up to bean town and get a sweep. they go up to boston and beat those socks but they did t over the weekend -- but they did it over the weekend. terrible accident. now in the nats booth showing he still has good hands from his playing days. dannyest pianos, turns on that -- espinosa, turns on that
8:35 am
fastball. off the green monster >> i like it dave. >> thank you allison. 32 at that point bryce harper tie game in the 9th he was a pinch hitter he walked and then running on the roger bern diknow base hit we mean running picking him up to put him down. he is coming around 3rd. at the plate nats win 4-3. and if you think bryce likes sitting out for 8 innings thing again take a listen. >> never happened to me before you know, that was a weird experience to come in off the bench, in a situation like that s you know just trying to go up and get a pitch i could drive. i wanted to go deep but got the walk and bernie came up and you know, clutch fourth and run around. i don't like sitting i have really bad add i am always off the wall and really just crazy when i sit, so you know, spring training this past year sitting down and really trying to learn the game and what not while you
8:36 am
are sitting, helped me out here. >> do you like the eye black. >> it is working. >> a lot of eye black. >> keep on doing it. >> put it all over. >> i might do a show like that >> how old is this guy. >> 19. >> the one worry i have had ask that i worry he is -- i have is that i worry he is wreckless, he might run into a wall trying to catch a fly ball. ken griffy junior early on was like this until he broke his wrist. >> he already had a mishap. >> yeah,. >> he cut himself because the bat he threw back yeah, he is a hot head but he is ours. >> you want to bring them down. >> congrats to os as well they won 5-4 in 10 innings only 1 game out of 1st place in nl east. >> we have been talking about manny pacquiao, taking on bradly saturday night in las
8:37 am
vegas. bobbing in vegas some times are not -- boxing in vegas, some times are not the best connotations he has won 11 of the 12 rounds by any reputable boxing guy out there they had manny winning easily i double dog anybody to get on twitter or facebook and tell me you thought bradly won this fight. well, 2 out of 3 judges gave him a split decision victory over a guy who hasn't lost in 7 years. >> have you seen anything like this? >> no, and i have been watching since the 70s. i have never seen anything -- >> the promo tore makes money, boxers. >> rematch is already on. >> business of boxing. >> what a reputable business it is. >> yeah. >> thank you. >> sure >> time 8:37 a.m. on monday morning still ahead a grammy nominee adds another title to her resume. singer lettucey joins us live with a look at her latest
8:38 am
project. >> first surprising reason so many adults are sleep deprived. i have a new good reasons of my own. we will be right back @
8:39 am
8:40 am
and you have trouble
8:41 am
sleeping your problem may not be insomnia. >> you they be afraid of the dark. a new study put out by the sleep society suggests some adults can't sleep because they are scared. researchers monitored 100 college students both good and bad sleepers and what they found was that poor sleepers were more easily dispushed by unexpected bursts of -- disturbed by unexnecked bursts of noise. the phobia can be treated without medicine. >> that is interesting i had not heard that before. let's say good morning now, to our facebook fan of the day, today, it is lovely kim newman she says she watches fox 5 morning news with her son ty, she says being fan of the day would be an exciting way to begin a hectic week. i hear you but i hope it is not too rough this week for you kim. thank you so much for watching. >> that is a cute picture. >> sweet. >> so peaceful. >> time now 8:41 a.m., coming up peace, love and power, she
8:42 am
is in the house, grammy nominee, lettucey is here with a look at her next project. >> first going live to the grounds of rfk stadium,. >> good morning alison look i have learned how to stand on and most importantly how to get off safely we have new people coming, new fans of skate boarding come on down. devon is here with his brother trevor they just showed up this morning we will talk a little bit about the equipment you need and all kinds of cool skate style when fox 5 morning news continues. 
8:43 am
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8:45 am
the skate park is in southeast dc open for just a few months now but soon it will be packed with some of the word's best skate boarders -- worlds best skate boarders. >> melanie is learning more about that and more about the sport itself. including how to get son get off. >> reporter: you got to start with the basics, maybe that is as far as i will go today.
8:46 am
the aloof skate park has only been open a short time. skate borders love it. it is free to the public part of dc parkrecreation but you can't come out and skate without the proper equipment we will talk to yukio the operations manager of a great skate shop what do you need to get started? >> board, trucks wheels that is the full package there. little man here has it. >> what is a truck. >> axles, wheels, bearings inside the wheel, board, grip tape and hard ware and you are good to go. >> this looks different than the skate board i played with when i was a kid >> how long ago was that? >> i don't want to say. >> well, yeah, this is built a little more for what we are doing out here for flipping the board around, doing grinds, back in the day you guys were staying more towards the ground. >> right. >> well, or the catamaran.
8:47 am
the small one. >> yeah. >> but that is a good place to start right. >> yeah. >> is there an age? a good age for kids to start? he is 3. >> well, 3 looks perfect. i started when i was 18. i had a late start because my school didn't let me skate >> doesn't look like it held you back any. >> a little bit but that's okay i am not trying to make a life out here. >> this park is awesome. all of us we like it we have a couple team riders out here. yeah, we like it we are happy with it. >> what is it that makes a good skate park to get skaters and boarders here at the park instead of out in the city? >> well, why do we prefer this? >> yeah. >> well, this definite hi helps out for warming up but we like to get clips in the city on actual features but this is set up for based off freedom plaza
8:48 am
s everyone likes that, so we are pretty happy here. >> now there is also a unique skating style and skating culture that is coming in. you guys design t-shirts and i also noticed the shoes. >> shoes definitely play a big part a lot of kids, they don't understand they will wear their actual basketball shoes running shoes i guess you can get away with it for only so long. having a flatter wider surface is important. nike, adidas, we carry that at tower 5. >> you guys carry that. >> yeah, we will open a third store later this summer hopefully. >> they already had the money cup here in the fall, and skate of the union coming up june 23rd. >> yep. >> all kinds of events 12 to 5:00 p.m. here outside rfk stadium, it is free most of those events, are,
8:49 am
so come down. >> we have the 21st of june. >> 21st. >> yeah, three weeks away that will be really big last year we had well over a thousand kids at our shop. free cook out, all sorts of free fun and events. >> and this is the kind of thing too people can really get to show off. >> yep. especially at a park like this where the features are pretty hard to hit. >> so when people come down, would they be able to see pretty cool tricks. >> for sure >> no body is going to get hurt. >> i can't promise that. we haven't had any fatalities or casualties yet. no injuries last five years skate day. >> all in good fun. >> we will send it back to you guys hopefully we will manage not to hurt myself while i am out here. back to you. >> thank you. well, she has been nominated for grammy awards, many awards and has had hits with songs like all right and pieces of me. now she is adding book author
8:50 am
to herres may with the release of peace love and power. she joins us this morning good to meet you. >> good to see you. >> feels like you are one of those artists we feel like we know you because every lyric in your song speaks to us. is that intentionally done or you expressing yourself and we happen to feel the same way. >> exactly. just my expressing myself. everyone can relate to all my experiences that is why i wrote a book in collaboration with essence and my small journey that i have been in the industry i talk about self- imagine and being a woman, of color and being just living life and loving what i do, and it is written in the journal form, where the audience can interact, and it is a great book i am excited about it >> it is better than great. i mean, it does give us the
8:51 am
opportunity to be writers too but the picture that is are in it, the prose, the essay, the lyric, the poetry, i mean you are extremely gifted but i guess a writer and song writer, has that poet inside is that fair? >> i have always been an avid reader and journaling all the time, my mother would take us to the library every saturday but it is different from writing a song, because with writing you have to be very transparent, same with the songs that you can hide a little bit,. >> like what does that mean? what does that leer rick mean. i -- lyric mean i wonder if she is talking about her. >> exactly but with the book you have to write it all out i talk about my journey meeting extraordinary women like the first lady, shaka khan, opening for her, putting me on stage and also inspiring others no matter where you are from you can dream and go for it.
8:52 am
>> photos too. >> yeah, i am a photographer on the side. >> the book is a jewel. you really feel like you are learning more not just about lettucey but yourself. and do that discovery. i want to sew you some of the pack -- show you some of the pictures in it. the mirror picture it doesn't get any more real than that. there you are in the mirror the caption on that is how you have to say i am beautiful every day because so many people are ready and willing to tear that down including society. >> yes. >> how do you do that where does that come from? >> with the industry i am in, it is very image driven, and so, i always -- my mother always said you are beautiful, no matter what you do and i have to tell myself, i say every day i am beautiful because the world says something different i want women to embrace themselves as is and that is what i have been taught and that is what i tell others whether i wear my hair
8:53 am
up or down i am still lettucey on the inside. that is what counts. >> good friends, people you surround yourself with count too. that is a picture of roland jack in studio giving me details what is next and you talk about him being your best friend and keeping you grounded. how important are the people that we surround ourselves with. >> it is funny right? >> yes. >> he is great. he doesn't like being seen. oh, well, roland. you have to have great people around you. if you want to be great you have to have greatness around you i filtered out a lot of things i didn't like around me that is one of the greatest lessons very important, about who is around you. >> you alluded to the shaka khan experience i was surprised you sort of left the scene for a second, and then you get the phone call, and i mean, shaka, the shaka khan there is a picture that talks about that
8:54 am
experience how powerful and pivotal was that moment for you? >> for me i was ready to give up on my dream because of the pressure of my industry that i am in, but also the pressure of the world and there was a phone call come and sing and open for me for a week that pulled me back on stage and reminded me of my calling that i belong on stage singing -- i belong doing whatever it is i can dream and go for it. i want people to see that it didn't take this magical moment, it took awhile to get there if you work hard at it it is all possible. >> what helps is a strong mommy that is our last picture. >> what is the best thing she taught you? what was the best thing because what always strikes me as being so sad some people don't have mother love and you know, for whatever reason, moms just can't deal wit or you know circumstances but what is the greatest lesson she taught you
8:55 am
and how it applies to you today. >> the thing i tell everyone in my show always leap out on faith and trust and know he will provide for you if you have faith and love yourself by any means necessary, and always be careful of who you have around in your circle and those are the beautiful lessons my mother taught me, just embrace myself as is. enjoy and surroundings around me,. >> well, we are so happy you are there, because that means we get this treat it has been a pleasure talking to you. i want to tell the folks at home next time you will be on stage, constitution hall, tickets are going fast roland just told me. the book, it is one of those things you curl up on the couch and read it, if you want to meet her and get your book signed barnes and noble union station, noon to 2 and busboys and poets, 6 to 8.
8:56 am
>> yes. >> thanks for coming on. >> thank you. >> we will be right back @ [ male announcer ] knowing your customers
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good monday morning i am allison seymour. >> i am sarah simmons. right now at 9, what happened to john bryson. the u.s. commerce secretary under investigation after he was found unconscious in his car. the events that police say lead up to hit and run charges. commuter alert, major work will begin soon on a busy street, sherry lee is live, to keep you out of traffic. >> you may notice your pet is shedding a bit more as we head into summer that always happens. there are some steps you can take at home to reduce hair. a local groomer is here with tips plus how to help your pets beat the heat. >> he recently headlined sol


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