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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  June 13, 2012 4:25am-5:00am EDT

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it is wednesday, june 13th. a live look outside over the skies of washington. there it is, the washington monument on the right. guess what else you night notice when you step outside today. it is dry. no rain this morning. thank you for joining us. welcome to fox 5 morning news. let's get you started with a quick look at weather. good morning. >> good morning, everybody. you mentioned we're opportunity with the rain showers. still have the humidity out there but i think we'll see a
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nice clearing trend towards morning. a couple of cold fronts coming through. you can see on the radar that we're done with the rain showers. generally good news here in the forecast. temperatures at reagan national at 70 degrees. 68 at dulles. 67 in fredericksburg. ocean city currently 73 degrees. forecast for today calling for nicer conditions than yesterday. should be lots of afternoon sunshine. we'll go high temperatures in washington about 80 degrees. that is just about where we should be this time of year. more details on the forecast in just a minute. back to you at the desk, will j thank you, tucker. some of the top stories, the d.c. council will vote on a temporary chair today. phil mendelsohn appears to have the votes to succeed kwame
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brown who resigned after pleading guilty to a bank fraud charge. sewers say mendelsohn is favored because he is not likely to shake things up too much and will offer some stability. george alhelp won last night's republican primary in virginia for the senate. he handily beat his closest challenger, jamie radke with 65% of the vote to her 23%. allen now faces another former virginia governor, democrat tim kaine. the president and ceo of j. p. morgan is heading to capitol hill. jamie diamond will testify regarding the botched trades. he is expected to tell lawmakers the bank is sorry it let people down. a three-day manhunt has ended in alabama for this man
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accused of killing three people at a weekend party. the suspect surrendered to police last night. he was taken into custody by u.s. marshals at the federal courthouse in montgomery. a west virginia woman is on a walk to remember. she is walking the entire appalachian trail and it is all to help other people. when she is done, she will have walked more than 2,000 miles through 14 states. fox 5 photo journalist lance ng had a chance to catch up her. >> always enjoyed camping being backpacking. i sold my truck. i left my job. i gave up my apartment and i had a little apartment so i just put a few things in storable and gave with a everything else and i just left -- gave away everything else
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and i just left. i'm annie weisscarver and i'm hiking the appalachian trail. i wanted to do something big when i turned 50. i always loved to hike the trail. i thought while i'm hiking it, i should blog it. and then i thought if i'm blogging, why don't i do some awareness for things i think are important. i have this intention for peace every day when i got up and start hiking. i set that intention that every step i take will maybe help bring more peace into my mind and into the minds of people in the world. that is something i believe in. don't want to let that go. it is march 18th. i just climbed about 1,000 feet. you have to sit on this ledge.
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i often think about somebody seeing that sign at the end of this hike. i get very emotional and i wonder what will it be like when i get to the end. i don't know. it is just amazing. it is an amazing journey. zing . >> you can follow the journey on her blog. just go to our website,, and we can link you. plenty ahead. weather, traffic and all of your top stories. fox 5 morning news at 4:30 starts right now. good morning. it is wednesday, june 13th. a little tighter shot there of the washington monument. dry skies above washington. how long will that last? we'll find out in just a moment. first, good morning to you and welcome to fox 5 morning news. i'm will thomas. sarah out sick again, tucker. i think for her it is her
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voice. >> let's hope she feels better and let's hope you're not up. >> she probably is. you get used to this. >> 07 at reagan national. humidity, 84%. -- 70 at reagan national. not only have we lost the rain shower activity and moisture. we'll start to leave the humidity during the day too. there is a live look at your satellite-radar. you can see the shower activity to the east. still raining in southern new england up towards boston. here in washington, we are done with it. that initial front has now cleared the coast and we'll be looking at a nice sunrise. should be a beautiful day today. the pool parties, that kind of thing that got postponed yesterday should be all systems go today. it will be a little breezy this afternoon. the winds gusting to about 25
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miles per hour. that is the worst of an otherwise nice forecast. >> you were saying pool parties. a lot of kids are out of school. todaying the first day of summer break. bring on the pool and bring on the barbecue. let's get a check of your on- time traffic. lauren demarco is in for julie wright today. >> i know somebody who is probably at a pool party today. definitely good that we've got good weather ahead. things looking great on the roads right now. construction is wrapping up. we can take a live look at the beltway. no problems to report heading past university boulevard. the inner loop to the private your screen, the out are loop to the left. everybody running well. incident and accident-free. that will be the case all around the beltway. construction near braddock road and also in virginia near tyson's. 66 looks good leaving manassas heading in towards the beltway. 95, 395 in virginia, let's it can a look from v-d.o.t. no real problems for you as you
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travel northbound. here we are crossing the woodrow wilson bridge. incident-free in both directions between prince george's county and alexandria. >> funny how the roads look so clear at 4:30. the dose council tacks a vote today on the interim chairman that. person will take over for the former and disgraced chair kwame brown would resigned before immediating guilty to bank fraud and campaign violations. sherry ly is live at the wilson building where it appears one councilmember has the upper hand. >> reporter: in the past week since kwame brown's resignation, some of the at- large council members have been jockeying for the position of the interim chairmanship until an election is held and right now the votes seem to be stacking up for councilmember fuel mendelsohn. today's vote continues the shake-occupy d.c.'s council. first council member harry thomas resigned convicted on corruption charges followed by former chair kwame brown last
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week on bank fraud and campaign violations. sources say mendelsohn appears to have the votes to succeed brown because he is seep as least likely to change things much and instead offers stability. brown pleaded guilty last week. the speaker pro tem spot is expected to be taken by councilmember michael brown leaving out vincent orange who had hoped to get the chairmanship. >> we really tried to settle down and get back to the business for which citizens elected us. >> i'm an at-large member and i represent all d.c. residents and we have to figure out how to move on in a positive way. >> reporter: the vote is scheduled for 10:00 this morning. whoever is chosen for fill the temporary chairmanship will still have to survive a special election scheduled for november. as for kwame brown, the d.c. ethics laws do not prohibit him
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from he can soothe office again sometime in the future because he resigned before he pleaded guilty. that is the latest here at the wilson building. back to you. >> thank you. now to state politics. virginia's george alhelp closer to getting his old job back. the former u.s. senator brush ad side three conservative rivals in yesterday's republican primary for the senate. allen lost his seat back in 2006. this time, he got 65% of the vote. his closest competitor was tea party leader jamie radke who won 23%. two other candidates trailed far behind. allen faces tim kaine for the virnt senate seat. tim kaine will be peeking live with us coming up later in the 7:00 hour here on fox 5 morning news. chris perkins won the republican nod in the 11th district to take on democratic congressman jerry connelly in november. congressman jim moran easily
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won the democratic program for run for re-election in the #th district. and eric cantor cruised to victory in his richmond district primary race. he will face wayne powell for the seventh district come november. the. to phoenix now, gabby givers votes to help her former aide win the remainder of her term in the u.s. house of representatives. democrat ron barber defeated republican jessie kelly in tuesday's special election. holding on to the seat has been a priority for democrats as they seek to regain control of the house in november. some of our top stories this morning, d.c. police called in to calm down angry parents at ballou's high school graduation. this after the parents say they were shut out of the ceremony. last night's graduation was supposed to be on pal lou's football field but pause of the rain, the venue chain toyed anearby temple of praise church. the location quickly filled up forcing police and security to turn away many parents, other
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relatives and friends clamoring to get inside. >> i thought there would have been enough room. >> it is a sad day for me. didn't get to see my daughter graduate, walk across the stage. it hurts. >> reporter: mayor vincent gray made remarks to the class. he said he didn't know how many people had not been allowed to see their children graduate but he doesn't feel good about t. 80-year-old ida lupino was walking on a bicycle path when she was struck. police say the bicyclist tried to warn her. the cyclist stayed with her and will not be charged. another day of graphic testimony and tears at the sex abuse trial of jerry sandusky. one of the prosecution's star
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witnesses takes the stand. details coming your way next. new trouble for george zimmerman, the man charged with killing trayvon martin. his wife arrested in the case with charges she is facing as we continue. [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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day three of testimony in the jerry sandusky child molestation trial. yesterday, mike mcqueary testified he saw sandusky having sex with a 10 to 12-year- old boy in a campus locker room back in 2001. an alleged victim also took the stand and recounted alleged sexual attacks during sleepovers in sandusky's basement. the fate of roger clemens is now in the hands of a jury. the jury met for about 15 minutes after closing arguments wrapped up yesterday. they will resume deliberations today. the prosecuting used closing
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arguments to paint clemens and his wife as liars. he is accused of lying to congress about using performance enhancing drugs. in the trayvon martin case, george disciple are man's wife is now charged with perjury. police arrested shelly disciple are man yesterday. this is pretty much the first time we've seen her since this case broke open. prosecutors say she and her husband lied to the judge about their finances during his bond hearing. she is now out on bond. the judge revoked george zimmerman's bond earlier this month. he remains in jail and is charged with second degree murder in the shooting death of trayvon martin. a name change begins on metro today. what we had line rider will want to look for. and it is bye-bye occupy. more on when and why protesters are leaving a downtown park for good. a know a lot of folks working out there not complaining about that one bit. >> right. shower activity out of here
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trash builds up and can make your dishwasher smell. over time, grease and residue get stuck inside. for an intensive clean, use finish dishwasher cleaner. it's taking out the trash for your dishwasher. new evacuation orders in colorado because of a growing wildfire there. the blaze has grown to 6 # square miles, just about the size of d.c. smoke from the
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fire hung around downtown denver yesterday. that is about 60 miles away. in new mexico, officials expect more homes to burn in the southern part of the state. so far, a wildfire there has destroyed or damaged 224 structures. seems like things are getting worse before they are getting better out there. >> i think the huge about is 10%. we talk about a lot of humidity around there. just the opposite problem there and that is very dry conditions. our conditions are only going to get better from here. a little breezy but lots of sunshine. we got the rain out of here. yeah, nice-looking five-day forecast. a really nice-looking five-day forecast. here are your rain totals from yesterday. 1/4 inch at reagan national a little more than 1/2 at dulles and bwi marshall, about 1/3 inch of rain. we are thankful for all of it but it should be a nice-looking day. not expecting any additional rain today as we're all done
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with it. you can see we've got quiet conditions. we do have a couple of fronts coming through. the first one pushed off the coast and the second one which will bring in the noticeably drier air, that will start to push through this morning. conditions will gradually get better. there is the bigger look. you can see the frontal system that brought us the rain showers pushing off to the east. still some cloud cover lingering southern maryland, lower eastern shore. you will probably wake up to a little cloud cover but i think through d.c. north and west, just sunshine to start your day. it will be a partly sunny day today but it should be beautiful with nice winds here out of the north and west drying things out today. a good-looking day today and a good-looking five-day forecast. current conditions, 70 right now in washington. these temperatures a little more comfortable. 66 in gaithersburg. 66 in manassas.
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6 # in leonardtown. 73 in annapolis. -- 68 in leonardtown. winds out of the north here gusting to about 25. and we'll start clear and get some clouds overnight. tomorrow, 79 with bright su eight, 816789 the weekend looks dry with plenty of sunshine and low humidity. that is what you call a perfect forecast for the middle of june. that is a look at your weather forecast. let's do some traffic and lauren demarco. >> we'll take a live look out there. we had reports of a wreck southbound 95 near route 32. it has cleared out of the way. this is the camera angle right there. you can see everybody is moving at speed. shouldn't be a problem for you
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if you are heading south. no problems on i-95. beltway also running well through montgomery county at this point. let's move on to traffic land. if you are leaving 270 heading out of frederick, no issues for you. got some volume here near 117. no issues as you continue down towards the split towards the beltway on bethesda. making the trip out of manassas. some nice light volume as you head in towards centreville and route 50 and continuing towards the beltway. 95, 395, no real issues to report in virginia as you head northbound. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. etraffic. >> thank you. we are monitoring metro this morning. metro holding a ceremony this morning to officially rename the new york avenue gallaudet u metro station. the are red line station will now be called noma gallaudet u. new signs already show the new name. the old name will show as a secondary name for one year to
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help you during the transition. you remember these images? the occupy d.c. and k street camp grounds downtown. it was once a magnet for the wandering masses in a movement against the rich and powerful. now, they are a thing of the past. we were wondering what is left behind. bob barnard takes a closer look. >> reporter: for the first time in eight months, mcpherson square, just three blocks from the white house, is mostly occupied by pedestrians again. >> it is a great thing. great. it's wonderful. >> reporter: glad to have it back? >> yes, sir. we need it back. the duck are glad to be back. >> reporter: oh, yes, the ducks are glad to be back as well. they called it occupy k street. an entire city block filled with tents and protesters. >> i think it was worth it.
4:50 am
unfortunately, they are humans. they make mistakes. >> reporter: paul soprano says he wasn't an occupier but a sympathizer. >> where are all these people sleeping? >> they go back home. >> reporter: not ohio's ron mihalovich. he is still hungry for a cause. >> there are a lot of powerful people out there that abuse their power for the wrong purposes. >> reporter: ron says he came late to the occupy party, now sticking around mostly to help clean up. >> i feel like it is my part. the city has done a lot for me. just being here, they helped me out. some of this mess is also mine so just trying to do my part. >> reporter: over at freedom plaza arc the occupy d.c. movement is long gone -- over at freedom plaza, the occupy d.c. movement is long gone. >> what was it all about?
4:51 am
>> a seemingly endless protest, mostly peaceful. on december 5th, jackson brown sang for the 99 percenters. >> they just walked away saying why are they here, what do they want? it just seemed to be a pilgrimmable for some folk to come. everybody seemed to have a different agenda. at the end of the day, it solved nothing. >> bob barnard reporting. listen to your dentist. the message on cleaning that could reduce the risk of cancer. getting food before your flight without having to roam the terminal. the app at one airport that is a big help for the lazy traveler. ♪ over the river and down the road ♪ [ female announcer ] at nature valley, we know nature comes together in amazing ways. that's why we bring together natural ingredients, like dark chocolate with toasted oats, or sweet golden honey. perfect combinations of nature's delicious ingredients, from nature valley.
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ate health alert this morning. turns out the more plaque on your teeth and gums the more likely you are to die
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prematurely from cancer. the results didn't examine how dental plaque and the cancer risk may be connected but researchs are believe underlying inflammation may be a common denominator. waiting for a night and being hungry often not a great combination especially if you just don't have time to wander the terminal looking for a bite to eat. now, a new app is letting travelers sit tight at the gate while the food comes to them. fox's sabrina rodriguez takes a closer look from sacramento, california. >> travel can be stressful. you spend time getting into the airport. >> this brings you food right for your gate. it is the only one on the west coast. the food is from two local restaurants, burgers and brew and esquire grill. >> we took a lot of favorite items, put them altogether in one location. >> reporter: here is how it
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works. download the freeh free app, select the terminal, gate delivery or pick-up. choose the gate, the restaurant, the food and you're done. even employees are sold. >> it is for those days when i'm go, go, going. >> reporter: the really cool feature is can customize your order. how you want it cooked, rare, medium rare and just add it to the order. >> for being a nice meal, it comes pretty fast. >> you have to allow us 20 minutes. that is the maximum. >> i predict this will catch o
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sounds great. still ahead, atrip to redskins mini cam. plus the nba's mvp and the leading scorer go head to head. -- still ahead, a trip to redskins mini camp.
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sole a thrilling game last night in oklahoma city. game two will be tomorrow night also in oklahoma city. to the diamond, the nats on the road north of the border taking on the blue jays. we puck things up in the third inning. no score with bryce harper at the plate i don't they know he can hit a fast ball you he has done a nice job of hitting the off-speed. there it goes. right center, see you later. and. >> and there it goes. the kid does it again. bryce harper knocks his seventh
4:59 am
homer of the season to give the nats the one-run lead. the nats beat toronto 4-2. they have now won five straight all on the road and are now 14 games over 500. it is day three of the redskins four-day mandatory mini camp. so far, so good for the team's franchise quarterback. coach shanahan says robert griffin iii is doing everything right. he hasn't missed a workout. he arrives early and stays late and he is a hard worker. as much as rg iii is a runner, there is reason to worry about his safety but it sounds like it is all under control. >> college guys, they try to take you out. it is no different in the pros. just these guys are a lot better at doing what they're trying to do. i'll be smart f i need to slide, i'll slide. if i need to run out of bounds, i'll run out of bounds. but by no means will i


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