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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  June 15, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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girls. here they are with their dad, my husband, mark. coming up, i am getting his take on this special day. they love him so much. what is the secret? hopefully he can help somebody else. >> you can ask me, too. i have a little son. >> yes, but he has fur and it's different. >> it's a dog. let's check weather. >> i'm not even going to go there. >> that's safe. >> i met lexi. he's a cute dog. we have plenty of nice weather today for our viewers out there. hopefully you can enjoy it. ridge of high pressure in control. a few clouds. more sun than clouds. and that will make it very nice. temperatures will be close to seasonal. here's where we were yesterday. 83 at reagan. 81 at dulles. 82 at bwi thurgood marshall. currently 69 degrees now at reagan. humidity at 70%. you may feel the humidity a
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little more into the afternoon when our air temperature starts to rise. be prepared for that. currently 67 at dulles and 68 at bwi thurgood marshall airport. here's a look at your day planner, midday about 78 degrees. 80 by 5:00. our daytime high is going to be about 81 degrees. in our neighborhoods, temperatures will pretty much be into the low 80s everywhere. the weekend is looking absolutely great. i'm happy to say we'll be set for father's day. we'll have a ridge of high pressure that will continue to be in control. plenty of sunshine. dry conditions and those temperatures as well will the more details and a look at the five-day forecast later. back to you. thanks, gwen. new, the maryland man who spent months jailed in aruba following the disappearance of robyn gardner has filed a lawsuit against a chicago based insurance company. he claims he paid the premiums
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on the policy, but says the insurance company failed to pay the benefited on her life. he is seeking $3.5 million. gardener has been missing since august. he claims she drowned while snorkeling. the search is on for a suspect accused of shooting and killing the owner of a popular neighborhood deli in northeast. june lim was her name. she was found dead inside grace deli thursday morning, shot in the neck. police believe the 64-year-old was the victim of robbery. some of her customers are planning to hold a vigil in front of the store about noon today. they're hoping to uncover clues that will help catch the killer. take a good look at this picture on the screen. police in prince george's county need your help finding this man. they say he assaulted a 15-year- old girl in temple hills tuesday night. she was reportedly walking with her older sister when the guy came up from behind, forced them into the woods. this took place near easy
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street and kingston drive. the older sister knocked him to the ground and he took off. police looking for help here. a new sex assault case in the district is linked to a serial rapist. police and the fbi say the new assault has been linked to a man already connected to a series of rapes in our area, as well as a murder. last year the fbi started a public awareness campaign to try to drum up tips on the suspect. he's been linked to nine attacks between 1991 and 1998. a break in the sandusky trial. testimony continues monday. prosecution set to be close to wrapping up their case, after three more accusers testified yesterday. one said he thought sandusky's basement was sound proof because no one heard him scream
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when he was assaulted. the former penn state football coach is accused of molesting 10 boys. the defense claims the accusers have financial motives. the family of the late penn state football coach joe paterno is releasing his will. it shows his wife sue will get most of his property. the will set up a trust for the rhett of the estate. he passed away in january from lung cancer. his will was supposed to be sealed, but the family released it, saying they wanted to assure transparence i. huguely's attorneys say he can't get a fair trial. back in february, he was convicted of killing yeardly love in may of 2010. love was his ex-girlfriend and a fellow lacrosse player. onto lighter news perhaps.
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almost a sure bet, get it, bet? talking about casinos now, there is a possible deal, you heard it here, possibly that mgm may build a casino at the national harbor. >> announcement is scheduled in about two hours where mgm officials are meeting with the governor and state lawmakers today. sherri ly is live with the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, allison, good morning, will. everything now seems to be coming together at the right time for mgm. the company knows this empty lot here overlooking the water front at national harbor is a prime piece of real estate with a casino, with access to millions of potential customers and now it appears mgm and national harbor will soon have a deal. the site is called the plateau at national harbor. the developer, the peterson company, is holding a press conference at 11:15 to make
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what it calls a significant announcement. mgm has said it's very interested in building a casino here and it's watching developments closely. governor o'malley has indicated he would call a special session in july if there was a consensus for lawmakers to pass legislation that would allow another casino in the state as well as table gaming. now it looks like that may happen and prince george's county executive likes the possibilities. >> we want a destination resort for prince george's county, because that's where we'll have the economic benefit. i think this speaks well of it, so we're excited. >> reporter: an agreement between national harbor and mgm is a major step. but getting state lawmakers on board is not necessarily a sure thing. legislation that was backed in the senate failed during the regular session. so now they will have to go back to that special session. however, you would expect that mgm and national harbor would not be announcing a deal at this point, unless the odds looked very good.
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that's the latest here, back to you. thank you, sherri ly. >> president obama had a busy day on the campaign trail yesterday, and ended the day with a fundraiser at the home of jessica sarah parker. as doug luzader explains, the president pulled in a lot of money for his campaign. >> reporter: 50 people forked over collective $2 million last night. this is about as close as you could get to president obama last night, unless you were willing to pay $40,000 a piece to attend the dinner at sarah jessica parker's manhattan home. >> the president was on my street. that's cool. >> reporter: cool for the president, too, who was capping off a long day campaigning. in ohio it was all about the economy and attacking republicans. >> roll back regulations designed to protect consumers and workers, they promise to
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not only keep all of the bush tax cuts in place, but add another $5 trillion in tax cuts on top of that. >> reporter: the president didn't outline new proposals in cleveland, but he did speak for 54 minutes. mitt romney tried to steal some of his thunder with his own event in cincinnati, saying the president's policies were following the path of europe. >> actions speaks very loud. if you want to see the results of his economic policies, look around ohio, look around the country and you'll see a lot of people are hurting. >> reporter: today romney will launch a bus tour of important swing states, six of them, over the next five days. the democratic party is looking closely at that itinerary. they'll have their own bus following romney every step of the way. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. the pilot whose spy plane was shot down over the former soviet union in 1960 will be
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honored today. captain francis gary powers will be awarded the silver star at the pentagon this morning. the award is a late honor for powers, who spent two years in a soviet prison. later this morning, an american air force pilot shot down during the vietnam war in 1966 will be buried at arlington national cemetery. lieutenant colonel wallings' remains were recently found and identified. family and friend are in d.c. for this funeral set for 11:15. also will be an air force fly by in honor of lieutenant colonel walling. massive wildfire in colorado is forcing more people from their homes. it's all smoke and flames behind me here. last night it jumped a river sparking new evacuation orders affecting about 80 homes. more than 1300 firefighters and several aircraft are battling
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the blaze. the fire considered just 15% contained now. the blaze is the third largest wildfire in the state's history. coming up, game time 7:05 tonight for the nationals, who are red hot right now. >> yeah. talk about hot. 15 games over .500, and now a six-game winning streak. yes, for the nats! what do the nats think? i'm sitting down with a member of the owner's family and one of the big bosses running the nats' operation. more on the red hot nats, hear that, and their dream gala this weekend. we'll be right back.   
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no game last night for our first place nats, and that paved the way for ryan zimmerman to hold his third annual night at the park.
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in two years, it's hard to raise money in washington these days with the economy, two years he has raised $400,000 for multiple sclerosis. incredible. it's only june and the team is off to its best start in franchise history. can i say it again? best start. let's talk about some of that success with two people definitely in the know. nats' chief operating officer is here, and marla learner tannenbaum, part of the owner's family and dream foundation. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> the learner family, this must be so exciting for an owner's family. >> you know, we're cherishing this time, i have to say. >> come on, can i get some excitement here? >> you know, it's a roller coaster with a baseball team. >> sure. >> it's a marathon every season. i think at this point, after about six years, we really
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appreciate the roller coaster aspect of it. since we've been down, we really appreciate the up. >> are you sort of cautiously optimistic? almost don't want to celebrate too much. >> very much. i think after six years in baseball i've become somewhat superstition, so i don't like to talk about what happens in october or anything like that. >> superstition and baseball seem to go hand in hand, don't they? andy, let me talk about the bottom line. the team doing this well, must be great for attendance and merchandizing. talk about that. >> we've always said it's about the fans and the fans in washington have responded like no city i've ever been. up 30% in attendance. full house this weekend. we've had 10 dates where we've been over 35,000 in the park. it's an exciting time to be around the nationals. >> here's a live look now. >> people are probably starting to line up for this weekend now. by the way, get there early tonight. we have bp starting at 4:30. want to see bryce harper, we're
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going to open up the left hand seats. he'll hit shots in. get out there early. >> fantastic. i'm going to talk about the series with the yankees in just a moment. but let's talk about bryce harper. few phenoms live up to all the hype. the youngest baseball player on the cover of "sports illustrated." you got him. started him out in aaa. what do you make of this? >> i think he's got maturity beyond his years. on the cover of sport illustrated at 16 years old. when you're around him and see how hard he works, people see him showing up at the park. he's in the weight room, taking extra bp. he enjoys that process i think more than any other player i've been around. and i think that work ethic and passion for the game translates to wholes and -- who he is and
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what you see. >> i read a quote in the paper this morning, and a number of people can do what he's doing physically, but mentally, way beyond his 19 years. i have a 19-year-old boy. he's come prepared to the major leagues. something he's been thinking for a long time. >> does your 19-year-old play? >> no, he does not play. he sails. >> no pressure then. let me ask you with strasburg. there's a fear he could reinjure his arm. worried about that? >> i'm not worried about that. they have a plan for steven and going to stick to it. no indication we should be concerned. >> two final questions, first the series with the yankees starts tonight. as you were saying, andy, it really starts long before for the fans. >> you talk about the yankees. nationals playing this weekend.
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the start of the season everyone is talking about the yankees are coming to town. what are we talking about now nationally? let's check out harper, strasburg. >> great place to be. >> the conversation is people are coming to see harper, strasburg. happens to be the yankees are our foil this weekend. >> i'm so happy for you, someone leading the team. and you are leading the team behind the scenes with the nats dream foundation. talk about that and the gala tomorrow. >> i guess that's the reason i'm here. we have a gala tomorrow night, which we're sold out. you can check out our work at back slash dream. the city of washington is our partner in this. it's going to be a year-round
9:19 am
after school enrichment effort with baseball and softball to bring kids in. three fields and 18,000 square foot academy building. >> web site where people can find out more? >> again, back slash dream. >> we're going to post it on our web site,, so people can learn more about the good work you're doing. when you sell out an event like you did tomorrow night, you know people are listening. >> we need help. >> congratulations to both of you. fingers crossed for the nats tonight. it begins the series with the yankees. >> see you at the ballpark tonight. >> i'm not sure about that, but if that's an invitation, let me think about that. maybe i can get the good seats. >> standing room only seats available. >> thanks so much, will. comingman who has renewed hope thanks to our house. gwen will introduce us to him. first, let's check back in with our annie yu.
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>> reporter: hey, allison. we're here live at budds creek raceway. , where they're gearing up for this big championship coming up tomorrow. among the racers the joe gibbs motor cross racing team. stay with us on fox 5 morning news. 
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with backgrounds of abuse, abandonment, a men in our area have been fortunate to find a place that's a light for their lives. >> we've been talking about our house. this is a place near and dear to your heart, gwen. >> it is. i'm honored to be on the board of directors that oversees our house. >> i didn't have that father
9:24 am
figure. my dad was working and my step mom, they were arguing. i pushed myself out to the streets and stayed there. i felt a little more at home and i realized what am i doing? >> reporter: that was the beginning of jason's turmoil in life. he was only 10, sleeping on park benches, under porches, eating from trash cans and doing what he could to survive. at 13, he was placed in foster care. he felt hopeless. >> i really gave up. tried to take my life a couple of times. my dad found out and got me help. put me into foster care. >> reporter: at 13 that started a journey from foster care homes to group homes and at age 20 to our house, where his life has changed. >> i've learned i'm really not a bad person, and i'm more of an upstanding citizen than back then. i've learned i have a promising career as a carpenter. i'm good with my hands. i can identify all kinds of woods just by what they look
9:25 am
like. i've learned how to build things, and i learned how to put a roof on a shed that we have, tin roof. it was really cool. >> reporter: jason says our house has given him a work ethic and hope for his future he never thought he'd have. >> i want to become a carpenter and i want to go into welding to further my career. >> reporter: his feelings about what he is accomplishing at our house? >> knowing how to do something you learned and the fact you actually did it. when you actually physically do it, it's like a ball of energy and just total wealth, it's a wealth of anxiety that's like, wow, i really did this. it's like, the coolest feeling you can ever have. >> the men there learn carpentry and get an education. you can help, our gala is coming up, and this will be on june 29th. fox5 is proud to be a sponsor. information is on your screen.
9:26 am
we are still looking for sponsorship and auction items. and colin powell is honorary chair. we're getting a lot of support, but we need you to come out. you can get more information on our web site,, and also reach out to me here at the station if you'd like to have more information. please come out and support this great organization. >> i've done my part, you raided my closet, my friend. i gave her more suits and shirts. >> we want people to come out. >> good work, gwen. >> thanks, gwen. if you still need to get a father's day gift, you're in luck. >> there is still time to make your own gift. and you can get the kids involved, too. coming up, a local mom and owner of kidville bethesda is
9:27 am
here, and she'll show us projects when we come back. it's 9:26.   
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if you're afraid of heights, this one might give you the willies. the dare devil who is doing it, nick wallenda calls it the walk of a lifetime. expected to take half an hour to walk the 18 feet from the u.s. to canada, that is 20 stories high over niagara falls. >> just don't look down, you'll be all right. keep it moving. >> i keep wondering if he needs a passport. gwen, you're from canada. they're going to ask for it, right? >> i don't know. i think he'll get a pass on this one. we have great weather leer. i hope he doesn't get strong
9:31 am
winds, because he'll be in big trouble. light winds today and plenty of sunshine. things are looking really good out there. little bit of humidity this morning, and that might stick around into the course of the afternoon. but just a few clouds. ridge of high pressure and that's affecting our entire weather pattern. will do so into the weekend. yesterday's highs where they should be, 83 at reagan national airport. 81 dulles. 71 now in d.c. humidity 66%. winds are continuing to be light from the northeast. temperatures elsewhere dulles at 69. bwi it's 70 degrees now. we're going to warm up this afternoon. by midday expect it to be about 78 degrees. by 5:00, we'll hit 80 and the ridge of high pressure is affecting our weather pattern. here's a look at temperatures today across the area. pretty much in the low 80s
9:32 am
everywhere. 82 at manassas. 82 fredericksburg and 80 at martinsburg. dry conditions, few clouds will start to skirt in late tonight as well as into your saturday. but don't be dismayed, you'll have lots of sunshine to enjoy and father's day is looking absolutely fabulous as well. it will be warm. today, 81 for our daytime high. northeasterly winds 5 to 10. by tonight, mostly clear, and partly cloudy as the clouds come in. it will be 63. clouds a little bit into saturday. looking at 82 degrees tomorrow. look at father's day. 83degrees. break out the grill for dad or take him out to brunch somewhere outside. will be a perfect day for it. monday and tuesday, lots of sunshine, but temperatures are on the rise the beginning of the week. we'll be well above seasonal. let's check in with allison. gwen, thank you. just chatting with our guests here. how about making your dad a timeless treasure this father's day? there are so many different ideas, things you can do and do yourself.
9:33 am
this morning we have some creative yet simple craft projects that you might want to consider doing with your own children. here to help us out with that is -- so funny, i just bragged to will, i have several friends named angole, owner of kidsville in bethesda and a mom of two. cute boys. >> of course. >> welcome to the show. >> thank you for having me. >> i see kidville and i think my kids are a little too old. i want to know what it's all about. >> sure. kidville, we do kids' classes for newborn to five. so gym, art, dance, music enrichment classes. music class is a four-piece band, so different than other things out there. we have haircuts, summer camp and birthday parties. >> right in downtown bethesda. that's great. what are we talking about today? i can do some of these things?
9:34 am
>> yes. i brought easy arts and crafts. father's day is on sunday. but these are crafts you could literally do with your children today and be ready for sunday. >> let's take a look. >> we could start here with this puzzle. this is one of my new favorites. i think we'll start doing it in our kidville camp. it's very easy. take posicle sticks or these wooden sticks at a craft store and your child can pain them. take your favorite photo and put masking tape on the back. you'll tape the sticks together and you'll tape the photo on top of the sticks. you'll take any kind of photo cutter to cut in between the sticks so you have pieces and you can remove the tape. >> how cute. >> from there, you have a cute little puzzle. >> adorable. >> dad would love to put together, but more importantly your little ones would love to put together. >> cute idea. what else?
9:35 am
>> this one is really fun. it involves footprints. can you see it there? >> yeah. >> we've taken dad's shoe, and my two sons' shoes, one is a little bit older than the other. and take paint and put the sole of the shoe in the paint, and it says following in our daddy's shoes. >> love it. >> the trick is use the nonacetone paint and shoes with a little bit of texture on the sole and wash it off right away. don't want to stain dad's shoes. >> spoken like a true mom. >> this i think is a great framer. >> i was going to say, definitely. >> in dad's office or at home. >> we're running out of time. want to get to the other ideas. what is this? >> this is just two cups of flour, cup of water with food coloring in it, and cup of salt. you knead it together and
9:36 am
flatten it and have your child indent a hand print and bake it for 200 degrees for two to three hours. >> getting it together is fun, too. one more thing. >> okay. my dad had this when i was younger. all it is is a can, any soup can. smooth out the edges, so your child doesn't get hurt. then line it with construction may it please and you can take your favorite photo and put contact paper over it to make it clear, or you can take stickers, nuts and bolts, anything that dad loves and glue it on, and it's a perfect pencil holder on their desk and to remind them of their children. >> how cute. how do we get the edges smooth? >> i took a little hammer and hammered out. definitely want to be careful, because of the jagged edges of the can. >> we have enjoyed having you in. and all these ideas hopefully will be on the web, because people at home don't sit there with a pencil and pen.
9:37 am
we'll link it to our web site, but it will go to -- >> >> you are wonderful. sorry about that in the beginning. >> no problem. >> we're old friends, so it was just a joke. we'll be right back.    [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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gospel singer bebe winans is planning to share his memories of whitney houston. he's written a book that promises heart breaking accounts that led to whitney's end, and never before seen photos. it's due out july 31. this next one getting a lot of buzz. singers are pointing after a nightclub brawl, this was a fight involving chris brown, drake, and their entourages. >> brown tweeted out this picture, showing a gash on his chin. his lawyer says police are
9:41 am
interviewing him as a victim and witness not a suspect. drake's rep claims the rapper wasn't involved. witnesses say they were fighting over rihanna. but both parties have denied that claim. but tmz posted pictures of the v.i.p. area at the club. look at that picture. that's the v.i.p. area. >> it was. >> you see glass from broken bottles over the floor. a woman went to the hospital to get more than a dozen stitches after a bottle hit her in the head. from what i saw, though, drake's people say -- well, drake says it was his entourage. i don't know it was actually chris brown and drake. >> i will tell you the people who got hurt, the pictures on tmz,s ugly and disgusting. by the way, brown's bodyguard, a picture of him, a huge gash on his head. lucky no one was hurt more seriously. coming up, a special edition of ask allison.
9:42 am
i wanted to give you tips for father's day, but i can't do it, so i'm sitting down with my husband for a look at his favorite memories and advice he can pass on. it's a work in progress, as you know, being a dad of lexi -- >> four legs. >> -- what it's like being the father of three young girls. >> check this out, dozens of people getting dirty this weekend. is that annie yu in her pink and black there? she is at the 2012 budds creek national motocross races from around the country. some local guys, too, they'll be in town. it's an event the entire family can enjoy. annie will take us to the course right after the break. annie, wave. hi.    does your phone give you all day battery life ? droid does. and does it launch apps by voice while learning your voice ? launch cab4me.
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romney outsourced call center jobs to india. he cut taxes for millionaires like himself... while raising them on the middle class... and left the state two point six billion deeper in debt. so now, when mitt romney talks about what he'd do as president... i know what it takes to create jobs. [ male announcer ] remember, we've heard it all before. i know how jobs are created. [ male announcer ] romney economics. it didn't work then, and it won't work now.
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welcome back. going on 9:46. the top racers in motocross will hit the dirt tomorrow. >> among them, the joe gibs racing team, and annie joins us live from budds creek raceway in mechanicsville now. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, allison and will. who knew joe gibbs had a motocross team as well? joining me is his son and the lead rider. good morning to the both of you. thank you for coming out. want to begin with you, you are based in north carolina, versus southern california where a lot of these riders are. do you dip into the nascar world and merge the two? >> it's interesting, where we're set up, because we get to take advantage of car resources so it works out well. a lot of good sponsors, so we're excited about it. >> reporter: as far as driving nascar versus motor bike, what's that like for you? >> it's been difficult.
9:47 am
i rely on these guys to make it happen. no, it's been interesting transition into the motorcycle side of things. we're excited about it. something to race. if it's got a motor, usually our family is into it. >> reporter: your dad joe gibs, beloved coach here, have a lot of support. what's it like coming back? >> this is home basically for me. i encourage everybody to come out. it's a great time. football is not on now, so you've got another sport to watch. >> reporter: and davey for you as lead rider, what's your role? >> give me a bike, and i ride it. no, it's cool. they put me on this year for the second year, and i did pretty good. i guess i'm carrying the team so to say. i come out here and do the best i can and hopefully get on the podium. >> reporter: we've talked to individual riders throughout the morning. what does it take to become part of a team?
9:48 am
>> a lot of lard work and dedication. got to do the best you can and if you can get noticed and stay consistent, you'll get a run. >> reporter: i think for this part this is like exciting, i can sit on this bike here and you'll show me how to kick start it, is that right? >> sure. >> reporter: okay. hop on real quick. let's see. are there female racers? >> yeah. >> reporter: a lot? >> yeah, there's a lot. >> reporter: how do you kick start a bike? >> ask davi. i don't know. >> reporter: how do i do this? >> it's natural for me. >> reporter: put your ego aside and help me out. >> get pressure and go down. now go down. almost had it. push hard. >> reporter: putting all my
9:49 am
weight on here. oh, my goodness. i almost had it! please, let me get this. >> got to kick harder than that. i'm getting my exercise in for the legs this morning. i clearly cannot get this started. i want to see what it feels like. hold on here. let me jump off. >> now watch me not start it. >> reporter: watch the pro here. >> there we go! >> reporter: all right, whatever. here we go. this is cool. this is like a 212-pound bike, right? that's really cool. you guys want to come out here and experience this firsthand,
9:50 am
it's an adrenaline rush. come out here, tomorrow, saturday, one day. opening ceremonies at 12:30 and race begins at 1:00. tickets $40 for adults and $20 children 6 and 11. you'll immediate all the riders we talked to today. good luck to the both of you. back to you in the studio. >> annie thank you so much. ♪ tell me something good ♪ special edition of ask allison today. in honor of father's day, i wanted to get input from a father right from his lips. a father himself. so i turned to one of the best dads i know, my husband, mark clark, who is the proud wonderful dad of our three beautiful girls. really growing into young ladies. thanks for coming in today. >> it's a pleasure. >> i didn't do the hard press on you to come in, but i appreciate it. here's my question, what has been the biggest thing so far about having kids that you're surprised about? because this doesn't happen with a manual. what do you think that's been? >> i think the thing, when you
9:51 am
have kids, when you're getting ready to have kids, when you're pregnant, people say, your life will change, your life will never be the same. that is true. >> so true. >> that's why you really understand how important it is to be ready, and so yeah, the fact that once that baby drops, then your life is truly changed. it's all about them, it's not about you. their needs are more important than yours. >> right. >> all those ideas of what you want to be kind of change. it's about the babies. >> we're showing pictures, your relationship, i can just say, and i tell you this all the time with the kids, i couldn't ask for a sweeter and better man to raise our kids. we're going to show these pictures all through this. let me ask you about an aha moment. was there a moment where you said, okay, i thought i was doing this right, maybe i can tweak this a little bit, it's not working out, did you have a moment or two like that? >> i don't think we had a problem with spanking for
9:52 am
discipline. i think one time i was spanking baby, i think she was 3 at the time, which sounds ridiculous to me now -- >> that's baby now. >> i saw my reflection, and here i was this 300-pound guy spanking this 3 or 4-year-old kid, and i realized, i don't know this is a great teaching method. i'm not necessarily against spanking as far as that line you don't cross. >> right. >> but you know, in anger. that was the other thing. you have to be in control. you have to be in control when you discipline your kids. you have to be in control to teach control. >> you weren't too big of a person to say i'm not doing this the right way. i could switch it up a little bit. >> i'm not doing it the right way. >> you're in a man, in a house dominated by women, me and the little three. i thought you guys looked so much alike i asked you to do that picture. how important is it for a man to be in a girl's life do you think? >> i think the advantage i had,
9:53 am
i was raised by a single mom and i was surrounded by aunts. so my relationship with women is very good. and i understand, i think that loving relationship with women, especially your wife, is so important when you have girls, because you're showing them how to love and what to expect and what kind of man they should expect. >> they are always watching. >> they are always watching. not just the wife, but how do you treat the mother, grandma. all these relationships with women. and i think that is very important. you can't, you know, talk the talk and not walk the walk. >> right. >> i think respecting, showing r and love, that's very important. >> let me ask you about that, marc had a long standing radio show in baltimore, now in d.c., but you would talk and joke about the fact you didn't have a dad in your life. you met him one time. on a serious note, i know it can be very damaging. but you have sort of risen above that and for all of the dads out there, or the people
9:54 am
out there who are growing up in single family homes, what's the advice there, beyond just, you know, stay strong, you can do it, look at all the people who have done it. it wasn't an excuse for you. >> yeah. >> it never stopped you. so-- >> i think two things, i think my mother never painted my father negatively. she let me come to my own conclusion. it wasn't negative, it was i missed him. i think the key is, as -- what would you want? what did you miss? what did you want your dad to be? be that. >> right. >> you know. >> let's go to a picture, please. can we show a picture? >> for guys who, i think that's what you got to focus on. >> there it is. >> what did you want your father to be and be that. >> look at that. that's what our girls want their dad to be and you've done that for them. >> and for the fathers not in their lives, it's never too late. reconnect with that kid, that
9:55 am
daughter, that son, because they want their father. i think it's never too late. no matter if you feel like you haven't been a good father. it's never too late to start trying to be a good father. >> at the end of the day, we've been showing the pictures, there's our big girl right there. the pictures through the years. what's really the advice? as i started by saying, there is no manual when you come home from the hospital. if you could get a take home message, or give one, what would it be? >> i'd say just love them. if you do everything in love, and realize that you're shaping young minds and you're shaping a young person, and their yours, it's your legacy, i think that's it. i think if you just love, love, love, you can never go wrong. >> i said on the show i think last week, my dad was the wisest person i know. marc, you are the kindest, sweetest, most sensitive person that i know. sorry to make you cry. but you're not going to make me cry today, no, sir. i will be right back with more.
9:56 am
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we're going to look at the five-day forecast. 81degrees today. a few clouds. few more clouds on saturday. watch the humidity, though, will start to kick in. father's day, spectacular weather for our fathers. 83degrees. >> wow. >> great day to get outside and enjoy. as we move into next week, we'll start to see a gradual rise in the temperatures. tuesday, 88 degrees. >> i love the 80s. >> lovely. and i loved your segment with marc. >> it was wonderful, yes. your girls have to be so proud. >> we'll watch later today. >> nice. >> the piece of advice that i really took away is he said for single mothers, don't tear down the father -- >> right. >> -- build up to your sons and daughters, for that matter, what the father, a perfect father


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