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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  June 14, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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ahead at 6:00, it is graduation day at a fairfax county high school but not all of the seniors will be on hand to accept their diplomas. some are banned from the ceremony for pulling a senior traffic. but does the punishment fit the crime? for pulling a senior prank. but does the fun issuement fit the crime. can you tell what this is. local media went crazy overnight. we'll tell you what they really saw. good morning. it is thursday, june 14th. 6:00 in the morning. looks like a nice day out there. who can complain when you've got sunny skies and the weekend is on the way. >> who is going to complain when it is friday eve. our gwen tolbart is in for the
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vacationing tucker barnes. you look lovely today. >> thank you so much, nice to he soo you. >> welcome to 6:00. getting used to it myself. >> we have a few clouds this morning but not a whole lot to. the sun will be out there for sure. the clouds are high. we have a northeasterly flow kicking n a little bit of moisture that will start to scream through and that is where the clouds are coming from. 6 # degrees at reagan national airport. 57% humidity. win are height from the north at 10 miles per hour. our temperatures, 63 at dulles airport. 67 at b wait a minute thurgood marshall. we are talking partly sunny skies. we'll see a few clouds as i mentioned. by midday, we'll be around 77 degrees. by the 50:00 hour, 79. that is my daytime high. it will be mild into tonight and the weekend is looking absolutely fabulous. i'll have the details on that just a little bit later. >> thank you. we'll check in now with
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lauren demarco to see how your 6:00 a.m. commute is going. >> what a great hour. we have the girl power hour here. all right. things are hooking pretty good. no major accidents or incidents. just the volumes starting to build in the usual stretchs. if you are leaving frederick, you will encounter traffic heading southbound on 270. that continues past 109 towards 121 before it does break free. thins look much better continuing down to germantown and rockville. 66 heavy and slow right now through manassas. to the left of your screen, you can see the headlights and that continues through center villain again past route other fair oaks off and on to 123. once you get toward nutley street, you will see the pace improve. no problems to report on the beltway in virginia or in maryland at this time. this is new york avenuen bound at bladensburg. things looking pretty good for you. you will be off and on the brakes. no accidents reported.
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route 50 looks good out of annapolis in towards the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. our top stories this morning, d.c. police are on the hunt for the driver involved in a hit and run that sent an elderly woman and two children to the hospital. this happened yesterday afternoon on kenilworth and eastern avenues in northeast. witnesses say the suspect ran from the scene after crashing into the victim's car. all three victims are suffering from serious injuries. it was another emotional day for those involved in jerry sandusky's child sex abuse trial. yesterday, several witnesses took the stan to testify against penn state's former assistant football coach. one witness who was afester child at the time of the alleged abuse told the court he stayed quiet because sandusky threatened him. another witness said he didn't come forward because he wanted to continue getting tickets to penn state's football games. the trial is expected to resume later this morning. prosecutors could rest their
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case tomorrow. a big local story that we are following now. a senior prank at herndon high school back fires on a tbrowp of students in fairfax county. now, they will miss out on today's graduation. >> the school banned them from the ceremony despite at last- minute appeal. fox 5's sherry ly is live at herndon high school with the details on what happened and why. >> reporter: well, one. students did appeal yesterday to fairfax county schools hoping to lift that graduation ban. he will not able to attend the high school graduation ceremony here for herndon high school because the fairfax county school system decided that the punishment stands. the senior prank was engineered by six students last wednesday to spread baby oil in the hall. chris shoemaker admits bringing the oil to school and now concedes it wasn't wise. no one was hurt but school officials were not amused. three of the students got a three-day suspension but shoemaker and the others got seven days prohibiting them from all school activities including graduation. students at the school were split on whether the00
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underment was too harsh. >> i think it is pretty fair. they did that prank. they knew the consequences. i'm in the surprised that this happened to them. >> it was a stupid prank but i still think they should walk. no one got hurt at all. no one got hurt. >> reporter: shoemaker and hi parents argued during the 09- minute hearing yesterday that one disciplinary action in 13 years of school here should not result in a punishment this harsh and keep him from the graduation ceremony. the school system though did not budge. he so instead, while the rest of the class of 2012 walks across the stage to get their diplomas, shoemaker and the others will get their diplomas privately. that is the latest here in herndon. back to you. ck to you. turning to politics now, york allen who is running for u.s. senate from virginia is getting help from florida senator marco rubio. the two will campaign together
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at a flower shop in arlington later this morning. allen won the republican senate primary on tuesday and faces former virginia governor tim kaine in the november election. we will be speaking with george allen live coming up in the 8:00 hour. phil mendelsohn is the new chairman of the d.c. council. he replaces kwame brown. fox 5 news at 10 talked to the new chairman about restoring the public's confidence. >> the members of the council do care about the city and they also are pretty frustrated with the problems that we've had over the last year. they do want to do better. i think we can. what i intend to do is to try to restore some calmness and get people back together. >> despite a heated debate by
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vincent orange, the council elected michael brown as pro tem. tourists are actually being told to stay away from certain areas of yosemite. we'll tell you why coming up next. a ufo on the beltway? that is what several people reported seeing last night in maryland. so really, what this is? the answer is coming up. 
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a manhunt in buffalo, new york for a trauma surgeon. police are calling dr. timothy jordan a person of interest in the deadly shooting of his ex- girlfriend at a hospital. the victim, a receptionist at erie county medical center, was shot four times in a stairwell. authorities say the suspect is also a former army special forces weapons expert and may be armed and dangerous. falling rocks are forcing the national park service to close parts of yosemite valley for good. today, park officials plan to announce that the 3,000 foot
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tall glacier point is so unstable that some of yosemite valley's most popular lodging areas will have to be closed on a permanent basis. at least 15 people have been hurt and others injured since 157. history in the city by the bay -- since 1857. >> history in the city by the bay. matt cape is the first to though a perfect game for the san francisco giants. did you see it? an unusual object on the beltway had twitter all abuzz. we'll tax a closer look after the break i don't the fierce battle heats up today with a debate that is sure to play a big role in november. why both the president and mitt romney are paying a visit to a critical swing state today. we'll be right back. 
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what it is in people in the area are buzzing about this picture from twitter. it looks like a ufo on the back of a truck. it was on the beltway last night. people would called us say they began seeing it on 270 when they got on the beltway before getting off and heading east on 210. just what was this mysterious object? in the that mysterious. maryland state police say it is a drone aircraft made by north ron grumman. it was being transported it from west virginia to patuxent naval air station in maryland. so mystery solved. >> i could see where, if you didn't know what a drone looked like, you could be fooled. >> would this -- >> you would really think it is a ufo. >> would the government just be driving a ufo on the back? no, it would be all covered up.
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so there is. mystery solved. >> no mystery about the weather. if you hiked yesterday, you will like today. the weekend is looking absolutely spectacular i'm happy to say. i love being the bearer of good news when it comes to the weather. we are starting off with good news about today. a very pleasant thursday is what we've got ahead for you. you're going to really enjoy the conditions today. less humid as well. yesterday, we had a little bit of humidity that built in. today, just a bit but not quite as much. weekend is staying very much calm and temperature are going to stay pretty comfortable for you also. so not bad overall as we put the whole picture together. so as we begin, let's take a look at yesterday's highs. 82degrees at reagan national airport. we hit 08 at dulles. these temperatures pretty close to where they should be. -- we hit 80 at dulles. we don't have any cloud coverage. just a few clouds skirting in but this high clouds. we'll get a little bit of moisture flow kicking in here and that will set us up for
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just a few clouds here and there. 68degrees at reagan national airport. a northeasterly flow which has picked up from last hour to about 12 miles per hour. here is a look at what is going on. we have this system that is off the coast. it will continue to move its way through to the south, not affect us at all. rim of and will build in into the weekend and that will bring us plenty of sunshine for the next few days across our area. just a few clouds today then. we'll head to the upper 70s pretty much everywhere. it will be very police very -- pleasant as we move through into the rest of the day. still a few clouds but it will be mild. here is a look at the five-day forecast. not bad at all. the sunshine sticking around just in time for the wound. >> the roads are good and because we've got the nice weather outside, we do have sky fox joining us this morning. they have headed out to
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ey are flying live over i-95 as you make the trip northbound out of stafford, watch for delays there. this is right near the prince william county parkway so getting heavy here as well on the approach to the occoquan river. once you get past that in toward lorton, thins do seem to break free. you will be off and on the brake through newington and then it looks good through springfield onto 395. not seeing any significant delays on 395 as you head up towards the beltway. take a look at traffic land. we'll see what else we've got going on. 66 pretty ugly already making the trip inbound there to the left of your screen through manassas, heavy and slow, continues through centreville. then on the approach to route 50, you are off and on the brake. we do have volume there plus that sunshine in your eyes. once get towards 123, it does open up. no issues from nutley street in toward the beltway. 270, we have agot some delays out of friend freed -- out of
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fed rick as -- frederick as you head past 109. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. -timetraffic. over to you. >> thank you. there is a rally planned in the district later this morning to defend a d.c. law on hiring local residents. leaders from the district we'll join demonstrators outside the wilson building at 10:00 to defendant hiring law. last euro, convince the gray strengthened the law that requires any construction project funded by the city to hire workers who live in the city. builders filed a lawsuit arguing it is unconstitutional saying the law has not created any jobs to local residents. academic leaders at the university of virginia are fighting to keep their president. this week, the school's board of visitors announced that theresa sullivan would step down in august because of philosophical differences is what they said. thirty-flee faculty member sent a letter to the board asking for a eight we are explanation. the board is holing a meeting
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on monday to discuss the potential candidates for interim president. on the campaign trail, a face-off between president barack obama and mitt romney about how to fix the economy. the two will give major speeches today at nearly the same time from the same battleground state, ohio. >> for the president, the goal is to get above the daily ups and downs and for romney, he will want to talk about the priorities for his first 100 days in office if he is elected. like quicksand, stocks tumble and a positive outlook for gas prices. we'll look at that in our business news. we'll be right back. . add flavor to your day with dunkin's new breakfast burritos, with fire-roasted veggies and delicious steak. try one today.
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i'm drinking dunkin'. i'm drinking dunkin' iced mocha. they make it exactly how i like it. medium, iced, with a turbo shot. french vanilla, hazelnut, caramel -- i love 'em all. they make it perfect every time. america runs on dunkin' coffee. nervous investors on wall street and good news for drivers. grass prices are dipping once
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again. lauren simonetti is live in new york with this morning's business beat. >> good morning. >> it looks like the spanakopita issue downgrade of their debt sort of kicked things off in the negative direction yesterday. >> yeah, that happened late last night and the downgrade basically puts spain just above junk status. not good news. we have rising bond yields in spain as well as italy. as you push close to the 7% level for the 10-year yield, that is the trigger. that will cause the bailout in ireland and portugal and greece. we had a down day yesterday. we are flat to slightly lower this morning. we do get u.s. economic data that could help things if we see another decline in jobless claims. that would be great news. we also get inflation at the consumer level and as everybody knows, gas prices are moving down and that could help out the reading on this cpi, the consumer price index. >> so gas price going down. that is pretty much just a signal that invest ours are seeing slower growth globally?
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>> yes, it is definitely that as well as the fact that we have a lot of supply out there. in vienna today, there is an opec meeting so we are paying attention to all headlines out of that event. if the economy is not doing welsh gas price and oil price typically move downen conway, south carolina, $2.9 # to fill up. can you imagine that i don't think the people there can believe it. they are like lining up around the gas station bringing jugs with them to get extra gas. but the national gas has also moved down just a little bit overnight. $3.53 is your national average. below $3? we haven't seen that. >> this last item, putting a the price tag on the jobs that moms and dads do around the house. >> yeah, if mom was just paid for what she did around the house and taking care of the kids, she would make about $60,000. dad is making more these days,
6:26 am
still a lot less than mom at did $20,250. that is what he would be worth for barbecuing and mowing the lawn and criminal killing the creepy bugs around the house. this study find with the chaining dynamics in the work force and home, dad is doing more, more laundry. >> we like to see that. we like that. thank you so much. >> good to see you. it is the army's birthday today. how it is being celebrated around the d.c. region. >> another sweep to the nationals who are off to the best start in franchise history. dave ross is back with today's big sports headlines next.  do you see it ? there it is ! there it is ! where ? where ?
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happy friday, everybody. congress officially adopted the stars and stripes way back on june 14, 1777. today, is not only flag day but it is also the army's 237th
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birthday. i think that deserves a round of applause. happy birthday. at 9:00 this morning, there is a wreath laying sir moany at arlington national cemetery to honor the army's senior leaders. >> that remind me. i need to get a new flag for the fourth of july. >> can i just say something? i'm too afraid to get a flag. >> you want to get the right one. >> the protocol, making sure it is right. so i honor people who have the diligence. >> someone help allison out. >> too much pressure. happy flag day, everybody. >> definitely. >> wonderful day yesterday. i'm exited about today's forecast. >> today will be great too. we are on a good weather roll so let's not stop it now. i'm going to call in the powerball of weather. winning weather. here is the look at satellite- radar composite. not much to show you a few high clouds across the area. that is about it. just a few high clouds sticking around throughout the course of
6:31 am
the day. yesterday was a great day. 8 # at reagan national airport. # 0-degree at bwi sure good marshall. those temperatures pretty chose to where we should be. it is currently 6 # degrees at national airport. 62 at dulles and 65 in baltimore. we've got a mild start to your day. not looking at very much else changing into the course of the afternoon. a few clouds here and there. we have a northeasterly flow bringing a little bit of moisture in. that is creating the clouds for us. by midday, we'll be at 77 degrees. by the 5:00 hour, exactly where we should be for the daytime high. 79degrees. i'm happy told thank you the weekend is looking fantabulous. an all-good weather day. >> knock on a little bit of -- whatever this material is. >> let's head on over to lauren demarco with a look at the
6:32 am
roads this is our theme song, lauren. >> loving it. i like that we've taken over the studio. even sherry ly is out there in the field. we have sky fox flying over virginia. we were see something delays out of stafford and then again from the prince william county parkway up towards the occoquan. this is in newington. we had reports of a disabled vehicle at the fairfax county parkway that was blocking a lane. they were looking for that. not seeing it quite yet. whether it is still blocking a lane or not, snot sure about that. it is definitely heavy as you head northbound through newington. 395, no real issues to report for you just yet leaving the beltway. we do have slow traffic heading across the 14th street bridge to head into d.c. let's move onto traffic land as you travel the beltway. we'll start off with 66. it remans jammed there leaving manassas as you head towards centreville. here is the beltway. starting to see delays on the outer loop leaving new
6:33 am
hampshire avenue so leaving college park heading into silver spring. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. on-timetraffic. we are following a developing story out of fairfax county where a handful of sers will be missing out on their graduation. >> they have been banned from the ceremony for nearing a senior prank. sherry ly is live at learn ton high school with the details. >> reporter: three of these students will not be part of the graduation ceremony today and instead will be getting their diplomas privately. this is despite an appeal to fairfax county schools to lift that graduation ban. that is the punishment for the senior prank last wednesday at herndon high school. the students spilled baby oil in the hall. chris shoemaker admits it wasn't wise. he got a seven day suspension including that graduation ban. he and his parent appealed to the school system saying the
6:34 am
graduation ban was too stiff for one discipline problem in 13 years of school but the punishment was not reduced. >> i realize now it presented a dangerous situation to a lot of people. it was just a silly mistake, i guess. >> reporter: students at the scholar split on whether this punishment was too harsh. no one was hurt we should mention but the school system is standing by its decision an says the punishment will stand. that that is the latest here in herndon. a fairfax county elementary school teacher is facing pornography charges. 26-year-old robert fenn is charged with 10 counts of possession of child pornography. he is a special education teacher at poplar tree elementary school in chantilly. a fairfax county school spokes person says this was his first
6:35 am
year teaching in the county. fenn was arrested at the school tuesday afternoon. heavy metal band metallica is put south a public service announcement hoping to find the man who murdered one of their fans. morgan harrington disappeared during a concert in charlottesville in october of 2009. >> i guess we'll have more on that in just a little bit. right now, dave ross joining the ladies up here. >> breaking up the. >> breaking up the girl show. >> you mentioned it was at woman show. i'm here. so i'm he representing for tony and tucker today. >> we like that. >> i have a got a question for you. the all-star gape is coming up next month in major league baseball. bryce harper is not on the all- star team because he didn't start the year in the big leagues. he was in exhibition. shouldn't he be on the team in can't we lobby for the commissioner -- allison, you're not sole on that right away.
6:36 am
>> can i say know? >> what? why not? >> too soon. >> really? >> i mean i have for doubt he would slay it. i'm not saying that. but no, let him sit out al sit >> that is just me. just one opinion. >> to me, it is like if it is what the fans want. we want that as nats fans but i guess get your point. some people would think a little bit too much, too soon. >> let him earn it. not to say he hasn't played well. >> not going to bring it up again. the nat are playing really good baseball. this is tyler moore, another rookie not named bryce harper and shattering some windows. going deep twice. we've seen enough out of stephen strasbourg to know he is really good. he better be on the all-star team. his 100th strikeout of the year already. the first pitcher in the majors to do it. the nats win again.
6:37 am
they go on the road and win all six games. this now 15 game over 500. incredible and just percentage points behind the dodgers for the best team in all of baseball. late last night in san francisco, we had some tram -- some drama, aidies. >> this is matt kaine. we have the got two down. it has never happened in the history of san francisco baseball could they finally get a perfect game? well, they can. it's dicey. the throw. got it right there. we have history at san francisco. congratulation to matt kaine and his wife. everybody pretty happy with that. >> right. >> we have a lot going out there in ashburn, virginia. the redskins have their final day today of mini camp. but it is closed to the media.
6:38 am
we can't go. they've barred us an everything else for their last day. they want a little privacy. we were out there yesterday and what we did see was the return of leonard henkerson. he had the hip issue. 85 says don't worry. ill abe just fine. take a listen. >> -- i'll be just fine. take a listen. trust me. he said a lot of things. >> i want to be out here. i want to do stuff. today, it was very tough for me sitting on the sideline knowing it is the last practice until five, six weeks from now. very frustrating. i want to compete with the guys, having fun, running around stuff like that but i can't. i just got to continue rehabbing and continue to get better. >> patience is the key here with these young guys. when you get some of these guys off injuries as a rookie, they've still got to learn that
6:39 am
playbook too. he is a guy that, if they get him back and healthy and that hip is okay, could be a big difference for rg iii. >> i got to be honest, i don't rob him. >> he was starting to make strides and then he hurt his hip. he has huge hands. they need a guy that can go over the middle. >> let's hope he gets some name recognition this year. >> i think he will. later, we'll go out and talk to walt williams in the 9:00 hour. >> looking forward to it. >> think about bryce harp he were for the all-star game. just think about it. >> i'm not saying he wouldn't kill it. >> i know you're not. the allegation that just won't go away. new doping charges against lapse armstrong. >> it is day four of the jerry sandusky trial. new details about when the prosecution is expected to wrap up its case against the former penn state assistant football coach. several pools in the tease region. we'll be trying for a new
6:40 am
guiness world record today. we'll explain that. >> i should have given you that one to read. you're up here. >> i could have read that one. -- several pools in the d.c. region. [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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the jerry nods child molestation trial making heads lines once again today. prosecutors appear to be winding down their case. the judge says the state could rest by the end of the day tomorrow. so far, five of the former penn state assistant coaches accusers have testified. one said he stayed quiet about at bruce so he could keep attending penn state football games. the u.s. antidoping agency filed formal charges against seven-time tour de france champion lance armstrong. the agency accuses armstrong of using a blood booster called epo and blood transfusions as well as performance enhancing drugs. as a result of the allegations, article strong is now banned from competing in fry athlons. he took up the sport after
6:44 am
retiring from bicycling. armstrong denies the new charges. firefighters out west continue to struggle to get a hand on the wildfire burning in colorado. right now, it is only 10% contained. they could get more help now that president obama authorized the forest service to start contracting air tankers to fight fires. the hyde park fire that began saturday has now grown to at least 73 square miles. amazing. i guess dry conditions out there just make everything go up like tinder. >> we're doing pretty good here. we've had our fair share of rain recently. not today. we have a really nice day on tap. let's begin with a look at our weather maps and show you what we can expect as you head into a little bit of a start before the weekend. it is not all bad out there at all. we've got at least no clouds on the satellite-radar composite at all which will be really nice and temperatures will be pretty good as well. so as i said, just a few high
6:45 am
clouds out there but really not a whole lot to be concerned with at all. that ridge of high pressure is going to hold instead. there is a system off the coast. what we'll see is the northeast material flow and that bit of mime moisture is what will continue to bring the clouds across. there won't be very many clouds. lots of sunshine. yesterday's highs, 82 degrees at reagan national airport. 80 at dulles. these temperatures pretty close to where we should be. it is currently 6 # degrees already at reagan national airport. already mild this morning. 62 at dulles. -- it is currently 68 degrees at reagan national airport. 52degrees at winchester. martinsburg at 60. 65 for fredericksburg. 61 at gaithersburg. and annapolis, 71 degrees but hagerstown is a little cooler at 57 degrees. so we have a system that is off the coast. really not doing anything. it will continue to move its way to the south.
6:46 am
ridge of high pressure to the north will be holding steady with a ridge of high pressure as we move through into the weekend. a mixtureen sun and clouds today. very few clouds. it will be pleasant before it is all said and done. for today, our high will be 79 degrees. northeasterly flow five to 10 miles per hour. here is a look at your day planner. by midday, we'll be about 77 degrees. not all bad and the five-day forecast is looking absolutely fabulous. take a look at this. we head into the weekend with plenty of sunshine. it stick around right through to the beginning of the week not all bad at all. we are actually looking at temperatures continuing to stay close to seasonal so it will be comfortable. today, the humidity not quite as bad as it was yesterday so it will be kind of a different day for you. so hopefully, you will get outside and enjoy t now, it is that special time where it is ask the weather guys. except the weather guys are not here. i am here so it is the ask the weather woman. >> there you are.
6:47 am
there is your normal sized head. >> we are here to answer your most pressing questions, weather-related or otherwise. today's question comes from pat is that shaap. sorry if i'm note pronouncing your name correctly. she writes in, when i was a kid in the 1950s, we saw the phenomenon called the northern lights for several nights. under what conditions could this occur in the area again? we looked up the answers for you. and in october 2011, there were several sightings in maryland and virginia and it was actually what they called the heating up of the solar atmosphere and what we call a solar flare across the area. this is not the best place to be able to see those lights. it is actually the north north you go, the more you will be able to get to enjoy them and also places such as finland, sweden, norway. also canada is one of those places where you could see them and alaska. and they are actually called
6:48 am
the aurora borealis named after the roman goddess of dawn. seen mainly in the western areas away from light solution and they are caused when particles hit the magnetic field of thering and emit radiation. sometime they last a few minutes or a few hours and sometimes you might just see an illumination in the northern horizon as a greenish glow and sometimes it is a faint red as if the sun were rising from an unusual direction, it says. they can change within second or just glow as i said, unchanging for hours. there are companies that do tours, cruise tours that you can see the northern lights and get to enjoy it up near alaska. there is a southern lights as well in australia. so i found that a pretty interesting fact when i was doing some research here butt best locations are around the
6:49 am
magnet you can north and as i mentioned, norway, parts of canada, greenland, yellowknife, fairbanks, alaska. >> might we see if t. in our area? >> it may not happen, maybe in another 11 years or so. so possibly by the time we hit 2022. >> it is solar activity? >> it is. and mostly around when they have the eke win objections. we are talking twice a year around march 20th and september 22nd when the tilt of the earth's axis is incleaned neither away or towards the sun. so pat might see it again. >> 2022, keep your eyes to the skies. or go to a northern cruise to
6:50 am
alaska. >> if you have a question for tony or tucker or when i'm here as the weather woman, you just have to go to our web site and click on the ask the weather guy tab. go to and click on the weather tab. we'll be happy to we are your questions and do all this great research and come up with the answers that will satisfy everybody hopefully. >> very good job, gwen. >> the weather guys will be proud. >> let's check in once again with lauren demarco when is a bit of a bright light this morning as well. >> thank you. i have aseen the video of the northern lights t must be just breath taking to see it in person. things are looking okay on the roads. we do have volumes starting to build. sky fox flying over 395 now where we are seeing things begin to slow leaving the beltway. the mop lane there in the center of the screen and to the left, you see the hovs running northbound where you will see everything running pretty smoothly. it is the main lain lanes where you will be off and on the brake leaving the beltway.
6:51 am
14th street bridge getting a bit heavy. moving onto traffic land, if you are traveling northbound 95, we did have reports of some delays through stafford. thins hocking okay right here in lakeshore don but you would be off and on the brake through newington as you head up towards spring field. traveling the beltway, no issues to report other than maybe a little bit of volume in montgomery county. in virginia, you are looking very good. no problems crossing the american legion bridge. 66 has remained damp inbond through manassas. here you are on the beltway. let's move on to waze. someone did report a minor accident. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic. here is another way to enjoy the nice weather today. congresswoman eleanor holmes
6:52 am
norton is kicking off the music on the mall series today. >> the first artist to perform is a vile inist from d.c. the music on the maul brings local music groups to the mall at lunchtime every tuesday this month and every tuesday and thursday in july. >> how nice is that program. today, more than 24 nations including the united states will participate in the guiness world record world largest swim lesson. drowning is the leading cause of injury related death for young children so the lessons are intended to prevent accidents and help save lives. swim and sports clubs in gaithersburg, mclean and brambleton. nothing could stop a california usa from walking on graduation day, not even a car crash. >> instead of heading to the hospital, he ran more than a
6:53 am
mile to get his diploma. ashley richey talks to this determined student. >> glass ever. where my leg was trapped. i couldn't get it out. >> this was not the way central high senior mark martinez pictured his graduation day. >> freshman and solve pore years were weren't the greatest years. junior and senior year, i had to turn it around. >> last wednesday, he hopped in a car with three of his best buddies and off they went. >> we were driving already. we were going on a one-way street. we got hit from the side and we spun out. he were against the wall to the overpass. so if we would have got hit a little bit harder, we would have flew over the overpass and ended up on the freeway. i had a couple of cuts on moi hand, high ear was sliced. >> reporter: but by this time, it was after 6:00 and graduation had already started. martin's parents had gotten here. the the paramedics said he couldn't leave with them in the
6:54 am
car until he went to the hospital and got checked out. >> eth are i went to the hospital are i went to my graduation i wasn't going to let an accident stop me from getting to my graduation. >> reporter: it wasn't i quick tip. cut up and bloody, he jogged by amile and a half to the arena making it just in time to graduate. >> family that i hardly see, they were there and i was like i have to pull through for them. >> here we are sitting down waiting and i guess this call and i am just like okay, we weren't sure for he is okay. she kept saying he is not going to the hospital but he is bleeding a lot. >> reporter: once martin got there, he didn't forget his friends. >> i ended up talking to one of thed advisors an asked them if they could say their names right after mine. i went up, shook their and and they said hair three names right after that. it was so overwhelming, i wanted to cry. >> reporter: martin says the detour to his diploma was worth
6:55 am
it. >> i did all this for my high school graduationful i got to do whatever i have to do for my college graduation. >> he hopes that graduation run as you little smoother. >> up next, an adorable case of money see, monkey do. you just have to see t. >> a look at today's facebook fan. day. we'll be right back after the break. [ jim ] this seal verifies we feed my fresh all-natural chickens an all-vegetarian diet including corn, soybeans, and marigolds. no animal by-products. no meat and bone meal. when you put my chicken on the table, you know where it came from.
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that i put on my children's plate. that's why we use all-white meat, breading that is whole grain with omega-3 and no preservatives. it is my goal to make the highest quality, best-tasting nugget on the market. i want consumers to go, "dang, that's a good nugget." time to say hello to our facebook fan of the day. we say hello to isaac cologne. he wakes up at 5:30 and loves watching tucker and tony who happen to be off this morning but we think we are adequate sub stewarts you, isaac. take a look at this now. six months old preston little caught the eye of two-year-old
6:59 am
mabusu, the chimp at a kansas zoo. the two began playing a game of copy cat. can,of course, it was all caught on the cell phone video of his mom. coming up now, just days to go before the end of school and two big stories from the classroom. one, a local teacher is arrested on child porn charges. where he taught is coming up. and several seniors, including this honor student won't be walking across the stage today's graduation. a prank that will keep them from graduation at fairfax county schools. officials not backing down a bit. but is the punishment too harsh? fresh off a big


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