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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  June 14, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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story. john? >> reporter: it was a ufo all right, an unidentified flatbed object. flatbed because it was on the back of a flatbed truck. someone nabbed photos and the twitter verse briefly went nuts. unlike the old ufos, the ufo that cruised down on wednesday night came on the back of a flat bed truck and looked like a flying saucer. people snapped camera phone photos and the twitter verse exploded with speculation. somebody concernd called police. >> and what does it look like? >> and what does that look like? >> a ufo. i don't know. i don't see many ufos. >> and does that look like a martian type of thing or a spaceship? >> yeah. yeah. >> this is odd and shouldn't be
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on twitter now. >> can't get on twitter. >> all right. i mean i got a little worried. >>reporter: the. >> reporter: it turns out the mysterious object on the truck was a flying object, an experimental unmanned aircraft called the x-47-b. we spoke by phone with brookes mckinney from north run grumman who confirmed the drone is somewhat saucer like because it was designed to fly without a tail. >> and that is a shape. >> reporter: the spacey looking thing on the truck wednesday night is one of two x-47-bs that are delivered to patuxent naval air station. they're being tested there before further testing aboard aircraft carriers. and why not fly the drones? northrup-grumman said the faa is not yet keen on
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transcontinental unmanned flights. besides, the manufacturer said, trucking the spacingy aircraft was cheaper. >> flying might get people talking as well. i am curious what those particular aircraft are designed for? >> dual use. you can use them for surveillance of the enemy or weaponnized. they can deliver bombs or shooting. and that is like a jet without a pilot that goes on and on and on. on the aircraft carrier, different guys use the joy stick. >> and that is interesting. >> thank you, john ren he -- henrehan. and following a developing story in a string of decades old cold cases. the police linked the man dubbed the potomac river rapist to another crime and he chris crossed the district since 1991, attacking unsuspecting women and paul wagner has more. >> reporter: the new development is a case from 1996
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and that is dna linked to the man. let's be clear here and there is no evidence he has struck or raped or attacked another woman in 14 years. the last known attack was the attack of christine merzaion, an intern walking through georgetown in the summer of 1998, and he was attacked and dragged into the woods and raped and bludgeoned. the police know there are continue a -- 10 attacks linked together through dna. this is something the police put out today. this is the composite sketch from when christine merzion was murdered in 1998. and this is the sketch of the suspect in the rape from no one 96. what we know is that after a blitz by authorities trying to capture the rapist, they put together a website and we have video of it here.
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a woman came forward to say she thought that she thought the same man raped her. the police listend to the her story and went and found the dna evidence. they put it into the national dna data bank and compared it to the evidence they had and a match came through. what is this going to do? and that is giving them additional information to go through because they now know that some this man was preying on women within two miles of each other in the palisades area of d.c. and in to georgetown in the two-year span there. a bolt incident happened on a saturday night in the summer. the latest case we're aware of and this woman was walking down macarthur boulevard, attached and dragged into the woods and raped. two years letter, christy was attacked in georgetown along canal road. awhile ago, they came together for a news conference and the fbi, the detectives that were
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investigating the case and d.c. police chief cathy lanier. chief lanier described what the man looks like. >> in 1996 assault, the subject is described as a black or black hispanic male with light to medium complexion and high cheek bones. throughout the entire investigation, he's described as being 5'8" to six foot tall with a muscular build, especially in his upper body. the individual was in his late 20s to early 30s at the time and he was wearing a polo-type shirt and acky pants. >> -- and khaki pants. >> he was prolific, attacking as many as four times and there is no evidence he attacked any women since 1998. laura? >> and thank you very much. the owner of a popular d.c. deli found murdered in her shot this morning. she was discovered inside of grace deli around 630 teal.
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she was shot once in the neck and they believe that robbery is the motive. the family said she would go to the deli by herself to open up around 5 or 530time in the morning and her husband said he warned her it was dangerous. >> and in the morning. look at them and look at them. >> i think it's hard for myself and my wife because we're expecting our first grandchild and show will miss the birth. >> the family tells us that limb was going to retire next year and show would have been 65 next month. the police are searching for the suspect involved in a hit-and-run in northeast. happened yesterday afternoon in kennelworth and eastern avenues. an infant, child and elderly woman went to the hospital with serious injuries. the witnesses say the suspect clashd into the victim's car and ran away and anyone with
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information, call police. monica lewinskyitoring metro tonight and we know about the accident that serious leinjured a metro rail employee. and the safety committee briefed by transit managers and they were told the mechanic was, quote, looking down as he walked into the train wash area. at the same time, a train was entering the facility and managers say in the future when they to be washed, the doors into the facilities will be locked and the injured mechanic remains hospitalized in critical and stable condition. straight ahead, a warning for jeep owners. a massive recall expands. who is at risk. sue. and another beautiful day here and some clouds and managed to dodge sprinkles or showers. i will let you know how things are looking into the weekend. the father's day weekend around the corner. the full forecast is on the way. and if you have a story, call the tip line or e-mail us
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at ox5ti
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. d.c. has taken the first steps to recover money stolen by city employees. the city's general filed lawsuits against 16 current and former workers. an odd it found the employees were getting unemployment benefits from the city while working and that said workers pocketed 13,000 to $14,000 each. some were disciplined and others terminated. it would provide d.c. schools a financial shot in the arm and gray and henderson announced that the city will receive $10 million in grant money from a program known as proving what is possible. 108 schools in the city applied for the grants and more than half of them will receive the money. >> 88% of the schools receiving funding plan to infuse
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technology into their instructions and through this grant. and 85% of the funding will go to the 40 lowest performing schools. >> and federal safety regulators expanded a jeep recall. the national transportation safety board added that cherokee and liberty models to a list of cars prone to catch fire. 2.2million grand cherokees have already been pulled off of the road and that probe started two years ago when investigators found gas tanks damaged in rear crash and could ignite causing a fire. 5.1million cars are now affected. and still ahead on the news edge six, raising the stakes. how the national harbor could be on the way to becoming a high-end world-class destination. and it's the it destination for
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celebrities. some hollywood stars fly in to town on a brand new flight. how can you get on board. and a vancouver photographer looking at barbie's marriage to ken. this is called in the doll house and paints a loveless marriage between the two and shows barbie always annoyed with ken and ken is self- centered. the artist said that he came up with the idea while watching her daughter play with the dolls. she insists it's just a joke and all relationships are imperfectly perfect. tly perfec
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. the raging wildfires out west are devouring acres of land. nearly 50,000 acres have burned in colorado alone and the fire is 10% contained. firefighters are attacking the
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flames from the ground and the air. and as fox news dan springer tells us, crews hope relief will come soon. >> reporter: the high park fire 15 miles west of ft. collins, has burned 73 square miles, destroyed more than 100 structures and forced hundreds of people from their homes. >> there is 10 of us, 11 of us, actually. we know all of our houses are gone. the only thing we have is each other, you know, to hold on to. >> reporter: 75% of the fire is burning on private land, 25% on national forest. last night, it grow another 3,000 acres. most of the eastern part of the high park fire are under control and residents are back into their homes. the burnout efforts in the southern part of the wild fire are working well. >> they're working hard and have a lot of success in terms of saving residences and structure. that is a win. >> reporter: many are not sure if their homes are standing. >> and it's still an active burn area and this is like they
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can't into an affective assessment. by the time they talk about, that it could be gone. >> reporter: and western and nowhere parts of the fire are not contained and there are reports that smoke is blowing into wyoming. >> you couldn't fight a fire and that is too far spread. the terrain is rough. >> reporter: the fire which started on saturday from a lightning strike cost more than $3 million to feet and is no the third largest fire in colorado history. and near fort collins, dan springer, fox news. >>. a las vegas casino is up in the air. maryland house speaker michael bush held talks with representatives from mg musk. they showed interest in developing a hotel and casino at national harbor. a legislative group is trying to decide whether to call the general assembly into a special session next month to discuss whether to expand gambling and perhaps the national harbor. and if you want to travel
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out west, you have another option. american airlines is the latest carrier to offer non-stop service from reagan to los angeles. representatives were on hand at reagan national to kick off the new service and recently, congress approved and president obama signed into law legislation that eases flight restrictions at reagan and that allowed american to expand service there. a beautiful day in the air, to. >> you don't want to fly out of d.c. and that is some nice weather there. >> you don't. >> and nice humidity, too. >> and that is gan. >> yeah. >> and the opportunity temperature, 58 and dropping into the 50s again. and there are a few clouds around and there is some more east of the city. a bit of a northeast wind flow and spectacular and there is no complaints and there might be one shower around the annapolis area and that is about it and
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that is pretty. today's temperature, believe it or not, even with the eastern component and that is on up to 82 degrees and that is 2 degrees below average and heading for the 50s in the suburbs overnight, low 60s in the district and like last night. friday looks terrific and with some low humidity and this is into father's day weekend and the temperatures warming up into the weekend and from about tuesday o looks like the heat is back on above 90 and the humidity with it and this is some good stuff to soak up and that temperature, 82 degrees and 77 for a lot of spots. winchester, 75; monasses, dulles and annapolis and gaithersburg coming in at the 77 degrees number and overnight, some 50s and a lot of low 60s and quantico, 70;
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gaithersburg, 59; hagerstown, a low temperature of 62 overnight and that is comfortable. we have had a northeast wind building up a few clouds here and there is the -- and there might be some clouds, coming from this area of disturbed weather that is going to spin to the south and there is an edge of the cloud cover that is clipping us. more showers and storms for florida and they getting a soaking and the line of severe weather with that storm system that is going to move into canada and trailing with some thunderstorms and some severe weather reports and for us, mostly fair skies and cooler in the suburbs, 64 degrees and that east wind continues and the temperatures are comfortable like today, as a matter of fact and on up to 81 degrees with a mix of clouds and sun and at 8 in the morning, expect the temperature
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of 69 with some clouds and nice at the noon hour. by 5:00, under partly cloudy skies and dry skies, the temperatures should be 80 and this is what is happening tomorrow. we still have the northeast component to the wind circulating around that high and that is a dry day for us and into that weekend, winds are warmer and not hot as it could be for the middle of june and into that weekend for father's day. we'll add's few degrees on top of that and tomorrow, going for 81 degrees and with quantico, 82; annapolis and leonardtown, 78 degrees and this is that snapshot for the weekend. saturday, 81; sunday, 83 and should be a great day and last stop here, looks like you're going to be in great shape, too and that is some water warming up. the temperature is cooler and
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that is going to be out and make sure there is plenty of sunscreen. not much to worry about and that is looking like it's completely dry, a spotty storm on tuesday as temperatures climb to about 87 degrees and that is a nice round of weather for us, laura. >> i hope this doesn't set us up for a scorcher in july. >> always seems like feedback. >> exactly. >> we'll take the good stuff while we can. >> exactly. thank you very much, sue. the nats face the franchise and taking over the nats park. >> and just in time for dinner, listen to this one. a pricy pizza and hold the anchovies and bring out the bank card. a vancouver restaurant is offering pizza with lobster and caviar for $450. and that is all? >> that is all. >> that is a bargain. >> i know. >> it's carb free. not really. >> a delectable dish adorned
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with a generous amount of the expensive ingredients. it does have to be ordered a day in advance and you have to plan ahead. the chef said the pizza makes a culinary statement. >> uh-huh. >> uh-huh.
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. good evening, from nationals park. i'm lindsay murphy. the team is idle and deserve a break. 15 games over 500 still if first place. a 4 1/2-game cushion over the mets. the team is here and there is one good reason. to support their friend and teammate, ryan zimmerman. a night at the park, a foundation benefit and all proceeds going toward research and finding a cure for multiple sclerosis, a disease that zim's mother was diagnosed with in 1995. there will be a silence and live auction as well as a live concert and that is courtesy of
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the band's gustier n. two years, the band raised over $400,000 ryan appreciates all of the support from the community he has now adopted. >> this community, i think, i consider where i am from now. i am from virginia beach but i have been here almost 10 years now. to be a part of the community and come on out and support something like this means a lot to me. >> and tiger woods didn't disappoint at the first round of the u.s. open; however, his playmates, they did and mcelson with a 6 over 6 and let's check out the day's action and with that tiger woods, the 14th of the day and gets the birdie putt to fall and drops him to 1- under the first time all day. the next hole, tiger and he's a long way away but his ball picks up speed and breaks right and slams into the cup for another birdie. tyinger can finally exhale and finishes with a 1-under 69, the first under-par first round in
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a decade and 53-year-old michael allen is a member of the olympic club. the second shot, an 8-iron from 145 yards out and falls for the eagle, the shot of the day. he shot an even par 70 and michael thompson, the runner-up on this course five years ago, he carts a 4-under 66 with a birdie on that ape and is your clubhouse leader. the redskins scheduled beginning on may 4th came to an end. the team with 10otas from may 21st to june 7th and this past week with a mandatory minicamp and this offseason is one of the most productive in his brief tenure. >> and key haven't had a chance to do that. to get to learn the system and other the last four weeks with two weeks and three days, and
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with some otas and this week with the minicamps. the week before with four days and that is a big plus for us and we got a lot done and hopefully with that five-week vacation, they'll be ready to go. >> don't forget game two, the heat and thunder, the thunder leading that one. back to the studio. >> enjoy being in the park. thank you very much, now you have the news edge. the news is always on and keep it here. tmz on tv is coming up next. mi we'll see you at 10. at 10.
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