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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  June 11, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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james mccartney the only son of paul mccartney is in studio. i will chat with him coming up. >> wow. that will be great. >> okay. >> let's check with tucker barnes and get the latest on weather. >> sarah i noticed i am shedding too what does that mean? >> that is a whole other thing >> you need to see a doctor. >> all right allison. we will talk about that later. temperatures 70s. mid-70s, and we are also warm and humid, a warm and humid afternoon highs upper 80s instead of low 90s. 75 right now washington. humidity 73%, winds out of the south at 6 miles per hour pressure up, 3.014 inches. shower activity and thunderstorms out to the west, we will have a series of frontal systems, pushing in later today. if you are a viewer in west earn areas, west virginia,
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western maryland, west virginia you might see a few showers mix of sun and clouds, still warm, humid s better and better chance of showers moving in, later tonight during the day tomorrow, new details on that coming up in a couple minutes, here is a look at your forecast for your back to work day, temperatures upper 80s. 87 alexandria, 86 fredericksburg, just a few showers later. all right sarah, allison, more details in a minute. >> thanks tucker. this mornings big story, jerry sandusky back in court for the beginning of his trial. the former assistant football coach faces 52 criminal accounts of sexually abusing 10 boys over a 15 year period. alleged victims now adults are expected to testify two others have not guilty been found. the judge said -- have not been found. the judge said, they have to use their real names. >> reporter: with all of these
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witnesses coming forward it makes it much more easy for the prosecution, they are adults and they should take the stand and testify under their own name thedefendant has the right to confront his accusers. opening statements are set to begin this morning. roger clemens his purgery trial is entering its 9th week it could wrap up today however, prosecutors will then call rebuttal witnesses expected to take a half day. the judge wants the lawyers the give closing arguments tomorrow. sentencing day for two of jack johnson's former associates both coconspirators in the corruption scandal. they were part of an unpacked cigarette smuggling scheme they doled out bribes in exchange for political help. john bryson, under investigation this morning
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after two accidents over the weekend according to a police report he rear ended a vehicle that stopped for a train. this happened in los angeles he was then involved in a second accident in which he was cited for felony hit and run. he was later found unconscious in hiss taken to hospital where nonlife threatening injuries. prosecutors will now determine if he will be formerly charged. a bit closer to home another accident making headlines take a look. sky fox flew over this scene in hyattsville maryland, 7:30 a.m., this morning, a car rammed into a house on willow lane, that driver took off. fortunately no one was inside the home. no one was hurt. a busy dc street is getting a major make over construction could start as early as today on a 5 block stretch of u street northwest. >> it is expected to cause heavy traffic which could seriously impact your commute.
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sherry lee with what you can expect. >> no construction yet. d dot is telling us this construction is scheduled to start some time on or about today. it will start some time today, or coming days you will see a big mess along u street, we are told it will start down at 9th and u street we already see utility markings and it will work its way toward 14th street, electronic signs are up along u street warning drivers and metro is warning passengers there could be potential bus delays as well. d dot is planning to keep at least one lane open in each direction during construction, the project will income pass 9th to 14th street, -- income pass, 9th to 14th street. crews will repave the road, upgrade traffic lightstorm drains the work will be done one block at a time one side at a time to minimize disruption to businesses and run 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., monday through saturday some work may also be
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necessary at times overnight and on sunday. businesses are bracing for the growing pains but believe they can weather construction. >> weave lasted through so many things because of this so many years ago. >> this streetscapes may be more painful than i anticipated. >> reporter: for those businesses that may have difficulties the city set up a business survival fund with low interest loans to help them get through the lean times. the big thing people should know, is that these businesses will remain open, you just might want to avoid driving down here to u street. the good thing for these businesses is, that metro is right here, right around 13th and u street so, people will be able to have access there, instead of driving, probably a good idea, construction scheduled to start again some time today or in the coming days and it will last until next spring, and then, not
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quite over yet here along u street after that they will start construction on the section between 14th and 18th street, connected to the streetscaping work being done in adams morgan. back to you. a man opened fire at an off campus pool party university of auburn university now three people are dead including two former football players and another is clinging to life at the hospital. fbi still conducting the man hunt for that man, to find the suspect investigators say the party late saturday night started over a fight allegedly over a girl. firefighters in colorado and new mexico are working tirelessly to put out wild fires that spread over the weekend. the colorado fire grew to more than 31 square miles and southern new mexico, aircraft fighting the fire there were grounded because of high winds, will thomas is back with the
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latest. sheriff's deputies knocking on hundreds of doors, forcing people to get out of their homes before it is too late. they just heard about the largest in the state's history and it has been burning for weeks now. now as flames engulf thousands of acres in neighboring colorado officials say we could see more e having weighs. >> crews at bush evacuations. >> crews battling the -- crews battling the fire could see more work for them. >> containment still at 0%. >> reporter: flames eating away at heavy timber and blowing over the dry ridges northwest of fort collins emergency personnel working quickly, trying to get everyone out of the danger zone. we are going house to house to make sure we get people out of the harms way. >> reporter: alarming sights and smells in the high elevations, threatened by this wild fire, neighbors adrenaline, fueled by the mustard colored sky and smoky air >> i got up you could tell the
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fire was within a quarter mile, sheriff showed up pounding on the door telling board dito get out. >> reporter: more than a -- body to get out. >> more than a hundred firefighters working in conditions described as hot, wind whipped, and very steep. one third of the fire equipment in country is here to fight this fire. >> reporter: those efforts in colorado, slightly hampered because the largest wild fire, in new mexico's history, still burning. the scale of the little bear fire is enormous, charring 1,000-acres an hour. >> as you know, july 4th less than a month away, dry conditions could mess up, some of those celebrations, colorado's governor, trying to ease dispointment, in anticipation of this. they may not see the skylight up on the 4th. thanks will. on the campaign trail president obama's campaign is joining forces with one of the nations largest unions to target hispanic voters the new
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ads claim mitt romney's policies would benefit only wealthy americans at the expense of hispanics and working families the ads come as the campaign or president's campaign team works to clean up the mess, from his pronouncement last week about the private sector they were okay. which romney's team used to their advantage in a web ad over the weekend. virginia is gearing up for another primary election tomorrow residents in the state will head to the polls to choose, republican candidate for senate. former governor and senator, george alan is being called the front runner. the primary winner will face former governor tim cain the only democrat on the ballot. there is also, u.s. house primaries, in districts 8 and 11 covering arlington, alexandria and fairfax county and a democratic primary for alexandria city council. >> stock markets surging around
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the world after spain got a bailout for its struggling banks. european prime ministers announced the plan yesterday. asian markets led the rally overnight. this morning european markets jumped. to britain where the prime minister and his wife are in the spotlight after news they forgot their 8-year-old daughter at a pub the incident reportedly happened a few months ago while the family was out to lunch. david cameron and his wife sam both thought their daughter nancy was with the other parent they drove 2 miles to their home before realizing she was left behind and they immediately turned around to pick her up. two u.s. students safe after spending 9 days, trapped in new zealand's wilderness. this is aleck brown and erica clipworth they were hiking and looking for hot springs, when a
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snow storm moved in they survived on rice, trail mix, marshmallows and peanut butter and kept their bodies warm in those very hot springs students who attend university of wisconsin are said to be in good condition. >> very lucky. >> mm-hmm. >> coming up, no stranger to mega hits, pop star lady gaga looked shocked when a pole hit her in a concert this weekend. we will show you that incredible video. >> dave is here with sports headlines. >> we have a lot to get there. controversy in boxing really boxing and controversy who would have hunk it. >> nats people are the hit and bryce harper can run like the wind. keep running bryce ng bryce 
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creamy peanut butter, and a rich dark chocolate flavor. plus, 10 grams of protein. so it's energy straight from nature to you. nature valley protein bars. >> stage drama for lady gaga. here it is right there. the singer is recovering from a concussion after she was hit in
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the head by that pole. >> she was performing in new zealand when a back up performer accidentally hit her in the head with a set prop removing it from stage. mother monster looks stunned but carried on with the show her make up artist said she will be just fine >> hallelujah. we were worried about gaga weren't we gave. >> does she go by gaga. >> yeah. >> she is very serious. >> lady gaga is so much longer to get out. >> i hope you are okay gaga. >> dave. >> we have breaking news in the sports department. nadal just won over there in france they had to finish it today. he won his 7th french open title beating jokavitch the lone guy in history of men's tennis to win 7 times on the red clay. nationals this weekend up there in boston. if you watch this i believe,
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and i have believed for awhile, this team was pretty good but when they go up to boston and sweep the sox. just amazing. danny espinosa, plays ball quite well this was a big big big time play right here nats down 2-1 in the 7th. 3-2 nats at that point. up to 3 in the 9th. only 1st, taking off, watch young bryce run he is 19 whatever he does is exciting. >> i didn't think he would run that hard. >> all counts the same get as big run nats win again, 4-3. in the east, 12 games over 500 now neighbors to the north, baltimore, orioles, tucker barnes, boys, playing quite as well, as well. taking on the phillys camden yard, down by 3. steve tomson
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with a shot here, tied at 4. crowds there camden yard is pretty good. bottom of the 10th, second straight night, walk-off hit, watch can he jump? oh, apparently not. >> no. >> coo he throw? -- can he throw? >> no, what is that. adam jones scores and os plays very good ball as well. >> he took some day quill. we have the u.s. open, who are you picking to win. >> nickel son. >> nickel son. >> okay mickelson teamed up with tiger woods and bubba watson who won at augusta. yesterday, rory mcilroy won last year, right here congressional u.s. open. he didn't win yesterday this guy did. dustin johnson who almost won a u.s. open a couple years ago
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rory need add bier deon 18 here is advertise -- birdie on 18 here is his drive. he likes it if he tried to make it in the middle of the river. >> yeah,. >> we've all been there rory. >> saturday night in las vegas, as you all know i love boxing there is always controversy, with my great sport. again, bradly taking on pacquiao for the walter weight championship of the world. -- welterweight championship of the world. i don't know how the fight was judged and how people thought this was close i don't think people did but two out of three judges ring side did and scored it an upset win for bradly, which stunned the boxing world, and i think just the regular world in general, because if you paid 60 bucks for the pay
9:19 am
per view you went what? what fight did i watch versus what fight did those three judges watch. boxing is very arbitrary, but i chap challenge anybody with eye who is saw that that bradly won that fight. no way that is possible they already have a rematch set at mgm grand in vegas. seems like some shady business at play here. >> does it just go away. >> goes away and then a rematch and settle it once and for all and then -- you guys know how it works you have already picked it up. >> thanks dave. >> coming up next apple lovers listen up, the tech company is about the roll out new upgrades. plus the president's health care bill has yet to pass congress, but already has approval from the nations largest insurance provider, first, check back with melanie, we hope you don't need any medical help after this live
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shot later. >> no medical help i promise these guys promised me that no one has ever gotten hurt skate boarding or at least not seriously if we are live here, in washington dc. outside rfk stadium we are live with darren harper professional skater. he will bring it city style to the game. we will talk to him live when we come back, a little bit more about dc skating style. you are watching fox 5 morning news [ crows cawing ] [ male announcer ] strange things happen
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>> supreme court has yet to announce if it will up hold the president's health care reform law. united health care expected to formally announce it will allow children to stay on their parent's plan until the age of 26. it will up hold the ban on lifetime limits, and continue to offer birth control and other preventative services without a copay however,
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members can opt out of that coverage for religious or other objections. some good news for those of you, filling up your gas tanks gas prices continue to drop according to the lindberg survey of fuel prices gasoline has gone down 16¢s over the last few weeks. today the nasial average, 3.62. -- national average 3.62. iphone software and updated macs are just a few things we can learn about today. apple ceo tim cook will address the company's annual conference in san francisco today. banners that hang out side the conference center touting the new operating system for iphone, ipad and i touch. no word on what will be new with the ios 6 or when it will be released. hundreds of people race to the chesapeake bay this weekend to raise money for march of dimes. >> one man's strength and determination caught our attention. he swam for more than 4 miles, with no arms, no legs.
9:25 am
hear from him straight ahead. later on james mccartney is here to perform a song off his new album. we will chat with him live, coming up. stay with us [ horn honks ]
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it is one of the country's premier open water races. some of the country's toughest racers didn't have arms. mike doyle swam four miles across the bay with only three limbs. another has no armno legs. >> other people out here with more challenges than i have. >> i have never been one to sit around and do nothing. >> we find another way to challenge yourself. different strokes for different folks find some way to get out and challenge yourself. >> 38 years old he is called the check peek bay swim his
9:29 am
shining moment -- chesapeake bay swim his shining moment >> i still wish i knew how he was able to do that. that is great. >> it was hot, probably felt nice to be in the water >> water temperatures chesapeake, mid-to upper 70s. it is cooler. >> but when you are working maybe it is not. >> yeah. >> swimming 4 miles and air temperature is 92 i am sure it was plenty warm out there. >> right. >> bathtub. >> warm and humid day temperatures upper 80s instead of low 90s gradually improve temperature wise. humidity will stick around for another day. get it. >> great. >> storms on the way later tonight and during the day tomorrow best chance for rain showers, we need the rain. lawns starting to turn a little brown. 80s continue they are back. >> love it. >> yes after a couple days in the 90s back in the 80s later this afternoon and next couple days, temperatures cooler after the week ahead, tomorrow,
9:30 am
wednesday thursday, a few showers around. warming up overnight lows low 70s. 78 regan national, quantico, 80 degrees, 81 in gaithersburg, 80 baltimore, 80 annapolis, core of warm air here across the urban corridor. a little cooler north and west, dulles, 77 if you are lucky enough, to be in monks burg, 72 degrees for you. a couple areas of action activity, pretty good rains these are extreme north that brought extremely heavy rains to panhandle of florida yesterday. that will continue to march in our direction later this afternoon. mix of clouds and sunshine most of our day dry, late afternoon early evening a few of us out west will start to see showers overnight tonight into the daytime hours showers will spread across the area. further out west cold front chicago, st. louis that will bring us cooler and dryer air,
9:31 am
tuesday night and wednesday and all of out here early wednesday and by the end of the week, fantastic. here is your future cast, just a couple cloudsprinkles about 4. as we get into the overnight hours, cloud cover, widespread showers across the area they will linger tomorrow. tomorrow looks wet. 87 today, mix of sun and clouds, possible storms, winds out of the south, 10 to 15. still humid not terribly comfortable highs upper 80s. 70, showers developing late tonight, early tomorrow here is that 5 day forecast check out temperatures moving in the right direction, highs low 80s middle and end of the week a lot less humidity bright sunshine by thursday afternoon particularly friday. next weekend looks good too at the moment. that is a look at your weather forecast. back to you at the desk. time now, 9:31 a.m., monday
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morning coming up, a new movie cruises to the top of the box office list. >> more trouble for lelo why a truck driver claims her people tried to pay him to keep quiet. checking the buzz bin after the break ♪ [ natalie ] i was born to swim but my hair isn't so lucky. hours and hours in the pool mages it. that's why i love pantene daily moisture renewal. [ female announcer ] the pro-v system nourishes for healthier hair in less than 7 days. [ natalie ] i want to win as an athlete and shine as a woman. [ female announcer ] daily moisture renewal from pantene. hair so healthy it shines.
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i want to be a circus horse. >> awesome. not laying very low are we marty. >> does marty ever? madagascar crew helped lead a big weekend at the box office. madagascar 3, europe's most wanted took in 60.4 million dollars followed by prometheus which was supposed to be the big block buster it opened with 50 million, snow white and the hunts man, men in black three and avengers runed out the top 5 -- rounded out the top 5 >> i need to see this.
9:36 am
>> you can take my kids. mathew mcconaughey wed his long time girlfriend in an emotional ceremony. >> in austin texas. us magazine reports they exchanged personal vows in whispers so no one knows what they said. he whispered it. the 42-year-old proposed christmas after dating her for nearly 6 years the pair have two children. lyndsey lohan is in the spotlight after getting into a car accident friday. according totmz the driver to have 18 wheeler she crashed into said she tried to pay him off after the accident. she told him, her sister removed a bag from the car and asked him not to say anything to police. sources close to the accident told tmz the whole story is a lie. i don't know i think he might be telling the truth. >> but isn't she such an easy
9:37 am
target. who knows. >> well,. >> coming up fox 5s melanie alnwick is getting a look at the new skating park. >> chatting live with a pro skate border, a dc native too. and says the sport helped change his life. we will have his story coming up next. james mccartney is in studio, with us his new album is available on itunes. he will perform, coming up 9:37 a.m. does your phone give you all day battery life ? droid does. and does it launch apps by voice while learning your voice ? launch cab4me. droid does. keep left at the fork. does it do turn-by-turn navigation ? droid does. with verizon, america's largest 4glte network and motorola,
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whatever you want to do... droid does.
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with the hot summer months ahead it is time to start planning ways to keep your pets cool. >> that means, proper grooming is a must. annie yu is learning more and showing us how to prevent coats -- how to have great looking coats under the sun.
9:41 am
>> doesn't suzuki look wonderful? look at his hair. >> cute >> he was ready for fox 5 this morning we are joined by the pet stylist and elite groomer, at a boutique located in shillington good morning. >> good morning. we do see our pets shedding a bit more. i guess it is their winter coats getting ready for spring >> exactly. >> why is deshedding so important i have four dogs and don't deshed this is a great tip today. a lot of people thing dogs such as suzuki don't shed, but in reality they do. just this morning, this is what i brushed out of this little toy poodle. >> oh. >> they don't need to be deshedded but they still need to have their hair brushed and maintained in the proper way. this way, their hair can actually have the proper circulation, so the air can get down to the skin, and the body can regulate share body temperature naturally >> let's say in 90-degree
9:42 am
weather suzuki is nice and cool like this with big puffy hair? >> i wasn't necessarily say cool, but he can regulate his body naturally. >> more comfortable. >> much more comfortable do you want me to show you. >> yes, i think one of the misconceptions out there i am guilty for this as well. no matter what dog you have, people like to shave their dog down is that good for them? >> not at all. actually, you can do irreparable damage to hair follicles and the hair will grow back sporadically, clumpy and just dull and lifeless. it is not good looking. >> right we all want to look good so our dogs can look good too. >> let's put suzuki down here and show us the proper way to deshed. >> okay. well, on a toy poodle you are not going to deshed just brush
9:43 am
him out. patches wants to go first though. >> another sweet heart. >> the most important thing is getting down to the skin. this is a technique called line brushing as you can see, i am getting down to the skin and you can see my lines, so we are going to do that. your next important step on curly coated breeds is combing through. >> this could take awhile. >> a good while. yes. absolutely. but it is worth it. his hair is nice and fluffy and looks great and air is getting down in there to help regulate that body temperature naturally. >> okay what ability patches here who doesn't -- about patches here who doesn't have so much poofness. >> a lot of people will do shave downs on border collies or german shepherds or golden retrievers i cringe when i see it. basically the same technique the line brushing. brush through with our slicker brush then comb through, now the difference on her is we are
9:44 am
going to deshed, of course i do her regularly but we will remove any kind of fluffy under coat, she may have >> my goodness look at that. >> yeah. >> look at this. >> is that hurting her at all? >> no. this is that winter coat you were talking about. yeah, it is trying to come out. >> this is an under coat rake. >> under coat rake these are just your regular dog combs and brushes. >> yes. >> essential tools you should have at home and don't always have to take them to the boutique to get this process done you can save money that way. >> definitely can save money, time on groomers, and save money actually because the less work that i do, the less money you are going to have to pay me. >> every now and then bring them to you to get pampered and look nice right? >> you know if you want the most professional thing you will have to come see me i have
9:45 am
a couple more tricks up my sleeve. >> great thank you very much. hopefully these tips help viewers out back the you allison and sarah. >> those dogs have some serious hair annie my gosh gosh. some of the best boarders will be at the newest skate park. melanie alnwick is learning more about the sport have you hopped on the board and gone for a ride? >> reporter: i have but i am embarrassed to say my longest ride was almost luge style on the board. i got far i am working the balance trying to get comfortable we are here at the skate park outside rfk stadium lot 3 here and the whole thing is owned and operated by events dc they really wanted to bring legit skate boarding here to the city. talk about legit we have professional skate border darren harper here this morning. so what do you thing about this park? >> love it, it is a blessing every kid in dc area wants to
9:46 am
have a peaceful place to skate and this is that place. new mecca of dc you know where you can state downtown at freedom plaza which we get a lot of hassle from the police. now we have this and can come and skate and train without hassle. >> right so what makes dc, skate boarding style unique. you have your own city style >> my style. >> your style first. >> well, my style is just, me just being a product of my environment. as you know, i was brought up in southeast dc born and raised so it was a little rough upcoming, you know, so i just took that style of just my atmosphere and put it into my skating that gave me the products of my environment who i am now. so just edgy, street style. >> right so we see the guys here trying out a few tricks behind you. and do you thing there is a future obviously more and more kids getting involved. >> definitely, a big future. the kids are our future so we are trying to, just, open these doors for them as they come up,
9:47 am
get our kids more involved, and skating helps keep me out of trouble when i was small. hopefully -- well, it won't hopefully -- it will be able to do the same thing for future children coming up. >> i look at these guys doing these trickthing there is no way no how how did you get started? how would you recommend if someone is watching at home their kid is like mom please can i do that how should they get started. >> just take them out and let them learn. first get them a legit skate board not knocking toys r us but we have to get them a better product some times a little bit better product so they can really skate on. >> what is it about this board that makes it a little easier to learn on? >> professional board some times when you get the toys r us boards the wheels are plasticky and the trucks are not real metal the board is plastic you got to get them the
9:48 am
real deal. balance is key. >> that is what i was practicing you corrected my footwork i was starting like this now you are saying i got to start like this. >> yes, start like this have your legs wide just when you stand on the board you always want to be kind of defense position. >> right. >> some people get on and they are like this or something like this. >> that is the first thing i did you were not even here and you saw that. >> that is the way everybody starts have your foot planted widely. leap like on the board. >> i am not going to try any tricks here one thing we were talking about dare reason, some people think -- darren, some people think the kids the skating kids have a negative connotation but it really does teach you a lot you have to push yourself. >> yes. >> i mean skate boarding, most of the skaters are artistic we do art we love music. this skate board, takes skill. it is not all just fun some people look at us, just kids out making noise and racketing and beating up the territory
9:49 am
and things like that. no, i mean, it takes skill one of those things where it is -- you have to learn you have to do a trick if you come out and perfect it next day it takes your mind one of those sports you use everything. you know, good for obese children like me you know i used it -- it is everything exercise, exercise you mind everything. all into one thing. this skate board right here. >> are you going to be out here with skate of the union and some other events they will have. >> i am sure i will be a part of it yes. you know i have been a huge part of dc events everything they have going on they have always been behind me but i am also working on my own things as well i have a -- i teach kids as well i had my first skate camp next saturday. >> nice sponsorships now. >> yes. >> where can people learn more about you? >> you can learn more about me on facebook, darren harper,
9:50 am
twitter,. >> the to learn more about the skate park here and skate of the union coming up june 21st through 23rd in dc go to our website allison, i don't know i am going to say maybe darren can teach me more. maybe i will be able to make it from one side of the park to the other. >> i have faith in you melanie alnwick i know you can do it. >> we will record it not live. >> see you later in one piece back here at the studio. james mccartney sold out shows in the u.s. and uk there are still tickets available for his 9:00 p.m. show tonight at the phil more first he stopped by with a preview he joins us now. good to see you good morning and welcome. >> yeah, thank you very much. >> can you introduce the band. >> jay ledger on guitar and moll my mccannon on bass.
9:51 am
>> this is your last stop you ready to get back home. >> definitely. >> this i am holding in my paw here are complete ep collection from you this is your debut project what was it look putting this together. >> good. rock and roll. >> yeah. >> good. >> i got to ask you, the son of legendary musicians linda and paul mccartney what did you listen to growing up? >> bill weathers, obviously beatles, rolling stones, jimmy hendrick. >> and you i've read were on both your parents solo projects you are no stranger to this and you are music royalty when it came to doing your own project what was the influence like? rock and roll, pop what -- how would you describe it? >> rock and roll. >> that is how you would describe yourself. okay. recently on letterman and sold out shows, as we said, what is that like? stepping out now, and doing it on your own? >> great. really good fun. >> right. a little bit -- i don't know is
9:52 am
it nerve wracking do people want to compare you to your dad a lot. >> yes, but it is good fun. >> but you are here now what are we going the hear today >> angel a song about true love at first sight. >> do you already have an angel. >> what do you mean? >> a true love at first sight. >> no. >> you are still looking intriguing okay. this is of course, james mccartney and the band doing true angel, from the complete collection. ♪ [ music ] 
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9:58 am
we have news about one of our top stories to pass along. the car crashes involving john bryson. well, he was involved in two wrecks saturday in the los angeles area. including one that police characterize as a hit and run. a few moments ago the commerce
9:59 am
department said he suffer add seizure in connection with the accident, police found bryson we resported unconscious in his car. commerce officials say he spent the night in the hospital and returned to washington bryson has not been formerly charged in these accidents. >> wow. okay we will continue to follow that. >> meanwhile a check of the weather tucker. >> your forecast, warm and humid later the day a little uncomfortable better than yesterday, yesterday we were at 90 today only upper 80s. >> that is good. >> look at your trend next couple days, temperatures back into the low 80s good chance of showers and thunderstorms around tomorrow if you want to plan out the rain, tomorrow is a wet one there is a live shot you can see the watt inner the atmosphere. how about the voice on james mccartney. >> amazing. >> tickets still available, at the philmore tonight at 9:00 p.m. really something and lettucey and former am


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