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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  June 15, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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americans. >> reporter: affective immediately, they request can request a work permit to stay in the country illegally. if they came as children, are under the age of 30n school or the military and haven't broken the law. >> this is a temporary stop gap measure that let's us focus on resources wisely while giving a degree of relief and hope to talented, driven patriotic young people. >> reporter: mr. obama said he's acting because congress won't. many critics charge this not only amounts to amnesty but a power grab by the president. mitt romney made clear he wants a long-term solution. >> an executive order, of course s just a short-term matter. it can be reversed by subsequent presidents. i would like to see legislation that dials with this issue. >> reporter: some say this looks like a political move for a president running for re- election and courting the hispanic vote. >> i think this is a disingenuous way to capture that vote.
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>> make no mistake, the president may have won friends with this decision, but there will be those voting against him because of this decision, too. >> reporter: at least one lawmaker, iowa republican speaker tim king s going to suit obama administration to keep this policy from being implemented because he believes it requires legislative approval. jennifer davis, fox news. it's the right thing to do. excuse me, sir, it's not time for questions, sir. not while i'm speaking. >> president obama scolding a reporter from a conservative online after interrupting his now. he shouted to the president, quote, why do you favor foreigners over american workers? the president answered the question during the q&a that followed and said the young people are going to make extraordinary contributions to our society.
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[ speaking spanish ] >> supporters of the new plan celebrated the president's announcement today. members say this will allow undocumented young people to better give back to their communities. one high schooler from anne arundel county we spoke with said the maryland dream act, which goes to a referendum in november, would do the same. >> and it would level the playing field so that we all pay in-state tuition regardless of our status. as long as we pay taxes, this would allow a lot of students to assert themselves through education and once they get their permanent residency or the work permits, that they're going to be giving us, it would allow us to work and give back to our community through our education. >> we have two guests joining us today to look closer at the issue. di salvo and rad a, the organizer of casade maryland, and prince william stewart, and
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lieutenant governor governor candidate of virginia. thank you both for being with us on tonight. mr. andrade, let me start with you and get your reaction to the president's move today. >> i think it was fantastic news for 800,000 plus children who have come here as young people and babies, in many cases, don't find out they're undocumented until they 16, apply for a driver's license and get told by a worker at dmv they're not allowed to have one or try to get a job for the first time. unfortunately, you can't provide the correct papers. imagine if you move to a different country when you were a child and a baby. and you didn't make this decision, remember. all you want to do is contribute and make the country better and make your family proud. this is what the young students are going to be able to do. >> mr. stewart, you released a statement saying that this will greatly hamper the ability of local authorities to protect our citizens, and you say this conveys the wrong message. how will this hamper local
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authorities? >> in a couple of ways. we use immigration status as a tool, really, to identify those illegal americans who are committing crimes or involved with gangs and other activities, to have them deported, reduce to the violent crime rate in prince william county by almost 50%, and you have effectively, meaning the obama administration, has effectively removed a law enforcement tool that we have effectively used in prince william county to reduce filing crime and protect americans. this is a back door way of amnesty. it's not just an amnesty for the 800,000 individuals, but we'll need, no -- will lead, no doubt about it, to the amnesty of those family members, including parents, millions of others. this is back door amnesty. >> a lot of people given the eligibility must meet certain requirements. and they not necessarily violent criminals. so how do you respond to that?
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>> absolutely. listen, those criteria are wrong. part of the way the people qualify for the measure is that they, of course v to have a clean record and have to be brought here as children and those are old-fashioned republican ideas that we can deport our way out of the mess we're in. today's measure should be applauded, long, overdue and it's not amnesty but a small step in the right direction. >> a lot of critics, though, said it's amnesty. mr. stewart, i have to ask you under your leadership, prince william county implemented one of the toughest crackdowns on illegal immigration. how will today's moves affect your policy? will it affect your policy? >> it will effectively eliminate the possibility of our law enforcement removing individuals who may not have a criminal record, per say, but who law enforcement believes are here illegally and involved in gangs and other nefarious activities.
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carlos montano, who killed a nun in 2010, was -- came here as an illegal immigrant. he had a drunk griefving -- drunk driving record. drunk driving doesn't qualify as a violent offense. under this policy, carlos mean towno, who killed a nun, would be allowed to state and granted a.m. nest net united states. >> in this is a debatele that continue, of course. gustavo andrade, corey stewart. thank you both. >> thank you. developing news from richmond. this afternoon, the state board of health approved the new abortion rules and got rid of the tougher regulations in place since the beginning of the year. the board struck down a requirement that existing clinics meet the same building standards as new hospital construction. only new build clinics will have to meet that standard. kathy lanier is defending her department against claims detectives failed to
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investigate or document a large number of special -- sexual assaults. human rights watched uncovered a trend in the department and recommend the justice department take a closer look. paul wagner joining us new in the newsroom with the story. paul? >> reporter: chief lanier defended her detectives today saying that human rights watch has reached a number of conclusions without having access to all of the data. lanier denies cases go undocumented and, to prove it, she's asked the civil rights division of the justice department to come in and take a look. on may 30th, human rights watch sent this letter to chief lanier claiming a large amount of sexual assaults are left indocumented and never investigated. the letter was never meant to be public, but she put it on the department's website along with her response. >> just as the human rights watch is trying to protect identity of the people they interview, we have to responsibly protect the identity in the people involved
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in our investigations. as a result, we were not able to turn over all of the documentation that they need to draw conclusions. >> reporter: chief lanier said the department of justice would have unrestricted access and be able to fully see the department's actions and procedures. in the letter, human rights watch said it found the hospital records more reports of sexual assaults than incidents on the metropolitan department website and sexual assaults every month. >> i looked. i know we have the documentation, the case was documented and filed up on, so they can't turn some of the things over. >> reporter: chief lanier said not every category of sexual assault is reflected in the website numbers. the letter said that detectives regularly treat victims in a dismissive or insensitive manner and adding to their trauma. >> between 2006-2008, some of the allegations, there might be truth to them, but i think we have done a lot of work and put a lot of reforms in place. >> reporter: the lawyer who wrote the letter said she's
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convinced the department still has a problem handling sexual assaults. we talked to her via skyp from new york. >> we do believe there is a serious problem based on the information we have, and we're open to reviewing additional information that shows that if the analysis we have undertaken so far and the information we gathered is cripping -- oncorrect, we're open to seeing what additional documentation we have been given access to, despite our requests over 16 months. >> reporter: she said the letter to the chief was a heads up to what the investigation has uncovered and a full report will follow. human rights watch said it's agreed to hold off issuing a report until it's sign the additional documentation. the department of justice has not yet said publicly whether it will accept the chief's offer and begin a probe. the human rights watch builds itself as a non-profit fact- finding organization dedicated to protecting and defending
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human rights. wisdom. >> paul wagner, thank you, paul. d.c. residents living along the h street corridor paid tribute today to a beloved deli owner shot and killed yesterday. a vigil was held outside of grace deli in northeast d.c. and people brought flowers, candles, and teddy bears to remember the life of june lim. she was hot it shot to death yesterday morning during an attempted robbery. >> and the family has a big hole in it. a very big hole. it won't be the same. won't be the same anymore. >> her son peter is overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from the community. her killer is still on the loose and d.c. police offered a $25,000 reward for information that leads to the suspect's capture. two middle school students are recovering after being shot by a bb gun. fairfax county police say the two students, a 14-year-old boy and 13-year-old girl, were not
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seriously hurt. the officers rounded up four teens suspected of being involved. the police say that charges are pending. an overturned milk truck making a mess of the roadway. they were in deckerson this afternoon. the truck is leaking thousands of gallons of milk and fuel. the driver was not hurt, has mat crews are on the scene trying to clean up the mess. coming up, monitoring metro. two former employees sentenced for stealing a half a million from the transit agency. and the giant in the casino industry making plans to set up shop in maryland. we'll have details next. first, dave. >> and wisdom, as good as it gets. the first place nationals hosting the first-place yankees. it's a beautiful day for baseball and gary mcgrady, will it be a beautiful night? >> it's going to be a beautiful night, dave, it's going to be a beautiful weekend for the nats sweep over the yankees. that's right. dave ross called it. forecast is coming up. first, look at it as fox 5 news
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. it has not yet been green lighted by the state of maryland. tonight, we are one step closer to seeing a casino built at the national harbor. the company involved is a giant in the industry. today, some big news from that huge company. beth parker has been following this story all day and has the latest. >> reporter: it's a company everyone heard of.
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mgm resorts international. they own the mgm grand, bellagio and mirage and want a presence in maryland. they teamed up with the peterson companies. coming up is the site where they want to build it is 13 acres. right next to national harbor, up high along the beltway in prince georges county. they promised 4,000 permanent jobs, and they say it will be more than a casino. it will be a resort. >> a resort where we would be prepared to invest over 800 ms. to drive towards them to the state, to enhance an already great urban plan. >> it's an exciting proposal and create a lot of jobs. a lot of jobs in construction. a lot of jobs on an ongoing basis. one can understand why they would believe that is so very desirable at national harbor, that site. >> reporter: as the governor sounds cautious, it's because right now, legally the project
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can not move forward. that is because no decision has been made about whether to hand out a sixth gambling license in the state of maryland. the first five are approved and there is a special session of the legislature in annapolis this summer to talk more about expanding the gambling, laura? >> beth parker, thank you very much. two former metro employees were sentenced for stealing. one got 30 months in prison and another 30 years. they were ordered to pay back the nearly $500,000 that they stole. they pleaded guilty in march to theft and conspiring to commit money launders. investigators say they spent the money on virginia lottery tickets and items at home improvement stores. a remindder or two. those of you using metro during the rush hour, the new rush plus program starts this coming monday morning, a move meant to improve rush hour service on the orange, blue, green, and yellow lines. some of the rail lines are
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changing their roots so heads up. you will need to pay close attention. >> and this is important for customers to check out their destination sign. it's about the train destination. >> new maps and signs are left to help explain the changes. metro said extra employees will be around to help guide riders. a heads up if you plan to ride metro this weekend. the work on the blue, orange, yellow, and redlines will mean delays. buses will replace blue line trains between franconia and springfield and van duren street and allow yourself an extra half hour travel time. there will be single tracking in several areas on all lines but the green line. you should plan an extra 10 minutes to get around that. and if you're a baseball fan, it doesn't get bigger than this this weekend at nationals park. the nets playing host to the new york yankees in a battle of first-place teams. of course, dave ross is live out there at the park. good afternoon to you, dave. the battle of first place.
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>> reporter: how good is it to say that? when is the last time can you say it? pretty much never. yeah, in years past, had to find a reason to come to the nats park in june and to watch the opposing team. not so much any longer. with the first-place yankees in up to and the first-place nationals hosting them, the fans here at the ball park are primed and ready for this one. it should be a good one. and think about this, the three- game series looks like every game could be close to sell out. 41,888. if you don't have your tickets, you better get them now and there will be a lot of fans here to seat pinstripers. the first time, people will be at the park to see the home team. the first place nationals and people are lined up outside for hours before they let them into the stadium at 4:30 and we ask them why did you wait in the lines for so long. >> they wantso see the nats play the yanks. is that a question? the nationals, yeah. >> bryce harper.
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yeah. >> and really cute. really cute. >> i see bryce harper and a pitcher for me. >> and they're playing, two hot teams playing each other. the yank ease will come over to win. >> reporter: i guess the first question, it was a clown question, bro. that is what it sounded like. >> wisdom, it could be a really good atmosphere. geo caption gonzalez against hughes. and later on, we'll have mike rizzo, the gm of the washington nationals to talk about how this team went from there to here and here is first place. let's go back to you in the studio. >> dave, i was just thinking the same thing that he was going to say. that is a clown question, dave ross. >> it was, bro. >> thank you very much, dave. >> sure. oh, boy, how nice does that sound to be out at nats park? >> i know. >> with a beer in the stands. >> right. >> and they're winning? >> the game. >> and the weather's perfect. >> the weather's perfect.
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>> great. >> we're here in the studio. not bad to be here with wisdom and gary. >> i am concerned i have done my job. now it's time for geo to do his tonight, right? >> and he is going to be questioned. >> that is a clown statement. >> that is fact, about ro. geo's going to dominate tonight. >> yes, he is. >> and that will be good, we'll have to watch it on the. of course, we can't go there and watch the game. and you might find that ticket on sunday. this is what is going on out there right now. there is not a lot to talk about. we have a lot of sunshine. the low humidity, a few fair weather clouds and you talked, we talked about it yesterday, how we were cutting and pasting the forecast. and this is a persistent forecast the next few days. temperatures are 82 degrees in town and that is the high for
5:21 pm
the day. quantico remaining a little on the warm side and that is about always warmer than everybody else there and to 84 degrees. that the case, too, for tomorrow and not so much for the eastern shore. the temperatures are the lower 80s. you get here on the western side of the bay and if you're up against the water, it will be real, real comfortable again. the wind will be blowing out of the east and the water temperatures are in the 70s and that keeps it real nice and comfortable. and there is the evening's forecast. the only thing making this better is a hot dog and a beer watching the game tonight. >> and we'll be here. >> is that a hint to your wife about the ticket? >> we have plans on sunday. i than is not the case. i have to figure out how to watch the game. >> i am sure you will find a way. >> all right. >> and. >> what did you say? i didn't hear you. >> we'll see you soon. >> thanks. coming up, the search ends for a surgeon accused of
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gunning down his ex-girlfriend at a new york hospital. >> assuming -- consuming the alcohol, the vodka, the child passed away. a father charged after doing the unthinkable to his own child. we'll be right back. 
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police in buffalo, new york, have found a body they believe belongs to a trauma surgeon suspected of killing his ex-girlfriend this week. the body was found in a ravine near dr. timothy jordan's home. the person died of an apparent self-inflicted gun shot wound. jordan is accused of shooting his 33-year-old ex on wednesday. at the hospital where they both worked. he was a former u.s. army medic and weapon's specialists. a georgia father in indicted on charges of felony murder and cruelty to children after he allegedly gave his four--month-old daughter a bottle with -- four-month-old daughter with a bottle with vodka inside. the 44-year-old mixed the
5:26 pm
formula with vodka and gave it to the little girl last june. the prosecutors can't talk about a motive. >> there is a lot i can't can get. into all i can tell you is that the father gave the child the slideca. the child had a high blood alcohol concentration, the bac and, as a result of consuming the alcohol, the vodka, the child passed away. it's a terrible, terrible incident. >> and police say the toxicology report showed the baby had a blood alcohol concentration level of .11. and a jet blow pilot who left the cockpit this year is mentally competent to stand trial. that ruling from a federal judge today, the 49-year-old clayton osbaum's outburst happened in march from a flight to new york to las vegas. the passenger his to wrestle him to the floor while the plane made an emergency landing. he's charged with interfering with a flight crew. coming up, a competitive swimmer adds another accomplishment to his already impressive resume. the story that is sure to
5:27 pm
inspire. plus, a young woman battling a flesh-eating bacteria is refusing pain medication. we'll tell you the reason behind her painful decision. and sexting study. now research shows a lot of teens are doing it and many are unaware of the potential consequences.  [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approve this message.
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[ male announcer ] it started like this... i speak the language of business. i know how jobs are created. [ male announcer ] but it ended like this. one of the worst economic records in the country. when mitt romney was governor, massachusetts lost 40,000 manufacturing jobs. a rate twice the national average. and fell to forty-seventh in job creation. fourth from the bottom. instead of hiring workers from his own state, romney outsourced call center jobs to india. he cut taxes for millionaires like himself...
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. if you're looking for inspiration, you will find it here. a man who accomplished incredible things. he thinks of himself as an ordinary person. as beth parker shows us, he's quite extra ordinary. >> reporter: craig is a competitive swimmer who knows how to power through pools. he finished a grueling three- hour swim across the chesapeake bay. >> nice swim. you're there. you're there! >> reporter: there is one other thing you might want to know about craig: he has no arms and
5:31 pm
no legs. he was born that way. >> and my parents, my siblings raised me up not to feel that i was different than anyone else and i could do what i wanted to do. >> reporter: craig grew up in pennsylvania and has been active. he's been bowling for years, he went to college and earned a law degree and he was wishing for a new challenge. >> i have always been looking to somebody that always looks for the next adventure, you know, the next way to challenge myself and push myself. >> reporter: he was living in pittsburgh at the time and decided to do a triathalon. friends did the biking and running, craig did the swimming. and his reaction? >> can i go again. >> reporter: he's been at it since. >> what i didn't anticipate was loving it. it was such a rush when finished the swim. >> reporter: craig works out at the pool in harrisburg, pennsylvania, near where he lives. by now, you might be wondering how all of this works he makes
5:32 pm
his way to the edge of the pool. he used a flipper -- . >> standard order off of a swimming website. >> and attaches it to the small stub where his leg would be and takes the plunge. craig said that he swims a little like a dolphin: he tried the bay swim last year but they were pulled from the water because of the lightning. even so -- . >> they kicked my butt last year. >> reporter: and that is why where's back in the pool four to five times a week getting ready for this year's swim. as usual, he got a few funny looks from the competitors. >> and there were people that looked at me with the mark and then like are you swimming this? yeah, i'm going give it a shot and they were like that is cool. >> reporter: it was. that is craig in the blue cap. his friend is next to him in a kayak. the swimmers pass between the
5:33 pm
two spans of the chesapeake bay bridge. >> it's a roller coaster, honestly. >> reporter: 4.4-mile long roller coaster. the main goal was to complete the race. he did much more. >> when i came to the finish, it was three hours, i was elated and i was just -- i, i was in disbelief myself. i didn't think i would be able to get through it that fast. and then i look out in the water and i still see moment coming in. it gives you, sets it off more of, wow, it really -- i really did better than i expected to do. >> reporter: to get to the finish line, he had to climb a steep hill back on land. but in life, he climbed over pretty much every obstacle. >> people say, you know, i'm never going complain about having a sore ankle again. that employs i have it really bad, you know, and i never really thought i had that bad of a life, you know. >> reporter: in fact, life's been pretty good. he's married and does
5:34 pm
motivational speaking. along the way, if he opens a few doors for others: that is just fine. >> i'm glad that me living my life and doing what i do, i am glad that a side affect of that is that people see me and get inspired to do something on their own. but being an inspiration is never been what has driven me. what drives me is just what i want to do, how i want to live my life. and i want to push myself and challenge myself. >> reporter: one of the challenges was figuring out how to get around. he never goes anywhere without his sense of humor. this look, mom, no hands license plate was a gift from his own mother. he has a special van. >> and put my shoulder stub on the joy stick. >> reporter: so the steering wheel moves without being touched directly. he controls the turn signals in his head. like in the pool, he's finding
5:35 pm
a way to get things done. in harrisburg, beth parker, fox 5 news. >> and i am thinking i want to spend time with him. >> the fact that he's not -- and that is not his motivation, but he is. he's inspiring. >> truly. >> to see that and to see what he's able to accomplish. >> yeah, yeah. >> and that he's passionate about what he's doing and that is amazing. >> i love that his parents treated him like a regular child. >> yeah. and he's doing something he loves. >> yeah, yeah. way to go. >> for more information g to our website, great story. >> yes, very much so. and another little boy, not a little boy but a little guy. a little boy who plays mini darth vadar in the popular car commercial, the one where he was doing the jedi mind trick during the super bowl, he's
5:36 pm
recovering from open heart surgery tonight. he had surgery yesterday. the seven-year-old has a hole in his hart and -- heart and has a problem with his pulmonary valve. the surgery lasted two hours and took place without incident. he was born with a congenital heart defect and has undergone multiple surgeries. a georgia woman battling a flesh-eating bacteria is refusing to take pain medication during some procedures. relatives say that amy copeland despises the use of morphine in her treatment because it's against her personal convicts as a graduate student of holistic pain management. copeland contracted the rare infection after she cut her leg in a zip line accident and fell into a river last month. her left leg, other foot and both hand his to be amputated. >> a new study shows more teenagers are sending and receiving sexually explicit photos on the cell phones. researchers sorry have ad more than 600 teenagers and found that more than 20% admitted to sending a sexually explicit picture of themselves and twice
5:37 pm
as many received a sexually explicit photo. the study found that when miners understand the -- minors understand the legal consequences, many continue to sext. coming up, a judge rules the defense can present evidence that may explain jerry sandusky's behavior. details are coming up. and a former goldman sachs exec accused of insider training. learning his fate. back in a moment. n a moment. [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approve this message.
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[ male announcer ] it started like this... i speak the language of business. i know how jobs are created. [ male announcer ] but it ended like this. one of the worst economic records in the country. when mitt romney was governor, massachusetts lost 40,000 manufacturing jobs. a rate twice the national average. and fell to forty-seventh in job creation. fourth from the bottom. instead of hiring workers from his own state,
5:39 pm
romney outsourced call center jobs to india. he cut taxes for millionaires like himself... while raising them on the middle class... and left the state two point six billion deeper in debt. so now, when mitt romney talks about what he'd do as president... i know what it takes to create jobs. [ male announcer ] remember, we've heard it all before. i know how jobs are created. [ male announcer ] romney economics. it didn't work then, and it won't work now.
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. a guilty verdict in a major insider trading case. a jury in new york found former goldman sachs director rag ghupta guilty of feeding confidential information on a -- to a him fund manager. the jury found him guilty on three charges and found him not guilty on two of the counts.
5:41 pm
and he will be sentenced in october. a judge said he will let the defense present evidence that sandusky suffers from a psychiatric condition called hi ts trionic personality disorder. no testimony was presented today at the trial. yesterday, the prosecution called the last of sandusky's accusers to the stand. the prosecutors are expected to wrap up their case on monday. coming up, wedding reception intros like you have never seen before in tonight's viralvo. and gary's back with the father's day forecast. stay with us. with us.  [ male announcer ] knowing your customers
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that have helped millions of business owners save time, reduce expenses, and maximize cash flow. as the number one small business lender for nine years running... we're with you when you need us. so you can be there for your customers. wells fargo. together we'll go far. . nats fans have been waiting for a weekend like this. >> their team in first place going head-to-head with one of
5:45 pm
the game's superpowers and the yank ease. dave ross is live at nats park. ross? >> reporter: and this is a big series as we can recall here in d.c. i think it's arguably the biggest series they have had. the first-place yankees in town taking on our first-place washington nationals. and that feels good to say that. joining me now, the gm of the washington nationals. mike, thank you very much for being here. >> my pleasure. >> and that is sold out tonight. how good does it make you feel that this place is sold out? >> twenty years ago when they had the fans, i thought they were loud and educated baseball fans. it's good to see it expand and a destination to be on a friday night and we're playing great baseball against a team, the yankees, why not. >> you -- 3 and 162. do you look at it from a gms perspective to see why you are? >> it would be naive to say this is another three-game series. the new york yankees with their
5:46 pm
tradition and history, and their present club. it's a good ball club that is leading a tough american league east and they playing well six in a row and that is a good test. the players are fired up about it and i am fired up about it and looks like the fans are. >> the guys in the clubhouse know if the yankees are in up to, they get jazzed up than a monday in june? >> there is no doubt about it and you're playing against jeter and arod and tashira and there is some special meaning to it and an excitement and there is excitement for us, too. >> and we talked about this on opening day, mike, and the expectation level. and 15 games over 500 did you see this could be possible this soon? >> we knew we liked the ballpark out of this and to --
5:47 pm
and injuries, and one leads to the another and our goal was to play meaningful game in september and up. we're playing extremely well so far, and we think we're going to be consistent to continue this and like where we're at in the division and baseball. >> you made the division to bring out bryce harper and where's everything and more. as a gm, do you think he's an all-star? >> he's an all-star caliber player and the better question -- . >> that is not a question. >> and that will be up to the manager and if me picks them, and i believe he's a true all-
5:48 pm
star. >> and that is underneath the radar here and that is your decision to bring back davie johnson. he's unablable and has been a winner everywhere and has been able to relate to the veterans and the 19-year-old. is he the perfect match for this team? >> where's a terrific baseball guy and one of the most accomplished and we have a great relationship and i adore him and he's probably the best acquisition a made as a general manager. >> and it's not another game for the gm and players anda -- . >> like ied, we're here to make improvements and hope that baseball in september and october is in our future and we want to play meaningful games
5:49 pm
and to give the fans something to be proud of. >> and thank you very much. a packed house and i will be here. >> enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. >> and thanks. >> thanks to both of you. and -- [ applause ] from massachusetts, morgan russell. you may not know his name but recognize the voice. the announcer at the wedding in colorado there was none other than ray clay. he was the famed p.a. announcer for the bulls when jordan won all of his championships and he got the crowd going with his introductions of the wedding party and the bride and groom and that is fun to be interviewed. >> we should have that here.
5:50 pm
pounds. >> and this is gary mcgrady. >> you don't like that? >> and with wisdom joining us at the desk. >> craze joe and that free for all. >> you do this in the morning, too? >> yes. >> and he is a class clown. >> there you go. >> and that is's clown question, bro. >> and did i understand that? >> better van the jim rome questions from last night. >> you know how that is and we can eat up two minutes and 35 seconds of my time and talking about the sunshine and temperatures in the 80s and
5:51 pm
great out there this evening and you will enjoy it and that is looking like the weekend is cooperating and nothing changeed. it's not going to be too hot or humid and enjoy this. things are changing after the weekend. the summer will happen and that will come in. 95, 96 degrees for high temperatures and when you add the humidity, we might be pushing 100 degrees and there is going toker more humid and that is so -- going to be more humidity. 82 degrees in the city, the high for the day. monasses, 81, culpeper, 79. really nice along that i-81 corridor where temperatures are mid- to upper 70s and this is what i'm thinking for the weekend, pretty good.
5:52 pm
78 at 7:00. 72 at 9:00 and the temperature at 11:00 and about 70 degrees or so. we're still expecting the high pressure to be completely in control and with the position of the high pressure off to the north and east of the surface, that kind of brings the winds in from the east-northeast and keeps us from getting too hot. so the temperatures this weekend were still expecting where they have been the last few days and with that 82 tomorrow and 83 with the high temperature. the skies and fair weather cumulous happening tomorrow afternoon and if you like today, you will like tomorrow and liked yesterday, you will like sunday and some 50s in the suburbs and the winds out of the east at five to 10 miles an hour and nice tomorrow morning and noon, the temperature of 78
5:53 pm
degrees and that high into the lower 80s and staying that way on daddy's day, too and with that 83 on monday. 87 on tuesday and you get the trend here? >> uh-huh. >> 93 on wednesday and probably thursday and friday of next week, station 94 and 95. pushing 100 next week. >> yikers george -- yike yikers. >> enjoy the next few days. >> we knew it was coming, gary. >> it always comes back. >> all right. and talk about r. kelly. he has more money problems and last year, he fellbo foreclosure. the irs said he owes millions in back taxes from 2005-2010 and has paid $3 million in back taxes. the records show he's still behind and still owes nearly 5
5:54 pm
million more. she was booted from x factor in the u.s. and new nicole scherzinger has a new gig replacing kelly rowland on the show and she and paula abdul were fired and simon cowell found her a new spot. coming up now on the news edge. a final farewell three decades in the making. connecting a fallen hero to a young soldier. and then closure for the local family of a local e.m.t. who died in the line of duty. plus, secret service fallout, new serious accusations about agents involved in a massive scandal. h 
5:55 pm
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5:58 pm
. a texas woman survives a crash in houston and it flipped on its side and caught fire and as eyewitnesses waited for help, one man jumped on top of her car and smashed out the window with a fire extinguisher. with some help, he was able to pull her to safety. almost immediately after her rescue, the entire car went up in flames. >> i saw a lady frantically screaming she's still in there. she's still in there. >> he's my guardian angel, he is. he didn't give up and i am very thankful. very thankful. >> i'm happy that everything turned out all right and everyone is safe. >> decker escaped with a broken heel. she's at home recovering right
5:59 pm
now and hasn't had a chance to meet her hero in person yet and hopes to meet him one day. thank you for joining us at 5. the news edge at 6 starts right now. gone but not forgotten. new on the news edge tonight, 46 years after his plane disappeared in vietnam, a u.s. air force pilot is laid to rest. as fox 5s tom fitzgerald reports tonight, leading up to his burial, there was an incredible coincidence that no one could have predicted. >> 22 years ago, she received a bracelet that she's worn since. >> and whatever happens, there would be a person who remembers the person. >> reporter: on august 6th,


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