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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  June 12, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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metro wants you to know it is listening. >> from the escalatetories security to customer service, we have details on what the system is doing to put its image back on track. stunning testimony on the stand as the child sex abuse case against jerry sandusky gets under way. fox 5 morning news at 6:00 continues right now. straight up 6:00. good morning. it is tuesday morning, june 12th. live look over the area today. might want to take your umbrella. a little birdie told me you might need it throughout this tuesday morning. but we are astill happy that
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you are with us starting your day off with fox 5. i'm allison seymour. >> and i am melanie alnwick. sarah simmons a little under the weather today. we hope she is hope and resting that voice a little bit. >> tucker. >> are your kids having the last day of school. >> last day of school. >> a big one. >> i put together the bus stop forecast. >> i wish you had included some sunshine for the bus stop forecast. >> the sun is up but we won't see a whole lot it was today. definitely umbrella weather here. rain showers moving through. had a brety good little batch it was in the past hour or so. a few scattered showers here south and west of the city. you can see showers starting to develop streaming up and ahead off you are next frontal system which will be moving in from the west today. lots of clouds in the forecast. still going to be quite warm and very humid out there today with high temperatures expected to be about 08 08 -- 80 or so
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and maybe a thunderstorm or two this afternoon. temperatures, nice and warm out there. 70 at reagan national. 70 in fredericksburg. oweship city, good morning to you. 70degrees. highs later today as mention, about 08. showers and storms back in the forecast so definitely umbrella weather here to stay today as we are transitioning into a nicer air mass. i'll have details in a few minutes. >> what about the pool party? >> no pool party today. >> oh, man. thank you, anyway. >> looking forward to that. >> my kids were but so was i. lauren, no pool party today. >> no pool party. sorry about that. the rain may be contributing to some of the delays we are seeing on the roads. we can take a look at waze. we have allot of folk writing in about 59 northbound in virginia as you make the trip through prince william county up past prince william parkway. we have some slow traffic, some folks even september any picture here. you can see some of that. come o pop up. a little bit of slow traffic
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there caught on camera by a wazer, not a fox 5 wazer, someone anonymous. but can you join our fox 5 group if you do have waze. also get getting reports an accident southbound 59 in woodbridge. do watch out for that. we do see some of the delays as you head northbound and our cameras beginning in dale city and heading up toward route one. than again, here, leaving lorton heading through newington, main lanes pretty stacked up approaching springfield. 66 slowing now leaving manassas heading in towards centreville. 207 also heavy leaving frederick in toward clarkburg at 121. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. -timetraffic. >> thank you. fox 5 is monitoring metro. officials have listened to feedback on how they can improve safety and service. >> metro is now responding to those concerns with its new customer service action plan.
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fox 5's sherry ly is live in northwest with the details. >> reporter: this is a 50-point plan that was developed from a survey of metro riders and employees and they had a long list of complaints. on top of the list for riders on metrorail, bus and metro access service for the did i abled was safety and security. customers complained they didn't see enough uniformed officers. another big concern was alerting passengers about problems or delays and some of the things metro is doing to fix these problems include adding more police and having closed circuit security cameras on all buses by mid-july. they plan to vote vied more lighting and provide training to managers and officers. for metro ask rest siders confused about fare, there will be a fare calculator. and metro is creating a real time remote escalator monitoring system. >> escalators. they're always broken down. it makes it hard on seniors.
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>> to see the escalators work a little more frequently. >> he is personally when you are traveling consistently every day, it would be a huge help for us getting from point a to point b without having to carry bags up and down the escalators. >> reporter: metro is in the middle of a five-year rent ration project. the agency now says those escalators are available almost 90% of the time. this customer service action plan is being phased in. some of the improvements you will see immediately and some of them will be implemented over the next few years. the good news, it won't cost any money because it is already in the budget. that is the latest here in dupont circle. back to you. >> that is some good news. thank you. virginia voters will head to the polls this morning on this primary day. they are choosing a republican candidate for u.s. senate. other races on the ballot include the u.s. house district 8 democratic primary. that is the seat held by jim
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madalyn murray o'hair. a republican candidate will be chosen in district 11 to face jerry connelly in the fall. president barack obama will be campaigning in maryland today. this evening, the president will attend events in philadelphia. mitt romney will be campaigning in orlando, florida. another big story now. the jerry sandusky child sex abuse trial in pennsylvania. >> another alleged victim is going to take the stand today. in testimony yesterday being a man identified as victim four told jurors the former penn state assistant football coach molested him in the locker room showers and in hotels. the now 28-year-old man says he should have spoken out sooner and that he feels responsible for what happened to other victims. sandusky is accused of sexually abusing 10 boys over a 15-year
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period. he denies all the charges. sandusky is expected to take the stand in his open defense. ate look at the morning's other stop stories for you now. an investigationings were way of a 23-year-old man was hit by a csx train in rockville. this happened late last night at randolph road near neville street. officers are look into whether the victim was playing a game of chicken on the tracks. the victim was taken to the hospital. still no word on his condition. a 70-year-old woman is dead after she is hit by a bicyclist on a trail in arlington. this happened yesterday morning. it happened around 7:15 on four mile run drive near columbia pike. the cyclist says he alerted the woman that he was passing her on the left and she turned around walking into his path. police say she fell back, hitting her head on the pavement. the cyclist has not been charged. coming up next, a mother behind bars for more than three years convicted of killing her
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newborn daughter. >> remember this story? there was even a movie about. it the woman claimed a dog actually killed the baby and now after a decades-long fight, the court actually sides with her story. >> also ahead, john bryson going on medical leave one day after he was involved in two car accidents. we'll have details on his decision when we come back.  do you see it ? there it is ! there it is ! where ? where ? it's getting away ! where is it ? it's gone. we'll find it. any day can be an adventure. that's why we got a subaru. love wherever the road takes you. wow, there it is.
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a press release plot white house shows commerce secretary john bryson's notice of medical leave. he told president obama he would be taking a leave of absence last newt and immediately transferred his functions to the deputy at the commerce department. bryson says he is taking the medical leave to focus on his health issues. over the weekend, he was involved in two car crashes that were blamed on a seizure. police in alabama continue their search for a man who they say shot and killed three people near auburn university. the killings happened saturday
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night during a pool party. authorities had swarmed a house in montgomery yesterday afternoon thinking the suspect was hiding at that house. but after an exhaustive search, they have they left that home about four hours ago. a untilly's long fought bat toll clear their name is finally over. in 1980, a child disappeared while their family was camping in the also trail yawn outback. her mover claimed the child was taken by a dog. now, following four inquests in the case, a coroner has officially ruled the baby's death was indeed caused by a wild dog which finally allows the family to have her death certificate. >> a heart-breaking story and journey. it is heart breaking. coming up next on fox 5 morning news, we are checking with tucker for your full forecast. storms that dropped heavy rains
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on parts of the south are bringing showers to our area now. >> we had high hopes it would be the caps hoisting the stanley cup trophy but instead, the los angeles kings claimed that honor. we'll have the highlights after the break. ♪ [ male announcer ] from our nation's networks... ♪ our city streets... ♪ skies around the world... ♪ ...northrop grumman's security solutions are invisibly at work,
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first, they stole our stanley cup and now they have the nerve to celebrate it. thousands of people flooded the streets after the kings clinched their first stanley cup title. police lined the streets outside the staples center. one group of fans started a mosh pit in the street and lit some small fires. the fans were mostly tame. okay. and here is how the kings got to down. first period, l.a. on the power play. drew doughty feeds it low.
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the kings would have the game winner later in the game. the kings beat the devils 6-1. this is the kings first stanley cup title in its 45-year history so you got to celebrate that. congratulations. just don't do it again. it should have been us. >> we don't want to see any more of that. that picture -- that says it all. >> it kind of does. >> kind of rainy out there, a little misty. >> i like seeing the little twitchingling lights and the sunshine coming june hon left i, we need some rain showers. >> i like seeing the little drinkling lights and the sunshine coming up. >> honestly, we need some rain showers. i mowed my lawn and it was like dust coming up. >> i have a dust patch too. >> last day of school in montgomery county. >> i got to check it out on the
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other counties. >> congratulations to all our graduates. graduating from every grade now is a big deal. i wish i had done the cap and gown. >> i have a very special picture for letter in the show. >> kids probably want to bring in an umbrella. showers moving in. very warm, humid, 68 to 73 the current temperature across the area. showers moving through. they're pushing in from the south and west. right now, not a whole lot of action inside the beltway. you can see we've got pretty good rains now pushing up into northern maryland. now, sort of redeveloping out to the west an out to the south and west. that will be headed in our direction here later this morning. i think we'll see showers on and off. not going to be raining all day. a part of the day will fee -- will feature the possibility of showers and lots of storms. up ahead of this cold front,
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we've been talking about the rains they had in the florida panhandle. some of that moisture is able to kind of stream north up ahead of the front. that is why we'll be dealing with the showers and the potential for some storms around here later today and tonight. as we get into tomorrow and much of the rest of your week, it look great. temperature will be in the low 80s with much lower humidity starting tomorrow. again, we need some rain showers. we'll take it and then a nice- hooking forecast for the end of the week. and then a nice-looking forecast for the end of the week. lots of humidity out there to start your day. 08 your daytime high. mostly cloudy. showers and storms likely. winds here out of the south at five to 10 miles per hour. later tonight, early showers and storms. could be a little clearing late tonight. 67, a little cooler as well overnight tonight. here is your five-day forecast. tomorrow's daytime high, about 18. i think tomorrow will be beautiful. thursday kind shower but friday and saturday right back in the
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sunshine. low humidity, low to mid-80s. lets he do some traffic and fight out who is going where and how fast they're going. willmar has your latest. >> not going very fast on the outer loop of the beltway in montgomery county right now. have a headss up from a few fox 5 wazers. we are checking out the scene via traffic land because we have live pictures of this. if you are traveling the outer loop just prior to 35 # is where you will fine the accident. you can see it is tying up the left side of the road. just two lanes to the right getting by. some activity there, some police on the right shoulder. delays from georgia avenue. 66 lowing from man as is and then from route 50 fair oak past 123. and from 118 in germantown to 307. 395 heavy right now leaving the beltway up towards duke street. no problems heading across the 14th street bridge. i do want to mention that we've got an accident blocking right side of the ramp to the inbound 11th street bridge. 259 slow from malcolm x. back to you. >> thank you. next, we go live to fox
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business network in new york. new numbers reveal the shocking impact the financial crisis has had on the average american family. we'll be back in a moment. that went well. add flavor to your day with dunkin's new breakfast burritos, with fire-roasted veggies and delicious steak. try one today.
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america runs on dunkin' coffee. we are getting a solid look at just how hard american families were hit by the financial crisis. fits, lets atalk about the volatile ride on the stock market. robert gray with fox business network is live in new york with the business beat. >> good morning. >> apparently, the roller coaster ride on the stock market is back. >> absolutely. started off in the green, almost a hundred point gain at the open on news that spain would get a big bailout from the eu. by midday, traders decided maybe that is not such a god thing after all sending stocks down. taking ininvestors on a 250 point swing all told. we see futures up by about 70 points here and not a lot of data coming out of the u.s.
6:25 am
today so it will be tracking what is going on in europe and that will be calling the tune all week long as we build up to the greek elect this is weekend. will they stay in. euro? that is what we'll be be talking about. >> at federal reserve confirming that many families have felt on their own. like 39% drop in family wealth? >> yeah, that's right. almost 40%. unprecedented at least in the short life span of this surray. it goes back to the lea '1r0 butt federal reserve saying during this three-year timespan from 2007 when the stock market peaked if you look at the s&p 500 and the dow, it is down a 40% drop in the immediate yap family's net worth. we are talking about a drop from $126,000 down $77,000. so much of that we know is tied to housing. the value of homes, the biggest
6:26 am
purchase most people make and a lot of the net worth tied up there. the housing market peaking in 2005 or early 2006. during that time frame, we did see a huge decline in home values as well as 401(k)s. the median family income also dropping down about 8% during that time period so not only taking home less but your nest egg worth less as well. so a difficult time and really putting some hard numbers with the anecdotal evidence that we already knew touring the financial crisis. >> certainly not some great news. we'll see how that plays in the political world as well. you know that one will be coming up. >> absolutely. still ahead on fox 5 morning news, a drone crashes off the eastern shore. no one was hurt but several million dollars worth of damage was done. we'll explain that coming up next. also ahead, metro on track to provide a better ride actually new push to improve customer service. when mitt romney says
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"planned parenthood we're gonna get rid of that." romney is saying he'll deny women the birth control and cancer screenings they depend on. when romney says "do i believe the supreme court should overturn roe v. wade? yes." he's saying he'll deny women the right to make their own medical decisions and when his campaign can't say whether he'd support equal pay protections. "and we'll get back to you on that." romney's putting your paycheck at risk. planned parenthood action fund is responsible for the content of this advertising because mitt romney is out of touch and wrong for women.
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welcome back. no youry after a navy drone crashes on maryland's eastern shore. drone had taken off from the patuxent river naval air station just across the chesapeake bay. the navy says the global hawk drone was part of a program to develop tactics and guidelines for high altitude patrols. this one can reach altitudes of 11 miles and has a range of 10,000 miles. a massive wildfire sparked by lightning is raging out of control in northern colorado. and one person was found dead. there is still zero containment of the blaze. it continues to grow. but firefighters say they are making progress and it is not the only wildfire out of control. in southern new mexico, the state's biggest fire on record has now burned 435 square miles. they could use a little drenching out there. >> yeah, they could. too much rain in some places, not enough in others. >> always the story. >> recalibrate. >> we've got some rain showers moving in around here and
6:31 am
umbrella weather definitely here to stay for the day. not going to rain all day today. there will be periods of showers and maybe a thunderstorm. and warm and humid too. if you have any hair issues, blame it on the humidity. it is like close to 100% this morning. let's get start wade look at your radar. you can see the shower activity living to the north and east. the heaviest of the rain has pushed east of the bay now out towards chestertown and out towards baltimore. we have showers redeveloping out to the west. leesburg, if you look toe south and west down towards culpeper, manassas and more showers becoming better organized. those will be moving through during the day. this is what with t. -- it will look like on and off today. temperature right now at reagan national, 70 degrees. check on the your humidity, 87%. your dew poupt temperatures well into the 60s. that is why it is not going to be a great hair day. -- your dew point temperatures well into the 60s. here is your forecast for
6:32 am
today. mostly cloudy skies. highs in the low 80s. 81 in alexandria. coming up in a couple of minutes, ask the weather guy question, a weather-related question today. >> lauren demarco is standing right over there with a look at the roadways. >> good morning. it is typically one of best moments in the show. i do love ask the weather guy. we are dealing with a little bit of weather this morning with some slick roadways. head out early for you can. we are dealing with problems on the play in montgomery county. let's take a live look at that. the ramp to i-95 in pledge college park, we have a wreck there. that is the inner loop approaching 59 college park. you can seat problem on the outer loop here due to a wreck that we had just prior to 355. you could see it on the left side of the roadway there. it moved off to the shoulder.
6:33 am
that is good news. your travel lane open. delays on the outer loop begin before new hampshire avenue so it is that stipulate kal stretch of delay but now continuing all the way towards this, where we have the accident scene just prior to 35 #. no problems to report right now on the beltway in virginia. 66 slowing through manassas. and centreville. then again from 50 toward 123. 95, with you find brief delays off and on through lorton and up towards springfield. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. -timetraffic. fox 5 is monitoring metro and the transit agency's plan tomorrow prove service and safety. >> after months of asking riders for feedback, metro is laying out its new customer service action plan. sherry ly is live in northwest with the details. good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: mort metro riders know the system is far from perfect and they let the agency
6:34 am
know it. this action plan addresses some of those complaints. the list of cop plaipts includes safety, security, community dyings. the issues span all of metro's services, rail, bus and metro ask he is for the disabled there will be more police, security cameras on all buses about mid-july, more thrawning to managers, supervisors and bus operate ours to address complaints about dirty railcars. they will be cleaned more often. real time bus information will be provided at bus stops. -- more training for managers. >> we're at about 90% of escalators available for customer use. it is mostly preventive maintenance. that is being done in a timely man are.
6:35 am
>> some hinges will be added over the coming months or years. here is one thing just in time for summer a lot of times riders complain about hot railcars, buses and stayings so metro is implementing a remote temperature monitoring system in 47 stations by mid-july. you may ask who is going to make sure all of this is done. metro has a mystery rider program to go out there and check and macsure that they're doing what they say. that is the latest here at dupont circle. >> we know sherry will stay on top of them as well. thank you. it is election day in virginia and the polls are now open. on this primary day, vote are will choose a republican candidate for u.s. senate. other races on the ballot include the u.s. house district 8 democratic primary. that is the seat held by jim moran. also a republican candidate will be chosen in district 11 to face democrat jerry connelly
6:36 am
come fall. polls are open through 7:00 p.m. d.c. voters will elect a new council chairman in november. officials decided to go with the already scheduled election to save money. tomorrow, the 12 members. the d.c. council will pick an interim chairman. kwame brown resigned the position last week. another big story, more testimony in the jerry sandusky trial. day one of testimony against the former penn state assistant football coach was graphic and did i turning. chris o'connell with the details. >> reporter: jerry sandusky arrived for his day in court along with throngs of media from across the country converging on the tiny center county town. testimony began with the prosecution's star witness, a now 28-year-old man he met at sandusky's second mile foundation for troubled youth. victim number four said, after
6:37 am
that, there were more than 50 sexualfive years, abuse that happened when the boy was 13 to 17 years old. much of the accounts happened in the penn state locker room showers. he says on car rides, sandusky would hut business hand on his knee basically like i was his girlfriend. testified sandusky gave him lavish gifts like a snow board, penn state jerseys and side line passes. the boy even traveled to the penn state team plane to two bowl games and in the series of letters written on penn state letterhead, sandusky pleading for the boy's attention wrote, quote, i know that i have made my share of mistake. however, hope i will be able to say i cared. there has been love in my heart. the defense is trying to paint sandusky as a loving mentor who didn't mean any harm even going as far as to say there are no victims in this case. it was the beginning of what is
6:38 am
expected to be the first of eight witnesses to testify and earns even hinted possibly seeing sandusky take the stand in his own defense. >> the jury, and i've trade cases for over 30 years, who sat impassively as i would expect looked at the both prosecution and the defense as i would expect, now has a picture in front of them. that is what opening statements are. he gave them a picture that they now would need to assess. >> reporter: that victim says he never spoke up sooner because he was ashame and embarrassed and afraid for he did, those lavish gifts from sandusky would stop. in hindsight, he says, he is afraid he hurt other victims by not coming forward. chris o'connell, fox 29 news. coming up income, mark a moment in history that brought down a presidency. >> two reporters would break
6:39 am
broke the watergate scandal look back as the 40th anniversary approaches. details on a study linking lack of shut eye to an increased risk of stroke. we'll be right back.
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a special election in arizona making heads lines this morning. voters are choosing a candidate to replace former congresswoman gabrielle giffords. democrats are hoping an appearance by giffords will help push her hand-picked successor to win today. he and her former aide, ron barber and with her husband mark kelly at a campaign event over the weekend. republicans are trying to make today's special election a reverend am -- referendum on
6:43 am
president obama. ident obama. next sunday is the 40th anniversary of watergate. the nixon white house called day third rate burglary but the crime and subsequent cover-up to lead to president nixon's resignation. the "washington post" sponsored a panel discussion about the legacy of the break-in. bonn barnard was there. >> what is interesting, try to step back a little bit. hitch rich northward nixon did not understand what the predisturbancey was. >> reporter: they are woodward and bernstein. >> this story was like get nying warm bath and then it got hotter and hotter and hotter so you were able to with stand the heat. >> reporter: carl bernstein and bob woodward who 40 years ago blew the lid off the watergate scandal exposing widespread
6:44 am
corruption orchestrated by richard nick on and all the president's men. >> i would first like to say to my former colleagues that it's lot easier to come into this building with valet parking. this works for me. >> reporter: but crowe was a white house lawyer who helped to direct the so-called plumbers, nix op's band of burglars and thieves who carried out the watergate and earlier break-ins. >> i authorizeed a covert operation in july of 1971. it was carried out. nothing was found. but what that constituted at that time, and i look back on this a lot over the laugh last few years, was a major breakdown in integrity, my personal integrity and that of the unit for which i worked. >> he spent four months and two week in prison. >> one of the operations was to get somebody to climb the telephone foal behind joe craft's house, a columnist for the "washington post" and tap his telephone. now, if they'd been caught at
6:45 am
that, maybe there wouldn't have been a watergate. >> reporter: the break high pressure-here at the watergate office building along the potomac river 40 years ago this sunday targeted the head quarters of the democratic national committee. >> the cover-up really starts within moments of the white house learning about the fact that five men had been arrested here in this building wearing business suits, rubber gloves, money stashed in their pocket and that they're from the re- election committee. >> reporter: this look back at watergate hosted by the "washington post" was in a room five floors above the sixth floor office suite that was burglarized on june 17, 1972. >> that was bob barnard reporting. the word watergate drew to symbolize the disgrace of a
6:46 am
presidency and so much more. vice president joe biden will deliver the commencement address at sidwell friends today. first daughter as sasha and malia obama are among the students at the private school some northwest d.c. they will both still have several years before they graduate. vice president biden has grandchildren who go to sidwell friends as well. it will be just before you know it, graduation comes so quickly. these kids are growing up. >> some rain showers in the forecast for the vice president and for effect going out to various graduations, kindergarten right new 12th grade later today. we'll lose the huge way lot of sunshine later in the week -- we'll lose the humidity with a lot of sunshine later in the week. i know we have pool parties. >> might be canceled. >> you have the rest of the summer to get them in. the shower activity pushing
6:47 am
through. moving to the north but you will see the showers pushing in here. starting to look more impressive out to the west. first batch of rain moved through about 3:30, 4:00 now north and east of baltimore. you can see we've got more showers developing out to the west, out towards sterling and dulles, getting light showers on the north side of the beltway. probably enough to continue to wet the roadway and more rain out to the west. it will be a rather gray day. showers on and off. maybe a thunderstorm as well as that cold front approaches from the west. and then some gradual improvement as we get into your wednesday. so not going to last all week. we are going to be dealing with the potential for maybe a half inch, maybe 3/4 of an inch of rain today. we've been talking about all that rain that we had down in the florida panhandle. we are getting some of that moisture streaming north up ahead of our our cold front. c that will squeeze out the moisture as it moves through later today. highs will be about 80 and
6:48 am
plenty humid too. dew point temperature well into the 60s. we have hit and miss showers to start your day. later this afternoon or early this fen a, showers become steadier and -- or early this afternoon, showers become steadier and we'll clear it out overnight. look like a gradually improving forecast as we get into our wednesday and if you are looking forward to the weekend, weekend looks nice too. 80s today, showers and storm back in the forecast. not going to be raining every day. 81, partial sunshine, noticeably less humidity by tomorrow afternoon. thursday, friday and saturday generally look good. could be a shower on thursday. 83, sunshine, low humidity. unlike last weekend which featured 90s. >> look good. >> speaking of looking good, it
6:49 am
is time for ask the weather guy! >> it is time for ask the weather guys. >> there you go. we get caught up in that. >> yes. it says tony and i -- tuck ore and tony and tyler put their big heads together to answer that you are question. the question is from -- >> it is right there in front of you. >> what is the difference between a hurricane a monsoon and a typhoon. this is sent in by raychelle hawkins. excellent question. i know the answer. do you know the difference. let's start with a hurricane and a typhoon. >> it has to do -- i'm he guessing. >> it is winds. the typhoon is asia and a hurricane is atlantic coast. >> could be just simple as
6:50 am
different names. >> you are running my segment, melanie. you are too smart. >> good thing i'm up here. >> thank you, allison for holding down the fort. >> hurricanes and typhoons are the same thing. it alls that to do with international dateline if you are west of it, it is called a identify toon. if you are east of it, it is called a hurricane. there are other names for hurricanes and typhoons too. we have acoverred this subject before in weather guy. hurricanes, identify finds are all called cyclones -- typhoons are called cyclones in some parts ever the world. same effects over in asia with
6:51 am
heavy rain and winds. typhoon is a very distinct weather pattern that sets up most famously across asia. it sets up across bangladesh, that part of the world. they will get a period over several months with extremely heavy rain. not a single event. a monsoon is different. they are quite dependent on them to feed their water, their crops, that kind of thing. in years it doesn't develop or it is weak, it can have dire consequences in east asia. interestingly, in recent years, weather scientists have discovered that there is a weak monsoon that sets up in southwest united states. so parts of arizona and new mexico that we historically think of being dry often in the
6:52 am
summer months, they get 199rather wet weather pattern too that is reminiscent of a monsoon. they consider it a weak monsoon. >> does it have a nifty name. >> we call it the southwest monsoon. that is the answer to the question i hope i handled it well. if you have a question you want answered, go to and click on the morning tab and also send us your video question. we love it. we'll try to answer as men of -- as many of those as we can. if you sent in a question, we'll get to it as best we can. >> are you going to give tile air shout out. >> tyler, great effort. that is our new weather intern. we'll put him on soon. we'll wait for tony to come back. >> let's head over to lauren demarco. >> you need to introduce that intern.
6:53 am
we were all sitting in the control room going who's tyler? >> he is doing a great job. we mentioned him last week. >> we have some problems on the beltway in montgomery county. if you are traveling the upper loop, jammed up here. there was a wreck on to the ramp. let's move onto traffic land. if you are traveling the outer loop, heavy and slow the entire stretch from prior to new hampshire avenue all the way around towards 355 where we had an earlier crash. it has cleared out of the way. this is where we see the typical stretch of volume. h of in virginia, 59 from dale city to newington being we have delays there. we'll move onto waze. we have been seeing some slow traffic as you travel northbound 295 leaving the beltway heading up towards the douglass bridge. some of our fox 5 wazers
6:54 am
writing in seeing a complete stand still here. we had some reports of moderate traffic so that is good news at the douglass bridge. this was an earlier crash near the 11th street bridge. look like that has cleared out of our screen but watch for delays as well. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. in this morning's health alert so you don't smoke, your weight is good, you exercise but get guess what? if you don't get enough sleep, you could still be at an increased risk of stroke. researchers at the university of alabama at girling ham study nearly 6,000 adults and found those that leapt less than six hours a night were four times more likely to suffer a stroke even if they had no other risk factors. the national sleep foundation says only about 28% of americans get eight or more hours of sleep a night. first lady michelle obama will be at a local barnes & noble today promoting her new book called american grown, the story of the white house
6:55 am
kitchen garden and garden as cross america. mrs.obama will be signing copies at the barnes & noble on 12th street southwest. if you were hoping for a sighing of the first lady, you are probably ok. wrist bands that will get fans into the event were given out a first come first served basis last friday morning. betty white paid a visit to the white house yesterday. the actress and animal advocate got for meet first dog bo and the president too. she was there to mechanic a promotional video with other celebrities talking about their first jobs. >> my first job was at an ice cream shop. >> which one. >> the one in oldtown alexandria. i worked at baskin-robbins. >> still ahead, this is something all parents face this time of year, something we all struggle with. >> once school is over, how do you stop the dreaded brain drain? coming up next hour, we're
6:56 am
talking with an education consultant about some fun and simple ways to keep your kids in learning mode all summer long. imagine that. fox 5 morning news back in a moment.
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time to say good morning to today's facebook fan of the day. she and her friend cj watch fox 5 every day. for your chance to be tomorrow's fan of the day log on to facebook and post a comment. let's send out the allison and will. >> good morning melanie. >> coming up fox 5 morning news at 7, new details about the commerce secretary and two car crashes he was involved in this as the government announces he will take a leave of absence. more changes


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